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Aalborg K.I. Lancaster Lancaster NE126
Aalborg Karl Inge
Aaron E.O.
Aaron J.
Aaron T.R.
Aaron Elmer Oscar
Aasehud J.L.
Abar A.B.
Abbass (Scott) D.E. Abbey E.F.
Abbey J.E.
Abbinett F.J.
Abbiss W.W.
Abbot D.A. Ventura
Abbot (Abbott?) A.W. Catalina
Abbott C.R. Typhoon DN587
Abbott D.H.
Abbott G.J.
Abbott H.
Abbott H.D.
Abbott H.J.
Abbott J.
Abbott J.A.
Abbott J.K.H.
Abbott M.G.
Abbott R.G.
Abbott R.L.
Abbott R.W.
Abbott T.
Abbott Wilfred Halifax Halifax MZ628
Abbott W.E.
Abbott W.G.
Abbott Douglas Arthur
Abbott Arthur William
Abbott William Geoffrey
Abbotts J.E. Spitfire
Abdalla L.
Abear G.
Abel B.W.
Abel G.C.
Abel G.E. Roman Catholic
Abel G.T. Halifax NA611
Abel J.
Abel J.M.
Abel S.J.
Abell E.L.H.
Abell J.W.
Abell R.J.H.
Abelson A.W. Abelson L.B. Mosquito Mosquito DZ701
Abelson S.
Abelson Lawrence Balfour (Dukie)
Abercrombie C.E.
Abercrombie F.R.
Abernethy L.R.
Abernethy T.H.
Abernethy W.A.
Aberson R.T.
Abey M.G. Boston
Abey Mitchell George
Abigail F.D.
Abildgaard C. Liberator
Liberator NG822
Abildgaard Christian
Able W.
Abolit D.M.
Aboud A.A.
Aboussafy L.
Abra W.W.
Abraham D.G.
Abraham J.A.
Abraham J.B.
Abraham J.M.
Abraham R.
Abrahams J.B.
Abrahamson H.K.
Abram G.S.
Abram J.
Abram J.F.
Abram J.W.
Abram W.R.L.
Abrams A. Halifax LL366
Abrams A. Lancaster NG133
Abrams D.G.
Abrams H.D. Hurricane
Abrams J.W.
Abrams J.W.
Abrams M.A.
Abrams R.W.
Abrams S.W. Halifax Halifax JD465
Abrams V.A.
Abrams Hyman David
Abrams Stanley William
Abrams Robert William
Abramson A.A.
Abramson M.L. Lancaster ME726
Abramson Mark Leslie
Abran J.L.W.R.
Abson J.D.
Acer J.F. Wellington
Acer John Frederick
Acerman C.H.
Acheson F.
Acheson G. Blenheim BA 791
Acheson G.C.
Acheson G.R. Boston
Acheson J.S.
Acheson J.W.
Acheson K.
Acheson George Robert
Achron A.
Achtymichuk A.
Achtymichuk A.W.
Achtymichuk Aleander
Acker D.L.
Acker J.G.
Acker S. Anson
Acker Sidney
Acker James Gordon
Ackerman D.M.
Ackerman E.C.
Ackers H.A.
Ackford J.G.
Ackland H.
Ackland K. Typhoon
Ackland M.L.
Ackland W.E.
Ackland William Eric
Ackney A.H.
Ackroyd-Kelly W.H.
Acland H.V.
Acland Ion Hugh Blenheim lV T2433
Acland M.L.
Acorn E.K.
Acorn G.W. Lancaster Lancaster JB222
Acorn George Warburton
Acquafreddo M.
Acree E.P. Lancaster KB816
Acres F.G.
Acres W.H.H.
Acthim J. Lancaster LL791
Acton G.N.
Acton J.H. Stirling LK386
Acton T.W.
Acton George Nelson
Adair A.
Adair A.D. Wellington
Adair C.B.
Adair C.F. Boston Boston BZ416
Adair D.K.
Adair E. Typhoon
Adair F.M.
Adair F.W.
Adair G.M.
Adair J.E.
Adair L.G.
Adair L.J.
Adair M.
Adair R.C.
Adair R.J.
Adair T.G.
Adair W.B.
Adair Arthur Dunham
Adair Charles Franklin
Adair David Kenneth
Adair Leslie James
Adam C.W.
Adam H.
Adam J.P.H.
Adam John Rooch
Adam K.F.
Adam M.
Adam N.B.
Adam R.E.
Adam R.F.
Adam T.W. Wellington
Adam W.G.
Adam W.G.H.
Adam Russell Edwin
Adam Thomas Wilkie
Adam Raymond Francis
Adam Joseph Paul Hector
Adamac G.E. Typhoon Typhoon JP731
Adamac George Ernest
Adamic V. Halifax Halifax
Adamic Vladimir
Adams A.
Adams A.A. Beaufighter
Adams A.B.
Adams A.C.
Adams A.F.
Adams A.F.
Adams A.G.A.
Adams A.M.
Adams A.O.
Adams A.R.
Adams A.W. Beaufighter
Adams C.R.
Adams D.A.
Adams D.A. Wellington Wellington NB857
Adams D.B.
Adams D.C.
Adams D.G.
Adams D.H.
Adams D.M.
Adams D.R.
Adams D.S.
Adams D.W. Hudson
Adams E.
Adams E.
Adams E.A.
Adams E.D.J.
Adams Eric Victor
Adams F.C. Whitley Whitley Z6867
Adams F.E. Halifax NA186
Adams F.E. Wellington
Adams F.G.V.
Adams F.G.W. Hampden 5330
Adams F.J.
Adams G.
Adams G.A.
Adams G.P.
Adams G.R. Hurricane Hurricane AM416
Adams G.V.
Adams G.W.
Adams G.W.
Adams H.A.
Adams H.K. Spitfire Spitfire 4852
Adams H.L.
Adams H.R.
Adams H.R.
Adams H.W.
Adams H.W.H. Wellington
Adams J.A.
Adams J.A.
Adams J.A.
Adams J.A.
Adams J.C. Lancaster
Adams Joseph Hervey Chauncey Lancaster
Adams J.J.W. Lancaster Lancaster W4108
Adams John Lindley
Adams J.L.
Adams J.P.
Adams J.R.
Adams J.T.
Adams J.W.
Adams J.W.
Adams K.D.
Adams K.G.
Adams L.A.
Adams L.J. Wellington Wellington JA563
Adams L.J.
Adams L.S.
Adams L.S. Hampden
Adams M.F.
Adams N.C.
Adams N.F.
Adams N.T.
Adams N.T.
Adams O.M.
Adams R.
Adams R.A.
Adams R.E.
Adams R.G.
Adams R.M. Catalina
Adams R.O.
Adams R.R.T.
Adams R.W. Stranraer
Adams R.W. Adams R.W.
Adams S.B. Spitfire
Adams S.M.
Adams T.
Adams T.E.
Adams T.H.
Adams T.H.
Adams T.R.C. Spitfire Miles Master
Adams V.R. Lancaster
Adams W.B.
Adams W.E.
Adams W.H.
Adams W.J.
Adams W.J.
Adams W.J.
Adams W.L.
Adams W.S.
Adams W.W.
Adams Frederick Coulson
Adams Robert William
Adams John Joseph William
Adams Thomas Ritchie Clarke
Adams Harry Walter Hughes
Adams Robert Mercer
Adams Gavin Robert
Adams Frank Edward
Adams Howard King
Adams Donald William
Adams Lloyd John
Adams Douglas Andrew
Adams Aubrey Abram
Adams Hugh Aleander
Adams Glenn Prosper
Adams Eric Victor
Adams John Charles
Adams Victor Robert
Adams D.E.
Adamson A.
Adamson A.C.
Adamson D.C. Whitley
Adamson D.R.
Adamson G.
Adamson G.L.
Adamson G.M.
Adamson H.N.
Adamson J.H.
Adamson J.M. Lancaster Lancaster JB233
Adamson J.W. Beaufighter Beaufighter LZ190
Adamson P.C.
Adamson R.H. Lancaster Lancaster JB724
Adamson R.M.
Adamson S.
Adamson S.D.
Adamson William George Beaufighter Beaufighter LZ136
Adamson W.W.
Adamson S.D.
Adamson Andrew
Adamson John Mclean
Adamson John William
Adamson Robert Hartny
Adamson Douglas Clayhurst
Adcock T.A.
Adcock C.
Addeman L.
Adderley F.W.
Adderson C.M.
Adderson J.A.
Addington H.E.
Addison C.W.M.
Addison D.G.
Addison J.F.
Addison J.H. Lancaster Lancaster W4827
Addison Douglas Gordon
Addison Joseph Horace
Addison (Kaeminski) J.J.
Addleman L.B.
Addy T.H.
Ade W.F.C.
Adel F.
Adelson J.
Adelstein J.J. Lancaster LM333
Ades G.
Adey M.R.
Adgey R.D. Hudson Hudson FK 417
Adgey Robert Davey
Adie F.
Adie P.A.
Adilman B.M.
Adilman Bernard Mortimer
Adkins L.C.
Adkins O.T.
Adkins R.G.
Adkins T.L.
Adkison Thomas James
Adlam L.R.
Adlam W.D.
Adlard William Robert Halifax LV963 AL-V
Adlard William Robert
Adleman (Sp?) M.L.
Adler S.
Adlington J.W.
Adlington R.
Adolfae H.J.
Adolph R.
Adolphe E.G.
Adrain Robert Ross Anderson
Adrian R.R.A.
Adrian W.H.
Adsett F.C. Wellington Wellington BK271
Adsett Frederick Charles
Adshead L.V.
Adshead W.W.
Ady G.C.
Ady George Charles
Adye Capel Francis Goodson Hurricane
Aeberil E.W.
Aeberli E.W.
Aebly E.G.
Afelskie F.J.
Affleck C.L.
Affleck J.D.
Affleck N.H.
Affleck W.R.
Affleck Walter Raymond
Agar A.
Agar B.W.
Agar C.
Agar C.C.
Agar C.N.
Agar G.E.
Agar G.L.
Agar P.
Agar Beverley William
Agarand A.A.
Agassiz R.E.G. Halifax Halifax
Agassiz Roland Ernest Garnault
Agate D.B.
Agate G.E. Lancaster Lancaster HR410
Agate J.V. Wellington Wellington
Agate R.M.
Agate James Victor
Agerbak (Sandgrew) E.M.
Ages M.M.
Aggas W.M.
Aggus D.
Agla C.G.
Agnes F.A.P.
Agnew B.W.
Agnew C.C.
Agnew D.J.
Agnew D.R.
Agnew G.G.
Agnew J.B.
Agnew J.G. Halifax LV998
Agnew L.R.
Agnew M.
Agnew R.M.
Agnew S.
Agnew S.A.
Agnew T.
Agnew T.
Agnew T.D.
Agnew W.G.
Agnew W.V.
Agnew Ross Maddaugh
Agnew David Renwick
Agostinho J.M.
Agrey L.
Agrios J.E.
Agur C.H.
Agur P.G. Halifax MZ302
Agur Robert Jasper Harvard & Fort Anson & Bolinbroke Hudson Sunderland Sunderland Sunderland Sunderland DV967
Ahalt R.M.
Ahearn T.T.
Ahlf E.C.
Ahlskog V.E. Mosquito Mosquito
Ahlskog Victor Edward
Ahlstrom C.F.
Aho J. Fleet Finch Finch 4605
Aho Joseph
Ahola A.E.
Ahrens W.C. Typhoon Typhoon MN879
Ahrens Walter Colin
Aicken J.N. Halifax NR249
Aicken L.M.
Aide Louis Lynde Anson V12478
Aide Louis Lynde
Aiers T.A.
Aiken D.
Aiken D.B.
Aiken D.E.
Aiken D.L.
Aiken J.B.
Aiken David
Aiken Douglas Earl
Aikenhead A.
Aikenhead D.M.
Aikenhead J.W.
Aikenhead L.L. Hudson
Aikenhead Lloyd Lawrence
Aikens C.R.
Aikens E.J.
Aikens L.E.
Aikens J.A.
Aikens S.J. Halifax NP759
Aikens V.R.
Aikman A. Wellington Wellington JA142
Aikman A.F. Dakota
Aikman K.
Aikman Andrew
Ailey J.D.
Ailey John Drew
Aimsworth R.
Ainger W.F.
Ainslie E.N.
Ainslie G.B.
Ainslie Ralph Murray
Ainslie T.E.C.
Ainslie William John
Ainsworth G. Sunderland
Ainsworth G.W.
Ainsworth J.
Ainsworth J.
Ainsworth R.E.
Ainsworth W.T.
Aird J.K.
Aird J.P.
Aird J.S.S. Oxford Oxford HN435
Aird W.R.
Aird John Smith Seaton
Airey F.W.
Airey J.C.
Airey R.P.
Aistrop Charles Sidney Finch Harvard Battle & Lysander Master Hurricane & Typhoon MN805
Aitcheson E.G. P-40 Kittyhawk Spitfire TB737
Aitcheson G.D.
Aitcheson George Douglas Anson Bolinbroke Anson Halifax
Aitchison G.
Aitchison G.H.I.
Aitchison H.M. Wellington
Aitchison Hugh Maclachlan
Aitchison Edward Grant
Aitken A.
Aitken A.
Aitken A.
Aitken A.
Aitken A.C. Spitfire Spitfire EP202
Aitken Adam Frederick Battle & Bolinbroke Stanraer Canso & Catalina Canso & Catalina
Aitken A.H.
Aitken A.P.M. Halifax Halifax
Aitken A.W.
Aitken B.F.
Aitken C.
Aitken D.
Aitken D. Aitken D.A.
Aitken D.F.
Aitken D.S. Spitfire Spitfire BL661
Aitken F.
Aitken F.R.
Aitken G.A.
Aitken G.A.R.
Aitken G.D.
Aitken G.E. Halifax JD159
Aitken G.E.
Aitken G.P.
Aitken J. Lancaster
Aitken J.
Aitken J.A.A.
Aitken J.C.
Aitken J.R. Hurricane Hurricane
Aitken John W. Halifax HR855 Lancaster KB786
Aitken J.W. Hurricane Beaufighter
Aitken L.M.
Aitken L.T.
Aitken N.G.
Aitken R.B. Lysander
Aitken S.E.
Aitken S.G.
Aitken T.W.
Aitken W.D.
Aitken Roland Boag
Aitken Douglas Spencer
Aitken Gordon Edward
Aitken Aleander Craig
Aitken Aleander Patterson Morris
Aitken Andrew
Aitkens D.F.R.
Aitkens E.T. Battle Battle 2070
Aitkens Francis Charles
Aitkens G.J.
Aitkens M.J.
Aitkens Ernest Trevor
Aiton A.
Aiton D.S.
Aiton H.P.
Aivs A.V.
Aker D.A.
Akerman H.B.
Akerman H.R.
Akers H.
Akers J.
Akers W.J.
Akey G.
Akey R.W. Hudson
Akey Ross Wellington
Akhurst E.B.
Akhurst Edward Carden
Akhurst R.W.
Akin Thomas Bernard Anson V12478
Akins G.E.
Akinsj J.E.
Alabaster C.
Alain L.P.
Alan-Williams D.B.
Alarie G.
Alarie J.G.
Albaster (Sp?) C.J.R.
Albekeit N.
Alber A.
Alberg J.A.
Alberry A.L.
Albers M.M. Halifax LV828
Albers W.H.
Albert E.T.
Albert J.A.
Albert J.H.Y. Halifax Halifax
Albert J.M.
Albert L.J.
Albert R.D.J.
Albert John Amos
Albert Joseph Henry Yvon Halifax III LW395 KW-O
Alberts C.
Alberts E.J.
Alberts E.L.
Alberts Edward Lloyd
Albertson D.B.
Albion T.
Albrecht J.
Albrecht K.J.
Albrecht O.J. Lancaster Lancaster LL750
Albrecht Oscar Jacob
Albright A.A.
Albright Frederick Bruce Wellington Ic W5618
Albright R.B. Halifax Halifax
Albright W.A.
Albright Frederick Bruce
Albright Robert Baker
Albury C.S.
Alcazar W.E.
Alcazar William Etherington
Alcock A.F. Whitley
Alcock F.O.
Alcock N.Z.
Alcock Arthur Franklin
Alcombrack R.
Alcorn Douglas Henderson Boston
Alcorn H.A.
Alcorn W.B.
Alcott C.
Aldcorn W.F.
Alden C.C.
Aldendice W.W.
Alder A.
Alder C.D. Wellington Wellington HE771
Alder W.L. Lancaster Lancaster JB540
Alder W.R.
Alder William Ralph
Alder Clarence David
Alder William Latham
Aldercotte W.H. Spitfire Spitfire
Alderd A.J.
Alderice W.W. Lancaster
Aldersley E.E.
Aldersley E.E.
Aldersley R.G. Wellington Wellington Z8835
Aldersley Richard George Fane
Alderson E.H.
Alderson G.
Alderson G.J.
Alderson J.G. Lancaster Lancaster ED451
Alderson R. Halifax NP686
Alderson R.C. Wellington
Alderson John Gordon
Alderson Ernest Henry
Alderson Robert Carson (Bob)
Aldom E.A.
Aldous B.
Aldous P.D. Anson
Aldred E.M.
Aldred E.W.
Aldred J.W.
Aldred William Murray Halifax Halifax LK833
Aldrich J.G.
Aldrich J.H.J.
Aldridge A.A.
Aldridge A.C. Lancaster PD274
Aldridge G.W.
Aldridge H.
Aldridge J.
Aldridge K.W.
Aldridge N.E.
Aldridge N.G.
Aldridge T. Halifax Halifax - HR941
Aldridge V.E.D.
Aldridge W.
Aldridge Ventura AJ 171
Aldridge Thomas
Aldus R.B.
Aldwinkle E.
Aldwinkle Robert Morrison Moth & Finch Anson Canso Liberator 586
Aldworth F.C. Lancaster Lancaster
Aldworth L.G.
Aldworth Frank Carter
Alemany A.
Aleo J.
Aleo Joseph
Alers-Hankey N.C. Blenheim Blenheim
Ale L.
Aleander A.D.
Aleander A.F.
Aleander A.K.
Aleander B.
Aleander C.
Aleander C.R.
Aleander C.W.
Aleander D.G.
Aleander D.R.
Aleander D.T.P. Catalina Catalina FP275
Aleander E.
Aleander E.A.
Aleander E.G. Hudson Hudson AM 878
Aleander Edward Sudbury Anson Wellington Halifax Lancaster ND357
Aleander F.W.
Aleander G.L.
Aleander G.R.
Aleander I.C.
Aleander I.S.
Aleander J.
Aleander J.
Aleander J.
Aleander J.D.
Aleander J.F.
Aleander J.J.
Aleander J.L.
Aleander J.M. Cornell Cornell 14493
Aleander J.M.
Aleander J.O. Blenheim Blenheim
Aleander J.P.
Aleander J.R. Halifax Halifax LW173
Aleander J.R.
Aleander J.W. Lancaster NG240
Aleander J.W.
Aleander J.W.
Aleander J.W.
Aleander J.W.L.
Aleander K.A.
Aleander L.A.
Aleander M.W.
Aleander O.R. Mosquito Mosquito
Aleander P.B. Catalina Catalina
Aleander P.H.
Aleander P.J.
Aleander R.
Aleander R.A.
Aleander R.B.
Aleander R.C.
Aleander R.E.
Aleander R.G. Harvard Harvard 3772
Aleander R.L.
Aleander R.L. HalifaxHalifax W7821
Aleander R.R.
Aleander R.R.
Aleander R.W. Dakota Dakota KG 387
Aleander S.E.
Aleander T.A.
Aleander W.
Aleander W.D.
Aleander W.W. Miles Master
Aleander Robert Gordon
Aleander Edward George
Aleander David Graham
Aleander George Langstaff
Aleander John Malcolm
Aleander Ralph Leonard
Aleander David Tasker
Aleander John
Aleander James Richard
Aleander Robert Wilfred
Aleander Orlin Ronald
Aleander Ian Sutherland
Aleander William Wilson
Aleandor B.
Aleandre F.F.
Aley G.F.
Aley Harry Charles
Alford J.N.
Alford W.F.
Algar R.M.
Algar W.E. Wellington
Algar William Edwin
Algate A.G.
Algate W.J.
Algate W.L.
Algeo T.W.
Alger A.A. Halifax LW394
Alger B.M.
Alger C.T.
Alger G.F. Hudson
Alger R.P.
Alger Gordon Forbes
Algie W.E.
Alguire G.L.L.
Alibon W.T.
Aljoe Lorne Raymond Beaufighter NE399
Alkerton C.E.
Alkone D.
Allaby J.K.
Allan A.
Allan A.M.
Allan C.M.
Allan C.M.
Allan C.N. Lodestar
Allan C.W.
Allan D.
Allan D.G.
Allan D.H.
Allan D.J.
Allan E.A. B-24
Allan Everett Brock Anson V12478
Allan E.F.
Allan F.F.G.
Allan G.I. Mosquito Mosquito KB463
Allan G.R.
Allan G.T.
Allan H.B.
Allan I.C.
Allan I.M.
Allan J.
Allan J.
Allan J.A.L.
Allan J.C.
Allan J.C.
Allan J.D. Bolingbroke Bolingbroke 10019
Allan J.E.
Allan J.F. Hurricane
Allan J.J.
Allan J.L.
Allan J.L. Typhoon Typhoon MN707
Allan J.M. Lancaster
Allan K.T.F. Wellington HE422
Allan K.T.P. Wellington HE682
Allan M.G.
Allan P.
Allan R.
Allan R.E.
Allan R.G.
Allan R.J.
Allan R.W.
Allan S.A.
Allan W.A. Sunderland
Allan W.A.
Allan W.B.
Allan W.C. Lancaster
Allan W.E.
Allan W.E. Stirling
Allan W.H. Wellington
Allan W.R.
Allan W.S.
Allan William Everitt
Allan Emmet Francis
Allan John James
Allan Peter
Allan James Mcgregor
Allan William Arthur
Allan Charles Needham
Allan James Arthur Laurence
Allan Ralph Grant
Allan John
Allan William Cosmo
Allan Mckeen
Allan Walter Howden
Allan James Llewellyn
Allan Charles Melvin
Allan Frances Frederick George
Allan Robert
Allan William Bruce
Allan Aleander
Allan Robert Edward
Allan James Davidson
Allan Joseph William
Allan George Ingram
Allan James
Allard E.V.
Allard H.J.D.
Allard J.G.
Allard J.R.B.
Allard L.J.
Allard W.V.
Allaster R.G.
Allatt L.D.
Allchin D.W.
Allcock A.J.C.
Allcock O.F.
Allcock R.C.
Allcroft F.C. Lancaster Lancaster JB355
Allcroft Frederick Charles
Alldridge A.C.
Allemang M.M.
Allen A.G.
Allen A.G. Halifax Halifax NP718
Allen A.J.
Allen B. Spitfire
Allen B.P.
Allen B.W.
Allen C.J.
Allen C.K.
Allen C.S.
Allen C.T. Blenheim
Allen D.C.
Allen D.F.
Allen D.G. Hampden Hampden 2968
Allen D.G. Spitfire
Allen D.R. Hurricane Hurricane
Allen D.R.
Allen D.W.
Allen D.W.J.H.
Allen E. Liberator Liberator BZ941
Allen E.A. Liberator
Allen E.A, Stirling
Allen E.E.
Allen Ernest James Moth Anson Hurricane Typhoon MN553
Allen E.J.D.
Allen E.W.
Allen F. Halifax Halifax
Allen F.B. Halifax Halifax JD410
Allen F.C.
Allen G.C.
Allen G.R.
Allen G.W.
Allen G.W.
Allen H.
Allen H.A.
Allen H.G. Wellington Wellington HE548
Allen H.G.
Allen H.G.
Allen H.H.
Allen H.J. Wellington
Allen H.L. Halifax DK237
Allen H.L.
Allen H.M.
Allen J.
Allen J.A.
Allen J.A. Spitfire Spitfire PT929
Allen J.A.A.
Allen J.B.
Allen J.C. Ventura
Allen J.D.
Allen J.E. Dakota
Allen J.E.
Allen J.E. B-25 Mitchell
Allen J.F.
Allen J.G.
Allen J.G.
Allen J.H.
Allen J.M. Catalina
Allen J.R.A.
Allen J.S.
Allen K.D.
Allen K.R.
Allen L.A.
Allen L.M.
Allen L.W.
Allen N.A.
Allen N.A. Hudson Hudson FK 593
Allen N.C.
Allen Oliver Aleander Delta Hurricane Wellington - Halifax
Allen R.A.H. Mosquito Mosquito
Allen R.D.
Allen R.E.
Allen R.G.
Allen R.P.
Allen R.V.
Allen S.
Allen S. Lancaster Lancaster DS683
Allen T.W. Spitfire
Allen T.W. Stirling
Allen V.J.G.
Allen W.A.
Allen W.G.
Allen W.G.
Allen W.P.
Allen W.R.
Allen W.W.J. Allen Norman George Anson - Harvard - Yale Wellington - Halifax - Lancaster -------
Allen William Edward Harvard
Allen Harper Gordon Halifax NP722
Allen Norman Aleander
Allen Conan Thompson
Allen Frank
Allen Thomas Willco
Allen Donald George
Allen Donald George
Allen Fred Charles
Allen Joseph Cletus
Allen Eric Aleander
Allen Herbert John
Allen Sidney
Allen Ward William James
Allen Hugh Garfield
Allen James Millard
Allen Lawrence
Allen Jack Beatty
Allen John Allardyce
Allen John Francis
Allen James Ernest
Allen Thomas William
Allen Ethan
Allen Joseph Edward
Allen Everett Brock
Allen Alfred George
Allen John Andrew
Allen Reginald Arthur Henry
Allenby G.M.
Allenby T.P. Wellington
Allenby Thomas Peter
Allentoff N.
Allerton T.B.
Allester Gerald D. Halifax Halifax Halifax
Alley G.M.
Alley P.J.
Alleyn F.R. Alleyn Foster Richard
Allice A.
Allin H.R.
Allin J.E.
Allin R.E. Halifax Halifax
Allin Robert Elford
Allin GJ Mosquito NS906
Allingham L.T.
Allingham W.J. Liberator Liberator AZ930
Allingham William Jack
Allinson E.W.
Allinson W.A.
Allison A.A. Hampden
Allison A.B.
Allison A.G. Hurricane
Allison A.M.
Allison C.
Allison G.M.
Allison G.Y.
Allison H.B.
Allison H.D.C. Lancaster ME742
Allison H.H.D.
Allison James Kenneth Hurricane Spitfire Typhoon
Allison M.L.
Allison S.H. Lancaster ED667
Allison T.F.
Allison W.H. Wellington Blenheim Veldebeast
Allison W.J. Wellington
Allison W.R.
Allison William Joseph
Alliston A.J.
Alliston E.A.
Allman K.G.
Allman Leonard Ralph Harvard & Yale Moth Harvard Hurricane Kittyhawk Typhoon MN428
Allman R.T.
Alloway A.H.F. Hurricane
Alloway Alexander Hamilton Forbes
Allport F.T.S.
Allport J.M.
Allred D.A.
Allsup C.J. Hudson
Allum F.A.
Allward G.C.
Allwood W.M.G.
Allworth J.C.
Allworth W.B.
Alm E.R.
Alm Edwin Richard
Almas R.H. Lancaster NA500
Almas R.M.
Almas Russell Munn
AlMEDnd A.G.
AlMEDnd J.N. AlMEDnd J.S. Halifax Halifax
AlMEDnd N.M.
AlMEDnd R.V.
Almond John Neville
Almquist L.M. Hudson
Almquist Leonard William
Alp E.A.
Alp Percy Leonard Halifax MZ628
Alquire J.B.
Alrey F.
Alsager M.
Alsbury A.T.
Alsop Norman Frederick Battle & Anson Wellington Lancaster KB701
Alstadt J.H.
Alston R.N.
Alter S.
Alterson J. Whitley
Alterson John
Althan R. Lancaster KB804 Altic N.I. Halifax LW373
Alto E.J.
Alto W.
Alton E.A.
Alton F.
Alton G.L.
Alton H. Halifax LK907
Altstedter A.M.
Altstedter N.
Alty F.R.
Alty O.H.
Alty Frederick Roy
Alverson J.R.
Alward F.L. Halifax NP818
Amaka P. Lancaster HK550
Ambler J.M. Blenheim Blenheim
Ambler R.R.
Ambrose D.R.
Ambrosia F.
AMEDdeo W.
AMEDnson L.E.
Amero H.C.
Amero Herbert Chipman
Ames E.J. Spitfire AA741
Ames H.S.
Ames W.E. Halifax NP739
Ames W.W.
Ames Edward Joseph
Amey R.R. Typhoon EK209
Amey Roland Raymond
Amies A.F.
Amies C.F.
amieson R.C.
Amirault A.B. Stirling BK662
Amirault Alphe Baptiste
Amis B.J.
Amlin A.H. Wellington
Amlin E.E.
Amlin Arnold Herbert
Amlin Edsel Edward
Amm M.J.
Amos Lloyd Hilbourne
Amsden F.E.
Amstein N.W.
Amstein Norman William
Amundrud C.
Amundrud G.L.
Amy G.P.
Amy H.T. Halifax Halifax
Amy Harry Thomas
Amys S.H. Wellington
Wellington HF759
Amys Spencer Hewitt
Anaka P.
Anctil M.J.E.J.
Andersen J.E.
Andersen N.P.
Andersen P. Lancaster
Andersen Paul
Anderson A.
Anderson A.A. Anderson A.A.
Anderson A.A.
Anderson A.E.
Anderson A.E.F. Liberator EW124
Anderson A.G.
Anderson A.J. Anderson A.L.
Anderson A.L.
Anderson A.M. Halifax Halifax
Anderson A.M.
Anderson A.M.
Anderson A.P.B.
Anderson A.W. Stranraer
Anderson A.W.
Anderson B.A. StirlingStirling EF439
Anderson B.B.
Anderson Bruce Benjamin Finch Anson Wellington Halifax MZ603
Anderson B.E. Spitfire EN150
Anderson B.H.
Anderson B.L.
Anderson B.O. Stirling BF578
Anderson B.R.
Anderson C. Mosquito
Anderson C.
Anderson C.
Anderson C.A.S. Mosquito HK251
Anderson C.C.
Anderson C.C.
Anderson C.E. Halifax Halifax VL334
Anderson C.E. Wellington
Anderson C.G.
Anderson C.G.
Anderson C.G.
Anderson C.H.
Anderson C.H.
Anderson C.H. Lancaster Lancaster ED551
Anderson C.L.
Anderson C.R.
Anderson C.W. Bolingbroke
Anderson C.W.
Anderson D.
Anderson D.
Anderson D.B.
Anderson D.D. Sunderland
Anderson D.E.
Anderson D.G. Wellington 9989
Anderson D.K.
Anderson D.M. Beaufighter
Anderson D.R.
Anderson D.R. Hurricane Hurricane 329
Anderson D.R.B.
Anderson D.S.
Anderson E.
Anderson E.
Anderson E.
Anderson E.
Anderson E. Boston
Anderson E.A.
Anderson E.A.
Anderson E.A.
Anderson E.E.V. Halifax NP689
Anderson E.F.
Anderson E.G.M. Whitley
Anderson E.I.
Anderson E.J.
Anderson E.K.
Anderson E.K.R.
Anderson E.L.
Anderson E.M. Wellington Wellington
Anderson E.W. Anderson F. HalifaxHalifax LL287
Anderson F.A.
Anderson F.C. Wellington Wellington H398
Anderson F.C.
Anderson F.E.
Anderson F.E. Hudson
Anderson F.J.
Anderson F.R.
Anderson F.R.W. Halifax Halifax
Anderson F.T.
Anderson F.W.
Anderson G.
Anderson G.A.
Anderson G.A.
Anderson G.A.
Anderson G.A. Corsair
Anderson G.B. Halifax W7763
Anderson G.B.
Anderson G.D.
Anderson G.E.
Anderson G.E.
Anderson G.F.
Anderson G.F.
Anderson G.J. Anderson G.J.
Anderson G.J.
Anderson G.J.
Anderson G.L. St
Anderson G.M. Wellington
Anderson G.R.
Anderson G.S.
Anderson G.S.
Anderson G.S.L.
Anderson G.T.
Anderson H.D.
Anderson H.F.
Anderson H.F.
Anderson H.F.
Anderson H.G. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AK 982
Anderson H.G.
Anderson Hugh John Lysander Wellington Lancaster PB129
Anderson H.L. Ventura Ventura FD 697
Anderson H.L. Halifax Halifax JD367
Anderson H.L.
Anderson H.M.
Anderson H.M. Halifax PN235
Anderson H.M.
Anderson H.R.
Anderson H.R.
Anderson H.S.
Anderson H.T. Defiant Hurricane Hurricane
Anderson H.W.
Anderson J.
Anderson J.
Anderson J.
Anderson J. Wellington
Anderson J. Wellington
Anderson J.A.
Anderson J.A.
Anderson J.A. HalifaxHalifax JD159
Anderson J.A.J.C.
Anderson J.B. HalifaxHalifax L9672
Anderson J.C. Halifax Halifax
Anderson J.D.
Anderson J.E.
Anderson J.E.
Anderson J.F. Hampden
Anderson J.F.
Anderson J.F.
Anderson J.F.
Anderson J.H.
Anderson J.I.
Anderson J.J. Hudson
Anderson J.K. Stirling Stirling LJ 838 Anderson J.L.
Anderson J.L. Hurricane Hurricane/Harvard Boston
Anderson J.M.
Anderson J.O.
Anderson J.R. Battle
Anderson J.S.
Anderson J.S. Halifax Halifax
Anderson J.T.
Anderson James Turner William Cyril Halifax LL168
Anderson J.W. Harvard
Anderson J.W. Liberator Liberator KG831
Anderson K.L.
Anderson L.
Anderson L.
Anderson L. Hudson
Anderson L.E.
Anderson L.F.
Anderson L.F.
Anderson L.G.
Anderson L.J. Wellington Hurricane Boston
Anderson L.K.
Leslie Lester Moth & Stinson Battle & Bolinbroke Wellington 3699 Halifax MZ529
Anderson L.M. Halifax HR813
Anderson L.M.
Anderson L.P.F.
Anderson L.R. Lancaster
Anderson L.S.
Anderson L.W.
Anderson M.A.
Anderson M.B.
Anderson M.B.C.
Anderson M.F.
Anderson M.G.
Anderson M.G.
Anderson M.H. Anderson M.H.C.
Anderson M.K.
Anderson M.M.
Anderson Mark Sylvester Harold Moth & Finch Harvard Oxford Wellington Halifax MZ845 KW-J
Anderson M.W. Halifax NP770
Anderson N.J. Halifax Halifax
Anderson N.R.
Anderson N.S.A.
Anderson N.T. Anderson P.G. Anderson P.J.
Anderson P.M. Lancaster NE472
Anderson P.S.A. Boston
Anderson R.
Anderson R.
Anderson R.
Anderson R.A. Halifax LW692
Anderson R.A.
Anderson R.C.
Anderson R.D. Wellington Wellington Z8809
Anderson R.D.
Anderson R.D.
Anderson R.E.
Anderson R.E.V. Wellington
Anderson R.F.
Anderson R.F. Wellington
Anderson R.F.L. Mosquito Mosquito
Anderson R.G.
Anderson R.G.
Anderson R.J.
Anderson R.J. Stirling
Anderson R.K.
Anderson R.L.
Anderson R.L.G.
Anderson R.M.
Anderson R.N.
Anderson R.P.
Anderson R.R.
Anderson R.S.
Anderson R.T.
Anderson R.T.
Anderson R.W. Spitfire MJ980
Anderson R.W.
Anderson R.W.
Anderson S.
Anderson S.A. Lancaster DS680
Anderson S.G.
Anderson T.C.
Anderson T.C.
Anderson T.D.
Anderson Thomas George Moth Anson Anson Boston BZ329 Mosquito Mosquito
Anderson T.M.
Anderson V.
Anderson William Battle & Lysander Anson & Bolinbroke Finch Harvard Hurricane Battle & Lysander Master & Spitfire Typhoon MN936
Anderson W.A.
Anderson William Andrew Moth & Finch Bolinbroke & Oxford Bolinbroke 9002 Bolinbroke 702 Delta 672 Bolinbroke 9003 Hudson AM712
Anderson William Brodie Finch Harvard Harvard Harvard Oxford Oxford Whitley Halifax LW128
Anderson W.B. Hudson AM 551
Anderson W.C. Lancaster ED978
Anderson W.C.
Anderson W.D. Halifax Halifax JD454
Anderson W.E.
Anderson W.F.
Anderson W.F. Halifax Halifax NP709
Anderson W.F.
Anderson W.G.
Anderson W.G.
Anderson W.G.
Anderson W.G. Wellington Wellington NB915
Anderson W.H.
Anderson W.J. Spitfire Spitfire MJ275
Anderson W.J.
Anderson W.J.
Anderson W.M.
Anderson W.M.
Anderson W.O. Hampden
Anderson W.P.
Anderson William Robert Weir Harvard & Fort Battle & Bolinbroke Halifax HR860 Liberator ----
Anderson W.S.
Anderson William Smith Finch Harvard & Yale Oxford Wellington Halifax NA179
Anderson William Wallace Eugene Hurricane PG578
Anderson Duncan Robinson
Anderson Douglas Gordon
Anderson Edwin Graham Milton
Anderson James Blain
Anderson James Ward
Anderson Robert Edward Venning
Anderson Ronald Drury
Anderson Adolph Willard
Anderson Frank Edgar
Anderson James
Anderson Edward Allison
Anderson William Oswald
Anderson Robert Fred Lindsay
Anderson Leonard Roy
Anderson James Sangster
Anderson Donald Davie
Anderson Richard John
Anderson Henry Gordon
Anderson James
Anderson John Fraser
Anderson Richard Frank
Anderson Sydney Andrew
Anderson John Albert
Anderson Herbert Lawrence
Anderson David Maurice
Anderson Howard Leroy
Anderson Norman Thomas
Anderson Wallace Dorrance
Anderson Billie Albert
Anderson Frederick Cameron
Anderson Bruce Edward
Anderson Floyd Roger Willis
Anderson William Boyd
Anderson Clarence Howard
Anderson Edward William
Anderson Evan Macdonald
Anderson Liston
Anderson Harold Granville
Anderson Jacob
Anderson James K.
Anderson Charles Edward
Anderson Leonard Edward
Anderson Lloyd George
Anderson Gordon John
Anderson Allan Andrew
Anderson Frederick
Anderson Howard Francis
Anderson William Frank
Anderson Alexander John
Anderson Chester Edward
Anderson Clarence Cameron
Anderson George Mccrimmon
Anderson John Charles
Anderson Neville Joseph
Anderson William Wallace Eugene
Anderson Peter Murray
Anderson Cecil William
Anderson Marino Harold
Anderson Nels Peter Helin
Anderson William James
Anderson Peter Gordon
Anderson John William
Anderson Arthur Eric Franklin
Anderson William George
Anderson Robert William
Anderson George
Anderton J.A.
Anderton R.V.
Anderton John Alfred
Andoff D.
Andoff J.E.
Andras K.B.
Andreae H.C.
Andrecheck R.S.
Andreen A.E.
Andres I.J.W.
Andres R.W.
Andrew Byron C. Harvard Anson Bolinbroke
Andrew C. Harvard
Andrew D.R.
Andrew E.H.
Andrew E.M. Lancaster ND766
Andrew E.W.
Andrew F.N. Miles Master DL 838
Andrew G.D.
Andrew G.V. Lancaster DS686
Andrew J.
Andrew J.G.
Andrew J.L.
Andrew P.A.
Andrew P.B. Wellington
Andrew R.A. Look up his svc +
Andrew R.W.
Andrew W.A.R. Halifax Halifax
Andrew W.S.
Andrew Prentis Blair
Andrew Frederick Norman
Andrew George Varnum
Andrew Clifton Llewellyn
Andrew Eric Morrow
Andrew William Arthur Roland
Andrewes E.A.
Andrewes Edward Aleander
Andrews A.C.
Andrews A.E.
Andrews A.J.
Andrews B.F.
Andrews B.W. Spitfire Spitfire
Andrews C.M.
Andrews C.R. Wellington Wellington HZ277
Andrews C.T.
Andrews C.W.
Andrews D.J. Halifax NP795
Andrews Donald Roy Finch Anson Halifax Halifax MZ686 Halifax NA600
Andrews E.C.W.
Andrews E.J.
Andrews Edward Joseph Halifax Halifax EB274
Andrews F.J.
Andrews F.L.
Andrews F.W.
Andrews G.A. Lancaster Lancaster
Andrews G.H. Stranraer Stranraer
Andrews G.L.
Andrews H.H. Liberator Liberator
Andrews H.J. Andrews J.E.
Andrews J.F. Hampden Hampden
Andrews J.F. Lancaster Lancaster PB258
Andrews J.K. Wellington Wellington
Andrews J.M.
Andrews James Wesley Halifax Halifax BB361
Andrews L.M.
Andrews Macdonald Joseph Anson Anson T6261
Andrews M.W.
Andrews N.T. Spitfire Spitfire LF398
Andrews R.H.
Andrews S.E.
Andrews S.V.
Andrews T.N.
Andrews W.
Andrews W.H. Halifax V9993
Andrews W.J.
Andrews W.M.
Andrews W.N.
Andrews Gordon Herbert
Andrews Macdonald Joseph
Andrews Walter Mowbray
Andrews Basil Wilfred
Andrews Clifford Raymond
Andrews Edward Joseph
Andrews Wilfred
Andrews John French
Andrews Edward John
Andrews Walter Harold Lancaster Lancaster JB311
Andrews George Albert
Andrews Newark Thomas
Andrews Robert John Wellington Wellington
Andrews Harry Henry
Andrews John Kerr
Andrewsky V.
Andrus B.M. Crane
Andrus Benjamin Milo
Aney R.L. Aney Roy Leo
Anfield B.A.
Angelini Samuel Finch Harvard Hurricane Battle & Lysander Master & Spitfire Typhoon MN589
Angell E.H. Spitfire
Angell G.E.L.
Angell P.R.
Angelson J.R.
Anger F.H.E. Whitley
Anger Francis Harold Emmanuel
Angers J.A.A.B.
Angiers J.
Anglin E.J.
Anglin R.G.B.
Anglin W.D.
Anglin W.G.
Anglin William M. Halifax
Anglin W.S. Wellington
Wellington HZ471
Anglin William Sherron
Anguish J.M.
Angus Allan Benjamin Hurricane
Angus A.G.
Angus C.A.
Angus D.A. Yale 3368
Angus D.C.B.
Angus D.I.R.
Angus G.
Angus G.L.
Angus J.
Angus J.R.
Angus J.R.J.
Angus R.S.
Angus S.C.
Angus T.A.
Angus W.J.A.
Angus Aleander David
Angus David Colin Brodie
Angus-Smith R.M.
Anions R.N.
Annable Harold Ceal Lancaster KB735
Annan D.B.
Annan Harry McFadyen Lancaster
Annand E.P.
Annand F.C.
Annand J.D.
Annard G.R. Halifax DK271
Annear W.C.
Annesley L.A.
Annett J.W.
Annett R.G.
Annetts A.E.
Annetts H.
Annis C.L. Digby 740
Annis E.S.
Annis L.D. Wellington HE771
Annis L.D.
Annis L.M.
Annis Lloyd Dyer
Anschetz J.R.
Ansell E.
AnselMED A.G.
Ansley N.G.
Anson K.L. Harvard
Anson Kenneth Leete
Anstead J.C.
Ante A.T.
Antenbring S.V.
Anthony E.
Anthony E.H. Lancaster JA920
Anthony G.H.
Anthony H.T.
Anthony K.H. Spitfire R7342
Anthony R.F.
Antifaev M. Wellington
Antifaev Michael
Antochi V.
Antoft K.
Antoft O.H. Stirling
Antoft Otto Hjalmar
Anton G.J. Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736
Antonek C.J. Lancaster NG458
Anweiler R.R. Halifax NR177
Aplin E.M.
Aplin W.G.J. Halifax BK540
Appel H.H.
Appel H.J. Spitfire
Appel Harold John
Appelgate E.A. Lancaster
Lancaster ?D714
Appelt L.A.
Appelt Luther Arthur
Appelyard R.H. Liberator KG986
Apperley F.M.
Apperley G.S.
Appleby A.O.
Appleby A.W. Spitfire Appleby G.W.
Appleby J.
Appleby P.E.
Appleby R.M.A.
Appleby S.K.
Applegarth T.A. Lancaster LM580 Applegate Ernest Arthur
Appleton A.M.
Appleton C.A.P.
Appleton D.C.
Appleton J.R.
Appleyard R.M.
Appleyard Richard Henry
Applin D.J. Lancaster KB731
Applin Donald John
Apps G.F.R. Liberator
Apps W.G.
Apps W.H.T.
Apps Geoffrey Frank Rowe
April L.J.
Apted W.E.
Arason S.
Arbic H.C. Wellington Z1660
Arbogast R.E.
Arbour J.E.J.G.
Arbour J.M.L.
Arbour R.S. Halifax
Arbour Joseph Marcel Lionel
Arbour Joseph Edward Jean Guy
Arbuckle D.S.
Arbuckle George Frederick Finch Anson Oxford Oxford Wellington Halifax
Arbuckle I.
Arbuckle J.A. Whitley
Arbuckle L.S.
Arbuckle W.M.
Arbuckle Irving
Arbuckle John Alfred
Arcand C.
Arcand J.J.R. HalifaxHalifax PN172
Arcand Joseph Jules Rodrigue
Archambault J.L.A.
Archambault J.P.E.
Archambault J.R. Archambault L.G.G.J.
Archambault R.F. Archambault T.E.L.
Archambault Joseph Rene
Archbold A.K.
Archdeacon A.M.
Archer A.G.
Archer A.S.
Archer B.R.
Archer C.D.H. Wellington
Archer D.B.
Archer D.F.
Archer D.S.
Archer E.L.
Archer E.W.
Archer F.U.
Archer G.W.
Archer J.B. Archer J.C. Archer J.C.
Archer P.L.I. Spitfire R7195 Spitfire EP113 Spitfire LZ996
Archer R.C.
Archer R.G.
Archer R.J. Wellington
Archer R.W. Lancaster Lancaster LM455
Archer W.E.
Archer W.W.
Archer Edward Andrew Wellington
Archer Charles Douglas Haig
Archer Phillip Leslie Irving
Archer Jack Colin
Archer Ross James
Archer Robert William
Archer William Edward
Archibald A.H.
Archibald C.G. Wellington
Archibald D.F.
Archibald D.R.
Archibald H.W.
Archibald J.
Archibald J.A.
Archibald J.M.
Archibald J.S. Halifax LK786
Archibald L.P.
Archibald R.E. Lancaster
Archibald R.W.
Archibald S.C.
Archibald V.G.H. Anson FP845
Archibald W.J. Spitfire W3233
Archibald W.R.
Archibald John Robinson Halifax DT551 Halifax LL574
Archibald William James
Archibald Lewis Percival
Archibald Clyde Glencoe
Archibald Arthur Campbell
Archibald Vivian Gordon Harris
Archie Steve Halifax JB854 EQ-D
Archie Steve
Arcouiet J.D.
Ardell W.D.
Ardis B.D. Halifax JP113
Ardis V. Wellington R1618 - Wellington BB499
Ardis V.D.
Ardley H.A.
Ardrey A.
Ardron W.H.
Arend H.A.
Arend Hubert Aloyse
Argo D.G.
Argo W. Wellington
Argo William
Argue A.E.
Argue C.N.
Argue E.B. Spitfire
Argue I.E.
Argue J.B.
Argue M.W.
Argue S.E.C.
Argue W.J.
Argument G.A. Spitfire Spitfire NH318
Argument Godfrey Addison
Argyle S.C.
Arkell H.I.
Arkell R.D.G.
Arklie E.F.
Arklie E.F.
Arksey G.J. Halifax HR834
Arksey G.W.
Arksey J.
Arksey W.L.
Arksey Walter Lynwood
Arlen A. Stirling Stirling BF437
Arlen Anthony
Arlidge W.G. Halifax Halifax
Arlidge Wallace Gale
Arlotte S.G.
Arlotte Sidney George
Armatage J.T.P.
ArMEDur A.S. Harvard Harvard 3345
ArMEDur E.G. Halifax Halifax
ArMEDur E.O.
ArMEDur E.W. Lancaster ME848
ArMEDur G.C.
ArMEDur J.A.K.
ArMEDur J.K. Lancaster Lancaster LM472
ArMEDur L.G.
ArMEDur L.L. Miles Master Miles Master R 1921
ArMEDur R.G.M.
ArMEDur W.D. Beaufighter Beaufighter LZ177
ArMEDur W.G.
ArMEDur W.P.
Armer Ross Moth Anson Anson Anson Anson
Armishaw J.E. Halifax Halifax
Armit J.C.
Armit J.C.
Armit O.M.
Armitage A.R. Wellington
Armitage D.E.
Armitage D.H. Harvard Harvard 3005
Armitage I. Halifax Halifax LK702
Armitage L.K.
Armitage M.J. Hudson
Armitage M.L.
Armitage R.M.
Armitage Mawell James
Armitage David Harold
Armitage Irving
Armitage Arthur Robson
Armitt J.
Armitt John
Armour Albert Stewart
Armour Lloyd Livingstone
Armour Wilton Garnet
Armour William Douglas
Armour Edson Gilroy
Armour Jack Karl
Armson L.
Armstong J.A.
Armstong J.E.R.
Armstrong A.B.
Armstrong A.C.
Armstrong A.R. Halifax Halifax
Armstrong A.T.
Armstrong A.W.
Armstrong A.W.
Armstrong A.W. Lancaster
Armstrong B.R.
Armstrong C.A.
Armstrong C.F.
Armstrong C.N.
Armstrong D.
Armstrong D.B.
Armstrong D.G.
Armstrong Donald Hadley Moth Harvard Harvard Moth Harvard Dakota
Armstrong D.L.
Armstrong D.M.
Armstrong D.M. Halifax Halifax MZ910
Armstrong D.R. Spitfire
Armstrong D.S. Halifax W1116
Armstrong D.S.
Armstrong D.W. Hudson BW 700
Armstrong E.
Armstrong E.A. Halifax Halifax
Armstrong E.G.
Armstrong E.H.
Armstrong E.L.
Armstrong E.R.
Armstrong E.S.
Armstrong E.W.
Armstrong F.F.
Armstrong F.H.
Armstrong F.J.
Armstrong F.J.
Armstrong G. Wellington BB484
Armstrong G.A.
Armstrong G.B.
Armstrong G.C.
Armstrong G.D.
Armstrong G.E. Wellington
Armstrong G.E. Halifax RG476
Armstrong G.E.
Armstrong G.G.
Armstrong G.G. Wellington 3287
Armstrong G.H.
Armstrong G.H. Harvard
Armstrong G.K.
Armstrong G.M.
Armstrong G.P.
Armstrong G.R.L.
Armstrong G.W.
Armstrong G.W.
Armstrong H.A.
Armstrong H.A.
Armstrong H.J.C.
Armstrong H.L.
Armstrong H.R. Halifax LW574
Armstrong H.R.
Armstrong H.S.
Armstrong H.T.S.
Armstrong J.
Armstrong J.A.
Armstrong J.A.
Armstrong J.B. Lancaster ND910
Armstrong J.B.
Armstrong J.B.
Armstrong J.B.M.
Armstrong J.C.
Armstrong John David Mosquito RV306
Armstrong J.D.
Armstrong J.D.
Armstrong J.E. Liberator
Armstrong J.E. Halifax Halifax
Armstrong J.F.
Armstrong J.G.
Armstrong J.G.
Armstrong J.G.
Armstrong J.G.Y.
Armstrong J.K.
Armstrong J.L.D. Mosquito Mosquito HJ830
Armstrong J.M. Wellington
Armstrong J.M.A.
Armstrong J.R.
Armstrong J.S. Halifax EB276
Armstrong K.M. Harvard Harvard 2712
Armstrong L.B. Bolingbroke
Armstrong L.E. Harvard Harvard BW194
Armstrong L.I. Oxford Oxford DF330
Armstrong L.J. Spitfire
Armstrong L.J.
Armstrong L.O. Blenheim Blenheim BB 716
Armstrong M.E.
Armstrong M.K.
Armstrong N.H.
Armstrong N.J.
Armstrong N.S.
Armstrong O.L.
Armstrong O.M.
Armstrong O.W.
Armstrong R. Yale Yale 3348
Armstrong R.A.
Armstrong R.A. Wellington
Armstrong R.G.
Armstrong R.H.
Armstrong R.J.
Armstrong R.K. Dakota Dakota FD 949
Armstrong R.L.
Armstrong R.M.
Armstrong R.R.
Armstrong S.W.
Armstrong T.J. Wellington
Armstrong T.R. Whitley Whitley LA937
Armstrong W.A.
Armstrong W.E.
Armstrong W.E.
Armstrong W.F.
Armstrong W.H. Martinet Martinet H?269
Armstrong W.H.H.
Armstrong W.I.
Armstrong W.J.M.
Armstrong W.N.
Armstrong W.O.
Armstrong W.R.
Armstrong W.W.
Armstrong G.E. Halifax NP721
Armstrong Gerald Gordon
Armstrong Kenneth Maescher
Armstrong Lyle Emerson
Armstrong Nigel Somerled
Armstrong Ross
Armstrong Thomas James Wellington Ic DV736 F2
Armstrong Douglas Wilson
Armstrong George Henry
Armstrong Albert Winston
Armstrong Gordon Kenneth
Armstrong Robert Alfred Wellington Ic DV843 OR-Q
Armstrong John Eric
Armstrong John Marshall
Armstrong Edward Lawrence
Armstrong Halden John Cameron
Armstrong John Lees Darrell
Armstrong William Ernest
Armstrong George Perry
Armstrong Lorne Oliver
Armstrong George Ernest
Armstrong Gerald Henry
Armstrong George Wesley
Armstrong Thomas Reginald
Armstrong Willis Henry
Armstrong Lloyd Bennett
Armstrong Aleander Thomas
Armstrong Elliott Adams
Armstrong John Frederick
Armstrong Harold Aleander
Armstrong John Keith
Armstrong Robert Kenneth
Armstrong Robert Howard
Armstrong Jack Edward
Armstrong Leslie Irwin
Armstrong Leonard Wilson
Armstrong Jack
Armstrong David Malcolm
Armstrong Oswald Walter
Armstrong John David
Armstrong Curwood Neville
Armstrong Arthur Ronald
Armstrong L.W.
Arn E.H.R.
Arn J.A. Miles Master Miles Master
Arn John Albert
Arnald H.G.
Arnason A.
Arnason A.
Arndt E.G.
Arne I.C.
Arneil D.J. Wellington
Arneil Douglas James
Arnell A.L. Lancaster Lancaster ME565
Arnell W.L.
Arnell Algot Leon
Arner L.A. Wellington
Arner Lawrence Andrew
Arnett A.F.B.
Arnett D.N.
Arnett E.E.
Arnett J.L.
Arnett M.B.M.
Arnett James Lawrence Moth Anson Dakota KK845 Dakota KJ851
Arney H.M.B. Bolingbroke
Arney Horace Montague Beck
Arnishaw P.M.
Arnold A.E. Mosquito Mosquito
Arnold A.F.
Arnold A.J.
Arnold B.L.
Arnold B.W.
Arnold C.E.
Arnold C.P.C.
Arnold D.E.
Arnold E.B.
Arnold E.C.V.
Arnold G.A.
Arnold G.I.
Arnold H.F.
Arnold H.J. Halifax Halifax
Arnold H.W.
Arnold J.L.
Arnold J.T. Halifax W1242
Arnold J.T.
Arnold K.F. Hudson
Arnold L.G.
Arnold N.
Arnold N.C.
Arnold R.J. Halifax NA184
Arnold R.L.
Arnold R.S. Hampden
Arnold R.S. Lancaster LM638 Arnold T.L.
Arnold Vernon Claude Moth & Stinson Battle & Bolinbroke Ventura 2193
Arnold V.C. Miles Master
Arnold W.B. Dakota Dakota KK 180
Arnold W.G. Sunderland
Arnold W.H. Arnold W.H. Anson Anson R3306
Arnold W.J. B-17 Fortress
Arnold W.N.
