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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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Of the many well-known figures who have commanded Canadian Squadrons, none possesses better qualities of leadership and flying ability than G/C. Davoud DSO DFC MiD. There is a solid background for his present high position in the RCAF, dating back to 1931 when he graduated from Royal Military College, Kingston with the Sword of Honour.

On completion of his RMC course he entered Queen's University and starred on its strong football team. When college days ended, Paul Davoud became a member of No. 17, an auxiliary squadron in Canada.

Prior to the war he had served as a pilot both with the RAF and Canadian Airways. In May, 1941 he ferried a bomber across the Atlantic and shortly after joined the Squadron as a Flight Commander. Upon the death of W/C. Petersen, a close friend of many years standing, Paul Davoud succeeded him as CO, which post he held until the completion of his first tour.