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Malta Memorial Database
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Abayasekera, George Frederick Dugald
Abercrombie, David
Absalom, Walter
Ackland, Ronald Henry
Ackroyd, John Thomas
Ackroyd, Thomas Campbell
Adair, Thomas
Adam, Ronald Maclean
Adams, Bernard Eric
Adams, Charles Frederick
Adams, John Henry
Adams, Lewis
Adams, Norman Keith
Adams, Richard Joseph
Adams, Ronald
Adamson, James Hogarth
Addis, Robert Edwin
Adgey, Robert Davey
Ainsworth, Roland
Ainsworth, Ronald
Aitken, William John
Akeroyd, Terence Clifton
Aldercotte, Walter Harold
Aldridge, William Henry
Alexander, Ernest William
Alexander, Keith Treffa
Alford, Harold
Allan, Frederick Kenneth
Allardice, Philip Mclauchlin
Allen, Albert Victor
Allen, George
Allen, Harry Maurice
Alleyne, Osmund William St. Clair
Ambrose, Roland Dean
Andersen, Thomas Mervyn
Anderson, Frederick Cameron
Anderson, Frederick Wallace
Anderson, John Hume
Anderson, Sidney Wilfred
Anderson, William Edward
Andrews, Henry George
Andrews, Leonard Charles
Ankon, Leopold
Anthony, Leo Vernon
Anthony, Ronald David
Applegate, Alan Ashby
Archer, Charles Frederick
Archibald, David Wann
Armitage, Eric Leonard
Armstrong, Joseph Walter
Armstrong, Lorne Oliver
Armstrong, Michael Francis
Armstrong, Thomas
Arnold, Victor
Ashby, Cyril Francis
Ashley, Frederick Clifford
Ashley, John Douglas
Ashley, Robert Joseph
Atkin, Brian John
Atkinson, Henry Neville
Atkinson, Wilfred George
Attenborough, Patrick George
Atwell, Gerald Joseph
Auger, Henri Ferdinand
Austin, James Francis
Austin, Leonard John
Austin, Ronald Joseph
Averill, Charles Stewart Mcgregor
Avery, Nelson
Ayres, Frank Owen George
Ayton, Wallace Henry
Backway, William Sidney
Badger, Reginald Milburn
Badman, Richard Francis
Bailey, Frederick William
Bailey, Graham George
Bailey, Raymond
Bailey, Thomas
Baily, Lionel Edward John
Bain, Thomas Neil
Baines, Alexander William
Baird, James Franklin
Baird, Norman
Baird, Ronald Ernest
Baker, Charles Grindle
Baker, Frederick Ernest
Baker, Sydney Robert
Balderston, John Percival Ernest
Bale, Leslie Arthur
Ball, William Leonard
Balmer, David
Bamford, Richmond Dean
Banks, Ronald James
Banner, Walter Reginald
Banton, Dick Meldrum Alfred
Barber, Clive Jarvis
Barber, Eric Spencer
Bardsley, Harold
Barker, Gerald Louis
Barker, John Samuel
Barker, Marcus Edgar
Barlow, Leslie George
Barlow, Reginald Newman
Barnes, William Trevor
Barnwell, David Usher
Barrett, Francis John
Barriskill, William John
Barrs, Ronald Osborne
Bartkiewicz, Francis
Bartley, Joseph
Bassett, Francis Bernard
Batchelor, Harold Bernard
Bateman, Harry Norman
Bates, Derek Jones
Bates, Kenneth Templeton
Baxter, John Samuel
Baxter, Robert Leroy
Beale, Harold Frid
Beale, Heathcote Huia Butler
Beans, George
Beard, Harold
Beattie, Alexander Campbell
Beaumont, Thomas Francis
Beaven, Douglas Albert
Bebington, John Harry Samuel
Behan, William John Thomas
Belec, Jerome Gerard
Belecky, John Anthony
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Angus Douglas
Bell, John
Bellerby, Arthur Lawrence
Bellingham, Adam Sidney
Bendall, Jack
Bendwig, Richard Alanson
Benn, Harland Trevor
Bennett, Arthur Godfrey
Bennett, Douglas Gordon
Bennett, Gordon Henry
Benning, Forbes Govan
Bentham, Daniel Gerald
Bentley, Alwyn
Berkeley-hill, Owen William Hugh
Bertran, Ross Herbert
Berven, Bruce Martin
Bettridge, Austin Victor James
Bettridge, Frank
Bewick, John Winship
Bidgood, Maurice Alfred
Bignell, Peter Gorbell
Biles-barford, Maurice Wildred
Billett, James Ford
Billing, Ralph Wesley
Billows, Ralph Bernard Beresford
Binks, Ronald Douglas
Binnie, James
Birch, Paul
Bird, Montague Thomas
Bishop, Arthur Henry
Bishop, Colin Ernest
Bishop, George Stanley
Bishop, Peter Frank
Black, Andrew Orman
Blackburn, Adrian John
Blackmore, William Alfred
Blanchard, Merton Campbell
Bland, Ralph Miller
Blight, Norman Eric
Blunn, Geoffrey Boyd
Boardman, Hubert Stanley
Bobby, Frank Edward
Bodger, Colin Basil Lynch
Bodley, Ronald William Frederick
Bold, Peter Frederick
Bolt, Henry Francis
Bolton, Montague Harry Slade
Bond, Ronald Douglas
Bonnick, Richard Albert
Booth, Alan
Booth, Henry Arnold
Booth, Leonard
Boothby, Cyril Denys
Borkett, Thomas Robert
Bosch, Peter Herman
Botfield, Edward John
Bott, Norman
Bousfield, James William
Boustead, Frederick William
Bowler, Frederick Nelson
Bowman, Alan Peter
Bowsher, William Henry John
Boxall, Stanley Edward
Boyce, Edward Ernest
Boyd, Bernard Charles Louis
Boyd, Daniel David
Boyd, John
Boynton, Thomas Frank Patrick
Bradburn, Henry Keith
Bradbury, Charles Everitt
Bradbury, Francis
Bradley, Basil George Sheridan
Bradley, Howard Eldon
Bradshaw, Geoffrey Allen
Braine, Hope
Bramley, Enos Frederick
Brandon, Harry William
Brandt, Sidney
Bray, Frederick Peter William
Brazier, Harold
Breakey, Andrew
Brechin, Manley Lyall
Breeze, John Richardson
Brennan, Charles Arthur
Brennan, Leonard Reginald
Brent, Edgar Frederick Goldie
Briggs, George Maxwell
Brighurst, Archibald William
Bristow, Kenneth Frank
Britton, Ronald David
Brodie, George Stuart
Brodrick, Noel George
Brodziak, Gordon Ward
Brooker, Stanley Frederick
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Cedric Tyson
Brown, Edward
Brown, Ernest Logan
Brown, Herbert James
Brown, James Hardie
Brown, John
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, Kenneth Charles
Brown, Nevil Ward
Brown, Robert Burns
Brown, Wallis Arrmit
Brown, Walter Forsyth Prins
Brown, William George Charles
Browne, Derrick Gordon
Bruce, Ian Henderson
Bruce, John Alexander
Bruce, Norman
Brumhead, Stanley
Bryce-jeffery, Henry Edmund
Bryson, Hugh Ferguson
Buck, Douglas William
Buckman, John Arthur
Buckstone, John Walter
Budd, Edward John
Budge, Herbert Eric Victor
Bullen, Edwin Gordon Kingsley
Bullock, Thomas Carolus
Buntine, Robert Athol
Burgess, Allison Burnett
Burgess, Francis George
Burgess, Joseph Thomas
Burgess, Leslie
Burley, John Edward
Burn, Leonard Henry
Burnet, Jack Bruce
Burnett, Norman Whitmore
Burns, Robert John
Burrett, James Robert
Burrows, Robert Edward
Burton, Douglas Herbert
Burton, Edwin Erle
Burton, Norman Lee
Burton-gyles, Peter Robert
Bushell, George
Bushnell, George Aubrey
Butcher, Arthur Gordon
Butler, Basil
Butler, Grenville Humphrey
Butler, William Francis
Butterfield, Thomas Preston
Buxton, Frederick Henry Edwin
Cairns, Ronald
Caldwell, Walter Alexander
Callaghan, Frank William
Calvert, Arthur
Cameron, Adam Mitchell
Cameron, Charles Fraser
Cameron, Donald Maxwell
Cameron, George Alexander Duncan
Cameron, Gordon Russell
Cameron, Patrick Blair
Cameron, Phillip Greig
Campbell, Alexander Lyon
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, David Mason
Campbell, Douglas
Campbell, James Gilmour
Campbell, Neil Donald
Campbell, Robert Joseph Gordon
Campbell, Stuart Somerville
Campbell, Sydney Neam
Candler, Cecil George
Cane, Edward George
Canning, Jack
Carlet, Guy
Carlyle, William James
Carmichael, Brian Withers
Carmody, Cornelius John
Carnie, Ian David
Carolan, Francis Joseph
Caron, Gerald Alexandre Arthur A.
