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RAAF Aircrew European Theatre
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A'Court (Acourt), Gladstone
Abbey, Donald
Abbott, Bruce
Abbott, Geoffrey
Abbott, Lewis
Abbott, Neville
Abbott, Roy
Abbott, Stanley
Abbott, Sydney
Abe, Bernard
Abel, Victor
Abell, Douglas
Abercrombie, Peter
Aberle, Douglas
Abraham, James
Abrahams, Leo
Abrams, Kevin
Acres, Robert
Ada, Alan
Adair, Charles
Adam, Basil
Adam, Gordon
Adam, John
Adam, Rea
Adam, Walter
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Edmund
Adams, Eric
Adams, Frank
Adams, George
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, Leslie
Adams, Phillip
Adams, Raymond
Adams, Richard
Adams, Roydon
Adamson, Kenneth
Adamson, Leonard
Adamson, Robert
Adcock, Frederick
Adcock, Ronald
Adcock, Thomas
Adcock, William
Addinsall, Geoffrey
Addison, Alexander
Addison, Henry
Addison, Thomas
Adolph, Arthur
Adrian, William
Agnew, Robert
Ahearn, Donald
Ahearn, John
Ahern, Edmund
Ahern, John
Ahern, Kevin
Ainslie, Hudson
Ainsworth, David
Ainsworth, Keith
Aird, Kenneth
Airy, Andrew
Aitcheson, Allan
Aitken, Arthur
Aitken, Robert
Aiton, Keith
Akers, Stanley
Akes, Vernon
Albert, David
Albon, Robert
Alcock, John
Alcorn, James
Alcorn, James
Alderson, Arthur
Alderson, Edward
Aldridge, Alfred
Alexander, David
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Jack
Alexander, Jack
Alexander, James
Alexander, Wilfred
Alexander, William
Alford, Thomas
Allamby, Walter
Allan, Douglas
Allan, Fergus
Allan, Francis
Allan, George
Allan, John
Allan, Peter
Allan, Reginald
Allan, Robert
Allan, Ross
Allan, Stanley
Allan, William
Allanson, Thomas
Allbon, Douglas
Allchin, Graham
Allen, Alfred
Allen, Colin
Allen, Colin
Allen, Geoffrey
Allen, George
Allen, Harold
Allen, James
Allen, James
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, Keith
Allen, Keith
Allen, Keith
Allen, Leo
Allen, Percival
Allen, Robert
Allen, Russell
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William
Allison, John
Allison, Wilfred
Allman, George
Allman, James
Allott, Robert
Allsep, Sydney
Allsop, John
Allsop, Richard
Allsopp, Alan
Allsopp, William
Allsopp, William
Altoft, Robert
Altus, Hector
Ambler, Robert
Ambrose, Benjamin
Ambrose, David
Ambrose, Patrick
Ames, Lloyd
Amess, John
Amey, Alan
Amos, Clifford
Andersen, Robert
Andersen, Thomas
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Anton
Anderson, Axel
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Clarence
Anderson, Colin
Anderson, David
Anderson, David
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Edwin
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, Finlay
Anderson, Francis
Anderson, Geoffrey
Anderson, George
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Lancelot
Anderson, Leslie
Anderson, Maurice
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Ronald
Anderson, Royston
Anderson, Sydney
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, Titus
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Andre, John
Andrew, David
Andrew, John
Andrew, Keith
Andrew, Lance
Andrew, William
Andrews, Athol
Andrews, Cecil
Andrews, George
Andrews, Harold
Andrews, Jack
Andrews, Neville
Andrews, Reginald
Andrews, Richard
Andrews, Roy
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Andrus, Kenneth
Angus, Colwyn
Angus, Ian
Angus, John
Anivitti, Maurice
Annells, Harold
Annells, Robert
Annesley, Sydney
Annison, Edward
Anstey, Frederick
Anthony, Frederick
Anthony, Ronald
Anwyl, Paul
Apitz, Kenneth
Appledore, Frank
Appleton, Edward
Appleyard, William
Arbon, Colin
Archay, Kenneth
Archer, Rodney
Archibald, Alan
Archibald, Thomas
Ardis, David
Armitt, George
Armour, Robert
Armour, William
Armson, Bernard
Armstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, Basil
Armstrong, Brian
Armstrong, Donald
Armstrong, Gertrude
Armstrong, Gordon
Armstrong, Herbert
Armstrong, Horace
Armstrong, Hugo
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Neville
Armstrong, Peter
Arnell, John
Arnett, John
Arney, Harold
Arnold, Alan
Arnold, Alexander
Arnold, Allan
Arnold, George
Arnold, Gordon
Arnold, Raymond
Arnold, Robert
Arnold, Vincent
Arnold, William
Arnot, Arthur
Arnott, Alan
Arnott, Kenneth
Arscott, Percy
Arthur, Cecil
Arthur, Colin
Arthur, Keith
Arthur, Paul
Arthur, William
Ash, Richard
Ash, Robert
Ash, Ronald
Ashbolt, Harry
Ashdown, Maxwell
Ashfield, Richard
Ashford, Clive
Ashley, Aubrey
Ashton, Robert
Aspinall, William
Asprey, John
Astill, Alan
Astley, Bruce
Atherton, Henry
Atherton, John
Atherton, John
Atherton, William
Atkin, Charles
Atkins, Dudley
Atkins, Henry
Atkins, James
Atkinson, Bruce
Atkinson, Horace
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Phyllis
Atkinson, Richard
Atkinson, Shirley
Atkinson, Walter
Atkinson, Wilfred
Atkinson, William
Atwell, Gerald
Aubert, Charles
Augustinus, Alfred
Auld, Tom
Austerberry, Francis
Austin, Arthur
Austin, Edward
Austin, James
Austin, James
Austin, John
Austin, Lewis
Austin, Rhubert
Austin, Walter
Austin, William
Averill, Kenneth
Avern, Geoffrey
Avery, George
Awcock, Terrence
Axon, James
Ayers, Ralph
Ayre, George
Ayre, Roy
Baartz, John
Backhouse, Gerald
Backhouse, Herbert
Bacon, David
Bacon, Lindsay
Bacon, Sydney
Badger, Neil
Badger, William
Badgery, David
Badman, Roy
Baetz, Henry
Baggs, Francis
Bagot, Edward
Bagshaw, Graham
Baile, Evelyn
Bailey, Albert
Bailey, Edwin
Bailey, Eric
Bailey, Garnet
Bailey, John
Bailey, Lester
Bailey, Lloyd
Bailey, Lloyd
Bailey, Norman
Bailey, Robert
Bailey, Ronald
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Valden
Baillie, Mervyn
Baily, George
Bain, Donald
Bain, Douglas
Bain, Leslie
Baines, Ian
Baird, Stanley
Bairnsfather, Ralph
Bairstow, John
Baker, Allenby
Baker, Alwyn
Baker, Edgar
Baker, Elwyn
Baker, Ivan
Baker, James
Baker, John
Baker, Louis
Baker, Robert
Baker, Robert
Baker, William
Balcombe, Gordon
Balding, Keith
Baldock, Edward
Baldock, Harold
Baldock, Lionel
Baldwin, Edward
Baldwin, Ernest
Baldwin, Godfrey
Baldwin, Jack
Baldwin, Wilfred
Bales, John
Balfour, Donald
Balfour, John
Ball, Alfred
Ball, Dudley
Ball, Eric
Ball, Harold
Ball, John
Ballard, George
Ballard, Russell
Ballard, Victor
Balleine, Bernard
Balmer, John
Balzer, Christian
Bambrick, Virgil
Bamkin, Eric
Banbury, Richard
Bandy, John
Banfield, Kenneth
Banfield, Raymond
Banks, Ivan
Banks, Malcolm
Banks, Richard
Banks, Ronald
Banks, Thomas
Bannear, Ronald
Bannister, John
Bannister, Rupert
Banvill, Norman
Barbeler, Gerard
Barber, Bramwell
Barber, Bruce
Barber, Cedric
Barber, Charles
Barber, Francis
Barber, George
Barber, Leonard
Barber, Raymond
Barber, Ross
Barber, William
Barbour, Arthur
Barbour, Donald
Barbour, Robert
Barbour, William
Barclay, Thomas
Barden, William
Bardsley, Keith
Bardwell, Harley
Barham, William
Barker, Carl
Barker, Francis
Barker, Gordon
Barker, Herbert
Barker, John
Barker, Nigel
Barker, Norman
Barker, Robert
Barker, Roger
Barklay, Harold
Barkley, Eric
Barling, Sydney
Barlow, Charles
Barlow, David
Barlow, James
Barlow, John
Barlow, Robert
Barnard, Robin
Barnden, Leo
Barnes, Arthur
Barnes, John
Barnes, Keith
Barnes, Norman
Barnes, Peter
Barnes, Vernon
Barnes, William
Barnett, Kenneth
Barnett, Leonard
Barnett, Milton
Barnett, Ross
Barnfather, Eliot
Barnfield, Colin
Barnwell, Jack
Barnwell, Kenneth
Barr, Dennis
Barr, Donald
Barr, Robert
Barrett, Allen
Barrett, Alwyn
Barrett, Douglas
Barrett, June
Barrett, Layton
Barrett, Lindon
Barrett, Noel
Barrett, Richard
Barrett-Lennard, Francis
Barrett-Lennard, John
Barrett-Lennard, Michael
Barrey, Raymond
Barron, Harold
Barron, Neville
Barrow, Bruce
Barrow, Richard
Barry, Alfred
Barry, David
Barry, James
Barry, John
Barry, John
Barsby, Edgar
Barter, Reginald
Bartle, Peter
Bartlett, Frank
Bartlett, Gordon
Bartlett, Howard
Bartlett, Sidney
Bartley, Herbert
Bartley, Walter
Barton, Allan
Barton, Andrew
Barton, Arthur
Barton, Druce
Barton, Hugh
Barton, Leonard
Barton, Raymond
Bartram, Christopher
Bartsch, George
Bartsch, Robert
Bartschi, George
Barty, Bernard
Barwick, Ian
Bashford, Percival
Bass, Noel
Bassan, Trevor
Bassett, Donald
Bassett, Edwin
Baster, Alan
Batchelor, George
Bate, Alfred
Bateman, George
Bateman, Mervyn
Bateman, Peter
Bates, Alan
Bates, Albert
Bates, Bernard
Bates, Dudley
Bates, John
Bates, Kelvin
Bates, Walter
Bates-Brownsword, Reuben
Bateup, John
Bath, Richard
Bath, Victor
Bathurst, Alan
Batten, Douglas
Batterham, Jack
Battle, Ernest
Battle, James
Batton, Ian
Batty, Kenneth
Batty, Robert
Battye, Reginald
Batzloff, Douglas
Baudinette, Ivan
Bauer, Louis
Baulderstone, Dennis
Baulderstone, Thomas
Bavin, Douglas
Bawden, Donald
Baxendale, Francis
Baxter, Allan
Baxter, Kenneth
Baxter, Murray
Baxter, Robert
Baxter, William
Bayley, Ernest
Bayley, Lindsay
Bayliss, Jack
Bayliss, Lenn
Bayly, Francis
Beach, Rex
Beacham, Neville
Beal, Ronald
Beale, Francis
Beale, Herbert
Beale, Ilma
Beamond, Alfred
Bean, Frederick
Beard, Robert
Beard, William
Beatson, Earl
Beattie, Donald
Beattie, Glen
Beattie, Roy
Beatty, Argyle
Beatty, Colin
Beauchamp, Leonard
Beauchamp, Warwick
Beaumont, Edward
Beaumont, Ernest
Beavan, William
Beazley, Alan
Beck, James
Beck, Norman
Beckett, Albert
Beckett, John
Beckett, William
Beckhouse, Gordon
Beckingham, Clarence
Beckley, Ronald
Beckley, Thomas
Beckoff, George
Beddoe, Donald
Beddoe, Robert
Bedwell, Horace
Bee, Kenneth
Beebar, John
Beecher, Thomas
Beer, Allan
Beer, Eric
Beer, Jack
Beer, William
Beesley, Alex
Beeson, John
Beeston, James
Beeston, Richard
Beeston, Walter
Begg, Colin
Begg, John
Begg, Reginald
Beggs, Nathaniel
Beharrie, David
Behrndt, Raymond
Beilby, John
Beinke, Dudley
Beitz, Cecil
Beitz, Gordon
Belbin, Sydney
Belford, Thomas
Belford, William
Bell, Alan
Bell, Albert
Bell, Charles
Bell, Colin
Bell, David
Bell, Douglas
Bell, Douglas
Bell, Frederick
Bell, George
Bell, Hilton
Bell, Jack
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, Keith
Bell, Maxwell
Bell, Merton
Bell, Orten
Bell, Paton
Bell, Ralph
Bell, Ronald
Bell, Ronald
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William
Bell-Towers, Wadya
Bellert, Morris
Bellhouse, Reginald
Bellingham, Ronald
Bellman, Norman
Belot, Theodore
Belshaw, Arthur
Beltz, Eric
Beman, Harold
Bendall, Jabez
Benison, Phillip
Benjamin, Colin
Benn, John
Bennett, Alexander
Bennett, Alfred
Bennett, Allan
Bennett, Arthur
Bennett, Brian
Bennett, Bruce
Bennett, Clarence
Bennett, Fred
Bennett, James
Bennett, Keith
Bennett, Kenneth
Bennett, Kenneth
Bennett, Leon
Bennett, Richard
Bennett, Richard
Bennett, Wilfred
Bennett, William
Bennington, Douglas
Bensley, Marcus
Benson, David
Benson, Donald
Benson, John
Benson, Philip
Benson, Sydney
Bensted, Lionel
Bent, Thomas
Bentley, Charles
Bentley, James
Benzie, James
Beresford, John
Bergelin, Rupert
Berger, Colin
Berghouse, Maxwell
Berkley, Robert
Bernaldo, Jack
Bernard, Clifford
Bernard, Clive
Berndt, Thomas
Bernie, Walter
Berriman, Cecil
Berriman, Vincent
Berry, Edmund
Berry, Edwin
Berry, Kenneth
Berry, Laurence
Berry, Stanley
Berry, Timpron
Berry, Weston
Berryman, Arthur
Berthelsen, Mervyn
Bertram, Eric
Bertuch, Ernest
Beruldsen, Kenneth
Bessell-Browne, John
Best, C (search for Beste)
Bethel, Stanley
Betson, John
Betteridge, Arthur
Bettington, Max
Betts, Ernest
Beutel, William
Bevan, Keith
Beveridge, Roy
Beverstock, Albert
Beves, Norman
Bewley, Edward
Beyer, Frederick
Beyer, Harry
Beyer, Maxwell
Biccard, Noel
Bice, Aubrey
Bickerton, Hugh
Bickford, Douglas
Bicknell, Aubrey
Bicknell, Donald
Biden, Ross
Bidgood, Francis
Bidstrup, George
Biesiot, Leslie
Biffen, Jack
Biggin, Geoffrey
Biggs, Anthony
Biggs, Ernest
Biglands, Reginald
Bigmore, Gordon
Billett, Clive
Billing, Albert
Billing, John
Billington, Charles
Billman, Douglas
Bilsby, Ralph
Biltoft, Arthur
Biltoft, Tom
Bilton, Victor
Binder, Kenneth
Bingham, Clive
Bingham, Clive
Bingham, Kevin
Bingham, Vincent
Binks, Esther
Binnie, Keith
Binnie, Neil
Binnie, William
Binning, Terence
Binning, William
Binstead, Jack
Birch, Eric
Birch, Ernest
Birchall, Frederick
Bird, Campbell
Bird, Harold
Bird, Hugh
Bird, Jack
Bird, John
Bird, Norman
Bird, Walter
Birdsey, Keith
Birk, Doric
Birk, Hilary
Birmingham, William
Birrell, Eric
Birrell, John
Birrell, Richard
Birrell, Wilson
Birt, Lynton
Birt, Peter
Birtles, Alfred
Birtles, Ronald
Bishop, Alan
Bishop, Benjamin
Bishop, Colin
Bishop, Frank
Bishop, George
Bishop, Jack
Bishop, James
Bishop, Leslie
Bishop, Leslie
Bishop, Maurice
Bishop, Thomas
Black, Charles
Black, Clarence
Black, Douglas
Black, Dudley
Black, Frank
Black, Gregory
Black, John
Black, Patrick
Black, Russell
Black, Stanley
Blackburn, Adrian
Blackburn, Allen
Blacker, Ian
Blackford, Walter
Blackham, Kenneth
Blackie, Ian
Blackie, Raymond
Blackley, Allan
Blackley, David
Blackman, Robert
Blackmore, Francis
Blackmore, Geoffrey
Blackshaw, John
Blackstock, William
Blackwell, Leonard
Blackwell, William
Blain, William
Blair, Robert
Blake, Albert
Blake, Alfred
Blake, Norman
Blakeley, William
Blakey, Frank
Blanch, Gordon
Blanch, Percy
Blanchard, Roger
Bland, Gordon
Blatch, Benjamin
Blatchford, Frederick
Blaubaum, Maxwell
Blechynden, Roger
Blessing, William
Blessing, Wilson
Blick, Claude
Blight, Ambrose
Blight, Norman
Block, Noel
Blok, David
Blom, George
Blom, Walter
Bloom, Lionel
Bloomfield, David
Blumer, Paul
Blumer, Richmond
Blundell, Colin
Blundell, Kenneth
Blunt, Malcolm
Boag, Robert
Boal, Harold
Boanas, Jack
Boase, Peter
Boatswain, James
Bock, Allan
Bock, Eric
Boden, John
Bodie, Ronald
Bodley, Francis
Boehm, Donovan
Boehm, Hedley
Boekenstein, Olaf
Boettcher, Arthur
Bogan, Edward
Bogle, Charles
Bohane, Brian
Bohl, William
Bohun, Roy
Boland, Milton
Boler, Herbert
Bolger, Christopher
Bolger, Hugh
Bolger, Ray
Bolger, Thomas
Bolton, George
Bolton, Robert
Bolton, Robert
Bond, Alan
Bond, George
Bond, Jack
Bond, John
Bond, John
Bond, John
Bond, Ralph
Bone, Charles
Bonnefin, Joseph
Bonnett, Raymond
Bonus, Sidney
Bonython, Ronald
Booth, James
Booth, John
Booth, John
Booth, Ronald
Borain, James
Borland, John
Borrett, Arnold
Borrett, Frederick
Borthwick, John
Bothe, William
Bothwell, Percival
Bott, Allan
Bott, Max
Boucaut, Peter
Boulter, Harold
Bourke, Algie
Bourke, Joseph
Bourke, Norman
Bourke, Patrick
Bourke, Thomas
Bourke, William
Bousfield, Jack
Boutcher, William
Bowd, Kevin
Bowden, John
Bowden, Noel
Bowden, Robert
Bowditch, John
Bowe, Donald
Bowell, Peter
Bowen, Ian
Bowen, Trevor
Bowen, William
Bower, Frank
Bower, Henry
Bowering, Frank
Bowern, Donald
Bowes, Lyle
Bowes, Roderick
Bowker, Stanley
Bowley, Robert
Bowman, Alan
Bowman, Alan
Bowman, Anthony
Bowman, John
Bowman, John
Bowman, Nelson
Bowman, Norman
Bown, Bruce
Bown, Leslie
Bown, Sydney
Bowness, Marshal
Bowron, Robin
Box, Malcolm
Boyce, Frederick
Boyce, Richard
Boyce, William
Boyd, Archie
Boyd, Athol
Boyd, Frank
Boyd, Gordon
Boyd, Harold
Boyd, Harry
Boyd, James
Boyd, James
Boyd, John
Boyd, Leslie
Boyd, Norman
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Ronald
Boyd, Roy
Boyd, Thompson
Boydell, Charles
Boydell, John
Boyes, Gordon
Boyle, Brian
Boyle, Daniel
Boyle, John
Boyle, John
Boylson, William
Boynton, Geoffrey
Boys, Howard
Boys, Josepha
Boys, Robert
Boyton, Basil
Brabender, Elton
Brabham, Robert
Bracken, John
Bradbury, Keith
Braddock, Bryant
Bradford, Colin
Bradford, Michael
Bradford, Robert
Bradley, Alick
Bradley, Basil
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, David
Bradley, David
Bradley, James
Bradley, James
Bradley, Keith
Bradley, Roy
Bradley, Thomas
Bradshaw, Donald
Bradshaw, Keith
Bradshaw, Malcolm
Bradstreet, Raymond
Brady, Alan
Brady, Francis
Brady, James
Brady, John
Brady, John
Brady, John
Brady, Laurence
Brady, Neville
Brady, Patrick
Brady, William
Brady, William
Braham, D
Braid, Alexander
Braid, Eric
Brain, Willie
Braine, Hope
Braithwaite, John
Bramley, Clifton
Branch, Sydney
Brand, Norman
Brand, Ray
Brander, Anthony
Brander, Harry
Brandon, Reginald
Brandt, Augustinus
Bransby, Alfred
Brasher, Edward
Brasington, George
Brassel, Terence
Brathwaite, Robert
Brawn, Roy
Bray, Arthur
Bray, Henry
Bray, John
Bray, William
Braybrook, Bertram
Braye, Robert
Brayne, Frederick
Breakspear, Allan
Brechin, Angus
Breed, John
Breen, Frederick
Breen, Harold
Breen, Leonard
Bremner, Eric
Brennan, Arthur
Brennan, Cyril
Brennan, John
Brennan, John
Brennan, Leonard
Brennan, Virgil
Brennan, William
Brenton, Edward
Brenton, William
Bresnahan, Daniel
Brett, Ronald
