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Luftwaffe Victories by Name and Date

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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This is a non-political research resource. The author of this material does not condone hatred in any form,
neither does he support oppressive and despotic regimes or political systems. See our Statement.

This remarkable database is intended to complement data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

This is a work-in-progress.
It is our first 'crowd-corrected' database. The number of errors contained in the raw data is higher than for other of our databases and as a consequence, we need your help in cleaning up the data: with over 600,000 data items in the database we simply can't do this on our own. Duplication errors were introduced when we consolidated data from several sometimes-overlapping sources, and there are the usual errors associated with wartime records. Despite this, the records contain information not commonly found elsewhere and hence merit publication. It's relatively easy to see when a pilot's record is duplicated: 2 victories on the same date and at the same time are obviously describing a single incident, even if one version has the pilot's first name and other might not, comparing other details will show it's the same person. Let us know please when you find any of these, or any other errors, by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk. Thanks in advance.

Bear in mind when cross-referencing Luftwaffe claims to our Allied Losses and Incidents Database that for consistency, Date of Death in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database is the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss was not usually certain at the time. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. For example, a Luftwaffe claim for a shoot-down at 0345 on 4 April will correspond to a Loss in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database for 3 April. Times are from German records and are thus are LOCAL (not GMT)

Search on date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'YYYY-MM-DD AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1944. To Search on name, try 'last name'. If this produces too many results, use 'last name AND first name', thus 'marseille AND hans-joachim'

There are numerous duplicate entries included owing to the number of sources employed. These are being removed as found.

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

The Luftwaffe employed a grid reference system for action locations, as is occasionally shown in the location column. An explanation of the complex system is provided. An external site provides a conversion facility (unfortunately not currently accessible) which allows you to see the exact location of an action.
In order to get the location correct you must first determine (by reference to other sources) the location at which the pilot was based for this victory. This will tell you the Zusatzzahlgebiet (largest square) in which he was operating. Select that in the 'Current “Zusatzzahlgebiet“ (the largest square of Luftwaffe Map)' for example select 15 O (for 15 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian). After you have done that, put the location grid shown in the database in the 'Change Planquat' box, and you will then see a map showing where the action took place.

For actions on the Eastern Front, assistance with identifying Russian plane types is found here.

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#Name (↑)First NamesRankVictoriesSequenceVictoryDate (↑)Victory TimeOpponentAirCraft (↑)UnitLocationNotesLinksPhoto
1 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121301943-10-091:424 Motor12./NJG 1Near Holtensen 
2 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121461944-02-1523:19Lancaster ll

12./NJG 1Near Hoorn Lancaster II (LL689) “KO-P” of 115 Sqn, RAF
3 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121471944-02-1523:33Lancaster l

12./NJG 1Wattenmeer Lancaster I (W4272) “GJ-C” of 622 Sqn, RAF
4 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121491944-03-250:124 Motor12./NJG 1Neuwarendorf 
5 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121501944-03-230:21Lancaster l

12./NJG 1Neuwarendorf Lancaster I (HK539) “UM-A2” of 626 Sqn, RAF
6 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121511944-03-250:414 Motor12./NJG 1Near Varssefeld 
7 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121591944-04-292:18Lancaster ll

IV./NJG 1LG 38 Lancaster II (DS719) “LQ-U” of 408 Sqn, RAF
8 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121621944-05-093:34 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 1Near Grand-Reng Halifax III (LW594) “QO-G” of 432 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O SA Hawkins, 3 killed, 2 POW, 2 evaded
9 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121701944-05-251:15 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 13km NW Eindhoven Halifax III (LK885) “MH-Z” of 51 Sqn, RAF
10 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121711944-05-251:18 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 12km NNW Tilburg Halifax III (LW653) “NP-T” of 158 Sqn, RAF
11 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121721944-05-251:22 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 11-5km W Goirle Halifax III (MZ622) “MP-L” of 76 Sqn, RAF
12 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121731944-05-251:25 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 1Dongen-Tilburg Halifax III (LW124) “AL-N” of 429 Sqn, RAF
13 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121741944-05-251:294 MotorIV./NJG 17km SW Tilburg 
14 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121751944-06-130:27Lancaster ll

IV./NJG 1Avennes les Auvert Lancaster II (DS772) “EQ-T” of 408 Sqn, RAF
15 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121761944-06-130:31Lancaster lll

IV./NJG 1Cambrai a/f Lancaster II (DS726) “EQ-Y” of 408 Sqn, RAF
16 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121771944-06-130:34 Lancaster lll