Caron, Joseph Aurele Roland
Carr, Walter Horace
Carroll, Victor
Carter, Peter
Cartwright, John Neville
Cartwright, Roy Victor
Catchpole, Thomas William
Catlin, James Frederick William
Caulderwood, John Samuel Davidson
Cavan, Brian Moore
Cave, Obadiah
Cenitch, Alexander
Chabot, Marc Roger
Chaffe, Ronald Ivor
Chalmer, Edward Dawson
Chandler, James
Chaplin, Arthur Russel
Charlton, John Lawrence
Charney, Frederick Richard Howard
Charnock, James Hannan
Charters, Robert William
Chauncy, Peter Anthony Reginald
Cheese, Charles Albert
Cherer, Kenneth Claude
Chesters, Colin Platt
Christensen, Daniel Joseph
Chuck, Herbert George
Clark, Alan
Clark, Colin Edward
Clark, Douglas Charles Walter
Clark, Gordon
Clark, Graham Russell
Clark, John
Clark, Lloyd William
Clark, Richard Edward
Clark, Ross Edgerton
Clark, William
Clarke, Fred Marsden
Clarke, George John Isiah
Clarkson, William Brownlie
Cleary, Joseph Francis
Clee, Reginald Owen
Clegg, Eric Gordon
Clements, John Dawson
Clements, Robert Lionel
Clemow, William John
Clerke, Frederick John
Clifford, Peter William
Climpson, Thomas Charles
Coakey, Andrew Michael
Coakley, Kenneth James
Coates, John Bernard
Coates, John Henry
Cochrane, Arthur Charles
Cochrane, Dundonald Nelson
Cockburn, Charles Lynn
Cohen, Leonard
Colcomb, Edwin Claude
Coleman, Brian
Coles, Stuart Mcalpine
Colley, William Charlesworth
Collins, Alan Arthur
Collins, Albert Charles
Collins, Francis Albert
Collins, Terence Patrick
Colquhoun, Ian Alister
Comer, Vincent
Compton, Denis James Williams
Comrie, Peter
Connell, Eugene Hastings
Connor, Harold
Connors, Leslie James
Conolan, Bernard Leslie Reid
Constant, Jack
Conway, Basil Robert Coffin
Conway, James Leslie Joseph
Cook, Charles Owen
Cook, James Douglas
Cook, John Christopher Frederick
Cooke, William Edmund Stuart
Cooper, Dennis Lionel
Cooper, Edward Joshua
Cooper, Leslie George Albert
Cooper, Peter Shaw
Coote, Alfred
Cope, Arthur Reginald
Cope, Kenneth Charles Westbear
Cope, Maurice Henry
Corbett, George Arthur
Cormack, Ian Maxwell
Cornes, Sydney John
Cornforth, Stanley
Cornish, George Frederick
Cornish, Neil
Cossette, Roland Adelore
Costley, Harry Ernest
Cote, Joseph Richard
Cotterill, David Keith
Cottrell, Randall Tyrone
Cottrell, Spence Grainger
Cottridge, Eric James
Coulson, Robert Frederick
Coulter, Hubert Vincent
Coulter, Richard Leslie
Courtney, Leonard
Cousens, Richard Allinson
Coutts, Ernest Philip
Coutts, George Alec
Cowe, James
Cox, Bernard Daniel Charles
Cox, Edward Ronald
Cox, Herbert
Cox, John William Richard
Cox, Kenneth George
Coyle, Gerald
Cragg, Eric William
Craig, James Ian
Craig, Robert Grainger
Craig, Stanley Maynard
Craigie, Arthur Percival
Cramp, Philip
Creasey, Leslie Wallace
Creed, William George
Crickmay, Peter William Hedley
Crisp, Christopher Norman Birch
Critchley, Edward
Crocker, Francis Gerald
Croft, Harold Taylor
Crofts, Edward Ernest
Croley, Arthur John
Crone, James Edmund
Crooks, Eric
Croskell, Geoffrey Arthur Austin
Cross, Edward Albert
Crosse, Derek Edward Lang
Crossley, Harry
Crowley, Dennis William Arthur
Croxall, James Frederick
Croxford, Colin Desmond
Crozier, Alexander
Crozier, Peter
Crystal, Aubrey Samuel
Cullen, Clifford Lorne
Culmer, Edwin John
Cuming, Edward James
Cundy, Anthony O.
Currie, Hall Mckenzie
Currie, Moresby
Curtis, Robert James
Cusworth, Albert John
Cuthbert, Sidney Bertram
Cutts, Kenneth Loveday
Dacey, Clement Cyril
Daddo-langlois, William Raoul
Dadge, William George Henry
Dadson, John Vincent
Dalby, Frederick Ernest
Daley, Edward Arthur
Daley, Patrick
Dalton, Richard Stanley
Damen, William
Daniel, Eric Francis
Daniels, Albert Frederick
Danvers, Frederick Charles
Darling, Chester Coburn
Dauk, Hironimus Dominik Alouise
David, William Thomas
Davidson, George Garrett
Davidson, John
Davidson, William Cameron
Davies, Colin Lewis
Davies, Douglas Hugh
Davies, John Struthers
Davies, John William
Davies, Kenneth Frederick
Davies, Morris
Davies, Raymond Henry
Davies, Walter Houghton
Davis, Charles Kingsley
Davis, Dennis Melville
Davis, Edward Robert
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Neville Edward
Davis, Philip Oscar
Davis, William Arthur
Dawson, Richard John Secord
Dawson, Wilfred John
Day, Bernard John
Day, Patrick George Frederick
De Charmoy, Paul Joseph
De Goede,
De Jonge,
De Klerk,
De La Coze, John Rushbrook
De Marco, Joseph Julius
Debenham, Kenneth Barry Lempriere
Debenham, Raymond Jack
Deere, Thomas Howell
Delehaunt, Arthur George James
Dell, Frederick John
Delmage, Ray John
Demoulin, Rene Jean Ghislain
Dempster, George Wilson
Denison, Leslie Albert
Dennis, Frederick Kenneth
Denton, Edward John
Devaney, Patrick Aloysius
Dewar, Alexander
Dewson, William John
Dey, Arthur Alexander
Diack, James Rankine
Dibb, Geoffrey Wigton
Dick, Andrew Campbell
Dicker, John Stuart
Dickinson, Earl Willard
Dickinson, John
Dickson, Colin Kenneth
Dickson, Vivian
Diggins, John Andrew
Ding, Eric John
Dixon, Terence Albert
Dixon, William Edward
Dobie, Wilfred
Docherty, William
Dockrill, Joseph Frederick
Dodson, George David
Domenech, Francisco Patricio
Donelan, Thomas
Donnelly, Austin
Doodson, William Leslie
Doucet, Joseph Geoffrey
Doude, William John
Douglas, Eric Hayden
Douglas, John
Dowd, Mortimer John
Dowds, Herbert Joseph
Dowland, Herbert Lloyd
Dowle, Henry Edward
Dowling, Alan Albert
Downer, William Watson
Downes, Stuart
Dowson, Roy
Drake, Charles Samuel
Drennan, Samuel John
Drewe, Arthur Douglas
Driscoll, Thomas John
Driscoll, Walter George
Driver, Peter Rodney
Drury, George Ivan
Dryden, Alfred Ernest
Dryden, George Sydney
Drywood, Leslie Walter
Du Toit,
Duffey, Gerard
Duffy, James William Alexander
Dukes-smith, Harold Frederick
Duncan, Alexander Frank James
Duncan, Charles Sidney
Duncan, Kevin John Patrick
Dunn, Harold
Dunn, Harold William
Dunning, Albert Henry
Dunning, Robert Victor
Dunphy, Robert Ronald
Dutton, Kenneth
Dyson, Francis Victor
Earl, James
Eastman, Alan Frederick
Eastwick, Arthur Leslie
Eaton, Roger Leigh
Ebbage, Clifford
Edgett, Ernest Byron
Edmondson, Ronald
Edwards, Albert George
Edwards, Frederick John
Edwards, George Sydney
Edwards, James Stephen
Elder, Thomas
Elderson, William Kenneth
Ellenbogen, Percy
Ellerington, Charles
Elliott, Frank Holman Huntington
Ellis, Arthur Hubert
Ellis, Charles Goldie
Ellis, Clifford Henry Lance
Ellis, Douglas William
Ellis, Reginald Arthur
Ells, Ernest Charles
Elsdon-howard, Robert Ralph
Emery, Francis Richard
Eminsang, Robert Smith
Emmett, Barnard Roy
English, Dennis Garton
Enman, William Frederick
Enright, Maurice
Essex, William Russell
Evans, David Eric
Evans, David William
Evans, Gruffydd James
Evans, Ioan Douglas Crocker
Evans, John Gower
Evans, John Graham
Evans, John Thompson
Evans, Lewis
Evans, R. Clifford B.