Brewin, Alan
Brewin, Patrick
Brewin, Raymond
Brewington, Robert
Briant, Alfred
Bridge, Stanley
Bridgland, Maurice
Brien, Henry
Brigden, Clifton
Briggs, George
Briggs, John
Brighouse, Malcolm
Bright, Brian
Bright, Harry
Bright, Keith
Brighton, William
Brindell, Robert
Brindley, Russel
Brine, Lindsay
Brine, Ross
Brine, William
Brissenden, Frederick
Brittain, Albert
Brittain, Jack
Britten, Frank
Britten-Jones, Ansell
Brittingham, Raymond
Brittliff, Joseph
Broad, Donald
Broad, Edgar
Broad, Raymond
Broad, Ronald
Broadbent, Francis
Broadfoot, Colin
Brock, Halcombe
Brock, Harold
Brock, Henry
Brock, James
Brock, John
Brockhoff, Ralph
Brockhurst, Colin
Brocksopp, John
Broderick, John
Brodie, Hugh
Brodie, Ian
Brodrick, Noel
Brodrick, Warren
Bromley, Charles
Bromley, Edward
Bromley, Reginald
Broodbank, Ronald
Brook, Kenneth
Brook, Philip
Brook, Raymond
Brook, Robert
Brook, Roy
Brooker, Frank
Brooker, Gordon
Brooker, William
Brooking, Alexander
Brookman, Ronald
Brooks, Charles
Brooks, Edward
Brooks, Ernest
Brooks, Hiram
Brooks, James
Brooks, John
Brooks, Philip
Brooks, William
Broomfield, Leslie
Broomhall, Charles
Broomhead, David
Brosnan, John
Brougham, Geoffrey
Brown, Albert
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Allan
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Bernard
Brown, Brian
Brown, Bruce
Brown, Cedrick
Brown, David
Brown, Donald
Brown, Donald
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Edwin
Brown, Edwin
Brown, Eric
Brown, Ernest
Brown, Erwin
Brown, Geoffrey
Brown, Geoffrey
Brown, George
Brown, Gilbert
Brown, Gordon
Brown, Harry
Brown, Herbert
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Keith
Brown, Kelvin
Brown, Kenneth
Brown, Laurence
Brown, Leo
Brown, Lionel
Brown, Norman
Brown, Norman
Brown, Reginald
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roye
Brown, Seymour
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Sydney
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Vincent
Brown, Vivian
Brown, William
Brown, William
Browne, Adrian
Browne, Allan
Browne, David
Browne, Francis
Browne, Geoffrey
Browne, James
Browne, Joseph
Browne, Maxwell
Browne, Neville
Browne, Peter
Browne, Richard
Browne, Robert
Browne, William
Browning, Robert
Brownjohn, Bruce
Brownjohn, Hilton
Bruce, Frederick
Bruce, Kenneth
Bruce, Robert
Bruckner, Maxwell
Bruderlin, Douglas
Brunskill, Anthony
Bryan, Kenneth
Bryant, John
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, Ronald
Bryant, William
Bryde, Geoffrey
Bryden, John
Bryden, William
Bubke, Thomas
Buchan-Hepburn, Ronald
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, Malcolm
Buchanan, Norman
Buchanan, Norman
Buchanan, Robert
Buchholz, Charles
Buchhorn, Maxwell
Bucirde, Reginald
Buck, Alex
Buckby, Ernest
Buckeridge, Clement
Buckingham, Robert
Buckland, Alfred
Buckland, Arthur
Buckland, Edward
Buckland, Gordon
Buckland, Graham
Buckland, John
Buckland, John
Buckle, Douglas
Buckle, John
Buckley, Allan
Buckley, Robert
Buckman, John
Buckman, Patrick
Bucknell, Brian
Bucknell, Geoffrey
Bucknell, Phillip
Buckner, Bennie
Budd, Hamilton
Budd, Wrinch
Buettel, Keith
Buhler, Ivan
Buist, Clement
Bulcock, Francis
Bull, Douglas
Bull, Henry
Bull, John
Bull, Lawrence
Bull, Leon
Bull, Nugent
Bull, Ronald
Bull, William
Bullen, James
Bullen, Noel
Bullmore, Herbert
Bulmer, Leslie
Buls, Bruce
Bumpstead, Alan
Bunce, Ernest
Bundara, Colin
Bundara, Noel
Bungay, William
Bungey, Robert
Bunning, Bruce
Buntine, Robert
Burbidge, Hugh
Burcher, George
Burcher, Reginald
Burcher, William
Burchett, Mervyn
Burdus, Reginald
Burford, Lawrie
Burgan, Geoffrey
Burge, Walter
Burges, Norman
Burgess, Arthur
Burgess, Aubrey
Burgess, Clifford
Burgess, Colin
Burgess, Frank
Burgess, George
Burgess, James
Burgess, John
Burgess, Malcolm
Burgess, Thomas
Burgum, William
Burke, Bruce
Burke, Ernest
Burke, Francis
Burke, John
Burke, Mervyn
Burke, Robert
Burke, Robert
Burkett, George
Burleigh, Herbert
Burnell, Brian
Burnell, Noel
Burnett, Thomas
Burney, Henry
Burnham, Hubert
Burnham, John
Burnley, Bernard
Burns, Alexander
Burns, Alfred
Burns, Bobbie
Burns, Daniel
Burns, Huia
Burns, John
Burns, Kevan
Burns, Malcolm
Burns, Norman
Burns, Phillip
Burns, Robert
Burnside, Harold
Burrage, John
Burraston, Jack
Burrett, James
Burroughs, Phillip
Burrow, Lionel
Burrowes, Mavis
Burrowes, Thomas
Burrows, Donald
Burrows, Felix
Burrows, Frank
Burrows, John
Burrows, Martin
Burrows, Ronald
Burrows, Wilfred
Bursill, John
Burston, Herbert
Burt, Alan
Burt, Rex
Burton, Edwin
Burton, Graeme
Burton, Herbert
Burton, John
Burton, Ronald
Burton, Wallace
Burton, Wallace
Bury, Glyn
Busby, John
Busch, Albert
Bush, Barrister
Bush, John
Bushell, George
Bushell, Gregory
Bussell, Kent
Bussenschutt, Douglas
Buswell, Leonard
Butchart, Bruce
Butcher, Charles
Butcher, Francis
Butcher, Jack
Butcher, Raymond
Butcher, Walter
Butler, Alfred
Butler, Joseph
Butler, Kenneth
Butler, Neville
Butler, Phillip
Butler, Ronald
Butler, Roy
Butler, Terence
Butler, William
Butt, Robert
Butt, Warren
Buttel, Albert
Butterfield, S
Butterfield, Thomas
Butterworth, John
Buttery, Geoffrey
Buttery, Lionel
Button, Lyle
Buttsworth, John
Buxton, Alfred
Byass, Reginald
Bye, Garth
Byerley, Douglas
Byers, Peter
Byrne, Calvert
Byrne, Garry
Byrne, John
Byrne, Nial
Byrne, Ray
Byrne, Reginald
Byrne, Roger
Byrnes, Kerry
Byrnes, Robert
Cadd, Kenneth
Cadd, Leslie
Cadd, William
Caddy, John
Caddy, Mervyn
Caddy, Peter
Cadell, John
Caffyn, Murray
Cahill, Clyde
Cahill, John
Caiger, Victor
Cain, Alexander
Cain, John
Cain, Lance
Cain, Leonard
Caladine, Keith
Calder, Cecile
Calder, Edward
Calder, George
Calder, Lewis
Calder, Peter
Calder, Robert
Calderwood, Leonard
Caldow, Lindsay
Caldwell, David
Caldwell, James
Cale, Francis
Callaghan, Francis
Callaghan, William
Callahan, John
Callahan, Peter
Callander, Robert
Callas, Manoel
Callister, Ian
Callow, John
Callow, Peter
Calvert, Clive
Calvesbert, John
Cambridge, Thomas
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, Anthony
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, Colin
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Douglas
Cameron, Duncan
Cameron, Gilbert
Cameron, Gordon
Cameron, Ivan
Cameron, James
Cameron, James
Cameron, James
Cameron, John
Cameron, Peter
Cameron, Phillip
Cameron, Richard
Cameron, Ross
Cameron, Royston
Cameron, Stuart
Cameron, William
Camier, Ronald
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Allan
Campbell, Allan
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, Clarence
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Collin
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Edgar
Campbell, Edwin
Campbell, Gordon
Campbell, Gordon
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Herbert
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jeffrey
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, Kenneth
Campbell, Lawrence
Campbell, Macquarie
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Nigel
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Staffa
Campbell, Sydney
Campbell, Victor
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Canavan, Reginald
Candish, Eugene
Canet, David
Cann, Leonard
Canning, Frank
Canterbury, William
Cantor, Colin
Cantor, Oswald
Cantwell, Anthony
Cantwell, Richard
Canty, Edwin
Canty, James
Capel, David
Capron, Lionel
Cardno, William
Carew, Dominick
Carey, Margaret
Carey, Stanley
Cargill, Harry
Carington-Smith, Edward
Carius, Leonard
Carl, Alfred
Carlile, William
Carlill, Ronald
Carling, Thomas
Carlon, Patrick
Carloss, Don
Carlson, Eric
Carlson, Kenneth
Carlton, Albert
Carlton, Arthur
Carlyle, Hubert
Carmichael, David
Carmichael, John
Carmichael, Reginald
Carmody, Arthur
Carmody, John
Carne, Roy
Carnell, Samuel
Carney, Kevin
Carney, Robert
Carnie, Ian
Carnie, Wilfred
Carnley, James
Carpender, John
Carpenter, Jack
Carpenter, William
Carr, Albert
Carr, Bindon
Carr, John
Carr, Leonard
Carr, Rex
Carr, Sydney
Carrall, Nigel
Carran, Frederick
Carrier, William
Carrington, Henry
Carrington, James
Carrodus, Robert
Carroll, Edward
Carroll, Marmion
Carroll, Maurice
Carroll, Neville
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, Victor
Carroll, Wilfred
Carruthers, John
Carson, Allan
Carson, Reginald
Carter, Alfred
Carter, Anthony
Carter, Arnold
Carter, Bernard
Carter, Douglas
Carter, Geoffrey
Carter, Godfrey
Carter, Harold
Carter, Jack
Carter, James
Carter, Jean
Carter, John
Carter, John
Carter, John
Carter, Kenneth
Carter, Leo
Carter, Leonard
Carter, Philip
Carter, Phillip
Carter, Robert
Carter, Ronald
Carter, Rothney
Carthew, Edwin
Carton, William
Cary, Albert
Cary, Geoffrey
Cary, Sydney
Casey, Allan
Casey, Barry
Casey, James
Casey, John
Casey, Raymond
Casey, Trevor
Cash, John
Cashion, Patrick
Cashman, William
Cass, William
Cassells, Francis
Cassidy, Clyde
Cassidy, Frederick
Cassidy, Maxwell
Cassidy, Ralph
Castle, Melville
Castle, Percy
Castor, Ernest
Caswell, Garth
Caswell, Harry
Catanach, James
Catford, Gilmour
Cato, Hugh
Cato, Reginald
Catron, William
Catterick, James
Catton, Norman
Caulley, Keith
Cavanagh, Leonard
Cavanagh, Peter
Cavanagh, Ronald
Caveridge, Gergo
Cavill, James
Cawley, Patrick
Cawthorne, Philip
Cecil, Mervyn
Chadwick, Thomas
Chadwick, William
Chadwick-Bates, Arthur
Challinor, James
Challis, Edgar
Chalmer, Edward
Chalmers, Ivor
Chalmers, Ivor
Chalmers, John
Chalmers, Murray
Chalmers, Robert
Chamberlain, James
Chamberlain, Noel
Chambers, Albert
Chambers, Reginald
Champness, Edward
Chandler, Beverley
Chandler, James
Chandler, Keith
Chandler, Roger
Chandler, Sydney
Chandler, William
Channon, Francis
Channon, Oswald
Chantler, John
Chapman, Alfred
Chapman, Arthur
Chapman, Cedric
Chapman, Christopher
Chapman, Colin
Chapman, Francis
Chapman, Geoffrey
Chapman, Henry
Chapman, Jack
Chapman, James
Chapman, Leslie
Chapman, Neil
Chapman, Norman
Chapman, Robert
Chapman, Wilbur
Chappell, Alan
Chappell, John
Chapple, Charls
Chapple, Ivan
Charles, Thomas
Charlesworth, Douglas
Charley, John
Charlick, David
Charlick, Dean
Charlton, Raymond
Charlton, William
Charman, Edward
Charters, Aubrey
Chase, William
Chataway, Cosmo
Chatto, Harry
Cheatle, Allen
Cheatle, Raey
Checchi, David
Cheese, William
Chellew, John
Chelman, William
Cheney, Clarence
Chenoweth, Colin
Chenoweth, Eric
Chenu, John
Chesshire, Neville
Chester, Charles
Chester, Donovan
Chester, Ivan
Chester, Kenneth
Chester, Lambert
Chester, Leonard
Chesterman, Sydney
Cheyne, George
Chick, Laurence
Chidgey, Frank
Chidlow, Frederick
Chigwidden, John
Chinner, John
Chinnery, Lavington
Chinnery, Roy
Chirnside, Arthur
Chisholm, Colin
Chisholm, Colin
Chisholm, Robert
Chisholm, Wallace
Chittock, Wesley
Chitty, Walter
Chivers, Albert
Chivers, Ernest
Chiverton, Frank
Chote, Keith
Chowns, Nurden
Christ, Walter
Christensen, Edward
Christensen, George
Christian, Harold
Christie, Alec
Christie, Alexandra
Christie, Robert
Christie, Ronald
Christie, Sidney
Christie, William
Christison, Ian
Christmass, Lewis
Christsen, Walter
Church, David
Church, George
Ciglander, Raymond
Clancy, Harold
Clapham, Victor
Clapinson, Henry
Clapp, Alexander
Clare, David
Clarey, Colin
Clark, Archibald
Clark, Ashton
Clark, Bernard
Clark, Graham
Clark, Herbert
Clark, Ivan
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, Keith
Clark, Keith
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Kevin
Clark, Leonard
Clark, Neville
Clark, Norman
Clark, Peter
Clark, Reginald
Clark, Ronald
Clark, Ronald
Clark, Theodore
Clark, Tom
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clarke, Arthur
Clarke, Arthur
Clarke, Arthur
Clarke, Daniel
Clarke, Eric
Clarke, Geoffrey
Clarke, George
Clarke, George
Clarke, Gordon
Clarke, Harold
Clarke, John
Clarke, John
Clarke, Joseph
Clarke, Kenneth
Clarke, Kenneth
Clarke, Lancelot
Clarke, Lawrence
Clarke, Leo
Clarke, Leslie
Clarke, Maxwell
Clarke, Morris
Clarke, Reginald
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Roy
Clarke, Sydney
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Trevor
Clarke, William
Clarkson, Peter
Clarson, Kenneth
Clausen, Arthur
Clauson, Peter
Claxton, Oliver
Clay, George
Clayton, Frederick
Clayton, Lawrence
Clayton, Maurice
Clayton, Robert
Clayworth, Eric
Cleary, Jack
Cleary, James
Clegg, Bernard
Clegg, Roy
Clegg, William
Cleland, William
Clement, Charles
Clement, George
Clements, Herbert
Cleminson, James
Clemo, William
Clemow, William
Clerke, Frederick
Cleveland, Francis
Cleworth, James
Clifford, Clive
Clifford, Michael
Clifford, Ronald
Clifford, Samuel
Clifton, John
Clisby, Leslie
Cloake, Stephen
Close, Douglas
Close, James
Close, Sidney
Clothier, Grahame
Clough, Ernest
Clough, Roger
Clowry, Felix
Clubb, Frederick
Clucas, Frank
Clunas, Eric
Clyne, Geoffrey
Coad, Graham
Coates, Albert
Coates, Herbert
Coates, John
Coates, Percy
Coates, Rex
Cobern, Charles
Cobern, Geoffrey
Cobley, Maxwell
Coburn, Thomas
Cochrane, Keith
Cock, Colin
Cock, Norman
Cock, Walter
Cockington, Percival
Cockrem, Harry
Cockroft, Verne
Cody, Bernard
Coffey, Robert
Coggin, Harold
Coghill, Kelvin
Coghlan, Horace
Cohen, Colin
Cohen, Geoffrey
Cohen, Joseph
Coldham-Fussell, Humphrey
Coldrey, Jeffery
Cole, David
Cole, Elliot
Cole, Kenneth
Cole, Norman
Cole, Ray
Cole, Stuart
Cole, Thomas
Coleman, Alan
Coleman, Bernard
Coleman, Ian
Coleman, Kenneth
Coleman, Maxwell
Coles, Colin
Colgan, Lionel
Collaery, Edward
Collard, Gaetan
Collas, Cyril
Collens, William
Colless, Gordon
Collett, Malcolm
Collier, Albert
Collier, James
Collier, Kenneth
Collier, Peter
Collins, Alan
Collins, Alan
Collins, Albert
Collins, Allan
Collins, Austin
Collins, Brian
Collins, Derrel
Collins, Edward
Collins, Geoffrey
Collins, George
Collins, George
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, Laurence
Collins, Lindsay
Collins, Ronald
Collins, Victor
Collins, Vincent
Collins, William
Collins, William
Collis, Robert
Colman, Cyril
Colquhoun-Thomson, Ian
Colthrup, James
Colwell, Claude
Combes, Alan
Comer, George
Conaghan, Frederick
Condon, Herbert
Condon, John
Condon, William
Conkey, Milton
Conley, Graham
Conley, Ronald
Conlon, John
Conn, Francis
Connell, Bernard
Connell, Douglas
Connell, Francis
Connell, Geoffrey
Connell, George
Connell, Joan
Connellan, Vincent
Connolly, Darrel
Connolly, Francis
Connolly, Frank
Connor, Arthur
Connor, Les
Connors, Leslie
Connors, Oswald
Connors, Patrick
Conolan, Bernard
Conquest, Henry
Conrad, Clarence
Conroy, Bernard
Conroy, Desmond
Conroy, Reginald
Constable, Donald
Constantine, L
Conway, Henry
Conway, Norman
Conway, Patrick
Cook, Alan
Cook, Alfred
Cook, Alfred
Cook, Allan
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Arthur
Cook, Colin
Cook, Edward
Cook, Ernest
Cook, Francis
Cook, Frank
Cook, George
Cook, James
Cook, James
Cook, Keith
Cook, Kenneth
Cook, Leonard
Cook, Robert
Cook, Ronald
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Thomas
Cook, Walter
Cook, William
Cooke, Arthur
Cooke, Leslie
Cooke, Rolla
Cooke, Terence
Cookman, Frederick
Cooling, Keith
Coombe, Herbert
Coombe, Keith
Coomes, Albert
Cooper, Alan
Cooper, Albert
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Donald
Cooper, Eric
Cooper, Garnet
Cooper, Gordon
Cooper, Harold
Cooper, James
Cooper, John
Cooper, John
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Maurice
Cooper, Norman
Cooper, Norman
Cooper, Raymond
Cooper, Ronald
Cooper, William
Coote, Douglas
Coote, William
Copas, Vernon
Cope, Arthur
Cope, George
Copeland, Gerald
Coppin, William
Corbett, Edward
Corbett, Robert
Corbett, William
Corbett-Thompson, Bruce
Corbould, Irvine
Corcoran, Martin
Corcoran, Reginald
Corcoran, Stanislaus
Corfe, Dudley
Corkill, Charles
Corless, Victor
Corley, Colin
Corlis, John
Cormack, Donald
Cormack, Ian
Cormack, James
Cormack, Phillip
Cornall, Clifton
Cornelius, Marc
Cornelius, Ronald
Cornell, Johnathan
Cornes, William
Cornfoot, Jeffrey
Cornish, Frederick
Cornish, Howard
Cornish, Milton
Cornish, Walter
Cornwall, Geoffrey
Cornwell, Colin
Cornwell, Ross
Coronel, Paulus
Corrigan, Thomas
Corser, Arthur
Corser, Edward
Corser, Henry
Cory, John
Cosgriff, Brian
Cosgrove, John
Cosgrove, Robert
Cosgrove, William
Cosh, Edward
Cossart, James
Costello, Andrew
Costello, John
Coster, John
Costigan, William
Costin, Neville
Coto, Alexander
Cottew, Richard
Cottier, John
Cottle, John
Cottman, John
Cotton, Maxwell
Coulter, Jack
Couper, Frederick
Courtman, Daniel
Courtney, Geoffrey