Arnold Victor Charles
Arnold William Hilliard
Arnold William Henry
Arnold Robert Sidney
Arnold Walter Gray
Arnold William James B-17 Fortress FK209
Arnold William Beresford
Arnold Herbert John
Arnold C.K.
Arnoldi J.F.
Arnoldi P.
Arnot D.M. Halifax Halifax LL139
Arnot Donald Mackenzie
Arnott A.V.
Arnott G.D. Arnott G.E.
Arnott J.A.
Arnott K.
Arnott R.G.
Arnott George Donald
Arnston F.A. Arnston Frank Arthur
Aro K.V.
Arondeus D.J.
Aronson B.M.
Aronson K.J. Wellington
Aronson Kenneth Johannes
Arpin J.J.C. Wellington
Arpin Joseph Jean Charles
Arps L.R. Wellington
Arps Lysle Ralph
Arrand C.
Arril W.M. Wellington
Arril William Mckenzie
Arrison R.L.
Arron J.
Arrowsmith W.H.
Arsenault J.A. Halifax LW672
Arsenault J.G. Halifax Halifax
Arsenault L.C.
Arsenault T.J. Wellington
Arsenault Toussaint Joseph
Arsenault Joseph Gaspard
Arseneau J.I.A.
Arseneault A.
Arseneault J.
Arseneault J.D.H. Halifax JD159
Arseneault P.M.
Arstad C.D.
Arteau G.
Arthur C.D.
Arthur F.J.
Arthur G.M.
Arthur J.F.
Arthur J.F.
Arthur J.F.
Arthur J.L. Lancaster Lancaster ED865
Arthur J.R.
Arthur K.M.
Arthur N.G.
Arthur R.J.
Arthur W.M.
Arthur Neil Greig
Arthur James Lamb
Arthur C.I.R. Heyford Defiant Hurricane Spitfire Mustang Spitfire/Hornet
Arthurs G.M.
Arthurs J.B.
Arthurs J.W. Hudson
Arthurs K.N. Wellington Wellington L7810
Arthurs John William
Artiniuk J.P.
Artyniuk John Peter
Arundel J.S.G. Defiant Defiant V 1117
Arundel John Stanley George
Asbell W.G. Oxford Oxford DF224
Asbell Walter Gerard
Asbridge W.B. Corsair
Asbury W.B.
Asbury W.N.
Ascah F.G.
Ascott D.B.
Aselstyne G.K.
Aselstyne J.G.
Aseltine H.E.
Ash A.C. Wellington Wellington HE743
Ash G.H. BaltiMEDre
Ash G.R. Hudson
Ash J. Beaufort
Ash J.W.
Ash N.A. Wellington
Ash S.G.
Ash W.F.
Ash Norman Andrews
Ash George Robert
Ash Joseph
Ash Albert Charles
Ash Joseph William
Ashbaugh F.A.
Ashbourne H.A.
Ashbourne J.B.
Ashburner J.C.
Ashburner L.J. Spitfire Spitfire W3572
Ashburner Leslie John
Ashbury E.L. Hudson Hudson FK 759
Ashbury Edwin Lusk
Ashby F.R.
Ashby H.F.
Ashby W.G.
Ashcroft G.W.
Ashcroft J.A.
Ashdown A.V.
Ashdown C.E.T.
Ashdown E.F. Mustang AG 664
Ashdown E.T. Ashdown F.E.
Ashdown F.J.M. Ashdown H.C.
Ashdown J.A. Wellington
Ashdown W.R.
Ashdown Frederick James Mackenzie
Ashdown Walter Ross
Ashdown Edward Thomas
Ashenden C.E.
Asher H.D.
Asher John James Moth Crane Canso
Asher R.E.
Ashford A.H. Lancaster
Ashford Herbert Elymor Dickson
Ashford H.S.
Ashford W.E.
Ashford W.R.
Ashforth W.V.
Ashie G.E.
Ashkanase D.R.
Ashleigh D.D. Spitfire MH872
Ashley A.T.
Ashley B.B.
Ashley C.B.
Ashley F.J. Sunderland
Ashley F.R.
Ashley R.B. Mosquito Mosquito HR572
Ashley R.J. Spitfire Spitfire JF958
Ashley Borden Bramshott
Ashley Robert Joseph
Ashley Russell Bradfield
Ashley L.S.
Ashlin C.H.N.
Ashman R.A. P-40 Kittyhawk
Ashton A.J.
Ashton A.L.
Ashton A.S.
Ashton F.P.
Ashton J.B. Hurricane
Ashton J.E.
Ashton J.H.
Ashton T.E.
Ashton T.L.
Ashton W.E.
Ashton W.J.
Ashton W.J.L.
Ashton-Cross C.
Ashwell R.H. Wellington
Ashwood John Wellington MP615
Ashwood John
Ashworth H.R.H.
Ashworth J.R.
Ashworth W.J, Halifax DT509
Askew G.W.
Askew J.R. Halifax Halifax W1146
Askew J.W.
Askew R.G. Askew George William
Askew John Ruskin
Askew Richard Gainford
Askey M.W.H. Spitfire JF563
Askey Michael William Hamilton
Askwith R.J.W. Boston
Askwith Richard John
Aslin H.W.
Asmussen J.W.
Asp D.M.
Aspden A.K.
Aspell J.H.
Aspin L.
Aspinall F.A. Anson
Aspinall J.S.A. Lancaster ND963 Aspinall L.E. Halifax LW240
Aspinall M.J.W. Beaufort Beaufort JM451
Aspinall W.R.
Aspinall Maurice John William
Aspinall Francis Allen
Asplin A.G.
Assaf G.
Assaf George
Asseff P.J. Dakota
Asseff Philip
Asselin B.
Asselin B.
Asselin J.E.T.
Asselin J.L. Halifax BB303
Asselin M.A.
Asselin W.J.
Asselstine A.P.
Ast H.J.
Astbury J.W.
Astbury John William
Astle W.J.
Astles G.R.
Astles John James Lancaster DS788
Astles William Wallington Anson & Bolinbroke Whitley Halifax LW279
Aston C.C.
Aston G.W. Spitfire
Aston H.F.
Astrand H. Halifax Halifax
Astrand Harry
Astrof H.N.
Astrop V.R.
Atcheson F.
Atchison C.E.
Atchison J.M.
Atchison John Melford
Atha A.N.
Atherly J.F. Hurricane
Atherton C.
Atherton E.T.
Atherton J. Halifax HR834
Atherton N.F.
Atherton W.R.
Athey J.
Athlowe - Countess
Atkey A.C.
Atkey R.I.
Atkin G.B.
Atkin H. Halifax LW166
Atkin J.W. Hampden Hampden P1234
Atkin T.H. Catalina AH566
Atkin James Welberne
Atkins C.C.
Atkins E.
Atkins E.H. Hurricane
Atkins G.C. Crane Crane 7901
Atkins G.M.
Atkins H.W.
Atkins J.
Atkins J.F.R.
Atkins J.I.
Atkins L.R.
Atkins M.
Atkins M.W. Lancaster
Atkins N. Halifax LV908
Atkins R.J.
Atkins Milton Wilbur
Atkins George Carman
Atkins John Ivan
Atkins Robert James
Atkinson A.E. Halifax Halifax
Atkinson A.J.
Atkinson B. Beaufighter
Atkinson B.
Atkinson C.
Atkinson D.D.
Atkinson D.M. Oxford Oxford V9021
Atkinson D.R.T.
Atkinson E. P-40 Kittyhawk P-40 Kittyhawk
Atkinson E.A.
Atkinson E.C.
Atkinson F.
Atkinson F.
Atkinson F.C.
Atkinson G.E.
Atkinson G.H. Oxford Oxford V3147
Atkinson G.J.
Atkinson G.T.
Atkinson H.C.
Atkinson H.H.
Atkinson H.W. Sunderland
Atkinson J.B. Epeditor 1410
Atkinson J.H.
Atkinson John Leslie Anson Oxford Wellington Halifax PN228
Atkinson J.M. Lancaster
Atkinson J.M.
Atkinson James Neil Battle Whitley Halifax NP778
Atkinson J.T.
Atkinson L. Blenheim
Atkinson M.G.
Atkinson M.W. Halifax
Atkinson R.
Atkinson R.B. Lancaster JA690
Atkinson R.D. Halifax NP806
Atkinson R.E. Stirling Stirling
Atkinson R.F.
Atkinson R.L.
Atkinson R.R.
Atkinson S.K.
Atkinson T.B. Liberator
Atkinson T.P.
Atkinson W.C.
Atkinson W.G.
Atkinson William H.
Atkinson W.J. Hudson
Atkinson W.S.
Atkinson W.H.
Atkinson Jean Burgess
Atkinson Eric
Atkinson Joseph Mckay
Atkinson Merle William
Atkinson Douglas Maclear
Atkinson William James
Atkinson Albert Earl
Atkinson Stanley Kyle
Atkinson Robert Elmer
Atkinson Laurie Everet
Atkinson Gordon Howard
Atkinson Theodore Blanchard
Atkonson L.E.
Attenborough A.V.
Attewell A.E.
Attewell W.G.
Attewell Arthur Ernest
Attle Jack Stinson Bolinbroke Ventura
Attree E.R. Canso
Attree V.E. Lancaster ED856
Attree Vincent Eardley
Attree Earl Ralph
Attridge F.R.
Attridge R.J.M.
Attridge Robert John Mclean
Attwell A. Whitley Z6656
Attwell J.A.D.
Attwell K.D. Wellington W5890
Attwell K.J. Stirling BK620
Attwell Kenneth Dudley
Attwood W.T.C.
Atwell A.F.
Atwood B.E. Lancaster
Atwood B.L.
Atwood H.W.
Atwood Bertram Edwin
Atwood Brenton Leslie
Atyeo G.M. Lancaster PB258
Aubin H.L.J.
Aubin J.G.D. Halifax
Aubin M.J.G. Halifax HR776
Aubin W.L.
Aubin John George Marcel
Aubin Joseph Gilbert Dollard Halifax III LW395 KW-O
Aubrey Gordon Aleander Anson Wellington Halifax LL593 Halifax MZ946 Wellington Oxford DF332
Aubrey R.G.
Aubry A.
Aubry J.A.A. Halifax LK798
Aubry J.O.G.G.
Aubry J.S.A. Halifax DT680
Auburn F.W.
Auch H.R.
Auclair J.A.R.T. Wellington BK503
Auclair J.L.E.R.
Auclair Joseph Arsene Roch Tancrede
Aucoin W.P. Hurricane 5410
Aucoin Whitney Philip
Audell E.C.
Audet A.E.
Audet J.A.
Audet R.J. Spitfire MK950
Audet Richard Joseph
Audette J.J.
Audy J.E. Audy Joseph Engelbert
Auger H.F. Hurricane
Auger R.O.
Augh J.R. Hurricane
Aughinbaugh B.H.
Augusta F.K. Halifax LV965
Augustine E.C.
Auld C.W. Wellington
Auld D.G.
Auld G.E. Norseman
Auld G.M.
Auld G.S. Stirling EH961
Auld J.B. Lancaster ED731
Auld J.H.
Auld J.O.
Auld W.N. Beaufighter NE776
Auld George Edgar
Auld Charles
Auld Walter Nelson
Aulenback J.W.
Ault A.W. Harvard
Ault G.A.
Ault J.F.
Ault M.
Ault W.G.
Ault Arthur Wellington
AuMEDnd J.
AuMEDnd M.J.A.J. Wellington BK340
Aumell A.D. Lancaster LM418 Lancaster PB208
Aumell Allan Daniel
Aune A.H.
Aune C.N.
Aune Clifford Norman
Auriol E.A.M.
Aust W.P.
Austen H.C. Warwick
Austen N.L.
Austen R.J.
Austen Harold Calven
Austenson O.M.
Austin C.C. Vancouver 916
Austin C.W. Wellington
Austin D.
Austin E.R.
Austin F.C. Spitfire
Austin G.
Austin G.B.
Austin G.L. Austin H.G.
Austin J.C. Wellington
Austin J.D. Halifax NP745
Austin J.J.
Austin J.R.
Austin K.H.
Austin L.F.
Austin L.G.
Austin R.J.
Austin R.W. Halifax LV951
Austin T.E.
Austin W.R.
Austin W.R.
Austin George Ludwig
Austin Frederick Carleton
Austin Charles Wendell
Austin Justus Clifford
Austin Kenneth Harry
Austin Hubert Borden
Auston J.S.
Autterson G.H.
Avant A.
Avant A.F. Halifax LV913
Avedisian J.T.
Avedisian James Theodore
Aveling H.E.J.
Avent F.D.
Avent G.H.
Avent J. Anson / Hudson
Avent R.M.
Averill W.R.
Avery F.C.
Avery G.H.
Avery H.F. Manchester L7489
Avery H.J.
Avery J.F.G.
Avery R.J.
Avery T.H.
Avey G.R. Lancaster
Avey Gerald Russell
Avis S.F.
Avise J.E. Hurricane
Avise John Ellsworth
Avison A.W.
Avon J.L.G.
Avon J.L.G. Lancaster JB746
Avon Joseph Leonidas Gerald
Avren M.
Awad C.M.S. Wellington HE737
Awad P.P.
Awad Charles Mohamed Slyman
Awad Philip Peter
Awde B.H.
Awde D.D.
Awrey Donald McLean Anson Wellington Halifax H272
Acell R.J.
Aford C. Halifax MZ595
Aford H.
Aford H.F. Halifax MZ556
Aford W.S.
Aford Herbert Frank
Aford Cecil
Ahorn C.P.
Aler D.R. Finch
Aler H.L.
Aler David Richard
Aler Harry Louis
Amith M.
Ayearst P.B.
Ayer J.B. Spitfire
Ayer J.R.
Ayer W.B.
Ayers A.A. Ayers F.H.
Ayers F.M.
Ayers L.J. Halifax MZ903
Ayers R.B. Wellington
Ayers Richard Butcher
Ayisworth R.M. Halifax MZ907
Aylen J.G.
Ayles R.J. Ayles Russel James
Aylesworth A.D.
Aylesworth J.W.
Aylett V.C.R.
Aylsworth A.B.
Aylward G.T.
Aylward R.C.
Aylwin J.
Aylwin James
Ayotte A.J.
Ayotte B.J.
Ayotte J.H. Lancaster KB835
Ayre G.D. Spitfire
Ayres A.J.
Ayres D.H.
Ayres G.W.
Ayres H.P.
Ayres T.R.
Ayres Audrey Allen
Aziz W.A. Spitfire
Baay C.
Baay Cornelis
Babb A.M.
Babb J.W.
Babb R.C. Miles Master
Babb Richard Conant
Babbitt R.D.
Babcock N.S.
Babey N.S.
Babineau D.B.
Babington F.C.
Babington F.G. Halifax LK638
Babkirk L.R. Harvard 3056
Babkirk Lawrence Russell
Baby L.P.P.
Babyn S.J.
Baccaert P.P.
Bach R.A.
Bach T.E.
Bachand J.G.
Bachand Joseph Gilles
Bachant J.F.J.
Bachant Joseph Ferdinand Jacques
Bachelder A.L. Stirling N6072
Bachelder L.E.
Bachelder Allen Leland
Bachen T.
Back D.M.
Back S.
Backes O.G. Wellington
Backes Orval George
Backhouse F.N.
Backler H.
Backler Herman
Backs W.H. Wellington
Backs William Henry
Backstrom M.A. Backstrom Melvin Arnold
Bacon D.R. Stirling LJ477
Bacon G.S.A.
Bacon H.E. Bacon H.R. Hudson
Bacon J.A.
Bacon R.B. Bacon R.M.
Bacon S.A.
Bacon W.G.
Bacon Harry Robert
Baczinski M.
Badenoch W.R.
Badger G.A.
Badgley J.A.
Badgley J.B.
Badgley J.C. Badgley M.F.
Badgley John Clement
Badland A.F.
Badmington E.P. Hudson
Badmington Edward Price
Badner J.F.
Badre M.J.M. Badre Michael Joseph Mcdoctor
Baedak H.L.
Baehr W.F.
Baekelland G.M.
Baenziger L.P.
Baer R.E.
Bagby L.
Bagg A.J. Stirling
Bagg Arthur James
Baggs C.R.
Baggs Herbert Gerald Anson Moth 8491
Baggs Robert Kelvin Lancaster
Baggs William Mitchell Hurricane Master & Spitfire Typhoon Typhoon Baglay T.J.
Baglole A.S.
Bagnall A.W.
Bagot C.G.
Bagshaw F.W.
Bagshaw H.B.
Bahrey J.
Baht R.E. Lancaster JB174
Baht Ralph Edmund
Baikie R.G. Blenheim
Baikie Robert Gordon
Bail J.P.A. Battle
Bail Joseph Phillip Arthur
Bailey A.G. Bailey A.J.
Bailey A.K.
Bailey A.K.
Bailey A.L.
Bailey C.E.J.
Bailey D.H.
Bailey D.J.
Bailey E.E.
Bailey E.J.
Bailey G.C.
Bailey G.C.
Bailey G.L.
Bailey G.S.D.
Bailey G.W.
Bailey H.C.
Bailey H.J. Halifax LV920
Bailey H.R.
Bailey H.R. Wellington
Bailey I.A.
Bailey J.A. Wellington
Bailey J.A.
Bailey J.B.
Bailey J.C.
Bailey J.M.M.
Bailey J.V.
Bailey L.A.
Bailey L.M.
Bailey M. Stirling Stirling EE955
Bailey M.E.
Bailey N.
Bailey P.J.
Bailey R.G. Wellington Wellington HZ471
Bailey R.H.
Bailey R.N.
Bailey S.H.
Bailey S.J. Wellington 3477
Bailey T.R. Halifax Halifax DT735
Bailey W.
Bailey W.A.
Bailey W.B.E. Hudson
Bailey Wesley Dynes Finch Yale Harvard
Bailey W.F.
Bailey W.G.
Bailey W.G.
Bailey W.G. Wellington HE414 Wellington HZ355
Bailey W.H.C.
Bailey W.J.
Bailey W.J.
Bailey W.R.A.
Bailey Gordon Clinkskill
Bailey William Benjamin Edward
Bailey Norman Russell
Bailey Wesley Glenn
Bailey Martin
Bailey John Arthur
Bailey Harry Russell
Bailey Robert Gordon
Bailey Albert George
Bailey George Cooley
Bailey Elmer Lincoln
Bailey William Aleander
Bailey Dennis Harold
Bailey Harold Roy
Bailey Norman
Bailey Theodore Reginald
Bailey Douglas James
Bailie J.J. Oxford Oxford LN235
Bailie S.B.
Bailie John James
Baillargeon J.L.
Baillargeon P.E. Liberator
Baillargeon Joseph Louis
Baillargeon Pierre Elzear Rodolphe
Baillie Andrew Dollar Bolinbroke Bolinbroke Anson Anson Halifax MZ683 Halifaxes LW680 & MZ618
Baillie A.J. Hudson
Baillie C.R. Halifax DT509
Baillie E.F.
Baillie J.
Baillie J.H.
Baillie J.J.
Baillie J.R. Halifax
Baillie R.C. Halifax
Baillie T. Wellington
Baillie T.
Baillie Thomas
Baillie John Robert
Baillie Aleander John
Baillie Ralph Cameron
Baillie Thomas
Baily N.G.
Baily W.G.
Baily Norman Godwin
Bain A.
Bain A.
Bain A.J.J.
Bain C.H.
Bain D.J. Halifax Halifax
Bain D.L. Halifax Halifax BK540
Bain D.T. Halifax JD174
Bain E.C.
Bain G.
Bain G.A.J. Lancaster ME811 Bain G.C.S.
Bain G.H.
Bain H.G.S.
Bain James Lancaster
Bain J.D.N. Wellington
Bain J.H.
Bain J.H.
Bain K.
Bain K.M.
Bain L.L.
Bain R.G.
Bain R.H.
Bain R.W.
Bain T.A.
Bain T.N. Boston AL492
Bain W.
Bain John Douglas Norman
Bain David Lachlan
Bain Thomas Neil
Bain Ambrose
Bainard A.E.
Bainblatt N. Halifax JB790
Bainborough E.K.
Bainborough E.W.
Bainbridge E.G.
Bainbridge G.H. Bainbridge J.J.C.
Bainbridge R.
Bainbridge W.
Bainbridge George Harvey
Baines J.A.
Baines J.E.
Baines L.W.E. Lancaster NG455 Baines J.S.R.
Baines R.A. - Halifax
Baird D.M. Wellington
Baird E.I.
Baird E.M.
Baird G.D.R. Kittyhawk
Baird H.E.
Baird J.D. Halifax NP757
Baird J.D. Wellington
Baird J.D.
Baird J.D. Wellington HF690
Baird J.H.
Baird J.W.
Baird J.Y.
Baird M.F.
Baird N.G. Halifax NP718
Baird N.R.
Baird S.M.
Baird T.B. Lancaster KB895
Baird W. Anson 7056
Baird W.G.
Baird W.O.D. Wellington
Baird Gordon Douglas Russell
Baird William
Baird David Monroe
Baird John Douglas
Baird William Gordon
Baird Jack Douglas
Baird William Oliver Douglas
Baird Nelson George
Bairstow H.H.
Baiss H.E.
Baittle H.D. Wellington
Baittle Horace David
Bake C.E. Bake Charles Edward
Bakeman E.H. Lancaster ?D714
Bakeman Edward Henry
Baker A.
Baker A.C. Hurricane Hurricane V6985
Baker A.E.
Baker A.H.
Baker A.R.
Baker A.W. Stirling EF139 Baker Ale William John Wellington Lancaster
Baker B.M.
Baker C.G. Lancaster JA937
Baker C.J.
Baker C.O.
Baker C.P.
Baker C.S. Lancaster DV378
Baker Douglas Charles Moth Anson Wellington MS485 Wellington LN451
Baker Douglas George
Baker D.G.
Baker D.H.
Baker D.H. Mosquito
Baker D.L.
Baker D.S.
Baker D.W. Avenger
Baker E.
Baker E. Wellington 9939
Baker E. Lancaster ND526 Baker E.C.
Baker E.C.
Baker E.C. Spitfire PT883
Baker E.D. Wellington Z8842
Baker E.E. Beaufighter LZ441
Baker E.H.
Baker E.S. Lancaster JA682
Baker E.W.K. Hudson
Baker F.E.
Baker F.G. Wellington
Baker F.G.D. Beaufort
Baker F.H.
Baker G.
Baker G.H.
Baker G.H.V.
Baker G.R. Wellington
Baker G.S. Halifax DG338
Baker H.A. Wellington
Baker H.D.
Baker Henry Douglas Boston Boston
Baker H.F.
Baker H.J.
Baker H.S.
Baker H.S.
Baker J.B.
Baker J.B.
Baker J.C.
Baker J.D. Stirling
Baker J.E.
Baker J.E.
Baker J.E.O.
Baker J.G. Stirling
Baker J.J.
Baker J.K. Halifax
Baker J.L.
Baker J.M.
Baker J.O.A.
Baker J.R.
Baker J.R.
Baker Jim R.D. Halifax BB390
Baker J.W. Wellington
Baker K.C. Baker K.G.K.
Baker L.H.
Baker M.C.
Baker M.G.
Baker M.V.
Baker N.
Baker N. Lancaster LM687
Baker O.N.W.
Baker P.J. Mosquito
Baker R.A. Hudson
Baker R.B.
Baker R.E.
Baker R.E. Mustang AP197
Baker R.M.
Baker R.P.
Baker R.R.
Baker R.R.
Baker R.W.
Baker S.
Baker S.R.
Baker S.W.F.
Baker T.B.
Baker T.L.
Baker V.A.
Baker V.G.
Baker W. Stirling EF298
Baker W.A. Halifax NR209
Baker W.D.A.
Baker W.E.
Baker W.E.
Baker W.E.
Baker W.G. Harvard BW185
Baker W.G.
Baker W.L. Lancaster LL627
Baker W.L.
Baker W.M. Stirling W7436
Baker W.M.P.
Baker W.V.
Baker John Harvey Lerwick Catalina FP180 Sunderland W6029
Baker Walter Merrill
Baker Joseph Kenneth
Baker Eric Walter Kenneth
Baker Richard Aubrey
Baker Edward Donald
Baker Ancil Chalmer
Baker Frederick Gifford Douglas
Baker Frank Greenaway
Baker Walter George
Baker Shirley Waldemar Frank
Baker Carl George Lancaster JA937
Baker Robert Edwin
Baker George Raymond
Baker Johial William
Baker William Long
Baker Earle Edward
Baker Douglas Haig
Baker John Jule
Baker Thomas Lloyd
Baker Clifford Stanley
Baker John Douglas
Baker William
Baker Nicholas
Baker Kelts Colfa
Baker Charles Oren
Baker William Leroy
Baker Herbert Allan
Baker Ned
Baker Ralph Murray
Baker Peter Joseph
Baker-Falkner R.S.
Bakewell C.
Bakkan M.W.
Balano A.
Balcer C.R. Wellington
Balcer Cyril Rene
Balchin D.H. Lancaster PB258
Balcom M.E.
Balcom Maurice Edward
Balcombe A.A.
Balcombe J.K. Lancaster RA523 Balcombe Alfred Aleander
Bald J.D.
Balden S.R. Hudson
Balden Samuel Richard
Balderston E.A. Ventura
Balderston J.P.E. Wellington MS496
Balderston John Percival Ernest
Balderston Edward Asthorpe
Baldock J.W.
Baldock L.A.
Baldock L.N.
Baldock R.M. Stirling
Baldock Richard Marlow
Baldrey R.A.
Baldry E.F.
Baldry W.E.
Baldry Earl Freiman
Balduff W. Spitfire Tiger Moth EM805
Balduff William
Baldwin A.E.
Baldwin C.C.
Baldwin C.H. Wellington
Baldwin D.G.
Baldwin D.G.
Baldwin E.M.
Baldwin F.A.
Baldwin G.D.
Baldwin J.A. Baldwin J.H.
Baldwin J.M. Lancaster JB671
Baldwin J.O.
Baldwin J.R.
Baldwin J.S. Lancaster DV401
Baldwin K.E.
Baldwin N.S.
Baldwin R.E.
Baldwin R.I.
Baldwin R.W.
Baldwin R.W. Lancaster
Baldwin W.G.
Baldwin William Henry Battle Anson Wellington Halifax HR918
Baldwin Jesse Augustus
Baldwin Robert William
Baldwin John Stanley
Baldwin John Moody
Baldwin Cecil Henry
Baldwinson W.B. Lancaster ND469
Baldwinson Walter Baldwin
Baldy R.E.
Balenko P.R.
Bales D.A.
Bales J.H.
Bales R.P.
Balewicz J.T. Dakota
Balfour A.G. Halifax NP771
Balfour A.J.
Balfour A.J.
Balfour H.J. Wellington
Balfour H.K.
Balfour J.C.
Balfour J.C.C.
Balfour J.D.
Balfour J.S.
Balfour R.H.
Balfour Andrew George
Baliant A.
Balinson A.B.
Balinson Aleander B.
Balkam M.E. Wellington
Balkam Marshall Edwin
Balke S.J.
Balkwill A.M.
Balkwill Stanley Herbert Finch Anson Beaufort Mosquito 968
Ball A.R. Hurricane
Ball C.
Ball C.D. Mosquito
Ball D.C.
Ball D.G.E. Spitfire EP489
Ball F.H.
Ball F.L.
Ball F.W.
Ball F.W. Harvard 3138
Ball G.E.
Ball G.I.
Ball G.K.
Ball G.O.
Ball H.K.
Ball H.L. Halifax MZ693
Ball J.D.
Ball J.S.
Ball K.E.
Ball K.L.
Ball L.W. Student gunner
Ball M.R.
Ball N.
Ball N.H.
Ball N.S. Wellington 3418
Ball R.J. Halifax JD107
Ball R.J.J.
Ball R.S.
Ball S.S.
Ball T.A.
Ball W.A.
Ball W.E.
Ball W.G.
Ball W.S. Lancaster DS823
Ball Norman Sargeant
Ball Frederick William
Ball Donald George Elmore
Ball William Sidney
Ball Joseph Dion
Ball Harold Lester
Ball Russell Sidney
Ballachey J.M.
Ballack J.M.
Ballam B.L.
Ballance R.G.H.
Ballanger W.R.
Ballantine J.A. Spitfire MA479
Ballantine J.L.
Ballantyne A.M.
Ballantyne B.H.
Ballantyne H.G. Hudson
Ballantyne James Hamilton Moth Harvard Master Spitfire AD260 Spitfire BR562
Ballantyne J.T.
Ballantyne N.A.
Ballantyne O.R. Boston
Ballantyne R.M.
Ballantyne T.
Ballantyne T.F.
Ballantyne W.B.
Ballantyne L. Halifax LK765 Halifax LW686 Halifax NA608
Ballantyne Orville Russel
Ballantyne Wallace Bruce
Ballard H.F.
Ballard J.D.
Ballem R.W.M.
Ballentine R.E. Halifax
Ballentine Robert Elmer
Ballerini B.S.
Ballingall Donald Leslie Moth & Stinson Battle Anson Wellington 3665
Ballinger H.C. Wellington
Ballinger J.N.
Ballinger Henry Clasper
Balloch J.H. Balloch James Hamilton
Balmer D.H.
Balmer I.A.
Balmer J.L. Halifax DT551 Halifax LL574
Balmer W.N.A.
Balsdon C.G.
Balser D.K.
Balsillie M.W.
Baltruweit R.
Baltzer R.G.
Baltzer R.L. Baltzer Ross Lloyd
Baly C.
Baly G.A. Halifax MZ482
Bambenek A.
Bambridge J.H. Lancaster EE113
Bambridge James Henry
Bamford A.G.
Bamford J. Spitfire MK969
Bamford N.M.
Bamford R.
Bamford Richard Benner Canso Canso 9809
Bamford T.C.
Bamford W.C.
Bamsay D.M.
Bamsey Dora Marion
Banaszuk W.
Bancescu George
Bancroft E.W. Stirling
Bancroft H.J.
Bancroft W.E.
Bancroft Ernest Walter
Band A.M.
Bandeen W.R. Halifax W7718
Bandle L. Halifax LW593
Bandle Leo
Bandur S.B. Lancaster MN695
Bandur Sigmund Bernard
Banescu G. Banfield A.F.
Banfield F. D.? Banford J.G. Spitfire EN907
Banford R.G.
Banford James Greenwood
Banford Rosslyn Glover
Bang R.W.
Bangle F.J.
Bangs A.E.
Bangs T.J.
Banika N.
Banikin L. Vildebeast
Banister R.K.
Banks A.
Banks D.E. Halifax NR180
Banks D.K. Catalina
Banks E.L.
Banks F.M.
Banks G.J. Wellington
Banks H.C.C.
Banks H.W.
Banks J.
Banks J.A.
Banks J.S. Wellington/Lanc Oxford Oxford V3821
Banks K.A. Stirling EF427
Banks L.E.
Banks L.M.
Banks R.E. Liberator
Banks R.H.
Banks R.J.
Banks S.A.
Banks S.D. Hurricane
Banks V. Lancaster KB784
Banks W.J. Hurricane Spitfire
Banks Stirling David
Banks Lloyd Marshall
Banks Gordon John
Banks Jack Standish
Banks Robert Edward
Banks Aleander
Banner L.T.
Banner T.B.
Banner William James Anson Halifax LW279
Bannerman D.G.
Bannicke L.B.
Bannihr R.H.
Bannihr Robert Huston
Banning J.D.J. Halifax LW128
Banning J.E. Canso
Banning James Edgar Victor
Bannister A.
Bannister F.E.
Bannister H.G.
Bannister L.C. Halifax LL134
Bannister R.H. Lancaster ND798
Bannock Russ Mosquito
Bannon C.A. Wellington
Bannon Carlin Anthony Wellington DF566
Banoff E.
Banting C.J.W.
Banting Donald Wallwin Moth Harvard Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon Cornell
Banting E.T.
Banting J.D.
Banting J.E.V. Canso 9809
Banting S.B.
Banting W.A.
Banton K.
Banville A.F.
Banville Joseph Israel Jules Halifax MZ420
Banville J.J.
Banville J.J.
Banville M.
Banville R.T. Lancaster LL896
Banwell C.D.
Baptie A.
Baptiste F.J. Halifax LL593
Barabanoff J.A. Liberator 593
Barabonoff Joseph Aleander
Baran M.
Baran Michael
Baranek S.J.
Barbe M.J. Lancaster
Barbe Maurice Jean
Barbeau J.R.
Barbeau N.W. Spitfire
Barbeau P.E.
Barbeau R.S.
Barbeau Norman William
Barber A.M. Spitfire
Barber B. Spitfire
Barber Bernard Higson 'Bernie' Beaufighter EL184
Barber C.S. Spitfire
Barber F.R.
Barber G.
Barber G.M.
Barber H.
Barber H.B. Lancaster
Barber H.H.
Barber H.K. Beaufort DE112
Barber I.A.M. Blenheim Z 5753
Barber I.K.
Barber J. Hudson
Barber J.D.
Barber J.L.
Barber J.L. Wellington
Barber J.W. Barber R.
Barber R.C.
Barber R.J. Lancaster
Barber R.T. Lancaster
Barber T.V.
Barber W.C.C.
Barber W.D. P-40 Kittyhawk Barber W.H.
Barber W.R.
Barber Irvine Alfred Mawell
Barber John
Barber Bernard Higson
Barber Herbert Boyd
Barber Richard Thomas
Barber Cecil Stanley
Barber Hubert Knight
Barber Robert John
Barber James William
Barber Joseph Louis
Barber-Starkey M.B.
Barbet E.H. Mosquito H949
Barbet Eugene Herman
Barbour D.
Barbour F.D. Barbour F.H.
Barbour J.A.G.
Barbour J.D. Spitfire
Barbour James Douglas
Barbour Frank Douglas
Barby E.L.
Barclay A.B.
Barclay A.S. Halifax LW422
Barclay B.
Barclay D.G.
Barclay G.C.
Barclay H.D.
Barclay J.H.
Barclay J.L.
Barclay J.R.
Barclay J.R.
Barclay L.W.
Barclay N.J.
Barclay P.G. Wellington
Barclay R.M.
Barclay W.H.
Barclay W.P. Halifax JD459
Barclay W.R. Wellington
Barclay W.S. Barclay William Scott
Barclay Philip Grimshaw
Barclay William Richmond
Barclay Arnold Smedley
Bardal B.
Bardal F.
Bardgett N.L. Wellington
Bardgett Nelson Lemar
Bardolph G.M. Blenheim
Bardour F. Wellington Z1077
Bardsley J.A.
Bardsley J.M.A.
Bardsley R.D.
Bardua J.F.
Bardwell H.H.
Bardwell Charles Alfred Anson I A177
Barer H.
Barer Harry
Barfield D.A.
Barfoot J.C. Canso
Barfoot R.W.
Barfoot Joseph Colclough
Barger D.
Baribeau L.J. Wellington
Baribeau J.M.A.
Baribeau Leo Joseph
Barichello Raymond James Eugene Moth Cornell Anson Ventura
Baril C.A.
Baril J.L.P.Y.
Baril J.R. Liberator
Baril J.R.R.
Baril J.W.P.
Baril Joseph Roger
Barish B.
Barker A. Mosquito NT117
Barker A.C.
Barker A.H.
Barker A.R.
Barker C.S.
Barker E.S.
Barker F.H. Barker F.J.
Barker F.S.
Barker G.A. Mosquito HR191
Barker G.L. Wellington HZ594
Barker Herbert Battle Wellington Halifax LL419
Barker H.E.
Barker H.R.
Barker J.B.
Barker J.C. Stirling R9334
Barker J.D.
Barker J.G. Stirling BK696
Barker J.M.
Barker J.M. Mosquito
Barker J.R.
Barker J.S.
Barker J.V.
Barker K.H. Lancaster PD265
Barker K.L.
Barker L.H.
Barker L.R. Halifax
Barker L.S. Wellington Z8798 Barker L.W.A.
Barker M.E. Lancaster
Barker M.M. Lancaster RE188
Barker N.G.
Barker O.G.
Barker R.B. Hurricane Spitfire MK898 Spitfire ML362
Barker S.R.
Barker T.A.
Barker T.F. Stirling EF268
Barker W.E. Flieet Finch # 4445
Barker Myron Edward
Barker Gerald Louis
Barker Frank Harvey
Barker Thomas Frederick
Barker Kenneth Hubert
Barker Laurence Sidney
Barker Lloyd Roger
Barker Alfred Cyril Seymour
Barker Malcolm Melly
Barker Gareth Allan
Barker James Melvin (Jimmy)
Barker-Benfield H.V.
Barkhouse D.F. Wellington 9916
Barkhouse Donald Frederick
Barkley O.A.
Barkway P.J.W. Barkway Percy James William
Barkwell J.H. Halifax Halifax
Barkwell J.L.
Barkwell John Herbert
Barley T.F.
Barlow C.F.
Barlow C.O. Beaufighter
Barlow G.M.B.
Barlow G.R.
Barlow J. Wellington Z8989
Barlow J.
Barlow J.A.
Barlow J.C.D.
Barlow J.D. Wellington Halifax NP703 Halifax NP759
Barlow J.P. Lancaster KB787
Barlow J.R.
Barlow J.S.
Barlow J.T.
Barlow J.W.
Barlow K.L.
Barlow L.
Barlow L.S.
Barlow N.H. Liberator
Barlow P.
Barlow P.C.
Barlow R.M. Wellington LN554
Barlow R.N. Wellington
Barlow T. Vengeance AN 649
Barlow W.H.
Barlow Reginald Newman
Barlow Ronald Malcolm
Barlow Percy
Barlow Cyril Oscare
Barlow Thomas
Barlow John Preston
Barlow Garnet Mack Bernard
Barnabe D.J.J. Roman Catholic
Barnard A.E. Spitfire W3454
Barnard D.E.
Barnard D.R.
Barnard F.H.H.
Barnard J.E.
Barnard L.J. Stirling
Barnard L.W.
Barnard S.A.
Barnard Wilfred Stanley Halifax LK803
Barnard Leonard Joseph
Barnard David Russell
Barnard Wilfred Stanley
Barnbrough R.V.
Barnes A.J.G. Halifax Halifax LL356
Barnes C.A.
Barnes D.C.
Barnes D.G. Crane
Barnes E.G.
Barnes G.J.L. Halifax
Barnes H.
Barnes H.
Barnes H.D.
Barnes H.E.
Barnes H.G. Halifax LK765 Halifax LW686 Halifax NA608
Barnes J.B.
Barnes J.D.M.
Barnes J.F.
Barnes J.F.E.
Barnes J.I.
Barnes J.M. Catalina A24/67
Barnes J.R.
Barnes L.G.
Barnes L.G. Spitfire RM839
Barnes L.G.
Barnes L.G.
Barnes M.E.
Barnes M.E.
Barnes R.H. Halifax NR173
Barnes R.J. Stirling W7469
Barnes R.J. Lancaster
Barnes R.R. Hudson
Barnes S.E.
Barnes S.G.
Barnes W.H. Halifax JD420
Barnes W.H.
Barnes W.H.
Barnes Herbert Evan Paul
Barnes Roland Roy
Barnes John Francis
Barnes Raymond James
Barnes John Malcolm
Barnes David George
Barnes Arthur John George
Barnes John Benjamin
Barnes Gordon John Lunney
Barnett C.
Barnett C.D.
Barnett George Howell Finch Anson Battle Anson Whitley Halifax NP721 Halifax NP812
Barnett J.I.
Barnett J.R. Anson 6739
Barnett R.A.
Barnett R.T.A.
Barnett T.A.J. Halifax NP938
Barnett W.M.
Barnett Joseph Roy
Barnettt R.V.M.
Barnhart C.P. Halifax LV913
Barnhart H.W.
Barnhill G.S.
Barnhill R.
Barnhill T.B. Whitley
Barnhill Thomas Blackwood
Barnholden G.
Barnhouse J.E.
Barnhouse R.H.
Barnicke J.J.
Barnicke P. Stirling
Barnicke Peter Stirling LK198
Barnie D.G. Hampden
Barnie Donald George
Barnlund C.V.
Barnlund R.E. Lancaster DS845
Barnsley G.W.
Barnson A.T. Martinet MS 554
Barnson Arthur Theodore
Barnstaple K.B.
Baron N.J. Halifax- Halifax
Baron Nick John
Baroni R.B. Lancaster PA970
Baroni R.J. Lancaster DV293
Baroni Raymond John
Barr A. Typhoon R8923
Barr A.I.
Barr B.
Barr C.R. Halifax
Barr D.W.
Barr E.M.F.
Barr F.M.L.
Barr G.C.
Barr G.H. Whitley
Barr G.M.
Barr G.T.
Barr H.C. Liberator EW210
Barr H.M.
Barr H.W. Halifax W1173
Barr J.
Barr J.A.
Barr J.J.L. Halifax LR754
Barr J.R.P.
Barr L.M.
Barr M.L.
Barr R.A. Stirling
Barr R.A.
Barr R.B. Hampden Barr R.H.
Barr R.L.
Barr R.J.
Barr R.M.
Barr T.A. Harvard 1334
Barr V.L.
Barr W.J.
Barr Thomas Archibald
Barr Charles Rae
Barr Robert Allan
Barr Willis Eric
Barr William John
Barr Robert James
Barr Robert Lenno
Barr Aleander
Barr George Henry
Barr Henry Charles
Barraball G.J.
Barraball Gordon James
Barraclough T.E.
Barran A.
Barras J.A.M.
Barre R.F. Lancaster DV191
Barregar R.A.
Barrell J.E.
Barrell W,C,M,
Barrer G.E.
Barret E.O.
Barrett A.C.W.
Barrett A.R.B.
Barrett B.D.
Barrett C.G.
Barrett C.K. Barrett D.
Barrett D.A. Lancaster
Barrett D.D.
Barrett D.G. Anson Wellington Halifax LL550 Halifax MZ654 Halifax LL593 Halifax MZ947 Halifax MZ586
Barrett E.H. Oxford
Barrett E.L. Hudson
Barrett F.D.W.
Barrett F.G.
Barrett F.H. Halifax DT705
Barrett F.T.
Barrett G.D.L. Anson
Barrett G.G.
Barrett G.J.
Barrett H.
Barrett J.A.
Barrett J.A.
Barrett J.E.
Barrett J.E.J.
Barrett Joseph Flavelle Moth Harvard Master Liberator
Barrett J.H.
Barrett J.J.
Barrett L.E.
Barrett L.G.
Barrett M. Lancaster ED663
Barrett M.E.
Barrett M.R.
Barrett N. Sunderland
Barrett N.J. - Halifax
Barrett R.E.W.
Barrett R.J. Beaufighter LF929
Barrett R.O. Hudson BW 700
Barrett W.B.
Barrett W.C. Halifax LV951
Barrett W.C.
Barrett W.C.
Barrett W.L.
Barrett D.
Barrett Gurney De Lois
Barrett John Hamilton
Barrett Robert Oliver
Barrett Eric Henry
Barrett Martin
Barrett Edward Lloyd
Barrett Frederick Howard
Barrett Norman
Barrett Roger John
Barrett Clayton Keith
Barrette J.B.G.
Barrette J.L.
Barrick J.F.

Hurricane BE171
Hurricane BG824

Barrie D.G. Hurricane Hurricane
Barrie Emerson Gordon Halifax DG226
Barrie H.J.L.
Barrie J.D.
Barrie J.D. Halifax- Halifax
Barrie J.G.K.
Barrie Donald Gladstone
Barrie John Donald
Barrie Emerson Gordon
Barrier R.J.
Barrington J.G.
Barron A.S.
Barron C.M.
Barron D.C.
Barron G.A.
Barron G.A.
Barron George Albert Hendry Finch Anson Halifax Halifax NP722
Barron J.
Barron J.B.
Barron J.H.
Barron Peter Clarence Finch Yale Anson Anson Fortress
Barron P.E. Wellington
Barron R.L.M.
Barron Percival Edward
Barrons H.J. Lancaster
Lancaster JB654
Barrons Harold John
Barrow C.O. Beaufighter
Beaufighter NE368
Barrow E.G. Barrow R.W.
Barrow V.K.
Barrowman A.M. Lancaster
Lancaster JB361
Barrowman J.A.
Barrowman Archibald Macarthur
Barrus J.W.
Barry A.W.
Barry C.C.
Barry F.J.M.
Barry F.W. Halifax DT805
Barry George Richard Lancaster PB112
Barry H.A.
Barry I.C.
Barry J.
Barry J.A.
Barry J.C.G.B.
Barry J.H. Halifax W7923- Halifax W7885
Barry J.J.
Barry L.G. Barry R.
Barry R.A. Barry T.B.
Barry William Aleander Renton Stinson Anson Anson Mosquito & Wellington Mosquito & Halifax ----- Lancaster
Barry W.J.
Barry W.W.
Barry George Richard
Barsalou J.A.J. Barsalou J.P. Canso
Canso 9807
Barsalou Jean Paul
Barsanti C.V.
Barsby E.E.
Barske P.J. Halifax Halifax LK969
Barske Paul Jack
Barsky H.
Barteau R.C. Halifax NA204
Barteau R.M.
Bartels O.C.
Barter J.
Barter W.H.
Barthman C.A.
Bartkiewicz F. Wellington
Bartkiewicz Francis
Bartle G.V. Wellington
Wellington HF172
Bartle Gerald Victor
Bartleman F.D.M.
Bartleman J.M.
Bartleman K.E.
Bartleman W.A. Whitley
Whitey Z6867
Bartleman William Archibald
Bartlemay W.A. Bartlemay William Arthur
Bartlett A.H.
Bartlett C.S. Vickers Valencia-
Halifax LW173
Bartlett F.R. Spitfire MJ732
Bartlett J.A. Walrus
Bartlett J.A.
Bartlett J.C. Wellington
Bartlett R.E. Swordfish
Gladiator / Skua
Skua --- Bartlett R.M.
Bartlett R.N. Bartlett R.W. Wellington
Bartlett T.S.
Bartlett W.A.
Bartlett W.W.
Bartlett Raymond Neil
Bartlett Ralph William
Bartley G.E. Bartley G.H.
Bartley H.J. Mosquito KB210
Bartley L.L. Blenheim
Bartman G.H. Halifax Halifax HR712
Bartman L.W. Stirling
Bartman M.
Bartman Gordon Harold
Bartman Lloyd Wallace
Barton A.D.
Barton Alfred William Finch Harvard Anson Anson
Barton B.I.
Barton F.C.
Barton G.G.
Barton H.G.
Barton H.H. Wellington
Barton J.B.
Barton J.I.
Barton J.R.C. Anson
Anson 6691
Barton K.J. Wellington
Barton L.E.
Barton O.
Barton O.C.
Barton P.S. Hurricane Typhoon
Barton Robert A. 'Butch'
--- Barton R.G.
Barton R.J.
Barton R.W.
Barton R.W.
Barton T.B.
Barton T.G. Barton T.H.
Barton W.
Barton W.H.
Barton W.I.
Barton V.A. Halifax LK662
Barton W.S.
Barton Kenneth Judson
Barton James Robert Carl
Barton Hugh Hartil
Barton Thomas Granston
Barts R.J. Ventura
Ventura FD 697
Barts Roy Joseph
Bartsch M.
Barwood W.H.E.
Baryluk Michael Halifax PN235
Barzacle C.S. Halifax MZ629
Barzeele C.S.
Basarab L. Basarab Louis
Basarich George Finch Anson Blenheim & Boston
Bascom C.S. Bascom S.A.
Bascom Charles Stanley
Base-Smith J.M.
Bash M.
Baskerville C.G.
Baskerville John Edward Whitley N1405
Baskerville M.G.
Baskerville N.G. Lancaster
Lancaster ND515
Baskerville P.G.
Baskerville Norman George
Bass E.
Bass R.W.
Bassarab R.N.
Bassarab W.M.
Bassett A.D.S.
Bassett C.E.
Bassett G.A. Bassett G.L.
Bassett H.N.
Bassett W.J.
Bassett - Spiers E.C.
Bassman C.G.
Basso Joseph Antonio Bolinbroke
Basson R.A.
Bastable H.D. Halifax LL306
Bastable V.J. Wellington BJ883
Bastarache Joseph Edgar
Bastarche J.E. Bastedo J.B.
Bastick N.A. Anson
Anson R3431
Bastien F.A.E.
Bastille E.
Bastin A.G.
Baston G.H. Lysander / P-51
Bastone B.
Bastow D.L.G.
Batchelar R.
Batchelor A.W. Mosquito
Batchelor E.T.
Batchelor Z.G.
Batchen A.G. Whitley
Batchen R.T. Batchen Aleander George
Bate A.J. Bate D.G.
Bate G.G. Hurricane
Bate H.
Bate T.C.
Lockheed ?
Bate W.G.
Bate Thomas Cecil
Bate Arthur John
Bateman A.L. Bateman B.S.
Bateman C.K. Bateman D.W. Bateman G.L.
Bateman H.
Bateman J.H.T. Hampden
Hampden AJ993
Bateman J.R. Bateman L.F.
Bateman L.J. Wellington HF134
Bateman S.T.
Bateman William Mawell Moth Harvard & Yale Anson Halifax
Bateman John Haythornthwaite
Bateman James Richard
Bateman Albert Leroy
Bateman Clarence Kenneth
Bateman Donald William
Bater J.E.
Bater R.H.
Bates D. Halifax- Halifax
Bates D.R. Bates E.G.
Bates F.A.
Bates G.F.
Bates G.M.
Bates H.F.K.
Bates J.C.
Bates J.D. Bates J.D.L.
Bates J.I.I.
Bates J.M.
Bates J.M.
Bates L.M.
Bates L.S. Halifax DK267
Bates M.H.
Bates M.J. Hudson
Hudson FK 547
Bates R.W.
Bates T.S. Nomad
Nomad 3521
Bates W.
Bates W.D.
Bates W.D. Oxford
Oxford HN 177
Bates Theodore Scribner
Bates David Henderson
Bates William David
Bates Michael Joseph
Bates John Donald
Bates David Ralph
Bateson F.J. Hurricane HL676
Bath B.T. Halifax Halifax 7865
Bath Peter Thomas
Bathgate R.J.
Bathie A.C.A.
Batho A.E.
Bathurst A. Spitfire
Batshaw H.
Batt C.E. Batt H.
Batt H.G.
Batt J.H. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell FV989
Batt James Henry
Battaglia J.E. Harvard
Harvard 2712
Battaglia Jean E
Batten C.L.
Batten J.W.
Batten R.L.
Batters Harold Mark Spitfire BS277
Batters Harold Mark
Battersby W.D.
Batterton J.M. Batterton John Martin
Batting R.N.
Battison F.H.
Battler Ralph Oscar Halifax NA190
Battler Ralph Oscar
Battrum W.D.
Batty A.V. Batty A.W.
Batty F.S.
Batty H.C.
Batty J.E.
Batty R.M.
Batty W.K.R.
Batty Archie Verdun
Baty W.J. Halifax NP757
Bauchman G.P.
Baudais F.R.
Baudette R.
Baudette Paul Mosquito
Baudou E.L.
Bauer Arnold John 'AJ'
Bauer L.H. Bauer W.C.
Bauer W.F. Wellington
Bauer Wilbert Francis
Bauer Lavergne Henry
Baughman R.L.
Baughman W.A.
Baum H. Shark
Shark 524
Baum S.
Baum W.G. Halifax- Halifax
Baum Hyman
Baum William George Re
Bauman G.C.
Bauman R.M.
Baumann A.J.
Baumann G.R. Baumann George Robert
Baumgarten R.L. Wellington
Baumgarten Raymond Lamport
Bauset J.C.P.
Bauslaugh L.E.
Baverstock Ernest Ballantyne
Bavis C.H. Spitfire EP114
Bawden J.D.
Bawtinheimer E.G. Bolingbroke
Bawtinheimer Earl Gordon
Bawtree L. Lancaster RF253
Bater A.G. Bater C.A.
Bater C.J.
Bater C.J.
Bater D.A.
Bater D.F.J. Bater D.H.
Bater D.W.
Bater E.C.F.
Bater E.H.
Bater F.
Bater Frank Dennis Halifax NP721 Halifax RG476
Bater F.R.
Bater George Aleander Gorden Moth Harvard Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AL210
Bater H.G.
Bater J.G.
Bater J.M.
Bater J.P.
Bater J.R. Hudson
Bater L.E.
Bater L.E. Lancaster
Lancaster PA259
Bater L.J. Spitfire
Spitfire LV754
Bater M.J.
Bater R.G.
Bater R.L. Hudson
Bater R.M.
Bater R.W.
Bater S.G.
Bater T.R.
Bater W.
Bater W.
Bater W.
Bater W.A.
Bater George Aleander Gorden
Bater John Ross
Bater Douglas Frank Jakes
Bater Lloyd James
Bater Robert Leroy
Bater William
Bater Arie Gordon
Bater Leonard Earl
Bayard J.W. Liberator
Liberator BZ961
Bayard R.L. Beaufighter
Bayard Richard Lewis
Bayard John William
Baycroft T.C.
Bayer E.G. Halifax- Halifax
Bayer F.J.
Bayer G.L.
Bayer Edward Granville
Bayerle S.J. Halifax LK765 Halifax LW686 Halifax NA608
Bayley C.A.
Bayley D.A. Dakota
Bayley S.M. Bayley Samuel Mitchell
Bayley Deckland Archibald
Bayliss A.E.
Bayliss H.V.G.
Bayliss R.C.M. Mosquito MM743
Bayliss R.E.
Bayly A.M.
Bayly G.H.U.
Bayly J.C. Spitfire
Bayne A.T.
Bayne G.F.
Bayne J.R.
Bayne R.J.
Baynton W.L.
Bays R.V.
Bays W.D.R.
Bazalgette I.W.

Bazeley G.
Bazeley I.M. Bazett C.E.
Bazett D.J.
Bazinet J.A.
Bazinet J.O. Halifax MZ674
Beach A.C.
Beach A.M.
Beach B.K.
Beach C.A. Boston
Beach E.H.P.
Beach E.V. Beach L.I.
Dakota KG 653
Beach M.F. Halifax LV968
Beach N.F.
Beach R.A.
Beach R.B. Beach R.O.
Beach Carl Adrian
Beach Roy Bernard
Beach Lawrence Irwin
Beach Earl Victor
Beacock G.C.
Beagley J.D. Wellington
Wellington LP519
Beagley James Daniel
Beairsto F.W.
Beairsto Frank James
Beairsto Carl Phillips
Beake Percival Harold Spitfire Typhoon
Beal L.
Beal W.T.
Beale D.A.
Beale H.F. Wellington
Beale J.R.
Beale W.G.
Beale W.S. Wellington Wellington
Beale Walter Stanley
Beale Harold Frid
Beales Fred Halifax Halifax MZ684
Beales W. Beales Fred
Beall E.M.
Beall G.S. Beall Hugo Russell MacDougall Battle Wellington Liberator
Beall H.W.
Beall P.W.P.
Beall Gordon Scowcroft
Beally H.P.
Beals A.W.
Beam A.G.
Beam M.T.
Beamer A.H.
Beames H.D. Beames J.E.
Beames Henry Denys
Beamish D.F.
Beamish H.W.
Bean B.G.H.R. HalifaxHalifax EB154
Bean C.B.
Bean E.M.
Bean J.S.
Bean L.A.
Bean R.J. Bean W.W.
Bean Bruce George Harold Robert
Beanland C.A. Halifax Halifax JP181
Beanland Charles Alec
Beard A.J. Beard Edwin George Halifax Halifax LK839
Beard G.A.
Beard J.S.
Beard R.W.
Beard Albert John
Beard Edwin George
Beardall D.R. Harvard
Harvard 2955
Beardall R.H. Whitley
Whitley N1430
Beardall Robert Haig
Beardall Donald Roy
Beardmore Eric Walter Harvard Hurricane Hurricane P3859 Goblin
Beare A. Beare B.F.
Beare B.J.
Beaufighter JL900 Beare D.S. Catalina
Beare H.T.
Beare Donald Sylvester
Bearisto C.P. Halifax- Halifax
Bearisto F.J. Bearnes K.L. Stirling BK657 Beasley J.R. Spitfire
Spitfire DM277
Beasley P.E.
Beasley W.E.
Beasley W.H. Beasley Joseph Ronald
Beasley William Harold
Beasom J.
Beasum J.A. Halifax NR126
Beatie E.G.M.
Beaton A.F. Wellington
Beaton A.H.
Beaton C.N. Wellington
Beaton C.R.
Beaton D.E.