Evans, Samuel
Ewart, William Arnot
Eyre, John
Eyres, Frederick
Facey, Ronald Sidney
Fahie, Percy Philip
Fairbairn, Garnet Mackenzie
Fairweather, Edgar Lloyd
Falconer, Robert Douglas
Falls, Tom Montague
Fargher, George Pass
Farley, Dennis Bernard
Farley, Derek Sydney
Farquharson, Alexander Watson
Farrant, Robert Cecil
Farrell, William Gerard
Fay, Norman Edward
Featherstone, Francis William
Fennah, Donald Clement
Fennell, Peter
Fenwick, William Peter
Ferguson, Lawrence Arkwright
Ferguson, Robert
Ferris, Ernest Robert
Ferris, Walter Harold
Few, Frederick John
Field, Charles Stanley
Field, Cyril
Finch, Leslie William
Finn, Aiden
Firman, David Eric
Fischer, John Marcus
Fisher, Byard
Fitzgerald, Edward Charles
Fitzgerald, Reginald Charles
Flanagan, Patrick Thomas
Fletcher, Albert Frederick
Fletcher, James Spencer
Fletcher, Reginald Grosvenor
Flower, Albert John
Foden, Frank Harrison
Form, George
Forsyth, Gordon
Forth, Harold Michael
Fortt, Albert Richard Francis
Foskett, Russel George
Foster, John Henry Parry
Foster, Leslie Charles
Foulis, Michael
Fountain, Ronald Edward Robert
Fox, Harold Joseph
Fox, Harold Mitchell
Fox, James
Fox, Ronald Alfred
Fox, William
Foxton, James Henry Terence
Francis, Douglas John
Francis, Lionel Arthur Walter
Francis, Robin Keith
Franklin, Ford John
Franks, Richard Derek
Fraser, Ian Lovat
Fraser, Robert Ian
Frazee, Donald Weston
Frazer, John Alfred
Freeman, Averell Whitman
Freeman, Percy
French, Geoffrey Charles
French, Martin Joseph
Frith, John Edwin
Frost, Laurence James
Frost, Laurence James
Frost, Lawrence Andrew
Fuller, Alfred George
Fuller, William Milo Charles
Fulton, Robert William
Fulton, Walter Lyburn
Furlong, Patrick Gerard
Furniss, Patrick Dunn
Gaff, Robert Osmond
Galloway, Edward Hawkes Hepburn
Galt, Matthew Henderson
Gamble, Kenneth
Garbutt, Stanley William
Garbutt, William Harrison
Garland, John Patrick Mcmillan
Garland, Thomas Benjamin
Garner, Arthur
Garner, William
Garnett, Jack Frankland
Garrad, Gordon Keith Fison
Garrick, Donald Robert Arthur
Garvey, Connor Phelan
Gass, Murray Irving
Gaudet, Joseph Raymond
Gautrey, Reginald William
Gay, Herbert William
Gebbie, Gordon John
Gibbes, Augustus Rodney
Gibbons, Roy Samuel
Gibson, Gilbert Cameron
Gilbert, John Carlton
Gilbody, James
Gilchrist, Thomas Norman
Giles, Royston Jack Charles William
Gill, Ernest Hector
Gill, Maxwell Harry
Gill, Robert
Gillett, Geoffrey Gordon
Gillham, Robert William
Gimson, Ernest William
Glansfield, James Victor
Glazebrook, Jack Kenneth
Goalby, Patrick Neil
Goddard, Clifford James Zachariah
Goddard, Stanley Bertram
Godfrey, Richard Roy
Goff, Wilfred Oswell
Goggin, Harold Leonard Francis
Golby, Cecil
Golding, Terence Thomas
Goldsmith, John Lewis
Goldsmith, Sidd
Goldspink, Leslie Newell Whittingham
Good, Nolan Alexander
Goodall, Jack
Goodwin, George Nicholas
Goodwin, James Thomas William
Gordon-glassford, Terence Harry
Gore, Frederick Charles
Gorringe-smith, John Edward
Gottheimer, Sidney Walter
Goulder, Kenneth
Goulding, William
Grabham, Justyn Stuart
Graham, George William
Graham, Robert Merton
Graham, Ronald Ogilvy Maurice
Grasley, Joseph Robert
Green, Geoffrey
Green, John George
Green, Norman Ernest Nelson
Green, Trevor William
Green, William Macmillan
Greene, Sidney Henry
Greenhill, Cedric Peter
Greenhill, Ronald Arthur
Greenland, Charles James Donald
Greenman, Raymond George
Greenshields, Edward Falconer
Greenslade, John Harry
Greenwood, Arthur Henry
Greenwood, Edward Joseph
Greig, John Sangster
Greig, Roy Thomson
Grew, Ivan Woodcroft
Grey, John Neville
Gridley, Robert Victor
Grierson, Robert
Grieve, James Gavin Caldwell
Griffiths, Roland Vivian Langdon
Griffiths, William James
Griggs, Thomas Eric
Grimes, Ronald Ross
Grimley, Robert Keith
Grimshaw, Ronald
Groom, Peter James
Grosvenor, Thomas Frederick
Groves, Alan
Groves, Donald Ivor
Gubbins, John Harold
Guest, Maurice
Guilfoyle, William Robert Yule
Gulliver, Alfred John
Guy, Daniel Geoffrey
Hackston, Thomas
Haggas, Haydn
Hailstone, William Charles
Hain, Thomas Richard
Hains, Charles George Duval
Hale, Maurice Henry
Hall, Charles Roe
Hall, Ivan William
Hall, Kenneth
Hall, Oswald Henry Mark
Hall, Thomas Frederick
Halliday, Frederick Ernest
Hallsworth, John
Halson, Leonard Thomas
Hamborough, James Walford
Hamelin, Louis Laurent
Hamill, Charles Anthony
Hamilton, David Purvis
Hamilton, William Brown
Hampshire, Arthur
Hampton, Arthur Oliver
Hampton, Frederick Charles
Hanley, Reginald Kerin
Hannaford, Louis Reginald
Hanson, Brian Paul
Hardy, Cecil Charles
Hardy, John Oliver Stormont
Hare, Leonard
Hargrave, Robert Albert
Hargreaves, Derrik
Hargreaves, Roy Ingle
Harley, Frederick Albert
Harman, Ronald James
Harper, Gerald
Harris, Allen Dawe
Harris, Donald Reuben
Harris, John
Harris, John Wilfrid
Harris, Reginald Henry William
Harrison, Frank
Harrison, James Martin
Harrison, John Nowell
Harrison, Stewart
Hart, Gilbert Leslie
Hart, Stanley Henry Noel
Hart, Wilbert
Hartley, Paul Hey
Hartney, Daniel James
Harvey, Bernard Talbot
Harvey, Frank Cecil
Harvey, George Edward
Harvey, John
Harvey, Raymond
Hastings, James Russell
Hatswell, Robert Sydney Douglas
Hawcroft, Derek
Hawkyard, James
Haxton, Robert Gow Lauder
Hayes, Brian
Hayes, Maurice Charles Supple
Hayes-jones, Brian
Hayman, William Peter
Hazeldine, Leslie Youle
Heald, James William
