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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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A member of the RCAF prior to the war, W/C Reid DFC (American) MiD assumed command of the Squadron in January 1943. One of the youngest Wing Commanders in the service 'Wendy' Reid brought to the Nighthawks a sound background of experience. As a transport pilot he had logged over 1,000 hrs. with the RAF Transport command, flying Liberators over the Atlantic. In August 1942 he flew General Wavell to the Moscow Conference.

It was under his guidance that the Squadron converted to Mosquitos in March 1944 and that it was chosen as the first Nightfighter Unit to land on the Continent, the date planned being D-day plus 16. Before he could see his plans brought to fruition W/C. Reid became tour-expired. However in the short interval between D-day and the completion of his tour he accounted for 2 enemy aircraft destroyed and one damaged.