Beaton E.
Beaton E.H.
Beaton E.M.
Beaton H.J. Beaton I.R.A. Spitfire
Spitfire K9821
Beaton J. Beaton J.
Beaton J.J. Halifax Lancaster DS689
Beaton M.S.
Beaton N.C.
Beaton R. Wellington
Beaton R.
Beaton R.A.
Beaton R.G.
Beaton W.H.
Beaton W.W.
Beaton Ian Ronald Aird
Beaton Charles Norman
Beaton Aleander Farquhar
Beaton Herbert John
Beattie A.N. Beattie B.J.
Beattie D.C. Sunderland
Beattie D.H.
Beattie D.H.
Beattie D.H.
Beattie D.L.G.
Beattie E.W. Sunderland
Beattie F.C.A.
Beattie G.A.
Beattie G.W. Beattie Harry Cameron Hudson Hudson
Beattie H.D. Liberator
Beattie H.D.
Beattie H.J. Lancaster Lancaster DV387
Beattie J.
Beattie J.L.
Beattie J.W. Halifax LW616
Beattie L.K. Wellington Wellington LP567
Beattie N.E.
Beattie P.R.
Beattie R.A.
Beattie R.D.
Beattie R.L. Halifax LW275
Beattie R.N.
Beattie R.O. Lancaster PB687
Beattie V.J.
Beattie W.H.
Beattie Harold David
Beattie Hugh Donald
Beattie Harold James
Beattie John Leslie
Beattie Edgar William
Beattie Donald Charles
Beattie Lyall Kenneth
Beattie John
Beattie George William
Beatty A.M. Halifax Halifax LL138
Beatty B. Hurricane
Beatty B.
Beatty C.L.
Beatty D.L. Wellington
Beatty F.S.
Beatty G.D. Proctor Proctor Z 7217
Beatty H.C. Wellington
Beatty H.G.
Beatty James Hughes Finch Harvard Kittyhawk ET866 Typhoon
Beatty J.M. Halifax- Halifax
Beatty J.N.
Beatty N.F.
Beatty R.M.
Beatty W.B. Lancaster Lancaster LL863
Beatty W.E.
Beatty William Lawrence Typhoon
Beatty W.S. Halifax Halifax DT723
Beatty W.W.L.
Beatty Harold Creighton
Beatty Donald Lyall
Beatty Walter Stanley
Beatty James Murray
Beatty Walter Bennett
Beatty Alvin Marshall
Beatty George David
Beaty Henry Glendinning
Beaubien L.F.J.D.
Beaubien M.T.J.
Beaucage J.M.
Beauchamp A.W.L.
Beauchamp F.A.
Beauchamp J.F.R.
Beauchamp J.V..N.
Beauchamp M.R.P.
Beauchamp P.G.E. Wellington DF626
Beauchamp R.
Beauchamp S.N.E.
Beauchamp T.R.
Beauchamp R.
Beauchesne Noé Edward Joseph Halifax LW686 Halifax LW582
Beaudet J.R.P.
Beaudette R.
Beaudin R.R.
Beaudoin C.H.M. Lancaster
Lancaster LM586
Beaudoin J.F.U.
Beaudoin M.J.A.
Beaudoin R.
Beaudoin Charles Howard Michael
Beaudreau A.C.
Beaudry Eloi Joseph Emile Ventura Ventura AE688
Beaudry G.A.
Beaudry Joseph Emile Roland Anson Botha Wellington Halifax MZ845
Beaudry Joseph Victor Raoul Halifax
Beaudry P.L.
Beaugrand E.B.
Beaugrand R.C.F.
Beaugrand-Champagne J.N.J.H.
Beaulac J.W.A.
Beaulieu A.J. B-25 Mitchell B-25 Mitchell
Beaulieu B.M.R.
Beaulieu F.R.G.
Beaulieu G.
Beaulieu J.P.A.
Beaulieu J.R.S.L.
Beaulieu P.E.
Beaulieu William Victor Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736
Beaulieu Arthur Joseph
Beaumier H.
Beaumont A. Halifax Halifax LK779
Beaumont B.D.W.
Beaumont H.A.
Beaumont L.H.
Beaumont L.M. Lancaster
Beaumont N.A.
Beaumont R.J.
Beaumont W.H. Mosquito
Beaumont Leys Middleton
Beaumont Lawrence Herbert
Beaune R.G.
Beaupre H.C.
Beaupre H.H.F. Lancaster R5484
Beaupre J. Halifax- Halifax
Beaupre J.P.
Beaupre L.J.
Beaupre P.G. Halifax MZ603
Beaupre Jean
Beauregard A.
Beauregard C.M. Lancaster
Lancaster LM395
Beauregard I.L.A.
Beauregard J.A.F.
Beauregard J.G. Stirling
Beauregard J.M.N.
Beauregard Joseph George Wilfred
Beauregard Charles Marie
Beausage J.M.
Beauvais J.L.R.
Beaver E.
Beaver John Wesley Spitfire
Beaver-Jones W.
Beavo W.E. Beavo William Edward
Beazer B.C.
Beazer L.M.
Beazer M.A. Hurricane Hurricane 5417
Beazer Mark Aulde
Beazley H. Lancaster LL945
Beazley Harry
Bebeau L.E.
Bebensee Douglas Glenn Anson Hampden Halifax HR905
Bebensee Douglas Glenn
Bechard L.J.R. Wellington
Bechard Louis Joseph Raymond
Becher J.C.
Bechtel P.A.
Beck A.J. Beck A.J.
Beck B.H.
Beck B.S.
Beck C.D. Spitfire SM201
Beck C.E. Beck C.M.
Beck J.A.
Beck J.D. Beck J.M.
Beck J.S.M.
Beck J.W. Boston
Beck T.L.
Beck T.V.
Beck W.D.G.
Beck W.S.
Beck John William
Beck John Douglas
Beck Charles Douglas
Beck Albert John
Becker B.J. Halifax- Halifax
Becker H.L.
Becker N.R.
Becker R.B. Lancaster DS777
Becker R.C.
Becker R.D.A. Sunderland Sunderland ML743
Becker W.G.
Becker W.P.J.
Becker Byron Jeremiah
Becker Robert Douglas Albert
Beckett A.C. Beckett G.A. Lancaster DV209
Beckett H.
Beckett H.S.
Beckett J. Blenheim Z 7712
Beckett R.F. Beckett W.E.
Beckett W.H.C.
Beckett Robert Francis
Beckett Gerald Alfred
Beckett Arthur Carleton
Beckley D.W.J. Lancaster PB113
Beckman Jack McNider
Beckner C.D.
Becks H.G. Halifax DT551
Beckstead J.L.
Beckthold W. Lancaster DV324
Beckthold William
Beckwall J.W.
Beckwall August Leroy
Beckwell A.L. Hudson FK 687
Beckwith A.
Beckwith H. Stirling BK607
Beckwith I.C.
Beckwith S.L.
Bedard C.O.
Bedard H.H. Wellington
Bedard J.
Bedard J.
Bedard J.A.G.G.
Bedard J.B.
Bedard Joseph Donat Marcel Halifax NP805
Bedard J.J.B.W.
Bedard J.J.P.M. Halifax Halifax LV990
Bedard J.P. Wellington
Bedard J.P.A.
Bedard J.R.A. Halifax LW460
Bedard R.C.
Bedard Harry Hector
Bedard Joseph Philippe
Bedard Joseph Jean Paul Marcel
Bedard Joseph Donat Marcel
Beddall J.I.M.
Beddis G.F.
Beddoe A.C.
Beddome G.G.
Beddow W.W.L. Beddow William Whittingham
Bedel P.N.
Bedell J.B.
Bedell L.E. Lancaster ND644
Bedell R.H. Wellington
Bedell V.B.
Bedell Reginald Hudson
Bedell Lyle Eugene
Bedford G.W. Wellington HE771 Halifax NA510
Bedford R.F.H.
Bedford T.K.
Bedingfield J.I.
Bedore G.E. Seafire
Bedson P.D.
Bedwell E.J. Lancaster EE129
Bedwell W.
Bee A.L.
Bee C.R. Stirling BF335
Bee G.E.
Bee Charles Robert
Beebe H.C. Lancaster R5575
Beebe Henry Craig
Beeby E.
Beech C.T.
Beech G.M. Wellington
Beech M.D.
Beech S.P. Halifax Halifax LL885 ?
Beech W.L. Spitfire
Beech Gerard Mckee
Beech Charles Trask
Beech Stanley Percy
Beecher E.R. Spitfire
Beeching C.F. Stranraer
Beeching Charles Franklin
Beechinor T.J.
Beechinor Thomas James
Beemer F.H. Wellington
Beemer R.C.
Beemer Frederick Hill
Beer H.A.
Beer J.W.
Beer L.S.
Beer R.M.
Beer Lloyd Stuart
Beers F.K. Lancaster PB185
Beers J.C.
Beers Frederick Kenneth
Bees H.G. Halifax JB791
Beesack P.R.P.
Beese G.A.
Beesley J.F.T. Beesley Joseph Francis Terence
Beeson S.H.
Beeston W.J.
Beetham Jim Halifax DT551 Halifax LL574
Beetz E.J.
Beetz M.A.
Beetz Ma Albert
Beevor-Potts L.
Begbie K.B. Halifax Halifax DK253
Begbie Kendall Bell
Begg A.M. Albermarle Albermarle V1823
Begg G.H.K.
Begg J. Halifax Halifax LK746
Begg John Arthur Wellington & Halifax
Begg J.G.
Begg L.A.
Begg R.F.
Begg Andrew Mcalpine
Beggs J.L.
Beggs J.R.
Beggs W.J.
Begin A. Halifax NP938
Begin C.
Begin J.H.P.R. Begin J.P.
Begin J.R.
Begin M.F.Y.C. Begin Mariette Francoise Yolande C.
Begin Joseph Henri Paul Rogers
Begley R.R.
Begley W.P. Hurricane Hurricane
Begley Wilson Patterson
Begy William Bilton Finch Harvard Whitley & Lancaster Liberator Mitchell Dakota Valetta Canuck Canuck Canuck
Behan G.R.
Behan H.B.
Behan J.A.T.
Behan J.K.
Behan R.L.
Behan W.F.
Beharriell F.J.
Beharriell J.F. Halifax LK765
Behiels E.P.J.
Behnsen K.C.
Beierl C.D.
Beierl J.T.
Beigler T. Beiko G.
Beilhartz R.E. Fleet Fort
Fleet Fort
Beilhartz Ronald Earl
Beingessner E.S. Cornell
Cornell EW 394
Beingessner Elmer Stephen
Beirnes Jack Rife Yale Anson Anson Kittyhawk Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon MM959 Typhoon Typhoon SW393
Beirnes J.L.
Beirnes Donald Wood Moth Harvard & Anson & Crane Whitley Blenheim Blenheim Blenheim
Beise J.A. Beise James Arnold
Beisiegel W.K.
Beitz K.C.
Beker R. Beker Raymond
Beketov N.A.
Belanger B.J.
Belanger D.V.J. Belanger F.J. Lancaster
Belanger F.J.E.G.
Belanger F.P.J.
Belanger G.J.E.
Belanger J.A.G.
Belanger J.A.R. Wellington
Wellington MF375
Belanger J.D.P.
Belanger J.J.D. Wellington
Belanger J.J.M.
Belanger J.L.
Belanger J.L. Wellington
Belanger J.M. Catholic
Belanger J.M. Belanger L.E. Catholic
Belanger L.F.
Belanger M.J.
Belanger M.
Belanger R.
Belanger R.
Belanger Frank James
Belanger Joseph Leo Gerard Battle Anson & Oxford Hudson Hudson T9322
Belanger Joseph Leonin Lionel
Belanger Jean Baptiste
Belanger Joseph Adelard Roland
Belanger Jean Joseph Donnelly
Belanger Joseph Marcel
Belbin H.S. United Church
Belch M.H.
Belchamber C.D.
Belcher L.R. Belcher Leonard Ralph
Belcourt F. Miles Master
Miles Master T 8565
Belcourt Frank
Beldam Phillip William Stanraer & Catalina
Belding C.E.
Belec G. Whitley
Whitley EB338
Belec G.G. Hudson
Belec J.W.E. Spitfire Hurricane
Belec P.L.L.
Belec Gilbert Gerard
Belec Gordon
Belecky J.A. Hudson
Belecky L.C.
Belecky John Anthony
Beley R.W. Hurricane Hurricane
Belford E.
Belford E.R.
Belfry J.S.
Beliaeff L.
Belisle J.G.P.R.
Belisle J.P.E.
Belisle J.R.L.A.
Beliveau J.H. HalifaxHalifax W1146
Beliveau Joseph Henri Alphonse
Belkin D. Halifax LL576
Belkin P. Liberator
Liberator BZ842
Belkin Paul
Bell A. Halifax JP197
Bell A.D.G. Bell A.F. Wellington
Bell A.G.
Bell A.H. Halifax Halifax JD159
Bell A.L.
Bell A.L.
Bell A.M.
Bell A.M.J. Bell A.N.
Bell A.P. Stirling
Stirling LK116
Bell A.S.
Bell A.W.
Bell A.W.
Bell B.E. Typhoon MP145
Bell B.S.
Hampden P4383
Bell B.E. Halifax- Halifax
Bell C. Halifax MZ537
Bell C.
Bell C.E. Bell C.E.
Bell C.E.
Bell C.H. Bell C.H.
Bell C.H. Bell Charles Herbert Leslie Wellington R1616
Bell C.O.
Bell D. Lancaster
Bell D. Halifax Halifax MZ288
Bell D.A. Bell D.A.
Bell D.A.L.
Bell D.G. Halifax- Halifax
Bell D.G.E. Spitfire
Bell D.H. Anson 11403
Bell D.L.
Bell D.M.
Bell D.R. Bell D.S.
Bell E.G.
Bell E.I.
Bell E.M. Wellington
Wellington HZ303
Bell E.N. Wellington 3201 Bell E.T. Halifax- Halifax
Bell E.W.
Bell F.A. Halifax- Halifax
Bell F.E.P.
Bell F.G. Bell F.J.
Bell G.
Bell G.
Bell G.A. Spitfire
Bell G.C.D.
Bell G.G.
Bell G.I.
Bell G.J.
--------------- Bell G.L.
Bell G.R. Bell G.W.
Bell H.C. Halifax Halifax LW495
Bell H.C.
Bell H.H. Ventura
Bell H.J.
Bell H.L.
Bell H.M.
Bell H.M.
Bell H.S.
Bell H.V.
Bell J. Lancaster
Lancaster JB731
Bell J. Bell J. Bell J.
Bell J.A.
Bell J.B. Bell J.D.
Bell J.D.
Bell J.F.D.
Bell J.F.M.
Bell J.G.
Bell J.H.
Bell J.H.
Bell J.I. Halifax MZ291
Bell J.K. Hampden AE366
Bell J.K.
Bell J.L. Wellington
Bell J.L.
Bell J.M. Stranraer
Stranraer 916
Bell J.P.
Bell J.R.
Bell J.W. Wellington Z8530 Bell J.W. Halifax LV914
Bell J.W.
Bell K.
Bell K.T.
Bell L.
Bell L.G.
Bell L.S.
Bell M.C.
Bell M.G.
Bell M.O.M.
Bell M.R. Stirling
Stirling EF504
Bell N.A. Bell N.A. Halifax LW285
Bell N.H.
Bell P.
Bell R.A. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk 1099
Bell R.A.
Bell R.G. Hampden AE366
Bell R.G. Halifax Halifax DG238
Bell R.G.
Bell R.G.
Bell R.G.
Bell R.J.
Bell R.V.D.
Bell S.R.
Bell T. Halifax NA524
Bell T.
Bell T. MosquitoMosquito NS675
Bell T.A.
Bell T.C.
Bell T.H.
Bell T.P.
Bell V.
Bell V.E.R. Mosquito Mosquito
Bell W.A. Bell W.C.M.
Bell W.E.
Bell W.E.
Bell W.G.
Bell W.H. Halifax Bell W.J.
Bell W.J.
Bell W.J. United Church
Bell W.J.H.
Bell W.K.
Bell W.M.
Bell W.O. Halifax H321
Bell W.R.
Bell W.R.
Bell W.R.A.
Bell W.T.
Bell R. Halifax NA582 Halifax LK765
Bell Charles Harold
Bell Frederick Judson
Bell Donald Raymond
Bell Clarence Edgar
Bell James William
Bell Charles Herbert Leslie
Bell Ronald George
Bell Angus Hugh
Bell Raymond Melvin
Bell Charles Hindmarsh
Bell James
Bell John Mcclelland
Bell Frank George
Bell Ernest Mawell
Bell Malcolm Owen Morley
Bell Angus Fyfe
Bell Bruce Edwin
Bell Henry Hedley
Bell Murray Richard
Bell James Bond (Jimmie)
Bell Norman Andrew
Bell Gordon Ross
Bell Aleander Matthew James
Bell David
Bell Alvin Donald Gould
Bell David Gordon
Bell William Aleander
Bell Earl Theodore
Bell Harold Copeland
Bell John
Bell Francis Aubrey
Bell James Lloyd
Bell Vanegmond Robert
Bell Gordon Ross
Bell Thomas
Bell Andrew Paul Stirling IV LJ882 - Evaded
Bell C.R.
Bell J.J. Halifax LL142
Bell-Irving A.D.
Bell-Irving D.G.
Bell-Irving R.K.F.
B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell
Bellamy G.C. Bellamy J.A. Bellamy J.W. Lancaster KB777 Bellamy L.A.
Bellamy R.J.
Bellamy W.B.
Bellamy Glenn Crawford
Bellamy John Alwin
Bellan R.C.
Bellan S.
Bellantino D. Bellantino Dominico
Bellasente A. Bellavance A.N.
Bellavance E.
Bellavance G.
Belle Isle J.G.G.
Belleau M.J.H.M. Hurricane Hurricane
Bellerby R.B.
Bellerive G.C.
Bellerive Gomer Couture
Bellevue G.A.
Bellew H.B. HalifaxHalifax DG282
Bellew T.F.L.
Bellew Henry Benedict
Belley J.J.B.L.
Belli Bivar R.G.
Bellinger A.G.
Bellinger J.
Bellinger J.H. Halifax MZ364
Bellinger W.G. Halifax Halifax DK259
Bellinger William George
Bellingham W.H.L. Spitfire
Spitfire PL159
Bellingham Adam Sidney
Bellingham William Henry Laurie
Bellis A.R.B.
Bellis A. Bellis J. Bellis John Whamsley Moth & Finch Anson & Crane Anson Catalina Catalina Catalina & Sunderland Canso & Catalina ---- Lancaster
Bellis R.S. Typhoon
Typhoon MN432
Bellis Robert Samuel
Bellisle A.C.
Lancaster NN758
Bellisle J.L.A.R. Thunderbolt
Thunderbolt KJ263
Bellisle Joseph Louis Alphonse Roland
Belliveau R.
Bellman W.A.
Bellngham A.S. Wellington
Bellos Anthony William Lancaster NG460
Bellotti A.M. Anson
Anson R3431
Bellotti Alphonse Michael
Belluz R.J.
Bellzile J.R.
Belous W.L. Halifax Halifax W7670
Belous Wesley Leonard
Belt D.E. Stirling
Stirling LK113
Belt F.M.
Belt Dallas Eugene
Belton F.K. Church of England
Belton G.S.
Belton J.H.
Beluse J.E.M.
Beluse J.E.M. Halifax LK798
Belway D.F.
Belway F.
Belyea A.C. Lancaster
Lancaster ME721
Belyea D.H.
Belyea E.R.
Belyea Allan Conway
Belyea D.G. Belzile M.F.L.
Bemi F. Bemi Frederick
Bemister J.E. Halifax DT749
Ben G.
Ben-Hertz M. Ben-Hertz Mawell
Benabo R.
Lancaster PA970
Benard E.
Benard F.N.
Benard J.H.M.
Benard J.N.F.
Bence E.A.
Bench B.W.
Bend W.G. Bend William George
Bendall C.
Bendall K.E. Hurricane
Bendell N.R.
Bender C. Hebrew
Bender H.W.
Bender W.F.
Bendick J.
Benditski S. Halifax R9383
Bendisen J.
Bendwig R.A. Beaufort
Bendwig Richard Alanson
Benedict W.P. Hurricane

Benedict W.P.
Benell C.H.
Beneteau M.J.M. Wellington H676 Beney G. Benford E.T.
Benford S.M. Halifax W1214 Halifax BB209
Benham J.C.
Benidickson W.M.
Beninger H.J.
Benison H.H.
Benitz F.M.
Wellington W5550
Benjamin F.R.
Benjamin M.E.
Benjamin P.M.
Benn C.E.
Benn R.
Benn W.W.
Bennell R.J. Mosquito Mosquito LR270
Bennell R.J. Boston Mosquito
Bennell Richard James
Benner David Stanley Halifax Halifax
Benner F.P.
Benner K.J.
Benner L.E.
Benner M.C.
Benner R.I. Benness B.B.
Bennet B.B.
Bennet G.
Bennet L.G.H.
Bennet P.N.
Bennet R.C.
Bennet W.H.
Bennet William Arthur James
Bennett A.
Bennett A.E.
Bennett A.E.
Bennett A.R.
Bennett B.R.
Bennett C.E.
Bennett C.E.
Bennett C.H. Anson
Bennett C.J. Wellington Wellington
Bennett C.J.
Bennett C.V.
Bennett C.W. Hudson
Bennett C.W.
Bennett D.E. Wellington
Bennett D.G.
Bennett D.H. Lancaster
Bennett D.J. Halifax MZ903
Bennett D.L.
Bennett D.W. Wellington
Wellington 9879
Bennett E.T.
Bennett G. Lancaster
Bennett G.L.
Bennett G.N. Bennett G.R.
Bennett G.W.
Bennett H.
Bennett H.C. Spitfire
Spitfire EP206 ?
Bennett H.E.
Bennett J. Bennett J.
Bennett J. Lancaster LM687
Bennett J.
Bennett J.A. Halifax DT646
Bennett J.B. Halifax NP712
Bennett J.D.
Bennett J.G. Bennett J.J.
Bennett J.N. Lancaster
Lancaster ND672
Bennett J.R.
Bennett J.W.
Bennett K.B. Mosquito Mosquito KB278
Bennett K.H.
Bennett L.D. Bennett L.G. Bennett L.J.J.
Bennett N.G.
Bennett N.V.
Bennett P.
Bennett P.G.
Bennett R.A.
Bennett R.A.J. Lancaster
Lancaster LL627
Bennett R.G.
Bennett R.G.
Bennett Richard Henry Montague Blenheim Blenheim R3823
Bennett R.H.
Bennett R.J. Bennett R.K.
Bennett R.R.
Bennett R.S.
Bennett R.T.
Bennett S. Typhoon
Bennett S.A. Bennett S.T.
Bennett T.H. Wellington
Bennett T.L. Wellington
Bennett W.A.J. Anson
Anson 11800
Bennett W.E.
Bennett W.E.
Bennett W.G.
Bennett W.J.
Bennett W.J.B. Bennett W.R.
Bennett W.R.
Bennett Pamela Gladys
Bennett Donald Ward
Bennett Cyril Herbert
Bennett Thomas Lloyd
Bennett Thomas Herbert
Bennett William John Bowles
Bennett Clifford William
Bennett James Gordon
Bennett Donald Edward
Bennett Harry Curd
Bennett Cecil Joseph
Bennett John
Bennett Kenneth Brian
Bennett Richard Jack
Bennett James Gordon
Bennett Jack Norman Ernest
Bennett Gordon N.
Bennett Donald Howard
Bennett Gordon
Bennett Kenneth Hugh
Bennett Richard Albert John
Bennett Lloyd Douglas
Bennett John
Bennetto M.A. Wellington DV654
Bennetto Murray Arthur
Bennetts L.H.
Bennie A. Halifax Halifax
Bennie W.P.
Benniman D.E. Harvard
Harvard 2768 Benniman Donald Edward
Benning F.G. Wellington
Wellington BB513
Benning Forbes Govan
Benningen J.
Bennis H. Lancaster
Lancaster LL867
Bennis Henry
Benoit E.J.
Benoit F.J.
Benoit J.A.L.R.
Benoit J.E.
Benoit J.P. Halifax H275
Benoit J.N.R.
Benoit R.E.
Bensen H.W.
Benson B.R.
Benson C.K.
Benson D.H. Oxford
Oxford V3955 Benson E.
Benson E.H.A.
Benson F.L.
Benson C.A.?
Benson H.A.
Benson I.B.
Benson J.A. Anson
Benson J.H.
Benson L.C.
Benson L.C.
Benson L.G.
Benson O.B.
Benson P.W. Halifax LW559
Benson P.W.
Benson R.L. Wellington
Wellington HE161 Benson S.R.
Benson T.
Benson W. Catalina
Catalina AH566
Benson W.M.P.
Benson Johann Aubrey
Benson Robert Lowell
Benson David Howard
Benson Ivor Bruce
Bent A.D.
Bent A.M.
Bent E.F. Bent E.F.H.
Bent G.T.
Bent H.S.
Bent J.D.
Bent J.H.
Bent J.L.
Bent S.A.
Bent V.E. Halifax HR777
Bent W.T. Wellington
Bent William Thomas
Bent Elroy Fenwick
Bentham R.G.
Bentinck G.H. Lancaster
Lancaster ND497
Bentinck George Henry
Bentley D.G. Bentley E.A.L.
Bentley F.E. Warwick
Warwick HG 209
Bentley K.H.
Bentley L.C. Wellington
Bentley L.G.
Bentley L.M.
Bentley L.S. Canso
Bentley L.T.
Bentley T.L. Bentley W.
Bentley W.J. Spitfire
Spitfire ML303
Bentley Logan Carmon
Bentley Thomas Lloyd
Bentley Douglas George
Bentley William John
Bentley Lloyd Sinclair
Bentley Frederick Earl
Benton C.B.
Benton J.H. Mosquito Mosquito
Benton R.J.E.
Benton John Hudson
Bentson M.W.
Bentz W.B. Bentz Wilbur Boyd
Benville L.J. Benville Lawrence John
Benzie J. Hurricane Hurricane
Beohmen G.A.
Beranek R.A.
Beranek S.J. Hampden
Beranek Stanley Joseph
Berch J.J. Halifax LL288
Bercovitch B.
Bercovitch H.G.
Bercuson B.
Bercuson Bernard
Berdahl I.J.
Berdan J.A.V.
Beresford D.A.
Beresford G.J. Wellington
Wellington DF637
Beresford J.S. Halifax JD317 Halifax Halifax
Beresford George James
Beresford John Stewart
Bereskin L.L.
Berg C.G.
Berg C.M. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell
Berg C.W. Halifax LW368
Berg D. Berg G.L.O. Halifax Halifax
Berg G.T.
Berg J.
Berg R.P.E.
Berg V.L.
Berg Carl Martin
Berg George Theodore
Berg Gilbert Louis Oscar
Berge J.S.
Bergen E.N.
Bergen O.E.D.
Dakota KG 653
Bergen Oliver Eugene Debs
Berger J. Hebrew
Berger L.
Berger M.
Berger S.
Berger Nathan Louis
Bergeron A.
Bergeron A.M.F.
Bergeron D.W.
Bergeron J.
Bergeron J.A. Bergeron J.E.
Bergeron J.F.A.
Bergeron M.
Bergeron John Albert
Bergervin G.
Berges C.G. Beaufighter
Berges Claude Gerald
Bergey D.G. Wellington HE228 Bergey E.K.
Bergh G.A.
Bergh I.M.
Bergin D.G.
Bergin D.S.
Bergin J.M. Bergin James Michael
Bergland N. Lancaster
Bergland Norval
Berglund J.R. Berglund John Roger
Bergman E.H.
Bergman J.F. Halifax MZ798
Bergman L.
Bergman P.R.
Bergouist B.W. Lancaster
Lancaster DS785
Bergouist E.R. Lancaster
Bergquist B.W.
Bergquist C.H.
Bergquist Edwin Robert
Bergquist Bertil Wilfred
Bergstein C. Wellington 9989
Bergsteinson M.V.
Bergsten C.A. Wellington
Wellington 9989
Bergsten Carl Aleis
Bergstrom E.
Bergstrome B.E.
Beriault V.E.A.
Berk R.B.
Berkeley N.G. Lancaster
Lancaster PB131
Berkey E.R. Hampden
Hampden AD927
Berkey G.R. Berkey Edward Roy
Berkey George Robert
Berkinshaw W.R.
Berko J.
Berkofsky J.R.
Berlet E.V.
Berlinguette Joseph Jean Paul Osias
Berlinquette J.J.P.O. Wellington
Berlis D.A.
Bermel A.W.
Bermingham D.C. Lancaster
Bermingham Daniel Charles
Bernard A.A.L.
Bernard A.C.G.
Bernard D. Lancaster
Lancaster R5552
Bernard J.U.
Bernard R.P.
Bernard S.
Bernard David
Bernardi K.L. Lancaster
Bernardi M.J.
Bernaski L.J.
Bernaski Ladimer Jacob
Bernatchez L.P.
Bernbaum M.
Berndt Evan James Halifax Halifax LK946
Bernett Neville Wellington Wellington
Bernhard G.
Bernhardt D.A. P-51 Mustang
Bernhardt Douglas Paul LancasterLancaster LL782 GI-H
Bernhardt G.R.
Bernhardt P.T.
Bernhardt Douglas Paul
Bernhart P.N. Tempest
Tempest EJ924
Bernhart Pierre Nicholas
Bernick L.A. Lancaster
Bernick R.M.
Bernick Lloyd Adolf
Bernier C.
Bernier F.O.
Bernier G.H.
Bernier J.L.C.
Bernier J.P.
Bernier J.S.E.M. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk FL226
Bernier J.W.L.
Bernier Joseph Wilfrid Laurier Fernando Anson Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax MZ538
Bernier M.A.
Bernier P.H.R.
Bernier S.A.
Bernier Joseph Stanislas Emile M.
Bernier Joseph Wilfrid Laurier F.
Bernstein F.L.
Bernstein P.C. Anson
Anson A426
Bernstein Paul Cleveland
Bernyk M. Bernyk V.H. Bernyk Victor Hector
Bernyk Michael
Berrey A.M.
Berrigan L.T. Lancaster
Lancaster ND581
Berrigan R.L.
Berrigan Leonard Thomas
Berrington A.
Berry A.B. Lancaster ME704 Berry B.C.
Berry C.B. Liberator
Berry C.F.
Berry C.R.
Berry D.A.
Berry D.E. Lancaster
Lancaster KB792
Berry D.F.
Berry E.S.
Berry F.
Berry G.A.
Berry G.E.
Berry G.H. Halifax LK756
Berry G.R. Lancaster KB869 Berry H.A.
Berry H.E. Berry H.T.
Berry J.C.G.B. Halifax LW460
Berry J.L.P. Berry J.P.
Berry J.S.
Berry K.G. Wellington
Berry L.J. Mosquito Mosquito RS571
Berry L.R.
Berry M.D. Halifax NP999
Berry R.C.
Berry R.C.
Berry T.F.
Berry T.F.
Berry W. Berry W.E.
Berry W.L. Halifax Halifax L9500
Berry W.M.M.
Berry W.S.
Berry Wallace Llewellyn
Berry John La Pointe
Berry Keith Gregory
Berry Douglas Elliott
Berry Lloyd Joseph
Berryman E.G.
Berryman J.R.
Berryman J.T. Vildebeest
Berryman L.F.

Berryman R.W.
Berryman S. Lancaster
Berryman Stuart
Bersudsky N.
Berszowski W.M.
Bertelsen C.M.
Bertelsen F.C. Bertelsen Frederick Castell
Berthiaume F.
Berthiaume J.F.E.G. Stirling
Berthiaume J.G.
Berthiaume J.L.A. Roman Catholic
Berthiaume L.F.
Berthiaume Joseph Francois Eavier Gilles
Berthier P.M.C.
Bertinet H.G.
Bertling M.H.
Berto T.V.
Bertoia C. Halifax Halifax
Bertoia Ciro
Bertossini A.G.
Bertram B.R.
Bertram D.W.
Bertram H.J.
Bertram R.E. Wellington
Bertram Richard Edgar
Bertran R.F.
Bertran R.H. Wellington
Wellington H398
Bertran Ross Herbert
Bertrand H.D.
Bertrand J.G. Harvard
Bertrand J.H.T.R. Halifax Halifax
Bertrand J.N. P-51 Mustang FB389
Bertrand Joseph Guy
Bertrand Joseph Herve Theodore R.
Berube J.J.B. Berube J.J.T. Berube J.P.
Berube J.P.A.
Berube J.R.F.
Berube P.
Berube P.E.
Berube Joseph Jean Baptiste
Berube Joseph Jean Thomas
Berven B.M. Wellington
Wellington HF534
Berven J.L.
Berven Bruce Martin
Berwick L.H.
Berwick R.A.D.
Besley G.W. Canso
Besley J.K. Hurricane
Besley Gordon Wilmer
Besner M.B.
Bessant W.E.
Besse C.A. Besse Claude Andrew
Bessent Henry Roberts
Bessette B.J.A. Stirling BK667
Bessette G.M. Bessette Bertie Joseph August
Bessette Gordon Macmillan
Bessey E.G.
Bessey H.H.
Bessey K.E.
Bessin J.P.
Bessmer A.D.
Besso W.E. Hudson
Best Robert Augusta Stirling LK198
Best A.G. Best A.L.
Best A.L.
Best A.P. Hudson
Best C.A.
Best D.C. Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax NP703 Halifax NP759
Best E.M.
Best G.R.
Best H.F.S. Lancaster
Lancaster LM183
Best John Douglass Halifax H147
Best S.
Best T. Wellington
Wellington Z8805
Best W.F. Lancaster JA690
Best Thomas
Best Aleander Gordon
Best Harold Francis Sargent
Best Robert Augusta
Best John Douglas
Bestel E. Manchester L7309
Bester J.F. Halifax LW166
Bestick F.F. Wellington
Beston P.G.
Beswick H.R. Wellington
Wellington Z1682
Beswick W.E. Halifax DK260
Beswick Herbert Russell
Betcher B.E.
Bethine R.T.
Bethune A.W.
Bethune J.G.
Bett F.C.
Betteridge J.H.
Betterley A.
Bettesworth C.J. Lancaster DS689
Betthidge A.J.
Bettin W.B. Botha
Botha L 6202
Bettin Wendelin Bernard
Bettridge O.A. Lancaster
Lancaster DS665
Bettridge Oliver Augustus
Betts A.W.
Betts B.G. Betts D. Betts D.A.
Betts D.E.
Betts J.H.
Betts J.L.
Betts N.G. Betts W.E.
Betts Norman Garnet
Betts Donald
Betts Bruce George
Betty J.W.
Betuzzi C.W.
Betzner A.
Beuglet W.J.
Beurling G.F. Spitfire MH883 Norseman
Bevan A.
Bevan A.R.
Bevan D.O. Catalina
Catalina FP266
Bevan G.A.
Bevan Douglas Oliver
Beveridge C.G.
Beveridge H.R.
Beveridge M.W. Mosquito Mosquito MM587 Mosquito MM 286
Beveridge S.J.
Beveridge W.H.
Beveridge Massey Williamson Mosquito MM587
Beveridge James Ralph Moth Anson Anson Oxford Oxford Whitley Halifax MZ879 BM-O
Beverley E.P.
Beverley G. Hudson
Hudson BW 634
Beverley G.M.
Beverley George
Bevington Robert C. Mosquito KB161 - Acton Ontario
Bevington W.C.
Bewley D.G. Canso
Bewley J.L.
Bewley Donald Glenn
Bews A.R.A. Halifax NP691
Bews J.T.
Beyak A.E.
Beyak Aleander Edward
Beynon H.G. Mosquito
Bezaire C.J.
Bezaire U.J.
Bezanson R.S. Bezanson Ralph Stanley
Bezer J.M.
Bherer J.A.J.C.
Bialoghecki H.
Bianco F.J.
Liberator Bianco R.A.
Bibby T.J. Halifax NA629
Bibeau J.W. Hurricane Hurricane LD388
Bibeau Joseph Willie Yvon
Biccum R.R.
Bice A.T.
Bice P.R.C.
Bice W.J.
Bichler J.A.
Bick J.W.
Bick R.V.
Bick R.W.
Bick T.N.
Bickerdike C.G.
Bickerstaff A.
Bickerton E.D.
Bickerton G.S. Wellington
Bickerton J.R. Halifax Halifax
Bickerton George Stanley
Bickerton Joseph Roy
Bicket P.M.
Bickford P.W. Bickford Peter William
Bicknell A.G.
Bicknell G.A.
Bicknell J. Dakota
Dakota FZ 585
Bicknell James
Bicum G.
Biddell F.H. Halifax MZ427
Biddell W.H. Biddle F.C. Stirling EF151
Biddle G.A.
Biddlecombe C.P.V. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell
Biddlecombe Conrad Peter Vivian
Biden B.S. Wellington
Biden D.E.
Biden Byron Stanley
Bidewell A.S.
Bidlake H.M.
Bidlake W.D.
Bidwell D.D. Wellington
Bidwell H.K.
Bidwell Donald David George
Bie E.H.
Bieber F.J.A.
Bieber W.J. Yale
Bieber Wilbert Jacob
Biech A.T.
Biegler C.I.
Biegler T.
Biehl W.M. Biehler H.W.
Biehler J.A. Bielby Keith Thomas Halifax Halifax LK839
Bielby R.R.
Bielby R.R. Halifax LW377
Bielby Keith Thomas
Bielinski B.J. Liberator 593
Bienvenue J.B.H. Proctor
Proctor HM 401
Bienvenue Jean Bernard Herbert
Bier D.S. Wellington
Bier Donald Sutherland
Biers R.L. Lancaster
Lancaster W5010
Biers Robert Lloyd
Bigar E.
Bigelow E.C.
Bigelow J.E.
Bigelow J.H.
Bigelow S.T.
Bigelow W.J.
Biger J.T. Roman Catholic
Biggar B.H.
Biggar H.E.
Biggar H.W.
Biggar J.R.
Biggar R.W.
Biggerstaff Richard Alan Halifax NP793
Biggerstaff Richard Alan
Biggs A.F.M.
Biggs D.B.
Biggs D.G. Liberator
Liberator BZ778
Biggs D.G.
Catalina Biggs G.L.S.
Biggs H.D. Lancaster PA977 Biggs J.W. Wellington
Biggs M.P.
Biggs P.F. Anson
Biggs R.D.
Biggs R.S.
Biggs Percival Frederick
Biggs James William
Biggs Douglas Gordon
Bigham J.R. Wellington
Bigham John Robert
Bignell H.G.
Bigney E.N.
Bigoray William Walter Harvard & Fort Anson & Bolinbroke Wellington Wellington Wellington DV819 Wellington Stirling Lancaster Lancaster JB676 MG-K
Bigwood J.
Bijur R.D. Wellington
Bijur Robert Duff
Bilan J. Lancaster LL959
Bilbe J. Bilbe John
Bilbrough W.H.
Bildfell O.J.
Bileski J.
Bilkey J.D. Yale
Yale 3351
Bilkey James Dalton
Bill E.J.D.
Bill R.T.
Bill V.E. Liberator
Bill Victor Edward
Billard W. Billett K.A.
Billett P.T.
Billett Percy Thomas
Billing G.D. Spitfire ML135
Billing J. Liberator
Billing J.W. Ventura
Billing R.W. Hudson
Hudson AM 735
Billing W.H. Beaufighter
Beaufighter NV907
Billing Ralph Wesley
Billing James William
Billing William Henry
Billinghurst L.
Billinghurst R.G.
Billinglsey L.W.
Billings F.H.
Billings J.
Billings R.A. B-26 Marauder
B-26 Marauder
Billings Robert Arnold
Billingsley F.D. Billingsley F.E.
Billingsley H.G.
Billingsley H.K. Billingsley J.G.S.
Billingsley Forast Deloise
Billingsley Henry Kenneth
Billows J.T.
Billwiller J.A.
Billyeald J.
Bilodeau J.A.M. Halifax NR178
Bilodeau J.R.J.
Bilodeau J.R.P.
Bilodeau J.L.W. P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang FB395
Bilodeau Joseph Laurent Willie
Bilsland A.W.
Biltek A.P.
Bilton D.A.
Bilton D.P.
Bilton H.R.
Bilyk E.
Bilyk J
Bilz G.L.
Binder H.F. Binder Hector Frederick
Bing G.R. Wellington
Bing L.P.S.
Bing Gerrard Roy
Bingham B.M.
Bingham C.M. Whitley
Bingham D.R.
Bingham E.J.
Bingham J.W.
Bingham Clifford Marvin
Bingley G.C. Hudson
Hudson AM 717
Bingley George Cuthbert
Binkley N.D.
Binks H.E.
Binks W.R.
Binnie C.M. Wellington
Binnie G.A.V. Halifax NR253
Binnie J.C.
Binnie N. Halifax LW674
Binnie N.
Binnie Colin Muir
Binning R.D. United Church
Binns H.J.B.
Binns J.G.
Binns J.M.
Binns M.R. Lancaster ND566 Binns R.E.C.
Binns S.E.
Biollo P.J. Lancaster
Lancaster PB253
Biollo Peter Joseph
Bion Pierre Cecil Harvard & Fort Anson Oxford Anson Wellington Wellington Wellington Wellington Stirling ----- Dakota
Birch D.C.
Birch F.
Birch J.O.
Birch J.R.
Birch R.C.
Birch R.W. Halifax MZ420
Birch William D. Typhoon
Birch W.F.
Birchall Albert Stirling W7578
Birchall F.
Birchall G.C. Hudson
Birchall K.
Birchall K.F.
Birchall L.J.
Birchall Roland Halifax JB854 EQ-D
Birchall Albert
Birchall Roland
Bircher J.R.
Birchnall A.
Bird A.S.
Bird C.D.
Bird C.H.
Bird C.R. Wellington
Wellington Z1620
Bird D.G. Wellington
Wellington R1324
Bird D.H. Stirling
Bird D.J. Halifax NP768
Bird E.H.
Bird F.C.C.
Bird G.
Bird H.A.
Bird J.
Bird J.
Bird J.
Bird J.L.
Bird J.S. Spitfire
Bird J.S. Spitfire
Bird K.W.
Bird R.F. Bird S.D. Lancaster
Lancaster EF453
Bird V.A.
Bird James Snelgrove
Bird John Stanbridge
Bird Colin Ray
Bird Sydney Dennis
Bird Robert Francis
Bird Derry Gates
Bird Richard Henry
Birge C.A.
Birkbeck A.F. Lancaster
Lancaster ED695
Birkbeck Alburn Frederick
Birkenes R.H.
Birkett G.J.
Birkett J.B.
Birkett J.E. Boston
Boston BZ272
Birkett R.B.
Birkett John Eveleyn Wreford
Birkey W.J.
Birkinshaw L.W.
Birkinshaw Leonard William
Birkland Henry Spitfire W3367
Birkland Henry
Birkney J.D.
Birks K.M.
Birks R.S. Typhoon
Typhoon R8799
Birks V.M.
Birks W.S. Birks Richard Salisbury
Birks William Sidney Atkinson
Birky J.J. Birky John Jacob
Birley V.E.
Birmingham A.
Birmingham J.P. Birmingham W.H.
Birmingham Joseph Patrick
Birnbaum A.W.
Birnie A.
Birnie D.A.
Birnie J.
Birnie R.
Birnie R.M.
Birnie Hugh Waldie Lancaster DS757 Halifax NP683
Birosh R.J.
Birrell J.D.
Birrell W.J.
Birston C.E.
Birt J.C.
Birt T.W.
Birtch G.E.P. Birtch George Ernest Percy
Birtles C.D.
Birtles S.R.
Birtwistle A.
Birtwistle G.J. Halifax HR794
Bisaillon G.I.J.
Bischlager H. Bischlager Harold
Bisheff G.E. Bisheff George Edward
Bishop A.A.
Bishop A.A.
Bishop Arthur Adelbert Finch Harvard Stirling W6593 Stirling
Bishop A.A.
Bishop A.C.W.A.
Bishop A.G. Halifax MZ509
Bishop A.L.
Bishop A.W.
Bishop B.A.
Bishop C.D.
Bishop C.E.
Bishop C.M.
Bishop D. Halifax MZ309
Bishop Donald C. Lancaster LV785
Bishop D.C. Cornell
Bishop D.G.
Bishop E.A.
Bishop E.A. Wellington
Bishop E.E.
Bishop E.M.
Bishop E.R.
Bishop E.W.
Bishop G. Mosquito Mosquito MM736
Bishop G.A.
Bishop Gordon Eugene Halifax LK701
Bishop G.H.
Bishop G.M. Lancaster ED311 Bishop Grant R. Hurricane
Bishop George Russel Moth Anson & Crane Harvard & Anson Anson & Battle Lancaster
Bishop G.R.
Bishop H.E.
Bishop H.G. Lancaster
Lancaster KB853
Bishop H.W.
Bishop I.M.
Bishop J. Halifax NP722
Bishop J.D. Bishop J.G.
Bishop J.H.
Bishop J.H.W. Halifax JD209
Bishop J.P. Wellington HE771
Bishop J.P. Wellington
Bishop J.R.
Bishop J.R.C.
Bishop K.F.
Bishop L.G. Hurricane Hurricane
Bishop L.G.
Bishop L.J.
Bishop L.M.
Bishop M.A.B.
Bishop M.L. Bishop M.L.M.
Bishop M.V. Halifax DT634
Bishop N.G.
Bishop P.E.
Bishop R.A. Bishop R.C.
Bishop R.H.
Bishop R.M.
Bishop S.A. Lancaster
Lancaster ED821
Bishop S.B.S. Lancaster NG323
Lancaster PA158
Bishop S.E.
Bishop T.F.
Bishop William Avery 'Billy' N/ AN/ A Camel
Bishop W.F.
Bishop W.F.
Bishop W.L.C.
Bishop Robert Albert
Bishop Denis Clive
Bishop Gordon Eugene
Bishop Stanley Adolfson Lancaster III ED821 HW-A
Bishop John Philpott
Bishop James Douglas
Bishop George
Bishop Ernest Howard Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Bishop Hubert George
Bishop Stanley Buckland Stewart
Bishop Edward Archibald
Bishopric C.F.O.
Biss E.E.
Bissell Donald Clifford Anson Oxford Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito LR268
Bissell D.E.
Bissell J.R.
Bissell R.C. Wellington
Wellington W5476
Bissell Donald Clifford
Bisset A.P.
Bisset D. Bisset R.C.
Wellington Bisset W.M. Wellington
Bisset Kenneth Payne
Bisset William Mcmanus
Bissett J.D.
Bissett K.P. Harvard
Bissett John Aleander Halifax Halifax V9986
Bissett Jack Montgomery Moth Anson & Crane Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax Halifax Halifax Halifax DG308 Halifax Halifax LV898 ZL-D
Bissky Paul Mustang Typhoon Typhoon
Bisson G.E.
Bisson J.J.E.
Bisson J.J.G.
Bisson J.T.A.R.
Bisson L.
Bisson R.L. Harvard
Harvard 3056
Bisson Raymond Louis
Bissonette G.A.R. Halifax Halifax
Bissonette J.A.
Bissonette L.
Bissonette R.H.W.
Bissonnette Guy Andre Rene
Bist A.C.
Bitcon J.A. Hudson
Bitcon W.A.
Bitcon James Aleander
Bitten F.C. Wellington
Bitten Frederick Charles
Bittner I.J.
Bittner J.D. Wellington
Bittner J.F. Bittner J.J. Stirling LK450
Bittner Joseph Francois avier Jean
Bittner John Drake
Bitz F.J.
Bitz W.E.
Biel W.J.
Bjarnarson G.L.
Bjarnason B.H.
Bjarnason S.A.
Bjarnason S.R. Lancaster LM641 Bjarnason Albert Lloyd
Bjarnson A.L. Wellington
Bjerstedt D.E.
Bjork James Elwood
Bjorndahl N.W.
Bjornson K.J.
Blachford A.D.
Blachford Glenn Hugh Halifax Halifax NA514
Black A.A.
Black A.D.
Black A.H.
Black A.J. Lancaster
Lancaster LM573
Black B.B. Black B.E.A.
Black B.G. Halifax Halifax LV921
Black B.H.
Black C.A.
Black C.K.
Black C.M.
Black D.
Black D. Bolingbroke
Black D.A. Wellington HE804
Black D.A. Black D.E.M.
Black D.M.
Black E.J.
Black E.M. Wellington Wellington
Black F.V.
Black G.A.
Black G.B.
Black G.H. Black G.R. Lancaster
Lancaster ED305
Black G.S.
Black G.S.W. Boston Z2194
Black G.W.
Black H. Whitley
Black H.G. Black I.M.
Black J.
Black J.A.
Black J.C. Hampden
Black J.E.
Black J.G.
Black J.H. Wellington DF624
Wellington H260
Black J.H. Halifax LK883
Black J.M. Halifax NP757
Black J.S.
Black L.R.
Black L.W.
Black N.
Black R.C.
Black R.E. Black Robert J. Typhoon
Black R.L.
Black R.M.
Black R.S.

Black S.B.
Black S.M.
Black T.A. Black T.H.
Black V.J.
Black W.
Black W.A. P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang FR902
Black W.A. Halifax Halifax DT680
Black W.B.
Black W.C. Black W.G.
Black W.H.
Black W.L.

Mustang Black W.M.
Black W.W.
Black Wendell Clifford
Black James Calvin
Black Douglas Allan
Black Byard Broder
Black Roland Edward
Black William Andrew
Black John Hannah
Black Gordon Ronald
Black Harry Gordon
Black Donald
Black William Anderson
Black Bruce Graham
Black Richard Bursleigh Lancaster II DS771 OW-P
Black Angus John
Blackadar D.G.
Blackall H. Spitfire
Blackbird W.R.R.
Blackburn A.P.
Blackburn H.W. Hurricane
Blackburn J. Halifax Halifax MZ538
Blackburn J.A.
Blackburn J.C.H.
Blackburn J.H.
Blackburn M.S. Pres
Blackburn R.H.
Blackburn T.L.
Blackburn W.J.
Blackburn Joseph Kenneth Kittyhawk Kittyhawk Typhoon
Blackburne E.G.
Blacker L.J.V. Blackert S.G.
Blackett R.L.
Blackey J.H.
Blackey W.M.
Blackford G.S.
Blackford W.A.
Blackhall J.G.
Blackhall R.O. Blackhall Robert Orin
Blackie D.A.
Blackie J.S.
Blackie W.M.
Blackler R.B.
Blackler R.S. Anson
Anson 8226
Blackler Robert Stanley
Blackley F.D.
Blacklock M.
Blackman A.D. Hurricane Hurricane KH877
Blackman L.W.
Blackman M.W.
Blackman Alfred Douglas
Blackmon T.F.
Blackmor O.R.
Blackmore C.A. Wellington Wellington
Blackmore F.P.
Blackmore G.R. Wellington
Wellington R1398
Blackmore K.N.
Blackmore L.J. Stirling
Blackmore N.A.
Blackmore R.L. Beaufort
Blackmore W.H.
Blackmore W.W. Blackmore George Franklin
Blackmore George Ralph
Blackmore Ralph Loudon
Blackmore Winston Woolley
Blackmore Charles Allen
Blackport J.J.
Blackshaw P.A.
Blackshaw W.R.
Blackstock D.G.
Blackwell A.J.
Blackwell E.
Blackwell F.N.
Blackwell H.W. Whitley
Whitley Z9279
Blackwell Henry Westbrook
Blackwood C.
Blackwood E.W.
Blackwood G.R.
Blackwood J.R. Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth
Blackwood N.M.
Blackwood J.R.
Blackwood M.B.
Blackwood N.F.
Blackwood R.T.
Blackwood James Richmond
Blad D.A.
Blades J.W. Blades P.G. Spitfire
Blades T.R.
Blades W.H. Wellington
Wellington D9826
Blades William Henry
Blades John Wilfred
Bladon J.S. Cessna Crane
Cessna Crane 8008
Bladon James Stanley
Blagborne Charles Ward Halifax Halifax Halifax
Blagborne Charles Ward
Blagrave R.D.P.
Blahey P.R.
Blaikie J.S. Hurricane Hurricane
Blaikie John Smith
Blaiklock S.T. Blain C.W.
Blain H. Blain J.
Blain L.H. Blain N.P. Lancaster
Lancaster PB848
Blain R.D.
Blain Harry
Blain Norman Philip
Blaine D.S. Yale ---------------- Blaine J.J.
Blaine W.M. Lancaster W4258
Blair A.C.
Blair A.D.
Blair A.E. Blair C.E.
Blair F.C. Harvard
Harvard 3178
Blair G.C.
Blair G.R. Spitfire
Blair H.D. Sunderland
Sunderland W6013
Blair H.F.
Blair J. Hudson
Blair J.
Blair J.C.R.
Blair J.F. Blair J.L. Blair J.R.
Blair J.S. Dakota
Blair K.A.
Blair K.S.
Blair R.G. Stirling
Blair R.N.
Blair R.W. Halifax Halifax
Blair S.W.L. Harvard
Harvard 3821
Blair Timothy Clayton 'Bill' Lancaster Lancaster B Mk.1: R5632: EM-N
Blair W. Halifax Halifax
Blair W.E.
Blair Saby Winburn Laurie
Blair Frederick Charles
Blair John Lawrence
Blair Reginald George
Blair Herbert Douglas
Blair Robert Wallace
Blair John Spencer
Blair Jack Frederick
Blair John
Blair William
Blais J.
Blais J.G.
Blais J.L. Blais P.
Blais Joseph Laurent Andre
Blake A.J.
Blake C.G.
Blake E.C.
Blake E.S. Whitley
Whitley LA841
Blake F.H. Halifax Halifax
Blake J.M. Blake L.H. Wellington
Blake M.R.
Blake O.H.
Blake O.H.D.
Blake P.J. Blake R.B. Stirling
Stirling BF462
Blake R.I.
Blake R.J. -----
Blake S.W. Harvard
Harvard BW191 Blake V.A. Harvard
Harvard 2510
Blake V.J.
Blake W.A. Blake W.R.
Blake W.R.
Blake W.V. Halifax Halifax LW285
Blake Vernon Arthur
Blake Leonard Herbert
Blake Stewart William
Blake Richard Barnett
Blake Frederick Henry
Blake John Michael
Blake Eric Stuart
Blake William Vincent
Blakeley W.J.
Blakeley W.J.R. Halifax Halifax
Blakeley W.R.
Blakeley Wallace John Robert
Blakely K.C.
Blakely N.M. Halifax JN953
Blakely O.
Blakely R.A. Stranraer
Blakely W.J. Blakely Robert Albert
Blakely Wallace Bennett
Blakely William John
Blakeney C.N.
Blakeney L.F.
Blakeney R.N.
Blakeney W.T.
Blakeney Lester Ferguson
Blaker C.P.
Blakers A.L.
Blakeslee Donald James Matthew Finch Harvard Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire ------ Spitfire Spitfire & Thunderbolt Mustang Mustang ----- Mustang Twin Mustang
Blakey A.P.
Blakey Aleander Douglas Spitfire Vb
Blakey Aleander Douglas
Blakley E.R.
Blakley J.W.
Blakney J.F.
Blamey Claude Cecil
Blamires Ronald Garland
Blanchard D.
Blanchard E.A.
Blanchard E.J.M.
Blanchard F.E.
Blanchard H.S.
Blanchard J.J.
Blanchard K.G.
Blanchard K.R.
Blanchard R.
Blanchard Westley Lawrence Anson Oxford Wellington Halifax Halifax LK764 Halifax MZ601
Blanchard Merton Campbell
Blanchard Sedley Stewart
Blanchard Westley Lawrence
Blanchard Joseph Jerome
Blanchard Albert Sheppard
Blanchet J.P.G.
Blanchet M.R.
Blanchett P.G. Halifax W1048
Blanchett W.H.
Blanchette Leo Gypsy Moth Gypsy Moth Lysander - Shark - Atlas Kittyhawk Anson Havard-Vampire-Sabre-Epeditor-Otter
Blanchfield John James
Bland D.K.
Bland E.A. Spitfire Bland G.
Bland H.
Bland L.A.
Bland Leonard Alvin
Blane J.D.
Blane L.W.J.
Blane John Donald
Blaney C.H.
Blaney D.O.
Blaney G.S.
Blaney J.E.
Blaney L.A.
Blaney Laurence Allen
Blanton E.T.