Healy, Walter Brendan
Hearn, William Frederick
Hearndon, Arthur William
Heath, Douglas James
Hebdige, Jack Albert
Hector, Charles William
Hedge, Raymond John
Heel, Walter Raymond
Hegarty, John Denis
Hele, Carroll Telfer
Hele, Charles Joseph Beaconsfield
Helme, Laurence
Hemingway, Cyril
Henderson, Denison Charles
Henderson, James Irwin
Henderson, James Morphett
Henderson, John Robert Dunlop
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Robert Welch
Henry, Ross
Hepple, Ralph
Hepworth, Harold
Herberte, John Henry Draper
Herman, Ronald Mcgregor
Hermon, Kenneth William
Herron, Thomas Alfred
Hesketh, Harry Walker
Heslop, Ronald
Hewetson, James Cecil William
Hewitt, Arthur Leslie
Hewitt, Jeffrey Langdil
Hewitt, Robert
Hewlett, Ernest George
Hewson, Kenneth Thomas
Heywood, Edgar John
Heywood, Richard Alexander
Heywood, Sidney
Hickey, Dudley John
Hicks, John Longton
Higgins, Peter John
Hill, Charles Herbert
Hill, Ernest
Hill, Francis Peter
Hill, Lawrence Sidney
Hill, William Frederick Irvine
Hillam, Arnold
Hillen, Jack
Hillman, Robert
Hilton, John Arthur
Hinchcliffe, Raymond Leonard
Hindle, William Lascelles
Hipperson, Stanley George
Hiskens, Edwin Tytler
Hoad, Sidney George
Hoare, David Allen Downer
Hobbins, Eric Clement
Hobbs, Anthony Peter Robert
Hocking, Leonard
Hodges, Norman Ernest
Hodson, George Leonard
Hogg, James Scott
Hole, Harold
Holland, William James Kevin
Hollick, John Douglas
Hollick, Wilfred Peter
Holliman, Frank Thomas
Holloway, Henry Reginald
Holman, Charles Patrick
Holmes, Ernest Douglas
Holmes, Frederick Glyndwr
Holmes, Peter
Holmes, Ronald James
Holt, Geoffrey
Hood, George
Hopkin, Haydn Hounam
Hopkins, William Henry
Hopping, Arthur Stanley
Hore, Sydney Ross
Horner, Walter
Hornsby, James Stanley
Hornung, Walter
Horrocks, Robert William
Horscroft, Bernard Harold
Horton, David William
Hotchkiss, Claude
Hotson, John Dunsmore
Hough, Edwin
Houghton, William
Hovers, Richard Collinson
Howarth, Thomas
Howatson, James
Howe, Alfred William
Hoy, Vincent Stanley Horace
Hoy, William Joseph
Hubbard, Brian Frederick Robert
Huddart, George Joffre
Hudson, Eric Furlow
Hudson, James Walter Thomas
Hudson, Robert William Joseph
Hudspith, George Edward
Huggins, Roderick
Hughes, Clifton Lawrence
Hughes, Francis Rodney
Hughes, Graeme Michael
Hughes, John Edward
Hughes, Richard
Hulbert, John Graham Kenelm
Hulmes, James Maxwell
Humes, Geoffrey
Humphrey, Henry John
Humphrey, John Brown
Humphrey, John Henry
Humphrey, Malcolm Charles
Hunt, Graham Humphreys
Hunter, Douglas
Hunter, George Winifrid Murray
Hunter, James Reid
Hunter, William
Hurley, Cornelius Robert Donovan
Hurst, Edmund
Hurst, John
Hustler, John Saynor
Hutcheson, James
Hutchings, Richard John
Hutchings, Wallace Walter
Hutchinson, Matthew Alan
Hutt, John Keogh
Hyde, Ian Robertson
Hyde, Laurence Patrick
Hynd, John Harry
Hyndman, Orie Frank
Hyslop, Cyril Dare Swan
Hyslop, Robert Ironside
Ingram, Geoffrey
Inman, Edwin Bentall
Iremonger, Denis Lascelles
Irwin, William
Ivory, James Richard
Izzard, Aubrey Fenwick
Jacklin, John Francis
Jackman, Edward Charles George
Jackson, Donald Herbert
Jackson, Geoffrey Francis
James, Alan Albert
James, Francis Gerald
Jamieson, Carl Elwood
Jamieson, James Edward
Janney, Harold
Jarratt, Charles Raymond
Jarvis, John Dennis
Jarvis, Ronald Edward
Jay, David Joseph
Jay, Walter Edward
Jeavons, Samuel Desmond
Jeffares, Brian Charlton
Jeffries, Samuel
Jellis, Sydney Gordon
Jemmett, Francis Charles Martineau
Jenkins, David Geraint Lloyd
Jenkins, Douglas Henry
Jenkins, Francis Surrage
Jenkins, Stanley Percival
Jenkinson, Eric
Jensen, Albrecht Maxwell
Jenvey, Keith
Jickling, Alaric
Job, Charles William
Johnson, Arthur William
Johnson, Carl Lee
Johnson, Conrad Ervin
Johnson, Leslie Herbert
Johnson, Richard Kenneth Howard
Johnson, Robert Cummin Ropson
Johnson, Robert Winn
Johnston, Alexander Legg
Johnston, James Hendry
Johnston, John Rickerby
Johnston, Leslie Robert
Johnston, Percy Hallowes Wray
Jones, Ernest Tatam
Jones, Frank Thomas
Jones, Geoffrey Wolfe
Jones, John Joseph
Jones, Norman
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Ripley Ogden
Jones, Robert Salisbury
Jones, Trevor William Robert
Jones, Tudor Llewellyn
Jones, William John Barton
Jordan, Reginald Charles
Jorgensen, William Charles
Jowers, Albert
Jowett, Ronald Rolfe
Jowling, Frederick Ernest Wambey
Joyce, Alan Francis
Judd, Trevor Macleay
Jude, William
Kaye, Charles William
Kearney, Wallace David
Kearsey, Philip James
Keeble, Nigel Louis
Keegan, Thomas Bernard
Keep, Frederick
Keil, Hector
Keith, Alan Lionel
Keller, Ronald Frederick
Kellett, John Joseph
Kelly, Clarence Lloyd
Kelly, Denis Roberts
Kelly, Gardner Hill
Kelly, Harry
Kelly, Henry James
Kelly, William
Kelsey, Eric Norman
Kemp, Stanley William
Kemp, Victor Alfred
Kempster-macey, David Augustine
Kenebel, Albert George
Kenny, Kieran
Kenyon, Raymond Theodore
Keough, Joseph Leo Richard
Kerr, Thomas
Keston, Kenneth Arthur Stanley
Keynes, John Douglas
Kidson, Marcus William Terence
Kilner, Roy
Kimberley, James Cecil
King, David Arthur
King, Neville Stuart
King, Perry
King, Peter Edgar
Kingsley, Anthony Rea
Kingston, Douglas Mason
Kippenberger, Ivan
Kirk, James Frederick
Kirkham, Thomas
Kitch, Robert Leonard
Klapper, Philip Anthony
Klingner, Albert Charles Frederick
Klompje, Jan H. G.
