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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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Editor in Chief: H. H. Whipp. Assistant Editors: W. J. Loftus, R. D. Telfer
Art Editor: Ross Finlayson Photographic Assistants: Alex Hardy, Rus Rivers, Gord Finlay.

A vote of thanks to:
RCAF Photographic Section
RAF Photographic Section
The Directorate of Public Relations. RCAF
RCAF Historical Section
For their assistance

To us in Germany, V.E. Day brought many mixed feelings ..... the end of a long hard job, a finish to killing in Europe. We took a deep sigh of relief, knew a sense of achievement and looked, with a thrill, to the future. We would be going home!

We thought, too, of the past, and were proud! The Squadron had played an impressive part in achieving victory. Could not an informal record of the Squadron's life be drawn up? A suggestion to Father Loftus "Let's put it in writing" was at once seized upon by that worthy cleric who volunteered his assistance.

When this book was planned, the ideal was to have a truly represen- tative group of pictures and articles covering both aircrew and groundcrew since the Squadron's inception A paucity of material covering the earliest years has made it too difficult to carry out this idea in it's entirety. It is hoped however that as balanced a picture as possible has been presented.

It is not easy to capture on paper the pride of performances or the team spirit of a fighting Squadron which we of 409 will always remember. That, however, has been the aim and if it has succeeded at all, that success has been made possible first by Father Loftus and F L Ross Finlayson who gave so much of their time and talents.

And secondly by P/O. A. G. Hardy and F/L's G. C Finlay, R. M. Telfer and R. Rivers, and by those too numerous to mention whose criticisms, suggestions, and pictures have been proven invaluable. Thanks to these, to edit this book has been a privilege!