Blasius T.
Blasko Joseph Arthur Halifax Halifax MZ628
Blatchford H.P. Hurricane Spitfire Hurricane V7659 Spitfire AD292
Blatchford R.T. Blatchly H.F.
Blatherwick E.G.
Blatt L.
Blaydes Herbert
Blayney Y.
Blayney A.G. Halifax Halifax NP699
Blayney Alfred Goodman-Wells Halifax NP699
Blazeiko Panko Peter
Bleackley L.M.
Bleakley R.M.
Bleakley R.P.
Bleakley S.B. Bleakney A.N.
Bleasdell E.
Blefgen N.E.
Bleich E.
Bleich J.A.
Bleich James Arthur
Blenis W.H.
Blenkarn Ronald James
Blenkhorn A.B.
Blenkhorn C.R.S. Wellington
Blenkhorn F.E.
Blenkhorn Charles Robert Sayre
Blenkhorne D.M.
Blenkinsop E.W.
Blenkinsop W.H.
Blenkinsop Edward Weyman
Blesky M.H. Canso
Blesky Michael Harris
Blevins J.M.
Blevins K.J.
Blevins O.O.
Blevins R J
Blewett H.J.N.
Blewett J. Church of England
Blewett J.D. Halifax DT678 Halifax DT674
Blewett W.C. Lancaster DS691
Bliault L.W.
Bliault L.W. Blick J.O.
Blick R.W.
Bligh O.W. Whitley
Whitley Blight Leslie Edwin Finch Harvard Harvard & Anson Harvard & Anson Harvard & Anson Oxford Wellington Wellington Wellington HE553
Blight W.G. Wellington
Blight William Gerald
Blinkhorn D.
Blinkhorn J.G.
Bliss H.W.
Bliss J.F. Stranraer
Bliss O.L. Bliss W.H.F.
Bliss Jack Fenton
Bliss Osborne Lloyd
Blissett R.H.
Blizard H.C. Typhoon
Typhoon MN938
Blizard W.
Blizard Hugh Conway
Bloch A.E.
Bloch H.
Bloch Willys Roland
Bloch Harry
Block D.I. Block Dalton Irvon
Blocksidge J.H.
Blondal H.
Blondeau J.A.
Blondeau L. Blondeau Louis
Blondon J.A.
Bloom C.E.
Bloom G.W.
Bloom M.
Bloomer G.T. Hampden
Bloomer R.F.
Bloomer R.L.
Bloomer George Taylor
Bloomfield M. Hampden
Bloomfield Mandel
Blott D. McG Halifax W1164
Blount J.
Blow J.N.
Bloham K.H.
Bluck M.W.
Blue D.A. Wellington
Blue H.A.
Blue J.
Blue J.H. Wellingtion 3563
Blue Donald Archibald
Bluethner P.D.
Bluett W.R.
Blughind M.
Blumenauer C.R.
Blumson H.T.
Blundell C.G.
Blundell L.E.
Blundell P.J.S.
Blundell R.H. Blunden G.A.
Blunderfield W.E. Blunderfield William Edward
Blundun G.J.
Blundy R.A.
Blunt G.K.
Blunt S.
Blunt S.M.
Blunt W.L. Wellington
Wellington LP567 Blunt Walter Leonard
Bly K.E.
Blynn A.R. Halifax Halifax
Blynn Arnold Raymond
Blyth A. Blyth C.J.
Blyth D.A.
Blyth G.
Blyth J.W. Beaufighter
Beaufighter NE744
Blyth K.K. Halifax NP806
Blyth Colin John
Blyth John William
Blythe A.B.
Blythe G.
Blythe H.M.
Blythe R.
Blythe R.K. Halifax NA632
Blythe R.R. Fleet Finch
Fleet Finch 4664
Blythe T.R.
Blythe Richard
Boadway J.C. Lancaster ND928
Boadway J.M.
Boak W.A. Mosquito
Boakes H.S.
Boal E.W. Mosquito
Boalch F.E. Canso
Boalch Frederick Ernest
Board F.A.
Boardman F.G.
Boardman L. Halifax Halifax
Boardman Leonard
Boates R.M. Wellington
Boates Robert Melbourne
Bobbitt S.J.
Bobenic G.
Boby J.H.C.
Boby R.C.
Bobzener E.D.
Bochner A.A.K.
Bocinfuso A.J. Lancaster LM131
Bock E.A.
Bock E.W. Lancaster
Lancaster LM689
Bock Earl William
Bocking A.L.
Hart / Gladiator L7616 Blenheim
Bocking S. Hurricane Hurricane HL779
Bocking Stanley
Bockman P.G.
Bockner L.
Bockus A.W. Lancaster DS845
Bockus D.E.
Boczar S.
Bodard G.P.A. Mosquito
Boddington C.W. Halifax LW199
Boddy H.A. Boddy H.B. Lancaster
Lancaster LL902
Boddy R.C.P.
Boddy Hutson Aleander
Boddy Howard Bruce
Bodell E.J. Hudson
Hudson FK 547
Bodell Edwin John
Boden A.P.
Boden R.A.
Bodgener L.
Bodie J.M.
Bodie W. Halifax
Bodin L.
Bodkin A.G. Bodkin W.F. Spitfire
Spitfire R7255
Bodkin William Fred
Bodkin Alvin Graham
Bodley W. Lancaster
Bodley William
Bodman J. Hurricane V7370 Wellington Dakota
Bodnar B.O. Halifax H325
Bodnar N.M.
Bodnarchuk P.
Bodnoff Israel Joseph Harvard & Fort Battle & Bolinbroke Canso 9754 Canso
Bodrug W.
Bods R.E. Halifax JD270
Body A.R. Lancaster KB726 Boe B. Spitfire
Spitfire ML360
Boe R.L.
Boe R.M. NA
Boe Russell Merlin
Boe Bernard
Boehk Norman Geoffrey Halifax BB390
Boehmer A.E.C. Boehmer G.A. Lancaster DG634
Boehmer Albert Edward Charles
Boesch G.V.
Boettger R.H.
Bogart A.W.
Boggild C.C. La\ncaster DS659
Boggs A.D.
Boggs W.B.
Boggs W.F. Blenheim
Blenheim P 4856
Boggs William Ferguson
Bogle V.F. Halifax LV960
Bogle F.V.
Bogue R.D.
Bohemier J.E. Spitfire
Spitfire MK585
Bohemier Joseph Eloi
Bohush E. Bolingbroke
Bohush Eugene
Boileau J.P.R. Boileau L.C.
Boileau L.J. Boileau P.E.
Boileau Joseph Paul Roger
Boily J.T.D.L.
Boily Joseph Omer Emile Jules
Boire J.D. Halifax LW373
Boire L.A. Oxford
Oxford 6871
Boire Leo Albert
Boissevain H.G.
Boissevain W.W.
Boissevain Henry Glen
Boissonnault J.A.
Boissonnault J.P.A.
Boissonnault P.A.H.
Boissonneault Roger Serge Guy
Boisvenue J.M.
Boisvert L.E.
Boisvert W.L. Halifax Halifax
Boisvert Joseph
Boisvert Joseph George Louis
Boisvert Wilfred Leger
Boiteau D.J.
Boivert C.C.
Boivert J.G.L. Hudson
Hudson AM 840
Boivert J.L.R.A. Hampden
Boivert L.B.
Boivert P.
Boivin J.L. Halifax Halifax
Boivin R.
Boivin John Louis
Boland A.H.
Boland E.J.
Boland P.G.
Boland R.E.A.
Boland T.A.
Boland W.L.
Bold P.F. Bolderston W.A.R.
Bolderston George Thomas Lancaster LM137 UM-G2
Bolduc D.J.
Bolduc R.
Bolduc R.L. Bolduc W.J.
Bolender W.L.
Boles W.H. Boles W.R.K. Boles William Robert King
Boles William Harold
Bolger C.M.
Bolick S.R. Oxford AT786
Bolin L.A. Mosquito MM155
Bolingbroke E.J. Liberator
Liberator BZ956
Bolingbroke Ernest Joseph Leonard
Boll R.J.J. Boll Roderick James Joseph
Bollen R.F.
Bollert F.D. Bollert Frank Dowler
Bolli L.A. Blenheim & Beaufighter
Bolsover J.M.
Bolstad G.
Bolstad H.O.
Bolstad K.W. Wellington
Wellington Z1682 Bolstad Kenneth Wallace
Bolster C.L. Typhoon
Typhoon R7876
Bolster Cyril Leslie
Bolt J.W.G.
Bolten W.L.
Bolton A.
Bolton C.T.
Bolton E.W.R. Bolton F.B.
Bolton F.C.
Bolton G.V.
Bolton G.W. Bolton H.H.
Bolton H.J.
Bolton H.P.
Bolton L.H. Harvard
Harvard 2943
Bolton L.J. Bolton S.M.
Bolton T.G.
Bolton V.H. Wellington
Bolton W.A.
Bolton W.E.
Bolton Lawrence Herbert
Bolton Edward William Roberts
Bolton Vernon Harry
Bomby J. Lancaster
Lancaster N584
Bomby John
Bomford H.H.
Bon Seigneur C.R. Hurricane Hurricane
Bona D.A.
Bonany A.L. Liberator
Liberator NG822
Bonany E.F.
Bonany Albert Louis
Bonar D.A.
Bonar J.R.
Bonar L.J.R.
Bonar W.S.P. Bonar William Selby Pace
Bond A.F. Hurricane Hurricane H?676
Bond A.J.
Bond A.T. Halifax MZ284
Bond C. Bond C.A.
Bond D.H. Baltimore
Bond E.A.
Bond F.E.
Bond F.G.
Bond H.M.
Bond H.W.
Bond J.B. Hudson
Hudson BW 634
Bond J.E.
Bond R.T.
Bond S.
Bond S.M.
Bond T.C.
Bond T.R. Halifax NP817
Bond W.F. Bond W.G. Bond W.S. Spitfire
Bond Walter Frederick
Bond John Basil
Bond Aubrey Fraser
Bond Wilfred Sidney
Bond Deryck Hunter
Bond Walter George
Bonder H. Bonder Hymie
Bonderski E.
Bone A.C. Spitfire
Spitfire R7062
Bone G.L.
Bone G.R.H.
Bone R.C.
Bone Alan Cameron
Bonell E.E.
Bonell K.S.
Bonell W.S. Lancaster
Lancaster LL733
Bonell William Stewart
Bonenfant J.O.R. Bonenfant Joseph Oscar Rosario
Boness H.P. Lancaster
Lancaster JA197
Boness Herman Peter
Bonet J.C. Halifax JN924
Bongard E.N.B. Halifax DK196
Bongard G.H.
Bongard W.L.
Bonham J.S.
Bonikowsky A. Lancaster ND493
Bonin E.D. Hampden
Bonin J.C. Bonin Ernest Donald
Bonkoski D. Bonnar R.
Bonneau J.S.M.D.
Bonnell D.F.
Bonnell R.L. Bolingbroke
Bonnell Russell Lee
Bonner A.R. Harvard
Harvard 2648
Bonner D.J.
Bonner E.F.
Bonner J.C.
Bonner J.F.
Bonner J.W.
Bonner M.W. Halifax Halifax
Bonner W.K.
Bonner Albert Robert
Bonner Murray Wallace
Bonnett A.D.
Bonnett A.L. Mosquito Mosquito H903
Bonnett E.B.
Bonnett L.D. Halifax Halifax LV966
Bonnett Leonard Douglas
Bonnett Alwynn Lincoln
Bonneville J.R. Bonneville John Raymond
Bonney V.R.
Bonnyman W.M. Bonokoski Daniel
Bonter I.W. Lancaster NE119 Bonter K.C. Wellington DV775 Bonter Stewart Millen Halifax NP689
Bonter Stewart Millen
Book A.N. Beaufort
Beaufort NE309
Book Archibald Neville
Book Archibald Neville
Bookhout E.W. Bookhout Earl Wesley
Bookman A.
Boomer Carl Stirling Wellington Wellington
Boomer H.
Boomer Kenneth Arthur Kittyhawk Mosquito PZ198
Boomer Kenneth Arthur
Boon A.E. Lancaster PD211
Boon W.D. Wellington
Wellington DF728
Boon William
Boone A.A. United Church
Boone J.A.
Boone W.E.R.
Boorman R.A. Mosquito
Boorse K.L.
Boos R.E.
Boosamra A.
Booth A.
Booth A.F.
Booth A.R. Hudson
Booth C.E.
Booth D.G. Stirling
Stirling EE877
Booth E.G.
Booth E.K.
Booth E.S.
Booth G.A. Wellington
Wellington HE213
Booth G.B. Wellington
Wellington Z1721
Booth G.E. Spitfire
Booth G.G.
Booth G.H.
Booth G.V.C. Wellington
Wellington 3561
Booth H. Booth H.
Booth H.E.
Booth H.H.
Booth J.
Booth J.
Booth J.F.
Booth J.G.
Booth J.R. Lancaster LL682
Booth K.G.
Booth M.W.
Booth P.H.
Booth R.A.
Booth R.D.
Spitfire BM178 Booth R.E. Stirling EE909
Booth R.E.
Booth R.M.
Booth W.A. Lancaster
Booth W.E.
Booth W.R.
Booth W.T.
Booth Arthur Roland
Booth George Vincent Cyril
Booth George Edward
Booth Donald George
Booth Charles Royce
Booth George Arnold
Booth Gordon
Booth Robert Aleander
Booth James Robert
Booth Wyman Aleander
Boothe John Gordon Canso 971
Boothe John Gordon
Boothroyd A.G.
Bootle F.G.
Bootle J.W.
Bootsma D.H. Whitley
Bootsma Donald Hill
Booty C.H. Lancaster ME424
Booty G.A.
Booty R.J.
Booty Cameron Harrison
Borch A.P.
Borchardt H.H. Lancaster
Lancaster LM813
Borchardt Hugo Hysert
Borchers H.G.
Bordeleau J.J.B. Bordeleau J.M.
Bordeleau J.O.R. Anson
Bordeleau P.P.E. Bordeleau Joseph Oscar Roger
Bordeleau Pierre Paul Enee
Bordeleau Joseph Jacques Bernard
Borden James Walter Finch Anson Boston Epeditor & Boeing 247 --- Dakota Lancaster Dakota North Star
Border A.C.
Border A.K.R.
Border W. Halifax NP690
Bordewick H. Hudson Hudson FK 687
Bordewick Henry
Boreham M.E.
Borgal E.M.
Borgal E.R.
Borkofsky E. Halifax Halifax LW511
Borkofsky Edward
Borkowitz S.
Borland Aleander George Moth Harvard Hurricane Spitfire SM303
Borland A.R.A. Halifax RG449
Borland D.S.
Borland G.A.
Borland J.
Borland R.A.A.
Borland Y.T.
Borland Aleander George
Borley J.H. Halifax DT749
Borley J.H.
Borley R.
Borody W.J.
Boroski Frank
Borosky F. Blenheim
Borrett W.F. Halifax Halifax
Borrett William Fleming
Borrie J.A.
Borrowes R.D. Lancaster Lancaster ND617
Borrowes Robert Dean
Borrowman W.T. Mosquito Mosquito KB203
Borrowman William Thomas
Borthwick A.P.S.
Borthwick G.
Borthwick J.
Borthwick R.M.
Borthwick W.
Bortolussi A. Bortolussi Aldo
Borton W.B.
Borum J.W.
Borum John William
Borysiuk J.
Boshko P.B.
Bosloy P. Lysander Lysander # 459
Bosloy Philip
Bosomworth H.H.
Boss N.H. Halifax Halifax
Boss Norman Holmes
Bossenberry A.
Bossenberry A.H.
Bossley A.G.
Bostwick S.E. Halifax Halifax
Bostwick Stanley Edward
Boswell B.H.
Boswell F.P. Anson
Boswell J.G.
Boswell P.A.
Boswell W.H.
Boswell Feli Paget
Bosworth G.L.
Botari L.J.
Botham A.D.
Botham C.L.
Botham M.A.
Botham M.M.
Bothwell W.A.
Bothwell W.M.
Botkin R.T. Botkin W.T.
Botkin Richard Trent
Botsford E.D.
Botsford F.G.
Botsford L.N. Halifax Halifax H175
Botsford Robert Longworth Anson Oxford Wellington Halifax LK764 Halifax MZ601
Botsford W.J.
Botsford Robert Longworth
Botsford Laurence Neill
Bott M.L.
Bott R.H.
Bott S.F.B. Whitley Whitley Z6586
Bott W.H.
Bott Stuart Frank Beeching
Botten E.D.R. Wellesley K 8531 Beaufort
Botten Eric Douglas Ralph
Botterell H.E.
Botterell H.J.L.
Botterill H.W. Botterill N.
Botterill T.A. Anson Anson # 6523
Botterill Thomas Ala
Botterill Harold Wallace
Botting F.M.
Botting R.M. Liberator
Botting Ross Malcolm
Bottomely H.F. Lancaster Lancaster ND636
Bottomley D.A.
Bottomley T.L.
Bottomley Harry Frederick
Bottrell G.A. Halifax Halifax LW433
Bottrell Gerard Alp
Bouch R.L. Ventura
Bouch Robert Leonard
Bouchard C.
Bouchard F.P.
Bouchard H.O. Mosquito Mosquitp DD713
Bouchard J.A.C.
Bouchard J.E. Bouchard J.E.Y.
Bouchard J.H.M.
Bouchard J.S.A.L.
Bouchard M.H.M.
Bouchard O.E.
Bouchard O.H.
Bouchard V.J. Albemarle
Albemarle V 1823
Bouchard Harry Oscar
Bouchard Omer Herve
Bouchard Joseph Edmond Yvon
Bouchard Vernon John
Boucher D.A.
Boucher E.
Boucher F.E.J.
Boucher G.J. Halifax Halifax LW377
Boucher G.J.A. Boucher H.J. Halifax Boucher J.E.
Boucher J.L.
Boucher J.P.
Boucher J.R.
Boucher Libert Joseph Norseman & Stinson Anson & Battle Wellington & Lancaster
Boucher L.O.
Boucher N.A. Boucher R.J.L. Halifax Halifax LL579
Boucher S.W.
Boucher T.G. Hampden Hampden 2916
Boucher Thomas Gerald
Boucher George Joseph Antoine
Boucher Norman Alfred
Boucher Gerald Joseph
Boucher Rodolphe Joseph Lorenzo
Bouck G.W. Spitfire Spitfire RM850
Bouck George Walter
Boucock K.G. Boucock Kenneth George
Boudreau A.R.J.G.
Boudreau C.
Boudreau G.C. Wellington
Boudreau H.F. Hudson T9439
Boudreau J.A.
Boudreau J.H.
Boudreau J.L.
Boudreau J.R. Mosquito Mosquito MM783
Boudreau Gerald Charles
Boudreau Lawrence Joseph Henry Halifax LW347 Halifax Halifax
Boudreau Joseph Rufin
Boudreault J.E.R. B-17 Fortress
Boudreault J.R.A. Wellington
Boudreault Joseph Raoul Alphonse
Boudreault Joseph Edouard Roch
Bouey G.K.
Bouey H.L.
Bough R.E. Ventura
Bough Roy Edward
Boughner C.W.
Boughner J.G.
Boughton E.S.R.
Boughton F.A.
Boulanger Joseph Francois Yves Albert Finch Harvard & Yale Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
Boulanger Joseph Hector Gilbert Battle Wellington Halifax
Boulder E.A.A.
Boulet J.J.M.
Boulet N.
Boulianne G.M.J.D.
Boulkind H.
Boulter F.C. Lancaster LM345
Boulter H.E.
Boulter P.P. Lancaster
Boulter R.R. Mosquito Mosquito H952
Boulter Roy Russell
Boulton A.D.
Boulton B.
Boulton C.A. Boulton D.G. Boulton Foss Henry Moth Harvard & Yale Harvard Harvard & Yale Anson & Crane Anson & Crane Spitfire
Boulton J.C.
Boulton J.F.C.
Boulton L.W.
Boulton M.L.
Boulton M.S.J.
Boulton R.C.H. Wellington
Boulton R.G.T. Halifax NR233
Boulton Russell Charles Heath
Boulton David Graham Smith
Boulton Clive Arkoll
Bounds E.J. Battle
Bounds J.V.
Bounds Edwin Jackson
Boundy M.
Boundy W.A. Wellington
Boundy William Allan
Bourassa G.E.
Bourassa J.A.A.L. Beaufighter
Bourassa J.A.C.
Bourassa J.M.
Bourassa L.D. Roman Catholic
Bourassa Paul Emile Stinson Bolinbroke Hampden Halifax JD106 Lancaster KB735
Bourassa Joseph Adrien Armand Lionel
Bourbeau A.E.
Bourbonnais J.A.L.R.
Bourbonnais J.J.G. Kittyhawk
Bourbonnais J.O.L.
Bourchier B.J. Halifax DT780
Bourchier W.F.L.
Bourcier J.H.I.F. Halifax LW692
Bourcier J.H.J.P.
Bourcier J.P.
Bourdages J.A.P. Halifax JN953
Bourdat W.L. Halifax LW420
Bourdon G.R. Lancaster
Lancaster JA875
Bourdon J.S.R.M.
Bourdon M.
Bourdon Gregory Ross
Bourgeau J.R.F. Wellington Wellington W5561
Bourgeau Joseph Raymond Frederick
Bourgeault J.A. Halifax Halifax LV840
Bourgeault John Arthur
Bourgeois A.E.
Bourgeois B.
Bourgeois B.A.J.
Bourgeois C.L.
Bourgeois J.H.C.
Bourgeois J.M.J.G.
Bourgeois L.A. Bourgeois M.J.L.G.
Bourgeois P.E.A.
Bourgeois Laurie Alban
Bourgoin J.
Bourgoin P.E.
Bourgoin R.
Bourk A.G.
Bourke A.A.
Bourke H.C.
Bourke J.H. Stirling EF149
Bourke J.L.S.J.
Bourke J.J.
Bourke J.M.J. Lancaster LL672
Bourke L.V.
Bourke W.S. Wellington
Bourke William Stanley
Bourne A.
Bourne A.R.
Bourne B.
Bourne E.W. Battle
Bourne E.W. Bourne H.G.
Bourne H.T.
Bourne J.H.
Bourne K.C. Wellington
Bourne K.R. Wellington Wellington
Bourne N. Lancaster PB538
Bourne Alan Halifax MZ828
Bourne R.H.S. Halifax MZ427
Bourne S.E.
Bourne Ernest William
Bourne Kenneth Reid
Bourne Kenneth Charles George
Bourner D.L. Halifax Halifax LW200
Bourque A.S.
Bourque C.D.A.
Bourque H.J. Bourque J.A.P.E.
Bourque J.A.R.
Bourque J.F.
Bourque J.R.F. Roman Catholic
Bourque L.P.J.
Bourque R.J.T.
Bourque T.P. Halifax Halifax LV958
Bourque V.A.A.
Bourque Theodore Phillip
Bourque Joseph Hebert
Bourquet J.E.J.
Bouschard A.D,
Bousfield G.R. Bousfield George Raymond
Bouskill G.W.
Bouskill Russell Reginald Finch Harvard Harvard Harvard Hurricane Master & Spitfire Spitfire NH414 Spitfire MJ300
Bousquet E.C. Halifax Halifax
Bousquet Elbert Cyril
Boustead S. Halifax LK805
Bouteillier R.S.
Boutilier E.H. Lancaster DS683
Boutilier E.P. Boutilier J.M.T.
Boutilier Eric Patrick Halifax MZ506 QO-
Boutin J.L. Boutin Joseph Louis Paul
Bouton W.E.
Bouts H.
Boutwell D.C.W.
Bouvier J.M.L.
Bouvier W.L.
Bouvier Joseph Maurice Leopold
Bouwman H.W.
Bouwman R.J.
Bou G.J.
Bouzek A.V. Halifax RG367
Bovaconti M.J. Halifax Halifax JD248
Bovaconti Michael Joseph
Bovaird W.L. Bovaird Walter Le Roy Halifax JD113
Bovard E.W.
Bovard J.P.
Bovee L.M. Lancaster ME742 Bovell M.
Boville D.W.
Bow D.A.
Bow H.H. Bow Henry Herbert
Bowcock F.H. Stirling Stirling EE895
Bowcock Frederick Hamilton
Bowden D.I. Bowden E.E. Halifax LW240
Bowden I.C.R. Wellington
Wellington HE817
Bowden J.B. Albemarle
Albemarle P 1478
Bowden J.M.
Bowden L.D. Lancaster
Lancaster ND328
Bowden N.D.
Bowden R.
Bowden W.E. Wellington
Bowden W.H. Bowden William Heyer
Bowden John Bruce
Bowden Leonard Douglas
Bowden Donald Ivan
Bowdery R.M.L.
Bowdrey A.
Bowell D.W. Bowell Douglas Walter
Bowen A.
Bowen C.H.
Bowen C.K. Blenheim
Blenheim Z 6099
Bowen C.O.
Bowen D.H.
Bowen E.M.
Bowen J.A.
Bowen J.H.C.
Bowen L.C.
Bowen O.B.
Bowen R.D. Spitfire
Bowen R.H. Bowen R.T. Halifax LL593
Bowen R.W.
Bowen Cyril Keith
Bowen Lawrence Milbert
Bowen Robert Henry
Bower A.A. Halifax MZ403
Bower B.L.
Bower F.C. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell
Bower G.M. Beaufighter Mosquito
Bower G.W. Lancaster
Bower J.F. Lancaster
Bower K.E.
Bower R.N.
Bower R.R.
Bower W.A.
Bower W.E.
Bower W.R. B-26 Marauder
B-26 Marauder
Bower William Richardson
Bower Graham Westwood
Bower John Frank
Bower Frederick Charles
Bower Binns J.R.
Bowering A.J.
Bowering J.E.R. Lancaster
Lancaster ME 846
Bowering John Ernest Ralph
Bowerman E.L.
Bowerman L.E.
Bowers A.
Bowers A.G.
Bowers D.R.
Bowers E.J. Mosquito Mosquito KB111
Bowers J.L.
Bowers R.J.
Bowers W.F.
Bowers W.L.
Bowers Edward John
Bowery E.M. Hudson
Bowery Edwin Maurice
Bowes A.C.
Bowes D.S.M. Bowes G.D. Wellington
Bowes G.W.
Bowes H.
Bowes O.M.A.
Bowes R.J. Hurricane Hurricane BP470
Bowes W.H. Bowes Reginald James
Bowes Donald Stuart Mawell
Bowes Gordon David
Bowhay R.W.
Bowhay S.L. Liberator
Liberator EW210
Bowhay W.E. Mosquito HR149
Bowhay William Edward
Bowhay Samuel Leslie
Bowick E.R.
Bowie W.A.
Bowker C.F.
Bowker H.W. Spitfire AB215 Spitfire LF199
Bowker J.N.
Bowker R.S.
Bowker Harlow Wilbur
Bowlby A.T. Halifax JB913
Bowlby C.F.
Bowlby E.E.
Bowlby T.L. Stirling BF576
Bowle Evans P.N.
Bowlen W.M. Wellington
Bowlen William Michael
Bowler A.H. Liberator
Bowler F.H.
Bowler G.I.
Bowler H.S.
Bowler J.E. Canso
Bowler W.H. Hampden
Bowler William Henry
Bowler James Edwin
Bowles A.C.
Bowles A.E.
Bowles D.W.
Bowles E.J.
Bowles H.G.
Bowles J.B. Halifax LW685
Bowles J.E.H.
Bowles T.G.
Bowling F.R.
Bowman A.F.
Bowman A.M. Halifax JD420
Bowman E.A.
Bowman Edward Ma Halifax LL576
Bowman E.V.
Bowman E.W.
Bowman G.D.
Bowman G.F.
Bowman G.H.P.A.
Bowman G.N.
Bowman H.
Bowman H.E.
Bowman J.H.
Bowman L.D. Boston
Bowman N.R. Liberator
Liberator BZ816
Bowman O.W.
Bowman P.V. Lancaster KB814
Bowman R.E.H.
Bowman V.L. Spitfire
Bowman W.M.
Bowman Lloyd Douglas
Bowman Norman Ray
Bowman Edward Ma
Bowman Bliss Eugene Strader
Bown G.M. Lancaster
Bown T.A.O
Bowne L.M. Halifax Halifax Z6946
Bowors D.
Bowridge J.W.
Bowring F.C. Baltimore
Bowring G.A.
Bowring H.J.
Bowring Frances Charles
Bowron E.M.
Bowron R.G.
Bowser C.G.F.
Bowser C.T.
Bowser E.H.
Bowsher N.F. Halifax Halifax
Bowsher Norman Frederick
Bowskill T. Lancaster LM 383
Bowyer D.R.
Bowyer E.B.G.
Bo C.V.
Bo G.D.
Bo G.E.
Bo J.A. Bo J.A. Bo P.W.B. Whitley
Bo Peter William Bisset
Bo John Aleander
Boall E.A.
Boall G.R. Lancaster
Lancaster ND328
Boall George Robert
Boer R.M.
Boyce A.J.
Boyce C.D. Lancaster
Lancaster LM578
Boyce C.W.
Boyce E.B. Lancaster
Lancaster HK769
Boyce F.A. Boyce H.E. Boyce J.A.
Boyce J.A.
Boyce J.W. Wellington
Wellington D9826
Boyce N.G.W. Hampden
Boyce Robert Richardson Lancaster KB751 NA-Q
Boyce W.A.
Boyce W.H.
Boyce W.J. Halifax Halifax JD142
Boyce N. Halifax NA517
Boyce John William
Boyce Norman George Wood
Boyce William John
Boyce Charles David
Boyce Robert Richardson
Boyce Francis Allan
Boyce Ernest Bertin
Boychuk J.J. Boyczuk F.P.
Boyd A.B.
Boyd A.H.
Boyd A.J.T.
Boyd A.V.
Boyd B.A. Lancaster
Boyd C.
Boyd C.A. Wellington
Boyd C.G.
Boyd D. Spitfire
Boyd D.
Boyd D.C.
Boyd D.D. Wellington
Wellington HE624
Boyd D.L.
Boyd D.M. Lancaster
Lancaster PB283
Boyd D.W.
Boyd E.D.
Boyd E.R. Lancaster RA523
Boyd E.R.
Boyd F.
Boyd F.J.
Boyd F.R. Boyd G.C. Boyd G.D. Mosquito Mosquito KB504
Boyd G.D.
Boyd G.D.M.
Boyd G.J.E.
Boyd H.W. Boyd J.A.
Boyd J.A.W. Fairey Battle
Fairey Battle
Boyd J.B.
Boyd J.C.
Boyd J.D. Liberator
Boyd J.E.D.
Boyd J.F. Hudson
Boyd J.L. Wellington HE864
Boyd J.M. Whitley
Boyd J.R.
Boyd J.R. Boyd J.W.
Boyd L.F.
Boyd L.G. Beaufighter Beaufighter V8217
Boyd Maurice David Spitfire
Boyd N.M.
Boyd R.W.
Boyd S.M.S
Boyd T.W.
Boyd V.L. Baltimore Baltimore AG 725
Boyd W.D.C. Wellington Wellington MP743
Boyd W.G.
Boyd W.G.C. Boyd W.H.
Boyd W.H.
Boyd W.H.
Boyd Walter Halcro Calvin Anson Halifax Halifax LK765
Boyd W.J.
Boyd Jack Marshall
Boyd Jamie Ralph
Boyd John Fisher
Boyd Joseph Arthur William
Boyd Bruce Allan
Boyd Victor Leslie
Boyd Charles Arthur
Boyd Lorne Graham
Boyd George Daniel
Boyd Walter Dawson Carl
Boyd Donald Mcmillan
Boyd John Duncan
Boyd Harry Wilfred
Boyd Allan Bernard
Boyde S.A.
Boydell T.
Boydell J.R.
Boyden H.L.
Boyden R.G.
Boyer A.V.
Boyer A.V.J.
Boyer C.
Boyer D.J.
Boyer G.C.
Boyer G.D. Boyer J.C.
Boyer J.C.P.
Boyer J.F.R.
Boyer J.O.A.C.
Boyer J.P.A. Wellington
Boyer J.R.R. Typhoon Typhoon JP658
Boyer J.S. Hudson
Boyer J.T.M.
Boyer M.W. Boyer Joseph Paul Albert
Boyer Jack Sinclair
Boyer Gilbert Davies Halifax II JB866 EQ-T
Boyer Maurice William
Boyer Joseph Rene Roland
Boyes B.W.
Boyes H.T. Wellington
Boyes H.W.
Boyes James E.
Boyes J.R.
Boyes L.J. Boyes N.W.R.
Boyes R.T.
Boyes Harry Thomas
Boyko P.
Boyko S.
Boylan V.B.
Boyle A.S.
Boyle Bernard Francis Lancaster Lancaster NG396
Boyle Clair Patrick Lancaster Lancaster HK769
Boyle D.J.
Boyle Ernest Elroy
Boyle E.S.
Boyle G.L.
Boyle G.L.P.
Boyle H.J.
Boyle H.J.W.
Boyle Harry Vern Harvard / Hurricane Spitfire MK780 Spitfire BM299
Boyle J.
Boyle J.A.
Boyle J.A.S.
Boyle J.G. Spitfire R6635 Spitfire 4426
Boyle J.H.
Boyle J.J. Hurricane Spitfire
Boyle K.C.
Boyle K.M.
Boyle L.P.
Boyle M.A.
Boyle M.H.A. Lancaster PB561
Boyle P.
Boyle R.L.
Boyle T.
Boyle T.
Boyle T.E.
Boyle T.E.J.
Boyle T.P.
Boyle W.G.
Boyne S.
Boynton B.D.
Boynton B.J.
Boynton J.C.
Boynton W.C.
Boys J.V.
Boys T.E.D.
Bozak P.
Bozer D.M. Halifax Halifax Z6946
Bozer Donald Machell
Braaten S.L. Wellington
Braaten Sterling Lorne
Braathen H.
Braathen H. Braathen Harold
Brabant V.A.
Brabbins Earl Stuart Halifax MZ454
Brace A.A. Wellington
Brace D.C.
Bracey M.J. Wellington
Bracey T.S.B. Bracey Maurice John
Bracey Thomas Stafford Benedict
Bracken C.E.
Bracken H.D.
Bracken W.G.
Bracken W.J.
Bracken W.S. Stirling
Bracken William Henry
Brackenbury C.E.
Brackenbury S.B.K.
Brackenridge D.M. Halifax Halifax
Brackenridge Douglas Matthew
Brackett E.W.C.
Brackett W.L.
Brad H.A. Brad Harold Arthur
Bradbeek L.D.
Bradbury C.D. Bradbury C.N. Halifax W1116
Bradbury F.G.
Bradbury J.L. Wellington
Bradbury J.T.
Bradbury J.W.
Bradbury N.C.
Bradbury R.F. Halifax Halifax
Bradbury T.J.
Bradbury W.
Bradbury Richard Forrest
Bradbury John Leslie
Bradco G.
Braddell E.S.P.
Bradden H.L. Boston
Bradden Harry Leo
Braden M.H.
Bradey J.C. Lancaster
Bradey John Charles
Bradford A.J.
Bradford C.R.
Bradford E.C.
Bradford F.D.
Bradford G.W. Bradford J.C.
Bradford J.M. Bradford J.P.
Bradford J.W.
Bradford M.E.
Bradford N.W. Mosquito HK459
Bradford R.D.
Bradford R.W.
Bradford W.R.
Bradford W.W.R.
Bradford Gerald Ward
Bradford John Mckinnon
Bradley A.C. Halifax Halifax
Bradley A.G. Halifax Halifax
Bradley B.G.S. Bradley C.A.
Bradley C.L.
Bradley C.R. Lancaster
Lancaster PB64? Bradley C.W.
Bradley D.E.
Bradley D.H.
Bradley D.W.
Bradley E. Halifax W7766 Halifax DT808
Bradley F. Halifax
Bradley F. Boston
Bradley F.I.
Bradley F.W.
Bradley F.W. Bradley G.C.
Bradley Gordon Clark Lancaster Lancaster ED645
Bradley G.D.
Bradley G.P.
Bradley H.E. Wellington
Wellington MP629
Bradley H.W.
Bradley I.C. Mosquito Mosquito NT231
Bradley J.
Bradley J.A.M.
Bradley J.E.
Bradley J.E. Lancaster
Bradley J.E.
Bradley J.E.
Bradley J.R. Halifax
Bradley J.R. Halifax
Halifax JD 156
Bradley J.W. Lancaster LM427
Bradley K.W. Halifax NR253
Bradley L.B.
Bradley L.J.
Bradley L.L.
Bradley L.O.
Bradley O.F.
Bradley O.F.
Bradley O.J.L.
Bradley P.K.
Bradley R. Lancaster
Bradley R.
Bradley R.
Bradley R.G. Lancaster Lancaster
Bradley R.H. Anson
Bradley R.I. Halifax NP803
Bradley R.J. Bradley R.L.
Bradley R.M.
Bradley R.U.
Bradley V.L.
Bradley W.C.
Bradley Allen Catto
Bradley Frederick
Bradley Roy Harris
Bradley Lloyd Latimer
Bradley James Reid
Bradley Robert
Bradley Howard Eldon
Bradley John Edward
Bradley Irvine Clifford
Bradley Royden Garfield
Bradley Charles Raymond
Bradley Robert Joseph
Bradley Frank
Bradley Jonathan Riley
Bradley Irvine Clifford
Bradley Frank William
Bradley Allan George
Bradley Dyne N.R.
Bradly A.T. Whitley
Whitley Z9920
Bradly W.S. Dakota
Dakota KN 218
Bradly Albert Thomas
Bradly William Stanley
Bradshaw A.J. Halifax Halifax LV822
Bradshaw D.A.R.
Bradshaw D.B.
Bradshaw D.C.E. Halifax H149
Bradshaw D.M.
Bradshaw F.B.
Bradshaw G.
Bradshaw G.G. Canso
Bradshaw G.S.
Bradshaw G.W. Halifax Halifax NP702
Bradshaw J. Blenheim
Blenheim Z 7309
Bradshaw J.E.
Bradshaw J.H.
Bradshaw M.J.
Bradshaw M.T.
Bradshaw M.W.
Bradshaw R.A. Beaufort
Bradshaw R.L. Halifax Halifax
Bradshaw S.V. Wellington
Bradshaw W.A.T.
Bradshaw W.H.H.
Bradshaw James
Bradshaw Robert Leonard
Bradshaw Sidney Victor
Bradshaw Allan James
Bradshaw George Gordon
Bradstock J.H.
Bradstock J.W.
Bradt G.T.
Brady B.L. Brady C.J. Lancaster Lancaster NN711
Brady C.S.
Brady E.J.
Brady F.J.D. Halifax Halifax
Brady G.F.
Brady H.D.
Brady H.L.
Brady J.D.
Brady J.G. Lancaster
Lancaster ED865
Brady J.H.
Brady J.J.M.
Brady J.R.
Brady L.E. Brady M.J.
Brady R.P. Brady T.L.
Brady W. Brady Francis Joseph Desmond
Brady Joseph Gordon
Brady Ralph Poston
Brady Charles John
Brady Lawrence Edward Joseph
Brager K.L. Lancaster DS732 Lancaster
Brager Kenneth Lloyd
Bragg J.P. Stirling R9264
Bragg K.K.
Bragg Russell Mackie Siskin & Delta Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire Anson Anson -------- Vampire Mustang Dakota & North Star
Braham P.
Braid K.
Braid R.W. Lancaster LM423
Braiden R.S.
Brain E.A.
Brain G.
Braine R.W.G. United Church
United Church
Braithwaite A.
Braithwaite J.W.
Brake J.J.
Brakeman J.C. Wellington
Brakeman Jesse Clemence Wellington R1717
Braley R.S. Braley Raymond Sydney
Bramall B.L. Brambleby J.E. Brambleby James Edwin
Bramley E.F. Wellington
Bramley Ennis Frederick
Brammall J.A. Lancaster Lancaster ND439
Brammall R.B. Hudson
Brammall John Alfred
Branch Ale Henry Anson Halifax Halifax NP723 Halifax NP721
Branch E.J.
Branch H.J. Halifax LV910
Branch J.E. Roman Catholic
Branch K.A.
Branch P.F.
Branch R.D.
Brand D.A. Beaufort
Beaufort L8728
Brand F.J.
Brand F.R.
Brand G.A.
Brand G.J.
Brand G.P.
Brand H.L.
Brand L.W. Brand P.H. Wellington
Brand R.G.
Brand T.N.
Brand W.F.
Brand Peter Healey
Brand Daniel Archibald
Brand Lorne William
Brander H.D. Stirling
Brander Huntley Donald
Brandley D. Brandman W.S.
Brandon A.C. Spitfire
Brandon Granton E.H.
Brandon K.
Brandon K.
Brandon M.H. Boston
Brandon N.D.
Brandon R.A.G.
Brandon T.S. Halifax W7782
Brandon Melvyn Hamilton
Brandow R.L. Wellington
Brandow Roy Leonard
Brandser R.A.
Brandt C.E. Wellington
Wellington HF119
Brandt Clarence Elmer
Braniff A.P. Harvard
Harvard FE961
Braniff M.S. Halifax DT615
Braniff Allan Patrick
Branigan A.J.
Branion H.D.
Brannagan T.A. Spitfire BS288 Spitfire NH233
Brannan C.E.
Brannen R.E.
Bransager V.M.
Branscombe A.A.
Branscombe A.F.
Branscombe A.V.
Branson T.L.C.
Branston L.F. Halifax Halifax NP811
Branston Leonard Frank
Brant E.
Brant G.W. Sunderland
Sunderland Brant H.F.
Brant W.
Brant Edward
Branter D.K.
Branum R.
Brasford F.G.
Brash C.G.
Brash J.G.S.
Brasnett W.G.
Brasnett Raymond Gerard
Brass J.G. Mosquito Mosquito MM152
Brass James Gladstone
Brassard J.A.
Brassard L.A. Halifax MZ493
Brassington W.J.
Brassnett R.G. Stirling
Braten M.
Bratrud H.E.
Bratt W.
Brault J.B.C.
Brault J.I.R.
Brault J.L.D.
Braun A.
Braun B.
Braun D.C.
Braun H.C. Braun W.M.
Braun W.T. Blenheim
Braun William Thomas
Braun Howard Charles
Brautigam E.H. Halifax Halifax
Brautigam Ernest Henry
Braverman J.D.
Brawley P.F. Wellington
Brawley Paul Franklin
Brawn H.
Brawn W.
Bray C.L. Wellington
Wellington DV579
Bray D.
Bray E.C. Stirling
Stirling BF578
Bray E.W.
Bray G.P. Spitfire
Spitfire AR560
Bray H.L.
Bray J. Lancaster LM638
Bray J.R.
Bray J.S.
Bray M.M.
Bray N.
Bray N.G.
Bray R.H.
Bray R.S. Oxford Oxford HM748
Bray R.V.
Bray W. Halifax Halifax
Bray Charles Lorne
Bray Eric William
Bray Earl Clarence
Bray Ward
Bray Gordon Page
Bray Reginald Shore
Bray Alan
Brayford L.W. Lancaster
Lancaster W4384
Brayford Lloyd Willis
Brayley W.E.J. Halifax LW723
Brayne K. Halifax Halifax MZ825
Brayne Kenneth
Brayshaw D.W.
Brayshaw T.L. Brazeau J.P.A. Roman Catholic
Brazeau J.P.R.F. Brazeau Joseph Philipe Rene Fernand
Brazier A.R.
Brazier D.C.
Brazier G.H. Bollingbroke
Brazier J.H.
Brazier W.A.
Brazier George Henry
Brazil R.M.
Breadner D.L. Mosquito Mosquito KB278
Breadner J.A. Breadner Lloyd Samuel
Breadner Donald Lloyd
Break A.W.
Breakenridge G.A.
Breakenridge M.L.
Breakey A. Blenheim
Breakwell G.
Brealey A.E.H.
Brealey G.A.
Bream E.J.
Breard J.C.S.A.
Brearley E. Whirlwind
Whirlwind P 6095
Brearley G.H.
Brearley J.E.
Brearley R.J.
Brearley Edgar
Breault A.J. Halifax NP942
Brebner G.A.
Brechin J.D.
Brechin M.L. Wellington
Wellington MP706
Brechin Manley Lyall
Breck A.W. Delata Typhoon Typhoon Spitfire
Breck D.E. Breck Duncan Ewart
Breckels A.L.
Breckels George Stanley
Breckenridge G.W.
Breckles G.S. Stirling
Stirling EF262
Breckon B.A.
Breckon G.L.
Breckon W.B.
Bredin E.M.
Bredin F.T.
Bredin M.W. Bredin Mark Webster
Bredt P.W.
Breen A.W.
Breen F.V. Liberator
Breen G.H.
Breen J.G. Halifax Halifax
Breen J.T.
Breen N.B.
Breen P.R. Halifax
Breen Roy Frederick Finch Anson Master Magister Spitfire Barracuda Typhoon MP178
Breen W.I.
Breen W.J.
Breen William John
Breen Frank Vincent
Breen James Gerald
Breese W.S.W.
Breeze H.A.A. Breeze N.E.
Breeze Harold Arthur Aleander
Breffitt J.
Bregman S. Spitfire MJ627
Brehaut G.L. Martinet
Martinet JN 492
Brehaut L.M. Wellington
Brehaut R.E.
Brehaut George Lester
Brehaut Lowell Milton
Brehn T.J. Wellington
Wellington Z1682
Brehn Thomas John
Breier H.P.
Breier Harry Patrick
Breihaupt (Breithaupt?) W.R. Mosquito Mosquito DZ254
Breir H.P. Breithaupt D.L.
Breithaupt P.W.
Breithaupt W.R.
Breithaupt William Ransom
Breivis J. Lancaster
Lancaster R5897
Breivis John
Bremer W.
Bremmer F.C. Spitfire Spitfire ER914
Bremner D.A. Spitfire Spitfire P8546
Bremner D.J.
Bremner J.A.
Bremner J.A.
Bremner J.D. Bremner P.
Bremner T.H.
Bremner David Aleander Edward
Bremner John Donald Halifax II JN954 VR-R
Bremner Frank Cecil
Bremness G.H.
Bren G.F. Brennagh J.F.
Brennan C. Lancaster
Brennan C.A. Spitfire
Brennan C.A. Stirling EF452
Brennan E.K. Brennan E.M. Brennan E.R.
Brennan F.C.
Brennan F.V. Liberator
Brennan G.
Brennan H.J. Wellington LN896
Brennan H.W.
Brennan J.
Brennan J.R. Whirlwind
Brennan L.W. Brennan R.L.
Brennan T.J. Dakota
Brennan W.A.
Brennan W.D.
Brennan W.M.
Brennan W.R.
Brennan W.R.
Brennan W.S.
Brennan W.T. Halifax NP967
Brennan Edward Michael
Brennan Charles Arthur
Brennan John Robert
Brennan Edmund Keith
Brennan Cornelius Alfred
Brennan Thomas John
Brennan Herbert John Patrick Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax LL419
Brennan Lawrence William
Brennan Frederick Vincent
Brennand C.R.J.
Brenner A.B.
Brenton C.E. Lancaster HK598
Brenton E.S. Dakota
Brenton K.S. Mosquito Mosquito
Brenton L.A. Lancaster
Lancaster JB719
Brenton Edwin Swayne
Brenton Leo Arthur
Brenton Kenneth Stickney
Brereton G.W. Anson
Anson 11528
Brereton Gilbert William
Bresee W.H.
Bresnick E. Bresolin L.F.
Brest Clarence Samuel
Brest C.S. Brethour C.A.
Breton P.
Bretsch J.H.
Brett A.G. Liberator
Brett E.S.
Brett G.R.
Brett H.B. Brett J. Wellington
Brett J.M.
Brett N.B.
Brett R.A. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell FV989
Brett Robert Arthur
Brett Harold Beverly
Brett Alfred George
Bretz Norman Hobson Finch Harvard Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Hurricane
Breugman R.G. Brewer D.L. Halifax NP773
Brewer E.C. Lancaster DS829
Brewer Hedley Royden Stinson Anson Anson & Hudson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax H353
Brewer Morley Junior Halifax RG347
Brewer T.J. Lancaster
Lancaster JA921
Brewer Thomas James
Brewer Morley Junior
Brewster A.E.
Brewster D.A.
Brewster J.G.R.
Brewster J.M.
Brewster P.G.
Brewster W.R.
Brezina F.G. Lancaster Lancaster
Brezina H.F.
Brezina L.W.
Brezina Frederick George
Brian E.J. Brian M.J.
Brian W.E.
Brian Edward Joseph
Briand R.
Briba J.P.
Brice F.T.S. Brice J.H.
Brice L.C.
Brice V.L. Halifax Halifax
Brice W.D.
Brice Vincent Leslie
Brice Francis Thomas Sargent
Brichta P.S.O. Wellington
Brichta Philip Sibbald Ogilvie
Brick D.B.
Brickenden “Brick” A.W. Lancaster LM513
Brickenden G.A.P.
Brickenden J.S.
Bricker Calvin David J. Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon Spitfire ----- F-84 Thunderstreak F-86 Sabre
Bricker G.C. Anson
Anson 6739
Bricker M.A.
Bricker Gordon Charles
Brickstock J.
Bridge A.J.D.
Bridge E.A. Halifax ED209
Bridge J.A. Bridge M.R.
Bridge James Arthur
Bridgeford B.W.
Bridgeman E.F. Lancaster DS667
Bridgeman M.R. Bridgeman O. Halifax
Bridgeman P.J. Lancaster R5682
Bridgeman R.V. Wellington
Wellington BJ836
Bridgeman T. Halifax LV799
Bridgeman W.G. Halifax MZ910
Bridgeman Marcel Rene
Bridgeman Robert Vale
Bridger R.T. Lancaster
Bridger Roger Thomas
Bridges B.L.
Bridges H.E.
Bridges L. Bridges N. Dakota
Dakota FD 540
Bridges S.W.
Bridges W.R.
Bridges Neal
Bridgett L.
Bridgewater C.B. Halifax W1164
Bridgland E.P.
Bridgman D.C. Mosquito Mosquito H965
Bridgman E.F.
Bridgman J.M.
Bridgman O.T.
Bridgman R.F.
Bridgman W.F. Spitfire
Spitfire SM279
Bridgman Donald Charles
Bridgman William Frederick
Bridgwater E.T.
Bridle F. Bridle G.E.
Bridle W. Halifax LL550 Halifax Halifax MZ654 Halifax MZ947 Halifax MZ586
Bridwell J.H.
Briegel J.S. Briegel James Stuart
Brien F.B.
Brien W.P.
Briere P.
Brierley L.E.
Brierley W.
Briese C.E. Hurricane
Briese E.C.
Briese E.C.
Briese R.G. Catalina
Catalina AH566
Briese Richard Gustav
Brifett G.W. Briffett George William
Brigden D.A. Spitfire
Spitfire MK420
Brigden Donald Andrew
Brigden Donald Andrew
Brigger H.C.
Briggs Alfred Neil Blenheim lV Z6245
Briggs C.E.
Briggs C.W.
Briggs E.J.
Briggs F.E.R.
Briggs H.C.
Briggs H.E.
Briggs L.C.R.
Briggs L.E. Hudson
Briggs R.D.
Briggs T.S. Beaufighter
Beaufighter 7893
Briggs W.
Briggs W.E. Halifax Halifax LW418
Briggs W.W.
Briggs Francis Evan Robert
Briggs Lloyd Edward
Briggs Thomas Simpson
Briggs William Edmund
Briggs-Jude R.W. Briggs-Jude Robert William
Brighouse M.S. Hampden
Hampden AT228
Bright A.H.
Bright G.A.
Bright H.J.
Bright J.M.
Bright W.
Brighton G.T.
Brillinger H.R.
Brillinger Donald Stewart Halifax LV963 AL-V
Brillon J.J.P.A.
Brimacombe D.A.
Brimacombe F.S.
Brimacombe G.A.
Brimacombe G.P.
Brimacombe R.S. Beaufort
Beaufort L4445
Brimacombe Rafe Sherme
Brimberry P.S. Fleet Finch
Fleet Finch
Brimberry Paul Russell
Brimble G.
Brimicombe B.E.
Brimicombe V.E. Halifax NP999
Brims W.S.
Brimson J.R.R.
Brine G.R.
Brine H.K.
Brine J.E. Halifax LW417
Bringloe J.H. Bringloe S.E.
Bringloe W.A.
Bringloe James Henry
Brinkworth E.P. Beaufort
Beaufort W6474
Brinkworth Ernest Peter
Brinton E.B.
Briou T.J.
Brisbin H.V.
Brisbin L.I.
Brisbin M.J.
Brisco F.B.
Brisco F.L. Lancaster
Lancaster ED601
Brisco G.H.
Brisco H.C.
Brisco R.E.
Brisco R.I.
Brisco Frederick Lionel
Briscoe D.A.
Briscoe H.W.
Briscoe Henry Whitby
Brisebois G.
Brislan J.G. Brislan John Glen
Brisley F.C.
Brisley J.L.
Brison J.W.
Brissenden J. Wellington
Brissenden Joseph
Brisset M.L.J.A.
Brisson J.P.G. Brisson T.
Brisson Joseph Paul Guy
Bristol B.W. Bolingbroke
Bristol J.
Bristol Beverly Ward
Bristow F.D. Wellington
Bristow H.G.
Bristow H.J.
Bristow H.W.
Bristow T.J. Lancaster KB814
Bristow W.E.
Bristow W.M.
Bristow Frederick David
Bristowe N.W.
Britland G.D. Lancaster
Britland L.P. Anson
Britland W.C.
Britland Lionel Poston
Britland George Douglas
Britnell D.R.
Britt J.A.A.
Britt J.L. Wellington Halifax Halifax LL550 Halifax Halifax MZ654 Halifax LL593 Halifax MZ947 Halifax MZ586
Brittain D.G.
Brittain E.L.
Brittain P.H. Halifax Halifax LV912
Brittain R.V.
Brittain William Bruce Moth Harvard & Yale Harvard Harvard & Yale Halifax Halifax MZ355
Brittain W.D.
Brittain Paul Herman
Brittan J.
Britten A.G.
Britten D. Britten R.I.E. Mosquito
Britten T.B.
Britten Aubrey Ginders
Britton Clarence William Arthur Halifax H356
Britton Henry Finch Anson Halifax Halifax MZ632 Halifax NP695 Halifax NP738
Britton K.G.
Britton R.H.
Britton S.A.
Britton W.
Britton W.B. Halifax NR257 Halifax
Britton Clarence William Arthur
Britts A.J. Britts Alfred Joseph
Broad F.H. Typhoon
Typhoon PD526
Broad H.G.
Broad J.A.
Broad J.B.H.J.
Broad J.H. Hurricane Hurricane AF970
Broad L.A. Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth 4345
Broad W.C.
Broad Leslie Allan
Broad Frederick Heath
Broad John Haig
Broadbent H.L.
Broadbent J.C. Broadbent R.C. Stirling
Stirling EE905
Broadbent S.Y.
Broadbent Robert Charles
Broadbent James Carson
Broadbridge A.F.
Broadfoot C.M. Broadfoot D.F. Halifax NP959
Broadfoot J.G. Broadfoot J.V.
Broadfoot R.R. Halifax RG350
Broadfoot R.S.
Broadfoot James Graham
Broadfoot Clifford McNeil
Broadhead D.K. Beaufighter EL522 Broadhead G.C.
Broadhead J.F.
Broadhurst J.W.
Broadley G.
Broadley W.
Broatch W.R.
Brobyn R.G.
Brochu Jean-Pierre B. Halifax NP713
Brochu J.W.M. Fairey Battle
Fairey Battle 1960
Brochu L.D.
Brochu L.R.
Brochu V.A.G. Sitfire MK465
Spitfire MJ301
Brochu Joseph Willrod Marcel
Brochu Victorien Armand Gilbert
Brock A.R.
Brock E.G.
Brock E.I. Hurricane Hurricane 1362
Brock F.K.
Brock H.B. Lysander
Brock J.A.
Brock J.S. Typhoon
Brock R.A. Dakota
Dakota KG 630
Brock R.G. Lancaster
Lancaster ED876
Brock S.M.
Brock H B E
Brock Edward Irvin
Brock Robert George
Brock Ronald Arthur
Brockett W.J.
Brockington G.S. Beaufighter
Brockington George Stanley
Brocklebank C.S. Hurricane Hurricane V7299
Brockman C.E.
