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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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The Nighthawks received their baptism in offensive fighting early in 1943 with the 'Rangers'. It was lonely nerve wracking work as they struck deep into enemy terrrtory in search of enemy targets of all types.

Much could be written on the 'Ranger' boys but for our brief history excerpts from the intelligence report of 16th April, 1943 are recorded.

"P/O D. D. S. Grant (Pilot) and P/O E. Domone (RAF) (Navigator) were airborne from Great Britain and after searching for some time over the Brest Peninsula observed and successfully attacked a train near Ariel.

During the attack the aircraft was the object of intense return fire from the enemy and it was hit in the mid fuselage by Bofors flak.

The Navigator was seriously wounded, suffering intense pain and heavy loss of blood. Despite his serious condition, he heroically carried on with his navigation duties and assisted his pilot back to base.

Upon their arrival in England P/O Domone was rushed to the hospital where in view of the seriousness of his wounds it was found necessary to amputate his right leg."

(Despite the seriousness of his wounds we are happy to record that P/O Domone recovered and is home in England.) As a fitting tribute to the bravery displayed he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.