Knee, Richard Charles
Knight, Dennis Frederick
Knight, Ernest George
Knight, Frank
Knight, Geoffrey Benjamin
Knight, Stanley Waddy
Knight, William Arthur Dugald A.
Knighton, Francis Sale
Kreil, Gideon Petrus
L'estrange, Hugh Kavanagh
Lace, Eric Edwin
Laidlaw, William Blyth
Laight, Leslie Victor
Laing, Frederick Davidson
Lait, John Frederick
Lake, Harold George
Lamb, Gerald Barry
Lambert, Edwin Garnet
Lammin, Jack Davey
Lamond, Frank Raymond
Lander, John Edmund Henry
Lane, John James
Lane, Peter
Lane, Ronald William
Langdon, Charles Edward
Langley, Francis Thomas
Lankshear, Ernest Howard
Lansley, Bob
Large, William Sydney
Lassner, Arthur Joseph
Laverty, Robert
Lavin, Patrick Joseph
Lavoie, Joseph Michael Guy Leroy
Law, Donald Norman
Law, Frank Bruce
Law, William
Law, William Edgar
Lawler, Bryan Francis
Lawrence, Jack
Lawrence, Raymond Walter
Lawrence, Reginald Herbert
Lawson, Gordon Herbert
Lawson, Lyle Anzac
Lawson, Roy William
Lawton, Dennys Charles
Lawton, John
Layh, Eric John
Le Dieu, Horace Victor
Le Good, Ronald Sidney
Le Roux,
Lea, Howard Douglas
Leach, Arthur Charles
Leach, Philip Walters
Leaver, Nevil
Leckie, John Alexander
Leclerc, Jean Paul Denis
Lee, Cecil James
Lee, Cyril Francis
Lee, Maldwyn Herbert
Lee, Mervyn Thomas
Lee, Richard Armitage
Lee, Walter
Leeks, Harold Reuben
Lees, Eric Thomas David
Lees, Robert John
Lees, Walter Scott
Legrand, Eric Alexis
Leitch, Donald Mclellan
Leroux, Romeo Lionel
Leslie, Alastair Ian
Leslie, Colin Richard
Leslie, John Alan
Lethbridge, Harry Lincoln
Levy-despas, Guy Andre
Lewin, Antony Michael Hale
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, David John
Lewis, Leonard Amos
Lewsley, Frank
Liddle, John
Lidgett, Herbert
Liebeck, Millard Meyer
Lightbody, Robert Thomas
Lightfoot, Samuel
Lilley, Bernard Dallah
Lilley, Herbert Walter
Lillicrap, Douglas William
Lines, Herbert George
Linklater, Gordon Leonard
Lintern, Donald William
Lip-guey, William Herbert
Lipscomb, William Mciver Mounsell
Lister, Donald Sydney
Lister, Eric
Little, Albert William
Little, Robert Caldwell
Little, William John
Locke, Hugh Francis
Locke, William John
Loftus, Geoffrey David
Long, Alan James
Long, Arthur Bebbington
Long, Mervyn Cyril Steward
Longmore, James Henry
Lonsdale, Thomas
Lonsdale, Thomas Peter
Lott, Dennis Harry Page
Louw, Petries Johannes Steinkamp
Lovatt, Kenneth
Love, George
Lovegrove, Frederick Thomas
Lovesy, David Kimberley
Lovett, Stafford William
Lowe, Alan
Lowe, Gordon Albert
Lowe, John Joseph
Lowe, Walter Hugh
Lowe, William Herbert
Lowry, James
Lucas, Kenneth Tudor Rodwell
Ludgater, Arthur Charles
Lummus, Harold
Lumsden, William Lister
Luxon, Cecil Henry
Lyle, George
Lyndon-adams, Harry
Lynn, Robert Grant
Lyon, Kenneth Brogden
Mabbs, Charles
Macaulay, Harold
Macdonald, John William
Macdonald, Julian Vincent
Mackay, William John Alexander
Mackney, John Reginald
Mackrell, Trevor
Maclean, Ian Lockarbie
Macleod, John Ralph
Maconnell, Walter Douglas
Macpherson, Hugh Douglas Kingsley
Madden, John Francis
Maddison, Robert
Maggs, Richard Webb
Maginnis, Arthur John
Magruder, Ernest Pendleton Francis L. T.
Maguire, James Frankish
Maheu, Francois Gabriel
Main, Basil William
Malcolm-jones, Denis Henry
Malley, William Edward
Mallinson, James Robin
Maltby, John Francis Edgar
Mang, Ronald Franz
Mangion, Charles Andrew
Mantosh, Gilbert Stephen
March, Richard Bernard James
Margison, Douglas Millen
Marinovich, Ivan
Marketo, Miro Peter
Markey, John Reginald
Marples, Frank Ronald
Marsh, Ernest Hugh Strathearn
Marsh, Walter William
Marshall, Abraham
Marshall, John Carlton Wesley
Marshall, Richard Sampson Orlebar
Marshall, William Charles
Marsland, Kenneth
Martin, Fred Scott
Martin, Hugh Macdonald
Martin, Irwin Andrew
Martin, Ronald Brown
Marvin, Robert Patrick
Mather, Christopher
Mathers, Michael James
Mathews, William Hooker
Mathias, John Owen
Mathias, Walter Bertram
Matthews, Alfred
Maurice, Cyril
Mawer, John
Max, Nathan
Maxton, Geoffrey Leo
May, Peter Rodriguez
Mayberry, Clement Campbell
Mayberry, Ronald Maxford
Mayer, Harry Edward
Mayers, Arthur Leslie
Maynard, Anthony Richard Hutton
Meen, Neville James
Menard, Joseph Donat Romeo
Menary, James Howard
Menkes, Edward Gerald Lionel
Mercer, Russell George
Messam, Gilbert Oban Victor
Meyer, Donnelly Coombe
Mezic, Rade
Middleton, Jack
Miles, Richard George
Milford, Kenneth Sydney
Millar, Alexander Smart
Millar, George
Millar, Henry James
Millar, Robert Victor
Millar, Thomas Mcleod
Millar, Thomas Roberts
Millband, Alan
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Basil Walter
Miller, Eric Alfred
Miller, Ivor Reginald
Miller, John Newton
Miller, Ronald
Mills, James
Mills, William Henry John
Millward, Clive Nibbs
Milne, John Stephen
Milne, William Harvey
Milner, Albert James
Milner, George
Milner, Harry
Mincher, Thomas Leon
Minchinton, Edwin Charles
Mitchell, Andrew John
Mitchell, Archibald Raymond
Mitchell, Harry William James
Mitchell, Herbert Robert
Mitchell, Ronald Austen Seymour
Moffatt, Bernard Joy
Moffatt, John David
Monk, Roy
Moody, Frank
Moody, Gerald Clifford Randolph
Moon, Keith Mcfarlane
Moon, Noel John
Moor, John William
Moore, Douglas Robert William
Moore, John Robert
Mordan, James Roy
Moren, Howard
Morgan, Alan
Morgan, Frederick Charles
Morris, David John
Morris, Norman Leonard
Morris, Reginald John
Morrison, Alexander David George
Morrison, John Kenneth
Morton, Fred
Morton, William
Moss, Wallace Woolf
Mouatt, James Leslie
Mould, Peter
Mould, Peter William Olber
Moulton, Philip Henry
Mowbray, John Roy
Moye, Edwin Dewitt
Mudd, Eric
Muir, James David
Muir, John Henry
Muller-rowland, Eric Rowland
Mulloy, George Frank Robert
Munday, Bryan Leslie
Munro, Roich Hamish Mckenzie
Murphy, Edward Scott
Murphy, Jack Donald
Murray, Gordon
Murray, Lewis Beverly
Musgrove, Robert
Musson, George Bertram
Musto, Thomas Eric
Myers, Nelson Lorin
Macarthur, Duncan Alastair
Maccallum, Bruce