Brockway G.W. Lancaster
Lancaster JB722
Brockway George William
Brodack S.
Broddy James Morley Wellington Wellington Z8428
Broder J.G. Lancaster
Broder John Gordon
Broderick E.F.
Broderick J.J.
Broderick L.
Broderick L.J.M. Lancaster
Lancaster HR410
Broderick V.G.
Broderick W. Mosquito MM743
Broderick Frank Edward
Broderick Leo Joseph Martin
Brodeur C.J.
Brodeur P.V.
Brodie Charles Milne Liberator Liberator KH214
Brodie J.M. Spitfire
Spitfire JF344
Brodie J.T. Brodie R.G. Wellington
Wellington BK347
Brodie R.J. Halifax NP686
Brodie R.M.
Brodie R.P.
Brodie W. Lancaster
Lancaster W5007
Brodie W.A. Lancaster
Lancaster PD378
Brodie W.C.
Brodie John Toles
Brodie William
Brodie John Mcandrew
Brodie Robert Gerald Campbell
Brodie Warren Argo
Brodie Charles Milne Liberator KH214
Brodigan C.W.
Brodribb A.F. Brodribb F.J.
Brodribb W.J.
Brodribb Francis Anthony Bower
Brodrick J.D.
Brodrick W.E. Wellington 3477
Brodsky B.K.
Broemeling A.J. Lancaster
Lancaster ED360
Broemeling Alvin John
Brokenshire E.D. Wellington
Wellington HF675
Brokenshire J.M.
Brokenshire W.H.
Brokenshire Edward Dewar
Broley J.D.
Bromberg W.
Bromhead D.T. Sunderland
Sunderland W6013
Bromley D.F. Harvard
Bromley E.T.
Bromley G.W.
Bromley R.A. Mustang Mustang AM251
Bromley David Francis
Bromley Roger Arthur
Brondgeest L.J.M. Brondgeest Lloyd John
Bronfman G.
Bronson C.R. Manchester
Manchester L7466
Bronson H.E. Halifax MZ867
Bronson L.L.
Bronson Clifford Robert
Brontmier D.L.
Broocke W.R.P.
Brook A.C. Halifax LL152
Brook C.C. Brook P.R. Beaufighter MM881 Mosquito
Brook R.E.
Brook S. Hurricane
Brook S.G.
Brook W.D.
Brook Charles Cyril
Brooker Arthur C. Kittyhawk I Hurricane IV Typhoon Ib
Brooker D.J.
Brooker E.J.
Brooker F.R.
Brooker G.H.
Brooker J.W.
Brooker S.F. Spitfire
Brookes F.C.L.
Brookes G.E.
Brookes H.F.
Brookes R.G. Defiant
Brookes T.R.
Brookes Robert George
Brookes Thomas Robert
Brookhouse J.N. Spitfire
Spitfire EW831
Brookhouse John Neville
Brooking Charles Curtis
Brookland R.E.
Brookman J.P.
Brooks A. Lancaster
Lancaster DS775
Brooks A.F.
Brooks A.J.
Brooks A.W.
Brooks B.B. Spitfire
Brooks C.
Brooks C.E. Lancaster
Brooks C.H.
Brooks D. Brooks D.C.
Brooks E.
Brooks E.R. Hudson
Hudson # 765
Brooks E.W.
Brooks F.C.
Brooks F.C.
Brooks F.C. Halifax Halifax
Brooks F.E.
Brooks G.D.
Brooks G.E.
Brooks G.M.
Brooks G.W. Halifax Halifax NP789
Brooks H. Beaufighter Brooks H. Wellington 3467
Brooks H.
Brooks H.L. Lancaster LM638
Brooks H ? Mosquito
Brooks J.E. Cornell
Cornell 15263 Brooks J.S.
Brooks K.B. Brooks L.
Brooks L.D. Hurricane Hurricane BN164
Brooks L.G.
Brooks L.H.
Brooks L.K.W.
Brooks L.W. Anson
Brooks P.L.
Brooks R.
Brooks R.C. Hudson
Hudson Brooks R.D. Wellington
Wellington MP641
Brooks R.E.
Brooks R.M. Hurricane Hurricane # 5701
Brooks S.G.
Brooks W.G.G.
Brooks W.H. Lancaster
Lancaster LL755
Brooks W.J. Spitfire
Brooks W.M.
Brooks W.O.
Brooks W.S.
Brooks Francis Conn
Brooks Lloyd William
Brooks Ernest Ross
Brooks Lucien David
Brooks Harry Beaufighter 8192
Brooks Jerry Eaton
Brooks Ronald Charles
Brooks Reginald Maurice
Brooks Ronald Douglas
Brooks Alfred
Brooks Glenn Wesley
Brooks John Philip Lancaster II DS771 OW-P
Brooks Clare Edward
Brooks Keith Bishop
Brooks Wilfred Henry
Brooks Malcolm Hutton
Broom H. Broom Howard
Broome C.R.
Broome E.B.
Broome W.
Broomfield A.G.
Broomfield J.O.
Broomfield M.I.
Brophey B.O. Lancaster
Lancaster L7527
Brophey Burton Orval
Brophy A.C.V. Brophy A.D.W.M.
Brophy B.A. Lancaster
Brophy G.P.
Lancaster KB726 Brophy Bernard Anthony
Brophy Allan Charles Vincent
Brophy John Lawrence Douglas
Brophy J.L.D. Spitfire
Brosko J.
Brosko Peter Paul Lancaster Lancaster LM452
Brosko Peter Paul
Brossard G.L.
Brosseau A.A.E.L.
Brosseau J.C.E.M.
Brosseau J.J.
Brosseau P.M.E.J.H.
Brotherhood D.M.
Brotherhood D.M.
Brothers M.H. Hudson
Brothers M.L.
Brothers R.F.
Brothers W.R.
Brothers Monty Holt
Brotherston W. Brotherston William Morley
Brotherton A.M. Brough F.H.
Brough J.N.
Brough M.E.J.H.
Broughton A.G.S.
Broughton D.O. Wellington
Wellington HE913
Broughton F.W.
Broughton J.H.
Broughton J.H.K.
Broughton O.J.
Broughton R.I.
Broughton Douglas Oliver
Brouillard R.O.
Brouillet J.G.C.M.
Brouillet P.J.
Brouillette J.A.G. Wellington 3361
Brouillette J.R.E. Brouillette S.P.R. P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang AP171
Brouillette Sidney Phillipe Richard
Brouillette Joseph Ross Eugene
Bround E.D. Mosquito Mosquito
Bround Earl Douglas
Brouse D.L. Stirling
Brouse G.E.E.
Brouse David Lorne
Brousseau J.H.N. Wellington BJ918
Brove G.
Brovender J.L. Wellington
Brovender Jack Lionel
Browder E.
Browell G.W.
Brower O.
Brown A. Hurricane Hurricane
Brown A.
Brown A. Wellington Wellington HE624
Brown A.C.
Brown Alan Coatsworth Atlas Blemheim Hudson
Brown A.D.
Brown A.E.
Brown Alan Francis Oxford V3349 Halifax Halifax LV989
Brown A.F.
Brown A.F.
Brown A.G.
Brown A.G.
Brown A.G.
Brown A.G.
Brown Alfred George Greenwood Moth Anson Norseman & Stinson Battle & Bolinbroke Anson & Hampden Blenheim Hampden Hampden AN123
Brown A.J. Mosquito Mosquito HJ830
Brown A.J.
Brown A.K. Halifax NP712
Brown A.L.
Brown A.R. Typhoon MN663
Brown A.R.
Brown A.W. Wellington BK340
Brown A.W. Lancaster LM687
Brown B.E. Whitley Whitley LA879
Brown B.F. Lancaster Lancaster W4829
Brown B.R.
Brown C.
Brown C. Baltimore Baltimore
Brown C.A.
Brown C.A.
Brown C.A.
Brown C.A.
Brown C.A. Halifax V EB285
Brown C.B.
Brown C.D.
Brown Charles Douglas Grant Blenheim Blenheim V5433 EE-F
Brown C.E.
Brown C.E.
Brown C.F.
Brown C.H.
Brown C.H. Lancaster Lancaster ME828
Brown C.H.L. Wellington Wellington
Brown C.J.
Brown C.J.
Brown C.L. Brown C.L. Brown Carlos Manuel Lancaster Lancaster JB221
Brown C.P.
Brown C.P.L.
Brown C.R.
Brown C.T.
Brown C.W.
Brown C.W.
Brown D.
Brown D.
Brown D.A.
Brown D.A.
Brown D.B. Halifax DK134
Brown D.B.
Brown D.C. Cessna Crane
Cessna Crane # 7935
Brown D.C.
Brown D.C. Lancaster Lancaster ND952
Brown D.E.
Brown D.G.
Brown D.G.
Brown D.H.
Brown D.H.
Brown D.H.P.
Brown D.J.
Brown D.J.R.
Brown D.L.G.
Brown David Oscar Lancaster Lancaster ME858
Brown D.R.
Brown D.R.
Brown D.R.
Brown D.R. Lancaster Lancaster
Brown D.S. Halifax EB216
Brown Donovan Samuel Finch Anson Anson Anson & Hudson Halifax
Brown D.S. Lancaster Lancaster R5551
Brown D.S. Halifax Halifax NR233
Brown D.T.
Brown D.W. Halifax LL252
Brown D.W.
Brown D.W.L.
Brown E. Halifax LV910
Brown E.
Brown E.
Brown De Peyster Douw Lysander Hurricane
Brown E.A. Mosquito
Brown E.A.
Brown E.A.
Brown E.A.
Brown Eugene Deverle Mosquito Mosquito HR345
Brown E.H. Wellington Wellington
Brown E.H. Stirling Stirling
Brown E.J.
Brown E.L.
Brown E.M.
Brown E.O.
Brown E.O.
Brown E.R.G.
Brown E.S.
Brown F.A.
Brown F.C.
Brown F.E.
Brown F.F.J.
Brown Fred Harvey Blenheim Blenheim V5490
Brown F.J.
Brown F.M. Halifax MZ597
Brown F.M.
Brown F.N.
Brown G.
Brown G.
Brown G. Halifax Halifax
Brown G.C.
Brown George Chahoon Lancaster Lancaster LM292
Brown G.D. Spitfire Spitfire
Brown G.E.
Brown G.E.
Brown G.E.
Brown G.F. Spitfire Spitfire R6897
Brown G.F.C.
Brown G. Le R. Lancaster ND494
Brown G.G.C. Halifax LW166
Brown G.J.
Brown G.K.
Brown G.L.
Brown G.M.
Brown George Rawson Spitfire Spitfire LZ955
Brown G.S.
Brown G.S.
Brown G.S.
Brown G.W.
Brown G.W.
Brown G.W.
Brown George William Mosquito Mosquito MS979
Brown G.W.E.
Brown H. Lancaster R5666
Brown H. Halifax DT507 Halifax NR118
Brown H.A.
Brown H.A. Halifax JD107
Brown H.A.
Brown H.A.
Brown H.B.
Brown H.C.
Brown H.C. Spitfire Spitfire
Brown H.D.
Brown H.D.
Brown H.E. Mosquito Mosquito KB366
Brown H.E.
Brown H.F.
Brown H.G.
Brown H.J.A.
Brown H.L. Halifax Halifax
Brown H.L. Lancaster Lancaster
Brown H.M. Wellington HE692
Brown H.M.
Brown H.M.
Brown H.M.
Brown Herbert M. B-24 Liberator
Brown H.M.
Brown H.R.
Brown H.S.
Brown H.S.
Brown H.T.
Brown H.T.
Brown H.W.
Brown I.M.S. Anson Anson
Brown I.S. Lancaster
Lancaster ED563
Brown J.
Brown J. Boston Boston BZ478
Brown J.
Brown J.
Brown J.
Brown J.
Brown J.A. Typhoon MN345
Brown J.A. Lancaster DS692
Brown J.A.
Brown J.A. Oxford Oxford N4667
Brown J.A. Dakota Dakota FZ552
Brown J.A. Spitfire Spitfire P8460
Brown J.A.C.
Brown J.B.
Brown J.B. Halifax Halifax
Brown J.C.
Brown J.C.
Brown J.D.
Brown J.D.
Brown J.E.
Brown James E. Halifax LL168
Brown J.F.
Brown J.F.
Brown J.F.
Brown J.F.
Brown J.F.C.
Brown J.G.
Brown J.G.
Brown J.G. United Church
Brown J.H. Oxford Oxford L168
Brown J.H. Halifax DK142
Brown J.H.
Brown J.H.
Brown J.H.
Brown J.H.
Brown J.H. Lancaster Lancaster EE180
Brown J.H. Mosquito Mosquito DZ470
Brown J.I.
Brown John Kerk Typhoon Typhoon MP192
Brown J.K. Wellington Wellington
Brown J.K.A.
Brown J.L.
Brown J.L.
Brown J.L.C.
Brown J.M.
Brown J.M.
Brown J.M.
Brown J.M. Whitley Whitley EB349
Brown J.O.
Brown J.P.
Brown J.P.
Brown J.R.
Brown J.S.
Brown J.S. Halifax Halifax JP292
Brown J.T.
Brown J.T.
Brown J.T.
Brown J.T.
Brown J.W. Wellington Wellington
Brown J.W. Lancaster Lancaster NG133
Brown K.
Brown K. Brown K.
Brown K.A. P-51 Mustang
Brown K.E.
Brown K.M.
Brown K.T.
Brown K.W. Lancaster W4386
Brown K.W.
Brown Lorne Edwin Halifax Halifax
Brown Leonard George Lancaster KB751 NA-Q
Brown L.G.
Brown L.G.
Brown L.J.
Brown L.M.
Brown L.M.
Brown L.N.
Brown L.N. Miles Master Miles Master
Brown L.W.
Brown M.
Brown M.
Brown M.A.
Brown M.A.
Brown M.A.
Brown M.A.
Brown M.E.
Brown M.F.
Brown M.G.
Brown Malcolm George Moth Anson & Crane Anson Anson & Botha Blenheim & Hudson Hudson Mosquito Mosquito Mosquito
Brown Mark Henry 'Hilly' Hurricane L1971
Brown M.J.
Brown M.K. Hurricane
Hurricane N2476
Brown M.L.
Brown M.O. Hudson Hudson
Brown M.W.
Brown M.W.
Brown N. Lancaster Lancaster
Brown N.
Brown N.C.
Brown Norman Conway Wellington Wellington HF628
Brown N.E. Halifax W7763
Brown N.E.
Brown N.F.
Brown N.F.
Brown N.H.
Brown N.L.
Brown N.M.
Brown O.C.
Brown O.F. Spitfire Spitfire BS440
Brown O.M. Halifax H275
Brown O.R. Spitfire
Brown P.
Brown P.A.
Brown P.E.E. Wellington Wellington
Brown P.J.
Brown P.J.
Brown P.M.
Brown P.N.
Brown P.S.
Brown R. Hampden Hampden 3051
Brown R.
Brown R. Halifax ER256
Brown R. Halifax MZ509
Brown R. Halifax NP722
Brown Raymond Aleander Finch Harvard Oxford Hurricane Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon MN375 Typhoon
Brown R.A.
Brown R.A. Halifax Halifax LK874
Brown R.B. Wellington Wellington MS496
Brown R.C.
Brown R.C. Halifax LK798
Brown R.C.
Brown R.C.C.
Brown R.C.J. Mustang AP205
Brown R.D. P-51 Mustang
Brown R.D.
Brown R.E.
Brown R.E. Wellington Wellington
Brown R.E.T.
Brown R.F.
Brown R.F.
Brown R.F.
Brown R.F.
Brown R.G. Kittyhawk
Brown R.G.
Brown R.G. Delta Delta # 670
Brown R.H.
Brown R.H. Hurricane Hurricane 5381
Brown R.J.
Brown R.J.
Brown R.J.
Brown R.J.
Brown R.L. Lancaster DV406
Brown R.L.
Brown R.N. Typhoon Typhoon
Brown R.O. Mustang Mustang AG503
Brown R.R.
Brown R.T.
Brown R.W. Halifax LW347
Brown R.W. Halifax LV962
Brown R.W.
Brown R.W. Lancaster Lancaster
Brown S. Wellington Wellington HE550
Brown S.H.R.
Brown S.T.
Brown Sydney Walter Thunderbolt Thunderbolt HD217
Brown S.W. Canso Canso
Brown T.
Brown T.A.
Brown T.C.
Brown T.G.
Brown T.L. Hampden Hampden
Brown T.M.
Brown T.N. Halifax JB913
Brown T.N.
Brown T.O.P.
Brown T.W.
Brown V.E.
Brown V.G.
Brown William Halifax Halifax HR835
Brown W.A.
Brown William Beaumont Finch Harvard Hampden Hampden Hampden AT176 EQ-A
Brown W.C. Stirling Stirling
Brown Wilfred David Moth Harvard Spitfire Spitfire Kittyhawk Kittyhawk Kittyhawk FR860
Brown W.E.
Brown W.E.
Brown William Earle Lancaster Lancaster DS781
Brown W.E.
Brown W.F.
Brown William Forbes Finch Anson Halifax
Brown W.G.
Brown W.G.
Brown W.G. Lancaster Lancaster R1818
Brown W.H. Wellington Wellington HQ149
Brown W.J.
Brown W.J.
Brown W.J. Anson Anson
Brown W.L. Spitfire Spitfire
Brown W.L.J.
Brown W.M.
Brown William McIntosh Halifax Halifax DK196
Brown W.M.H.
Brown W.O.
Brown W.R.
Brown W.R.
Brown W.R.
Brown W.R.
Brown William Raymond James Wellington T2879 LN-?
Brown W.S. Hudson Hudson
Brown W.W.
Brown W.W. Halifax Halifax
Brown W.W.
Brown W.W.D.
Brown William Wood Lindsay Finch Harvard Master & Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane & Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire NH178
Brown Fred Harvey
Brown Gordon Fred Cyril
Brown Ian Mcdonnell Sutherland
Brown John Arthur
Brown William Raymond James
Brown Robert George
Brown Arthur John
Brown David Campbell
Brown John Wesley
Brown James Bernard Frederick
Brown Harold Aleander
Brown Charles
Brown Earl Herbert
Brown William Elliott
Brown Charles Harold Latshaw
Brown Eddie Hester
Brown Charles Douglas Grant
Brown Clayton Penrose Lindon
Brown James Aleander
Brown Lloyd Nelson
Brown Ray Edward
Brown Thomas Lloyd
Brown William Sydney
Brown John Henry
Brown Robert Henry
Brown Arthur
Brown William John
Brown Arthur John
Brown Sydney
Brown Norman Conway
Brown Ian Stewart
Brown James Herbert
Brown Cecil Allan
Brown Benjamin Francis
Brown William
Brown Arthur
Brown Robert Burns
Brown Peter Edwyn Elkford
Brown Douglas Stewart
Brown David Lloyd George
Brown Orlan Roderick
Brown George Rawson
Brown Gilbert Frederick
Brown Clayton Perry
Brown Harry Lyle
Brown Alfred George Greenwood
Brown Carlos Manuel
Brown Brian Edward
Brown Douglas Roy
Brown James Henry
Brown James Moyes
Brown Duncan Stewart
Brown John Francis
Brown The Rev. James Gordon
Brown John Armagh Charles
Brown William Wood Lindsay
Brown David Cornfoot
Brown Clement Hector
Brown Charles Davis
Brown De Willett Francis
Brown John William
Brown Edward John
Brown Harold Earl
Brown George Dunlop
Brown Robert John
Brown Douglas Walter
Brown David Oscar
Brown Harold Leonard
Brown John Stanley
Brown James Angus
Brown William Wallace
Brown Wallace Hilton
Brown Robert Oswald
Brown John Daniel
Brown Alan Francis
Brown Wesley Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Brown George
Brown George William
Brown William Earle
Brown James E.
Brown William Clyde
Brown John Keith
Brown David Reid
Brown Harold Allan
Brown Stanley Wilfred Robert
Brown Walter Gordon
Brown James Pirie
Brown Robert Allan
Brown Eugene Deverle
Brown Douglas Harold
Brown Raymond Clifford
Brown Francis Norman
Brown Stephen Henry Russell
Brown James
Brown Sydney Walter
Brown J.A. Typhoon MN345
Brown S.R.
Brown - De Willett F.
Browne A.W.
Browne D.E. Stirling R9316
Browne D.E.
Browne D.H.M.
Browne D.J. Spitfire
Browne G.A.
Browne G.L.
Browne H.M.
Browne J.D. Spitfire MA578 Spitfire ML205 Spitfire SM359
Browne J.E.
Browne J.S.M.
Browne N.K.
Browne R.L.G. Browne R.R. Browne R.O. P-51 Mustang
Browne W.A.
Browne W.A.
Brownell A.G.
Brownell F.H.
Brownell G.J.
Brownell J.F. Halifax MZ454
Brownell J.H.
Brownell K.N.
Brownell R.O.
Brownell WR
Brownfield O.D. Hudson
Brownfield T.R. Beaufighter
Brownfield Oscar David
Brownfield Thomas Robert
Brownhill H.E.
Brownhill J.K.
Brownie J.M. Anson Anson 7158
Brownie James Millar
Browning C.H.
Browning J.C.
Browning L.A.
Brownlee B.K.
Brownlee D.A.
Brownlee D.E. Hampden
Brownlee D.G.
Brownlee E.M. Brownlee I.G.T. Halifax Halifax LL578
Brownlee J.A. Brownlee J.B. Brownlee O.M.
Brownlee P.J. Church of England
Brownlee Edith Mary
Brownlee David Ellis
Brownlee John
Brownlee Irvin Gordon Thomas
Brownless S.
Brownlow D.
Brownlow W.G.
Brownoff N.L.
Brownridge D.A.
Brownridge D.D.
Brownridge R.R.
Brownrigg K.E.
Browns W.M.
Brownscombe M.C. Brownscombe Morley Craig
Brownwell J.F. Halifax MZ454
Browse R.M.
Bro G. Bro H.L.
Brubacher R.W.
Brubacker D.W. Wellington
Wellington Z8795
Brubaker Donald Warren
Bruce A. Bruce A.C.J. Halifax
Bruce A.H.C.
Bruce C.A.
Bruce C.B.
Bruce D.C.
Bruce D.E. Spitfire
Spitfire ER345
Bruce D.M.
Bruce E.P.
Bruce G.G.
Bruce G.J.
Bruce G.M.
Bruce G.R. Spitfire
Bruce G.V. Bruce H.E.V. Halifax Halifax
Bruce H.G.
Bruce J.A.
Bruce J.A.T.
Bruce J.D.C.
Bruce J.S.
Bruce K.D. Hudson
Bruce P.G.
Bruce R. Bruce R.E. B-17 Fortress
B-17 Fortress
Bruce R.H. Wellington
Bruce R.L.R.
Bruce Robert R. Mosquito
Bruce S.G.
Bruce S.M. Bruce T.D.
Bruce V.F.
Bruce W.I. Anson
Bruce W.J.
Bruce Haddo Eric Von
Bruce Douglas Earl
Bruce Robert Emerson
Bruce William Irvin
Bruce Allan
Bruce Robert Henry
Brucey E.A.
Bruchest L.J.A.
Bruck G.L.
Bruegeman C.B.P. Bruegeman S.M.
Bruegeman Cecil Baden Powell
Bruegeman Raymond Glen
Bruggeman J.A.
Bruggeman Joseph Aloysius
Brulotte J.P.A.
Brumwell J.W.D.
Brundage T.D.
Brune L.D..
Bruneau A.A.
Brunelle J.P. Anson
Anson 6108 Brunelle J.P.M.A. Spitfire MJ553
Brunelle M.F.
Brunelle Jean Paul
Bruner J.C.
Brunet A.G.
Brunet E.C.

Lancaster JB348
Brunet J.A.L.L.
Brunet J.J.C.P. Halifax LW127
Brunet M.R.
Brunet Ernest Charles
Brunette J.A.A.
Brunette L.R. Spitfire
Brunette Louis Raymond
Brunger C.A.
Brunini W.H.
Bruno D. Bruns A.W.
Brunt J.
Brunt R.R.
Brunton A.C. Lancaster
Lancaster HR410
Brunton C.A.
Brunton M.L.
Brunton N.
Bruser D.M.
Brush G.C.
Brush W.E.
Brushett W.
Brusone J. Halifax NP722
Bruton F.H.
Bruton H.B.
Bruton J.D.
Bruton P.J.
Bruton Cecil Gilbert Lancaster DS630
Bruyere George Joseph Robert
Bruyns F.
Bryan A.J.A. Spitfire MJ645
Bryan B.R.
Bryan C.G.
Bryan E.G.F.
Bryan F.J.
Bryan Gerald George
Bryan G.H.
Bryan Guy Nelson Hudson Hudson
Bryan H.I.G.
Bryan H.W.B.
Bryan J.F.
Bryan J.R. Halifax EB217
Bryan M.G.
Bryans J.G.
Bryans L.H.F.
Bryans Robert John Stirling Stirling BK705
Bryans Stuart Francis Lancaster KB740
Lancaster KB743 NA-I
Bryans William Stewart
Bryant C.G.
Bryant E.M. Bryant F.F.
Bryant F.M.
Bryant G.L. Harvard
Harvard AJ755 Bryant H.
Bryant H.D. Wellington
Bryant J.A. Warwick
Warwick HG ?10
Bryant J.A.
Bryant J.R. Hudson
Hudson AM 729
Bryant J.T.
Bryant L.W.
Bryant Robert Murray Finch Harvard Harvard Goblin Goblin 336
Bryant S.W. Halifax DK142
Bryant W.J. Mosquito
Bryant Robert Murray
Bryant Gordon Louis
Bryant Harry Douglas
Bryant James Roy
Bryant Edward Maines
Bryant James Alfred
Bryanton E.M.
Bryce C.F. Halifax NR205
Bryce C.H.
Bryce C.H.
Bryce G.E.
Bryce J.A.
Bryce M.D.
Bryce N.D.
Bryden G. St. C Bryden H. Bryden Herbert
Bryden George St. Clair
Brydon Edward Dale Moth Harvard Hurricane Master & Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon Typhoon RB429
Brydon F.S. Lancaster
Lancaster LM427
Brydon J.S. Stirling
Brydon W.A. Brydon W.R.
Brydon James Stenhouse
Brydon Francis Samuel
Brydon Wilbert Aleander
Bryenton G.A.M.
Bryers C.R.
Bryers R.B. Sunderland
Bryers Robert Bruce
Bryon F.H. Mustang Mustang AG591
Bryon Frederick Harry
Bryson A.A.
Bryson B.F.
Bryson C.W.
Bryson D. Oxford
Bryson E.M.
Bryson G. Bryson G.C.
Bryson H.I.
Bryson J.E.M.
Bryson J.S. Spitfire
Bryson M.
Bryson W.G.
Bryson George
Btridgett L.
Bubel R.M.
Buccino L.
Buch M.I. Buchak T. Lancaster DS659 Buchamer F.
Buchan A.C. Wellington LN554
Buchan E.
Buchan J.A.N.
Buchan R.
Buchan W.E.
Buchan W.J.
Buchanan A.A.
Buchanan A.G. Halifax Halifax Z9289
Buchanan A.H.
Buchanan C.A.
Buchanan C.S.
Buchanan D. Liberator
Buchanan D.J.A. Lancaster
Lancaster KB787
Buchanan D.L. Halifax EB156
Buchanan D.R.
Buchanan E.L.
Buchanan F.
Buchanan F.
Buchanan F.M.
Buchanan G.D.W. Wellington
Buchanan G.H. Buchanan G.H. Whitley
Whitley Z6754
Buchanan G.P. Spitfire
Buchanan G.R. Lancaster ND493
Buchanan H.P.
Buchanan J.A.
Buchanan John Donald TyphoonTyphoon MN 494
Buchanan J.G.R.
Buchanan J.R.
Buchanan J.S.P.
Buchanan M.A.
Buchanan M.D.
Buchanan N.A.
Buchanan R.J.
Buchanan R.M. Hudson
Buchanan S.L.G. Wellington
Buchanan T. Buchanan W.D.H.
Buchanan W.G.
Buchanan W.L. Boston
Buchanan George Henderson Pepper
Buchanan William Lysle
Buchanan Stanley Lloyd George
Buchanan Aleander Gibson
Buchanan George Harry
Buchanan John Donald
Buchanan George David Wills
Buchanan Douglass John Aleander
Buchanan David
Buchanan John Gilbert Ross
Buchannon J.E.
Buchannon K.W.
Buchholz K.H. Buchkowski T.S. Whitley
Buchkowski Taras Stefan
Buchner C.W. Wellington
Wellington H566
Buchner Charles Wesley
Buck A.O.
Buck C.C.L.
Buck F.P. Beaufighter
Beaufighter KW329
Buck F.S. LancasterLancaster ED 377
Buck F.W. Wellington
Buck G.J.
Buck K.H. Wellington 9874
Halifax HR667
Buck P.L. Halifax Halifax NP741
Buck W.M.
Buck Frederick Walter
Buck Frederick Sinclair
Buck Kenneth Howard
Buck Percy Lloyd
Buck Francis Pierce
Buck C.A.
Buckberrough R.C. Lancaster
Buckberrough Robert Clarke (Bob)
Bucke H.W.W.
Buckett S.J.
Buckham J.A.
Buckham J.A. Mbr> Buckham Robert Andrew Spitfire
Buckham R.H.
Buckham R.M. Wellington DF635
Buckham John Andrew
Buckham John Aleander
Buckingham A.V.M. Wellington Wellington P9240
Buckingham B.C.
Buckingham D.R. Buckingham E.W.
Buckingham G.E. Buckingham J.A. Halifax Halifax LV966
Buckingham J.F.
Buckingham R.F.C.
Buckingham George Ellis
Buckingham Arthur Victor Mcdonald
Buckingham John Aleander
Buckland A.K.
Buckle A. Epeditor 1410
Buckle C.J.S. Buckle Arthur
Buckler D.K. Halifax LW559
Buckles R.J.
Buckley A.M.
Buckley B. Anson
Wellington HZ353
Buckley B.E.
Buckley D.C.
Buckley J.
Buckley J.B. Spitfire Hudson FK386
Buckley J.F.
Buckley J.F.R.M.
Buckley J.H.
Buckley J.P.B.R. Halifax Halifax R9438
Buckley K.A. Typhoon Typhoon JP507
Buckley L.F.
Buckley M.H. SpitfireSpitfire
Buckley R.H.
Buckley S.S. Hurricane Hurricane # 5678
Buckley T.C.E.H.
Buckley John Peter Burton
Buckley Morton Haist
Buckley Sydney Smith
Buckley Bayne
Buckley John Bowyer
Buckley Kenneth Allan
Buckman G.O.
Buckman R.F.W. Halifax Halifax LW173
Buckmaster D.A.
Buckmaster J. Buckmaster John
Buckolz R.E. Hudson
Hudson AM 717
Buckolz Rollie Ernest
Buckwell W.H.S. Buckwell Walter Herbert Secretan Halifax JD113
Bucovic L.
Buda J.
Budd A.C.D. Lancaster PA988 Budd D.N.
Budd E.S.J.
Budd H.E. Sirling
Budd L.W.
Budd P.C. Stirling
Stirling W7512
Budd R.E. Halifax H275
Budd R.W.H. Wellington Wellington Z1682
Budd S.G.
Budd W.C.
Budd W.G.
Budd W.K.
Budd Phil Clive
Budd Henry Ellwood
Budd Robert William Harry
Budden D.H. Wellington
Budden David Hastings
Buddo D.E.
Budinger A.T. Halifax DT634
Budreau D.H. Halifax MZ403
Budreau J.G. Wellington
Budreau Jack Gale
Budzak W.
Bue R.S. Halifax
Buechler L.J.
Buechler M.E. Lancaster
Buechler Maurice Emanuel
Buell C.M. Lancaster PB64? Buell E.L.
Buell Chester Merrill
Buffery C.J.
Bugden A.W. Lancaster
Bugden H.C.
Bugg N.L.
Bugg Theodore Aleander Fort & Moth Harvard Harvard Hurricane Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon MN538 Typhoon MN687
Bugg T.D.
Bugo P.A.
Bugold J.J.A.
Bugslag V.G.
Buhler E.P.
Buhr A.J.
Buhr A.J.
Buhr H.V.
Buhr W.A.
Buick A.K.
Buick A.K.
Buick J.A. Lancaster
Buick R.M.
Buick John Albert
Buie R.M. Wellington BK436
Buie W.E.
Buie Robert Montgomery
Buik H.A.
Builder R.E.
Bujold C.M.
Bujold P.L. Wellington HE475
Buker G.F.
Buker P.W.
Bulanda J.P. Stirling
Bulanda Joseph Peter
Bulger J.P. Bulger W.H.
Bulger John Percy
Bull A.D. Lancaster ME684
Bull C.
Bull C.F. Wellington
Wellington MP804
Bull C.G. Halifax Halifax MZ628
Bull D.M. Cessna Crane Cessna Crane 8031
Bull E.S.
Bull F.C. Wellington
Bull G. Halifax MZ521
Bull I.E.
Bull J.L.
Bull R.M. Mosquito Mosquito DZ743
Bull Roland Montgomery
Bull Douglas Mawell
Bull Clifford Frank
Bull Charles Gordon
Bull Frederick Cradock
Bullard W.R.
Bullen E.J.K. Beaufighter
Beaufighter 7778
Bullen E.L.
Bullen F.W.
Bullen V.A. Bullen Edwin Gordon Kingsley
Buller A.E.
Bulley R.L. Canso
Bulley Richard Lawrence
Bullied R.H.
Bullion G.R. Spitfire
Spitfire MD249
Bullion George Roy
Bullis E.F.
Bullis E.H. Liberator
Bullis H.L. Halifax H162
Bullis Edmund Holmes
Bullivant Ralph Gordon Bolinbroke Wellington MS491 Halifax Halifax NP723 Bolinbroke
Bulloch E.K. Lancaster Lancaster LL789
Bulloch Earl Kitchener
Bulloch (Sp?) C.H. Halifax HR850
Bullock C.J.
Bullock D.C.
Bullock D.H.
Bullock D.J.
Bullock E.J.
Bullock E.W.
Bullock G.A. Lancaster Lancaster LM269
Bullock H.G.
Bullock J.W. Typhoon
Bullock M.R.
Bullock R.J.L.
Bullock T.R.
Bullock V.C. Lancaster Lancaster NF964
Bullock Gordon Alan
Bullock Veral Clarence
Bullock Marquis Roland
Bullough S.F.
Bulman E.L. Halifax BB250
Bulman F.L. Lancaster Lancaster ND806
Bulman Frederick Lloyd
Bulmer E.G.
Bulmer H.O.
Bulmer J.C.
Bulmer S.D.M.
Bulmer William Henry Anson Bolinbroke Catalina Catalina & Sunderland Liberator Liberator
Bumstead C.H. Blenheim
Blenheim T 2394
Bumstead G.A. Halifax MZ802
Bumstead W.R.
Bumstead Charles Harold
Bundy A.S.
Bundy E.H. Lancaster R5666
Bundy F.W. Lancaster
Lancaster JB348
Bundy K.F.
Bundy N.B.
Bundy R.W.
Bundy W.J.
Bunn A.D.
Bunn J.E. Halifax Halifax
Bunn M.E. Lancaster
Lancaster ED785
Bunn Myrl Ellwood
Bunn James Ewart
Bunnell E.L.
Bunston I.L.
Bunt E, Wellington
Bunt J.E. Lancaster
Bunt M.R.
Bunt S.F.
Bunt James Edward
Bunt Eugene
Buntain J.
Buntain J.H.
Bunting J.E.
Bunting J.R.
Bunting M.N. Boston
Bunting W.R.C.
Bunyan D.E.
Bunyan W.T.
Burbank S.R.
Burbridge O.J.T.
Burch A.H.
Burch F.W.
Burch J.
Burch P.T.
Burch R.V. Burch Roy Victor
Burchell D.F. Wellington
Burchell E.J. Lancaster DV288
Burchell J.
Burchell J.E.
Burchell O.H. Whitley Whitley Z9020
Burchell R.L. Liberator
Burchell Orval Henry
Burchell Donald Fred
Burchell Robert Lloyd
Burchill C.S.
Burchill J.G.
Burchill J.T. United Church
Burchmore G.C.V.
Burchnall W.G.
Burd W.D. Wellington Wellington Z8955
Burd Wilson Draper
Burden E.G.K.
Burden G.F. Typhoon
Typhoon SW443
Burden Henry John SE5A & DH4 Dolphin SE5A
Burden L.H. Wellington Wellington MP624
Burden N.
Burden P.E.
Burden Roy Herbert Kittyhawk I Hurricane IV Typhoon I
Burden R.T. Dakota
Burden Leslie Herbert
Burden Robert Thomas
Burden George Franklin
Burdes J.R.
Burdett J.W.
Burdett N.W.E.
Burdett Norman William Ellison
Burdis W.V.J. Spitfire Spitfire SM295
Burdis Wallace Victor John
Burdon-Murphy Brian Joseph
Burdon-Murray B.J.A. Hudson Hudson FH 317
Bures P. Beaufort Beaufort N1005
Bures Paul
Burford D.D.
Burford G.L.
Burford J.H.
Burgar R.W.
Burgess A.B. Wellington
Burgess A.J.
Burgess C.L. Typhoon CF-86 Sabre
Burgess C.W. Halifax LV883
Burgess D.
Burgess D.E.
Burgess D.M. Hudson Hudson T 9308
Burgess D.P.
Burgess E.H.
Burgess E.L.
Burgess E.R.
Burgess F.A. Halifax Halifax NP702
Burgess F.W.
Burgess G.W.
Burgess H.A.E.
Burgess H.T.B. Lancaster Lancaster ND567
Burgess J.E.L. Wellington
Burgess J.F.
Burgess J.F. Bolingbroke Bolingbroke 10187
Burgess J.T. Maryland
Burgess K.J.L.
Burgess L.V.
Burgess M.R.
Burgess R.C. Lancaster
Burgess R.I.
Burgess R.R. Mosquito Mosquito MM728
Burgess R.S.
Burgess W.A.
Burgess W.B.
Burgess W.E. Liberator 594
Burgess W.E.
Burgess W.E.
Burgess W.J.
Burgess Allison Burnett
Burgess Douglas Mcintosh
Burgess Raymond Charles
Burgess Joseph Emil Leo
Burgess John Frederick
Burgess Hugh Thomas Blakeley
Burgess Raymond Richard
Burgess Fred Andrew Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Burgin D.G.
Burgis K.E.
Burgoyne J.H.M.R.E.
Burgoyne L.G. Wellington Z8527
Burianyk J.
Burini K.A. Halifax Halifax BK540
Burk C.A.
Burk J.M.
Burk L.A. Burk Leslie Alexander
Burkart H.E.
Burkart M.A.
Burkart W.W.
Burke A.D.
Burke B.W. Whitley
Burke C.H.
Burke C.L.
Burke C.W.G. Wellington
Burke D.C.
Burke D.J. Halifax LK786
Burke D.K.
Burke D.W. Halifax Halifax LW500
Burke E.A.
Burke E.J.
Burke F.R.
Burke G.C.
Burke J.
Burke J.D.
Burke J.G.
Burke J.G.T.
Burke J.J.
Burke J.O. Sunderland
Burke J.P.E. Wellington
Burke J.R.P.
Burke J.V.
Burke L.F. Hudson
Burke L.G.
Burke L.J. Spitfire Spitfire AD251 Burke M.
Burke R.E.
Burke R.J. Stirling Stirling BE800
Burke R.N.V,
Burke R.S.
Burke R.W. Halifax Halifax JD410
Burke T.
Burke W.E.
Burke W.F.
Burke W.J.
Burke W.L.
Burke W.M.
Burke W.R. Wellington Wellington LN400
Burke Jack C. Lancaster KB763
Burke R.D. Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736
Burke Leonard Joseph
Burke Gordon Cragg
Burke John Richard Powell
Burke Lloyd George
Burke Roy Norman Victor
Burke Robert Weaver
Burke Reginald Joseph
Burke Franklyn Roy Halifax II JB866 EQ-T
Burke Cuthbert Worcester Graham
Burke Laurie Francis
Burke Bernard William
Burke Joseph Gerard
Burke John Joseph
Burke James Orr
Burke David Warnock
Burke Joseph Paul Ernest
Burke Wesley Ray
Burkell L.E.
Burkhardt N.H.
Burkholder G.W. Cessna Crane 7884
Burkholder V.L.
Burkholder Gordon Wesley
Burkitt I.J. Wellington Wellington HF838
Burkitt J.A. Halifax Halifax
Burkitt Ivor James
Burkitt John Alan
Burks L.L. Fleet Finch
Flieet Finch # 4445
Burks Lionel Lodowick
Burleigh F.K. Wellington
Burleigh T.S.
Burleigh Frank Kenneth
Burley H.G.
Burley L.E. Anson
Burley R.B.
Burley T.H.C. Ventura FN 977 Burley Lloyd Ernest
Burley Herbert Thomas Campbell
Burlingam David Garrett
Burlingham C.K.
Burlingham D.G. P-51 Mustang P-51 Mustang
Burlinson R.M. Blenheim
Burlinson Robert Melville
Burman J.W.
Burn E.A.
Burnand L.B.
Burnap R.W. Burnard M.E. Lancaster Lancaster ND565
Burnard G.C.
Burnard R.B.
Burnard Melvin Ellwood
Burne P.H. Mosquito Mosquito HP933
Burne Peter Harold
Burnell D.A.
Burnell Douglas Arthur
Burnep H.P. Bolingbroke
Burnep Harold
Burness G.L.
Burnet J.G.
Burnet T.S.
Burnett A.J.
Burnett D.M.T. Mosquito Mosquito DZ638
Burnett E.S.
Burnett E.W.
Burnett H.A.
Burnett J.H.
Burnett J.K.
Burnett J.M.
Burnett K.E.
Burnett L.G.E. Lancaster
Burnett L.J.
Burnett M.R.
Burnett N.H. Wellington Wellington L4555
Burnett P.B.
Burnett P.J.
Burnett R.J.
Burnett R.R.
Burnett W.E.C.
Burnett W.G. Halifax NP712
Burnett W.G.
Burnett W.G.
Burnett W.J. Hampden AE393
Burnett W.J.N. Halifax Hudson Anson B-29 Superfortress B-29, C-47, C-54, etc Lancaster KB893
Burnett Niall Hope
Burnett Leslie Gordon Emanuel
Burnett David Mark Tyndall
Burnette V.
Burnham E.J.
Burnham E.L.
Burnham I.G.
Burnham R.A.A.
Burnham R.J.
Burnie C.F.
Burnie D.R.
Burnie Glenn David Welsh Halifax DG226
Burnie Glenn David Welsh
Burnip D.W.
Burns B.J.
Burns C.A.
Burns C.A.
Burns C.A.
Burns C.E.
Burns C.F.W.
Burns C.W.M. Hurricane Hurricane BD276
Burns E.
Burns E.C.
Burns E.R. Halifax Halifax
Burns G.C. Halifax Halifax LV990
Burns G.M.
Burns G.R.
Burns H.A.
Burns H.J.
Burns J. Wellington
Burns J. Halifax NP805
Burns J.A. Lancaster ED752
Burns J.C. Halifax MZ537
Burns J.C.
Burns J.C.
Burns J.C. Lancaster PB413
Burns J.D. Halifax LV997
Burns J.D.
Burns J.F.
Burns J.G.A.
Burns John Henry Halifax NP805
Burns J.K.
Burns J.L.
Burns J.M.
Burns J.R.
Burns J.W. Harvard FE943
Burns K.O. Halifax LK893
Burns L.R.A. Tiger Moth Tiger Moth # 4963
Burns M.J.
Burns M.J.
Burns N.A. Spitfire PV154
Burns N.M.
Burns O.G.
Burns Robert Finch Anson Lancaster & Halifax
Burns R.A.
Burns R.D.
Burns R.G.
Burns R.H.
Burns R.J.
Burns R.L.J.
Burns R.W.
Burns T.A.
Burns T.M.
Burns V.
Burns W.
Burns W.C. Lancaster DS726
Burns W.H. Whitley Z9155
Burns W.R.
Burns W.S.
Burns W.S. Lancaster ME732
Burns W.W. Wellington
Burns Charles Withers McLeod
Burns Robert William
Burns William Henry
Burns Lloyd Reginald Aleander
Burns Walter William
Burns John Francis
Burns James
Burns William
Burns John William
Burns Gerald Charles
Burns William Stirling
Burns Edward Robert
Burns Robert James
Burns William Robinson
Burns Melvin John (Mel)
Burnside D.G.D. Wellington
Burnside E.G.
Burnside F.H.
Burnside J.
Burnside L.W. Halifax Halifax
Burnside W. Oxford R 6075
Burnside Walter
Burnside David George Davidson
Burnside Lloyd Weldon
Burnyeat F.
Burnyeat H.W.
Buroyne H.
Burpee L.J. Lancaster ED865
Burpee Lewis Johnstone
Burr A.D.
Burr A.S.
Burr D.G.
Burr D.H. Cornell EW 394
Burr F.W.
Burr Douglas Harold
Burrage R.H.
Burrell B.F.
Burrell J.S.
Burrell P.G. Wellington
Burridge H.J. Halifax Halifax
Burridge S.C.N.
Burrill A.B.
Burrill F. Wellington
Burrill R.J. Kittyhawk Miles Master AZ733
Burrill Frank
Burrill Roger Johnstone
Burrington G.G.
Burris M.W.
Burrough H.J.
Burroughs G.J.E.
Burroughs G.W. Mustang AM251
Burroughs H.C.
Burroughs M.T.C.
Burroughs R.H.
Burroughs W.E.
Burrowes M.M.
Burrows Bernard Arthur Moth & Finch Harvard Wellington Halifax NP804
Burrows C.A.
Burrows C.J.
Burrows C.R.
Burrows D.E. Halifax Halifax MZ933
Burrows E.F.
Burrows E.R. Spitfire BL434 Spitfire ER677 Spitfire RM651
Burrows E.W. Hudson Hudson FK 619
Burrows J.C.
Burrows J.E.
Burrows J.L.
Burrows J.W. Halifax Halifax LW592
Burrows L.E.
Burrows L.F.
Burrows N.
Burrows P.F.
Burrows R.T.
Burrows W.F.
Burrows W.H.J.
Burrows W.J. Lancaster LL647
Burrows John Woollatt
Burrows Donald Eugene
Burrows Edwin William
Burrows Bernard Arthur
Burry L.G. Liberator
Burse R.E.
Burse Russell Ervine
Burston F.L. Wellington Wellington HF485
Burston G.R. Wellington Wellington HF485
Burston Frank Lorne
Burston Glen Richard
Burt A.
Burt C.F. Epeditor 1410
Burt H.A. Lancaster Lancaster PB247
Burt K.G.
Burt J.
Burt J.E.
Burt N.B. Blenheim Blenheim BA 107
Burt R.G.
Burt Richard Percy Wellington Wellington R1728
Burt T.A.
Burt W.F.
Burt Newman Blackburn
Burt Charles Frederick
Burt Robert George Alfred
Burt Henry Andrew
Burt-Gerrans H.F. Sunderland
Burt-Gerrans Harold Francis
Burtch T.R.
Burtis H.G.
Burtis M.E. Wellington Wellington T2973
Burtis Marvin Edson
Burtnick L.
Burton A.E.H.
Burton B.A.
Burton B.M.
Burton D.E.
Burton E.
Burton E.A. Halifax Halifax
Burton E.G.
Burton E.H. Spitfire
Burton E.H.W.
Burton F.E.
Burton G.E. Burton G.R.
Burton H.H. Lancaster
Burton J.A.
Burton J.R. Lancaster Lancaster ND626
Burton J.R.
Burton J.T.
Burton J.T.
Burton J.W.
Burton J.W.
Burton M.A.
Burton P.F. Lancaster
Burton R.
Burton R. Tiger Moth
Burton R.A.J.
Burton R.E. Halifax Halifax
Burton R.G.
Burton R.J.
Burton R.L.
Burton R.S.
Burton R.W. Wellington HE757
Burton T.G. Dakota FD 915
Burton W. Wellington H676
Burton William Donald Moth Harvard Hurricane Typhoon
Burton W.H. Halifax Halifax EB217
Burton W.J.
Burton W.R.
Burton W.R.
Burton Robert
Burton Frank Earl
Burton Howard Houston
Burton Earl Allen
Burton William Harvey
Burton Robert Elwood
Burton James Roberts
Burton Robert William
Burton Edward George
Burton Thomas Gray
Burton-Gyles P. Boston
Burtwell S. Wellington
Burvill R.J.
Burwash G.E.M.
Burwell A.J. Wellington Wellington HF800
Burwell Adrian James
Bury C.
Bury G.J.A.
Bury G.M.
Bury V.
Bury Clifford
Busby C.G.
Busby K.R.
Busby W.C. Spitfire
Busch J.W.
Bush A.B.C.
Bush C.W. Blenheim Blenheim Z 5947
Bush D.G. Wellington Wellington HF485
Bush E.F.
Bush N.M.
Bush N.M.
Bush W.A. Lancaster
Bush W.N.
Bush Charles William
Bush Douglas Gordon
Bushe J.S.
Bushell C. Tomahawk Spitfire W3959
Bushell J.
Bushell K. Spitfire Spitfire P7675
Bushell S.A.
Bushell Christopher
Bushell Kenneth
Bushfield F.C. Anson Anson DG972
Bushfield Frank Campbell
Bussard L.L.G.
Busse W.F.
Bussell A.A. Wellington Z1566
Bussell A.I.
Bussell Arthur Allen
Busst A.J.K.
Bustin J.W.A. Wellington
Bustin John William Arthur
Buswell E.E.
Butchard B.H.
Butchart C.E. P-51 Mustang AG553
Butchart G.C.D.
Butchart G.E.R. Lancaster DS724
Butchart G.V.A. Wellington Wellington HF246
Butchart W.D.
Butchart Gordon Van Allen
Butcher C.B.
Butcher C.M. Halifax Halifax LK915
Butcher E.A.
Butcher E.M.
Butcher F.L. Bolingbroke
Butcher H.H.
Butcher J.
Butcher J.G. Anson # 1675
Butcher J.W. Anson EF953 Butcher L.B.
Butcher R.W.
Butcher W.F. Pres
Butcher Joseph Goodwin
Butcher Charles Merton
Butcher John William
Butcher Frederick Lloyd
Butkus A.
Butland F.D. Wellington HF838
Butland P.
Butland Frederick Dick
Butler A.C.
Butler A.H. Halifax MZ910
Butler A.L.
Butler A.R.H. Lancaster PD420
Butler B. Spitfire
Butler C.A.
Butler C.J. Wellington
Butler C.T.
Butler D.A.
Butler D.H.
Butler E.E.
Butler E.L.
Butler F.
Butler G.D.
Butler G.E.C. Canso
Butler G.F. Butler G.F.
Butler G.J. Butler H.S. Halifax Halifax HR743
Butler H.T.
Butler J. Lancaster ME456
Butler J.D. KittyhawkKittyhawk ET860
Butler J.D.
Butler J.S. Tiger Moth Tiger Moth # 5944 Butler L.F. Halifax EB214
Butler L.J.K.
Butler M.A.
Butler M.A. Beaufort
Butler M.C.
Butler N.A.
Butler N.E.J.
Butler R.
Butler R.
Butler Ronald Harris Lancaster ED366
Butler R.J.
Butler R.L.
Butler R.W. Fairey Battle
Butler S. Sunderland EK591
Butler S.C.
Butler T.P. Roman Catholic
Butler V.B.G. Hurricane BG858 Spitfire JF761
Butler W.E.
Butler W.J.
Butler John David
Butler Basil
Butler William Manley SpitfireIIb P8644
Butler Harold Stuart
Butler Gerald James
Butler John Stanley
Butler George Edwin Charles
Butler Dell Alfred
Butler Reginald Lewis
Butler Vernon Bartlett Groves
Butler Cyril Joseph
Butler Norman Arthur
Butson G.F.
Butson Graham Frederick
Butt C.H.
Butt E.M.H.
Butt F.J.
Butt G.
Butt L.
Butt W.F.
Butt W.H.
Butt W.R.
Buttar P.
Butte S. Spitfire
Butterfield F.H.
Butterfield J.A.
Butterill C. Lysander
Butterill G.C.
Butterly A.N.
Butters C.R.
Butters Cecil Raymond
Butterwick G.F.
Butterworth A.M.
Butterworth C.H.S.
Butterworth R.S.
Butterworth Robert Stuart
Buttle T.W.
Button A.R.
Button C.A.
Button F.J.
Button H.R.
Button W.
Buttrey J.W. Halifax Halifax
Buttrey John William
Butts E.B.
Butts H.W.
Butts N. Wellington HE163 Stirling EF960
Butts R.A. Digby 748
Butts Nolan
Butz R.W.
Buton C.C.
Buton G.
Buton R.A.H.
Buzeta B.H.T.
Buzik J.P. Fairey Battle
Buzik Joseph Paul
Buzza A.G.
Buzza William John Battle ? Manchester Wellington Cornell Harvard & Yale Typhoon Sabre Canuck
Buzza J.A. Halifax Halifax PN243
Buzza James Aleander
Byars P.F.C.
Byberg C.O.A.
Bycroft B.
Bydwell H.W. Wellington W5390
Bye J.H. Wellington Wellington R1803
Bye George Allan
Bye John Henry
Bye G.A. Blenheim
Byers A.G. Canso
Byers C.E.
Byers C.R. Wellington HZ407
Byers C.W.
Byers D.J.A.
Byers G.J.
Byers Harold Moth Yale Harvard Hurricane Master Spitfire Typhoon RB325
Byers J.C.
Byers J.E. Byers K.M. Whitley
Byers R.D.
Byers V.J.
Byers V.W. Lancaster
Byers W.B. Halifax DG342
Byers W.B.
Byers W.H.S. Wellington Wellington R1757
Byers William Harold Stanley
Byers Kenneth Mcgeorge
Byers George James
Byers Colin Edward
Byers Charles Ross
Byers Vernon William
Byers Alan Gordon
Byers James Edward
Byers Clyde Willis
Byford A.J.P.
Bygrave G.D.
Byrd C.H. Lancaster
Byrd H.C. Spitfire Spitfire SM208
Byrd Clifford Howard John
Byrd Harold Chauncey
Byrn J.S.
Byrne D.J. Anson
Byrne D.M.
Byrne F.P. Mosquito Mosquito 13 May 44 -
Byrne G.L.
Byrne J.D.
Byrne K.E. Wellington
Byrne T.L.
Byrne T.S.
Byrne W.J. Boston Boston BZ421
Byrne W.P.
Byrne William John
Byrne Donald Joseph
Byrne Frank Paul
Byrnes G.G.
Byrnes J.M.
Byrnes P.G.
Byrnes W.A.
Byron J.J.
Byron R.E.
Byron R.W. Halifax JN969 Halifax
Bythell J.E.W.
Bythell J.F.
Bzowy M.A. Halifax NA510
Cabana J.L.E. Cabana Joseph Louis Etienne
Cabeldu James Norman
Cabelou J.N. Hurricane Hurricane
Cable Arthur Bruce Bolinbroke Halifax
Cable E.D.
Cable H.B.
Cable W.B. Halifax MZ418
Caborn E.F.
Cabot J.F.C. Oxford L328 Cabot Joseph Francis Charles
Cabush G.H. Crane
Crane 8008
Cabush M.B.
Cabush Gordon Harold
Cacchioni T.A. Halifax LL251
Cachia J. Wellington
Cachia John
Cachoun M.B. Lancaster PA972
Caddey W.N.
Cade D.R.
Cadeau A.J. Cadeau Albert Joseph
Cadegan P.C.
Cadger W.J. Halifax Halifax
Cadger William John
Cadham F.O. Anson
Cadham R.G.
Cadham Frederick Orchard
Cadieu E.C.
Cadieu L.E.
Cadieu J.M.
Cadman J.F.
Cadmus G.A. Halifax Halifax
Cadmus George Austen
Cadney W.M. Manchester
Manchester L7316
Cadney William Morrant
Cadotte J.A.P.
Cadotte J.W.O.
Caesar J.N.
Cahill C.B.
Cahill F.B.
Cahill F.W.
Cahill J.A. Halifax NA 618
Cahill J.E. Roman Catholic
Cahill Clement Bernard
Cahoon A.E.
Cahoon Grant Alder Moth Anson & Bolinbroke Wellington Halifax NP682
Cahoon L.A.