Courtney, James
Courtney, Robert
Courtney, Ronald
Cousins, Anthony
Coutie, Alan
Coutie, Barton
Covell, James
Coventry, Charles
Coventry, Geoffrey
Coventry, Roy
Covill, Cyril
Cowan, Charles
Cowan, Colin
Cowan, Ian
Cowan, Percy
Cowan, Roland
Cowan, Warren
Cowan-Hunt, James
Coward, Charles
Coward, Robert
Cowe, William
Cowell, Douglas
Cowey, Wallace
Cowin, Douglas
Cowley, Jack
Cowley, John
Cowling, Kenneth
Cox, Alexander
Cox, Barry
Cox, Bernard
Cox, Charles
Cox, Charles
Cox, Christopher
Cox, Dudley
Cox, Frank
Cox, Harold
Cox, James
Cox, James
Cox, James
Cox, John
Cox, Keith
Cox, Keith
Cox, Maxwell
Cox, Neville
Cox, Reginald
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Walter
Crabb, Frank
Crabbe, Colin
Crabtree, Edward
Craddock, Alan
Craddock, Thomas
Crago, William
Craig, James
Craig, John
Craig, Marie
Craig, Norman
Craig, William
Craigie, John
Crain, Alan
Craine, Alexander
Cramer, Patrick
Cramp, Roy
Crane, Albert
Crane, Noel
Crane, Robert
Crane, William
Craner, John
Cranfield, Astley
Cranmer, Paul
Cranston, Dion
Cranston, Robert
Cranz, William
Crapp, Errol
Craven, George
Craven, Lyndley
Crawford, David
Crawford, Finley
Crawford, Gordon
Crawford, John
Crawford, Kent
Crawford, Ormond
Crawley, Christopher
Creamer, Aubrey
Creber, William
Creed, Eric
Crellin, Albert
Cremin, Daniel
Cresswell, Bernard
Cribb, Peter
Cribb, Stanley
Crichton, David
Crichton, George
Crichton, Rita
Criddle, Percival
Cridland, Alan
Cridland, Francis
Cripps, Raymond
Crisford, Raymond
Crisp, Elwyn
Crisp, Eric
Critcher, Edmund
Crittenden, Philip
Croal, Edward
Crocker, Basil
Crocker, Henry
Crockett, James
Crockett, Murray
Crockford, Alfred
Croft, Barry
Croft, Cedric
Croft, Charles
Croft, Joseph
Croft, Robert
Croft, William
Crombie, Charles
Crombie, Donald
Crombie, Mervyn
Crombie, Peter
Crompton, Eric
Crompton, George
Crone, John
Cronin, John
Croot, Douglas
Cropley, Alan
Crosbie, Jeffery
Crosbie, Leonard
Crosbie, Norman
Crosby, Peter
Crosdale, Charles
Crosier, Edward
Cross, Hugh
Cross, Ronald
Cross, Stanley
Cross, William
Crossing, Murray
Crossley, Arnold
Crossman, John
Crossman, Mervyn
Crosthwaite, Douglas
Croston, David
Crothers, Ronald
Crotty, Raymond
Crotty, William
Crouch, Alexander
Crouch, Douglas
Crouch, Gordon
Crouch, Kevin
Crouch, Marston
Crouch, Thomas
Croud, Joseph
Crout, Harry
Crow, Thomas
Crowe, Joseph
Crowley, Patrick
Crowley, Reginald
Crowther, Allister
Crowther, Lance
Croxton-Davis, Robert
Croydon, Harold
Crozier, John
Cruickshank, William
Cruikshank, John
Cryer, Alan
Cubitt, Colin
Cubitt, Lewin
Cuddihy, Nevil
Culhane, Maurice
Cullen, Arthur
Cullen, David
Cullen, Douglas
Cullen, John
Cullen, John
Cullen, Norman
Cullen, Richard
Cullen, Stanley
Culliford, Ronald
Cullum, Clarence
Culmer, Archibald
Culmsee, William
Culph, Peter
Cumberland, Russell
Cuming, Robert
Cumming, Allen
Cumming, Douglas
Cumming, Hugh
Cummings, Franklin
Cummings, Harold
Cummings, Max
Cummings, Ronald
Cummins, Francis
Cummins, Horace
Cunneen, James
Cunningham, Alan
Cunningham, Francis
Cunningham, William
Curchin, John
Curle, George
Curlewis, Raymond
Curner, Reginald
Curnow, Lancelot
Curnow, Ronald
Curr, Francis
Currey, George
Currie, Alan
Currie, Charles
Currie, Edward
Currie, Harold
Currie, James
Curry, Geoffrey
Curtin, Leo
Curtis, Aubrey
Curtis, Desmond
Curtis, John
Curtis, John
Curtis, Max
Curtis, Peter
Curtis, Raymond
Curtis, Stanley
Curtis, Victor
Curwood, Geoffrey
Cushing, Hugh
Cusick, Milford
Cust, Peter
Custance, Geoffrey
Cuthbertson, William
Cuthill, Ronald
Cutmore, Maurice
Cutten, Harry
D'Ombrain, Peter
Dacey, Clement
Dadds, Lincoln
Daggett, John
Dalco, William
Daldy, Gordon
Dale, Arthur
Dale, Jack
Daley, Carol
Daley, Edward
Daley, James
Daley, John
Daley, John
Dalgleish, Leslie
Dalglish, Allan
Dall, Robert
Dallas, John
Dallwitz, Raymond
Dally, John
Dalton, Douglas
Dalton, James
Dalton, John
Dalton, Leslie
Dalton, Rae
Daly, Hilson
Daly, Maurice
Daly, Wilfred
Dalzell, Henry
Dalziel, James
Damm, Alfred
Dampier-Crossley, Edward
Dan, Nicholas
Dangerfield, John
Dangerfield, Richard
Daniel, Anthony
Daniel, Keith
Daniel, Ronald
Daniel, William
Daniel, William
Daniell, Charles
Daniell, John
Daniels, Edward
Daniels, Raymond
Daniels, William
Danks-Brown, Keith
Dann, George
Dann, Lindsay
Dansie, Jack
Darby, Victor
Darby, Wilfred
Darcey, Richard
Dare, George
Dare, Keith
Dargie, Leo
Darken, Raymond
Darnell, Frederick
Darr, Norman
Dartnall, Ronald
Date, John
Datson, Edgar
Davenport, Allan
Davenport, Frank
Davenport, Richard
Davern, Owen
Davey, Alfred
Davey, Allan
Davey, Allan
Davey, Donald
Davey, George
Davey, John
Davey, Keith
Davey, Kellems
Davey, Mervyn
Davey, Robert
Davey, Walter
David, Gordon
Davidson, Alfred
Davidson, Archibald
Davidson, David
Davidson, Douglas
Davidson, Duncan
Davidson, Geoffrey
Davidson, James
Davidson, John
Davidson, Kevin
Davidson, Ross
Davidson, Stuart
Davie, Donald
Davie, John
Davie, Robert
Davies, Ally
Davies, Arthur
Davies, Ernest
Davies, Ernest
Davies, Frederick
Davies, George
Davies, Gordon
Davies, Herbert
Davies, Kenneth
Davies, Llewellyn
Davies, Murray
Davies, Norman
Davies, Richard
Davies, Ronald
Davies, Stanley
Davies, Sydney
Davies, Thomas
Davis, Albert
Davis, Albert
Davis, Alexander
Davis, Allan
Davis, Beresford
Davis, Brendon
Davis, Charles
Davis, Frederick
Davis, George
Davis, Gwynena
Davis, Ian
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Lance
Davis, Lawrence
Davis, Noel
Davis, Philip
Davis, Reginald
Davis, Richard
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Vincent
Davis, William
Davoren, Vincent
Daw, Gilbert
Dawe, Arnold
Dawes, Lance
Dawkins, Harry
Dawson, Cedar
Dawson, Donald
Dawson, Godfrey
Dawson, Kenneth
Dawson, Leslie
Dawson, Neville
Dawson, Peter
Dawson, Ronald
Dawson, Thomas
Day, Edwin
Day, Graham
Day, John
Day, Kenneth
Day, Lawrence
Day, Leonard
Day, Ross
Day, Warren
Day, William
Daymond, Thomas
De Cosier, Matthew
De Forrest, John
De Fraine, George
De Garis, Alfred
De Garis, Lewis
De Garis, William
De Pierres, Raymond
De Pinna, James
De Vis, Selwyn
Deacon, Edward
Deacon, Kenneth
Deacon, Stanley
Dean, Alan
Dean, David
Dean, Geoffrey
Dean, Henry
Dean, John
Dean, Raymond
Dear, Kenneth
Dearing, Lysle
Dearman, Victor
Dearnaley, Edgar
Death, Ernest
Debenham, Geoffrey
Deboos, Vernon
Declerck, Albert
Dedman, Harold
Deed, Cyril
Deed, Leonard
Deere, Maurice
Deester, Henry
Degenhardt, Charles
Deignan, Eric
Delacour, Herbert
Delahunt, Robert
Delahunty, James
Deland, Hartley
Delaney, Colin
Delaney, Maxwell
Delaporte, Eric
Delarue, Jack
Delatorre, Melville
Dellar, Thomas
Dellit, Lionel
Dempsey, Berte
Dempsey, William
Dempster, Norman
Denby, Warren
Denholm, Robert
Denholm, Robert
Denier, Desmond
Dening, John
Denison, Leslie
Denley, Richard
Denmeade, John
Dennett, Peter
Dennett, William
Dennis, Ernest
Dennis, Frederick
Dennis, Henry
Dennis, Stewart
Denny, Russell
Dent, Ainslie
Dent, Hal
Dent, Ian
Dent, Terence
Denyer, Neil
Derry, Francis
Deshon, Frederick
Desmond, Douglas
Desmond, John
Dettmann, Ronald
Deutscher, Christopher
Devall, Bruce
Devenish, Keith
Devenish-Meares, Russell
Deverell, Eric
Devereux, Leslie
Deveson, Edward
Devine, Eena
Devine, Phillip
Devine, Stewart
Devitt, Laurence
Devlin, Donald
Devlin, Henry
Devlin, Reginald
Devonshire, Peter
Dewhurst, Douglas
Dewhurst, Edgar
Dewhurst, John
Dey, Arthur
Dey, David
Dey, Phillip
Dial, Wilfred
Dibbs, George
Dick, Norman
Dicken, Michael
Dickenson, Max
Dickerson, Kevin
Dickie, John
Dickie, Robert
Dickinson, Harry
Dickinson, Keith
Dickinson, Ronald
Dickinson, William
Dickson, Andrew
Dickson, Beaumont
Dickson, Colin
Dickson, Colin
Dickson, Gwen
Dickson, James
Dickson, Robert
Dickson, Vivian
Dickson, William
Diehm, William
Diercks, Frederick
Dietman, John
Digges, Charles
Diggles, Ray
Dillon, Beresford
Dillon, Edwin
Dillon, James
Dillon, William
Dillon, William
Dillon, William
Dilworth, John
Dimelow, William
Dimmock, Harold
Dimmock, Thomas
Dimond, Francis
Ding, Eric
Dingle, Dudley
Dinning, John
Dive, Peter
Diversi, James
Dix, Gordon
Dixon, Donald
Dixon, Gregory
Dixon, Ian
Dixon, James
Dixon, John
Dobbie, Carl
Dobbie, Kenneth
Dobbs, Gilbert
Dobbyn, Robert
Dobinson, Julian
Dobson, Cyril
Dobson, Frank
Dobson, Reginald
Dobson, William
Docherty, Joseph
Dockery, Graeme
Docking, Robert
Dodd, Robert
Dodd, Thomas
Dodds, David
Dodds, James
Dodds, John
Dodds, Richard
Dodgshun, John
Dodgshun, Ronald
Dods, William
Dodson, Alfred
Doepel, John
Doery, James
Doggett, Gordon
Doherty, Nicholas
Dollar, Ralph
Dolman, Horace
Dolman, Robert
Dolphin, Arnold
Donaghy, Patrick
Donald, Harley
Donald, James
Donald, John
Donald, Keith
Donaldson, David
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, Robert
Donaldson, Stewart
Donn-Patterson, James
Donnan, James
Donnelly, Sydney
Donner, William
Donohoe, Albert
Donohoe, Frederick
Donohoe, James
Donohue, Thomas
Donowa, Rex
Doolan, Gregory
Doonan, Francis
Doran, Terence
Doran, Thomas
Doran, Vincent
Doran, Wesley
Dore, Gordon
Dorman, Eric
Dorn, Raymond
Dorney, Thomas
Dorrington, Ronald
Dorward, Leslie
Douch, Ronald
Doude, William
Douds, Douglas
Dougall, George
Dougan, Samuel
Douglas, Francis
Douglas, Hamilton
Douglas, Henry
Douglas, James
Douglas, James
Douglas, John
Douglas, John
Douglas, John
Douglas, Robert
Douglas, Robert
Douglass, Allyn
Dow, Eric
Dow, John
Dow, Ronald
Dowe, Ronald
Dowell, Ronald
Dowell, William
Dower, John
Dowie, Nevill
Dowling, Bryan
Dowling, George
Dowling, Roy
Dowling, Terence
Dowling, Wilbur
Down, Victor
Down, William
Downe, Alwyn
Downe, Geoffrey
Downes, Alan
Downes, John
Downes, Rupert
Downes, Thomas
Downie, Albert
Downing, Arthur
Downing, Darryl
Downing, Jeffrey
Downs, Alexander
Downs, Dudley
Dowse, Ralph
Dowsett, Arnold
Dowton, Allen
Doyle, Douglas
Doyle, Francis
Doyle, John
Doyle, Kevin
Draffin, Ronald
Draheim, Leonard
Drake, John
Drake-Brockman, Desmond
Drake-Brockman, Francis
Drakes, Stewart
Draysey, Lloyd
Drayton, John
Drew, Leslie
Drew, Roy
Drew, William
Drewe, Arthur
Drewer, Clifford
Dreyer, Leonard
Dripps, Donald
Drummond, Augustine
Drummond, Donald
Drummond, Frederick
Drummond, Joyce
Drummond, Kenneth
Drummond, Noel
Drummond, Peter
Drury, Robert
Drury, Rupert
Dryden, Henry
Drysdale, David
Duane, Gregory
Dubois, Evariste
Duckworth, Bruce
Dudley, Ulva
Due, Einar
Duel, Allen
Duell, James
Duff, Gordon
Duff, James
Duff-Fyfe, Malcolm
Duffield, Neville
Duffin, Kenneth
Duffy, Charles
Duffy, James
Duffy, Rodney
Duffy, Thomas
Dufty, Bruce
Dugan, James
Dugan, John
Duggan, Bernard
Duggan, Gordon
Duggan, Maurice
Duggan, Maxwell
Duggleby, Alan
Duhr, William
Dumas, Charles
Dumas, Keith
Dumont, Frank
Dumschat, Allen
Dunbar, Geoffrey
Dunbar, John
Dunbar, Maxwell
Duncan, Alan
Duncan, Alexander
Duncan, George
Duncan, Ian
Duncan, William
Duncanson, Alan
Duncanson, Leonard
Duncombe, David
Dunderdale, William
Dunford, Patrick
Dunham, Donald
Dunham, Lewis
Dunkerley, Allan
Dunkin, Frank
Dunlop, Edward
Dunlop, Norman
Dunn, Clifton
Dunn, Douglas
Dunn, Douglas
Dunn, Ian
Dunn, John
Dunn, Leslie
Dunn, Norman
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Phillip
Dunn, Robert
Dunn, Victor
Dunne, Eric
Dunne, Frederick
Dunne, John
Dunning, Colin
Dunning, Rayden
Dunshea, Clifford
Dunstan, Bruce
Dunstan, Robert
Dunstone, Clive
Dunstone, Edwin
Dupont, Jacques
Durbridge, Robert
Durdin, Garnet
Durdin, Reginald
Dureau, George
Durrant, Allan
Durrant, Ronald
Durrell, Alan
Durst, Austin
Durston, Ivan
Dutfield, Ian
Dutneall, Ralph
Dutton, John
Duxbury, Albert
Dwyer, Francis
Dwyer, John
Dwyer, Lawrence
Dwyer, Maurice
Dwyer, Norman
Dyce, Kenneth
Dyer, Arthur
Dyer, Bruce
Dyer, Kenneth
Dyer, William
Dyson, Dudley
Dyson, Francis
Dyson, John
Dyson, John
Dyte, Alan
Eadie, John
Eagar, Kingsley
Earl, Harold
Earl, Raymond
Earle, Harold
Earp, Frederick
Eason, James
Eastall, Ernest
Eastcott, Thomas
Easterbrook, Sidney
Eastgate, Colin
Eastgate, Mervyn
Easther, Leonard
Easton, Donald
Easton, Frederick
Easton, Hilford
Easton, Ivan
Eastwood, Basil
Eather, Allen
Eaton, Brian
Eaton, Robert
Eaton, Roger
Ebbott, Edwin
Ebeling, Frederick
Eccles, John
Eccleton, William
Echin, Henry
Eckersley, Cecil
Eckersley, George
Eddison, Edward
Eddy, Albert
Edelsten, Frederick
Eden, John
Edeson, William
Edginton, William
Edgoose, Tom
Edis, Herbert
Edlund, John
Edmends, William
Edmond, Philip
Edmonds, Cedric
Edmonds, Lloyd
Edmonds, Neville
Edmonds, Roy
Edmonds, Stanley
Edmonds, Wilfrid
Edmonds, William
Edmonds, William
Edmondson, Eric
Edquist, John
Edson, Stewart
Edwards, Allen
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Christopher
Edwards, Clifford
Edwards, Colin
Edwards, David
Edwards, Edgar
Edwards, Frederick
Edwards, George
Edwards, George
Edwards, James
Edwards, James
Edwards, Keith
Edwards, Kenneth
Edwards, Michael
Edwards, Neville
Edwards, Owen
Edwards, Patrick
Edwards, Peter
Edwards, Philip
Edwards, Rita
Edwards, Roy
Edwards, Stuart
Edwards, Terence
Edwards, William
Edye, Bruce
Egan, Daniel
Egan, John
Eggins, Robert
Egginton, Victor
Ekins, Frank
Eklund, Karl
Elcoate, Robert
Elder, Jack
Elgar, William
Eliot, Ivan
Elkington, Leopold
Ellen, Walter
Ellens, Herbert
Elleray, Desmond
Ellers, Frederick
Ellerton, Montague
Elliot, Burton
Elliott, Frank
Elliott, James
Elliott, Osric
Elliott, Percy
Elliott, Philip
Elliott, Richard
Elliott, Stanley
Elliott, Walter
Elliott, Walter
Ellis, Alfred
Ellis, Derek
Ellis, Douglas
Ellis, Frank
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, Leslie
Ellis, Murray
Ellis, Patrick
Ellis, Reginald
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Ronald
Ellis, Rowland
Ellis, Stanley
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, William
Ellis, William
Ellison, Keith
Ellyard, Ronald
Elmes, Charles
Elms, Henry
Elphick, Sidney
Elrick, Alexander
Elrington, Richard
Elsbury, Alexander
Elsley, Henry
Elstub, Thomas
Elwell, Arthur
Elwell, Ronald
Elwood, John
Ely, George
Ely, Ronald
Ely, Ronald
Ely, Vivian
Emberson, Edwin
Emerson, Alexander
Emerton, James
Emery, Arthur
Emery, Donald
Emery, George
Emery, John
Emery, Simon
Emery, William
Emmerson, Frederick
Emmerson, Ronald
Emmett, Geoffrey
Emmett, Keith
Emmott, Jack
Emonson, Richard
Emrose, Robert
Emrys-Jones, Louis
Emsley, Fred
England, Edward
England, Kenneth
Englefield, Francis
English, Francis
English, James
English, William
Enright, Cecil
Enright, Edwin
Enright, Peter
Epps, Charles
Epps, Loris
Erbacher, Norman
Ernst, George
Ernst, Neville
Erskine, Ralph
Ervin, William
Erwin, Kenneth
Esler, William
Essam, Thomas
Essex, Adrian
Estell, John
Etherington, Evelyn
Etherton, Philip
Etherton, Ronald
Eunson, Leonard
Eva, Ernest
Eva, John
Evan, Neil
Evans, Alfred
Evans, Brian
Evans, Bruce
Evans, Bruce
Evans, Brynmer
Evans, Colin
Evans, David
Evans, David
Evans, David
Evans, Frederick
Evans, Harold
Evans, Harry
Evans, James
Evans, Kenneth
Evans, Maurice
Evans, Neale
Evans, Neil
Evans, Norman
Evans, Rhys
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William
Evans, William
Evans, William
Evatt, George
Evatt, John
Evenson, John
Everatt, Frank
Everest, Edward
Everett, Dudley
Everett, Herbert
Everett, John
Everett, Norman
Everett, Norman
Everingham, Howard
Everist, Geoffrey
Evers, Alfred
Evers, Edwin
Ewans, Alan
Ewen, James
Ewins, Percy
Exell, Tom
Eyre, Isadore
Eyre, Thomas
Fagg, Eric
Fahey, Edwin
Fahey, Francis
Fahey, Michael
Faichnie, Ian
Fairbairn, Charles
Fairbairn, George
Fairbairn, Murray
Fairclough, Lindsay
Fairfax, Allan
Fairfax, Randolph
Fairhead, Leslie
Fairlie, Kenneth
Fairweather, Gordon
Faithorn, Lawrence
Falahey, William
Falkiner, John
Fallon, Colin
Fallon, John
Fallon, Lloyd
Fanning, Francis
Fardon, John
Faria, Raymond
Farish, William
Farlam, Alan
Farley, John
Farmer, Allan
Farmer, Donald
Farmer, Jack
Farmer, Ronald
Farmer, Walter
Farndell, David
Farnsworth, Roy
Farrands, Leonard
Farrar, Allan
Farrar, Francis
Farrell, Patrick
Farrell, Raymond
Farrell, Stanley
Farren, Frederick
Farrer, Albert
Farrer, Henry
Farrington, Allan
Farrington, John
Farrow, Robert
Farthing, John
Faulks, Raymond
Faull, Stanley
Faunt, Lindsay
Faust, Charles
Faviell, Jack
Fawcett, Frederick
Fawcett, James
Fawcett, Walter
Fayle, Ernest
Fazel, Jack
Feakes, Rex
Fealy, Herbert
Featherstone, Dennis
Feddersen, Murray
Feeney, Kenneth
Feilberg, Ronald
Feilden, Randle
Felgate, Ian
Felgate, John
Fell, Alwyn
Felstead, William
Fenly, Leonard
Fennell, Arthur
Fenton, Gordon
Fenton, Ronald
Fenton, Vivian
Fenton, William