IV./NJG 1Tilloy Lancaster II (DS688) “EQ-R” of 408 Sqn, RAF
17 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121781944-06-161:004 MotorIV./NJG 1N Arras 
18 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121791944-06-171:544 MotorIV./NJG 1Dreumel 
19 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121801944-06-172:04 Halifax lll

IV./NJG 1Berkel Halifax III (NA524) “KN-F” of 77 Sqn, RAF
20 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121811944-06-221:25Lancaster lll

IV./NJG 1Valkenswaard Lancaster III (LM582) “KM-Q” of 44 Sqn, RAF. RAF Bomber Command records this plane as having returned to base safely
21 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121821944-06-221:30 Lancaster l

IV./NJG 12km S Meeuven Lancaster I (ME683) “EM-W” of 207 Sqn, RAF
22 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121831944-06-221:36 Lancaster lll

IV./NJG 15km S Opoerteren Lancaster III (LM434) “KM-F” of 44 Sqn, RAF
23 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121841944-06-222:05 Lancaster l

IV./NJG 16km S Hamont Lancaster I (ME843) “LE-U” of 630 Sqn, RAF
24 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121861944-07-211:514 MotorIV./NJG 18km N Breda 
25 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121871944-07-291:38 Lancaster l

IV./NJG 1Pforzheim Lancaster I (ME856) “PO-T” of 467 Sqn, RAF
26 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121881944-07-291:504 MotorIV./NJG 1Eutingen 
27 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121891944-07-291:57 Lancaster l

IV./NJG 1Malmsheim Lancaster I (ME778) “ZN-O” of 106 Sqn, RAF
28 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121901944-08-130:484 MotorIV./NJG 1Wasserliesch 
29 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121911944-08-131:09 Lancaster lll

IV./NJG 1Werbomont Lancaster III (ND694) “F2-R” of 635 Sqn, RAF
30 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121921944-08-131:154 MotorIV./NJG 1Gouvy 
31 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121931944-08-131:194 MotorIV./NJG 13km W Mons 
32 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121941944-09-1223:074 MotorIV./NJG 1Gemünden area 
33 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121951944-09-2322:564 MotorIV./NJG 1 
34 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121961944-09-2323:104 MotorIV./NJG 1 
35 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121971944-09-2323:154 MotorIV./NJG 1 
36 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121981944-09-2323:254 MotorIV./NJG 1 
37 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121991944-10-0920:324 MotorIV./NJG 1S Bochum 
38 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211001944-10-0920:554 MotorIV./NJG 1NE Bocholt 
39 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211011944-11-0620:554 MotorIV./NJG 1 
40 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211021944-11-0619:344 MotorIV./NJG 1 
41 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211031944-11-0619:414 MotorIV./NJG 1 
42 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211041944-11-2119:054 MotorStab/NJG 4 
43 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211051944-11-2119:114 MotorStab/NJG 4 
44 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211061944-12-1220:004 MotorStab/NJG 4 
45 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211071945-02-0321:094 MotorStab/NJG 4 
46 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121221943-08-283:59 Halifax

12./NJG 1Jemeppe sur Sambre Halifax II (JB835) “DY-X” of 102 Sqn, RAF
47 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121231943-08-3122:41 Halifax

12./NJG 12km SE Kuinre Halifax II (HR878) “TL-J” of 35 Sqn, RAF
48 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121251943-08-240:09 Halifax

12./NJG 1Near Eschede Halifax II (JD379) “KN-M” of 77 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O A Massie, 3 killed, 4 POW
49 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121271943-09-2723:31 Halifax

12./NJG 1Near Stemmen 
50 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121281943-10-0321:50 Halifax

12./NJG 1Near Lande Halifax II (HR728) “LK-D” of 51 Sqn, RAF
51 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121291943-10-091:13 Halifax

12./NJG 1Near Schwaförden Halifax II (HR945) “NP-Y” of 158 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt DCR Cater, 7 POW
52 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121311943-10-1820:25 Halifax

12./NJG 1Near Negenborn Lancaster III (DV230) “SR-T” of 101 Sqn, RAF, 9 killed
53 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121411943-12-2918:50 Halifax

12./NJG 13km NE Meppel Halifax II (JD314) “ZA-X” of 10 Sqn, RAF, 7 killed
54 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12111942-06-011:55 Halifax

II./NJG 1Grez-Doiceau Halifax II (W1064) “MP-J” of 76 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt TRA West, 2 killed
55 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12161942-08-291:16 Halifax

II./NJG 11km E E Tombeek Halifax II (W7809) of 78 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt JAB Marshall
56 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12191943-05-143:07 Halifax