Cahoon W.W.J.
Cahusac T.G.
Cail F.G.
Cail John Lorne Harvard Harvard 2860
Cail Frederick George
Cail John Lorne
Cailes L.H. Halifax W7706 Halifax W7824
Cain E.A.
Cain J.R.
Cain T.H.
Cain W.E. Lancaster W4167
Cain D.V.
Cain William Edward
Caine A.M. Halifax LW421
Caine J.T. Mosquito
Cains F.L.P. Wellington Wellington MP804
Cains Frederick Lighthall Pulsford
Cairns A.W. Halifax MZ291
Cairns D.J.R.
Cairns F.V.
Cairns G.M.
Cairns H.N.
Cairns J.D.
Cairns J.G.
Cairns J.R.
Cairns J.W.
Cairns J.W. Halifax Halifax NA317
Cairns K.
Cairns K.
Cairns K.
Cairns K.C. Cairns N.D.
Cairns R. Cairns R.F. Wellington
Cairns R.F.
Cairns R.I. Halifax NP696
Cairns R.M. Wellington
Wellington HZ814
Cairns R.W. Hurricane Hurricane
Cairns S.J.
Cairns W.K.
Cairns Roy Winfield
Cairns Richard Foote
Cairns John Weldon
Caithness M.J. Spitfire Hurricane
Cakebread J.M.
Calabrese M.I.
Calcot S.B.
Caldarone R.E.C.
Caldbick G.D.
Caldecott R.
Calder C.J.
Calder D.
Calder D.C.
Calder D.H.
Calder G.A. B-25 Mitchell
B-25 Mitchell FL197
Calder J.A. Lancaster Lancaster ME729
Calder J.A.
Calder J.H. Lancaster
Calder J.J.W.
Calder J.M.
Calder J.P.S. Mosquito Mosquito ML984
Calder J.R. Lancaster Lancaster ED720
Calder R.G.
Calder R.G. Lancaster Lancaster
Calder W.B.
Calder W.H. Halifax Halifax
Calder James Reginald
Calder Gordon Aleander
Calder William Henry
Calder Douglas Hector
Calder John Philip Sargent
Calder James Aleander
Calder Robert George
Calderbank J.R. Halifax LV973
Calderone Dominico Guiseppe Blenheim Blenheim R 3805
Calderwood D.J. Lancaster
Calderwood J.R.
Calderwood J.S.A.
Blenheim D 7738
Calderwood W. Halifax NP687
Calderwood Jack Sidney Aleander
Calderwood Donald John
Caldwell A.G.
Caldwell B.D.
Caldwell C.A.
Caldwell C.E. Oxford W6649
Beaufighter T5316
Caldwell D.F.
Caldwell D.M.
Caldwell E.H. Spitfire
Spitfire P8208 Caldwell E.H.
Caldwell E.R. Lancaster
Lancaster ND400
Caldwell G.L. Boston
Caldwell G.M. Wellington
Caldwell G.W.
Caldwell I.M. Hurricane LF324
Caldwell J.D.
Caldwell J.S.
Caldwell J.T.
Caldwell J.W.G.
Caldwell Ken H. Kittyhawk I
Caldwell L.A.
Caldwell M.I.
Caldwell R.G. Wellington
Caldwell R.S.
Caldwell W.G. Whitley
Whitley Z6973
Caldwell W.J.
Caldwell Wilson Gilmore
Caldwell Gordon Miles
Caldwell Robert George
Caldwell Carleton Ernest
Caldwell Eldon Howard
Caldwell Esmond Russell
Caldwell Ian Mckenzie
Caldwell Donald F.
Caldwell Andrew Glen
Caley G.F. Caley George Frederick
Calford R.J. Boston
Boston BZ416
Calford Robert James
Calhoun J.C. Halifax Halifax HR660
Calhoun J.M.
Calhoun M.B. Lancaster ?P239
Calhoun W.F.
Calhoun John Caldwell
Calhoun Mawell Boyd
Calkin D.S. Babtist
Calladine G.E.
Calladine T.J.
Callaghan D.F.
Callaghan D.H.
Callaghan J.T.
Callaghan J.W.
Callaghan K.B. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AK833
Callaghan P.A. Halifax NP695
Callaghan S.A. Callaghan T.C. Callaghan Keith Baines
Callahan J.H.
Callahan W.J.
Callan E.J.
Callan Morris Kolesky
Callander A.D. Wellington
Wellington HQ149
Callander G.E.
Callander W.F.
Callander Aleander Donaldson
Callas C.E.
Callaway B.C.
Callaway M.W.
Callegard A.C.
Callender R.R.
Callery V.
Callery Vincent
Callin H.J. Wellington
Callin Harold John
Callinan J.W. Spitfire
Spitfire Callinan John William
Callingham J. Halifax NA568
Callingham J.R.
Callon H.J.
Callon T.P.
Callow T.A. Stranraer
--- Calloway C.E.
Calloway T.M. Liberator
Liberator EW210
Calloway Thomas Michael
Calnan R.F. Wellington
Calnan Ronald Frank
Calnek J.M.
Caloren Donald Robert
Calow T.A.
Calver H.E.
Calverley K.M. Calverley W.J. Halifax Halifax LL400
Calverley Walter John
Calvert H.
Calvert H.M.
Calvert H.P. Halifax Halifax
Calvert H.R.
Calvert J.L.
Calvert J.M. Spitfire MK 365
Calvert K.G. Ventura
Ventura AE 878
Calvert K.G.
Calvert L.P.
Calvert L.S.
Calvert R.C. Calvert R.G.
Calvert R.W. Beaufighter
Beaufighter V8217
Calvert W.
Calvert W.A.
Calvert Kenneth George
Calvert Robert William
Calvesbert P.S. Calvin J.D.
Camacho V.E.
Cambon N.
Camden J.O.
Came J.P.
Cameron A. Fairey Battle
Fairey Battle
Cameron A.A. Wellington
Cameron A.A. Cameron A.B. Wellington
Cameron A.J.G.
Cameron A.L.
Cameron A.L.
Cameron Archibald MacPherson Digby Canso
Cameron A.R. Spitfire
Cameron A.R. Halifax Halifax
Cameron B. Wellington Z8989
Cameron B.A.
Cameron B.C. Lancaster
Lancaster JB737
Cameron C.F. Wellington Wellington N3382
Cameron C.J. Cameron C.J.
Cameron C.L.
Cameron C.R.
Cameron C.R. Lancaster
Lancaster EE193
Cameron C.S. Cameron D. Cameron Donald Wellington Ic R3293
Cameron D.
Cameron D.A. Wellington
Cameron D.A. Anson Anson # 6523
Cameron D.A.J. Halifax Halifax BB334
Cameron D.C. Halifax Halifax
Cameron D.C.
Cameron D.C. Cameron D.E.
Cameron D.E.
Cameron D.F.
Cameron D.G.
Cameron D.J. Cameron D.J. Stirling
Cameron D.J.
Cameron D.M. Dakota
Cameron D.N. Halifax Halifax LW463
Cameron D.S.
Cameron D.S. Beaufort
Cameron E.F.
Cameron E.G.
Cameron E.W.
Cameron F.H.
Cameron F.J.
Cameron F.J.C.
Cameron G. Lancaster
Lancaster PB244
Cameron G.A. Spitfire
Cameron G.A.D. Wellington
Cameron G.A.M.
Cameron G.C.
Cameron Gregory Donald Angus Tunniclif Spitfire
Cameron G.E. Cameron G.H.
Cameron G.K. Wellington
Cameron G.M.
Cameron G.V.
Cameron I.D.
Cameron I.T.
Cameron J.
Cameron J.A.H.
Cameron J.B. Halifax DT682 Halifax DT673 Lancaster DS717
Cameron J.B.
Cameron J.B.
Cameron J.C.
Cameron J.E. Halifax Halifax DK269
Cameron J.R. Harvard
Cameron J.R.
Cameron J.R.E.
Cameron J.T. Cameron J.W.
Cameron J.W.M.
Cameron K.C.
Cameron Laurence Emmett Halifax LL501
Cameron L.H. Halifax Halifax LE945
Cameron L.H. Cameron Lorne Mawell Moth Harvard Spitfire MJ131
Cameron M.
Cameron M.C. Lancaster
Cameron M.L. P-51 Mustang P-51 Mustang FB368
Cameron P.G. Tiger Moth Tiger Moth # 3887
Cameron R.A.
Cameron R.B. Lancaster KB722
Cameron R.C.
Cameron R.E.H.
Cameron R.G.
Cameron Roderick Hugh Stirling Stirling LJ526
Cameron R.J.
Cameron R.J.
Cameron R.J.
Crane 8055
Cameron R.K.
Cameron R.K. Pres
Cameron R.L.
Cameron S. Halifax NA188
Cameron S.C.
Cameron S.R.
Cameron T.H. Beaufighter Mosquito MM786
Cameron V.D.
Cameron V.S.
Cameron W. Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
Cameron W.A. Halifax LW693 Halifax -
Cameron W.A. Cameron W.A.
Cameron W.C. Hudson
Cameron W.C.
Cameron W.D.
Cameron W.D.L.
Cameron W.F.
Cameron W.G.
Cameron W.H.
Cameron W.J. Halifax Halifax
Cameron W.J.
Cameron W.J.M.
Cameron W.L. Hampden
Hampden L4173
Cameron W.L.D.
Cameron W.P. Cameron W.R.J. Cameron W.W. Wellington
Cameron Aleander Robert
Cameron Donald
Cameron Donald Archibald
Cameron Duncan Cedric
Cameron Donald Arnott
Cameron Philip Gordon
Cameron William Allan
Cameron William
Cameron Archibald Boyd
Cameron William Caverhill
Cameron Douglas Charles
Cameron Wilfred Lawrie
Cameron John Richard
Cameron Robert Joel
Cameron Douglas Seaman
Cameron Donald Aleander Joseph
Cameron William Donald Leslie
Cameron Donald John
Cameron John Edward
Cameron Charles Fraser
Cameron George Aleander Duncan
Cameron William Wilson
Cameron William Douglas
Cameron William Parmenas Lancaster JA714
Cameron Allan Reid
Cameron Morley Luallan
Cameron Bruce Clarke
Cameron Jack Burton
Cameron William Aleander
Cameron Lloyd Henry
Cameron Douglas Newlands
Cameron Duncan James
Cameron Gordon Everett
Cameron Clare Reid
Cameron Robert Edgar Hall
Cameron George
Cameron Aleander Angus
Cameron Gilbert Keith
Cameron Laurence Emmett
Cameron Andrew Austin
Cameron Laurence Hilton
Cameron David Mclean
Cameron Thomas Henry
Cameron Michael Cecil
Camire J.E.P.E. Hudson
Camire J.J.P.
Camire Joseph Edouard Philippe Edmond
Cammaart Frederick Peter Anson & Battle Anson Wellington Halifax LV780
Cammaart Frederick Peter
Cammon H.E.
Camp N.V.R.
Camp S.C. Whitley Whitley Z9424
Camp Sydney Clarence
Campball P.B. Hampden
Campbell A.
Campbell A.B. Wellington
Wellington BK274 Campbell A.B.
Campbell A.B. Canso
Campbell A.C.
Campbell A.E. Campbell A.G.
Campbell A.G.
Campbell A.G. Lancaster
Lancaster LL830
Campbell A.J.
Campbell A.L.
Campbell A.M.
Campbell A.N.
Campbell A.P. Liberator
Campbell A.P.
Campbell A.P. Lancaster
Lancaster JB737
Campbell A.R. Crane
Crane FJ 272
Campbell A.R.M. Spitfire
Campbell A.W. Typhoon Typhoon MN883
Campbell B.
Campbell B.
Campbell B.A.G. Halifax JB915
Campbell B.D.
Campbell B.D.D.
Campbell B.E. Anson
Anson 6691
Campbell B.H.
Campbell B.O.
Campbell B.W.
Campbell C. Halifax NA580
Campbell C. Halifax / Lancaster
Campbell C.
Campbell C.A. Lancaster
Lancaster DS838
Campbell C.A.
Campbell C.A.H.
Campbell C.D. Whitley
Campbell C.E.
Campbell C.J. Campbell C.J. Campbell C.M.
Campbell C.R.
Campbell C.S. Wellington Wellington H260
Campbell C.S.H.
Campbell D.
Campbell D.A. Campbell D.A. Campbell D.A.
Campbell D.A. Hurricane Hurricane BN119
Campbell D.A.
Campbell D.A. Fleet Finch
Fleet Finch
Campbell D.C. Campbell D.C.
Campbell D.D.
Campbell D.D.
Campbell D.D.B.
Campbell D.E. Campbell D.E. Stirling Stirling BK699
Campbell D.E. Wellington
Campbell D.F. Spitfire
Campbell D.F.
Campbell D.F. Campbell D.G.
Campbell D.H.
Campbell D.I.
Campbell D.J. Typhoon Typhoon MN847
Campbell D.J.
Campbell D.L.
Campbell D.L.
Campbell D.N.
Campbell D.P.
Campbell D.R. Whitley Whitely Z9305
Campbell D.R.
Campbell D.R. Stirling EF311
Campbell D.S. Campbell D.T.
Campbell D.V.
Campbell D.W. Blenheim
Campbell D.W.
Campbell D.W.
Campbell E.A. Lancaster LL692
Campbell E.A.
Campbell E.D.A.
Campbell E.H. Halifax LW416
Campbell E.J.
Campbell E.K. Boston
Campbell E.O.F.
Campbell E.V.
Campbell E.W.
Campbell F.A. Lancaster
Lancaster EE181
Campbell F.A. Campbell F.E.
Campbell F.F. Campbell F.R.
Campbell F.W. Lancaster
L:ancaster PB523
Campbell F.W.
Campbell F.Y. Spitfire
Spitfire A662 ?
Campbell G. Ventura Ventura FP 543
Campbell Graham Harvard & Fort Battle & Bolinbroke Hudson Anson & Beaufort Shark Canso 9754
Campbell G.A. Campbell G.D. Halifax LV951
Campbell G.D.
Campbell G.D.
Campbell G.D.
Campbell G.D.
Campbell G.E. Lancaster
Lancaster ED386
Campbell G.E.
Campbell G.H. Tiger Moth # 4995
Campbell G.H. Cornell Anson
Campbell G.H.
Campbell G.K.
Campbell G.L.
Campbell G.M. Halifax Halifax
Campbell G.M.
Campbell G.M.
Campbell G.T. Blenheim
Campbell G.W.
Campbell G.W.
Campbell G.W.
Campbell H.
Campbell H. Norseman
Campbell H.C. B-26 Marauder
Marauder FK 130
Campbell H.C. Cessna Crane Crane 7657
Campbell H.D.R.L. Halifax Halifax JB931
Campbell H.E.
Campbell H.H. Halifax JB967
Campbell H.H.
Campbell H.H.
Campbell H.H.
Campbell H.J. Halifax LW209
Campbell Hugh Lester Anson
Campbell H.M.
Campbell H.M.
Campbell H.N. Halifax MZ316
Campbell H.W. Halifax NR257
Campbell I.
Campbell I.K.
Campbell Ian McKeen Halifax NA611
Campbell J. Bolingbroke
Campbell J. Halifax Halifax LK779
Campbell J.
Campbell J.
Campbell J.
Campbell J.A. Hurricane Hurricane
Campbell J.A.
Campbell J.A.
Campbell J.A.
Campbell J.A. Campbell J.A.D.
Campbell J.B. Boston
Campbell J.B.
Campbell J.B.
Campbell J.B.
Campbell J.C. Campbell J.C. Spitfire MJ141
Campbell J.C. Campbell J.C.
Campbell J.C. Campbell J.C.
Campbell J.C.
Campbell J.D. Stirling
Campbell James Duncan Halifax NP682
Campbell J.D.
Campbell J.D.
Campbell J.D.
Campbell J.D.
Campbell J.D.D. Campbell J.D.L.
Campbell J.D.W. - Campbell J.E.
Campbell J.E.
Campbell J.E. Roman Catholic
Campbell J.E.B.
Campbell J.F. Campbell J.G. Wellington
Campbell J.G.
Campbell J.H.
Campbell J.H. Campbell J.K. ------ Campbell J.L. Halifax Halifax
Campbell J.L. Lancaster PB629
Campbell J.L.
Campbell J.L.
Campbell J.L.
Campbell J.M. Lancaster KB817 Campbell J.M.
Campbell J.M.
Campbell J.M.
Campbell J.P. Hampden
Campbell J.P.
Campbell J.P.
Campbell J.R.
Campbell J.R.
Campbell J.R.
Campbell J.S. Halifax HR838
Campbell J.T. Campbell J.W. Halifax Halifax
Campbell J.W.
Campbell J.W.
Campbell J.W.M.
Campbell J.W.M.
Campbell K.
Campbell K.A.G.
Campbell K.B.
Campbell K.C.
Campbell K.C.
Campbell K.D. Ventura
Campbell K.D.
Campbell K.D.
Campbell K.E. Lancaster PB815
Campbell K.E. Campbell K.L. Wellington
Wellington BK268
Campbell K.P. Halifax Halifax
Campbell K.R.
Campbell L.C. Campbell L.H.D.R. Halifax JB906
Campbell L.M.
Campbell M.C.A.
Campbell M.E.P.
Campbell M.F.
Campbell M.J.
----- Campbell M.J.
Campbell M.M.
Campbell N.A.
Campbell N.B.
Campbell N.D. Ventura
Ventura FC 546 Campbell N.D.
Campbell N.G.W.
Campbell N.L.
Campbell N.M.
Mitchell FW274
Campbell N.M.
Campbell N.N. Hurricane V6575
Campbell N.W.R.
Campbell O.G.
Campbell P. Wellington BK335
Campbell P. Nomad Nomad 3521
Campbell R.
Campbell R.
Campbell R.A. Mosquito Mosquito H821
Campbell R.A.
Campbell R.A.
Campbell R.B. Wellington
Campbell R.B.
Campbell R.B.
Campbell R.E.J. Halifax Halifax LW173
Campbell Ronald Fawcett Hudson Hudson V 9109
Campbell R.G.
Campbell R.G. Wellington
Campbell R.G. Campbell Robert Joseph Harvard & Fort Anson & Battle Wellington & Halifax
Campbell R.K.
Campbell Robert McNeil Moth Harvard Oxford Wellington Halifax NP693
Campbell R.P. Lancaster
Campbell R.R.
Campbell R.S.
Campbell R.S.
Campbell R.W.
Campbell S.
Campbell S.C.
Campbell S.D.J.
Campbell S.E. Lancaster DS724
Campbell S.E.
Campbell S.E.
Campbell Silas Franklin Stinson Anson Anson Bolinbroke Halifax HR855 Lancaster
Campbell S.G. Sunderland
Campbell S.W.L.
Campbell T.
Campbell T.
Campbell T.B.
Campbell T.C.
Campbell T.D.
Campbell T.E.
Campbell T.G. Halifax Halifax NA241
Campbell T.H. Oxford BG207 Campbell Thomas Marnoch Halifax LW210
Campbell V.D. Campbell W. Halifax Halifax
Campbell W.
B-24 Liberator
Campbell W.A. Hurricane Hurricane P3463
Campbell W.A.
Campbell W.B.
Campbell W.C. Campbell W.C.
Campbell W.C. Dakota Dakota
Campbell W.D.
Campbell W.D.
Campbell W.E.
Campbell W.E.
Campbell W.F. Wellington
Wellington HZ594
Campbell W.F.
Campbell W.G. Lancaster KB879
Campbell W.G.
Campbell W.G.
Campbell W.H. Dakota
Campbell W.I. Campbell W.J.
Campbell W.J.
Campbell W.J. Campbell W.J.C.
Campbell W.N.M. Campbell W.R. Blenheim
Blenheim Z 5860
Campbell W.R. Spitfire
Spitfire MK826 Campbell W.R.
Campbell W.R.
Campbell W.W. Lancaster Lancaster
Campbell W.W.
Campbell Don Typhoon
Campbell Dougald Aleander
Campbell Ronald Bertram
Campbell William Robert
Campbell Frederick Fincastle
Campbell George Thomas
Campbell George Hollands
Campbell Hugh Charles
Campbell John
Campbell Keith Dooks
Campbell Duncan Archie
Campbell Aleander Bruce
Campbell John Thompson
Campbell James Bertram
Campbell John Parker
Campbell Douglas William
Campbell Ronald Fawcett
Campbell Douglas Reid
Campbell Frederick Yorston
Campbell Thomas Henderson
Campbell William Andrew
Campbell William Clayton
Campbell Allan Robert
Campbell Beatty Elwood
Campbell John Francis
Campbell Frederick Archibald
Campbell Gordon Ernest
Campbell Earl Kenneth
Campbell Ralph Patrick
Campbell Donald Edward
Campbell Duncan Eric
Campbell Donald Allister
Campbell Paul Brewer
Campbell Keith Lauchlan
Campbell Colin Summers
Campbell Joseph William
Campbell John Gilbert
Campbell John Louis
Campbell Robert Roy
Campbell Charles John
Campbell Stewart
Campbell Archibald Burton
Campbell Norman Mccallum
Campbell Allan William
Campbell Allan Paul
Campbell Richard Edward John
Campbell William Ronald
Campbell David Sinclair
Campbell Aleander Grant
Campbell William Howard
Campbell Russell Archibald
Campbell Colin Aleander
Campbell Vincent Daniel
Campbell James Commodore
Campbell Richard Alvin
Campbell Hudson Cecil
Campbell William Freeman
Campbell George
Campbell Neil Donald
Campbell Frederick William
Campbell James Duncan
Campbell Kenneth Peter
Campbell Richard Gladstone
Campbell William
Campbell William Warren
Campbell Hugh
Campbell John Philip
Campbell William Douglas
Campbell Donald Fletcher
Campbell Thomas George
Campbell Donald James
Campbell William Crawford
Campbell Roy
Campbell Aleander Peter
Campbell James Duncan
Campbell Thomas Marnoch
Campbell William Gavin
Campbell Stephen Gordon
Campbell-Rogers L.H. Wellington
Campbell-rogers Leonard Herculese
Campeau J.A.C. Wellington
Wellington MF186 Campeau J.O.M.
Campeau J.N.Z.R.
Campeau L.J.A.
Campeau Joseph Alphonse Carmen
Campeau Joseph Lucien Almasse
Campion M.P. HudsonHudson
Campsall Rodney Sigsworth
Campsall (Confirm details) R.S. Lancaster LM439
Campton A.S.B. Lancaster Lancaster PA173
Campton C.H.F.
Campton R.B.
Campton Clifden Homer Foch
Campton Albert Spencer Blair
Camsell G.C. Lancaster PD211
Camsell P.S. Lancaster Lancaster ED718
Camsell Philip Stuart
Canavan J.
Candline A.E.
Candline Albert Edward
Candlish F.
Candlish J.M.
Candlish John Muir
Candy R.J.
Cane H.P.M.
Cane J.H.
Cane W.F.E.
Canfield G.R. Wellington
Wellington MF148
Canfield J.W.
Canfield Glen Ross
Cann G.B.
Cann G.G. Beaufighter
Cann J.A.R.
Cann J.G. Cann J.J.
Cann J.O.G.
Cann R.L. Halifax Halifax NP699
Cann R.M.
Cann W.F.N.
Cann Ronald Maclean
Cann George Gordon
Cann John Osmond Gilbert
Cann Robert Leslie Halifax NP701 Halifax NP699
Cann John Osmond Gilbert
Cannaughton E.W.
Canniff F.L.
Canniff W.L.
Canning H.A.
Canning R.
Canning T.K.
Canning Thomas Kenneth
Cannings A.G.
Cannings K.L. Halifax Halifax LW583
Cannings Kenneth Leverne
Cannon A.E.L.
Cannon A.J.
Cannon D.A. Ventura
Ventura AJ 173
Cannon Ernest Albert LancasterLancaster ED 385
Cannon G.H.
Cannon H.B.
Cannon M.M.
Cannon David Armstrong
Cannon Ernest Albert
Cant N.W. Cant Norman William
Cantell E.T.L. Halifax Halifax BB217 Halifax Halifax LW388
Cantelon J.W. Cantelope D.C.P.
Canter W.L. Halifax JB909 Halifax H291
Cantera David Raymond Bolinbroke Stirling Lancaster
Cantin A.
Cantin A.E.
Cantin F.A. Hurricane Hurricane
Cantin G.A.B.
Cantin J.
Cantin J.E. P-51 Mustang Mustang AG502
Cantin J.G.A.B. Halifax NR178
Cantin J.J.R.R.
Cantin J.M.A.O.
Cantin M.
Cantin M.A. Lancaster Lancaster DS814
Cantin R.R.M. Halifax MZ860
Cantin Clement Francis Amedee
Cantin Maurice Raoul
Cantin Joseph Edward Leo
Cantlay W.G. B-26 Marauder B-26 Marauder
Cantlay William Grant
Cantley Aleander Crawford Halifax JB854 EQ-D
Cantley C.W.
Cantley Aleander Crawford
Cantlon W.L. Halifax LW583
Cantor H.
Cantrell C.J. Spitfire
Cantrell G.A.
Cantrill C.T. Spitfire Hurricane
Cantrill Charles Tom
Cantwell E.M.
Cantwell G.J.M. Whitley
Cantwell M.J.W. Lancaster Lancaster ME807
Cantwell Michael James Wallace Lancaster I ME807 EM-S
Canty F.C.
Canty J.J.E.
Canty M.A. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AN344 Canty Malcolm Allen
Caouette J.E.W. Dakota
Dakota KG 388
Caouette J.M.D.F.
Caouette Joseph Earl Walter
Capel D.J. Wellington
Caper N.L. Lancaster PA994
Capes A.L. Stirling EF311 Capin E.B. Lancaster Lancaster ED646
Capin Edward Butler
Caplan B.
Caplan B.A.
Caplan D.
Cappel J.
Cappleman H.R.
Cappleman N. Cappleman R.
Capreol G.L. Capricci J.A.
Capstick F.L.
Capstick Francis Leo
Capton L.J. Lancaster Lancaster R5897
Capton Leslie James
Capuston A. Halifax LW128
Capyk B.
Carbonneau G.A.
Carbonneau J.M.
Carbray F.J.
Carcary A.A. Hurricane Hurricane
Carcary Albert Aleander
Card A.L. Martinet Martinet HP 133 Card C.K.
Card D.H.J.
Card G.M.E.
Card H.C.
Card H.D. Blenheim (Hurricane?)
Card L.C.
Card L.E.
Card M.W.
Card N.E.
Card R.K.
Card W.
Card Arnold Lindsay
Card Marshall William
Cardell J.S. Hampden
Cardell John Sommerville
Carder D.C. Halifax Halifax
Carder R.F.
Carder W.G.
Carder Wilfred George
Carder David Clayton
Cardiff J.A.
Cardiff K.C.
Cardillo J.
Cardin L.P.R.
Cardinal B.P. Stirling
Stirling N3761
Cardinal J.B.
Cardinal J.C.A.
Cardinal J.J.B.
Cardinal L.J.
Cardinal Barrie Phillip
Cardinal Joseph Jacques Bruno
Cardno F.N.
Cardno M.B.
Cardwell J.
Cardwell J.E.
Cardy W.A.
Cardy W.A.
Cardy William Henry Harvard Hurricane Halifax
Careau P.E. Whitley
Whitley Z6951
Carefoot E.W.
Carefoot G.O. Halifax Halifax LK640
Carefoot H.G. B-24 Liberator
Liberator 11119
Carefoot Herbert Reginald
Carefoot Garnet Oliver
Carew R.D.
Carey A.M. Hudson
Hudson FK 593
Carey C.J.
Carey D.M. Lancaster
Carey G.H.
Carey J.J. Halifax Halifax BB214
Carey J.W.
Carey J.W.H.
Carey L.E. Halifax Halifax HR812
Carey O.W. Anson
Carey R.F.
Carey R.W.B. Carey Albert Moore
Carey John Joseph
Carey Leslie Ernest
Carey Orran Willard
Carey Robert William Burdell
Carey Douglas Mintie
Cargill A.G.
Cargill J.W.S.
Cargo H.L.
Carioni H.M.
Carkner C.M. Hudson T9378
Carkner D.M. Oxford L306
Carkner O.S.
Carkner Clifford Mccormick
Carkner Duncan Mcvey
Carlen S.A.
Carless A.G. Kittyhawk AL136
Carless Alfred George
Carleton E.B. Lancaster KB870
Carleton F.B. Halifax EB148
Carleton P.B. Halifax EB148
Carleton R.H. Halifax Halifax LW555
Carleton Reginald Harvey
Carleton Edmund Bruce
Carley E.C. Anson
Anson CW850
Carley E.W.
Carley G.H.
Carley J.W.
Carley L.A.
Carley Edward Claremont
Carley John William
Carli G.
Carlin Gerald Joseph
Carling H.E.
Carling-Kelly F.C. Halifax NP768
Carlisle C.
Carlisle E.F. Halifax Halifax NA660
Carlisle W.A.
Carlisle Elden Fleetwood
Carlo T.
Carlon T.E. Halifax BB212
Carlow G.
Carlson A.
Carlson A.B.
Carlson A.T. P-51 Mustang
Carlson C.L.
Carlson D.
Carlson D.G. Baptist
Carlson E.K. Carlson E.L.
Carlson E.M.
Carlson E.W. Cessna Crane
Carlson E.W.B. Halifax Halifax LL466
Carlson K.E.
Carlson K.P.
Carlson O.R. Carlson R. Hampden L4109
Carlson R.B. Wellington H494
Carlson Earl William
Carlson Robert Brownlee
Carlson Ernest William Bernard
Carlson Elmer Kenneth
Carlson Alfred
Carlton J.M. Halifax JB912
Carlyle E.A.
Carlyle H.M.
Carlyle K.A.
Carlyle R.H.
Carlyle W.B. Lancaster
Carlyle Walter Beattie
Carlyon Paul Winstanley Manners Wellington Stirling Stirling W7637 BU-W
Carmen W. Halifax NP690 Halifax NP722
Carmichael B. Vengeance
Carmichael B.F.
Carmichael B.W. Wellington Wellington H690
Carmichael D.A. Boston Boston W8394
Carmichael D.B.
Carmichael D.G.
Carmichael D.J. Hampden Hampden AE136
Carmichael D.J.
Carmichael D.R.
Carmichael D.W.
Carmichael G.D.
Carmichael H.A.
Carmichael J.A. Lancaster ME631
Carmichael J.D.
Carmichael J.H. Carmichael M.M.
Carmichael Douglas John
Carmichael Billie
Carmichael Duncan Aleander
Carmichael Brian Withers
Carmichael John Howard
Carmody C.J. Spitfire Spitfire EP473
Carmody E.W.
Carmody J.P. Carmody John Patrick
Carmody Cornelius John
Carnahan H.
Carnahan V.E.
Carne I.C.
Carnegie J.D.B.
Carnegie R. Carnegie R.B.
Carnegie Thomas Anson Anson Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax LL419
Carnegie Robert Campbell
Carnegy R.S.L.
Carnell B. Stirling
Carney R.A. Carney W.C. Carney W.H.
Carney Richard Aleander
Carney William Charles
Carnie G.D.
Carnie J.
Carol R.F.
Carol Roy Frank
Carolan A.G. Carolan Arthur Grattan
Caron A.L. Lancaster
Caron C.O.A.C.
Caron G.A.A.A. Ventura
Caron J.A.L.
Caron J.A.R.
Caron J.F.D.
Caron J.R. Hudson Hudson FK 788
Caron L.P.C. Halifax NP695 Halifax NP736
Caron W.M.
Caron Aime Leon
Caron Gerald Aleandre Arthur A.
Caron Joseph Aurele Roland
Carothers J.M.
Carothers R.E.
Carpenter B.C.
Carpenter B.H.
Carpenter C.A. Carpenter E.C. Mosquito Mosquito ML998
Carpenter F.S.
Carpenter G.
Carpenter J.C. Spitfire
Carpenter J.L.
Carpenter L.S. Wellington
Carpenter R.I.
Carpenter R.S.
Carpenter T. Beaufighter
Carpenter T.S.
Carpenter U.C. Carpenter W.H.
Carpenter Charles Arthur
Carpenter Leonard Stanley
Carpenter Eric Charles
Carpentier J.H.
Carpentier L. Carr A.L.
Carr B.R.
Carr C.M. Carr D.D.
Carr D.W.
Carr D.W.K. Mosquito Mosquito MM241
Carr F.B.
Carr F.H. Blenheim
Blenheim BA 243
Carr G.I.
Carr H.C.
Carr H.D.
Carr H.L. Carr J. Typhoon
Carr J. Halifax Halifax NA120
Carr J.A.
Carr J.A.
Carr J.A.
Carr J.F. Ventura
Carr J.J.
Carr J.W.
Carr J.W.
Carr K.C. Carr L.A.
Carr L.C.
Carr L.R.
Carr R.A. Spitfire
Carr R.W.
Carr S.A. Lancaster
Carr S.F.
Carr W.G.
Carr W.H.
Carr W.K.
Carr Kenneth Claude
Carr John Franklin
Carr Raymond Arthur
Carr Frank Herbert
Carr Clarence Milton
Carr Leo Augustave
Carr Stuart Allan
Carr John
Carr-Harris A.M.
Carr-Harris B.G. Hudson Hudson FH395
Carr-Harris D.D.
Carr-Harris Brian Gethryn
Carr-Lawton J.
Carre H.
Carreau Alfred
Carreau R.A.
Carreau Paul Eugene
Carrell D.O.
Carrels J.A.
Carrere J.P.H.
Carrick F.
Carrick J.
Carrick J.H.
Carrick John Hammond
Carrie N. Carrier G.H.R.
Carrier J.A.R.Marcel Halifax LW379
Carrier J.G.
Carrier J.L.P.D. Wellington Halifax Halifax
Carrier M.
Carrier Joseph Louis Phillipee Denis
Carriere J.C.
Carriere J.C.L. Oxford
Oxford HM 729 Carriere Joseph Charles Lionel
Carriere Pierre Joseph Andre Denis
Carrieres J.
Carrieres J.R.M.
Carrigan B.J.E.
Carrigan C.J. Halifax JB959
Carrigan J.T. Halifax Halifax LW296
Carrigan Joseph Thomas
Carrillo P.R.M.
Carroll A.L.
Carroll B. Halifax Halifax R9442
Carroll C.E. Hampden
Hampden AF306
Carroll C.S. Wellington
Wellington H494
Carroll C.W.
Carroll E.E.
Carroll F.G.
Carroll G.F.
Carroll G.H.
Carroll G.O.
Carroll J.C.G.
Carroll J.E.
Carroll J.J.
Carroll J.V.
Carroll L.
Carroll R.H.
Carroll R.J.
Carroll R.W. Carroll Bernard
Carroll Charles Edward
Carroll Ralph William
Carrothers J.C.
Carrothers R.G. Stirling
Carrothers Robert George Stirling IV LJ864 QS-A
Carruthers Aleander Stirling BF469 BU-M
Carruthers A.B.
Carruthers C.B.
Carruthers C.H.
Carruthers C.S. Stirling
Stirling N3673
Carruthers D.E.
Carruthers Donald Perry Spitfire 4588
Carruthers E.P.
Carruthers E.R.I.
Carruthers F.R. Wellington
Wellington BJ961
Carruthers G.C.
Carruthers G.F.
Carruthers G.W. Lancaster
Lancaster KB731
Carruthers H.
Carruthers H.A. Halifax Halifax
Carruthers H.R. Wellington Wellington LP130
Carruthers J.A.M.
Carruthers J.D.
Carruthers J.G.
Carruthers J.S.
Carruthers L.M.
Carruthers T.A.
Carruthers W.T.
Carruthers Carl Stuart
Carruthers Ford Ross
Carruthers Donald Perry
Carruthers Aleander
Carruthers George William
Carruthers Henry Ramsay
Carruthers Harold Allen
Carry M.E.
Carscadden C.H. B-24 Liberator
B-24 Liberator
Carscadden Cyril Hudson
Carscallen A.N.
Carscallen H.M.
Carscallen W.F.
Carson A.F. Blenheim
Carson D.A. Carson E.H.
Carson E.J.
Carson G.H. Beaufighter
Beaufighter EL404
Carson G.T.
Carson H.B.
Carson H.G. Lancaster
Lancaster NF974
Carson I.C.
Carson J.A.
Carson J.E.
Carson J.H.
Carson J.J.
Carson J.M.L.
Carson J.N. Lancaster NG303
Carson L.B. Stirling
Stirling BF457
Carson L.G. Lancaster
Lancaster DV364
Carson L.R.
Carson M.A.
Carson M.M.
Carson M.P.
Carson M.P.
Carson N.I.
Carson R.A. Carson R.A. Spitfire MK774 Carson R.A. Halifax LK923
Carson R.J. Halifax LL252
Carson R.W.
Carson S.J.
Carson Sidney Thomas Halifax RG347
Carson V.B.
Carson V.B.J.
Carson W.A. Carson W.D. Carson William Albert
Carson Lawrence Bartlett
Carson George Howard
Carson Douglas Aleander
Carson William Donald
Carson Harvey George
Carson Lewis Gerard
Carson Rodney Austin
Carson Sidney Thomas
Carss T.O.
Carstairs L.A.
Carswell A.G. Lancaster W4379
Carswell C.L.
Carswell J. Wellington
Wellington LP154 Carswell J.C. Wellington
Carswell J.K.
Carswell J.M.
Carswell J.R. Hurricane BP163
Spitfire JF482
Carswell M.E.
Carswell R.
Carswell V.P.
Carswell W.G.
Carswell James Cannon
Carswell James Richard
Carswell James
Cartan F.P. Halifax Halifax LW391
Cartan Frederick Paul
Carte H.T.
Carten F.T.
Carter A.C.
Carter A.J.E.
Carter A.R. Beaufighter V8624 Mosquito HK406
Carter A.V. Halifax Halifax LW200
Carter C. Baltimore AG 773
Carter C.B.
Carter C.E.
Carter C.M.
Carter C.S.
Carter D.B. Carter D.H.
Carter D.M.
Carter D.N. Lancaster
Lancaster LL672
Carter E.A.
Carter E.C.
Carter E.F. Wellington
Carter E.L.
Carter E.P.
Carter F.A.G.
Carter F.E. Carter F.M. Stirling
Stirling EF119
Carter F.R.U.
Carter G.A. Blenheim
Carter G.C. Wellington HE727 Carter G.E. Carter G.G.
Carter G.H.F. Halifax W7923 Halifax W7885 Halifax H325
Carter G.L.
Carter G.R.
Carter G.W.H.
Carter H.C.
Carter H.H. Hudson Hudson FK 468
Carter H.M. B-17 Fortress
Carter H.M.
Carter H.R.
Carter H.W.
Carter H.W.T. Lancaster Lancaster JB593
Carter J.A. Lancaster ND402 Lancaster JB733
Carter J.H. Lancaster
Carter J.L.L. Lancaster KB715 Carter J.R.
Carter J.T. Anson
Carter J.T. Stirling Stirling EH990
Carter J.W. Carter J.W.
Carter K.A.
Carter K.R.
Carter L.J.
Carter L.R. Wellington Wellington LP567 Carter O.A.
Carter N.E.
Carter P. Spitfire
Carter R.D.
Carter R.E. Halifax JD972
Carter Roy Edward Halifax Halifax NA514
Carter R.E.
Carter R.E.
Carter R.F.
Carter R.G. Halifax Halifax MZ858
Carter R.G. Lancaster
Lancaster LM342
Carter R.H.
Carter R.P.
Carter S.B.
Carter S.J.
Carter S.M.
Carter T.E.
Carter T.G.
Carter W.A.
Carter W.A.
Carter W.B.
Carter W.F.S.
Carter W.G.
Carter W.H.
Carter W.H.
Carter W.T.
Carter Howard Roy Beaufighter 8106
Carter John Thomas
Carter Albert Martin Halifax W7710
Carter Peter
Carter Henry Hamilton
Carter Fred Moncrieff
Carter John Thomas
Carter Ronald George
Carter James Aleander
Carter David Beatty
Carter Norman Edward
Carter Robert Gordon
Carter Daniel Newton
Carter Henry William Tilson
Carter Joseph William
Carter Arthur Reginald
Carter Albert Victor
Carter Roy Edward
Carter Frank Ernest
Carter Laurence Richmond
Carter Hilton Mackay
Carter John Hunter
Carter-Edwards E. Halifax LV987
Cartier J.L.L.
Cartier J.L.R.V.F. Wellington
Wellington BK564
Cartier Joseph Louis Raymond Ferrier
Cartman J.E.
Cartman R.M.
Cartman S.
Cartman James Edward
Cartmell J.H.
Cartmell R.J. Stirling
Stirling R9166
Cartmell Robert Joseph
Carton G.R.
Cartwright A.P.L.
Cartwright B.A.H.
Cartwright D.C.
Cartwright G.J.H.
Cartwright G.S.
Cartwright J.E.
Cartwright L.W. Cartwright R.L.C. Hudson
Cartwright George Stevenson
Cartwright Laird Wallace
Carty A.W. Whitley
Carty G.D.
Carty H.D.G. Halifax Halifax BK540
Carty R.K.
Carty Arthur William
Carvajal E.R. Wellington Wellington HE419
Carvajal Earl Randolph
Carvalho P.D. Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth # 4008 Carvalho Paul D.
Carvell T.W.H.
Carver H. Beaufighter
Beaufighter EM223 Carver H.R.M.
Carver J.S.
Carver L.V.
Carver P.J.
Carver S.H.
Carver Herman Joe
Carveth A.B.
Cary D.A. Cary E.S. Stirling
Stirling LK383
Cary Earl Stanley
Caryi C.J.A. Caryi Charles Joseph Anthony
Caryll I.B. Wellington
Caryll Ian Brian
Casaubon J.N.G.R. Lancaster
Lancaster ED876
Casaubon Joseph Jean Jacques Fernand
Casaubon Joseph Noe Gustave Robert
Case C.W.
Case E.E. Halifax Halifax LK640
Case J.D.
Case M.D.
Case T.E. Wellington / Lanc
Lancaster ED485
Case W.R. Stirling EE970 Case Thomas Edward
Case Emerson Earl
Casement C. Casey A.M. Halifax MZ521
Casey B.A. Canso
Canso 9807
Casey E. Casey E.R.O. Lancaster KB784 Casey G.A.
Casey George Francis Battle Wellington Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster ND905
Casey J.H.
Casey J.J. Casey J.M.
Casey M.G. Wellington
Casey P. Stirling LJ932 Casey R.E.
Casey R.F. Halifax Halifax W1154
Casey T.A. Lancaster
Lancaster PB687
Casey T.E.J. Lancaster
Lancaster W4384
Casey T.J.
Casey W.A. Wellington
Wellington 9700
Casey W.P.
Casey William Aloysius Wellington Ic 9700 LN-B
Casey Raymond Francis
Casey Brian Anthony
Casey Theadore Edgar James
Casey Terence Anthony
Casey George Francis
Casey Murray Gordon
Casey J J
Casgrain D.W.J.A.
Cash A.V. Cash E.W. Lancaster ND656
Cash J.E.
Cash Alfred Valentine
Cashen P. Hurricane Hurricane HV487
Cashen Peter Henry
Casher Frederick Einar Halifax LW139
Casher Frederick Einar
Cashion G.A.E. Spitfire
Spitfire MJ987
Cashion George Allan
Cashman A.W.
Cashman T.L.
Casimiri H. Wellington
Casimiri Harry
Caskey I.N. Stirling Stirling EF268
Caskey Irvine Nathaniel
Caskie J. Anson
Anson 8266
Caskie John
Casorso A.R.
Caspell K.S.
Casper F.
Cass E.W. Halifax Halifax
Cass R.W.
Cassady L.C.
Cassady J.M. Lancaster
Lancaster JB277
Cassady John Melburne
Cassan S.E.
Cassell W.F.
Casselles J.
Casselman A.K.
Casselman C.N.
Casselman D.E. Lancaster JA899
Casselman D.J. Bollingbroke 9072
Casselman E.R.
Casselman G.M.
Casselman J.H. Wellington
Casselman M.G.
Casselman Donald John
Casselman John Halifax
Cassels Stewart Charles Anson Halifax Halifax NP693
Cassibault N.O.
Cassidy A.G.
Cassidy B.F.
Cassidy B.H. Spitfire Spitfire 4932 Cassidy B.M. Halifax MZ503
Cassidy D.E. Lancaster PB666 Cassidy F.W.
Cassidy H.P.
Cassidy H.S.
Cassidy J.E.
Cassidy L.F. Halifax HR923
Cassidy R.A.
Cassidy R.G. Wellington Wellington MP643
Cassidy W.J. Roman Catholic
Cassidy W.J.A.
Cassidy Frederick William
Cassidy Bernard Hugh
Cassidy Ronnie George
Cassidy Lorne Francis
Casson F.A. Liberator EV945
Casson Frank Albert
Cassor T.
Casswell F.R.
Castador M. Kittyhawk Typhoon
Castagne A.A.
Castellan P. Mosquito
Castellano W.E.
Castle H.R.
Castle J.A. Wellington Wellington MP643
Castle J.G.R. Halifax JD203
Castle S.R.
Castle John Gordon
Castle James Armistice
Castledine S.V.
Castleman J.E.
Castling D.H. Stirling EB924 Caston T.W. Albermarle Albermarle P1368
Caston Thomas Walker
Caswell E.G.
Caswell E.V.
Caswell L.A.
Catalano J.
Catellier E.C.L.P.
Cathcart Norman Carrel B-17 Fortress B-17 Fortress
Cathcart R.W.
Cathcart Norman Carrel
Cathels E.C. Spitfire P8726 Cather H.E.
Catheralle L.J.G. Halifax Halifax
Catheralle Lloyd John Gordon
Catling P.D.S.
Caton A.E.
Caton J.
Caton J.H.
Caton W.G.
Caton Archie Ernest
Catrano D.A.
Catt H.R.A.
Cattanach A.A.
Cattelier L. Halifax MZ626
Catterall W.A.
Cattermole G.S.
Cattiny G.
Cattle T.R.M. Halifax Halifax W1111
Cattle Thomas Robert Manard
Cattley J.E.
Cattley R.E.D.
Catto J.H. Halifax Halifax DG282
Catto John Harrison
Catton J.N.
Catton M.S.
Catton W.A.M.
Cauchy L.A.M. Wellington
Cauchy Jean Thomas Raymond Halifax MZ860 Hornet
Cauchy Louis Augustin Marie
Caughell W.R.
Caughey G.C.
Caughlin F.N.
Caulderwood J.S. Wellington Wellington MS496
Caulderwood John Samuel Davidson
Cauley F.J.
Cauley J.S.
Caulfield A.E.L. Church of England
Caulfield M.K.
Caulfield W.J. Whitley
Caulfield William James
Caulkin T.H. Crane
Caulkin Thomas Henry
Causey T.A.
Causier R.G. Wellington
Causier Russell George
Cauthers W.A. Wellington
Cauthers William Austin
Cavaghan E.G. Wellington 3715
Cavaghan Eric Graham
Cavanagh A.B.
Cavanagh C.
Cavanagh H.D.
Cavanagh J.C.
Cavanagh J.H.
Cavanagh J.O.
Cavanagh R.J.
Cavanaugh F.N.S.
Cavanaugh J.P.
Cavanaugh L.M.
Cavanaugh R.J. Halifax Halifax
Cavanaugh Robert Joseph
Cavanaugh Frank Napoleon Smith
Cave A.B.
Cave H.H.M.
Cave P.G.M.
Cavell C.O.
Caven F.R.
Caveney L.S.
Caverhill G.A.
Caverley Leon John
Caverly L.L.
Caverly R.J.
Caverly Robert Joseph
Cavers E.L.
Cavers R.F. Hudson
Cavers Robert Franklin
Cawker C.A.M.
Cawker C.M.
Cawker D.E. Halifax Halifax LK779
Cawker E.A.
Cawker H.R. Mosquito
Cawker Douglas Earl
Cawley H.R.
Cawley J.C.
Cawley J.G. Lancaster ND654 Cawsey E.H.
Cawsey J.N. Spitfire Spitfire AD273
Cawsey L.A.
Cawsey W.S.
Cawsey John Nicholson
Cawson C.A. Halifax LW551
Cawston J.A.
Cawthon R.J.
Cawthorn W.J.
Cawthray J.E.
Caya J.
Caydzien R.M.
Cayer A.J.W.
Cayer Albert Jean William
Cayley W.E.
Cayley William Edgar
Caza W.J.
Cazaly I.M.G.L.
Cebrowski M.
Cecchetto E.J.
Cembrowski J.
Cerat J.A.Y.W. Halifax LK907
Cerswell R.E.
Chabara A.J. Hudson Hudson AM 885
Chabara Aleander James
Chabassol M.K.
Chabot G.O.
Chabot J.J.G. Boston
Chabot L.J.R. Bolingbroke
Chabot M.R. Wellington Wellington Z1046
Chabot R.
Chabot Leonard Joseph Reynold
Chabot Marc Roger
Chabot John Joseph Graham
Chace Q.B. Crane Crane W 1610
Chace Quentin Burl
Chad F.
Chad W.
Chadburn Lloyd Vernon Finch Harvard Hurricane Spitfire LP824
Chadder R.E.
Chaddock H.A.
Chaddock Horace Albert
Chadwick L.A. B-24 Liberator
Chadwick N.
Chadwick R.W.
Chadwick W.A.
Chadwick Leslie Anwyl
Chafe J.W.
Chaffey G.H. Wellington
Chaffey H.C.
Chaffey George Henry
Chagnon M.
Chalcraft R.A.
Chalcraft William Robertson Halifax JD106 Lancaster KB735
Chalcroft W.J.
Chalcroft Walter James George
Chale R.A.
Chalifour J.M. Typhoon EK228 Chalifour Joseph Maurice
Chalk E.W.
Chalk J.T.E. Lancaster JB644
Chalk N.W.
Chalk R.G. Halifax LW175
Chalk S.G.
Chalk W.W.N. Wellington 3563
Chalk Everett William
Chalk Jeffrey Thomas Ernest
Chalken C.N. Hampden AT228
Chalken Christopher Norman
Challenger C.J. Lancaster ED668
Challenger Clifford James
Challes B.J.K.
Challes J.T.I. Wellington
Challis A.C. Wellington
Challis H.
Challis Albert Clifford
Chalmers A.G.
Chalmers A.R. Chalmers D.R.
Chalmers F.L. LancasterLancaster R5739
Chalmers G.M.
Chalmers H.C.D.
Chalmers H.J.
Chalmers J.B.E.J. Stirling EE885 Chalmers James George William Halifax NP695
Chalmers J.M.
Chalmers J.R.
Chalmers J.W.
Chalmers R.A. Wellington 9937 Wellington DV674
Chalmers R.L.
Chalmers R.L.
Chalmers Robert Allan Arthur
Chalmers James Redfearn
Chalmers David Rainnie
Chalmers Alfred Reid
Chalmers Frederick Lorne
Chalmers James George William
Chaloner R.
Chamberlain G.A. Spitfire Spitfire W 3639
Chamberlain Ronald Halifax LV963 AL-V
Chamberlain W.F.
Chamberlain W.R.
Chamberlain Gordon Arthur
Chamberlin J.G. B-24 Liberator
Chamberlin V.L.
Chamberlin John Gardner
Chambers B.A.
Chambers B.K. Wellington HE745
Chambers C.M. Hampden Hampden ?E395
Chambers D.E. Halifax Halifax JD142
Chambers E.J.
Chambers E.S.
Chambers F.G.
Chambers G.W. Halifax Halifax LW434
Chambers Henry Moth Battle Stinson Ventura 2193
Chambers H.R.
Chambers J.A.
Chambers J.H.
Chambers J.M.
Chambers J.W.
Chambers K.C.
Chambers K.E.
Chambers P.K. Wellington Wellington HZ481
Chambers R.E. Spitfire Spitfire MJ874
Chambers R.E. Spitfire
Chambers R.G.
Chambers R.G.C.
Chambers R.L. Wellington
Chambers S.V. Chambers W.F.
Chambers W.H.
Chambers W.M. Whitley Whitley Z9130
Chambers W.O.E. Lancaster Lancaster JB117
Chambers William Martin
Chambers Patrick Kelly
Chambers Walter Owen Earl
Chambers Clarke Munro
Chambers George William
Chambers Stanley Victor
Chambers Richard Eric
Chambers Robert Lloyd
Chamney B.M. Wellington
Chamney D.H.
Chamney G.E.
Chamney Burnet Montieth
Champ A.
Champagne J.B.E.O.E.
Champagne J.J.E.A.
Champagne M.
Champagne R.M.J. Champagne Roland Marcel Joseph
Champion D.C.
Champion D.S. Wellington Wellington MF471
Champion E.C.
Champion H.M. Lancaster
Champion J.P.
Champion Ellwin Clair
Champion Harry Mathew
Champion Dudley Sydney
Champou J.L.A. Wellington
Champou L.
Champou Joseph Lucien Anatole
Chamut S.
Chan E.C.F.
Chance D.G.
Chandler Alfred James Stanraer Ventura 2193
Chandler A.W.
Chandler E.C.
Chandler G.A.
Chandler G.M.
Chandler H.H.
Chandler J.H. Harvard 2652
Chandler J.J.
Chandler J.T.
Chandler K.G.
Chandler L.D.
Chandler M.T.
Chandler N.E.
Chandler R.E.
Chandler R.N.
Chandler T.A.
Chandler W.G.
Chandler W.P. Lancaster NE114
Chandler W.S.
Chandler John Joseph
Chandler John Harold
Chaney W.W. Chang Y.G.
Chanler P.G.V. Blenheim
Channing H.E.G.
Chant S.N.F.
Chant W.S.K.
Chantler P.D.
Chap N.R. Kittyhawk
Chap Norman Richard
Chapin M.F.
Chaplin F.R. Chaplin H.G.
Chaplin J. Spitfire
Chaplin N.J.
Chaplin Robert Halifax III MZ565 MH-O
Chapman A. Douglas Digby
Douglas Digby
Chapman A.D.
Chapman A.N.
Chapman C.E. Halifax MZ427
Chapman C.F.
Chapman Cecil George William Moth Stranraer & Catalina Canso 9846 Dakota & North Star
Chapman C.J.
Chapman C.K.
Chapman C.M.
Chapman D.
Chapman D.
Chapman D.C.
Chapman D.E. HavocHavoc BD124
Chapman D.H. Hampden
Chapman D.H.J. Cessna Crane
Chapman D.S.
Chapman D.S.
Chapman E.W.
Chapman F.R. Lancaster NG240 Chapman F.R.
Chapman F.R.H.
Chapman G.
Chapman G.A. Halifax Halifax
Chapman G.A. Halifax LK801
Chapman G.C.
Chapman G.E.
Chapman G.L. Wellington Wellington Z8868
Chapman H.E.L. Beaufighter Beaufighter RD436
Chapman I.S.
Chapman J. Blenheim
Chapman J.
Chapman J.
Chapman J.C.
Chapman J.E.
Chapman J.H.
Chapman J.K.
Chapman J.R. Lancaster Lancaster JB708
Chapman J.W.
Chapman K.F. Lancaster Lancaster ME424
Chapman K.F.
Chapman K.L. B-24 Liberator B-24 Liberator KH100
Chapman L.E.
Chapman L.E. Wellington
Chapman L.T.
Chapman P.H. Tiger Moth Tiger Moth # 5091
Chapman P.P. Whitley Whitley T4323
Chapman R.A. Lancaster Lancaster W4267
Chapman R.B.
Chapman R.E.
Chapman R.J.G.
Chapman R.S.
Chapman S.
Chapman S.C.
Chapman S.J.
Chapman T.B. Halifax LV973
Chapman T.C.
Chapman T.H.
Chapman W.D.
Chapman W.G.
Chapman W.M.
Chapman Arthur
Chapman Drummond
Chapman Gordon Lindsay
Chapman Philip Pedrick
Chapman Philip Hayne
Chapman Roy Benjamin
Chapman Donald Harold
Chapman Donald Hugh John
Chapman Robert Alfred
Chapman John Randall
Chapman Robert Scott
Chapman Earl William (Bill)
Chapman George Alfred
Chapman Kenneth Louis
Chapman Antony Dutton
Chapman Lloyd Edwin
Chapman William Merton
Chapman Kenneth F.
Chapman Harold Ernest Leslie
Chappel H.C.
Chappel N.T. United Church
Chappel W.R.
Chappell A.