Maccoll, Colin Campbell
Maccosham, William Raymond
Macdonald, Denis Charles
Macdonald, Leslie Ross
Macdonell, Angus
Macgregor, Ian James
Macisaac, Brendan Hilary
Mackay, Alexander Frank
Mackay, Lauchlan Blair
Maclean, David Derek
Maclellan, Ernest Hugh
Macleod, Alexander Owen
Macleod, Ian Arras
Macleod, Malcolm George
Macwilliams, John Patrick
Mcadam, James
Mcallister, William
Mcateer, John Gilmore
Mccafferty, Ronald
Mccaig, Archibald Arnold
Mccall, Vallance
Mccalman, Ian Russell
Mccarthy, Charles Leslie
Mccarthy, Vincent Alwyn
Mccarthy, Winston Francis
Mcclung, William Ross
Mccombie, Herbert Kitchener
Mcconechy, Donald Hyatt
Mcconnell, Jack Nock
Mccorkell, Edwin Albert
Mccormick, Albert Edward
Mccormick, Robert William
Mccoy, Lacombe Alphonsus
Mccrea, Mervyn Frederick
Mcdermott, Leonard Brian
Mcdougall, Lawrence John
Mcdowall, Hugh John
Mcfadyean, Gordon John
Mcgarry, John Patrick
Mcgaw, Charles Alexander
Mcgill, Robert Smith
Mcgilvray, George Alphonsus
Mcginnis, Allistair Walter
Mcilrath, Stanley James
Mcintyre, Ian
Mckay, Lindsay
Mckee, Peter
Mckell, David Alcorn
Mckendrick, Fletcher
Mckenzie, Alexander George
Mckenzie, David
Mckeown, Walter William
Mckim, Arnold Doyle
Mckim, Eric
Mckirgin, Kenneth
Mclaren, Alan
Mclaren, Douglas Brian
Mclauchlan, Douglas Haig
Mclean, Ronald
Mclellan, William Robert
Mclelland, Hugh
Mclenaghan, Stephan
Mcleod, Allison Frederick Weeks
Mcleod, Gerald Francis
Mcleod, Matthew Leonard
Mcleroth, Bertram Bernard
Mclevy, Alfred
Mcmanus, Patrick Joseph Howard
Mcnall, Burchester
Mcnaughton, George Eriksen
Mcneil, William Yule
Mcneill, Gordon Mcleod
Mcstay, James Warden
Mcswiney, Justin Norman
Napier, Keith Mellis
Nash, Norman Frederick
Naylor, Ben
Neale, Leopold William
Nedahl, Dewi Marlais
Neilan, Thomas
Neill, Jack Carson Grayson
Neill, Kenneth John
Neill, Terence Delancey
Nettle, Desmond John
Newell, Eric Robertson
Newey, Allan Spencer
Newman, Dudley Gerald
Newman, James Albert
Newmarch, Francis Bernard
Newns, Paul
Newsham, Donald Frederick
Newsome, Chester Douglas
Newstead, Harry
Newton, Robert Allan
Nice, Brian Kinder
Nicholas, William James
Nicholl, David
Nicholls, Greville Vincent
Nickalls, William
Noble, Raymond Edward
Noome, Frederick Owen
Noonan, Francis Arthur
Norgrove, Eric Stanley Raymond
Norris, Charles Ernest
Norton, George Harold
Norton, Laurence Arthur
Notley, Anthony
Nussbaum, Lambert Richard
Nuttall, James Holden
O'brien, Daniel Brendan
O'brien, Hugh Joseph Patrick
O'connor, Arthur Alexander
O'connor, Walter Bryden
O'donnell, Roy
O'keefe, Geoffrey Aloysius
O'keeffe, John Patrick
O'loghlen, Patrick Francis
O'rorke, James Leo
O'rourke, Owen
Oak, William Royal
Oakley, James Melville Charles
Oldridge, Aubrey Roos
Oliver, Godfrey Jones
Olsen, Frank Levi
Opie, Richard Allen Piers
Opruk, Peter
Organ, John Philip
Osborne, Thomas Henry
Ottey, Raymond
Owen, Walter
Oxley, Jack
Pack, Albert John
Pagan, Arthur Robert
Page, Thomas Henry
Page, Wilfred Thomas
Pain, Geoffrey Wyndham
Pallett, Hammond Geoffrey
Palmer, Harry Frederick
Paradis, Joseph Hubert Roger
Parish, David Francis Woodbine
Park, Geoffrey Roger
Park, Nigel Manfred
Parker, Charles
Parker, Graham Burford
Parker, James
Parker, John Arthur Hampden
Parker, Leslie Albert
Parker, Maxwell George
Parker, Thomas Raymond
Parkes, Peter Denys
Parkin, Gordon George
Parkins, Leslie Maurice
Paroissien, Jim Cunningham
Parr, John Martland
Parry, Douglas
Parsloe, Henry Ernest
Parsons, William Henry
Partridge, Dennis De Montfort
Paskell, Reginald Derrick Frank
Pass, James Hadfield
Passey, Thomas Charles
Paterson, David Hamilton
Paterson, James Everest
Patman, James Sydney
Patrick, Arthur Hedley
Paul, Walter Daniel
Payne, Francis Joseph
Payne, Kenneth Edward
Peacock, Clayton Robert
Peacock, Thomas T. M. J.
Pearson, Arthur Vernon
Pearson, Richard
Pearson, Robert Bedlington
Peat, Norman Wallace
Pendlebury, James Richards
Penlington, Alfred
Pennell, Harry Allen
Pennock, Thomas
Perkins, Frederick
Perkins, Manuel Treharne
Perkins, Ralph
Perry, Ronald Bertram
Peters, Bernard Charles
Peters, Cyril John
Peterson, Robert Finlay
Pettitt, Eric Noel
Phelps, Cephas Joseph
Phethean, Alfred
Philbrick, Norman Edwin
Phillips, Derek Howard
Phillips, John Denys
Phillips, Michael Hugh Arnold
Phipps, Ivor John
Pickard, Wilfrid Harold James
Pien, Henri Frans Mary
Pilling, James Walter
Pinkerton, Harrie Irwin
Pinsent, John Soudon
Platt, James Henry Russell
Playfair, Peter John
Plummer, Nigel Anthony
Pockson, Vernon Clifford
Pocock, Donald Reginald
Pocock, Ronald James
Polfrey, Alan John
Pollock, Harry Keith
Poole, William John
Pope, Donald Burnard
Pope, John Gorton
Popov, Arkadil
Porteous, Sidney
Porter, Albert Charles
Porter, Louis
Porter, Reginald Frank Charles
Postons, Harry
Potter, Edward Kenneth John
Potter, George Rowland
Potter, Joseph David
Potts, James Eric
Poulden, Kenneth Albert
Poulson, Stuart James Walton
Powell, Frederick Henry Thomas
Powell, Robert William
Powell, Thomas
Powles, Cameron Albert
Pownall, John Harold
Pratt, Charles Halbert
Pratt, James Charles
Prebble, Ian Douglas
Prentice, James Mckinley
Preston, Ian Fraser
Price, Frank William
Pridham, George Frederick
Prime, Victor Barwick
Prior, Cyril John
Pritchard, Thomas Josiah
Procter, William Norman
Protic, Mileta
Proud, Colin Victor
Prytherch, Dalton John
Pullin, Thomas Joseph
Pullum, Charles Henry
Purcell, Patrick Joseph
Purdham, Joseph
Pybus, Jack
Quarendon, Roy Maxwell
Quine, Robert
Quinn, Francis James Willox
Rae, John Archibald
Rains, William Frank
Ralph, William Bernard
Ramsay, Charles Benn
Ramsay, John Desmond
Ramson, John Luce
Rands, Reginald Victor
Ratnowski, Szymon
Rawlins, Henry Eric
Ray, Cyril
Ray, Verdun Blake
Rayment, Donald Alexander
Read, Arthur Thomas
Ready, Gordon Leonard
Reason, William Dennis
Redmond, James Joseph
Reed, Alan Percival
Reed, Raymond George
Reeve, Donald Frederick
Reeve, Lowell Ernest
Reid, Arnold John
Reid, Maurice Cheyne