II./NJG 1Near Blanden Halifax II (JB873) “EY-J” of 78 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt G Dane, 2 killed, 5 POW, 1 evaded
57 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121111943-05-301:43 Halifax

II./NJG 1Budingen Halifax II (DT804) “TL-C” of 35 Sqn, RAF
58 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121161943-06-291:45 Halifax

II./NJG 1Wandre Halifax V (DK137) “NP-R” of 76 Sqn, RAF
59 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121171943-06-291:55 Halifax

II./NJG 1Near Vottem Halifax II (HR812) “TL-F” of 35 Sqn, RAF
60 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121561944-04-252:30 Halifax

IV./NJG 1Antwerp area Halifax III (LW622) “DT-R” of 192 Sqn, RAF
61 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121571944-04-252:40 Halifax

IV./NJG 1LG 35  Probably Lancaster lll (LM486) see Bomber Command database
62 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121601944-04-281:30 Halifax

IV./NJG 18km N Aubel Halifax V (LL258) “WL-W” of 434 Sqn, RAF
63 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121631944-05-130:44 Halifax

IV./NJG 1Londerzeel Halifax III (LK883) “OW-E” of 426 Sqn, RAF flown by F/O JH Black
64 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121651944-05-130:48 Halifax

IV./NJG 1Hoogstraaten Halifax III (LV919) “HD-O” of 466 Sqn, RAF
65 SchnauferWolfgang1944-04-1123:15Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 135km NE Antwerp 5300m
66 SchnauferWolfgang1944-04-1123:25Lancaster

Stab IV./NJG 125km NW Antwerp 5300m
67 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121261943-09-2323:00 Lancaster

12./NJG 15km S Kirchheimbolanden Stirling III (EJ104) “HA-G” of 218 Sqn, RAF
68 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121321943-10-2019:13 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Gieten Lancaster III (JB175) “MG-A” of 7 Sqn, RAF, 7 killed
69 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121331943-10-2019:25 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Harrenstätte Lancaster III (JB348) “LQ-R” of 405 Sqn, RAF, 6 killed, 1 POW
70 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121341943-10-2221:40 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Dransfeld Lancaster III (JB320) “DX-X” of 57 Sqn, RAF
71 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121351943-11-2318:50 Lancaster

12./NJG 12km NW Ter Apel Lancaster III (JA939) “LQ-C” of 405 Sqn, RAF, 6 killed, 1 POW
72 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121361943-11-2319:00 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Lorup Lancaster III (JB537) “PH-N” of 12 Sqn, RAF, 6 killed, 1 POW
73 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121371943-12-1618:01 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Follega Lancaster III (JA853) “MG-L” of 7 Sqn, RAF flown by W/O WA Watson, 7 killed
74 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121381943-12-1618:12 Lancaster

12./NJG 13km NW Lemmer Lancaster I (DV300) “SR-W” of 101 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Lt R MacFarlane, 8 killed
75 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121391943-12-1618:23 Lancaster

12./NJG 1SW Wolvega Lancaster III (JB545) “EA-O” of 49 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O G Ratcliffe, 7 killed
76 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121401943-12-1618:41 Lancaster

12./NJG 12km SW Wirdum Lancaster II (DS831) “QO-N” of 432 Sqn, RAF, flown by F/O WC Fisher, 5 killed, 2 POW
77 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121421943-12-2919:45 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Wietmarschen Lancaster II (DS718) “EQ-R” of 408 Sqn, RAF, flown by F/Lt WT Wilton, 7 killed
78 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121431944-01-2719:45 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Near Essen Lancaster III (JB283) “PH-W” of 12 Sqn, RAF
79 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121441944-01-3022:15 Lancaster

12./NJG 1W AmsterdamLancaster III (JB659) "OF-J" of 97 Sqn, RAF flown by Plt.Off. AR Hart, 7 Killed.
80 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121451944-02-1522:58 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Off Texel Lancaster III (ND363) “PM-A” of 103 Sqn, RAF
81 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121481944-03-2223:10 Lancaster

12./NJG 1Halle Lancaster III (LM430) “WS-B” of 9 Sqn, RAF
82 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12171942-12-2123:53 Lancaster

II./NJG 1Poelkapelle Lancaster I (R5914) of 106 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt JD Brinkhurst, 3 killed, 4 POW
83 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121151943-06-291:25 Lancaster

II./NJG 1Solwaster Lancaster III (LM323) “OF-U” of 97 Sqn, RAF
84 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121201943-07-082:33 Lancaster

II./NJG 1Near Grobbendonk Lancaster III (ED663) of 49 Sqn, RAF
85 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121211943-08-110:32 Lancaster