Chappell C.D.R. Wellington HF833 Chappell D.H.
Chappell H.
Chappell N.
Chappell S.L.
Chappell W.N.
Chappise R.R. Liberator
Chappise Richard Robert
Chapple P.B. Hampden Hampden 3051
Chapplow A.
Chaput H.
Chaput J.G.A.
Chaput J.U.B.
Charade H.
Charbonneau A.H.
Charbonneau C.
Charbonneau E.A.H.
Charbonneau G.
Charbonneau I.L. Stirling Stirling W7528
Charbonneau J.
Charbonneau J.
Charbonneau J.A.C.
Charbonneau J.A.H.
Charbonneau J.D.M.R.
Charbonneau J.H.A.G.
Charbonneau J.M. Lancaster KB870
Charbonneau J.M.L. Wellington
Charbonneau J.T.P.
Charbonneau L.A.
Charbonneau L.T.
Charbonneau M.J.G.
Charbonneau Regis Fernand Halifax NP805
Charbonneau Ivan Lee
Charbonneau Joseph Milton Lorraine
Charbonneau Regis Fernand
Chard A.E.
Chard E.G. Halifax HR791
Charde W.C. Mosquito Mosquito HR151
Charde William Crawford
Charest J.E.A. Roman Catholic
Charest J.M.A.L.
Charest P.A.
Charest Joseph Marie Antoine Laurent
Charette D.J.
Charko Z.R.
Charland R.A. Charland Robert Albert
Charlebois G.P. Lancaster
Charlebois J.B.R.
Charlebois J.H.H.
Charlebois J.J.H.
Charlebois P.A.
Charlebois Gordon Phillip
Charles E.F.J.C Lysander Spitfire P7756 Spitfire BR370 Spitfire EN529 Spitfire BL631
Charles F.R.
Charles G.W.H.
Charles J.F. Halifax NP759
Charles J.H. Lancaster
Charles J.W.

Charles M.F.
Charles W.J.D.
Charles John Hamilton
Charles James Wyreman
Charles William James Donald
Charlesbois J.W.M.
Charlesbois R.
Charlesbois Y.
Charlesworth G.A. Stirling Stirling LK456
Charlesworth H.C. Spitfire Hurricane Spitfire
Charlesworth J.H. Beaufort
Charlesworth J.R.
Charlesworth John Henry
Charlesworth Gilbert Alan
Charley W.A.
Charlton A.R.A.
Charlton A.S.
Charlton B.
Charlton E.
Charlton F.W.
Charlton J.D.
Charlton J.R. Charlton K.
Charlton R. Halifax Halifax NP771
Charlton R.C. Halifax Halifax
Charlton R.J.
Charlton John Robert
Charlton Ross Conger
Charman K.K.
Charman R.W. Halifax DK243
Charnaud L.E.
Charnaud Laurence Edward
Charness M.
Charnock F.R. Mosquito Mosquito MM737
Charnock J.H.
Charnock Frederick Robert
Charrette G.A.
Charrette J.
Charron A.E. Charron G.
Charron Joseph Hilarion Wellington Wellington Z1745
Charron Philip Marcel Finch Harvard Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire PV245
Charron Ronald Edward Oscar Anson & Bolinbroke Anson Anson Anson Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax MZ845
Charron Gerald Raoul Hudson & Dakota
Charron Joseph Hilarion
Charron Arthur Ernest
Charron Philip Marcel
Charter H.R.
Charter J.W.
Charter M.L.
Charters C.F.
Charters D.A.
Charters E.
Charters R.B.
Charters R.D. Charters Ralph David
Charthier O.H.
Chartier Clarence Amos Finch Anson Oxford Oxford L4613 Whitley Whitley BD531 Whitley Oxford Whitley Whitley BD502 Whitley BD635 Blenheim Wellington Halifax Halifax Halifax LK765 Halifax NA185
Chartier G.F.
Chartier J.E.R.
Chartier J.L.T. Wellington
Chartier Joseph Leon Triffle
Charton M. Whitley
Whitley Charton Moses
Chartrand J.F.J.
Chartrand J.L.E. Chartrand J.P.
Chartrand John Louis Edmond
Charuk D.
Charyk J.C.
Chasanoff J. Chase E.B.
Chase G.W.
Chase H.W. Lysander
Lysander # 432
Chase M.O.
Chase R.F. Lancaster
Chase Howard Winfield
Chase Robert Fleming
Chase Casgrain M.A.T.
Chase-Casgrain Marie Guy Aleandre Hurricane Hurricane Z2986
Chasinger J.E. Lancaster LL692
Chasmar L.R.
Chasse R.E.
Chaster J.B. Lancaster W4134
Chaster W.R.
Chaston C.P.
Chaston L.G. Hampden
Hampden P1244
Chaston Lionel Greer
Chateau H.J.
Chateauvert A.A. Chateauvert J.C.M.
Chateauvert W.M.C.
Chater C.H.
Chatfield C.
Chatfield L.P.
Chatfield Russell Edmund Halifax Halifax Halifax NA582 Halifax Halifax LW164
Chatfield W.L. Lancaster
Lancaster ED434
Chatfield Walter Lawrence
Chatfield Russell Edmund
Chatson R. Chatson Raymond
Chattell D.G. Blenheim
Blenheim 9922
Chattell David Gifford
Chatten C.W.
Chatterley J.
Chatterley J.
Chatterton E. Chatterton G.L.
Chatterton Edward
Chatwin E. Lancaster KB799 Chaul E.A.
Chaulk A. Lancaster
Lancaster LL649
Chausse Louis Joseph Rosaire Anson Bolinbroke Digby --- Dakota
Chauvin C.C.
Chauvin F.B.
Chauvin Joseph Leon Alfred Halifax Halifax MZ466
Chauvin R.J.
Chauvin Joseph Leon Alfred
Chawanski A.P. Chawanski Adam Philip
Cheater A.P.V.
Chechik M.
Checketts J.M. Spitfire
Chedore L.A.
Cheele R.D.
Cheese P.S.
Cheesman E.L.
Cheesman F.J.
Cheesman G.R.
Cheesman S.A.
Cheesman Gordon Roy
Cheetham G.H. Halifax Halifax DK166
Cheetham Gerald Harry
Chekaluk H.R.
Cheley G.E.
Cheley J.M.
Chellew C.F.
Chene B.
Chene J.R.J.
Cheney D.H. Lancaster JB139
Cheney H.F.
Chenhall M.B.
Chenier A.
Chenier B.W.J.
Chenier E.J. Chenier R.
Chennells G.C.
Chenoweth R.J.
Chepil Mack Halifax Halifax EB274
Chequer G.J. Lancaster
Lancaster DS735
Chequer George Joseph
Cherer K.C. Hudson
Hudson AM 710
Cherer Kenneth Claude
Cherkab A.
CherKinsky A.D. CherKinsky J. Wellington
Cherkinsky Arthur David
Cherkinsky Joseph
Cherniawsky M.N.
Chernick A.
Cherniuk G. Stirling
Cherniuk George
Cheropita W.T. Mosquito Mosquito DZ305
Cheropita William Thomas
Cherrington G.E.
Cherry D.R.
Cherry G.C.
Cherry L.D.
Cherry R.L.
Cherry V.R.
Cherry W.F.
Cheshire A.J.
Chesley A.R.
Chesley G.
Chesney J.E.
Chess F.
Chess J.B. Chess James Barry
Chessell T.H.
Chesson A.T.
Chessor E.W. Wellington
Chessor Edward William
Chessun C.T.H.
Chester H.A.
Chester J. Wellington H775
Wellington Chester W.C.
Chester W.K.
Chester W.R. Ventura
Chester William Roy
Chester John William
Chesters F.H.
Chesters R.S. Lancaster
Lancaster DS775
Chestnut G.A. Spitfire
Spitfire Chestnut Guy Aleander Spitfire P8654 PR-L
Cheston J.S.
Chetney R.A. Lancaster
Lancaster ND872
Chetney Rolf Arthur
Chetwynd D.I.
Chetwynd G.P.
Chevalier J.B.V. Wellington
Chevalier J.F. Manchester
Manchester L7454
Chevalier P.M.
Chevalier Joseph Frederic
Chevalier Joseph Bruno Vianney
Chevers N.V.
Chevers W.J. Wellington
Wellington 3198
Chevers William John
Chevrier George Albert Wellington Wellington
Chevrier Joseph Adelard Real Dakota KG653
Chevrier Lawrence Theodore Halifax Halifax
Chevrier T.J. Lancaster KB778
Chevrier Joseph Armand Jacques Moth Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane AK915
Chevrier Joseph Armand Jacques
Chevrier Joseph Adelard Real
Chevrier George Albert
Chevrier Lawrence Theodore
Cheyne J.L. Wellesley
Chezzie L.
Chiasson J.A. Halifax NP781
Chiasson John Charles Lancaster Lancaster R5632
Chiasson R.M.
Chiasson John Charles
Chibanoff A. Halifax Halifax DK253
Chibanoff Aleander
Chiccoine J.V. Wellington
Wellington DV611
Chick W.
Chickinell E.C.
Chicoine Joseph Vincent
Chiddenton A.D. Spitfire
Spitfire Chiddenton S.J.F.
Chiddenton Arthur Dickens
Chidley I.M.
Chiga A.
Child A.C.S.
Child C.C. Blenheim
Child C.G. Bolingbroke
Bolingbroke 9114
Child D.A.
Child F.C. Stirling
Child F.C.
Child Colin Gartrell
Childe C.G.
Childenhose T.M.
Childs A.F.
Childs A.J. Wellington
Wellington W5379
Childs R.H.
Childs Alfred J.
Chilton K.D.
Chinnery B.C. Halifax Halifax LL615
Chinnery Bruce Charles
Chipman D.W.
Chipman E.W.
Chipman G.F.
Chipman H.R.P.
Chipman P.G. Halifax LW204
Chipperfield L.S.
Chipperfield W.G.
Chirsky M.
Chisamore J.A. Chisamore Joseph Aleander
Chisholm A.
Chisholm A.R.
Chisholm C.
Chisholm D.A.
Chisholm D.J.
Chisholm J.F.
Chisholm L.J.
Chisholm M.A.
Chisholm M.D.
Chisholm M.P.
Chisholm R.E. Lancaster ED978 Chisholm R.F.
Chisholm R.G.P.
Chisholm R.J. Halifax Halifax
Chisholm R.W.M.
Chisholm S.E.
Chisholm T.
Chisholm W.F.
Chisholm W.J.
Chisholm W.L.
Chisholm W.S.
Chisholm W.V.
Chisholm W.W.
Chisholm Roderick James
Chisick M. Lancaster PA193 Chislett H.A. Lancaster
Chislett J.R.
Chislett Herbert Alfred
Chisnell R.H. Wellington
Chisnell W.G.H.
Chisnell Robert Hilliard
Chiswell A.B.
Chiswell D.R. Halifax HR687
Chiswell E.
Chiszcyk T. Halifax ED209
Chittenden F.J.
Chittenden W.J.
Spitfire MK355 Chittenden Walter John
Chittick F.R.
Chittim R.H. Lancaster Lancaster ND635
Chittim Richard Hugh
Chivers E.C.
Chivers Wilson A.A.
Chiverton T.J.
Chlibecki W.
Chmara J.
Chmiel A.T.
Chmielowiec Theodore Edward Mitchell Mitchell FV915
Chmilar W.A.
Chobaniuk N. Wellington
Chobaniuk Nicholas
Chodat L.R.
Cholette J.H.J. Wellington
Cholette Joseph Henri Jacques
Chollak V.G.
Choma C.R. Halifax Halifax
Choma Constantin Robert
Chomyshyn F.
Chopin A.J. de L.
Chorley G.W. Halifax MZ574
Chorneyko A.
Chorneyko Athanazie
Chornobrywy A.
Chornopysky M.L.
Chornous W. Lancaster
Lancaster PD380
Chornous William
Chorny M.
Chorny W. Lancaster NF938
Chote A.A.A.B.
Chouinard H.
Chouinard J.H.J.E. Chouinard Joseph Henri Jules Elie
Chouiniere E.E. Lancaster
Chouiniere Eugene Edward
Chovansky P.
Chow C.
Chowen W.R.

Spitfire NH306
Spitfire MH756 (ME?)
Chowen William Ronald
Chown C.W. Blenheim & Boston Mosquito PZ188
Chown D.G.C. Boston Boston BZ294
Chown R.A.
Chown S.G.
Chown Douglas Gordon Cameron
Chowne A.W.
Chowne L.A.
Chrapko D.S.
Chreighton T.K. Halifax
Chretien G.T. Halifax BB212
Chretien J.A.A.
Chrimas W.C.
Christen P.J.F.
Christensen C.G. Ventura
Ventura FD 697
Christensen H.E.
Christensen L.M.
Christensen M.J.
Christensen P.G.
Christensen Carlyle George
Christenson F.R. Halifax Halifax JD332
Christenson H.C.
Christenson R.A.
Christenson Floyd Raymond
Christian Charles Donald Halifax JD106 Lancaster KB735
Christian H.J.
Christian J.C.
Christian K.C. Christian W.F.
Christian Kenneth Cregeen
Christiansen H.J.B.
Christiansen P.E.
Christiansen R.K.
Christianson A.T.
Christianson C.Z.R. Lancaster
Lancaster JB181
Christianson Chris Zane Robert
Christie A.F. Lancaster
Lancaster W4124
Christie A.M.
Christie A.T.
Christie B.R. Dakota
Christie C. Halifax
Christie C.W. Lancaster
Lancaster ED826
Christie D.
Christie D.
Christie D.D. Wellington
Wellington P4302
Christie D.H. Christie G.A.
Christie G.P. Hurricane Spitfire Hudson FH395
Christie H.D. Halifax Halifax
Christie H.G. LancasterLancaster ME750
Christie H.R.
Christie J. Wellington Wellington HE201
Christie J.A.
Christie J.C.G. Spitfire
Christie J.E.
Christie J.E.
Christie J.E.
Christie J.H. Halifax NP992
Christie J.H.
Christie J.K.
Christie J.O.
Cornell 10880
Christie J.R.
Christie J.S. Mosquito MM570
Christie M.K. Halifax Halifax MZ562
Christie Norman Clague Halifax DT551 Halifax LL574
Christie Ryerson Dunning Halifax LL501
Christie R. Stirling LK467
Christie R.D.
Christie R.E.
Christie R.F. Halifax Halifax LW124
Christie R.G. Lancaster
Lancaster ED868
Christie R.G.
Christie R.H. Tomahawk/Kittyhawk Hurricane/ Harvard
Christie R.M. B-25 Mitchell B-25 Mitchell FV932
Christie Ralph MacLaren Harvard Stranraer & Shark Harvard & Anson Hudson Sunderland Anson
Christie R.S.L.
Christie S.A. Halifax Halifax
Christie S.L.
Christie T.A.M. Christie T.D.M.
Christie T.H.
Christie T.W. Halifax NP686
Christie V.B.
Christie W. Stirling LJ559
Christie W.J. Whitley
Christie Z.I.
Christie David Darling
Christie Allen Frederick
Christie Robert Gunn
Christie Richard Morley
Christie Stanley Aleander
Christie John
Christie William James
Christie Malcolm Keith
Christie James Oliver
Christie Trevor Alan Mackenzie
Christie Burton Roborough
Christie Robert Foster
Christie Charles Wellington
Christie Harry Dean
Christie Herbert George
Christien William Roderic
Christilaw E.G.
Christison F.W.
Christison J.G.
Christison R.L. Lancaster ND526
Christison William Ritchie Moth Anson Blenheim Oxford Beaufighter NV428
Christman D.E.
Christman L.S. Hampden
Christman Lorne Smith
Christmas Beverley E. Hurricane Tomahawk Hurricane Kittyhawk
Christmas C.E.
Christmas L.G. Halifax EB276
Christner A.L.
Christoff C. Halifax LW616
Christoffer E.A.
Christofferson L.
Christopher J.R.
Christopher L.P.
Christopher N.A.
Christopherson C.T. Ventura
Christopherson W.C.
Christopherson Clifford Thoralf
Christy A.H.
Christy E.F. Lancaster
Lancaster ME866
Christy R.G.
Christy R.R.T. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk AK881
Christy Richard Roland Thomas
Christy Elmo Foster
Chritsien W.R. Wellington
Wellington LN540
Chrurcher A.E. Harvard
Chrysler F.M.R.G.
Chubb A.W. Wellington
Wellington HE817
Chubb F.D.
Chubb H.A.
Chudleigh A.B.
Chudzik S.F. Stirling
Stirling EH884
Chudzik W.J. Chudzik Stanley Frank
Chudzik William Joseph
Chumak W.
Chunick W.W.
Church A.C.
Church B.G.
Church C.B.G.
Church C.H.
Church D.F. Hurricane Spitfire
Church E.R.
Church H.N.M.
Church H.W. Oxford
Church H.W.
Church J.A.
Church J.M. Lancaster Lancaster EB822
Church J.I.R.
Church <.G. Church R.C.
Church R.D.
Church R.E. Mosquito
Church R.M.
Church R.W.
Church S.A. Typhoon MN791
Church T.G.
Church T.H.L. Lancaster ED488
Church W.R.
Church James Mayson
Church Maurice Gordon Halifax II JB866 EQ-T
Church Harold William
Church Eric Rodger
Churchard George
Churcher Almer Ebart
Churchill E.B.
Churchill F.E.
Churchill J.H.
Churchill J.M.
Churchill L.G.
Churchill R.E.
Churchill R.M.
Churchill W.O.
Churchward H.F. Lancaster RF154 Churchyard F. Halifax W7926
Churchyard H.F. Bud Lancaster RF154
Churhard G. Churko A.B.
Churms J.W. Churms James William
Chute A.W.
Chute C.M. Wellington
Chute E.C.
Chute G.A.
Chute G.E. Lancaster Lancaster JB680
Chute L.V.
Chute O.A.
Chute W.G.
Chute Clinton Melville
Chute George Edward
Chysyk P.
Cicconi H.
Ciceri C.J.D.
Ciley J.H.
Cimon J.
Cimon J.C.
Cipparrone P.F.
Cirko A. Liberator # 593
Clack R.D.
Clack W.C.
Clacken Courtenay O'Brien Robertson Moth Anson Crane Hurricane Kittyhawk Typhoon
Clague J.E.
Clair D.C.
Clair F.J.
Clairmont G.
Clampit E.B. Lancaster Lancaster R5749
Clampitt Edward Blake
Clancy J.H. Wellington
Clancy J.P.
Clancy P.G.
Clancy James Harold
Clapham H.
Clapham W.R. Lysander
Clapp M.T.
Clapp R.G.
Clapperton W.C.
Clappison N.G.
Clare F.C.
Clare J.E. Stirling EF149
Clare J.E.S. Lancaster LL672
Clare N.A. Hampden
Clare R.M.
Clare Norman Austin
Claridge E.L.
Claridge J.A.
Claridge L.H.
Claridge W.T.
Claridge William Thomas Halifax II JN954 VR-R
Claringbold D.S.
Clark A.B.
Clark A.B.B.
Clark A.F.
Clark A.F.
Clark A.J.
Clark A.L.
Clark A.T. Lancaster LM278
Clark B.E. Wellington
Clark C.A.
Clark C.A.
Clark C.E.
Clark C.H.
Clark C.M.
Clark C.O.
Clark C.R.
Clark C.T. Lancaster JB182
Clark D. Halifax MZ531
Clark D.A.
Clark D.C.
Clark D.C.
Clark D.C.W. Albermarle P1433
Clark D.F.
Clark D.H. Catalina
Clark D.J. Wellington
Clark D.K. Liberator Liberator TT336
Clark D.L.
Clark D.M.
Clark D.M.
Clark D.R.
Clark D.T. Clark E. Hudson FK547
Clark E.F.J.
Clark E.M.
Clark E.R.
Clark E.S.
Clark E.S.
Clark E.S.C.
Clark Earl William Halifax NA184
Clark E.W.
Clark F.A.
Clark F.C.
Clark F.H.
Clark F.J. Spitfire
Spitfire LF415
Clark F.P.
Clark F.W.
Clark G.A.P.
Clark G.C.
Clark G.C.
Clark G.F.
Clark G.F.J. Harvard # 2327
Clark G.G. Wellington HE169
Clark G.G.
Clark G.L.
Clark G.M. Wellington
Clark G.R.
Clark G.S.
Clark H.
Clark H.A.
Clark H.A.T. Lancaster DV279
Clark H.B. Whitley Z6744
Clark H.J.
Clark H.J.
Clark H.L. Lancaster
Clark H.M.
Clark H.S.
Clark H.V.
Clark H.V.
Clark H.W.
Clark I.J. Halifax Halifax DG393
Clark J. Lanacster ED659
Clark J.
Clark J.
Clark J.
Clark J.A. Wellington
Clark J.A.
Clark J.A.
Clark J.D.
Clark J.D. Beaufighter L500
Clark J.E.
Clark J.F.
Clark J.F.P.
Clark J.F.S.
Clark J.H. Beaufighter T4800
Clark J.H.
Clark J.H.
Clark J.H.C.
Clark J.I.
Clark J.I.
Clark J.K.
Clark J.L.
Clark J.M. Halifax Halifax
Clark J.M.
Clark J.R.
Clark J.R.E. Wellington HZ303
Clark J.W. Marauder FB509
Clark K.W. Beaufighter EL474
Clark L.
Clark L.H.G.
Clark L.J.
Clark L.M. Wellington
Clark L.M.
Clark L.R.
Clark L.W. Wellington
Clark M. St. C.
Clark M.C.
Clark N.W.
Clark R.
Clark R.A. Wellington
Clark R.C.
Clark R.D.
Clark R.E. Wellington HE261
Clark R.E.
Clark R.F.
Clark R.J.
Clark R.J.
Clark R.J.
Clark R.J.
Clark R.L.
Clark R.M.
Clark R.R.
Clark R.S.
Clark R.T.
Clark S.
Clark S.A.
Clark S.S. Halifax Halifax
Clark T.A. Lancaster PB265
Clark V.E. Halifax Halifax
Clark V.S.B.
Clark W.
Clark W.A.
Clark W.B. Wellington W5577
Clark W.B.
Clark W.B.
Clark W.D.
Clark W.E.
Clark W.F.
Clark W.G. Wellington HD977
Clark W.G.
Clark W.H. Wellington
Clark W.J. Halifax DT646
Clark W.L.J.
Clark W.R. Bollingbroke
Clark Calvin Aleander Halifax
Clark John Hubert Harvard Anson Halifax HR855 Lancaster
Clark Galifreda Alice Petre
Clark Howard Bevan
Clark William Brown
Clark Gordon Francis Joseph
Clark Gerald Madison
Clark Samuel Stewart
Clark James Anderson
Clark Darwin Jackson
Clark Henry Victor
Clark Lawrence Maurice
Clark Kenneth William
Clark James
Clark William Garfield
Clark Ross Edgerton
Clark Lloyd William
Clark Douglas Charles Walter
Clark Irwin James
Clark Glenn Greaves
Clark James Haldane
Clark Roy Arnold
Clark Russell Stanley
Clark Robert Ernest
Clark James Murdoch
Clark Clarence Taylor
Clark Basil Elliott
Clark Donald Hartford
Clark John Duncan
Clark James Harrison
Clark Frank Joel
Clark Harold Aleander
Clark John Wemyss
Clark William Leonard John
Clark Edwin Spencer Charles
Clark Hollis Andrew Taylor
Clark Austin Thomas
Clark Ari Bergthor
Clark Vernon Edward
Clark William Howard
Clark Donald Kenneth
Clark William Reid
Clark John Harvey
Clark Earl William
Clark Harold Luther
Clarke A.A.
Clarke A.C. Kittyhawk Typhoon
Clarke A.D.
Clarke A.E. Spitfire MH738
Clarke A.E.
Clarke A.J.
Clarke A.K. Halifax Halifax
Clarke A.L.
Clarke A.N.
Clarke A.O.
Clarke A.P.
Clarke A.R.
Clarke B.W. Spitfire JK991
Clarke C. Stirling EF412
Clarke C. Church of England
Clarke C.B.K.
Clarke C.E.
Clarke C.J.
Clarke C.P.
Clarke D.
Clarke D.E.
Clarke D.F. Spitfire
Clarke D.M.
Clarke D.M. Halifax HR806 Halifax HR905
Clarke D.M.
Clarke D.M.
Clarke D.P.
Clarke D.R.
Clarke D.R.
Clarke D.R.L. Church of England
Clarke D.W.
Clarke D.W. Lancaster PD262
Clarke E.L.
Clarke F.A.
Clarke F.B.
Clarke F.E.
Clarke F.E.
Clarke F.L.
Clarke F.P. Bollingbroke Dakota Dakota
Clarke F.W.
Clarke G.D.
Clarke G.D.
Clarke G.E. Halifax Halifax
Clarke G.E.
Clarke Gerald Francis SpitfireSpitfire 4666
Clarke G.F.S.
Clarke G.H.
Clarke G.J.
Clarke G.V.T.
Clarke G.W.
Clarke H.B. Liberator
Clarke H.B.
Clarke H.D.
Clarke H.E.
Clarke H.E.
Clarke H.M.
Clarke H.M.
Clarke H.P.
Clarke H.V.
Clarke H.W. Hampden 3051
Clarke H.W. Wellington HE803
Clarke J.
Clarke J.
Clarke J.B.
Clarke J.F. Lancaster JA920
Clarke J.F.W.
Clarke J.H. Lancaster PD275
Clarke J.H.
Clarke J.H.
Clarke J.H.S. Liberator
Clarke J.L. Crane 8169
Clarke J.L.
Clarke J.M.K.
Clarke J.N.
Clarke J.O.
Clarke J.P.
Clarke J.R. Wellington
Clarke James Thomas Halifax MZ947 Halifax NA583 Halifax MZ476
Clarke J,W. Sunderland
Clarke J.W.
Clarke K.I.
Clarke K.M.
Clarke K.W. Lancaster PA981
Clarke L.S.
Clarke M.A.
Clarke M.A.C.
Clarke M.E.C.
Clarke M.H.
Clarke M.H.
Clarke N.B.
Clarke N.S.
Clarke P.A.
Clarke P.A.
Clarke P.T.
Clarke R, Whitley
Whitley BD267
Clarke R.A.
Clarke R.B.
Clarke R.E. Stirling
Clarke R.E. Mitchell EW216
Clarke R.F. Lancaster KB707
Clarke R.G. Wellington HF457
Clarke R.H.
Clarke R.K.J.
Clarke R.L.
Clarke R.L.
Clarke R.M.
Clarke R.M. Liberator
Clarke R.S.
Clarke R.W. Mustang Mustang AM256
Clarke R.W.
Clarke R.W. Typhoon PD494 Clarke R.W.S.
Clarke S.B.
Clarke S.C.T.
Clarke S.E.
Clarke S.V.
Clarke T.A.
Clarke T.E.
Clarke T.H. Lancaster R5636
Clarke T.W. Lysander
Clarke W.D.
Clarke W.D.
Clarke W.G.
Clarke W.H.
Clarke W.J.
Clarke W.J.G.
Clarke W.K. Hampden
Clarke W.K.
Clarke W.K.
Clarke W.M.
Clarke W.P.
Clarke W.R. Lancaster JB179
Clarke W.T.
Clarke William Keith
Clarke Wilfred Victor Wellington BJ876
Clarke John Lionel
Clarke Robert Edward
Clarke Gerald Francis
Clarke Harold William
Clarke Thomas Harry
Clarke Ralph
Clarke Donald Mason
Clarke Russell Beverley
Clarke Robert William
Clarke Samuel Edward
Clarke James Herbert Stevenson
Clarke Archibald Erle
Clarke William Robertson
Clarke James William
Clarke George Edward
Clarke Thomas Alfred
Clarke Robert Edward
Clarke John Frederick William
Clarke Donald Wallace
Clarke Ross William
Clarke George Walter
Clarke Bennett Winthrop
Clarke Arthur Kenneth Halifax II LW614 QO-S
Clarke Edward Allan Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Clarke James Robert
Clarke James Thomas
Clarke Charles John
Clarke Robert Mckenzie
Clarkson A.W.
Clarkson H.A. Hampden
Clarkson J.F.
Clarkson P.
Clarkson R.G. Lancaster
Clarkson R.L. Halifax Halifax LK754
Clarkson W.G.
Clarkson W.S.
Clarkson Robert Guy
Clarkson Robert Leon
Clarson Owen Munro Wovenden Oxford LW903
Clarson Hugh Allan
Clarson Owen Munro Wovenden
Clary E.L. Beaufighter LZ127
Clary G.A.
Clary T.E.
Clary W.H.
Clary Edgar Leroy
Clasper J.P Stirling LJ850
Clasper R. Spitfire Spitfire MJ884
Clasper T.A.
Clasper Robert
Clasper John Percy
Classen A.J.
Clatworthy D.L.
Claus G.A.
Claus V.C.
Clausen C.D.
Clausen E.
Clavering J.M.
Clavette J.Z.E.
Claton D.Y. Spitfire Spitfire BL297
Claton G.M.
Claton H.G.
Claton Donald Young
Clay F.
Clay G.F. Digby
Clay H.C. Halifax Halifax LK746
Clay J.D.
Clay Gilbert Frederick
Clay Harry Charles
Clayborne M.
Claydon D.A. Lancaster W5483
Claydon L.H.
Claydon David Arthur
Clayholt L.D.
Clayson W.F.
Clayton A.C.P.
Clayton C.J.
Clayton F.A.
Clayton G.
Clayton J.N.C.
Clayton L.W.
Clayton M.A.
Clayton R.
Clayton T.R.
Clayton W.C.
Cleal P.D. Halifax Halifax LW518
Cleal Philip Douglas
Clear T.
Clearihue L.
Clearihue W.A.
Clearwater G.E. Clearwater O.H.
Clearwater R.L. Lancaster NF928
Clearwater Ray Lloyd
Cleary G.G.
Cleary H.J. Spitfire LF512 Cleary J.N.V.
Cleary M.J.
Cleary Henry Joseph
Cleasby D.M.
Cleaver H.R.
Cleaver J.B.
Cleaver W.H.
Cleaver W.H.
Cleaver John Barry
Clee H.A. Mcl Halifax HR813
Cleeland J.R.W. Canso 9807
Cleeland James Rayson Wallace
Cleeting B.
Cleeton B.F. Spitfire BL753
Cleeton Barrington Farr
Clefstad R.O.
Clegg A.B. Hampden
Clegg Archibald Sidney Ventura Ventura AE688
Clegg C.F.
Clegg C.T.E.
Clegg F.P. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk # 836
Clegg J.T.
Clegg M.
Clegg Alan Bernard
Clegg Frank Peter
Cleghorn C.H.
Cleghorn D.G. Typhoon MN851
Cleghorn I.M.
Cleghorne H.H. Wellington
Cleghorne Howard Herbert
Cleig R.M.
Cleland Andrew McNeill Moth Bolinbroke Anson Liberator EV885
Cleland C.C.E.
Cleland C.C.E.
Cleland C.L. Baltimore AG 877 Cleland D.J. Halifax Halifax
Cleland E.M.
Cleland F.D.
Cleland Calder Leper
Clelland J.D.
Clelland S.
Clemanhagen T.F. Halifax Halifax LK908
Clemend J.McV Lancaster ND344
Clemenhagen Thomas Frederick
Clemens C.E. Lancaster W4379
Clemens C.E.
Clemens D.D.
Clemens J.B.
Clemens R.L.
Clement A.L. Roman Catholic
Clement D.F. Lancaster PB848
Clement E.H.
Clement G.F.
Clement H. Lancaster ED498
Clement I.E.
Clement J.M. Lancaster ND344
Clement K.C.
Clement R.A. Lancaster W4129
Clement R.G.
Clement R.J.
Clement Rodney Stewart Moth Anson Oxford Moth Halifax Moth Wellington Lancaster PB260
Clement V.
Clement W.W.
Clement Roger Albert
Clement Harry
Clement James Mcvicar
Clements D.
Clements D.B. Wellington
Clements G.H.
Clements G.K.
Clements H. Lancaster PB768
Clements H.A.
Clements H.H. Lancaster W4839
Clements J.E.
Clements J.G. Halifax Halifax
Clements J.R. Manchester
Clements K.D.
Clements L.A. Oxford
Clements R.A.
Clements R.B. Wellington
Clements R.K. Lancaster Lancaster DV215
Clements R.S. Lancaster W4822
Clements S.T.
Clements T.
Clements W.C.
Clements W.E.
Clements W.F.S.
Clements W.I. Blenheim
Clements Laurence Alleyne
Clements John Russell
Clements Roger Bentley
Clements John Gordon
Clements Desmond Bracken
Clements Horace Herbert
Clements Robert Kelly
Clements Hugh
Clements John Earl
Clements Hugh
Clemes H.L.
Clenar A.B. Spitfire MK570
Clendening S.H.
Clendening T.K.
Clendenning D.H.
Clendenning H.V.
Clendinnerg R.S. Halifax LK805
Clendinning R.S.
Clerc J.R.O.
Clerc Jacques Oliver
Clerg J.R.O.
Clerihue W.R.R.
Clerk R.J.D.
Clermont J.G. Typhoon Typhoon JR257
Clermont Justin Gerard
Clesse J.A.
Cleugh P.B.
Cleveland A. Stirling Stirling EE892
Cleveland A.B.
Cleveland H.D. Anson Mosquito NS855
Cleveland J.B.
Cleveland S.G. Stirling Stirling EF367
Cleveland V.A.F.
Cleveland W.B.
Cleveland Scott Grover
Cleveland Vincent Alton Francis
Cleveland Archie
Cleverdon R.J.A. Whitley
Cleverdon Robert John Albert
Clewly G.C. Lancaster ME318
Clewly K.C.
Cleworth M.G.
Cleworth S.F. Hurricane Hurricane V7010
Cleworth Stanley Franklin
Clews W.
Clibbery A.R. Halifax LV986
Clibbon A.R.C.
Cliff E.G.
Cliff F.L. Kittyhawk
Cliff J.A.
Cliff M.A.R.
Cliff M.F.
Cliff W.H.
Clifford A.A. Lancaster
Clifford A.W.
Clifford Bill Spitfire Typhoon
Clifford E.A.
Clifford G.E.
Clifford H.
Clifford J.S.
Clifford L.B. Halifax Halifax JD405
Clifford L.W.B.
Clifford N.H.
Clifford Lewis Banks
Clifford Nicholas Hugh
Clifford Anthony Arthur
Clift A.M.
Clift J.M.
Clift R.J.
Climenhage R.A.
Climenhage Robert Arthur
Climie W.B.F. Climie William Benzie Forbes
Clinch J.S.
Cline A.E.
Cline C.H.
Cline D.A.
Cline G.A. Hampden P1151
Cline G.D. Wellington Wellington HF811
Cline J.A.
Cline J.C.
Cline P.J.
Cline R.E.
Cline V.E. Lancaster
Cline W.R.
Cline Grant Depew
Cline Gordon Alton
Cline Wesley Reuben
Cline Verle Edmond
Clinkskill James Thomas Halifax LL141 WL-H
Clinkskill James Thomas
Clinton D.C.
Clinton E.O. Halifax MZ302
Clinton F.A. Roman Catholic
Clinton J.L.
Clinton R.S. Wellington BJ783
Clipsham A.C.
Clipsham Archibald Charles
Clipshaw H.B.
Clitheroe R.V. Clitheroe Roger Victor
Clitherow P.G.
Cloarec L.J.
Clode G.E. Wellington
Clode Gordon Elmore
Clogg A.L.
Clogg Alan Leslie
Clonard A.B. Spitfire
Close E.G.
Close H.A.
Close L. Whitley
Close R.D.
Close T.E.
Clothier J.G. Clothier R.A. Lancaster DS621
Clothier John George
Clough G.F.
Clough W.J.
Clough George Frederick
Clouston R.C.
Clouston R.G. Spitfire
Clouston Ross Cuthbert
Clouthier J.E. Mosquito Mosquito
Clouthier L.R.
Cloutier A.
Cloutier A.E. Hudson
Cloutier A.E.
Cloutier C.R.
Cloutier E.V.
Cloutier J.A.
Cloutier J.A.R.
Cloutier J.D.L. Halifax Halifax
Cloutier J.E.R.
Cloutier J.F.O. Spitfire
Cloutier J.G.E.
Cloutier J.J.A.
Cloutier L.P. Liberator EW188
Cloutier L.F.
Cloutier S.
Cloutier W.B. Lancaster ND341
Cloutier W.J..
Cloutier Joseph Edmond
Cloutier Joseph Darie Louis
Cloutier Albert Edward
Cloutier William Blaise Burke
Cloutier Joseph Fernand Oscar
Cloutier Louise Philippe
Cloutier Joseph Edward Roland
Cloutman W.M.
Clow C.B.E. Canso
Clow C.H.
Clow D.J. Whitley
Clow M.J.S.
Clow S.M.
Clow W.R.
Clow Charles Bernard Everett
Clowes J.H.
Clucas C.M.
Cluderay E.N. Typhoon DN478
Cluderay Elvin Newton
Cluff H.T.
Cluff J.H.
Cluff J.M. Hudson
Cluff R.F. Lancaster ?J679
Cluff John Murray
Cluff Robert Fraser
Clyde R.E.
Clymer W.
Cmolik G.W.
Coady C.J.
Coady F.A. Halifax Halifax
Coady H.J.W. Lancaster ND742
Coady M.O.
Coady M.W.
Coady P.J.N. Catalina
Coady Patrick John Nelson
Coady Francis Anthony
Coallier L.
Coate J.F.
Coates A. Whitley
Coates A.C.J. Wellington
Coates A.T.
Coates D.
Coates D.M. Wellington 3361
Coates E.D. Wellington
Coates F.K.
Coates G.K. Wellington R1040
Coates J.
Coates L.G.
Coates P.H. Lancaster EV755
Coates R.J.
Coates W.B.
Coates W.J.
Coates Grossett Keith
Coates Eddie Donald
Coates Percy Hornby
Coates Allan Cyrenius James
Coathup C.H.
Coathup G.R. Wellington
Coathup Clifford Harvey
Coathup George Richard
Coats J.D.Q.
Coatsworth E.S.
Cobb C.F.
Cobb F.B. Hudson Hudson AM 804
Cobb H.
Cobb N.A. Halifax Halifax HR850
Cobb T.R.
Cobb Floyd Bryson
Cobb Nelson Aleander
Cobban D.J.
Cobban G.D.
Cobbett B.V. Lancaster Lancaster PB64?
Cobbett C.H. Wellington Wellington BJ844
Cobbett J.A.
Cobbett Charles Howard
Cobbett Bernard Victor
Cobbett John Arthur
Cobetto G.A.
Coble L.J.
Coburn C.G. Coburn C.S.
Coburn G.W.
Coburn J.
Coburn L.G.
Coburn R.
Coburn S. Spitfire
Coburn Clifford Goodall
Cobus A.E.
Cochand L.E.
Cochlin L.F.
Cochran A.G.
Cochran A.J.
Cochran C.K.
Cochran H.
Cochran R.G.P.
Cochran R.H. Anson Anson 6739
Cochran Robert Hearne
Cochrane A.C. Gladiator Hurricane HW619
Cochrane A.W.
Cochrane D.A.
Cochrane D.H.P.
Cochrane F.
Cochrane G.G.
Cochrane H.C.
Cochrane H.M.
Cochrane H.P. - Gladiator 5782 Hurricane Dakota
Cochrane J.A.
Cochrane J.H.
Cochrane J.R.H. Halifax Halifax
Cochrane J.W.
Cochrane J.W.
Cochrane N.D. Beaufighter
Cochrane P.W.F.
Cochrane R.D.F. Lysander
Cochrane R.D.F.
Cochrane R.H. Stirling EE958
Cochrane T.D.
Cochrane T.H.P.
Cochrane T.S.
Cochrane W.J.
Cochrane Thomas Donald
Cochrane Arnold Wallace
Cochrane James Raymond Henry
Cochrane Norman Douglas
Cockaday A.J. Wellington HZ273
Cockaday Cecil William
Cockady C.W. Wellington
Cockbain H.
Cockbain Henry
Cockburn G.A.
Cockburn G.H. Liberator HE714 Cockburn G.H.
Cockburn J.A.
Cockburn J.C.
Cockburn L.J.
Cockburn R.M.
Cockburn W.H.
Cockburn George Hamilton
Cockerham L.
Cockerham Lester
Cockhill A.S.
Cockin Edwin Mills
Cocking E.M. Cocking A.H.
Cocking N.
Cockram W.E. United Church
Cockroft R.H.M.
Cocks E.G.
Cockshott R.J. Liberator
Cockwell D.C. Lancaster KB806
Cockwill W.G. Lancaster JB364
Cockwill Wilfred Glen
Cocroft C.W.
Codd P.
Code A.B.
Code A.W.
Code B.
Code D.C.
Code J.E. Halifax Halifax
Code L.A.
Code L.W.
Code P.B. Wellington H735
Code R.M. Lancaster JB143
Code W.G.
Code W.H.
Code W.H.
Code Peter Bryson
Code John Edward
Coderre F.P.J.
Coderre M.A. Lancaster PB573
Coderre W.H. Halifax LW277
Coderre W.H.
Coderre I.
Codville James Francis Hudson Hudson
Cody A.C.
Cody J.D. Blenheim
Cody J.F.
Coe C.
Coe D.R. Halifax Halifax DK253
Coe G.D. Wellington
Coe R. Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
Coe George Demetrius
Coffell J.L.
Coffey B.E. Wellington
Coffey H.M. Lancaster Lancaster ME664
Coffey J.C.
Coffey J.C.
Coffey J.R. Wellington
Coffey J.R.
Coffey L.C.
Coffey P.J.
Coffey Robert Ellsworth Finch Anson Harvard Kittyhawk Hurricane Typhoon
Coffey S.D. Lancaster DG634
Coffey John Robert
Coffey James Carleton
Coffey Harry Morley
Coffin E.L.
Coffin E.R.
Coffin L.H.
Coffin P.B.
Coffin S.A. Bolingbroke Bolingbroke # 9952
Coffin Stewart Aleander
Coffin Hubert Watson
Coffyn W.V.
Cofield C.L.
Cofield Clarence Leonard
Coflin J.G.
Coflin John George
Cogger W.L.
Cogger Walter Leonard
Coggon A.F.
Coghill C.M.M. Lancaster Lancaster ED334
Coghill F.S.
Coghill W.H.
Coghill Clarence Malcolm Mcgregor
Coghlan A.J.
Coghlan J.F. Halifax NR177
Coghlan T.
Cogland B.M.
Cogswell F.M.F.
Cohan C.H.
Cohen A.
Cohen A.I.
Cohen B.
Cohen B.
Cohen B.J.
Cohen C.
Cohen C.
Cohen Cyril Branston Moth Harvard Master Hurricane Spitfire M840
Cohen E.
Cohen H.
Cohen H.
Cohen J.
Cohen J.
Cohen M.
Cohen M.
Cohen P.
Cohen R.M.
Cohen S,
Cohen S.
Cohen S.
Cohen S. Mosquito Mosquito HR198
Cohen S.
Cohen S.B.
Cohen S.J.
Cohen Edward T. Halifax NP805
Cohen W.
Cohen Syd
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Ashton Irving
Cohen Cyril Branston
Cohn G.L.
Cohn W.S.
Cohoe C.E.
Cohoe G.E.K.
Cohoon D.H.
Coiner D.J.
Cojocar G. Fortress
Cojocar George B-17 Fortress FK209
Coke C.E.
Coker C.K. Lancaster Lancaster DS627
Coker Charles Kenneth
Colangelo W. Halifax Halifax BD223
Colangelo W.
Colangelo William
Colbeck T.S. Lancaster PB178
Colbert J.W.
Colborne F.C. Yale Canso
Colborne G.A.
Colborne G.F.
Colborne J.R.
Colborne L.C.
Colborne S.W.
Colbourne P.D.
Colbourne Paul Douglas
Colbran L.O. Wellington Wellington BJ724
Colbran Lester Owen
Colburne G.
Colby G.H.
Colby J.P.
Colcleugh G.D.
Coldham B.W.
Coldrey George Edwin
Coldridge A.S. Halifax LL183
Coldron G.E.C. HampdenHampden L4109
Coldron George Edward Cragg
Coldwell A.L. Lancaster NG363
Coldwell G.W. Stirling Stirling R9310
Coldwell J.M.
Coldwell L.H.
Coldwell Gordon Willard
Cole A.A.
Cole A.G. Mosquito Mosquito MM788
Cole B.
Cole C.A.
Cole C.C.
Cole C.L.
Cole C.N. Ventura
Cole E.F. Mosquito MM622
Cole E.M. Stirling EH941
Cole E.M.
Cole E.W. Blenheim Ventura Ventura AJ 169
Cole F.M. Lancaster Lancaster ED688
Cole F.M. Whitley
Cole G.C.
Cole H.
Cole H.O. Lancaster KB797
Cole J.
Cole J.A.
Cole J.A. Halifax Halifax MZ568
Cole J.E.
Cole J.E.H.
Cole J.G.
Cole J.H.
Cole K.A. Lancaster Lancaster ME622
Cole M.
Cole M.R.
Cole R.J.L. Wellington
Cole R.M. Mitchell MItchell FW210
Cole R.S.
Cole Saon Mills Liberator RY-3 JT985
Cole Sydney Reginald Moth & Stinson Battle Canso 9754 Anson
Cole T.J.R.
Cole W.B.
Cole W.H.C. Hector
Cole W.H.M.
Cole W.M.
Cole W.R.
Cole W.R.
Cole Typhoon
Cole John Aleander
Cole Robert John Levi
Cole James Edward
Cole Frederick Marsden
Cole William Herbert Cyril
Cole Edward Mortimer
Cole Frank Murray
Cole Eric Walter
Cole Clarence Nathan
Cole George Cecil
Cole Ralph Stewart
Cole John Arthur
Cole Kenneth Arthur
Cole Richard Martyn
Cole Arthur George
Cole Saon Millis
Coleberry H.M.
Colebrook Edward Griffith Beaufighter & Mosquito
Coleman A.O.
Coleman A.P.
Coleman C.A.
Coleman C.F. Canso
Coleman D.C.
Coleman E.A. Anson # 6835
Coleman E.L.J. Tiger Moth Tiger Moth DE 304 Coleman F.C.
Coleman F.E.
Coleman G.S.
Coleman H.G.
Coleman H.M.
Coleman H.R. Church of England
Coleman J.J.P.
Coleman J.R. Stirling Stirling LK121
Coleman J.R. Spitfire Spitfire AD264
Coleman K.A.
Coleman K.G.
Coleman L.S.
Coleman L.U. Halifax NP999
Coleman R.N. Hudson AE 550
Coleman R.S.
Coleman S.W.
Coleman W.C.
Coleman W.E.
Coleman W.J.
Coleman W.P. Hampden Hampden P1265
Coleman John Ronald
Coleman Elwood Lincoln Joseph
Coleman Royce Norval
Coleman Ernest Almon (Jnr.)
Coleman Wesley Percival
Coleman Charles Francis
Coleman John Redmond
Coles A.C. Spitfire BS353 Spitfire MJ169
Coles B.C.
Coles E.T.
Coles G.H. Lancaster Lancaster JA898
Coles H.F.
Coles H.J.
Coles H.J.
Coles J.A.
Coles K.
Coles L.P.
Coles M.W. Mosquito KB212
Coles N.J.
Coles R.E.
Coles George Henry
Coles Edward Thomas
Coleson J.F.
Coletto L.N.
Coley J.E.
Colfe W.K. Wellington Wellington 9910
Colfe William Kenneth
Colgate J.F.
Colgate W.M.
Colgrove R.G.
Colk F.C.G. Lancaster JB317
Coll R.B.
Collacott J.R.
Collard C.
Collard C. Wellington Wellington
Collard H.W.G.
Collard R.R.
Collard Cornelius
Collation J.F.
Collaton John Francis
Colleau R.A.
Colledge G.N.
Colledge W.W. Oxford 6858
Colledge William Wilson
Collett A.J. Lancaster ME696
Collett J.C.
Collett J.H. Wellington
Collett R.T.
Collett R.T.J. Stirling
Collett Russell Thomas Joshua
Collett Joseph Harrington
Collett Alfred John
Collett-White A.L.
Colley C.H.
Colley G.A.
Colley H.
Colley J.
Colley J.W.
Colley R. Anson
Colley R.C. Defiant V 1138
Colley Robert Charles
Colley Ronald
Collict E.H.
Collicutt L.M.
Collie H.S.
Collie J.D.
Collie W.H.
Collier C.M.
Collier D.L.
Collier E.A.
Collier E.C.
Collier J.E. Kittyhawk FR344 Spitfire MK628
Collier R.D.
Collier Clarence Melville
Colligan J.S.
Collin A.C. Halifax BB212
Collin B.J.
Collin J.L.
Collin W.M.
Colling J.C.
Colling V.L.
Colling Vincent Lee
Collinge E.O.
Collinge F.D. Stirling Stirling LK594
Collinge G.B.
Collinge Frank Donald
Collings A.H.W.
Collings M.K.
Collings W.F.
Collings William Frederick
Collingwood J.G.
Collingwood J.V.
Collingwood Joseph Vincent
Collins A.C. Wellington
Collins A.P.
Collins A.S. Mustang ?? 202
Collins A.W. Spitfire Spitfire MK837
Collins C.A.
Collins C.C. Halifax
Collins C.S.
Collins D.A.
Collins D.G.
Collins D.M.
Collins D.M.H.
Collins E.W.
Collins E.W.J.
Collins F.A.
Collins F.K.
Collins F.R.
Collins G.A. Lancaster ND850 Collins H.G. Wellington
Collins H.J.
Collins H.T.
Collins H.W.
Collins I.A.
Collins J.
Collins J.A.C.
Collins J.F. Mosquito
Collins J.H.
Collins J.J.
Collins J.L. Whitley
Collins J.R. Boston
Collins J.R.
Collins J.T.
Collins K.C.
Collins K.M. Spitfire Spitfire AD180
Collins L.A.
Collins L.G. Mosquito DK308
Collins L.M.
Collins L.S. Bolingbroke
Collins M.
Collins M.R. Wellington Wellington R1614
Collins M.W. Halifax Halifax DG390
Collins N.J. Halifax Halifax
Collins N.S.
Collins O. Roy Halifax EB200 Halifax LW715
Collins R.
Collins R.A. Halifax NR253
Collins R.C. Lancaster Lancaster LM422
Collins R.C. Hurricane Hurricane P3161
Collins R.C.
Collins R.C.
Collins R.F. Lancaster Lancaster W4254
Collins R.G.
Collins R.H.
Collins R.L. JN909
Collins R.S.
Collins R.T.F. Anson EF806 Collins R.W.B.
Collins R.W.
Collins S.E.
Collins T.
Collins T.H.
Collins V.B.
Collins Joseph Louis
Collins Mawell Ritchie
Collins John Robert
Collins Denis Michael Hector
Collins Laurence Snowden
Collins Rae Warren Buddy
Collins Albert Charles
Collins Melvin Wilson
Collins Hamish Gordon
Collins Roy Frederick
Collins Neil James
Collins Robert Charles
Collins Allan Waddingham
Collins Kenneth Mcroberts
Collins Richard Charles
Collins Keith Clayton
Collins Russell Thomas Frederick
Collins Herbert William
Collins James Thomas
Collinson E.H.
Collinson G.T.
Collinson K.V.
Collinson L.J.
Collinson Leslie John
Collis D.G.
Collis R.
Collis R.
Collis R.E.
Collis R.S. Sunderland
Collis W.A.
Collis W.D.L.
Collis Reginald Stephen
Collison H.J.
Collison M.M.
Collister J.W. Lancaster Lancaster ND699
Collister John William
Colliver H.R. Halifax LK930
Colliver W.D.
Colliver J.B.
Collman E.W. Wellington Wellington HZ471
Collopy G.K. Halifax DT741
Colloton J.B. Roman Catholic
Collum R.W.
Collum W.H.
Collver H.R.
Collver H.R.
Collver Joseph Beemer
Collyer D.E.J.
Collyer J.A.
Collyer J.W. Halifax Halifax LW463
Collyer S.E.
Collyer John William
Colman G.S. Halifax H318
Colman H.E. Dakota Dakota KG 370
Colman R.M.
Colman Henry Everest
Colosimone F.
Colp E.L.
Colp M.L.
Colp Eric Leonard
Colpitts D.A.
Colpitts H.G.M.
Colpitts J.W. Wellington Wellington R1519
Colpitts John William
Colquhoun C.M. Stirling Stirling BK700
Colquhoun F.R.
Colquhoun I.L. Halifax Halifax DK260
Colquhoun J.
Colquhoun J.
Colquhoun J.D.
Colquhoun J.M.
Colquhoun J.R.
Colquhoun J.W. Halifax W7918
Colquhoun K.C. Harvard Harvard # 3764
Colquhoun K.W.
Colquhoun R.O. Whitley Whitley N1439
Colquhoun R.S.
Colquhoun W.
Colquhoun ??? Lancaster L7570
Colquhoun James
Colquhoun Ray Ormond
Colquhoun Carman Mackenzie
Colquhoun Ian Lorne
Colquhoun Kenneth Charles
Colson G.A.F.
Colson J.W.F.
Colston A.
Colter J.C. Boston Boston W8262
Colter James Cecil
Colthurst G.H.
Coltman P.E.
Coltman Paul Everett
Colton John Tiger Moth Typhoon SF-K
Columbus B.E.
Columbus C.
Columbus G.P. Halifax LK931
Columbus W.C.
Columbus Basil Edgar
Colville A.C. Lancaster LL718
Colville John Spencer Moth Harvard Hurricane Master & Spitfire Typhoon MN929
Colville W.F. Hudson
Colville W.G.
Colville William Freeborne
Colville John Spencer
Colville Aleander Colborne
Colvin D.A. Bolingbroke Bolingbroke 10071
Colvin J. Typhoon JP837
Colvin J.M.
Colvin R.H.
Colvin R.J.T. Wellington
Colvin Richard John Todd
Colvin David Aleander
Colvin James Mackenzie
Colwell A.R.
Colwell J.H. Halifax DT723
Colwell R.A. Stirling N3679
Colwell R.E. Beaufighter NE744
Colwell W.C. Lancaster
Colwell Robert Edwin
Colwill William Clifford
Comba A.I.
Comba W.M. Fortress FK 212
Comba William Minor
Combaz A.J. Combaz Alfred Joseph
Combe C.J.
Comber P.J.
Combres Maurice Emile Lancaster ED820
Combrinck-Graham W.L.
Comeau A. Blenheim Z 7800
Comeau E.J.
Comeau E.R.
Comeau H.R.
Comeau J.A. Spitfire PL204
Comeau J.E.
Comeau J.N. Comeau J.N.L.
Comeau J.W.
Comeau Joseph Napoleon Pascal Eugene
Comfort A.D.
Comfort J. Church of England
Comfort J.B.
Comfort L.H.
Comfort R.G.
Comishen O.S.
Comisky J.C.
Commeford E.G.
Commerford H.F.
Commerford L.P. Spitfire ML420
Commins W.J.
Commins Walter Joseph
Common E.C.
Complin C.M. Wellington Z8728
Complin F.G.
Complin Charles Moore
Compton A.M.
Compton A.W. Stirling
Compton D.K.
Compton G.A.E. Halifax LW121
Compton H.M.
Compton O.F. Halifax Halifax MZ825
Compton T.V.
Compton Orville Francis
Comrie D.G.
Comrie J.
Comrie W.P. Halifax Halifax JB848
Comrie Wilfrid Phelps (Bill)
Comroe P. Stirling N6087 Comroe Paul
Comtois J.A.L.F.
Comtois M.
Conacher R.G.A. Lancaster HK617
Condie H.R.S.
Condie R. Tiger Moth # 4313
Condie R.M.J. Condie Robert
Condon R.P. United Church
Congdon D.W. Wellington
Congdon H.H.
Congdon M.H.
Congdon O.W.
Congdon Donald Willard
Conion S.J. Anson R3431
Conklin J.M.
Conklin R.R.
Conley A.M.
Conley J.H.
Conley R.C. Conley W.
Conley W.F. Lancaster
Conley Roy Clifford
Conley Walter Fred
Conlin H.T. Halifax Halifax HR686
Conlin J.B.
Conlin K.A.
Conlin L.R.
Conlin R.A.
Conlin W.G.
Conlin Hugh Thomas
Conlon S.J. Anson
Conlon Sidney James
Conly W.M. Conly William Morrow
Conn H.G.