Fenwick, George
Fenwick, John
Ferguson, Archibald
Ferguson, Bruce
Ferguson, Colin
Ferguson, Donald
Ferguson, Eric
Ferguson, George
Ferguson, Gordon
Ferguson, Herbert
Ferguson, Keith
Ferguson, Noel
Ferguson, Norman
Ferguson, Oswald
Ferguson, Ronald
Ferguson, Ronald
Ferme, Harold
Fernance, Darcy
Fernley-Stott, Norman
Fettell, Mervyn
Fidge, Harold
Fidock, Robert
Fiegert, Frederick
Field, Allan
Field, Patrick
Field, Peter
Field, William
Fielding, Ian
Fielding, Tom
Fietz, Clive
Filmer, Owen
Finch, Colin
Finch, Edward
Finch, George
Finch, Jack
Finch, Keith
Finch, Ronald
Fincham, Charles
Findlater, Frank
Findley, John
Fine, Bernard
Finlason, Donald
Finlay, James
Finlayson, Alexander
Finley, Douglas
Finn, Vincent
Finnane, Brian
Finney, Keith
Finnie, Alistair
Finster, Mervyn
Firman, Stanley
Firth, Louis
Fiscalini, Ronald
Fischer, Arthur
Fischer, Frank
Fischer, John
Fisher, David
Fisher, Douglas
Fisher, Frank
Fisher, Geoffrey
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, James
Fisher, John
Fisher, Noel
Fisher, Osborne
Fisher, Robert
Fisher, Russell
Fisk, James
Fitton, Keith
Fitton, Stewart
Fitzgerald, Bryan
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Francis
Fitzgerald, Henry
Fitzgerald, Kenneth
Fitzgerald, Lancelot
Fitzgerald, Leslie
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Fitzgerald, Patrick
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzgerald, William
Fitzhardinge, Allan
Fitzhenry, Stanley
Fitzner, Leonard
Fitzpatrick, Allan
Flaherty, Raymond
Flanagan, Ernest
Flanagan, John
Flanagan, Kevin
Flanagan, William
Flashman, Alfred
Flavel, Donald
Fleay, Alan
Flecknoe, John
Flegg, Robert
Fleischfresser, Colin
Fleming, Alan
Fleming, Edwin
Fleming, Gilbert
Fleming, Ian
Fleming, Jack
Fleming, Neville
Fleming, Paul
Fleming, Raymond
Fleming, William
Fleming, William
Fletcher, Alan
Fletcher, Charles
Fletcher, Colin
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, Dennis
Fletcher, Donald
Fletcher, Edward
Fletcher, Eric
Fletcher, Ernest
Fletcher, Harold
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, Joseph
Fletcher, Kenneth
Fletcher, Mervyn
Fletcher, Norman
Fletcher, Robert
Fletcher, William
Flett, Roderick
Flint, Harry
Flitcroft, Noel
Flockhart, Colin
Flohm, Lionel
Flood, Frederick
Flory, Maxwell
Flowers, Sydney
Floyd, Charles
Fly, Charles
Flynn, Brian
Flynn, Ignatius
Flynn, Lawrence
Foers, Frank
Fogarty, Kevin
Fogden, Edmund
Folbigg, Samuel
Foley, Bernard
Foley, Cornelius
Foley, Ethel
Foley, Martin
Foley, Max
Fong, George
Fontaine, Peter
Foody, James
Foote, Arthur
Foote, Kenneth
Forbes, Donald
Forbes, John
Forbes, William
Forbes, William
Forby, Jack
Ford, Bruce
Ford, Cecil
Ford, Clarence
Ford, Douglas
Ford, Eric
Ford, Errol
Ford, Herbert
Ford, Patrick
Ford, William
Forden, Hilton
Foreman, Wallace
Forgan, William
Forman, David
Formby, George
Forrest, Allan
Forrest, David
Forrest, James
Forrest, James
Forrest, John
Forrest, John
Forrest, Robert
Forrest, Russell
Forrester, Leonard
Forrester, Norman
Forrester, Sydney
Forrester, William
Forsayth, John
Forster, Douglas
Forster, Harry
Forster, Milton
Forsyth, Francis
Forsyth, John
Forsyth, Leslie
Forsyth, Thomas
Forsyth, Thomas
Fort, Clifford
Fosbery, Stephen
Foskett, Bruce
Foskett, Russell
Foster, Cecil
Foster, George
Foster, Keith
Foster, Max
Foster, Roy
Foster, Stanley
Foster, William
Fotheringham, Andrew
Fotheringham, Ian
Foulkes, Geoffrey
Fountain, Ronald
Fowler, Archibald
Fowler, Ernest
Fowler, George
Fowler, Gordon
Fowler, Harry
Fowler, Headley
Fowler, James
Fowler, Thomas
Fowles, Graham
Fox, Albert
Fox, Arthur
Fox, Basil
Fox, Francis
Fox, Frederick
Fox, Harry
Fox, Lloyd
Fox, Robert
Fox, Ronald
Fox, William
Foxcroft, Kenneth
Foxley, Arthur
Foy, Walter
Foyle, Raymond
Francis, Alan
Francis, Bryan
Francis, Dean
Francis, Edgar
Francis, Eoin
Francis, Hugh
Francis, John
Francis, John
Francis, Kenneth
Francis, Leonard
Francis, Max
Francis, Raymond
Frank, Andrew
Frank, Murray
Frankcomb, John
Frankish, Kenneth
Frankish, Robert
Franklin, David
Franklin, Harold
Fraser, Alan
Fraser, Albert
Fraser, Alexander
Fraser, Alexander
Fraser, Bryan
Fraser, Colin
Fraser, Donald
Fraser, Douglas
Fraser, Gilbert
Fraser, Harris
Fraser, Herbert
Fraser, Hugh
Fraser, Ian
Fraser, James
Fraser, Lindsay
Fraser, Peter
Fraser, Robert
Fraser, Simon
Fraser, Thomas
Frazer, Alan
Frazer, George
Frazer, Jack
Frazer, John
Frazer, Lancelott
Frazer, Norman
Freak, Charles
Freame, Edward
Freeburn, Roy
Freeman, Harry
Freeman, Hubert
Freeman, Keith
Freeman, Lloyd
Freeman, Maurice
Freeman, Reginald
Frees, John
Freeth, John
French, Geoffrey
French, George
French, Gordon
French, Keeble
French, Richard
French, William
Freney, Bernard
Frew, Harold
Frew, Robert
Friday, Arthur
Friday, John
Frieze, Berrol
Fripp, Alan
Frith, Ernest
Frith, Evan
Frith, John
Frith, Rex
Frith, Robert
Frizell, Herbert
Frizzell, Cecil
Fromm, Frederick
Frost, Eric
Frost, John
Frost, Kenneth
Frost, Rae
Frost, William
Frost, William
Fry, Herbert
Fry, James
Fry, Kenneth
Fry, Victor
Fryer, Arthur
Fryer, Graham
Fryer, John
Fuhrmann, Herbert
Fulford, Dudley
Fuller, Clifford
Fuller, Donald
Fuller, Kenneth
Fuller, Kenneth
Fuller, Leonard
Fuller, Lloyd
Fuller, Sydney
Fulton, Edgar
Furey, Ronald
Furlong, James
Furlong, Walter
Furness, John
Furniss, Oscar
Furse, William
Furzer, Clarence
Fuss, Newton
Fyfe, Garnet
Gadd, Arthur
Gaden, Charles
Gadsden, Ernest
Gadsden, John
Gadsden, Noel
Gaffney, Thomas
Gaggin, Eric
Gaha, Francis
Gahan, Geoffrey
Gaiter, James
Gale, Alan
Gale, David
Gale, Herbert
Gale, Kenneth
Gale, Lionel
Gale, Walter
Gall, Herbert
Gallagher, Anthony
Gallagher, Francis
Gallagher, Robert
Gallagher, Robin
Gallagher, Ronald
Gallaway, Horace
Galley, Arthur
Galligan, Edwin
Galligan, Patrick
Gallogly, Vincent
Galt, David
Galt, Kenneth
Galvin, John
Galvin, Kevin
Gamble, Clarence
Gamble, James
Gamble, John
Gamble, Leonard
Gammie, Colin
Gane, Albert
Ganley, Daniel
Gannon, Benjamin
Gannon, Ronald
Garbutt, Milton
Garbutt, Norman
Garde, Douglas
Garden, Harold
Gardiner, Austin
Gardiner, Desmond
Gardiner, Francis
Gardiner, John
Gardiner, Keith
Gardner, Edward
Gardner, James
Garland, Richard
Garlick, Horace
Garling, John
Garling, Leslie
Garling, Leslie
Garrahy, Lawrence
Garrard, John
Garrett, Alfred
Garrett, George
Garriock, Walter
Garrow, James
Garside, Ian
Garton, Willard
Garven, Arthur
Gaskell, Henry
Gaskin, Ernest
Gaskin, Frederick
Gates, Brian
Gates, Edward
Gates, Robert
Gatward, Alan
Gaunt, Henry
Gavin, Howard
Gawith, Murdoch
Gawler, Robert
Gawne, Terence
Gay, Clifford
Gay, John
Gay, Kenneth
Gayfer, Roscoe
Gayton, Erla
Gaze, Wharton
Gaze, William
Gazzard, Richard
Geake, William
Geappen, James
Geappen, Noel
Gear, Geoffrey
Gebbie, Gordon
Geddes, Francis
Geddes, Roy
Gee, Frank
Gee, Howard
Geeves, Bruce
Gehrig, Roy
Gehrmann, Kenneth
Gehrmann, Ronald
Geikie, Walter
Geisel, George
Geissmann, Bernard
Gelder, Norman
Gell, Allan
Genders, David
Gengos, William
Gent, Lionel
Geoghegan, John
George, Charles
George, Lloyd
George, Norman
George, William
George, William
Georgeson, Colin
Geraghty, Gerald
Gerathy, Kevin
Gerdes, Kenneth
Gericke, Phillip
Germain, Cecil
Germein, Joseph
Gerner, Christian
Gerrard, John
Gerrard, John
Gerrard, Norman
Gerty, Stanley
Gertzel, William
Gess, Edward
Gibb, Clifford
Gibb, Gordon
Gibberd, James
Gibbes, Augustus
Gibbins, Bruce
Gibbons, Arthur
Gibbs, Harold
Gibbs, Ronald
Gibbs, William
Gibbs, William
Gibney, James
Gibson, Alfred
Gibson, Colin
Gibson, Donald
Gibson, Douglas
Gibson, Graham
Gibson, Henry
Gibson, Ian
Gibson, James
Gibson, James
Gibson, John
Gibson, John
Gibson, Philip
Gibson, Raymond
Gibson, Thomas
Gibson, Trevor
Giddings, Bryan
Giddings, Lindsay
Giddings, Noel
Giddy, Peter
Gidley, Alfred
Gifford, Beverley
Gifford, Gordon
Gilbert, Bruce
Gilbert, Colin
Gilbert, Eric
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Leon
Gilbert, Leslie
Gilbert, Maxwell
Gilbert, Ronald
Gilchrist, Donald
Gildea, Frederick
Giles, Allan
Giles, Arthur
Giles, Clifford
Giles, David
Giles, Donald
Giles, Edgar
Giles, Leslie
Giles, Paul
Giles, Ronald
Giles, William
Gilfillan, William
Gilkeson, Charles
Gilkeson, Fenwick
Gilks, Clarence
Gill, Harold
Gill, Henry
Gill, John
Gill, John
Gill, Joseph
Gill, Leslie
Gill, Neil
Gill, Norman
Gill, Phillip
Gill, Reginald
Gill, Robert
Gill, Robert
Gillam, Arnold
Gillam, Herbert
Gillan, Frank
Gillan, Keith
Gillard, William
Gillespie, Anthony
Gillespie, Barry
Gillespie, Frederick
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, John
Gillett, Archie
Gillett, Geoffrey
Gillian, Robert
Gillies, Harold
Gilligan, Rodnam
Gillman, Mervyn
Gilmore, Aloysius
Gilmore, William
Gilmour, Charles
Gilmour, Hugh
Gilmour, Neville
Gilmour, Sydney
Gilpin, John
Gilpin, Richard
Gilvarry, Joseph
Ginns, Francis
Girdler, Eric
Girling, Clyde
Girrbach, Karl
Gissing, Frederick
Gitsham, Stewart
Glaister, Albert
Glance, Albert
Glancy, Alexander
Glanfield, John
Glasby, Harvey
Glasgow, Graham
Glass, Ronald
Glasscock, Clarence
Glasson, Rex
Glazebrook, James
Gledhill, Thomas
Gleeson, Eric
Gleeson, John
Gleeson, Joseph
Glendinning, William
Glenn, Neville
Glenn, Raymond
Glenton-Wright, Michael
Glenwright, Albert
Glew, John
Glew, Wallis
Gliddon, Arthur
Gloster, Edward
Gloury, John
Glover, Bevil
Glover, Edward
Glover, Kenneth
Gluyas, Russell
Glyde, Richard
Goddard, Albert
Goddard, John
Goddard, John
Goddard, John
Goddard, Osmond
Goddard, Oswald
Goddard, William
Godfrey, David
Godfrey, John
Godfrey, John
Godfrey, Lloyd
Godfrey, Richard
Godfrey, Richard
Godfrey, Ronald
Godfrey, William
Godley, Colin
Godly, William
Godsall, Herbert
Godwin, Gerald
Godwin, Kenneth
Golder, Reginald
Goldie, John
Goldie, Peter
Golding, John
Golding, Richard
Goldman, William
Goldney, Murray
Goldsmid, Peter
Goldsmith, Peter
Goldsworthy, John
Goldsworthy, Maxwell
Golsby-Smith, Maxwell
Goman, Kevin
Gomes, Lewis
Good, Christopher
Good, Duncan
Good, Melville
Good, Peter
Good, Robert
Goodchild, Harold
Goode, John
Goode, Ray
Gooderham, Geoffrey
Goodey, James
Goodfellow, Geoffrey
Goodfellow, John
Goodfellow, Keith
Goodger, Patrick
Goodhew, Reginald
Gooding, Beaumont
Gooding, Harold
Gooding, Leonard
Gooding, Ronald
Goodisson, John
Goodridge, Noel
Goodwin, Arthur
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, Joseph
Goodwin, Ronald
Gordon, Andrew
Gordon, Colin
Gordon, Donald
Gordon, Francis
Gordon, George
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Horace
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, Ian
Gordon, Ian
Gordon, John
Gordon, John
Gordon, Kenneth
Gordon, Malcolm
Gordon, Noel
Gordon, Reginald
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, William
Gordon-Glassford, Terence
Gore, John
Gorman, Brian
Gornall, George
Gorrie, Peter
Gorringe, Douglas
Gorton, John
Gosbell, Donald
Gosden, Gordon
Gosper, Lee
Gossip, Arthur
Gotto, Phillip
Gotts, Rex
Goudie, Nathaniel
Gough, Bernard
Gough, John
Gough, Sydney
Gough, William
Gould, Clifford
Gould, Francis
Gould, Gordon
Gould, Ian
Gould, Robert
Gould, Walter
Goulder, Kenneth
Goulter, John
Gourley, William
Gove, William
Govett, Leslie
Gow, David
Gowdie, Robert
Gower, Garth
Gowlett, Kennedy
Goyen, Frank
Goyne, Alan
Grabham, Arthur
Grace, Hilary
Grace, James
Gradwell, David
Grady, Ernest
Graebner, Everard
Graham, Charles
Graham, Edward
Graham, Frank
Graham, James
Graham, John
Graham, John
Graham, Kenneth
Graham, Kevin
Graham, Maurice
Graham, Norman
Graham, Richard
Graham, Ross
Graham, Walter
Graham, William
Graham, William
Grahame, Donald
Grainger, Athol
Grainger, Cyril
Grainger, James
Grand, Albert
Granger, Robert
Grant, Alan
Grant, Clive
Grant, David
Grant, Donald
Grant, Donald
Grant, Frederic
Grant, George
Grant, Graham
Grant, Herbert
Grant, John
Grant, John
Grant, Joseph
Grant, Lewis
Grant, Llewellyn
Grant, Sinclair
Granville, Richard
Grasby, Brian
Graves, Robert
Gray, Alan
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Brian
Gray, David
Gray, Dean
Gray, Edward
Gray, Ernest
Gray, George
Gray, George
Gray, Harry
Gray, Herbert
Gray, Ian
Gray, John
Gray, Maurice
Gray, Maxwell
Gray, Neal
Gray, Neil
Gray, Oberlin
Gray, William
Graydon, Malcolm
Grayson, James
Grayson, Walter
Gream, Leonard
Greasley, Norman
Greatz, Walter
Greaves, Alick
Greedy, James
Green, Alan
Green, Bruce
Green, Bryant
Green, Desmond
Green, Fletcher
Green, Garnham
Green, Harry
Green, Jack
Green, James
Green, James
Green, John
Green, John
Green, John
Green, Kelvin
Green, Maurice
Green, Mervyn
Green, Raymond
Green, Stirling
Greenaway, Leslie
Greenfield, Alastair
Greenfield, Albert
Greenhill, Thomas
Greening, Joseph
Greenough, Thomas
Greenshields, William
Greenwell, Clement
Greenwell, Francis
Greenwell, Robert
Greenwood, Bruce
Greenwood, Clement
Greenwood, Edward
Greenwood, Herbert
Greenwood, John
Greenwood, Stanley
Greenwood, William
Greer, Arthur
Gregg, Stanley
Gregory, Eric
Gregory, Gerald
Gregory, Raymond
Gregory-Coleman, William
Gregson, Frank
Gregson, Richard
Grenfell, Kenneth
Grey, Frederick
Grey, Linley
Grey, Llewellyn
Gribble, Edward
Grice, John
Griesbach, Arthur
Grieve, Jeffrey
Grieve, Keith
Grieve, Ronald
Griffin, Cuthbert
Griffin, Felix
Griffin, Henry
Griffin, James
Griffin, John
Griffith, Ernest
Griffith, Horace
Griffith, Hugh
Griffith, John
Griffith, John
Griffith, Reginald
Griffiths, Daniel
Griffiths, Harold
Griffiths, John
Griffiths, Raymond
Griffiths, Thomas
Griffiths, Trevor
Grigg, Allan
Grigg, Colin
Grigg, Russell
Grimes, George
Grimes, Harold
Grimley, Robert
Grimsey, Dudley
Grimwade, James
Grimwood, Frank
Grist, Leonard
Grivell, Robert
Grob, Nicholas
Groennou, Harry
Grogan, Kevin
Grogan, Vincent
Groom, Rae
Grose, Kenneth
Grosvenor, Francis
Grosvenor, Robert
Grout, David
Grove, Harley
Grove, Reginald
Groves, Charles
Groves, George
Groves, James
Groves, Reginald
Groves, Robert
Grubb, Leslie
Grugeon, Stephen
Guan, Charles
Guerin, Donald
Guerin, James
Guest, Douglas
Guiheneuf, Philip
Gulliver, Donald
Gumley, Albert
Gunders, Ernest
Gundry, Donald
Gunn, Ernest
Gunn, Philip
Gunning, Milton
Gunning, Violet
Gunning, William
Gunson, Alan
Gunson, Paul
Guppy, John
Gurdon, Peter
Gurney, Charles
Gurney, Denis
Guster, Peter
Guthrie, Robert
Guy, Arthur
Guy, Charles
Guy, Frank
Guy, William
Guymer, Harry
Gyles, Nathanial
Gynther, Clarence
Haberecht, Leonard
Hack, Lionel
Hackett, Leonard
Hackett, Michael
Hackney, Henry
Haddon, Leslie
Haddow, Douglas
Hadfield, Allan
Hadley, George
Hadley, Harold
Hadley, Lloyd
Haffner, Ernest
Haggart, Donald
Haig, David
Hailey, Keith
Hailey, Kenneth
Hain, Alan
Hain, Noel
Haines, Norman
Hains, Albert
Hains, Charles
Haire, Reginald
Hake, Albert
Hakewell, James
Halbert, James
Hale, Alfred
Hale, Cecil
Hale, Harry
Hale, Robert
Hales, Hilton
Haley, Allan
Haley, Francis
Haley, Peter
Halkyard, Ralph
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Cedric
Hall, Charles
Hall, Derek
Hall, Edward
Hall, Ernest
Hall, Garrick
Hall, Horace
Hall, Horace
Hall, Howard
Hall, John
Hall, Leonard
Hall, Lionel
Hall, Marshall
Hall, Norman
Hall, Rex
Hall, Ronald
Hall, Roy
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Stanley
Hall, William
Hallam, Raymond
Hallas, John
Hallett, Peter
Hallett, William
Halliday, Alexander
Halliday, George
Halliday, Richard
Halliday, William
Halpin, Clement
Halse, Brian
Halstead, William
Halsted, Roger
Halyard, William
Ham, Geoffrey
Hamersley, James
Hamersley, Leslie
Hamilton, Andrew
Hamilton, Charles
Hamilton, Colin
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Douglas
Hamilton, Frank
Hamilton, Gordon
Hamilton, Ian
Hamilton, Irvine
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Keith
Hamilton, Malcolm
Hamilton, Mervyn
Hamilton, Reginald
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Ronald
Hamilton, Roy
Hamilton, Stewart
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William
Hamlet, Joseph
Hammat, Benjamin
Hammond, George
Hammond, Joseph
Hammond, Louis
Hammond, Norman
Hammond, Peter
Hammond, Robert
Hammond, Ronald
Hammond, Walter
Hamood, Frank
Hampton, George
Hampton, Gordon
Hampton, Thomas
Hamstead, Lessel
Hance, John
Hancock, Leslie
Hancock, William
Hancocks, Jack
Hand, Ronald
Handfield, Peter
Handley, Frederick
Hands, Bruce
Hands, Lincoln
Hanigan, James
Hann, Francis
Hanna, Colin
Hannaford, Hector
Hannaford, Jack
Hannan, Edmond
Hanrahan, Ronald
Hanscombe, Donald
Hansen, James
Hansen, Ronald
Hansen, Stewart
Hansen, Vernon