II./NJG 1S Hähnlein 
86 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121521944-04-1123:15 Lancaster

IV./NJG 1Near Beerse Lancaster III (ND389) “OL-A” of 83 Sqn, RAF
87 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121531944-04-1123:25 Lancaster

IV./NJG 12km N St Lenaerts Lancaster I (LL899) “EA-P” of 49 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Lt DJ Bacon, 7 killed
88 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121541944-04-252:03 Lancaster

IV./NJG 1Near Alken Lancaster I (HK542) “KO-J” of 115 Sqn, RAF
89 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121551944-04-252:28 Lancaster

IV./NJG 13km N Mechelen Lancaster II (DS734) “KO-Y” of 115 Sqn, RAF
90 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121581944-04-282:05 Lancaster

IV./NJG 11km S Achtmaal Lancaster III (JB307) “GT-H” of 156 Sqn, RAF
91 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121611944-04-281:40 Lancaster

IV./NJG 1Verviers Halifax III (MZ588) “QO-W” of 432 Sqn, RAF
92 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121641944-05-130:46Halifax

IV./NJG 15km ENE Hasselt Halifax III (HX334) “NP-C” of 158 Sqn, RAF
93 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121661944-05-221:34 Lancaster

IV./NJG 13km S Mol 
94 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121671944-05-221:51 Lancaster

IV./NJG 13km NW Tongerooge Lancaster (DV309) “BQ-S” of 550 Sqn, RAF flown by W/C J Harris
95 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121681944-05-231:23 Lancaster

IV./NJG 1Near Neepelt Lancaster I (ME690) “AA-Z” of 75 Sqn, RAF
96 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121691944-05-241:36 Lancaster

IV./NJG 1Near Brecht Lancaster I (ME670) “HW-Q” of 100 Sqn, RAF
97 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121851944-07-221:40 Lancaster

IV./NJG 11-5km N Boxtel Lancaster I (LM183) “WP-L” of 90 Sqn, RAF
98 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211081945-02-211:53 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
99 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211091945-02-211:58 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
100 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211101945-02-2120:44 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
101 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211111945-02-2120:48 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
102 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211121945-02-2120:51 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
103 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211131945-02-2120:55 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
104 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211141945-02-2120:58 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
105 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211151945-02-2121:00 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
106 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211161945-02-2121:03 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
107 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211171945-03-0321:55 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
108 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211181945-03-0322:04 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
109 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211191945-03-0720:41 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
110 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211201945-03-0720:47 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
111 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang1211211945-03-0721:56 Lancaster

Stab/NJG 4 
112 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12181943-5-142:14 Stirling

II./NJG 1Heerlen Stirling I (R9242) “BU-O” of 214 Sqn, RAF, flown by Sgt RM Gibney, 4 killed, 3 POW
113 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121101943-05-300:48 Stirling

II./NJG 1S Baelen Stirling III (BF565) “HA-H” of 218 Sqn, RAF
114 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121121943-05-302:22 Stirling

II./NJG 11km E Fl-Pl- Diest-Schaffen Stirling III (BK688) “HA-A” of 218 Sqn, RAF flown by F/Sgt WAM Davis, 6 killed
115 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121131943-06-221:33 Stirling

II./NJG 1Langdorp Stirling III (BK712) “HA-D” of 218 Sqn, RAF flown by P/O W Shillinglaw, 8 killed
116 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121191943-07-041:01 Stirling

II./NJG 1W Geebets Stirling III (BF530) “OJ-B” of 149 Sqn, RAF
117 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121241943-08-313:53 Wellington

12./NJG 1Near Lozen Wellington X (HE988) “AS-U” of 166 Sqn, RAF
118 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12121942-08-012:47 Wellington

II./NJG 11km SW Loon-op-Zand Wellington IC (DV439) of 25 OTU, RAF
119 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12131942-08-013:17 Wellington

II./NJG 1Huldenberg Wellington IC (DV552) “UJ-N” of 27 OTU, RAF, 6 killed
120 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12151942-08-252:54 Wellington

II./NJG 11km E Loonbeek Wellington III (BJ651) “JN-M” of 150 Sqn, RAF
121 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121141943-06-252:58 Wellington

II./NJG 1Hamme-Mille 
122 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang121181943-07-040:48 Wellington

II./NJG 11km N Averbode Wellington X (HE980) of 196 Sqn, RAF
123 SchnauferHeinz-Wolfgang12141942-08-013:45 Whitley

II./NJG 1Gilly Whitley V (BD347) of 24 OTU, RAF flown by P/O G Silva, 1 killed, 3 evaded

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