Conn J.K. Beaufighter
Conn K.B. Conn John Kenneth
Connacher S.M. Spitfire BS145
Connacher Stuart Mcintyre
Connah J.A.
Connah John Aidney
Connal J.
Connan B.A.
Connell Cameron Laird Anson Halifax NA611 Halifax NA611
Connell D.W.
Connell E.H. Sunderland
Connell J.M. Mosquito Mosquito MM241
Connell J.O.
Connell J.W. Hampden P5319 Connell K.D.G.
Connell L.J.
Connell M.C.
Connell P.B. Connell P.F.
Connell S.J. Hurricane Hurricane P3609
Connell T.M.
Connell W.C. Spitfire AB335 Hurricane Spitfire MK791
Connell W.L.
Connell W.P. Whitley Z9229
Connell Stanley Jerome
Connell Eugene Hastings
Connell William Paterson
Connell Joseph Walter
Connelly H. Mosquito Mosquito MT488
Connelly Henry
Connely J.R. Harvard
Connely James Robert
Conner A.N. Halifax Halifax W7880
Conner J.H.
Conner Neil Halifax NA583 Halifax MZ476
Conner Alfred Norman
Conners W.M.
Connery L.B. Lancaster LL883
Connolly A.D.
Connolly B.M.
Connolly Daniel Francis Halifax Halifax MZ768
Connolly D.J. Spitfire
Connolly D.S.
Connolly D.W.P.
Connolly E.W. Connolly F.A.
Connolly G.J.A. Connolly J.
Connolly J.J.
Connolly M.V. Wellington R1095
Connolly T.L. Lancaster ME641 Connolly Donald Joseph
Connolly Michael Vincent
Connolly Thomas Leo
Connolly Daniel Francis
Connolly Earl Wellington
Connon F.L.
Connor C.A. Hampden
Connor D.D. Lancaster KB817
Connor D.W.
Connor G.R. Halifax V EB285
Connor J.G. Halifax Halifax LW287
Connor J.W.
Connor L. Halifax JN909
Connor M.F.
Connor N. Halifax MZ 476 Connor P.M.
Connor R.G.
Connor George Ronald
Connor James Gibson
Connor Donald Daubney
Connors F.E. Halifax Halifax
Connors H.E. Harvard Harvard # 2555
Connors J.J.
Connors Herbert Edwin
Connors Frank Earl
Conolly J.L.D.V Lancaster NF921
Conolly John Louis De Vere
Conquergood J.R.
Conquist C.W.
Conrad D.A. Conrad E.N.
Conrad J.C.P.
Conrad M.
Conrad O.R.
Conrad R.A.
Conrad R.G.
Conrad T.J.
Conrad W.A.G. Spitfire
Conroy C.E.
Conroy J.J. Halifax MZ686 Halifax NA600 Halifax NR156 Halifax NP935
Conroy R.F. Wellington BJ755 Wellington HE593 Halifax LV914
Conroy R.J.
Conroy V.A.
Conroy Charles Ewart
Conroy Robert Fitzgerald
Conry E.J. Whitley
Conry Edmund Joseph
Constabaris J. Hudson FH 233
Constabaris James
Constable M.R.
Constable W.
Constable W.M. Lancaster PB595
Constable Melvyn Ralph
Constable William Mackie
Constant E.D.
Content Joseph Benjamin Louis Maurice Halifax MZ657 Halifax MZ658
Conter David
Convey L.J. Wellington 9913
Convey Leo Joseph
Conway A.F. Hampden
Conway C.M.
Conway E.A.S.
Conway E.J.
Conway F.J.
Conway J.E.
Conway J.L.J. Baltimore AG 816
Conway J.W.H. Mustang FD502
Conway R.W. Whitley Whitley
Conway T.S.
Conway W.G.
Conway Arnold Francis
Conway James Leslie Joseph
Conway Edmund Joseph
Conway Robert Warren
Conway Joseph William Henry
Conway Francis James
Coo C.M.
Coo J.H.
Coo L.C.
Cooil T.R.W.
Cook A. Halifax Halifax
Cook A. Lancaster ED914
Cook A.D.
Cook A.F.
Cook A.L.
Cook A.N.
Cook A.R.F.
Cook B.
Cook B.D. Cessna Crane 7657
Cook B.L.
Cook B.O.
Cook C.A.
Cook C.E.L. Lancaster PB303
Cook Clyde Homer Edward Moth Anson Sunderland Sunderland
Cook C.O. Baltimore
Cook C.T.
Cook D.H.
Cook D.J.
Cook D.R.
Cook D.T.
Cook E.R.R.
Cook E.S.
Cook E.T.
Cook F.R.
Cook F.R. Anson # 6477
Cook F.S.
Cook G.
Cook G.C.
Cook G.C.
Cook G.E.
Cook G.F. Hudson AM 614
Cook G.M.
Cook G.R.
Cook G.T.
Cook H.G.
Cook H.J. Halifax Halifax
Cook H.J.L: Hampden AE152
Cook H.L. Wellington
Cook H.R.
Cook J. Typhoon
Cook J.
Cook J.
Cook J.A.
Cook J.A.
Cook J.A.
Cook J.B.
Cook J.E.
Cook J.H.
Cook J.H. Typhoon Spitfire
Cook J.J.
Cook J.M.
Cook J.W.
Cook L.F. Wellington HE817
Cook L.F. Wellington Z1682
Cook M.A.
Cook M.E.
Cook N.E.
Cook N.F.
Cook N.F. Stirling BF339
Cook N.M.
Cook O. Halifax NP800
Cook O.A.
Cook R.
Cook R.C.
Cook R.G. Halifax Halifax LK898
Cook R.G. Wellington
Cook R.G.
Cook R.H.
Cook R.J. Lancaster
Cook R.J.S.
Cook R.K. Master # 7931
Cook R.M. Spitfire
Cook R.W.
Cook S.L.
Cook S.J.
Cook Spencer Waddy Lancaster ME613
Cook T.
Cook T.J. Monasco Moth Moth # 4868
Cook V.E. Liberator
Cook W.
Cook W.A.
Cook W.C.
Cook W.E. Harvard # 501
Cook W.F. Spitfire BS532
Cook W.H.
Cook W.H. Lancaster PD221
Cook W.L. Lancaster LM290
Cook William Wilfred Halifax H356
Cook Francis Ross
Cook Herbert James
Cook Thomas Joseph
Cook Aleander Fisher
Cook Benjamin Dean
Cook Albert
Cook Harold Leslie
Cook Gordon Frederick
Cook Robert Douglas Wellington DV840
Cook Victor Emile
Cook William Emerson
Cook Robert Geoffrey
Cook Charles Owen
Cook Aleander
Cook Russel Gordon
Cook Leo Frederick
Cook Lorne Frankland
Cook Walter Le Roy
Cook Walter Herbert
Cook Norman Earl
Cook William Arthur
Cook Gordon Thomas
Cook Spencer Waddy
Cook Clifford Eugene Leroy
Cook Michael Arthur
Cook William Wilfred
Cook Howard John
Cook James Halifax VII NP702 QO-B
Cook Albert Royal Felken
Cook William Henry
Cook James Howard
Cook Benjamin
Cooke A.C.
Cooke A.G.
Cooke A.W. Hudson
Cooke D.A,
Cooke D.W.
Cooke D.Y.
Cooke E.
Cooke E.H.
Cooke E.M.
Cooke E.T.F.
Cooke F. P-51 Mustang AM166
Cooke F.G.
Cooke F.K.L.
Cooke F.T.
Cooke G.H. Wellington HE690
Cooke J.A.S.
Cooke J.C. Lancaster Lancaster PB465
Cooke J.G. Halifax Halifax JN886
Cooke J.G.R.
Cooke J.J. Halifax Halifax LK842
Cooke J.L.
Cooke J.L. Lancaster ME392
Cooke J.P.
Cooke J.W.
Cooke L.F. Wellington DV715
Cooke L.J.
Cooke M.E.
Cooke M.J.G.
Cooke M.S.
Cooke R.W.
Cooke T.C. Canso 9767
Cooke T.J.
Cooke Walter Donald Halifax NP710
Cooke W.H.
Cooke W.R.
Cooke Arnold William
Cooke Leonard Frank
Cooke John Joseph
Cooke Jackson C.
Cooke Matthew John Goldie
Cooke Dennis Arthur
Cooke John Leo
Cookman M.
Cookson E.R.
Cookson W.R.
Cookson William Remington
Cooley J.M. Anson EO485
Cooley John Morgan
Coolican S.P.
Coolidge D.L.
Cooling C.C.
Cooling C.D. Wellington
Cooling Charles David
Coomber G.A.G.
Coombes W.E.
Coombes D.S.
Coombes E.S.
Coombes J.S.
Coombs A.J.R. Lancaster PB510
Coombs A.L.
Coombs F.A.
Coombs J.D.
Coombs J.E. Oxford
Coombs J.J.
Coombs J.R. Halifax JD301
Coombs John Elliott
Coombs Allton John Richard
Coombs Francis Alma
Coome A.G.
Coome C.R.
Coon A.W.
Coon George Adrian (First name J?)
Coone E.H. Lancaster
Coone Ernest Herbert
Coones Mawell Warren Halifax NP793
Coones Mawell Warren
Cooney J.D.O. Lancaster
Cooney James Daniel OLeary
Coons C.E. Hampden
Coons D.B. Wellington
Coons H.L.
Coons L.G.
Coons W.H.
Coons W.W. Warwick
Coons Willis Wylie
Coons Clyde Ezra
Coons Deter Brand
Coop C.W.A.
Coop J.F.
Cooper A.
Cooper A.D. Wellington
Cooper A.D. Hampden
Cooper A.E.
Cooper A.G.
Cooper A.J.
Cooper A.K. Beaufighter
Cooper A.P.
Cooper A.S.
Cooper B.H.
Cooper B.H.
Cooper C.
Cooper D.A.
Cooper D.A.
Cooper D.J.
Cooper D.S.
Cooper D.T.
Cooper E.E.
Cooper E.H. Lancaster Lancaster NG252
Cooper E.H.
Cooper E.J. Wellington Wellington
Cooper E.J. Lancaster JA977
Cooper E.M.
Cooper F.C.
Cooper F.G.
Cooper F.R.
Cooper Frederick Terrance Wellington Wellington HF628
Cooper G.A. Wellington
Cooper G.E. Liberator FL911
Cooper G.E.
Cooper G.H.
Cooper G.L.
Cooper G.R.
Cooper G.W.
Cooper H. Halifax H272
Cooper H.
Cooper H.B.
Cooper H.E.
Cooper H.G.P.
Cooper H.J. Whitley P5079 Cooper H.L.
Cooper H.L.
Cooper H.T.
Cooper H.T.M. Wellington 3709
Cooper I.
Cooper J. Halifax Halifax HR717
Cooper J.
Cooper J.C.
Cooper J.C.A.
Cooper J.D. Stirling
Cooper J.F. Lancaster R5682
Cooper J .F.
Cooper J.H. Cooper J.H. Halifax NP706
Cooper J.H.
Cooper J.H.
Cooper J.J.
Cooper J.P. Church of England
Cooper J.R.
Cooper J.V.
Cooper J.W.
Cooper J.W.
Cooper K.E.
Cooper K.F.
Cooper L.D.
Cooper L.K.
Cooper L.O.
Cooper M.A.
Cooper M.F.
Cooper N.H. Cooper P.E.J.
Cooper P.J.
Cooper R.
Cooper R.C.
Cooper R.H.
Cooper R.J.
Cooper R.M. Liberator EW299
Cooper R.R.
Cooper R.W. Lancaster PB573
Cooper S.G.
Cooper S.H.
Cooper T.F.
Cooper T.W. Halifax Halifax LW551
Cooper W.
Cooper W.B.
Cooper W.D.D. Anson NK607
Cooper W.G.
Cooper W.H.
Cooper W.J.A.
Cooper W.S.
Cooper W.S.
Cooper W.W. Wellington
Cooper Hugh James (Jim)
Cooper James Hyndman
Cooper James Francis
Cooper Hector Thomas Moore
Cooper George Albert
Cooper John Robert Wellington Wellington 3674
Cooper John Donald
Cooper Arthur Douglas
Cooper Jack
Cooper Eugene Joseph
Cooper Frederick Terrance
Cooper Douglas Aleander
Cooper Thomas William
Cooper George Edgar
Cooper Arthur Kenneth
Cooper Everett Elwyn
Cooper Bernard Horace
Cooper Robert Morse
Cooper Edgar Harvey
Cooper Albert Digby
Cooper Allan Edward
Cooper Walter David Dick
Cooper Walter William
Cooper Edgar Harvey
Cooper Edward James
Cooperman B.I.
Coops G.A.
Coote R.C.R.
Cootes H.M.
Coott W.A. Liberator Liberator JK386 Coott William Arnold
Cope F.J.
Cope J.L. Lancaster PB413
Cope R.B.
Cope W.H.
Copecog A.J. Wellington
Copegog Allan Joseph
Copeland A.M.
Copeland D.J. Lancaster Lancaster ND347
Copeland G.P.
Copeland H.R. Hampden
Copeland H.W.
Copeland J.
Copeland J.C.
Copeland J.C. Halifax MZ900
Copeland J.C. Spitfire
Copeland J.J.
Copeland J.M. Beaufighter
Copeland T.D.
Copeland T.H.
Copeland T.W.J. Lancaster Lancaster ED363
Copeland V.P.
Copeland W.G.M.
Copeland Ben Bales Halifax W7710
Copeland Herbert Redvers
Copeland Thomas William John
Copeland Donald Johnston
Copeland James Coulter
Copeland Thomas Donovan Lancaster KB834 WL-Y
Copenhaver L.B.
Copland A.
Copland E.J.
Copland J.W.
Copland R.P.
Copley W.
Copp A.C.
Copp J.H.
Copp L.R.
Copp W.F. Hurricane
Coppel G.
Copper A. Wellington Z1180
Coppin C.S.
Copping B.G.
Copping C.L. Fortress
Copping H.H. Copping H.J.
Copping N.F.
Copping Harold James Langford
Copping Clarence Lummis B-17 Fortress FK209
Copple G.H.S.
Coppleman A.
Coram I.T.
Corbally J.C.
Corbally Joseph Charles Halifax III LV923 ZL-M
Corbeil E.
Corbeil J.L.
Corbeil J.P.
Corbeil (1) E.
Corbet A.A.G.
Corbet Cyril Mansford Lancaster KB740 Lancaster KB743 NA-I
Corbett A.E.
Corbett B.S. Dakota Dakota FL 554
Corbett C.D.D.
Corbett D.M. Halifax Halifax
Corbett E.
Corbett E.C. Blenheim
Corbett E.G.
Corbett E.H.
Corbett Edward Salter Bolinbroke Catalina Catalina Catalina Z2136
Corbett G.H. Spitfire
Corbett H.K. Battle Battle # 1304
Corbett H.L.
Corbett H.V.
Corbett J.A. Wellington
Corbett J.S.
Corbett L.A.
Corbett L.A.
Corbett P.A.A.
Corbett R.M.
Corbett R.R.
Corbett S.A. Hurricane
Corbett S.D.
Corbett V.B. Hurricane P3869 Bolingbroke # 9179
Corbett V.J.E. Halifax RG432
Corbett W.D. Halifax LW590 Halifax MZ825
Corbett W.G.
Corbett Horace Kenneth
Corbett Edward Salter
Corbett Ernest Clayton
Corbett John Aleander
Corbett Dalton Morgan
Corbett Bruce Sherwood
Corbett Vaughan Bowerman
Corbett William David
Corbiell J.C.A.
Corbishley H. Halifax W1115
Corbould J.
Corby H.C.
Corck A.G. Wellington Wellington BK272
Corck Arthur George
Corcoran A.
Corcoran D.J. Halifax JD331
Corcoran E.B.
Corcoran E.E.
Corcoran E.L.
Corcoran I.D.
Corcoran J.J.
Cordell H.A.
Cordick John Morgan Finch Harvard Moth Anson Master Spitfire Typhoon MN801
Cordick John Morgan
Cordon D.A.
Corey D.E. Digby Digby # 739
Corey H.L.
Corey R.E.
Corey Douglas Earle
Corfield W.J.
Cork J.F.
Corke E.A. Corke J.B.
Corkill B.E.
Corless A.V.D. Corless Alvin Van Dyke
Corley L.E. Lancaster Lancaster Z4930
Corley William Arthur Halifax H147
Corley Louie Elmo
Corley William Arthur
Cormack A. Halifax DT731
Cormack A.G.
Cormack C.D.
Cormack D.W. Marauder
Cormack G.W.
Cormack J. Wellington Wellington W5427
Cormack P.H.
Cormack V.L.
Cormack W.T. Wellington
Cormack John
Cormack William Thomas
Cormack Douglas Waitt Whitehurst
Corman J. Halifax Halifax
Corman J.R. Wellington Wellington LN689
Corman R.R.
Corman John Ronald Merwin
Corman John
Cormick C.
Cormie T. Kittyhawk Kittyhawk # 861
Cormie Thomas
Cormier A.A.
Cormier A.A.
Cormier B.
Cormier J.E.E. Shark
Cormier J.G.B.
Cormier J.R.A.
Cormier G.P.
Cormier L.J.
Cormier P.J.
Cormier S.P. Stirling Stirling LJ991
Cormier Y.
Cormier Joseph Erval Eric
Cormier Simon Pierre
Corn S.C.
Cornblat I.
Corne N.I.
Cornelison John Edgar Finch Harvard Anson Hurri Typhoon PD479
Cornelius C.B. Halifax LW121
Cornelius E.D.
Cornelius W.W.H. Baltimore Baltimore FA 115
Cornelius Ernest Dean
Cornelius Wallace Walter Howard
Cornell A.C. Harvard Harvard # 3237
Cornell H.E.
Cornell J.H.
Cornell J.L. Hurricane Hurricane # 5402
Cornell M.H. Anson Anson DJ239
Cornell R.W.
Cornell T.E.
Cornell John Luther
Cornell Alfred Charles
Cornell Michael Henry
Corner A.S.L.
Corner J.A.
Corner M.C.
Corner R.H.
Corner Roy Henry
Cornett A.D. United Church
Cornett J.A.
Corney L.R. Beaufighter Beaufighter NE558
Corney Leslie Russell
Cornfield E.A.
Cornfield J.S. Wellington
Cornfield Joseph Samuel
Cornfield Edward Albert
Cornfoot L.J.
Cornick M.S.
Cornier A.A. Halifax LK798
Cornish D.M.
Cornish H.H.
Cornish J.C. Lancaster W4316
Cornish J.F.
Cornish L.G.
Cornish O.M. Lancaster Lancaster N5629
Cornish O.W.
Cornish R.H.
Cornish W.R.
Cornish Oliver Mansell
Cornwall H.G.
Cornwall H.N.
Cornwall J.R. Wellington Wellington MP618
Cornwall James Raymond
Cornwell G.F. Sunderland
Cornwell R.G.
Cornwell George Francis
Cornyn W.R.
Coroon A.G.
Corp R.A.
Corr T.A. Ventura Ventura AJ 173
Correll J.D. Lancaster Lancaster W 4792
Correll John Dunham
Corrie G.H. Lancaster Lancaster R5913
Corrie Glen Howard
Corrigall A.M.
Corrigan A.B.
Corrigan A.W.
Corrigan G.H.
Corrigan G.L. Lancaster RF153
Corrigan J.E.
Corrigan J.F.
Corrigan R.J. Boston
Corrigan Robert James
Corrivault J.R.R.
Corriveau A.J. Halifax Halifax NA492
Corriveau J.J.T.
Corriveau J.T.R. Halifax Halifax
Corriveau Joseph Thomas Raymond
Corriveau Arthur Jeffrey
Corsbie J.H. Lancaster PB561
Corscadden G.H. United Church
Corscadden L.A.
Cortens J.V.
Cory A.M.
Cory R.
Cory Gordon Johnson
Cosburn A.R.
Cosburn Stanley Cyril Wapiti Finch Harvard Spitfire Hurricane
Cosco J.E.
Cosford John Evans
Cosgrave Frances William George
Cosgrove A.E.
Cosgrove J.M.
Cosgrove R.C.
Cosgrove Joseph Patrick
Cosh Robert Monteith
Cosman W.N.
Cosman William Nathan
Cosoff Joseph
Cossar A.E. Halifax JP125
Cossar R.C. Halifax H284
Cossette Roland Adelore
Costanzo P. B-24 Liberator 593
Coste E.F.
Costello F.
Costello J.G.
Costello John Terrance Lancaster Lancaster ED366
Costello L.A. Roman Catholic
Costello M.
Costello P.C.
Costello R.F.E.
Costello W.F.
Costello Michael
Costello Ralph Matthew
Costello George Arnold Spitfire I PL207
Coster E.F. Lancaster ME385
Costie R.D.
Costigan Norman Edward
Costley R.D.
Cosway W.A.
Cote F.P.
Cote G.
Cote J.A. Halifax MZ860
Cote J.A.B.
Cote J.A.Y.
Cote J.E.B.A. Halifax LW131
Cote J.E.L.
Cote J.E.P.
Cote J.G.
Cote J.L.A.
Cote J.P.H.R.
Cote J.W.A.
Cote J.Y.A.
Cote J.Y.J. Halifax BB303
Cote L.E.J. Halifax H333
Cote L.P.M.R.
Cote M.J.A. Typhoon MN375 Typhoon RB204
Cote M.M.M.
Cote P.E. Halifax JB796
Cote P.E.J.
Cote R.
Cote V.C.
Cote Joseph Leandre Gilles
Cote Joseph John Edward
Cote Joseph Richard
Cote Joseph Arthur Raymoral
Cote Joseph Edmond Romeo
Cote Charles Edward
Cote J.T.
Cotie T.W.
Cotnam R.L.
Cotnam W.B. Halifax LW444
Cotnam Harold Clinton
Cotnam Royden Leslie
Cott W.E.
Cottam Alden Preston
Cotte D.W. Lancaster NN777
Cottenden M. Halifax BB323
Cotter J.G.E.
Cotter W.G.
Cotter John James
Cotter Donald Joseph
Cotter David Grenfell
Cotterell H.C.
Cotterill H.B.
Cotterill S.H.R. Mosquito HR351
Cotterill Stanley Herbert Ross
Cottet B.E.
Cottier Thomas George
Cottingham D.A.
Cottingham J.F.
Cottingham R.E.
Cottingham W.T.
Cottingham Cyril Morgan
Cottnam W.B.
Cotton C.H.
Cotton C.H.
Cotton D.N.
Cotton H.H.
Cotton L.E.
Cotton R.H.
Cotton W.A.
Cotton W.A.
Cotton Ernest James
Cotton David Neville
Cottrell J.A.
Coubrough J.E.
Coubrough George Thomas
Couch C.G.
Couch H.E.
Couch R.S.
Couch W.N.
Couch John Edmund
Couch Albert Thomas
Couchman E.J.
Coucill W.B.
Coughey D.J.
Coughlan T. Halifax LL232
Coughlin E.F.
Coughlin F.
Coughlin F.J.L.
Coughlin J.A.
Coughlin J.H.
Coughlin R.W.
Coughlin Gerald Philip
Cougler H.D.
Couillard D.J.N.
Couke J.H.
Coukell Bruce Adams
Couldrey G.
Couldrey Gordon
Coules D.J.
Couling M.L.
Coull Norman McLeod Dominie Anson Whitley Botha Wellington Lancaster
Coulombe G.
Coulombe J.A.R.
Coulombe Joseph Rosario Arthur
Coulson E.G.
Coulson H.H.
Coulson N.W.
Coulson W.D. Dakota
Dakota FD 915
Coulson Fred George
Coulson Robert Frederick
Coulson Frank
Coulson Ward Douglas
Coulter H.D.
Coulter H.W.
Coulter J.A.
Coulter J.L.
Coulter J.M.
Coulter J.R.
Coulter L.E.
Coulter R.A.
Coulter W.
Coulter W.E.A.
Coulter W.H.
Coulter W.M.
Coulter W.M.
Coulter Arthur Howard
Coulter Richard Leslie
Coulter James Stewart Hampden AE150
Coulter Hubert Vincent
Coulter Robert Earl
Coulter Robert Leslie
Coulter Everett Malcolm
Coultry T.A.
Counans O.B.
Counter D. Halifax Halifax
Countess R.E.
Countess Ray Edgerton
Countryman W.J.
Coupal A.M.J.Y.
Coupal J.G.L.G.
Couper A.
Couper Thomas Mackintosh
Couper Mungo William
Coupland T.K. Spitfire Coupland Thomas Keith
Courage D.C.
Courage William Roy
Courbould K.B. Halifax Halifax JP319
Courey P.J.
Courian P.J.
Cournoyer Joseph Jacques Omer
Court G.L. Lancaster ND507 Court L.G.
Court R.A.
Court Donald Aleander
Courteau Jean Louis De Gonzague
Courtemanche M. Roman Catholic
Courtemanche J.V.F.P.
Courtice L.C.
Courtis E.E. Halifax Halifax NP771
Courtis Ernest Edward
Courtman H.G.
Courtney R.R.
Courtney James Boyd
Courtney Robert Richard
Courtois J.H.R. Halifax MZ864
Courtois J.W.R.
Courtois R.A.
Couse G.F. Wellington Wellington HE757
Couse J.M.
Couse M.A.
Couse George Fitzgerald
Cousineau J.A.
Cousineau J.A.E.T. Spitfire
Cousineau J.J.P.
Cousineau J.T. Halifax DK196
Cousineau R.W.L.
Cousineau Joseph Alfred Emile Thomas
Cousins A.R.
Cousins G.T.
Cousins R.N.
Cousins S.Y.
Cousins T.A.
Cousins W.G.
Cousins Norman Edward
Coutlee C.M.
Coutt D.G.S.
Coutts D.
Coutts D.B.
Coutts E.E.
Coutts G.L.
Coutts H.A.
Coutts J.W.
Coutts K.S.
Coutts W.K.
Coutts Benson Arnold Wilson
Coutts Lorne Ronald
Coutts Russell Murray
Coutts Harold Aleander
Couture A.J.E.C.
Couture J.
Couture J.A.L.
Couture J.C.
Couture J.G.
Couture J.O.
Couture Joseph Jean Maurice Marcel
Couture Joseph Arthur Leo
Couturier J.R. Dakota KG 653
Couturier Joseph Robert Marcel Armand
Cove A.I.
Cove C.
Covell H.M.
Coveney C.R.R.
Coveney W.K.
Cover John Albert
Coverdale M.A.
Covert F.M.
Covey W.J.
Cowan D.M.
Cowan E.W.
Cowan G.E.
Cowan G.M.S.
Cowan H. Spitfire Spitfire RN204
Cowan H.A.
Cowan H.A.
Cowan H.H.
Cowan H.J. Spitfire
Cowan H.M.
Cowan I.B.
Cowan I.C.
Cowan J.A.
Cowan J.G.
Cowan J.H.
Cowan J.W.
Cowan Louis S. Halifax
Cowan N.E. Halifax JD317
Cowan N.E.J. Halifax JD317
Cowan R.B.
Cowan R.E. Halifax MZ362
Cowan R.H.
Cowan R.J.
Cowan R.W.M. Halifax Halifax LK640
Cowan S.F.
Cowan S.G.
Cowan W.C.
Cowan W.H.
Cowan W.H.
Cowan W.H.
Cowan W.S.
Cowan Leo Martin
Cowan John William Cannell
Cowan Robert John Aleander
Cowan John Henry
Cowan Walter Sidney
Cowan Emerson Weldon
Cowan Nicholas Edgar John
Cowan William Boyle
Cowan Henry
Cowan William
Cowans J.
Cowans J.C.
Cowans R.
Coward E.C. Halifax Halifax LK909
Coward G.F.
Coward William John
Coward Geoffrey Fitton
Cowbrough G.A.
Cowell V.L.
Cowell W.
Cowell J.W. Halifax LL536 Halifax
Cowell Richard Bryan Barney
Cowen N.M.
Cowhey J.G.D.
Cowie G.A.
Cowie J.H.
Cowie J.M.
Cowie M.J.
Cowie S.
Cowie W.E.
Cowie W.M.
Cowie Douglas George
Cowie James Moore
Cowie Eric Edmond
Cowie James Hector
Cowie Robert James
Cowieson B.M.
Cowieson R.A.
Cowieson John Harrison
Cowing Gordon Lloyd
Cowley A.T.N.
Cowley F.P.V.
Cowley Stuart Harold
Cowley Robert Henry
Cowley-Brown P.G.
Cowling F.J.
Cowling J.W.
Cowling W.D.
Cowling John Wesley
Cowman D.A. Halifax H292
Cowman James Allan
Cownden Vincent Joseph
Cowper-Smith G.A. United Church
Cowperthwaite C.H.
Cowperthwaite Lonsdale Hudson AM598
Cowperthwaite Lonsdale
Cowtan L.E.A.C.
Cowtan T.H. Lancaster KB715
Co A.C.
Co C.W.
Co D.A.
Co D.M. Stirling R9149
Co D.V.
Co D.W.
Co E.C.S.
Co E.K.
Co E.T. Stranraer 951
Co F.C.
Co F.G.
Co G.
Co G.E.
Co H.C.
Co H.M.
Co H.T.
Co H.W.
Co J.A.
Co J.C.
Co J.E. Halifax JD130
Co J.F.M.
Co J.K.
Co J.O.
Co J.R.
Co J.R.T. Halifax LK633
Co J.S. P-51 Mustang P-51 Mustang
Co K.B.
Co K.D.
Co L.A.S.
Co L.E. Stirling EF147
Co L.T.
Co M.F.
Co M.H.G.
Co O.J. B-24 Liberator B-24 Liberator KH100
Co P.C.
Co R.B.
Co R.L. Lancaster KB767
Co R.S.
Co S.
Co W.F.
Co W.J.E.
Co W.M.
Co Everard Thomas
Co Harry Kenny
Co Robert Leith
Co David Reid
Co Edmund Thomas
Co Kenneth James
Co Jack Scott
Co Paul Conroy
Co Owen Jones
Co Henry
Co John Maynard
Co Stanley James
Co Kenneth Denison Liberator KH214
Coford N.S.
Coy A.B.
Coy F.R.
Coykendall G.V.
Coyle D.W.
Coyle F.R.
Coyle G.B.
Coyle G.W.
Coyle H.M.B.
Coyle J.W.
Coyle P.H.
Coyle John William
Coyne A.F.A.
Coyne G.E.
Coyne J.A.
Coyne J.E.
Coyne J.M.E.
Coyne J.P.
Coyne S.
Coyne T.P. Roman Catholic
Coyne Vincent Harold
Coyne Edward Kenneth
Cozens Ernest Brazier Moth Harvard Stirling
Cozens L.P.
Cozens R.A.
Cozens W.J.G. Lancaster ME456
Cozens Paul Joseph
Crabb B. Lancaster KB763
Crabb William Thomas
Crabbe W.E.
Crabtree G.
Crabtree Edmond Clay
Crabtree Charles Maurice
Crack R.A.V.
Cracknell V.N.
Cracknell W.C.
Cracknell Walter Charles
Cracknell Richard Stephen
Craddock B.A.
Craddock G.R.
Craddock L.F.
Craft H.O. Boston
Craft R.G.
Craft T. Boston
Crafts Robert Harland
Cragg J.
Cragg J.D.
Cragg L.E.
Cragg P.S.H.
Craib G.R.R.H.
Craib W.R.
Craib George Richard Robert Henry
Craig A.G. Halifax LK766 Halifax NP689
Craig A.G.
Craig A.J. Craig A.R.
Craig A.W.M.
Craig B.I.
Craig C.G.
Craig C.T.
Craig D.B.
Craig D.L.
Craig D.R.
Craig D.R.
Craig E.D.
Craig E.N.
Craig F.Y.
Craig G.B.
Craig G.C.
Craig G.G.
Craig G.L.
Craig G.M.
Craig H.A.
Craig I.K.
Craig J.
Craig J.A. Halifax JN886
Craig J.A.
Craig J.A.
Craig J.G.H.J.
Craig J.M.
Craig J.T.E.
Craig J.W.H.
Craig K.A.
Craig K.N.
Craig Kenneth William Moth Anson Whitley Oxford Hudson Beaufort Liberator
Craig M.E.
Craig N.M.
Craig R.A.
Craig R.J.G.
Craig R.L.
Craig R.O.P.
Craig R.W.
Craig T.M.W.
Craig W.A.
Craig W.A.
Craig W.D.
Craig W.G.
Craig W.J.
Craig W.R.
Craig W.R.
Craig Neal Leonard Halifax LW598
Craig Douglas Earl
Craig Malcolm James Courtland
Craig Robert Gerald
Craig John Robert William
Craig Robert Kenneth
Craig Alfred Burton
Craig William Warren
Craig Walter David
Craig Walter
Craig Stanley Maynard
Craig John
Craig Wilfred Gordon
Craig James
Craig Michael Joseph
Craig William Joseph
Craiggs M.V.
Craighead A.W.
Craigie R.C.
Craigie James Edgar Donald
Craigie Charles Cleghorn Brockie
Craik A.
Craik J.K.
Craik David Stewart
Craik Murray Clayton
Crain A.I. Halifax Halifax NA514
Crain A.P.
Crain William Gilbert
Craine R.M.
Cram A.M.
Cram H.R. Lancaster KB752
Cram J.A.
Cram R.S.
Cram W.H. Halifax LV951
Cram Mervyn
Cram John Samuel
Cramer L.G.
Cramer William Frederick
Crammond J.C.
Cramp C.A.
Crampton G.
Crampton R.C.
Crampton W.J.
Cranch Francis Edward
Crandell T.M. Halifax JB912
Crane A.R.
Crane C.D.
Crane C.G.
Crane F.
Crane J.A. Halifax LL285
Crane J.E.
Crane V.R. Halifax DT802
Crane J.A. Halifax JN953
Crane Wilburt Mclarty
Crane Beverley Dwight
Cranfield H.V.
Cranham D.W.
Cranmer G.L.
Cranna A.N.
Cranna G.K.
Cranna William Thomas Wellington R1616
Cranna William Thomas
Cranston T.R.
Cranston James Francis
Cranswick D. Wellington
Cranswick Douglas
Crapp W.R.
Crapper A.F.
Crapper P.R.
Crapper R.T.
Crate G.W.
Craton J.D.C. Lancaster KB846
Craven H.J.
Craven J.H.
Craven M.H.
Craven W.R.
Crawford A.
Crawford A.B.
Crawford A.B.
Crawford A.H.
Crawford A.M.
Crawford A.M.
Crawford C.A.
Crawford C.B.
Crawford C.R.
Crawford C.W.
Crawford D.A.
Crawford D.G.
Crawford D.H.
Crawford D.H.
Crawford D.H. HalifaxHalifax LW173
Crawford D.M.
Crawford D.S.
Crawford E.H.
Crawford F.S.
Crawford H.A. Spitfire
Crawford H.F.
Crawford H.W.
Crawford J.
Lancaster ME789
Crawford J.C.
Crawford J.F.
Crawford J.J. Crawford J.M. Crawford J.N.
Crawford J.S.
Crawford J.W.M.
Crawford M.G.
Crawford N.
Crawford O.E. Wellington Wellington 3715
Crawford O.W.E.
Crawford R.C.
Crawford R.E.
Crawford S.R.
Crawford V.
Crawford W.C. Crawford W.G.
Crawford Thomas James Larmour
Crawford William Samuel
Crawford Orville Everett
Crawford Thomas Alvin Blenheim IV L8755
Crawford John Joseph
Crawford George Hamilton
Crawford William George
Crawford Vincent
Crawford Kenneth
Crawford Norman Willard
Crawford Thomas Richard
Crawford Nathan
Crawford David Gordon
Crawford Allan Bruce
Crawley C.D.
Crawley E.J.M.
Crawley K.R.
Crawley W.E.
Crawley Frederick William Halifax Halifax LK839
Crawley David
Crawley Frederick William
Crawley Edward George
Crawshaw L.
Crawshaw S.B.
Craymer R.A.
Crayston Kerry Milton
Crealock H.W.
Crealock W.B.
Crease H.S. Hurricane Z3421
Crease F.L.
Creaser L.W.
Creasey A.R.
Creba J.F.
Creba John Frederick
Crebbin G.J. Wellington HE476
Crebbin Gordon James
Creber Robert Thomas
Cree E.G.
Creech D.H.
Creech W.A.
Creed D.
Creed E.R.
Creed G.L.
Creed Ernest Edward
Creede Joseph Daniel
Creeden J.W. Hudson AM 544 Creeden James Waldron
Creeggan W.W.
Creelman G.M.
Creeper E.E.
Creeper E.E. Creeper E.E.
Creeper J.E. CL-28 Argus
Crees N.J. United Church
Cregan J.J.D.
Creighton A.D.
Creighton H.A.
Creighton J.G.
Creighton T.K.
Creighton W.L.
Creighton John Traquair
Creighton John
Creighton Allan David
Cremer Edward Brandon
Crerar C.R.
Crerar George Taylor
Cressall R.G.
Cressman C.F.
Cressman C.H.
Cressman L.H.
Cressman R.L.
Cressman Charles Herbert
Cresswell J.R.T.
Crestohl M.N.Z.
Crestwell George Elliott Halifax MZ632 Halifax NP695 Halifax RG476
Creswell Ralph Nelson Adams
Creswell George Elliott
Cretin H.W.
Crevier J.A.M.
Crevier P.E.
Creviston T.J.
Crew B.G.
Crew Basil Glynn
Crewe G.E.
Crewe Robert Edward
Crews W.
Crewson J.E.L. Halifax Halifax
Crich A.H.
Crich H.C.
Crich Harvey Lewis
Crichton A.N.
Crichton C.D. Hurricane Hurricane
Crichton D.P.
Crichton G.
Crichton G.R.
Crichton H.M.
Crichton J.M.S. Hurricane BG792 Kittyhawk FR216
Crichton W.J.
Crichton Charles William Douglas
Crick F.A.
Crickmay Peter William Hedley
Cridland R.G. Lancaster DS760
Crighton A.B. Wellington 3467
Crighton H.N.
Crilly W.J.
Crimmins J.A.C.
Crimmins R.T. Wellington Z1670
Crimmins W.D.
Crimmins William Dennis
Crimmins Raymond Thomas
Crimmins John Allan Cameron
Cripps A.H.
Cripps A.V.
Cripps R.G.
Cripps Walter Ephraim
Crisp A.G.
Crisp E.E.
Crisp J.R. Lancaster NE119
Crispin Jean Paul Halifax LW379
Crist Brian Vincent Harvard Kittyhawk 15720 Spitfire JL232
Crist Eric Ambrose Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire
Crist Brian Vincent
Critchley F.M.
Crites Clinton Arnold
Crittenden A.W.
Crocco J.F.H.
Croce F.E.
Crockatt D.E. Crockatt I.
Crockatt David Edward
Crocker B.F.
Crocker C.M.
Crocker E.R.
Crocker E.R.
Crocker W.J.
Crocker John Henry Albert
Crocker Murray Rowe
Crockett F.B.
Crockett K.L.
Crockett L.H.
Crockett L.O.
Crockett Earle Grant
Crockett William Vernon
Croft L.E.
Croft L.H.
Croft R.E.B.
Croft Wesley Bethel
Croften J.E.
Croftman F.G.
Crofton W.C.
Crofts W.A.
Croil G.M.
Croisiau G. Wellington Z8976
Croke Francis Bernard
Croll D.D.
Croll I.B.
Croll W.J.
Croll Arthur Leland
Croll Ian Bruce
Croly P.B.
Cromarty R.
Cromb I.T.
Cromb L.D. Lancaster DV272 Cromb Ian Taylor
Crombie Charles Stuart Gibsone
Cromie C.A.
Cromie S.P.
Cromien L.L.
Cromier B.
Cromley J.H. Lancaster NE170
Crompton A.
Crompton C.P.
Crompton J.B.
Crompton P.R.
Crompton R.C.
Crompton W.F.
Crompton Richard Clifford
Crone R.D. Lancaster LM335
Crone W.D.
Crone Robert Duncan
Cronin H.M.
Cronin P.E.
Cronin Patrick Edmund
Cronje A.V.
Cronk H.P.
Cronk J.R.
Cronk W.M.
Cronk George Edward
Cronk Gavin John
Cronkwright N.W.
Cronmiller C.R. Lutheran
Cronsberry A.M.
Cronyn P.H.
Cronyn V.P.
Cronyn Peter Hume
Crook G.W.
Crook L.
Crook U.C.
Crookes B.
Crookes B.D.
Crookes S.
Crooks R.L.
Crooks W.M.
Crooks Robert Leslie
Crookshank C.W.P.
Crookston L.M.
Croome R.S. Mosquito
Crosbie D.A. Halifax LW347
Crosbie M.C.
Crosbie Douglas Aleander
Crosby A.B.
Crosby D.R.
Crosby H.F. Crosby J.W.
Crosby K.
Crosby R.D.
Crosby Robert Gordon Moth Anson Harvard Moth Cornell Oxford Magister Typhoon JS446 Typhoon PD475 Typhoon MP134
Crosby R.T.
Crosby R.W.
Crosby David Young Nurse
Croskery D.M.
Crosland Alfred Hirst
Crosley L.D.
Cross Clifford Donald Spitfire MJ140
Cross E.C.
Cross F.A.
Cross G.W. Halifax MZ432
Cross H.A.
Cross J.
Cross J.E.
Cross J.P.
Cross J.S.
Cross R.L.
Cross R.S.
Cross V.E.
Cross W.A. Stirling Stirling N3673
Cross W.A.
Cross Norman Joseph Halifax DT584 Halifax
Cross William Andrew
Cross Rosier M.
Cross Arthur Laurence
Cross James Orville
Cross Vance Everett
Cross Stanley Esmond
Cross Clifford Donald
Crosse R.M.
Crossey D.L.
Crossey R.E.F. Halifax
Crossfield R.J.
Crossfield Francis John
Crossfield Raymond Jack
Crossing W.B.
Crossing John Keith
Crossland A.M.
Crossland C.W.
Crossland E.F. Roman Catholic
Crossland Harry
Crossland Dan
Crossley C.J.
Crossley D.I.
Crossley E.T.S.
Crossley Harold Graeme Halifax LL168
Crossley J.R.
Crossley K.N.
Crossley Frederick Wood
Crossman G.T.
Crossman L.F.
Crossman L.G.
Crosson E.V.
Crosson Victor Gilbert
Crossthwaite Daniel
Crosswell P.B. Halifax LK802
Crosswell Percy Bruce Halifax LK802 AL-F
Croswell T.H.
Crot R.J. Hurricane
Croteau E.L.J.
Croteau F.L.
Croteau J.M.A.
Croteau Joseph Fernand Raymond
Crothers H.B. Battle Whitley Halifax
Crothers J.D.
Crothers Thomas Edward
Crotty T.G.
Crouch J.A.
Crouchee Halifax LW391
Croucher G.
Croucher L.C.
Croucher N.S. Halifax LW391
Croucher Gordon
Croucher Lionel Charles
Crouchman D.B.
Crouchman J.R.
Crough J.W.
Crouse Harold Banford
Crouse Henry Arthur
Crouser E.E.
Crow H.
Crow L.
Crow Robert King
Crowdis F.M.
Crowdy C.W.C.
Crowdy Charles William Cyril
Crowe A.B.
Crowe C.F.
Crowe C.N.
Crowe D.B.
Crowe D.C.
Crowe D.F. Lancaster LL961
Crowe E.R.
Crowe J.F.
Crowe L.A.
Crowe L.E.
Crowe M.D.
Crowe R.C.
Crowe R.J.
Crowe S.T.
Crowe W.A. Halifax LV968
Crowe James Franklin Karl Battle & Bolinbroke Wellington Halifax BB324
Crowe Herbert Roy
Crowe Harold James
Crowe James Franklin Karl
Crowe Leo Ralph
Crowe Charles David
Crowe Eric Arthur
Crowe G.L. Halifax EB191
Crowell R.G.
Crowell W.R.
Crowell Richard Alvinzie
Crowley F.A.
Crowley F.J. Typhoon MN637
Crowley M.V.
Crowley T.N.
Crowley John William
Crowley Paul Anthony
Crowley Francis Joseph
Crown H.
Crowshaw K.W.
Crowter C.R.
Crowther G.C. Wellington HE550
Crowther R.M.
Croford H.S.
Croton B.D.
Crozier D.G.
Crozier G.C.
Crozier J.H.T. Stirling EH931
Crozier J.J.A.
Crozier R.S.
Crozier S.W.
Crozier W.C.
Crozier Roger Dennis
Crozier Lloyd Donald James
Crozier William James
Crozier David Macleod
Cruchley E.J.
Cruickshank A.D. Lancaster NF913
Cruickshank A.R.
Cruickshank A.S.
Cruickshank D.I. Beaufighter
Cruickshank G.A.
Cruickshank H.E.C.
Cruickshank J.
Cruickshank J.A.
Cruickshank J.D.
Cruickshank L.A.
Cruickshank M.I.
Cruickshank N.L.
Cruickshank R.A.
Cruickshank Ross Ale
Cruickshank R.W.
Cruickshank V.P.
Cruickshank W.E. Halifax LW421
Cruickshank Donald Ian
Cruickshank John Duncan
Cruickshank Charles Edward
Cruikshank C.C.
Cruikshank D.H.
Cruikshank J.M.
Cruikshank L.S.
Cruikshank R.
Cruise J.E.
Cruit Richard Noel
Cruly R.
Crum Wallace Watson Halifax MZ506 QO-
Crumb D.H. Hurricane P-47
Crummy George Kenneth
Crump E.C.
Crump J.H.
Crump L.F.
Crump John Colvin
Crump Owen Charles Bellamy
Crump Edward Reginald
Cruse B.C.
Cruse J.M.
Cruse W.L.
Cruse William Lorne
Crush M.M.E.
Crutchlow L.G.
Crute N.M.
Cryderman F. Spitfire Typhoon
Cryderman N.J.
Cryer A.P.
Cryer D.H.N.
Crymes Smith Edward
Crysler C.K. Mosquito DZ432
Crysler H.L.
Cuddihy E.G.L.
Cuddington L.F.
Cuddy A.K. Beaufighter
Cuddy C.P.
Cuddy J.A.B.
Cuddy L.M.
Cuddy R.M.
Cudlip F.C.
Cudmore K.H.
Cudmore L.R. Wellington HE476 Halifax LK925
Cudmore Lorne Albert
Cudney Herbert Wilfred
Cuelenaere M.R.C. Lancaster W4397
Cuetara E.J.E.
Cuff R.W.J.
Cuff W.E.
Cuff Roland Walter John
Cuffe G.L. Halifax MZ959
Cugley S. Halifax Halifax HR918
Cuillerier J.R.
Cuillerier W.
Cuke N.H.
Cukrovani S.
Culbert W.E.
Culbert Frederick Campbell
Culcheth W.E.
Culcheth William Ernest
Culham I.A.
Culham J.R.
Cull G.C. Ventura
Ventura FD 697
Cull Richard Henry Spitfire
Cull George Christopher
Cull Lloyd John
Cull Albert James
Cullen C.R.
Cullen F.R.
Cullen J.A.
Cullen J.E.
Cullen J.E.
Cullen J.P.L.
Cullen K.E.
Cullen L.P.G. Cullen S.H.
Cullen W.C. Lancaster KB756 Cullen James Warren
Cullen Clifford Lorne
Cullen Sidney Herman
Cullen Joseph Patrick Leonard
Cullen Kenneth Earle
Culley J.E.
Culligan J.G.
Cullinane E.A. Roman Catholic
Cullingham J.D.
Cullingham J.M.
Culliton J.P.
Culliton J.T.
Cullum A.T.L. Lancaster ED435
Cully V.C. Lancaster ND676
Cully Victor Charles
Culp L.B.
Culp P.S.
Culp Reginald Harley
Culshaw T.
Culshaw Thurston
Culver D.G. Halifax W1253 Halifax W7859
Culver L.F.
Culver W.J.A.
Culver Donald George
Culverson G.A.
Culverson Donald Harvey
Cumberbirch P.R.
Cumberland D.A.
Cumberland S.L.
Cumbers J.
Cuming H.N.
Cuming L.W.
Cuming Lloyd Wesley
Cummer F.H.
Cummer John Allenby
Cummer Franklin Howard
Cummine Gordon
Cumming A.R.
Cumming C.G. Spitfire
Cumming D.A.
Cumming D.G.
Cumming D.G.
Cumming D.G.
Cumming D.H.
Cumming D.S.
Cumming E.R.
Cumming G.B.
Cumming G.E.
Cumming H.W.
Cumming J.
Cumming J.B.
Cumming J.D.
Cumming J.G.
Cumming J.H.
Cumming P.
Cumming R.A.
Cumming R.M.
Cumming W.C.
Cumming J.
Dakota KG 653
Cumming Gerald C.
Cumming Gordon Farrell Halifax JP204
Cumming Alister Godfrey
Cumming Leonard Allan
Cumming Charles Gordon
Cumming John William
Cumming James
Cumming Duncan Herbert
Cumming Ernest Robert
Cumming Gordon Farrell
Cumming-Bart J.T.E.
Cumming-Bart Jerome Thomas Ellis
Cummings A.B.
Cummings G.L.
Cummings G.M.
Cummings G.P.
Cummings H.R.
Cummings J.B.
Cummings J.C.
Cummings J.H.
Cummings K.G.
Cummings L.H.
Cummings M.J.
Cummings R.S.
Cummings T.C.
Cummings Wesley ElmoreWesley Elmore Spitfire MJ982
Cummings Thomas Henry
Cummings Robert
Cummings Wesley Elmore
Cummings Kenneth George
Cummings James Clyde
Cummins C.R.
Cummins D.W.
Cummins J.S.
Cummins M.M. Boston
Boston BZ421
Cummins John Thomas Desmond
Cummins Victor Charles
Cummins Manley Morton
Cummins Robert Paul
Cumyn P.A.
Cundy D.N.
Cuninghame J.E.
Cunliffe F. Wellington DV619
Cunliffe Benjamin Robert
Cunnane J.P.
Cunning E.W. Wellington BJ883
Cunningham A.B.
Cunningham A.G.
Cunningham A.K.
Cunningham A.L.
Cunningham A.P.
Cunningham C.A.
Cunningham C.C. Canso Canso 9809
Cunningham C.R.
Cunningham D.D.M.
Cunningham D.K.
Cunningham E.E.
Cunningham E.J.
Cunningham E.L.
Cunningham E.W. Lancaster ME592 Cunningham F.S.
Cunningham G.J.T.
Cunningham G.T.
Cunningham H.A.
Cunningham J.B.
Cunningham J.C.
Cunningham J.C.
Cunningham J.D.R.
Cunningham J.E.
Cunningham J.H.
Cunningham J.H.
Cunningham J.H.
Cunningham J.M.
Cunningham J.R.
Cunningham J.R.
Cunningham J.S.
Cunningham L.F.
Cunningham L.J.
Cunningham P.H.
Cunningham R.G. Stirling R9315
Cunningham R.G.
Cunningham R.G.
Cunningham R.H.
Cunningham R.H.
Cunningham R.T.
Cunningham T.W.R.
Cunningham V.T.J.
Cunningham W. Lancaster LL921
Cunningham W.
Cunningham W.G.
Cunningham W.J.
Cunningham W.J.
Cunningham W.J.
Cunningham S. Halifax NA607
Cunningham Francis Leo
Cunningham Harold Thomas
Cunningham Frank
Cunningham Stanley Oswald
Cunningham Elson Wright
Cunningham Robert Norval
Cunningham James Adrian
Cunningham Harry Joseph
Cunningham James Hill
Cunningham John Charles
Cunningham Walter Garfield
Cunnings Ronald Everett
Cunnliffe F. Wellington Z8364
Cupiss J.P.A.
Cuppage H.C.
Curatolo L.
Curatolo Louis
Curle J.G.
Curle John Garfield
Curlee T.H.
Curley J.W.
Curley R.F.
Curnock D.
Curphey L.H. Kittyhawk EV360 Kittyhwak FR195
Curphey T.G.
Curphey Robert Maurice
Curphey Lewin Henry
Curphey Thomas George
Curran A.D.
Curran J.
Curran R.M.C.
Curran P.R.
Curran W.T.
Currell N.C.
Current L.
Currie A.C.
Currie A.G.
Currie A.S.
Currie B.
Currie B.W.
Currie Charles Halifax W7875
Currie D.F. Lancaster Lancaster LM452
Currie D.H.
Currie D.M.
Currie D.R.
Currie G.H.
Currie G.M.
Currie H.B.
Currie J.
Currie J.A.
Currie J.E.
Currie J.M. Halifax MZ945
Currie J.R.
Currie K.A.
Currie K.M.J.
Currie L.L.
Currie M.C.
Currie N.E.
Currie R.E. Wellington BK159
Currie R.J.
Currie R.M.G. Mosquito
Currie R.S.
Currie S.W.
Currie T.R.
Currie W.B.
Currie W.F.
Currie J.A. Halifax NA611 Halifax NA611
Currie Arthur Archibald
Currie Thomas Hugh
Currie Robert Eldyrn
Currie James
Currie William Matthew
Currie Alfred Ross
Currie Ewen Cameron
Currie John
Currie Ronald James
Currie David Fraser
Currie Donald Russell
Currie Gordon
Currie Russell Tyrrell
Currie Charles
Currier J.
Currier J.A.
Currier J.B.
Currier T.E.
Currier W.E. Lancaster W4782
Curry A.M.M.
Curry D.G.
Curry D.G. Halifax JD468
Curry E.L.
Curry F.B.
Curry G.L.
Curry H.B.
Curry H.F.
Curry H.L.
Curry John Harvey Harvard Lysander Goblin Spitfire Whirlwind Hurricane
Curry J.M.
Curry L.F. Spitfire
Curry P.
Curry P.G.
Curry P.J.
Curry W.S.
Curry Allan Marshall
Curry Fred Burpee
Curry Lorne Franklin
Curtin D.
Curtin D.E.
Curtin E.A.
Curtin J.P.
Curtin L.F.
Curtin R.L.
Curtin Donald Joseph
Curtin Richard Lewis
Curtis E.A.
Curtis E.W.
Curtis G.L.
Curtis J.E.
Curtis J.R.
Curtis J.S.
Curtis J.U.
Curtis K.R. Spitfire
Curtis L.C.
Curtis L.E.
Curtis R.
Curtis R.
Curtis Russell Edward Finch Anson Wellington Anson Dakota Lancaster
Curtis R.R.
Curtis W.A.
Curtis W.A. CF-86 Sabre
Curtis Wilfred Austin
Curtis W.C.
Curtis W.H.
Curtis W.S. Spitfire
Curtis Kenneth George
Curtis James Edward
Curtis William John
Curtis Wendell Stuart
Curtis Elizabeth Audrey
Curtiss W.
Curwen W.D.
Curzon Dennis Rupert Humphrey
Cusack Joseph Edmund
Cush H.H.S. Mustang FB209
Cushing G.K.
Cushing J.D.
Cushing Gordon Pinder
Cushley R.
Cushmal A.
Cushman D.
Cushman J.F.
Cushman Nicholas
Cushon George Robert
Cussion V.J.
Cust F.I.
Custance John Patrick
Custeau Octave Robert Halifax Halifax MZ466
Cuthbert B.R.
Cuthbert E.W.
Cuthbert H.E.
Cuthbert J.
Cuthbert M.C.
Cuthbert R.C.
Cuthbert R.M.
Cuthbert S.F.L.
Cuthbert Allan David
Cuthbertson D.R. Spitfire MJ611
Cuthbertson J.
Cuthbertson J.O.
Cuthbertson Hugh
Cuthertson N. Lancaster PB675
Cuthill Edwin Orville
Cutlan E.R.
Cutler D.J.
Cutler L.E.
Cutler L.F.
Cutler L.I.
Cutler Eric Herrington
Cutliffe R.
Cutt J.C.
Cutt K.H.
Cuttell T.S.
Cuttell W.C.
Cutting R.J. Spitfire
Cuttle P.M.
Cuttliss C.W.
Cutts L.G.
Cutway R.F.
Cuzner Ross Lloyd
Cwihun M.
Cybulski M.A. Mosquito
Cybulski Stanley Julian
Cybulskie Adolph Joseph
Cyples William Harold
Cyr J.L.P.
Cyr M.
Cyr R.F.F.
Czajkowski Mieczystaw
Czuboka W.
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