Hanson, Allan
Hanson, Kenneth
Hanson, Leonard
Hanson, Noel
Hanson, Peter
Harber, Harley
Harberger, Desmond
Harbottle, Phillip
Hardaker, Francis
Harden, Jack
Hardey, Gladys
Hardham, Keith
Hardie, Robert
Hardiman, James
Hardiman, Leo
Harding, Cyril
Harding, Edwin
Harding, Graham
Harding, Robert
Harding, Ross
Harding, William
Harding-Browne, Richard
Hardman, Frank
Hardwick, Vernon
Hardy, George
Hardy, Ian
Hardy, Maxwell
Hardy, Milton
Hardy, Niel
Hardy, Ronald
Hare, Eric
Hare, William
Hargrave, Arthur
Hargreaves, Charles
Harivel, John
Harkness, Geoffrey
Harland, Charles
Harland, Edward
Harland, Michael
Harlem, Athol
Harler, Horace
Harley, Harry
Harlock, George
Harman, Charles
Harnden, William
Harnett, Geoffrey
Harper, Colin
Harper, Francis
Harper, John
Harper, Noel
Harper, Roderick
Harper, Roy
Harper, Wilfred
Harps-Burt, Ernest
Harrington, Ernest
Harrip, Ronald
Harris, Alan
Harris, Albert
Harris, Allan
Harris, Allen
Harris, Charles
Harris, Charles
Harris, Donald
Harris, Edwin
Harris, George
Harris, George
Harris, Hector
Harris, Herbert
Harris, James
Harris, James
Harris, James
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, Keith
Harris, Kennington
Harris, Laurence
Harris, Leonard
Harris, Lloyd
Harris, Robert
Harris, Ronald
Harris, Ronald
Harris, Ronald
Harris, Terence
Harris, Waverley
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Allan
Harrison, Brian
Harrison, Charles
Harrison, Ernest
Harrison, Frank
Harrison, George
Harrison, George
Harrison, Hector
Harrison, Hilda
Harrison, James
Harrison, John
Harrison, Kelvin
Harrison, Launcelot
Harrison, Leonard
Harrison, Maxwell
Harrison, Mervyn
Harrison, Norman
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, Wintfred
Harrison-Owen, Jack
Harsley, Ralph
Hart, Albert
Hart, Alexander
Hart, Allan
Hart, Clifford
Hart, Graham
Hart, Ian
Hart, James
Hart, Kevin
Hart, Morris
Hart, Noel
Hart, Philip
Hart, Richard
Hart, Robert
Hart, Rochester
Hart, Stanley
Hart, Thomas
Hartley, Alan
Hartley, Clement
Hartley, Lewis
Hartmann, Cecil
Hartnell, William
Hartwig, Allen
Harty, William
Harvey, Alain
Harvey, Albert
Harvey, Alfred
Harvey, Bruce
Harvey, Douglas
Harvey, Francis
Harvey, George
Harvey, Jack
Harvey, John
Harvey, John
Harvey, Raymond
Harvey, Reginald
Harvey, Robert
Harvie, John
Haselhurst, Arthur
Hasenohr, Robert
Haskins, Ronald
Haslam, Albert
Haslam, Colin
Haslock, Hubert
Hass, Mervyn
Hassell, Geoffrey
Hassett, Michael
Hast, Reginald
Haste, James
Hastie, Peter
Hastings, Ian
Hatcher, Ivor
Hatfield, James
Hatfield, Ronald
Hathaway, William
Hattersley, Stanley
Havard, Stanley
Havyatt, Harry
Hawdon, Charles
Hawdon, John
Hawes, William
Hawke, Raymond
Hawker, Ruth
Hawkes, Frank
Hawkins, Albert
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, David
Hawkins, Frank
Hawkins, Garnet
Hawkins, Hedley
Hawksley, Eric
Hawter, Edgar
Hawthorn, Richard
Hay, George
Hay, James
Hay, John
Hay, John
Hay, John
Hay, Phillip
Hay, Robert
Hay, Roy
Hay, Trevor
Hayden, John
Hayden, Kevin
Haydon, Clement
Haydon, Gerald
Hayes, Douglas
Hayes, Edwin
Hayes, Harold
Hayes, John
Hayes, John
Hayes, Maurice
Hayes, Stuart
Hayes, Timothy
Hayles, William
Hayman, Douglas
Hayman, Geoffrey
Haymes, Leslie
Hayne, William
Haynes, Arthur
Haynes, Douglas
Haynes, Michael
Haysom, Albert
Hayter, Harold
Hayter, Keith
Hayter, Norman
Haythorn, Jack
Hayward, Laurence
Hayward, Roy
Hazeldene, Jack
Hazeldine, Leslie
Hazelton, William
Hazle, Neville
Head, Colin
Head, Graham
Head, John
Head, Thomas
Heading, Bronson
Headlam, Roswell
Heads, George
Healey, Edwin
Healy, Patrick
Healy, Percy
Healy, Robert
Heap, Albert
Heap, Arthur
Heard, Geoffrey
Hearle, Herbert
Hearle, William
Hearne, James
Hearne, Philip
Heason, Leonard
Heath, Geoffrey
Heath, Gordon
Heath, Jack
Heath, Jeffrey
Heath, Laurence
Heath, Peter
Heath, Roy
Heathcote, Clifford
Heathcote, Raphael
Heatley, Ian
Heatley, Wilfred
Hebblewhite, Geoffrey
Heck, James
Heckendorf, John
Hedderwick, Peter
Hedge, Alfred
Hedger, John
Hedges, Graham
Hedges, Victor
Hedley, Vernon
Heers, James
Heffernan, Robert
Hegarty, Dermot
Heggaton, Knox
Hehir, James
Hehir, Martin
Hehir, Robert
Heidtman, Kenneth
Heinrich, Esmond
Heins, Alfred
Heitmann, Alan
Hellewell, Laurence
Helling, Raymond
Hellyer, Colin
Hely, Reginald
Heming, Keith
Hemingway, Colin
Hempenstall, Terence
Hemsworth, Ellis
Hemsworth, Godfrey
Hender, Edward
Hender, Russell
Henderson, Bryan
Henderson, Edward
Henderson, James
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, Joslyn
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Thomas
Henderson, Valentine
Henderson, William
Henderson, William
Hendren, Keith
Hendrickson, Peter
Hendy, Geoffrey
Hendy, George
Hendy, Kenneth
Henkel, Edgar
Henly, John
Henn, Clement
Hennessey, Francis
Hennessy, James
Hennessy, Kevin
Hennessy, Thomas
Henning, James
Henningham, John
Henry, Ambrose
Henry, Andrew
Henry, Claude
Henry, Gordon
Henry, Hazel
Henry, Hugh
Henry, James
Henry, Keith
Henry, Lance
Henry, Raymond
Henry, Valentine
Hensley, Alan
Henstridge, Leslie
Hepburn, Kenneth
Hepworth, Walter
Herapath, Ronald
Herbert, Donald
Herbert, James
Herbert, John
Herbert, John
Herbert, William
Herberte, John
Herbertson, William
Herd, Mervyn
Hering, John
Herman, James
Herman, Ronald
Hernan, Thomas
Herne, Frank
Heron, Royal
Herps, John
Herrick, Eli
Herring, Guy
Hersey, David
Hesford, Brian
Hesketh, Harold
Heslin, Brendan
Hewerdine, James
Hewetson, Robert
Hewett, Harold
Hewett, Maxwell
Hewish, Arthur
Hewitt, Francis
Hewitt, Kenneth
Hewitt, William
Hewson, William
Heywood, William
Hibbins, Leonard
Hibbs, Ronald
Hick, Albert
Hickey, Bernard
Hickey, Dudley
Hickey, John
Hickey, Max
Hickey, William
Hickling, William
Hickman, William
Hicks, Bruce
Hicks, Duncan
Hicks, Francis
Hicks, Herbert
Hicks, John
Hicks, Kenneth
Hicks, Stanley
Hiddleston, Travis
Hider, Robert
Hiesler, Francis
Higgie, Keith
Higginbottom, Roy
Higgins, Brian
Higgins, Douglas
Higgins, Eric
Higgins, Graham
Higgins, Jack
Higgins, John
Higgins, Laurence
Higgins, Newman
Higgins, Thomas
Higgs, Donald
Highland, William
Highman, Gordon
Higson, William
Hilder, Alfred
Hiles, Christopher
Hiley, Alan
Hill, Arthur
Hill, Charles
Hill, Charles
Hill, Clyde
Hill, Dennis
Hill, Dennis
Hill, Eric
Hill, Frederick
Hill, Gordon
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hill, John
Hill, Robert
Hill, Ronald
Hill, Rowland
Hill, Stanley
Hill, Sydney
Hill, William
Hill-Jones, George
Hiller, Geoffrey
Hiller, John
Hillier, Henry
Hills, John
Hills, Ruth
Hilton, Alan
Hilton, Chelsea
Hilton, Raymond
Hinchliffe, Arnold
Hindmarsh, Keith
Hinds, Thomas
Hine, Alexander
Hines, Albert
Hines, Mervyn
Hinsley, Davis
Hinten, Lachlan
Hinton, Leonard
Hinton, Reginald
Hipkins, Maxwell
Hircock, Edward
Hirst, William
Hiscock, William
Hiskens, Edwin
Hiskins, Ernest
Hiskins, Kevin
Hislop, Bruce
Hislop, Douglas
Hitchcock, Robert
Hitchcock, Roger
Hoad, Burton
Hoare, John
Hoare, Leslie
Hoban, Maurice
Hoban, Walter
Hobbins, Eric
Hobbs, Richard
Hobbs, Ronald
Hobby, Ernest
Hobgen, John
Hobgen, Thomas
Hobson, Arthur
Hockey, Gordon
Hockey, Keith
Hocking, Alfred
Hocking, Geoffrey
Hocking, James
Hocking, James
Hocking, Ronald
Hockings, George
Hockings, Thomas
Hockley, Allan
Hoddle, Gordon
Hodge, Charles
Hodge, Frederick
Hodge, Kevin
Hodge, Parker
Hodge, Thomas
Hodges, Arthur
Hodges, Jack
Hodges, John
Hodges, Lyle
Hodgkison, Owen
Hodgson, Matthew
Hodgson, Thomas
Hodson, Douglas
Hodson, Raymond
Hoffman, Adolf
Hoffman, Douglas
Hoffman, Kevin
Hoffman, William
Hoffmann, Herbert
Hoffmann, Owen
Hofto, Thomas
Hogan, Austin
Hogan, Edwin
Hogan, James
Hogan, John
Hogan, Leo
Hogan, Leonard
Hogan, Michael
Hogan, Peter
Hogan, Phillip
Hogan, Thomas
Hogan, Thomas
Hogan, Thomas
Hogan, William
Hogben, Reginald
Hogg, Arthur
Hogg, Aubrey
Hogg, Jack
Hogg, William
Hoggard, Robert
Holack, Joseph
Holcombe, Richard
Holdaway, Neville
Holden, Ashley
Holden, Edmund
Holden, Richard
Holden, Robert
Holder, Harry
Holder, Kenneth
Holder, Sydney
Holdstock, James
Holdsworth, Frank
Hole, Lincoln
Holgate, Harold
Holgate, Raymond
Holian, Joseph
Holland, Allen
Holland, Keith
Holland, Kenneth
Hollands, James
Hollaway, Kenneth
Hollebon, Ernest
Holliday, John
Holliday, Lloyd
Holliday, Maurice
Hollingdale, Ian
Hollings, George
Hollingworth, Alexander
Hollingworth, Robert
Hollis, John
Holloman, John
Holloway, Edwin
Holloway, Jack
Holloway, Sylvester
Holman, George
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, Ernest
Holmes, George
Holmes, Ian
Holmes, Jeffrey
Holmes, John
Holmes, Kenneth
Holmes, Lester
Holmes, Ross
Holmes A'Court (Holmes Acourt), Brian
Holmwood, Raymond
Holohan, Joseph
Holswich, Lyle
Holt, Arthur
Holt, Eric
Holt, Jack
Holt, Jack
Holt, Mervyn
Holten, Robert
Holton, Ronald
Homard, Keith
Hombsch, Ronald
Honeyman, Archibald
Honig, Amichai
Hood, Donald
Hood, George
Hood, John
Hood, Robert
Hood, Thomas
Hooker, Allan
Hooker, Robert
Hookings, Donald
Hookway, Arthur
Hoolihan, Patrick
Hooper, Douglas
Hooper, Dudley
Hooper, Ronald
Hooper, Thomas
Hooper, William
Hope, Colin
Hope, Robert
Hopgood, Clifford
Hopgood, Harry
Hopkin, Roy
Hopkins, Reginald
Hopkins, Thomas
Hopkinson, William
Hoppe, Herman
Hopper, Joseph
Hopper, William
Horan, A
Horan, James
Horder, Vada
Hordern, Alfred
Hordern, Francis
Hore, Hector
Hore, Kenneth
Hore, Peter
Hore, Ronald
Hore, Samuel
Hore, Sydney
Horgan, John
Horn, John
Hornabrook, Royden
Hornbrook, James
Hornby, Henry
Horne, Albert
Horne, Cedric
Horne, Leslie
Horne, Urquhart
Horner, Edward
Horner, Hugh
Hornibrook, Albert
Hornibrook, Harold
Horrigan, James
Horrigan, Patrick
Horsburgh, Donald
Horseman, Jack
Horsfall, Lloyd
Horsnaill, Leslie
Horstmann, Ronald
Horton, Alfred
Horton, Lawrence
Horton, Robert
Horwood, John
Horwood, Murray
Horwood, Ronald
Hosband, Robert
Hoscher, Rex
Hosier, John
Hoskin, Christopher
Hoskin, Richard
Hoskings, Edward
Hoskins, John
Hotchkis, George
Hough, Bernard
Hough, Gordon
Hough, Leslie
Hough, William
Houghton, Douglas
Houghton, Thomas
Hoult, Lionel
Hourigan, Ivan
Houseman, John
Houston, James
Houston, William
Houston, William
Hovenden, Kenneth
Hovey, Bernard
Howard, Albert
Howard, Basil
Howard, Bert
Howard, Charles
Howard, George
Howard, George
Howard, Godfrey
Howard, Henry
Howard, Oliver
Howard, Russell
Howard, Vivian
Howard, William
Howarth, Frank
Howatson, James
Howden, Owens
Howden, Roy
Howe, Alexander
Howe, Alfred
Howe, Donald
Howe, Edward
Howe, Graydon
Howell, Alan
Howell, Arthur
Howell, Robert
Howells, Francis
Howes, Kevin
Howie, Charles
Howie, Douglas
Howiss, Gordon
Howiss, William
Howlett, Frederick
Howlett, Lochlan
Howlett, Thomas
Howley, Edward
Howsan, Moheddeen
Howship, Francis
Hubbard, Bernard
Hubbard, Guy
Hubbard, Max
Hucker, Charles
Huddart, William
Hudson, Dorothy
Hudson, George
Hudson, Raymond
Hudson, Richard
Hudson, Robert
Hudson, Robert
Hudspeth, Donald
Hugall, Robert
Huggard, John
Huggett, Norman
Huggins, Eric
Huggins, Norman
Hughes, Albert
Hughes, Arthur
Hughes, Clifton
Hughes, Colin
Hughes, David
Hughes, David
Hughes, Francis
Hughes, Frank
Hughes, Garth
Hughes, George
Hughes, Gordon
Hughes, Harold
Hughes, Jack
Hughes, John
Hughes, Keith
Hughes, Leonard
Hughes, Mervyn
Hughes, Paterson
Hughes, Peter
Hughes, Peter
Hughes, Reginald
Hugo, Kenneth
Hullett, William
Hulme, Ernest
Hulme, William
Hulmes, James
Hum, Gerald
Hume, John
Humphrey, George
Humphrey, Vernon
Humphreys, Alfred
Humphreys, Bruce
Humphries, Arnold
Humphries, Keith
Humphry, Raymond
Hunkin, Gregory
Hunt, Allan
Hunt, Campbell
Hunt, Colin
Hunt, Donald
Hunt, Edmund
Hunt, Gladstone
Hunt, Harry
Hunt, James
Hunt, John
Hunt, John
Hunt, Leslie
Hunt, Stanley
Hunt, Walter
Hunter, Alexander
Hunter, Archibald
Hunter, Arthur
Hunter, Donald
Hunter, Frederick
Hunter, Ian
Hunter, Ian
Hunter, Irwin
Hunter, Lionel
Hunter, Malcolm
Hunter, Reginald
Hunter, Richard
Hunter, Ronald
Hunter, William
Hunter, William
Huntley, Arthur
Hurle, William
Hurley, Ernest
Hurley, Frank
Hurley, Max
Hurley, Ronald
Hurley, T
Hurrell, Eric
Hurst, Norman
Hursthouse, John
Hurstwaite, Fred
Hutcheson, Harold
Hutcheson, Jack
Hutchesson, Clarence
Hutchings, Kelvin
Hutchings, Mervyn
Hutchins, Bernard
Hutchins, John
Hutchins, Kenneth
Hutchinson, Eric
Hutchinson, Francis
Hutchinson, Frank
Hutchinson, Jack
Hutchinson, Jock
Hutchinson, Terence
Hutchison, Joseph
Hutchison, Lindsay
Hutchison, Ross
Hutton, Ernest
Hutton, Frank
Hutton, Gordon
Hutton, Ross
Hutton, Wallace
Huxley, William
Hyatt, Joseph
Hyde, Edmund
Hyde, Gordon
Hyde, Jack
Hyde, James
Hyde, John
Hyland, Francis
Hylton, James
Hynd, Eric
Hynes, Arthur
Hynes, John
Hynes, Keith
Ifield, Milton
Ifould, Elton
Ikin, Clyde
Illingworth, Edward
Ince, Ian
Ince, Roy
Ingham, Frank
Ingham, Kenneth
Ingham, Leonard
Ingle, Ian
Ingles, Arthur
Inglis, Robert
Inglis, Samuel
Ingoldby, Peter
Ingram, Ian
Ingram, Lester
Ingram, Robert
Inkster, George
Inkster, James
Innes, Auburn
Innes, Frank
Ion, John
Iredell, Joseph
Ireland, Clarence
Ireland, Geoffrey
Ireland, Lawrence
Ireland, Leslie
Ireland, Stanley
Irvin, George
Irvine, Frederick
Irvine, John
Irvine, Thomas
Irvine-Brown, Maxwell
Irving, Colin
Irving, Donald
Irving, Donald
Irwin, Alexander
Irwin, Jack
Irwin, John
Isaac, Mervyn
Isaacs, Gerald
Ising, Geoffrey
Isle, William
Isles, James
Israel, Jack
Itzerott, Arthur
Ive, George
Iverson, Charles
Ives, Cecil
Iveson, Edwin
Ivin, John
Ivory, James
Jabour, Roy
Jack, Douglas
Jack, Russell
Jacklin, John
Jackman, Vivian
Jackson, Allen
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Cyril
Jackson, Edgar
Jackson, Florence
Jackson, Francis
Jackson, Frank
Jackson, Frederick
Jackson, Geoffrey
Jackson, Harold
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, Leonard
Jackson, Maxwell
Jackson, Roland
Jackson, Sydney
Jackson, Wilfred
Jacob, Herbert
Jacobs, David
Jacobs, Geoffrey
Jacobs, Stanley
Jacobson, George
Jacombs, Richard
Jaekel, Desmond
Jager, William
Jago, Edgar
Jago, John
James, Beverley
James, Brian
James, Claude
James, Douglas
James, Fred
James, Graham
James, Joffre
James, John
James, John
James, Kenneth
James, Lionel
James, Philip
James, Ralph
James, Raymond
James, Selby
James, Stanley
James, Stanley
James, Walter
James, Walter
James, William
Jamieson, Gordon
Jamieson, John
Jamieson, Ronald
Jamieson, Stewart
Jamieson, Thomas
Jamison, Clement
Janney, Harold
Jaques, Frank
Jardine, Cyrus
Jarman, Eric
Jarrett, Hedley
Jarrett, Warren
Jarvis, Harold
Jarvis, Max
Jarvis, Vincent
Jarvis, Vincent
Jarvis, William
Jasper, Alfred
Jasper, James
Jay, Brinley
Jay, Noel
Jay, Stanley
Jefferies, David
Jefferies, John
Jefferies, Ross
Jeffery, Clarence
Jeffery, Douglas
Jeffery, Horace
Jeffery, Keith
Jeffery, Percy
Jeffrey, Frank
Jeffrey, Sidney
Jeffreys, Gordon
Jeffreys, John
Jeffries, Robert
Jekyll, George
Jenke, Leslie
Jenkins, Allan
Jenkins, Arthur
Jenkins, Bede
Jenkins, Charles
Jenkins, Douglas
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, Norman
Jenkins, Ronald
Jenkins, William
Jenner, John
Jennings, Charles
Jennings, Donald
Jennings, Donald
Jennings, Edward
Jennings, Murray
Jennings, Norman
Jennings, Roger
Jennings, Stanley
Jennison, Alexander
Jensen, Albrecht
Jensen, Eric
Jenyns, Robert
Jetson, Ernest
Jewell, John
Jewson, Robert
Joel, Robert
Johannesen, Jack
John, Gordon
John, Noel
Johns, Allan
Johns, Henry
Johns, Mervyn
Johns, Robert
Johns, Russell
Johnson, Alan
Johnson, Alan
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Allan
Johnson, Bernard
Johnson, Brian
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Clifford
Johnson, Conrad
Johnson, Douglas
Johnson, Edgar
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, Leslie
Johnson, Leslie
Johnson, Mervyn
Johnson, Philip
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Roger
Johnson, Stanley
Johnston, Alastair
Johnston, Alexander
Johnston, Allan
Johnston, Arthur
Johnston, Arthur
Johnston, Colin
Johnston, Conrad
Johnston, Donald
Johnston, Errol
Johnston, George
Johnston, Harry
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, Leslie
Johnston, Raymond
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, Russell
Johnston, Stanley
Johnston, Stanley
Johnston, William
Johnston, William
Johnston, William
Johnstone, David
Johnstone, Geoffrey
Johnstone, Harold
Johnstone, John
Johnstone, John
Johnstone, Robert
Johnstone, Victor
Johnstone, William
Joiner, John
Jolley, Kenrey
Jolly, Harold
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Allen
