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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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Only the boys who have felt the tenseness of a briefing room, the nerve strain of patrols and the disappointment of empty skies really know what first 'Joy' means to a Squadron. We were off then but perhaps the intelligence report of the first score will give you a picture of the reports that were daily gen from the intelligence room.

Pilot: W C Davoud (Canadian)
Operator: Sgt. Carpenter (English)
We took off from Coleby in a Beaufighter at 20.55 hours on 1.11.41 and after several vectors by Orby G.C.I, between 80degrees-100degrees, contact with Bandit was obtained on AI at a maximum range at 11,000 feet, the latter being well to port and 500 feet below. I increased speed and turned to port and obtained a visual at 6,000 feet, (silhouette against the clouds in bright moonlight). I throttled back and lost height until slightly above and 400 yards to rear of enemy aircraft, which dived for cloud cover.

Closing to approximately 200 yards, I identified bandit as a Dornier 217 and fired a short burst observing hits on starboard main plane. The Dornier returned fire and having closed to about 100 yards, I fired two long bursts, seeing the second burst hitting his starboard engine.

Just before the Dornier entered cloud, a big explosion blew his right engine and wing off. I pulled up to avoid a collision and the Dornier fell, burning, straight into the sea. I then returned to base, landing at 22.55 hours.

I claim - One Dornier 217 destroyed.
Weather - 7 8 tenth cloud, base 5,000 feet - top 7,500 feet - bright moonlight.
(Signed) Wing Commander P. Y. Davoud. OC 409 (RCAF) Squadron.