Rennolds, James
Renton, Albert
Revell, Harry
Reynolds, Arthur Mac
Reynolds, Bernard Walter
Reynolds, Thomas William
Rhodes, Philip Ivan
Rice, Ruskin Service
Rice, Walter William
Richards, John
Richards, William Benjamin
Richards, William Manson Davidson
Richardson, Albert Alexander
Richardson, John
Richardson, Peter
Rickland, Tore
Riddell, George Henry Monteith
Riley, Gerrard
Riley, Kenneth Stuart
Rimmer, Thomas Blundel
Riordan, Eric Joseph Milton
Ritchie, John Blyth
Robb, George Duncan Mills
Robbins, Edward Elmer
Robert, Joseph Etienne Jacques Andre
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Ifor John
Roberts, John Edward
Roberts, Roland
Roberts, Thomas Philip
Roberts, Walter Raymond
Roberts, William Stanley
Robertson, Alexander
Robinson, Edward Francis John
Robinson, Fred
Robinson, Leonard George
Robson, Derek James Aspinall
Robson, John Edward
Roe, Harold
Roe, Hubert Jack
Roe, Ronald John
Rogers, Alan Kenneth
Rogers, Arthur Murray
Rogers, Thomas Richard
Roll, Jack Leslie
Rollinson, Samuel Dudley
Rosenfield, Eric
Ross, Daniel
Ross, John
Rossouw, Andre De Leeuw
Rouleau, David Francis
Round, Reginald Pearson
Rowbotham, Lancelot Nelson
Rowell, Raymond
Rowland, Montague James
Rowley, Cyril John
Rowson, Harold
Roxby, Raymond
Rubens, Norbert Albert
Rudd, Leslie
Rudling, Roy Edward
Russel, Hugh Robert
Russell, John Kingsley
Russell, Thomas Geoffrey Notcutt
Russell, Trevor John
Russell, William Allen
Rutland, Dennis Albert Ralph
Ryan, Edward Joseph
Ryan, William Barry
Ryckman, George Albert Jack
Ryerse, Clinton Richard
Sadleir, Thomas Willoughby
Salisbury, Charles
Salkeld, Sidney Wilson
Salmon, Rene Marie Paul Emile
Salusbury Hughes, Kendrick Herbert
Salzman, Rainald Russell
Samler, Walter Eric
Samways, Stuart Rex
Sanctuary, John Mansell Tabor
Sanders, Ernest Charles
Sanderson, Francis Andrew
Sanderson, John
Sanford, Neville George Darrel
Sansome, Harold
Sassoon, Terence Aubrey David
Satchell, Roy
Saunders, Albert Edward
Savage, Thomas Wood
Sayer, John Lindsay
Scaife, John
Schaefer, Percy Charles
Schmidt, Frederick Joseph
Schofield, Arthur Harry Murray
Scholefield, Henry
Schrump, Spencer Quentin
Schultz, Lancelot Hood
Schultz, Norman Gerhard
Scott, John Richard
Scott, Norman
Scott, Robert Gordon
Scott, Ronald John
Scott, Russell Clare
Scott, Sidney
Scott, Walker
Scrymgeour, David Ross
Seabrooke, Alec Joseph
Seddon, Robert Baron
Sedgley, Bryant Frederick
Selkirk, William Rattray
Sellors, Joseph Edward
Senior, Leon
Shand, John Munro
Sharman, Donald Charles
Sharp, Gordon Cameron
Sharpe, Hector Henderson
Sharpe, James Edward
Shaver, Howard William
Shea, Wayne Sheldon
Shearer, John Garnet
Shearman, David John
Sheeran, James Denis
Sheffield, Robert Alfred Phillip
Sheldon, Leslie Thomas William
Shepherd, Onslow Harold Maxwell
Sherbrooke, Cyril Leslie Leonhard
Sheridan, James Christopher
Sherrington, Roy Claude
Sherry, Brian George
Sherwood, Victor Thomas Walter
Shields, Joseph
Shiner, Jack Marawa
Shipard, John Charles
Shipley, Roy
Shipway-fowler, Kenneth Guy Devlin
Shusterove, Sam Chester
Silcocks, Wyndham Royce
Silver, George Cochrane
Sime, Alexander William
Simpkin, Graham Frederick
Simpson, Arthur William
Simpson, Hay George
Simpson, James Mckenzie
Sims, Arthur James
Sims, Bernard Lawrence
Sims, Maurice
Slaughter, John William
Sleigh, Edward John
Sloan, Joseph Macnay
Sloggett, Douglas William
Smailes, Peter
Smaridge, Richard Eric
Smart, Thomas
Smith, Alan Mackenzie
Smith, Albert Edward
Smith, Alfred George William
Smith, Arthur Trevor
Smith, Austen
Smith, Charles Arthur
Smith, Charles George
Smith, Daryl Hamilton
Smith, Edward Bryant
Smith, Egbert
Smith, Eric Joseph
Smith, Everett Charles
Smith, George
Smith, George Pugh
Smith, George Vivian
Smith, Gerald Alec
Smith, Henry Ryerson
Smith, James Arthur
Smith, Jerrold Alpine
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John Harold
Smith, John Mackenzie
Smith, Raymond Douglas Crowley
Smith, Robert William
Smith, William
Smith, William Granville
Smith, William Page
Smollan, Joshua
Smout, Brian Lancelot
Snelling, Frank Stanyon
Somerville, Gilbert Eric
Soper, Terence John
Soulsby, Norman
Southcott, Ronald Thomas
Soutter, Robert Hay
Spalding, Norman Wilkie
Sparrow, Thomas Bernard
Spedding, Stanley
Speller, Ronald Charles Cotton
Spencer, Fred
Spencer, Kenneth Robert Edwin
Spencer, Roy Gordon
Spry, Ernest Donald
Spyer, Richard Alfred
Stables, James Gordon
Stacey, Jack Charles Langley
Staight, Laurence Sydney
Standfast, Peter Howard
Stanfield, Eleazer
Stansbury, Cyril Neville
Stanwell, Robert Henry
Stead, George Ronald
Stead, Sidney Richard
Steele, Alexander Benson
Steele, Edward Elmer
Steele, John Gilbert
Steevenson, Nigel Basil Quiggin
Stelter, Norman Albert
Stephen, John Mathieson
Stephen, John William
Stephens, Geoffrey Francis Walter
Stephens, Granville Stewart
Stephenson, Ian Raitt
Stevens, James Edward
Stevens, Philip Arthur
Stevenson, Clement Robert
Stevenson, Roy Matthew
Stewart, Alan Richard
Stewart, Neville
Stewart, Russell Redway
Stichman, Paul
Stirling, William
Stone, John Maynard
Storrier, William Grant
Stott, Ernest
Stott, Thomas Alexander
Stoves, Edward Moody
Stow, Edgar
Strange, James Albert Cobbett
Strantzen, Richard Joseph Heuston
Strathdee, John Reid
Street, Frank Hancock
Street, John Frederick
Strutt, Ivan Cornwallis
Stubbs, John Henry
Stubley, Edwin John
Stupart, James
Styles, Hubert Mortimer
Sullivan, John Bernard
Sullivan, Russel Creth
Summers, Oswald Colin
Surrette, Donald Beattie
Surridge, Stewart O'rorke
Sutcliffe, John
Sutherland, Archibald Mccoll
Sutherland, Eric Phippen
Swan, John
Swan, William Allan Laidlaw
Swanson, Douglas May
Sweeney, Francis Raymond
Swiel, Ronald
Swift, Roy
Swift, Stanley
Swingler, William Horace
Sykes, Allen John
Sykes, Stanley Carter
Tanner, John Harold
Tarrison, Maxwell Harry
Tatt, Ernest Edward
Taylor, Alistair Murray
Taylor, Clive George