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Basil
Jones, Bertram
Jones, Cedric
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Claud
Jones, Clifford
Jones, Clifford
Jones, David
Jones, Edgar
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, Frank
Jones, Frederick
Jones, George
Jones, Godfrey
Jones, Henry
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Howell
Jones, Ivor
Jones, Ivor
Jones, Jack
Jones, Jeffrey
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, Keith
Jones, Kelvin
Jones, Leonard
Jones, Lloyd
Jones, Maurice
Jones, Maurice
Jones, Mervyn
Jones, Morris
Jones, Norman
Jones, Pax
Jones, Rhys
Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert
Jones, Ronald
Jones, Russell
Jones, Stanley
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Trevor
Jones, Trevor
Jones, Trevor
Jones, Trevor
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, Winston
Jope, Leslie
Jordan, Aidan
Jordan, Bernard
Jordan, Henry
Jordan, Reginald
Jordan, Victor
Jorgensen, Leslie
Joseph, Graham
Jowers, Albert
Jowett, Henry
Jowett, Noel
Joyce, Alan
Joyce, Brian
Joyce, Eric
Joyce, John
Joyce, Leslie
Joyce, Thomas
Jubb, Angus
Judd, Norman
Judd, Trevor
Judd, William
Judell, Maurice
Julian, Harry
Junge, Walter
Jurd, Milton
Jury, Ivor
Kain, Brian
Kairton, Donald
Kan, Alexander
Kanake, George
Kane, Vincent
Kane-Maguire, Noel
Kay, John
Kay, Thomas
Kaye, Laurence
Keach, Francis
Kealley, Lance
Kealy, Francis
Kealy, John
Keane, Gordon
Keane, John
Kearney, Augustine
Kearney, Bernard
Kearney, Francis
Kearney, John
Kearney, Keith
Kearney, Neville
Kearns, John
Kearns, Max
Keast, Dixon
Keating, Robert
Keats, Gilbert
Keats, Owen
Keay, Peter
Keayes, James
Keck, Frederick
Keck, Harry
Kee, Kevin
Keeble, William
Keech, Kenneth
Keeffe, Norbert
Keegan, Francis
Keehn, Mervyn
Keely, Paul
Keen, Sidney
Keene, David
Keene, John
Keene, Peter
Keeping, John
Keer, John
Kehoe, Desmond
Keig, Gordon
Keightley, Malcolm
Keith, Charles
Kelaher, Carl
Kelaher, Kevin
Kelley, Raymond
Kelly, Arthur
Kelly, Bernard
Kelly, Brian
Kelly, Brian
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, James
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Lester
Kelly, Raymond
Kelly, Reginald
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Ronald
Kelly, Ronald
Kelly, Sydney
Kelly, Terence
Kelly, William
Kelsall, Thomas
Kelso, Norma
Kemmis, Kenneth
Kemp, Francis
Kemp, Francis
Kemp, Gilbert
Kempnich, Allan
Kempson, Keith
Kempson, Leo
Kemsley, Ross
Kench, Robert
Kendall, Arthur
Kendall, Richard
Kendall, William
Keneally, Jack
Kenealy, Edward
Kenihan, Michael
Kennard, Robert
Kennedy, Albert
Kennedy, Cameron
Kennedy, Edward
Kennedy, Eric
Kennedy, Frederick
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Peter
Kennedy, Roy
Kennedy, Terence
Kennedy, William
Kenny, Colin
Kenny, Esmond
Kenny, John
Kenny, Kieren
Kenny, Leo
Kent, James
Kent, Leslie
Kent, Malcolm
Kenway, Lesland
Kenyon, Terence
Keogh, Gerard
Keon, Felix
Kerby, James
Kerley, Arnold
Kerlin, Bernard
Kermode, Kenneth
Kerr, Alan
Kerr, Donald
Kerr, Donald
Kerr, Edward
Kerr, Ernest
Kerr, George
Kerr, Hardy
Kerr, John
Kerr, John
Kerr, Philip
Kerr, Robert
Kerr, Robert
Kerr, Roderick
Kerridge, Keith
Kerrigan, Allan
Kerrigan, John
Kerrigan, Michael
Kerrigan, Ronald
Kersey, Brandon
Kershaw, Henry
Kersten, Kenneth
Kerwin, Raymond
Kettle, Andrew
Kettle, Matthew
Kevan, Harold
Kewish, Douglas
Kewish, Walter
Keyes, Raymond
Keys, Cameron
Keys, Frederick
Keys, Graeme
Keys, John
Keys, Noel
Keyser, Vernon
Kidd, Leslie
Kidgell, James
Kidman, Anthony
Kidman, Frederick
Kidney, Walter
Kidson, Albert
Kierath, Reginald
Kiernan, Rita
Kierse, Peter
Kift, Robert
Kilday, Hugh
Kildea, John
Killeen, Kenneth
Killen, John
Killen, Keith
Killen, Richard
Killworth, William
Kilpatrick, Brian
Kilpatrick, George
Kilpatrick, Herbert
Kilpatrick, Stephen
Kilpatrick, William
Kilsby, Maxwell
Kilsby, Neville
Kimber, Donald
Kimmel, Frederick
Kimmins, Edward
Kinder, John
King, Bede
King, Claude
King, Clyde
King, David
King, Edwin
King, Elwyn
King, Francis
King, Frederick
King, Gordon
King, Ian
King, James
King, John
King, John
King, Kenneth
King, Kenneth
King, Leon
King, Leonard
King, Neil
King, Reginald
King, Robert
King, Robert
King, Sidney
King, Stanley
King, Stuart
King, Thomas
King, William
King-Patrick, James
Kingham, John
Kingshott, Melville
Kingsley, Ronald
Kingsley-Strack, Peter
Kingsmill, John
Kingston, Kennerley
Kingston, Patrick
Kingston, Roy
Kingswood, Frederick
Kinloch, William
Kinnane, John
Kinross, Kenneth
Kinsman, William
Kirby, Cecil
Kirby, Gilbert
Kirby, John
Kirby, William
Kirk, Ian
Kirk, Ivanhoe
Kirk, Lawrence
Kirk, Robina
Kirk, William
Kirkby, George
Kirkland, Kenneth
Kirkland, Ronald
Kirkman, Eric
Kirkpatrick, Peter
Kirkwood, Alfred
Kirkwood, Donald
Kissner, Cyril
Kitchen, David
Kitchen, John
Kitchen, Stanley
Kleinig, Theodore
Kleisdorff, Murray
Klemm, Eric
Klezel, Ronald
Klingner, Albert
Klippel, John
Kloske, Godfrey
Knapman, Alfred
Knapp, George
Knapp, Jack
Knappett, Robert
Knauer, Louis
Knight, Alan
Knight, Albert
Knight, Donald
Knight, Edwin
Knight, Frank
Knight, Frederick
Knight, Frederick
Knight, Gordon
Knight, James
Knight, John
Knight, Leslie
Knight, Lyn
Knight, Noel
Knight, Norman
Knight-Brown, Noel
Knights, Henry
Knights, Walter
Knilands, Bruce
Knodler, Keith
Knowles, Lindsay
Knox, Cyril
Knox, Malcolm
Knox, Robert
Knyvett, Barrington
Knyvett, Edmund
Koetsveld, Norman
Korbosky, Mark
Koschade, Robert
Kotz, Max
Kraehe, Ernest
Kraemer, John
Krause, Herbert
Krefter, John
Krieg, Carl
Krohn, Henry
Krome, Theodore
Krone, Henry
Krone, John
Kruck, Norman
Kruse, Norman
Krutli, Reginald
Kurtz, Edgar
Kydd, James
Kyle, Thomas
Kyle-Little, David
L'Green (Lgreen), Neville
La Frentz, Sylvester
La Gruta, Anthony
Lace, John
Lacey, Brian
Lacey, Raymond
Lachlan, Jessie
Lack, Maxwell
Lade, Donald
Ladley, John
Ladyman, Brian
Lahey, James
Laidlaw, Graeme
Laidlaw, Thomas
Laidler, Gordon
Laidler, Patrick
Laing, Ainsworth
Laing, Charles
Laing, Edward
Laing, Richard
Laing, Ronald
Laing, William
Laird, Thomas
Lake, Donald
Lake, Herbert
Lake, James
Laman, James
Laman, Stanley
Lamb, Colin
Lamb, George
Lamb, Harold
Lamb, John
Lambert, Alfred
Lambert, Jack
Lambert, Rex
Lambert, Robert
Lamble, Francis
Lambourne, Henry
Lamerton, William
Laming, Gordon
Lamond, Alexander
Lamond, Frank
Lamond, Henry
Lanagan, Alfred
Lancaster, Eric
Lancaster, Ernest
Lancaster, Jack
Lancaster, John
Lancaster, Percy
Landridge, Leslie
Landsberg, James
Lane, Albert
Lane, David
Lane, Eric
Lane, Jeffrey
Lane, Thomas
Laney, Paul
Lang, Coran
Langdon, Francis
Langford, Frank
Langham, Keith
Langley, Francis
Langley, Jack
Langley, Keith
Langley, Ray
Langlois, Eric
Langoulant, Thomas
Langton, Edwin
Langusch, Leslie
Langworthy, Walter
Lanham, Ronald
Lapsley, Ronald
Larcombe, William
Larkan, Max
Larkin, Kenneth
Larkin, Michael
Larkins, David
Larsen, Conrad
LastName, FirstName
Latham, Francis
Latham, Philips
Latham, Richard
Lathlean, Rex
Laube, John
Lauder, Keith
Laughton, Ivan
Laurenti, David
Laurie, Lionel
Laurie, Robert
Lauritz, Louis
Laver, Leonard
Laver, Leslie
Laver, Thomas
Law, Colin
Law, Jack
Law, Norman
Lawer, Ernest
Lawler, Bryan
Lawless, Wanda
Lawley, Leslie
Lawn, Ronald
Lawrence, Dennis
Lawrence, Edward
Lawrence, Gregory
Lawrence, James
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Morton
Lawrence, Raymond
Lawrence, William
Lawrie, Edward
Lawry, Alan
Laws, Jack
Laws, William
Lawson, Edward
Lawson, Gordon
Lawson, Harry
Lawson, Jack
Lawson, John
Lawson, Leonard
Lawson, Lyle
Lawson, Stanley
Lawson, Victor
Lawton, Charles
Lawton, Clarence
Lawton, John
Lay, Donald
Lay, Kenneth
Lay, Maurice
Lay, Walter
Layh, Eric
Layland, George
Layton, James
Lazarus, Percy
Le Gay Brereton, Robert
Le Grand, Anthony
Le Griffon, Bernard
Le Maire, John
Le Maistre, Ivor
Le Mercier, George
Le Mescam, Alexander
Lea, Reginald
Lea, William
Leach, Colin
Leach, George
Leach, Philip
Leahy, William
Leahy, William
Leake, Alan
Leake, David
Leake, Edward
Leake, Roslyn
Leaman, Henry
Leamon, Francis
Lean, Leonard
Learmont, John
Learmonth, Charles
Leary, Joseph
Leaver, James
Leavey, Francis
Leavey, Thomas
Ledgerwood, John
Ledsam, Douglas
Lee, Bernard
Lee, Bertram
Lee, Beverley
Lee, Cyril
Lee, David
Lee, Desmond
Lee, Douglas
Lee, Edmund
Lee, Edward
Lee, Eric
Lee, Jack
Lee, John
Lee, Lydia
Lee, Mervyn
Lee, Sidney
Lee, Sidney
Lee, William
Lee, William
Lee-Archer, Harold
Leech, Sydney
Leeder, Vernon
Leehy, Reginald
Leek, William
Leeming, Leslie
Lees, Frederick
Lees, John
Lees, Lawton
Lees, Noel
Lees, Samuel
Lees, William
Leese, Henry
Leesue, Clarence
Lefroy, John
Leggett, Arthur
Leggo, Charles
Leibhardt, Winston
Leigh, James
Leigh, Kenneth
Leighton, John
Leighton, Thomas
Leigo, Douglas
Leisk, Henry
Leitch, James
Leitch, Norman
Leitch, Thomas
Leithhead, Vivian
Lemin, William
Lemon, John
Lenihan, Denis
Lennard, James
Lenne, Hubert
Lennie, Thomas
Leonard, Henry
Leonard, Raymond
Leonard, Rita
Leseberg, Daniel
Leslie, Alan
Leslie, Alan
Leslie, Ernest
Leslie, Kenneth
Leslie, Kenneth
Lester, Donald
Lester, Geoffrey
Lester, Phillip
Letcher, Robert
Lethbridge, Harry
Lett, Richard
Lever, Ernest
Levey, James
Levey, Philip
Levings, Colin
Levitus, Solomon
Levy, Allan
Levy, Edward
Lewis, Alan
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, Andrew
Lewis, Arthur
Lewis, Cyril
Lewis, Cyril
Lewis, Donald
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Francis
Lewis, Frank
Lewis, Harold
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, John
Lewis, Maxwell
Lewis, Neville
Lewis, Oliver
Lewis, Raymond
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Victor
Lewis, Vivian
Lewis, Wallace
Lewis, William
Ley, Andrew
Ley, John
Ley, Trevor
Leydin, Allan
Leysley, Leonard
Lidgerwood, Geoffrey
Liebeck, Edward
Liebke, Clarence
Liels, George
Liersch, Claude
Liersch, Rex
Lightbody, Robert
Lillecrapp, Frank
Lillie, Ian
Limbrick, Frederick
Lincoln, Edward
Lincoln, Harold
Lind, Gilbert
Lind, Gordon
Lindeman, Ross
Linden, Frederick
Lindenberg, Keith
Lindley, George
Lindsay, David
Lindsay, Edmund
Lindsay, James
Lindsay, Logan
Lindsay, Thomas
Lindsay, William
Lindsey, Angus
Lindsey, Robert
Line, Murray
Linford, Albert
Linklater, Kenneth
Linklater, Llewellyn
Linton, Hugh
Linton, Jeffrey
Linton, Norman
Lipscomb, William
List, Stephen
Lister, Donald
Lister, Herbert
Liston, Ward
Litchfield, Eric
Litchfield, Gordon
Litchfield, Richard
Little, Archie
Little, Keith
Little, Kenneth
Little, Kenneth
Little, Leslie
Little, William
Littlejohn, Gordon
Littlejohn, Joseph
Littlejohn, Thomas
Littlejohn, William
Littlejohns, Alan
Litzow, Colin
Liversidge, John
Livingston, Frank
Livingstone, David
Livingstone, Richard
Llewellyn, Arthur
Llewelyn, Ronald
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, Frank
Lloyd, Gordon
Lloyd, Hugh
Lloyd, Norman
Lloyd, Richard
Lloyd, Stanley
Lloyd, Stuart
Lloyd, Sydney
Lloyd-Jones, Keith
Loane, Owen
Lobb, William
Lobban, John
Lobwein, Grahame
Lock, Allan
Lock, Derek
Lock, Robert
Locke, Henry
Locke, Reginald
Lockhart, Joseph
Lockley, Albert
Lockley, William
Locklier, Norman
Lockrey, John
Lockrey, Ronald
Lockwood, John
Lockyer, Arnold
Lockyer, James
Loder, George
Lodge, Wallace
Loft, Clarence
Loftus, Lloyd
Loftus, Watson
Logan, Benjamin
Logan, Clifford
Logan, David
Logan, John
Logan, Whitmore
Logan, William
Loginoff, Neville
Logue, Lloyd
Logue, Stanley
Lomas, Rowley
London, Alexander
Lonergan, Hilton
Lonergan, Robert
Long, Arthur
Long, Arthur
Long, Brian
Long, Gordon
Long, Harry
Long, Norman
Long, Sheila
Long, William
Long-Innes, George
Longbottom, Eric
Longland, George
Longmore, Kenneth
Longoni, Albert
Longson, Charles
Lonsdale, Ronald
Loonam, Edward
Looney, Francis
Looney, Patrick
Lopez, James
Lopez, Robin
Lord, Allan
Lord, Allan
Lord, Clive
Lord, Douglas
Lord, Frank
Lord, Henry
Lord, John
Lord, Peter
Lorenz, Anthony
Lorraine, Daniel
Loton, Eric
Loton, Leslie
Loughnan, Justin
Loughnan, Walter
Louthean, Donald
Love, Frederick
Love, James
Love, Robert
Love, William
Love, Winston
Loveday, Noel
Loveday, Selwyn
Lovejoy, Douglas
Lovell, Eric
Lovell, John
Lovelle-Draper, Adrian
Lovett, Angus
Lovett, Henry
Low, Gordon
Low, John
Low, Keith
Low, Peter
Lowater, Ernest
Lowder, Reginald
Lowe, Alan
Lowe, Basil
Lowe, George
Lowe, James
Lowe, John
Lowe, Leslie
Lowe, Robert
Lowe, Vernon
Lowes, Richard
Lowing, William
Lowis, Colin
Lowry, Samuel
Lowther, George
Lowther, Ronald
Lowther, Thomas
Loxton, Alan
Lucas, Clifford
Lucas, George
Lucas, Gordon
Lucas, Kenneth
Lucas, Stephen
Luck, William
Lucy, Harry
Ludlow, Robert
Luedeke, Clifford
Luff, Robert
Lugton, Reginald
Luke, Cyril
Luke, Robert
Luker, Henry
Lumsdaine, Ernest
Lumsden, Grahan
Lumsden, Oswald
Lundie, David
Lunn, Raymond
Lupton, James
Lupton, Leonard
Lupton, William
Luther, Clive
Luton, John
Luton, Vincent
Lutz, Alan
Lutz, Alfred
Lutz, Robin
Lyall, William
Lydeamore, Herbert
Lyford, Cyril
Lyford, Norman
Lymath, John
Lynas, James
Lynch, Alfred
Lynch, Allan
Lynch, Arnold
Lynch, Dallas
Lynch, Edward
Lynch, Geoffrey
Lynch, John
Lynch, John
Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Kevin
Lynch, Walter
Lynch, William
Lyne, Lewis
Lyneham, Alan
Lynn, William
Lyon, Andrew
Lyon, Ashley
Lyon, James
Lyon, John
Lyon, Kenneth
Lyons, John
Lyons, Kenneth
Lyons, Leon
Lyons, Robert
Lyons, Sydney
MacArthur-Onslow, Andrew
MacDiarmid, Colin
MacDonald, Alexander
MacDonald, Colin
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Edward
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, Keith
MacDonald, Keith
Macdonald, Keith
Macdonald, Leonard
MacDonald, Newton
MacDonald, Peter
Macdonald, Philip
MacDonald, Robert
MacDonald, Roderick
MacDonald, William
MacDonnell, John
MacDougall, Allan
Mace, Cecil
MacFadyen, Duncan
MacFarlane, John
MacFarlane, Murdo
Macfarlane, Murray
MacGowan, Thorburn
MacGregor, Roderick
MacGregor-King, Thomas
MacGugan, Ian
MacIver, Murdoch
Mack, Frank
Mackay, Alton
Mackay, Charles
Mackay, Donald
Mackay, Graham
Mackay, John
Mackay, Neil
Mackay, Norman
Mackay, Stuart
Mackay, William
Mackay-Baldry, Kenneth
Mackenzie, Allan
Mackenzie, Douglas
Mackenzie, Evan
Mackenzie, Ian
MacKenzie, Ian
Mackenzie, Lionel
Mackenzie, Peter
Mackerras, Donald
Mackie, Clarence
Mackie, John
Mackinnon, Alexander
Mackintosh, Harold
Macknight, Bruce
Mackrell, Stanley
Mackrell, Trevor
MacLaine, Grantham
Maclean, Allan
Maclean, Byron
Maclean, Douglas
MacLean, John
Maclean, Malcolm
Maclean, Roderick
MacLellan, James
Maclennan, Hugh
MacLennan, William
MacLeod, Athole
Macleod, David
MacLeod, Eric
MacLeod, John
MacLeod, John
Macleod, Norman
Macliver, Thomas
Maclure, Alan
MacMeikan, Henry
Macmichael, Walter
MacMillan, John
Macoun, George
Macphee, William
MacPherson, Alexander
MacPherson, Allan
MacPherson, David
MacPherson, Donald
Macpherson, Donald
MacPherson, Gordon
MacPherson, John
MacPherson, John
MacPhillamy, Owen
Macrae, Duncan
Macrae, Ian
Macrae, Stanley
Macrossan, Hugh
Mactaggart, John
MacTaggart, Robert
Maddalena, Harold
Madden, Douglas
Madden, Francis
Madden, John
Madden, Patrick
Madden, Peter
Maddern, John
Maddison, Hamilton
Maddrell, George
Maden, John
Madge, Raymond
Madigan, Christopher
Madsen, Edgar
Magee, Arthur
Maggs, Arthur
Magor, Eric
Magrath, Richard
Magrath, William
Maguire, John
Mahar, Maurice
Maher, James
Maher, John
Maher, Thomas
Mahoney, Edward
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Kevin
Mahony, Martin
Mahony, Vincent
Maiden, Francis
Mainerd, Albert
Mainland, Ian
Mairet, Archibald
Major, Follett
Makeham, Alick
Malcolm, John
Malcolm, Robert
Males, Rupert
Mallaby, George
Mallick, Thomas
Malone, Alan
Malone, Arthur
Maloney, Francis
Maloney, Frederick
Maloney, John
Maloney, John
Maloney, Robert
Maloney, William
Malor, Ronald
Manderson, John
Manfred, Noel
Manger, Graham
Mangnall, Charles
Manly, Richard
Mann, Herbert
Mann, Percy
Mann, Stanley
Mannell, Leslie
Manners, Alexander
Manners, Jack
Manners, Seth
Manning, Albert
Manning, Charles
Manning, Charles
Manning, Colin
Manning, Keith
Manning, Walter
Manns, Henley
Mansbridge, Alexander
Mansell, Jack
Mansell, Vincent
Mansfield, Keith
Mansfield, Ronald
Manson, George
Mant, Graeme
Mant, James
Mantell, John
Mantle, Frank
Manton, Paul
Manttan, Reginald
Manuel, John
Manuel, William
Maple, James
Mapletoft, Claude
March, Claude
Marchant, Francis
Marchant, Jack
Marden, John
Marfell, Archibald
