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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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Left to Right - FRONT ROW
F/L. R H Finlayson
F/O N. J Nicholl
F/O W.L. Young
F/L. L M Jones
F/O. P C Henry
F/O G. F Stringer
F/O P J Lim
P/O W D King

Left to Right - CENTRE ROW
F/L. R D Telfer
P/O H G. Beynon
F/O P S. Lee
F/O D Neale
P/O. W N. MacNaughton
F/L. J. H. Skelly
F/L. J. Ritchie
F/O. E H Knight
F/L E. A McClain
F/O	E. B. Harding
P/O	A C Hardy
F/L	H W Leitch
F/O.	L E. Fitchett
P/O.	J Leslie

Left to Right - BACK ROW
F/O	F K Collins	F
P O	C M Thurgood
F S	W J Clarke
F/O	D B Simpson
F/O	J. A. Webster
F/L	E. G. Spiller
F/L	J D HoreKennard
F/L.	A. L. Sanford
S/L.	W B Breckon
S/L	B E. Plumer DFC
F/O.	S R Moore
F/L.	G C Findlay
W/O	D H Hams
F/O	K A Branch
F/O	D J Snowdon
F/S	F G Rees
F/O	S.L. McAuley

 W/C	 R F Hatton
 F/L	R N Rivers
 F/L	W Ward
 F/L.	D J T Hamm. D F.C
 F/O	E E Hermanson. D F C
 F/O	F G Wilkinson. D F M
 F/O	M G Kent
 F/O	J Simpson
 F/O	J M Bates
 F/O.	E J Miles
 F/O	W J Bryant
 F/O	L H Coldwell
 F/O	M. J Laidlaw
 W/O	 R S West
W/O	 C A Farwell