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Frederic Frank
Taylor, George Lawrence
Taylor, Henry William
Taylor, James Ernest
Taylor, John
Taylor, John Lawrence
Taylor, John Philip
Taylor, Leo Crampton
Taylor, Maurice Frank
Taylor, Norman Robert
Taylor, Peter
Teale, Hilgrove Pridgin
Tennent, Alexander Linn Storie
Terry, Robert Hall
Tew, James Dinsmore
Thacker, Walter Louis
Tharp, John David Annesley
Theobald, Robert Walter
Theobald, Robert William
Theodosiou, Panico Hercules Christopher
Thomas, Colin William
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, Gilbert Llewellyn
Thomas, Gordon Richard
Thomas, Stephen George
Thompson, Alan Edward
Thompson, Basil James
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Laurence James
Thompson, Lionel Ernest
Thompson, Peter John Alfred
Thomson, John Alexander Grant
Thomson, Robert
Thorne, Kenneth James
Thornton, John Dinsdale
Thornton, Lewis
Thorpe, Colin
Thorpe, Mervyn Sydney
Thurstun, Charles Robert
Thyer, Leon John
Tiffen, Robert Anthony
Timms, John Douglas
Timms, Kenneth
Tindall, Charles Arthur
Tindall, James
Tinham, Robert Edwin
Tobin, Leo Sarsfield
Todd, David Dawson
Tolkin, James Howard
Tong, Frederick Thomas
Tooze, Russell Mark
Topple, James Dudley
Toshack, Robert Hollis
Towle, Thomas
Townsend, John Eric James
Trasler, Joseph Robert
Trery, Charles Ronald
Trigg, Lloyd Allan
Trimmer, Norman Maurice
Trovillo, Frank Leroy
Trumper, Eric Ronald
Truscott, Douglas
Trusler, Frederick John
Tubb, John Stanley
Tucker, Douglas Sydney
Tucker, Thomas Ernest Jeffrey
Tucker, Thomas James
Tucker, William Jesse Herapath
Tuft, Denys Raymond
Tunney, Lawrence Raymond
Turley, Alick Edward
Turnbull, Alexander Stewart
Turner, Eric Claude
Turner, Harold Arthur
Turner, John Johnston
Turner, Peter John
Turton, David Moffatt
Tuttle, Alan Brian
Tuxill, Frank Robert
Tweedle, Charles Milton
Tweedy, John
Twomey, Richard John
Tyas, Peter
Tye, William
Tyson, Harold
Underwood, Peter Louis
Underwood, William Neville
Vaizey, John Donald
Valder, Jack Collingridge
Van Der Linden, Hendrik Denis
Van Der Spuy,
Van Der Vyver,
Van Der Walt,
Van Gelder, Nathaniel
Van Heerden,
Van Rooyen,
Van Waning, Kendall
Van Zyl,
Van Zyl, Louis Andries
Vance, Alan Russell
Vanderbeck, Roger Edwin
Vann, Arthur Hugh
Varian, Desmond Victor
Vaughan, Malcolm Pitt
Veale, Neville James Ninnis
Veale, Richard Samuel
Veitch, Peter John Bryan
Vials, Stephen George
Vickers, Harry
Vignaux, Vincent Ronald
Vincent, Douglas Robert
Vivian, Anthony William
Waddell, Robert Reginald
Wadham, Michael Frank Nicholas
Wainwright, Willie Ackroyd
Waite, Gerald Francis John
Walden, Cyril John
Walden, William Douglas
Walder, Jack
Waldie, Geoffrey Maxwell
Walker, Edgar
Walker, Henry James
Walker, John Denis
Walker, Norman Macdonald
Walker, Roland Vivian Warren
Walker, William Basil
Wall, Egbert Watts
Wall, John Edwin Francis
Wallace, Arthur
Wallace, Edward Wilson
Wallace, Thomas
Walsh, Basil Graham
Walsh, Dennis
Walsh, John James
Walters, Michael Frederick Reynold
Warburton, Colin
Warburton, William Dennis
Ward, Brian James
Wardell, Aubrey Alfred
Warr, Edward Francis
Warren, Harold Hayden
Warren, Theophilus John Scott
Waterfall, John Terence
Waterland, Frank
Waters, Charles William Cubitt
Waters, Elvet
Waters, John William
Wathern, Douglas Anthony
Watling, Joseph Henry
Watson, Gerald
Watson, Harold Varley
Watson, Robert Mackinnon
Watts, Keith Hamilton
Wayland, John Swithin
Weaver, Frank Stuart
Webb, Christopher Colin
Webb, Frank Herbert
Webb, Herbert
Webb, Ralph Edward
Webb, Robert Roy
Webster, Leo Clifford
Webster, Walter George
Wells, William Robert
Welsh, John Victor
West, Cecil Nevil
West, John Daniel
Western, Arthur
Whalley, David John
Whear, Samuel Alan
Wheatley, Ivor Frank
Wheeler, Eric
Whelpdale, Fabian George
Whibley, Frank Lancelot Martyn
Whiffin, Arthur Robert
Whitaker, Harold
Whitaker, Leslie Thomas
White, Baden Keith
White, Blair Eustace Galloway
White, Eric Douglas George
White, William Alfred
Whiteman, Alfred Charles
Whitfield, Cyril
Whitlock, Frank
Whittaker, John
Whittall, Arthur Edward
Whitton, Thomas
Whitworth, John Gordon Church
Wickes, Donald William
Wicks, Bryan John
Wicks, Thomas Reginald
Wickstrom, Fred Edward
Wiggins, James George
Wilbur, Wilbert Erik
Wilby, John Frederick
Wilkie, George Hardwick Burgess
Wilkinson, Arthur Bernard
Wilkinson, Friend Welbourne
Willan, John Bernard
Willans, Francis Christopher
Williams, Alban Stanley
Williams, Alfred
Williams, Anthony
Williams, Arthur Robert
Williams, David Glanmore
Williams, David Roland
Williams, Douglas Jack
Williams, Eric Owen Stoddart
Williams, Frederick
Williams, Jack
Williams, Lancelot
Williams, Leslie
Williams, Leslie Ernest
Williams, Rhys
Williams, Walter Vincent
Williams, William Bedlington Knox
Willis, John David
Willman, Robert Holme
Wills, David Ernest
Willson, Cyril
Willson, John Derrick
Willson, John Ellis
Wilson, David Robert Lambie
Wilson, Kevin Davies
Wilson, Roger Percival
Wilson, Ronald Eustice
Wilson, Wilbur James
Wilson, William Renton
Wiltshire, Alfred Charles
Wiltshire, Stanley Edward
Windsor, Maurice Edwin
Winsor, Kenneth Eric
Withers, James Martin
Witherspoon, David Malcolm
Withy, Henry Forster
Wood, Colin Lethbridge
Wood, Duncan Andrew
Wood, Frederick
Woodhouse, Stuart Hugo Armer
Woodruff, Claude Douglas
Woods, Alfred
Woods, Desmond Arthur
Woods, Eric Norman
Woolley, Leslie John
Woolley, Stephen
Woolman, John Hedley
Wootten, Harold Lester
Worthington, Frederick Henry
Wratten, Alfred James
Wren, Charles Christopher
Wright, Alfred
Wright, Edwin Harold
Wright, Jack
Wright, William Wallace
Yates, Norman Stuart
Yeo, Charles Ernest
York, Leonard Alwyn
York, Lorne Herbert
Yorke, John Courtenay
Young, John Oliver
Young, Maurice
Young, Norman Frank
Young, Reginald Charles Frank
Young, William Macdonald
Youngleson, Fox
Yudell, Isador Nicholas
Zollo, Michael Angelo
Zurschmiede, John
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