Margules, Maxwell
Marketo, Miro
Markey, John
Markey, Thomas
Marks, John
Marks, William
Markwell, Ian
Marland, Gordon
Marley, Sidney
Maroney, Robert
Maroney, William
Marr, David
Marre, Rex
Marriage, Stanley
Marriner, Francis
Marsden, Colin
Marsden, Stanley
Marsden, Stuart
Marsh, Edward
Marsh, John
Marsh, Maxwell
Marsh, Norman
Marsh, Norman
Marsh, Peter
Marsh, Peter
Marsh, Thomas
Marsh, Walter
Marshall, Bayard
Marshall, Corbie
Marshall, George
Marshall, James
Marshall, John
Marshall, Laurence
Marshall, Mervyn
Marshall, Mervyn
Marshall, Murray
Marshall, Noel
Marshall, Richard
Marshall, Roland
Marshall, Ronald
Marshall, Sydney
Marshman, John
Marstella, Raymond
Marstin, Brian
Martel, Maurice
Martens, Edwin
Martin, Alan
Martin, Alfred
Martin, Alfred
Martin, Allan
Martin, Charles
Martin, Colin
Martin, Colin
Martin, Dennis
Martin, Donald
Martin, Douglas
Martin, Douglas
Martin, Eric
Martin, Frederick
Martin, Ian
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, Kenneth
Martin, Lewis
Martin, Lionel
Martin, Lynnton
Martin, Noel
Martin, Philip
Martin, Phillip
Martin, Robert
Martin, Robert
Martin, Ronald
Martin, Selwyn
Martin, Virgil
Martin, Wallace
Mashman, Keith
Maslen, John
Maslin, John
Mason, Alan
Mason, Cecil
Mason, Donald
Mason, Henry
Mason, John
Mason, Leslie
Mason, Lewis
Mason, Neville
Mason, Norman
Mason, Walter
Massey, Kevin
Massingham, Charles
Masson, Allan
Masters, James
Masters, John
Masters, Robert
Matchett, William
Mather, William
Mathers, Francis
Mathers, James
Mathers, Michael
Matheson, Alister
Matheson, Charles
Matheson, Duncan
Matheson, Gordon
Matheson, John
Matheson, Ross
Mathews, Francis
Mathews, Kenneth
Mathieson, Milton
Mathis, Donald
Mathison, Edwin
Matthams, Ronald
Matthews, Daniel
Matthews, Eric
Matthews, Frederick
Matthews, Frederick
Matthews, Mervyn
Matthews, Patrick
Matthews, Philip
Matthews, Ronald
Matthews, Ronald
Matthews, Stanley
Matthews, William
Matthews, William
Mattingley, Albert
Mattress, Charles
Matuschka, Vyron
Maud, John
Maughan, Francis
Maughan, Peter
Maunder, John
Maunsell, Bernard
Maurer, Aubrey
Maurin-Bonnemain, Jean
Mawdesley, William
Mawdsley, Jack
Mawer, Granville
Maxted, Reginald
Maxwell, Gordon
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, Lewis
Maxwell, Maxwell
Maxwell, William
Maxwell, William
May, Allan
May, Donald
May, Henry
May, John
May, John
May, John
May, Philip
Mayall, John
Mayberry, Clement
Mayers, Howard
Mayes, Colin
Mayhead, Jack
Mayne, Albert
Mayne, Elwyn
Mayne, Reginald
Mazengarb, Harris
McAdam, Ian
McAlister, Gilbert
McAllen, William
McAllister, Charles
McAllister, Henry
McAllister, Norman
McAllister, Robert
McAllister, Ronald
McAlpine, John
McAlpine, Keith
McAskill, Colin
McAteer, Hilton
McAuley, Lindsay
McAuliffe, John
McAuliffe, Leo
McAuliffe, William
McAully, Douglas
McBean, Ronald
McBride, Keith
McBryde, George
McCall, Cyril
McCallum, Gregory
McCallum, Ian
McCallum, Kenneth
McCallum, Norman
McCallum, Robert
McCalman, Ian
McCann, William
McCarthy, Charles
McCarthy, Eric
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Leonard
McCarthy, Ronald
McCarthy, Vincent
McCarthy, Vincent
McCartin, James
McCartin, Patrick
McCartney, Alan
McCartney, Thomas
McCasker, Evered
McCaskill, Donald
McCaughey, Peter
McCauley, John
McCauley, Ronald
McCausland, George
McClellan, Bruce
McClelland, Rupert
McClintock, Leopold
McCloud, Andrew
McCloughry, Wilfred
McCloy, Geoffrey
McClure, John
McClymont, Archibald
McColl, Charles
McColl, Frederick
McColl, Ian
McColl, Kenneth
McColl, Lindsay
McCombie, Patrick
McCombie, Thomas
McConachie, Donald
McConnell, Bryan
McConnell, Thelma
McConville, Douglas
McConville, Douglas
McCord, Donald
McCormack, David
McCormack, Edward
McCormack, James
McCormack, Joan
McCormack, Leo
McCormack, Robert
McCormack, William
McCormick, Andrew
McCormick, Felix
McCormick, George
McCosker, Hector
McCouat, John
McCoy, Louis
McCrabb, Robert
McCrackan, Keith
McCracken, Greig
McCracken, William
McCrae, Allan
McCrae, Frederick
McCray, David
McCrea, Robert
McCready, Colin
McCredie, Bruce
McCudden, Reginald
McCullagh, Stephen
McCulloch, Douglas
McCulloch, Hugh
McCulloch, Robert
McCullough, Joseph
McCullum, George
McCurdy, Thomas
McDaniel, Daniel
McDermott, Leonard
McDermott, Robert
McDiarmed, Douglas
McDonagh, John
McDonald, Alan
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Archie
McDonald, Arthur
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Douglas
McDonald, Enoch
McDonald, Ernest
McDonald, Ernest
McDonald, Frank
McDonald, Hector
McDonald, Ian
McDonald, Irwin
McDonald, James
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, Joshua
McDonald, Keith
McDonald, Kenneth
McDonald, Kenneth
McDonald, Kenneth
McDonald, Malcolm
McDonald, Murray
McDonald, Norman
McDonald, Roderick
McDonald, Ronald
McDonald, Sidney
McDonald, William
McDonald, William
McDonell, Brian
McDonell, Jack
McDonell, John
McDonell, Russell
McDonnell, David
McDonnell, Kenneth
McDonnell, Leslie
McDonnell, Patrick
McDonough, Bryan
McDonough, Frederick
McDougall, Gordon
McDougall, Raymond
McDougall, Robert
McDowall, Robert
McDowell, Frederic
McDowell, Harold
McEgan, Eugene
McEniff, Patrick
McEnnally, Alan
McEvoy, Arthur
McEvoy, Claude
McFadden, Kenneth
McFadden, Oscar
McFadyen, James
McFarlane, Alfred
McFarlane, Allen
McFarlane, Percival
McFarlane, Reginald
McFarlane, Stanley
McGee, Alexander
McGee, Maurice
McGee, Reginald
McGilchrist, John
McGill, Hilton
McGill, John
McGillivray, Harold
McGilvery, Edwin
McGilvray, Edward
McGilvray, George
McGilvray, James
McGinn, Keith
McGinness, Noel
McGlade, Thomas
McGladrigan, Neil
McGlinchy, Francis
McGoldrick, James
McGowan, Alexander
McGowan, Hunter
McGowan, Rex
McGrath, Angus
McGrath, Basil
McGrath, Francis
McGrath, Graham
McGrath, James
McGrath, Joseph
McGrath, Terence
McGrath, Thomas
McGregor, Donald
McGregor, Douglas
McGregor, Leslie
McGregor, Ronald
McGrill, Frederick
McGugan, Ian
McGuigan, John
McGuigan, Raymond
McGuigan, William
McGuiness, Reginald
McGuinness, Ronald
McGuire, John
McGuire, Laurie
McGuire, Maurice
McHugh, Maurice
McIlrath, Kenneth
McIlroy, Robert
McIlroy, Ronald
McIlveen, Trevor
McInerney, Bernard
McInerney, Francis
McInerney, James
McInerney, Thomas
McInnes, John
McInnes, Malcolm
McInroy, William
McIntosh, Alexander
McIntosh, Donald
McIntosh, Douglas
McIntosh, James
McIntosh, John
McIntyre, Allan
McIntyre, Frank
McIntyre, Frederick
McIntyre, James
McIntyre, James
McIntyre, Norman
McIntyre, Ronald
McIver, Kenneth
McKaskill, Raymond
McKay, Alan
McKay, Harold
McKay, John
McKay, Lindsay
McKay, Malcolm
McKay, Robert
McKay, Ronald
McKay, William
McKay, William
McKean, George
McKean, Harold
McKechnie, Douglas
McKechnie, James
McKee, Charles
McKee, John
McKell, David
McKendrick, Fletcher
McKenna, Gordon
McKenna, Joseph
McKenna, Terence
Mckennan, Ian
McKenny, Clifford
McKenny, Lancelot
McKenzie, Bruce
McKenzie, Donald
McKenzie, Duncan
McKenzie, Frederick
McKenzie, Gordon
McKenzie, Hector
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, Kenneth
McKenzie, Lloyd
McKenzie, Malcolm
McKenzie, Raymond
McKenzie, William
McKerracher, Walter
McKiggan, Malcolm
McKillop, Ronald
McKinnon, Allan
McKinnon, John
McKinnon, John
McKittrick, Jack
McKnight, Kevin
McLachlan, James
McLachlan, William
McLaren, Clarence
McLaren, Gavin
McLaren, James
McLaren, Lyle
McLauchlan, Eric
McLaughlan, Peter
McLaughlin, Percy
McLay, Alan
McLay, John
McLay, Robert
McLay, Wilbur
McLean, Alan
McLean, Andrew
McLean, Donald
McLean, Donald
McLean, Duncan
McLean, Francis
McLean, George
McLean, Gordon
McLean, Hugh
McLean, John
McLean, John
McLean, John
McLean, Neil
McLean, Oliver
McLean, Robert
McLean, Stanley
McLellan, Donald
McLennan, Clarence
McLennan, Hugh
McLennan, Hughbert
McLeod, Albert
McLeod, Bruce
McLeod, Dudley
McLeod, Eric
McLeod, Finlay
McLeod, Gordon
McLeod, Graham
McLeod, James
McLeod, John
McLeod, Lewis
McLeod, Malcolm
McLeod, Murdo
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Roderick
McLeod, William
McLoughlin, Cormack
McLoughlin, James
McMahon, Allan
McMahon, Edward
McMahon, John
McMahon, Lawrence
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Thomas
McManus, Ian
McManus, John
McManus, Terence
McManus, Terence
McManus, Trevor
McMaster, Allan
McMaster, Fabian
McMaster, Gordon
McMaster, Hugh
McMaster, Ross
McMichael, Eric
McMichael, Lewis
McMillan, Andrew
McMillan, Herbert
McMillan, James
McMillan, Ronald
McMillan, William
McMonagle, Lance
McMullan, Harcourt
McMullan, John
McMullen, Edwin
McMullin, Gordon
McMurray, George
McMurrich, John
McNab, Alexander
McNabb, Ray
McNally, John
McNamara, James
McNamara, John
McNamara, John
McNamara, Kevin
McNamara, Lance
McNamara, Maurice
McNamara, Michael
McNamee, William
McNaught, Donald
McNaughton, George
McNaughton, Ronald
McNeil, John
McNeill, John
McNeill, Thomas
McNulty, Neville
McNulty, Patrick
McPhail, Angus
McPhan, Robert
McPhee, Athol
McPherson, Cameron
McPherson, Cecil
McPherson, John
McPherson, Keith
McPherson, Ray
McPhie, Keith
McQuade, Victor
McQualter, Max
McQueen, Finlay
McQueen, Lawrence
McQueen, William
McQueen, William
McQuitty, Robert
McQuitty, William
McRae, Malcolm
McRoberts, Bruce
McRostie, Herbert
McSweeney, Gerald
McTier, Ronald
McVicar, Kenneth
McWade, Allan
McWaters, John
McWha, Reginald
McWhinney, Joseph
Meadow, Arthur
Meadows, Allan
Meagher, Vincent
Meaker, Arthur
Meakin, Allan
Mears, Arthur
Mears, Ashleigh
Mears, Edmund
Meaton, Russell
Medhurst, Malcolm
Megaw, Geoffrey
Meggitt, Ivor
Meharry, John
Mehden, Leonard
Meiklejohn, Robert
Meiklejohn, Thomas
Meldrum, Alexander
Meldrum, Kenneth
Mell, John
Mellersh, John
Mellon, John
Mellowship, Rodney
Melrose, Lloyd
Melville, Peter
Melville, Robert
Membrey, Aubrey
Membrey, Harold
Menere, Douglas
Mengel, Colin
Menzies, Alan
Menzies, Colin
Menzies, Guy
Menzies, Ian
Menzies, Neil
Menzies, Stewart
Menzies, William
Mercer, Richard
Mercovich, John
Meredith, Albert
Meredith, Owen
Merefield, Edward
Meres, Frank
Merrett, John
Merrett, Malcolm
Merrett, Malcolm
Merrett, Norman
Merrin, Sidney
Merryfull, Charles
Messenger, George
Messer, Allan
Messervy, Norman
Metcalfe, Horace
Metherall, William
Methven, Stuartson
Meyer, Bruce
Meyer, Donnelly
Meyer, Francis
Meyers, William
Middleton, Alan
Middleton, Bertram
Middleton, Charles
Middleton, Hector
Middleton, John
Middleton, Leonard
Middleton, Maurice
Middleton, Rawdon
Miegel, Karl
Mienert, Victor
Migner, Alexander
Miles, Charles
Miles, Maurice
Miles, Norman
Milford, Ernest
Millar, Thomas
Milledge, Ronald
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Alister
Miller, Bruce
Miller, Clive
Miller, Colin
Miller, Donald
Miller, Frederick
Miller, Frederick
Miller, George
Miller, Graeme
Miller, Harold
Miller, Ian
Miller, Jack
Miller, James
Miller, John
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Keith
Miller, Leonard
Miller, Raymond
Miller, Reginald
Miller, Richard
Miller, Rogers
Miller, Russell
Miller, Stanley
Miller, Sydney
Miller, William
Miller, William
Millett, Graham
Millett, Murray
Millgate, Keith
Milligan, Douglas
Milligan, William
Millikan, Kenneth
Milliken, Edward
Milliken, Roy
Milliner, Jack
Millingen, Ian
Millington, William
Millis, Allan
Mills, David
Mills, Everard
Mills, George
Mills, Gordon
Mills, Howard
Mills, John
Mills, John
Mills, Keith
Mills, Maurice
Mills, Samuel
Mills, Thomas
Milne, Angus
Milne, Donald
Milne, Francis
Milne, Harold
Milne, Jack
Milne, James
Milne, Keith
Milne, Malcolm
Milne, Maxwell
Milne, Robert
Milstead, Edward
Mincham, Ernest
Minchin, George
Minchin, Vernon
Mineeff, Alexis
Miners, Lloyd
Minett, Stanley
Minogue, John
Minter, William
Mirow, Alan
Mirow, Ronald
Mish, Eric
Mitchell, Alan
Mitchell, Alan
Mitchell, Albert
Mitchell, Colin
Mitchell, Cyril
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Donald
Mitchell, Frank
Mitchell, Frederick
Mitchell, Geoffrey
Mitchell, Graham
Mitchell, Jack
Mitchell, Jack
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Kenneth
Mitchell, Maurice
Mitchell, Phillip
Mitchell, Reginald
Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Ronald
Mitchell, William
Mitchell, William
Mitchell, William
Mobsby, Edward
Moebus, Earl
Moffat, Raymond
Moffatt, Albert
Moffatt, Malcolm
Moffitt, Frederic
Mofflin, Herbert
Mofflin, William
Mogg, Gregory
Mohr, Reginald
Molan, Desmond
Mole, Herbert
Mole, Raymond
Molinas, Frank
Moller, Augustus
Mollet, Clarence
Molloy, Andrew
Moloney, Patrick
Moloney, Thomas
Molony, Colin
Molony, Henry
Monckton, Francis
Moncrieff, Edwin
Monfries, James
Monk, Cleve
Monk, Peter
Monk, William
Monterola, Vincent
Montgomerie, Laurence
Montgomery, Alan
Montgomery, Howard
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery-Mortimer, John
Moody, Albert
Moody, William
Moody, William
Moon, James
Moon, Louis
Moon, Maxwell
Mooney, Cosmo
Mooney, James
Mooney, John
Mooney, Landon
Mooney, Walter
Moore, Alan
Moore, Arthur
Moore, Cyril
Moore, Donald
Moore, Eric
Moore, Ernest
Moore, George
Moore, Gordon
Moore, Jack
Moore, Jack
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, Kay
Moore, Keith
Moore, Michael
Moore, Neville
Moore, Norman
Moore, Reginald
Moore, Richard
Moore, Stanley
Moore, Walter
Moore, William
Moore, William
Moorehouse, John
Moorhead, Harold
Moran, James
Moran, Laurence
Moran, Michael
Moran, Reginald
Moran, William
Morant, Allan
Morcombe, Frank
Morcombe, William
Moreton, Kenneth
Morey, Mervyn
Morey, Monte
Morey, Stanley
Morgan, Allen
Morgan, David
Morgan, Frederick
Morgan, Henry
Morgan, Laurence
Morgan, Lyle
Morgan, Mervyn
Morgan, Owen
Morgan, Richard
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, Vernon
Morgan, Victor
Morgan, Wesley
Morgan, William
Moritz, William
Morley, Arthur
Morley, Daniel
Morley, William
Morphett, Douglas
Morphett, Henry
Morphett, Philip
Morrell, Alban
Morris, Alan
Morris, Dudley
Morris, Francis
Morris, Frank
Morris, Godfrey
Morris, James
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, Leonard
Morris, Lloyd
Morris, Neville
Morris, Philip
Morris, Rae
Morris, Ronald
Morris, Victor
Morris, William
Morris-Hadwell, Edward
Morrison, Alan
Morrison, Alexander
Morrison, Campbell
Morrison, D'Arcy
Morrison, Ernest
Morrison, John
Morrison, Kenneth
Morrison, Maurice
Morrison, Nancy
Morrison, Oliver
Morrison, Robert
Morrison, Roderick
Morrison, Ronald
Morrison, William
Morrissey, David
Morrissy, Leo
Morrow, Bruce
Morrow, William
Morshead, Leslie
Mortal, Clive
Mortimer, Arthur
Mortimer, Ronald
Morton, James
Morton, Lindsay
Morton, Oswald
Morton, Ronald
Moseley, Charles
Moses, George
Moses, Keith
Moss, Alan
Moss, Albert
Moss, Alexander
Moss, Anthony
Moss, Frank
Moss, Frank
Moss, Frank
Moss, John
Moss, Victor
Mossop, John
Mott, Malcolm
Motteram, Charles
Motteram, Harry
Mottershead, Valentine
Mouatt, James
Mouatt, Peter
Moulden, William
Moulin, Francis
Moulsdale, John
Moulton, Desmond
Mountford, Oswald
Mowat, Norman
Moxey, Wilfred
Moxham, Bernard
Moylan, Hilary
Moylan, Patrick
Moyle, Alan
Moyle, Joseph
Moyle, Ronald
Moynagh, Reginald
Mudford, Alan
Mudge, Leith
Mudie, James
Mudie, James
Mudie, Reginald
Muecke, Robert
Mueller, Phillip
Muir, Bruce
Muir, Clarence
Muir, John
Mulcahy, Arthur
Mulcahy, John
Mulhall, John
Mulholland, Norman
Mullard, John
Mullen, William
Mullens, Philip
Muller, Charles
Muller, Frank
Muller, Harold
Muller, Rodney
Mulligan, Justin
Mullinger, Robert
Mullins, John
Mullins, Raymond
Mullins, William
Mummery, Geoffrey
Munday, Adrian
Munday, Harvey
Munday, Neville
Munro, Alfred
Munro, Allan
Munro, David
Munro, Donald
Munro, Donald
Munro, Duncan
Munro, Hector
Munro, Kelvin
Munro, Kenneth
Munro, Robert
Munro, Robert
Munro, Stuart
Munroe, Albert
Muntz, Joseph
Munyard, Peto
Murchison, Duncan
Murdoch, James
Murdoch, Paul
Murdoch, Robert
Murn, Donald
Murphine, Oscar
Murphy, Denis
Murphy, Desmond
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Edwin
Murphy, Eric
Murphy, Francis
Murphy, George
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, Jack
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Kenneth
Murphy, Kevin
Murphy, Kevin
Murphy, Neville
Murphy, Reginald
Murphy, Roger
Murphy, Ronald
Murphy, Ronald
Murphy, William
Murphy, William
Murray, Aubrey
Murray, Geoffrey
Murray, Hugh
Murray, John
Murray, John
Murray, John
Murray, John
Murray, John
Murray, Kenric
Murray, Lawrie
Murray, Robert
Murray, Stanley
Murray, Terence
Murray, William
Murrie, Glen
Murrin, George
Murtagh, George
Murton, Thomas
Muschialli, Louis
Musgrave, Alan
Musgrave, Edward
Musto, Clifford
Mustoe, George
Muston, Charles
Mustow, Keith
Mutimer, Donald
Mutimer, Stanley
Mutton, George
Mutton, Hessel
Mutton, James
Mutton, Leslie
Mutton, Malcolm
Muxworthy, James
Myers, Bernard
Myers, Edward
Myers, Joseph
Myers, Nelson
Myers, William
Myerson, Philip
Myles, William
Naffin, Robert
Nagel, Walter
Naile, Leslie
Nairn, Alex
Nairn, Clifford
Nall, Ronald
Nallen, Charles
Nancarrow, Roderick
Nangle, Patrick
Nanscawen, John
Napier, Charles
Napier, Keith
Napier, William
Nash, Arthur
Nash, Donald
Nash, George
Nash, James
Nash, Joseph
Nation, Huon
Nattrass, James
Naughton, Francis
Naughton, Regina
Nayda, Errol
Nayler, Edward
Neal, David
Neal, Gladys
Neal, John
Neal, Ronald
Neale, Alan
Neate, George
Neaylon, Francis
Needs, Frank
Needs, Lancelot
Neelands, Neil
Neeld, Robert
Neeson, Andrew
Negus, Bruce
Negus, Ernest
Neighbour, Robert
Neill, Garth
Neill, Jack
Neill, Kenneth
Neill, Robert
Neill, William
Nelder, Frank
Nell, Frederick
Nelson, Arthur
Nelson, Colin
Nelson, Donald
Nelson, Douglas
Nelson, Francis
Nelson, John
Nelson, John
Nelson, Raymond
Nelson, Rowland
Nelson, Stanley
Nelson, Viola
Nelson, Wallace
Nerney, Kenneth
Nest, Dennis
Nethersole, William
Nette, Herbert
Nettle, William
Neubeck, William
Neville, Frederick
Neville, Henry
Neville, Maxwell
Neville, William
Newall, Leslie
Newbery, Kent
Newbey, Norman
Newbigging, Robert
Newbold, Claude
Newcombe, John
Newell, Edward
Newell, John
Newell, Norman
Newell, Rex
Newick, John
Newman, Benjamin
Newman, George
Newman, John
Newman, John
Newman, John
Newman, Stanley
Newnham, Henry
Newnham, Jack
Newstead, Trevor
Newth, John
Newton, Frederick
Newton, John
Newton, Lyndsay
Newton, Terence
Newton, William
Neylon, Maxwell
Nichol, Charles
Nicholas, Francis
Nicholas, William
Nicholl, Laurence
Nicholls, Angus
Nicholls, Gordon
Nicholls, Peter
Nicholls, Reginald
Nicholls, Robert
Nicholls, Thomas
Nicholls, William
Nichols, Albert
Nichols, Graham
Nichols, Laurence
Nichols, Leslie
Nichols, Mervyn
Nichols, Oliver
Nicholson, Allan
Nicholson, Donald
Nicholson, James
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, Ronald
Nicholson, William
Nichterlein, William
Nickalls, William
Nickless, Harry
Nicol, Alexander
Nicolay, Arthur
Nicolson, Donald
Nield, Robert
Nielsen, Murray
Nielsen, Walter
Nielson, Searn
Nilon, Arthur
Nimmo, James
Ninness, Gordon
Nitschke, Clemence
Nitschke, Richard
Niven, Carswell
Nixon, James
Nixon, John
Nixon, John
Nixon, Noel
Noakes, Gordon
Noble, Ian
Noble, James
Noble, Keith
Nodrum, Eric
Nolan, Alan
Nolan, Colin
Nolan, Mervyn
Nolan, William
Noonan, Francis
Noonan, Vincent
Norbury, Ralph
Norman, Alexander
Norman, Allan
Norman, Ernest
Norman, Jack
Norman, John
Norman, William
Normoyle, Francis
Normyle, John
Norris, Eric
Norris, Reginald
Norris, Roy
Norris, Sidney
Norsworthy, Robert
North, Charles
North, Hunter
Northmore, Darius
Northway, William
Norton, Hartley
Norton, James
Norton, Robert
Norton, William
Noseda, Arthur
Noske, John
Nossiter, Bennett
Nott, Colin
Nott, Jack
Nott, Reginald
Nottle, Harold
Nourse, Arthur
Nowland, Francis
Nugent, John
Nunn, Kenneth
Nunn, Leslie
Nunn-Pattrick, Kenneth
Nursey, Ian
Nystrom, Stanley
O'Brien (Obrien), Albert
O'Brien (Obrien), Allan
O'Brien (Obrien), Bernard
O'Brien (Obrien), Cecil
O'Brien (Obrien), Cecil
O'Brien (Obrien), George
O'Brien (Obrien), John
O'Brien (Obrien), John
O'Brien (Obrien), John
O'Brien (Obrien), John
O'Brien (Obrien), Vernon
O'Brien (Obrien), William
O'Callaghan (Ocallaghan), Edward
O'Connell (Oconnell), Brian
O'Connell (Oconnell), Edward
O'Connell (Oconnell), Edward
O'Connell (Oconnell), Francis
O'Connell (Oconnell), John
O'Connell (Oconnell), Patrick
O'Connell (Oconnell), Paul
O'Connell (Oconnell), Peter
O'Connor (Oconnor), Arthur
O'Connor (Oconnor), Edmond
O'Connor (Oconnor), Eric
O'Connor (Oconnor), Ian
O'Connor (Oconnor), Raymond
O'Connor (Oconnor), Ronald
O'Dea (Odea), Donald
O'Dea (Odea), Ronald
O'Dea (Odea), Walter
O'Donnell (Odonnell), Brian
O'Donnell (Odonnell), Colin
O'Donnell (Odonnell), Eric
O'Donnell (Odonnell), Frederick
O'Donnell (Odonnell), Hector
O'Donnell (Odonnell), John
O'Donnell (Odonnell), John
O'Donnell (Odonnell), William
O'Donoghue (Odonoghue), Desmond
O'Donohue (Odonohue), Patrick
O'Donohue (Odonohue), Thomas
O'Dowd (Odowd), Vincent
O'Dwyer (Odwyer), Arthur
O'Dwyer (Odwyer), Edmond
O'Dwyer (Odwyer), Frank
O'Farrell (Ofarrell), Patrick
O'Farrell (Ofarrell), Raymond
O'Gorman (Ogorman), Hamilton
O'Gorman (Ogorman), Shane
O'Grady (Ogrady), Francis
O'Grady (Ogrady), John
O'Halloran (Ohalloran), Desmond
O'Halloran (Ohalloran), John
O'Hara (Ohara), Bernard
O'Hara (Ohara), Douglas
O'Hare, Terence
O'Hea (Ohea), Geoffrey
O'Keefe (Okeefe), Andrew
O'Keefe (Okeefe), Geoffrey
O'Keefe (Okeefe), John
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe), Bernard
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe), Claude
O'Keeffe (Okeeffe), Daniel
O'Leary (Oleary), Patrick
O'Loghlen (Ologhlen), Patrick
O'Loghlen (Ologhlen), Ross
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin), Dennis
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin), Justin
O'Loughlin (Oloughlin), Patrick
O'Malley (Omalley), Michael
O'Meara (Omeara), John
O'Neil (Oneil), Alfred
O'Neill, Benjamin
O'Neill (Oneill), Francis
O'Neill (Oneill), Francis
O'Neill (Oneill), Howard
O'Neill (Oneill), James
O'Neill (Oneill), Richard
O'Neill (Oneill), Richard
O'Neill (Oneill), Robert
O'Neill (Oneill), Thomas
O'Reilly (Oreilly), Edwin
O'Reilly (Oreilly), Francis
O'Reilly (Oreilly), Roy
O'Reilly (Oreilly), Terence
O'Riordan (Oriordan), Clifford
O'Rorke, Hugh
O'Rourke, John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), George
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), John
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), Kenneth
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), Robert
O'Sullivan (Osullivan), Thomas
Oak-Rhind, David
Oakes, Leslie
Oakes, Ronald
Oakes, Walter
Oakley, Albert
Oakley, Frederick
Oakley, Max
Oakley, Richard
Oates, Herbert
Oberg, Albert
Oberhardt, Edgar
Obst, Ronald
Oddie, Neville
Odgers, Allan
Odgers, David
Odgers, Harry
Odgers, Lindsay
Odgers, Thomas
Oelrich, Ronald
Offer, Edward
Ogg, Lindsay
Ogilvie, Charles
Ogilvie, Creighton
Ogilvie, James
Ogilvie, Robert
Ohlmeyer, Robert
Ohlson, Jack
Oldham, Edward
Oldmeadow, Fenton
Oldridge, John
Oleinikoff, Peter
Olive, Melville
Oliver, Claudius
Oliver, David
Oliver, Ernest
Oliver, Harold
Oliver, James
Oliver, Martin
Oliver, Norman
Oliver, Richard
Oliver, Sidney
Olney, Leslie
Olsen, Allan
Olsen, George
Omsby, Leonard
Opas, Athol
Ophel, Leonard
Opie, John
Oppy, Lawrence
Oppy, Robert
Opray, Francis
Orbuck, Laurence
Orchard, Kenneth
Orchard, Norman
Ordell, Robin
Orford, Norman
Orgill, John
Orman, Arthur
Ormiston, Faulkner
Orpen, Ronald
Orphin, Walter
Orr, Alan
Orr, Murray
Orr, Neville
Orr, Thomas
Orrell, George
Orton, Clifford
Osborn, John
Osborn, Stanley
Osborne, Edgar
Osborne, Henry
Osborne, Ian
Osborne, James
Osborne, John
Osborne, Oliver
Osborne, Ronald
Osborne, William
Osborne, William
Oshlack, Charles
Oshlack, Joe
Osmond, Wallace
Ostenfeld, Christian
Oster, Raymond
Oswin, David
Ottaway, Winton
Outhwaite, William
Overmyer, Robert
Owen, Jervis
Owen, Norman
Owen, Robert
Oxlade, Arthur
Oxley, Moreland
Pace, Harrold
Packer, Thomas
Packham, Keith
Paddon, Albert
Padman, Douglas
Padman, John
Paech, Bruce
Pagan, Leslie
Page, Allan
Page, Eric
Page, Frank
Page, Frederick
Page, Keith
Page, Kenneth
Page, Thomas
Pahlow, Robert
Pain, Malcolm
Paine, William
Painter, Ernest
Painting, Allen
Palamountain, Archibald
Palamountain, Max
Palfreyman, Austin
Palfreyman, Richard
Palling, Aubrey
Palme, Bruce
Palmer, David
Palmer, David
Palmer, Ernest
Palmer, Frederick
Palmer, Geoffrey
Palmer, George
Palmer, Ivan
Palmer, John
Palmer, John
Palmer, John
Palmer, Kenneth
Palmer, Rex
Palmer, Stanley
Palmer, Stanley
Panitz, Gordon
Pankhurst, Alfred
Panos, Peter
Panwick, Keith
Paproth, Leonard
Paradise, John
Paradise, Reginald
Parbery, Marshall
Parbutt, Percy
Pardey, Alan
Pardon, Noel
Park, George
Park, Robert
Park, Robert
Parke, Edwin
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Anthony
Parker, Edwin
Parker, Frederick
Parker, Geoffrey
Parker, Geoffrey
Parker, Gladys
Parker, Graham
Parker, Harold
Parker, Herbert
Parker, Jeffrey
Parker, Laurence
Parker, Maxwell
Parker, Meredith
Parker, Neal
Parker, Norman
Parker, Ralf
Parker, Robert
Parker, Ronald
Parker, Ronald
Parker, Thomas
Parker, William
Parker, William
Parkes, Jack
Parkes, Lionel
Parkes, William
Parkin, Gordon
Parkinson, George
Parkinson, Herbert
Parkinson, John
Parkinson, Peter
Parks, Jack
Parks, Walter
Parnell, Leslie
Paroissien, Jim
Parry, Ernest
Parry, Harold
Parry, Morgan
Parry, Ronald
Parry-Okeden, Charles
Parsons, Albert
Parsons, Alfred
Parsons, Arthur
Parsons, Charles
Parsons, Donald
Parsons, Eric
Parsons, Frank
Parsons, Henry
Parsons, Jack
Parsons, John
Parsons, Sidney
Parsons, Thomas
Parton, Eric
Parton, Frank
Parton, Horace
Partridge, Dennis
Partridge, Jean
Partridge, Jonathan
Partridge, Mervin
Partridge, Victor
Pascoe, Arthur
Pascoe, Gordon
Pascoe, Vyvyan
Passant, Reginald
Passmore, Lorne
Patching, Charles
Pate, Gilbert
Paterson, Alistair
Paterson, Angus
Paterson, Archibald
Paterson, Dallas
Paterson, David
Paterson, David
Paterson, David
Paterson, Frederick
Paterson, James
Paterson, Paul
Paterson, Ronald
Paterson, Walter
Paterson, William
Patience, Thomas
Patkin, Leo
Paton, Alan
Paton, Archibald
Paton, Frederick
Paton, James
Paton, John
Paton, John
Paton, Kenneth
Patrick, John
Patrick, Maxwell
Patrick, Thomas
Patston, Vincent
Patten, Evan
Patten, Keith
Patterson, Archibald
Patterson, Arthur
Patterson, Charles
Patterson, Donald
Patterson, Gordon
Patterson, John
Patterson, Richard
Pattinson, Norman
Patton, John
Paul, Eric
Paul, Frederick
Paul, James
Paul, Keith
Paul, Maxwell
Paul, William
Pauline, Claude
Paull, Ronald
Pavey, Kevin
Paxman, Leonard
Paxton, Ronald
Payne, Graham
Payne, James
Payne, Joseph
Payne, Kenrick
Payne, Malcolm
Payne, Reginald
Payne, Richard
Payne, Thomas
Paynter, James
Peace, Eric
Peacock, Andrew
Peacock, Eric
Pead, Gordon
Peak, Colin
Peake, Ronald
Peake, William
Pearce, Allan
Pearce, Allan
Pearce, Arthur
Pearce, Bowyer
Pearce, James
Pearce, Keith
Pearce, Kenneth
Pearce, Leonard
Pearce, Maxwell
Pearce, Philip
Pearce, Stanley
Pearce, Walter
Pearce, William
Pearce, William
Pearce, William
Pearce, William
Pearmain, Henry
Pearsall, Alan
Pearsall, Vivian
Pearse, Eric
Pearse, Lawrence
Pearson, Arthur
Pearson, Bertie
Pearson, James
Pearson, Laurence
Peart, Leonard
Peate, Raymond
Peatfield, Gordon
Peck, Maxwell
Peck, Reginald
Pedersen, Lawrence
Pedler, Rex
Pedler, William
Pedrina, William
Pedrotta, George
Peedom, Charles
Peel, Lloyd
Peggs, Robert
Peirce, William
Pekin, Stanley
Pellew, Robert
Pemberton, Lloyd
Penaluna, Frank
Pender, Joseph
Penfold, Page
Pengelly, Douglas
Penn, Theodore
Penrose, Ian
Pepper, Francis
Pepper, Merton
Pepperrell, Archibald
Perceval, William
Percival, Lewis
Percival, Reginald
Percival, Roy
Percy, Francis
Perez, Miguel
Perkins, Alan
Perrett, John
Perrett, Keith
Perrett, Rex
Perriam, Howard
Perrie, James
Perrottet, Noel
Perroux, William
Perry, Clifford
Perry, George
Perry, George
Perry, John
Perry, Leonard
Perry, Lloyd
Perry, Ronald
Perske, Ronald
Persse, Charles
Petch, David
Petch, Robert
Peters, Albert
Peters, Albert
Peters, Harold
Peters, Herbert
Peters, Jasper
Peters, Kenneth
Peters, Neville
Peters, Norman
Peters, Walter
Petersen, Andreas
Petersen, Ernest
Petersen, Harry
Petersen, Laurence
Peterson, Bernard
Peterson, Eric
Peterson, George
Peterson, John
Peterson, Kermit
Peterson, Reginald
Peterson, Robert
Petitt, Donald
Petrie, Alexander
Petschel, Victor
Pettiford, Frederick
Pettiford, Keith
Pettiford, Stanislaus
Pettigrew, John
Pettigrew, William
Pettit, James
Pettit, John
Pettitt, Eric
Peut, Robert
Peverill, Roy
Pfeiffer, John
Pfeiffer, Paul
Pflaum, John
Phair, Robert
Phelan, Ian
Phelps, Kenneth
Philip, John
Philipson, Ernest
Philipson, Keith
Philipson, Walter
Philipson, William
Phillipps, Roy
Phillips, Brian
Phillips, Clement
Phillips, Clive
Phillips, Douglas
Phillips, Ernest
Phillips, Everard
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, Garnet
Phillips, Gordon
Phillips, Harold
Phillips, Harold
Phillips, Hugh
Phillips, John
Phillips, Keith
Phillips, Norman
Phillips, Philip
Phillips, Phillip
Phillips, Theodore
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, Victor
Phillips, William
Phillips, William
Philp, Ross
Philpot, James
Philpot, Richard
Phippard, Robert
Phipps, Henry
Picken, Jacques
Pickering, Thomas
Pickup, Clive
Pickup, James
Pickup, Laurenge
Pickworth, Colin
Piercy, Ernest
Pierson, Cedric
Pietsch, Leonard
Piggott, Frank
Piggott, Peter
Pigott, John
Pike, Frederick
Pike, John
Pilcher, Nigel
Pile, Donald
Pilkington, Alan
Pincus, John
Pinfold, Frederick
Pinkerton, Harrie
Pinn, Geoffrey
Pitchford, Ronald
Pitfield, Alan
Pither, Vernon
Pitman, Hugh
Pitt, Allan
Pitt, Douglas
Pitt, Edwin
Pitt, John
Pittendrigh, James
Pittendrigh, Robert
Pittman, John
Pitts, Alan
Pitts, Warren
Pivott, Allan
Pivott, Victor
Pizzey, John
Plant, Bruce
Plant, Henry
Plante, Robert
Plastow, James
Platt, William
Playford, Neville
Pledge, Frank
Plenty, Geoffrey
Plisch, Cyril
Plowman, Arthur
Plowman, Kenneth
Plumb, William
Plummer, John
Plummer, Reuben
Plummer-Davies, David
Plumridge, John
Pockley, Harold
Pocknee, Frank
Podmore, Charles
Podosky, Gilbert
Pogonowski, Jeffrey
Pointon, Albert
Polack, Russell
Polgreen, Sven
Poling, William
Pollard, Clifford
Pollie, Geofrrey
Pollock, Norman
Pollock, Philip
Pollock, Thomas
Polson, Brian
Pond, Keith
Pontey, Edward
Pontifex, Russell
Ponting, Charles
Ponton, Robert
Pontt, Kenneth
Poole, Bruce
Poole, James
Poole, Thomas
Pooley, Charles
Pope, Henry
Pope, Ralph
Pope, Rhodric
Pope, Vivian
Porch, Rhys
Pordage, Harry
Porritt, Leonard
Port, Norman
Porteous, Norman
Porteous, Stanley
Porter, Forbes
Porter, Harvey
Porter, John
Porter, John
Porter, Leonard
Porter, Raymond
Porter, Sydney
Porter, William
Porter, William
Pott, Arthur
Pott, John
Potter, Alan
Potter, Dennis
Potter, Francis
Potter, Frederick
Potter, Graham
Potter, James
Potter, Keith
Potter, Leslie
Potter, Robert
Potter, Thomas
Potter, Wilfred
Pottie, John
Pottinger, Francis
Potts, Alexander
Potts, Charles
Potts, John
Potts, Lindsay
Potts, Ralph
Poulson, Leslie
Poulter, Henry
Poulton, John
Poulton, Norman
Pound, Robert
Powe, Trevor
Powell, Arthur
Powell, Douglas
Powell, Frederick
Powell, Gordon
Powell, Joseph
Powell, Lance
Powell, Leslie
Powell, Mervyn
Powell, Norman
Powell, Reginald
Powell, Robert
Powell, Ross
Powell, Vernon
Powell, William
Powell, William
Power, James
Power, John
Power, John
Power, John
Power, Linsay
Power, Richard
Power, Ronald
Power, Thomas
Powers, David
Powis, William
Poynting, Kenneth
Poyzer, Arthur
Praagst, Geoffrey
Pratley, Frederick
Pratt, Garnet
Pratt, John
Pratt, Lancelot
Pratt, William
Pratten, Murray
Preece, Malcolm
Preston, Francis
Preston, James
Preston, Raymond
Pretty, Edward
Price, Harrington
Price, Julius
Price, Keith
Price, Leslie
Price, Owen
Prichard, Gordon
Priddle, David
Pridgeon, Walter
Pridmore, Walter
Priest, Donald
Priestley, Samuel
Prince, John
Pringle, Lawrence
Pritchard, Bernard
Pritchard, Fred
Pritchard, Jack
Pritchard, Jack
Pritchard, John
Pritchard, Percy
Probert, Arthur
Proctor, Alan
Proctor, Farquharson
Pronger, Harold
Properjohn, Kevin
Proud, Robert
Proudfoot, Samuel
Proudlock, Ralph
Prouse, James
Prout, Wallace
Proven, Maurice
Prowd, Stanley
Prowse, Alexander
Pryde, Alan
Pryde, William
Pryor, Arthur
Pryor, John
Pryor, Robert
Pudney, Brian
Pudney, Douglas
Pugh, Harold
Pugh, James
Pugh, John
Pugh, Nigel
Pugh, Peter
Pugh, Walter
Pullar, John
Pullin, Raymond
Pullom, Frank
Purcell, Royston
Purdue, Donald
Purkiss, Vincent
Purry, Ronald
Pursey, Gordon
Purton, William
Purves, Leonard
Purvis, Graham
Puusepp, Harold
Pye, John
Pye, Ronald
Pyke, George
Pyke, Laurence
Pym, Herbert
Quail, Arthur
Quaite, Lorraine
Quan, William
Quance, Peter
Quartermaine, Ford
Quick, Arthur
Quill, William
Quine, Robert
Quinlan, Edward
Quinlan, John
Quinlan, Sydney
Quinn, Edward
Quinn, Eldred
Quinn, George
Quinn, Kevin
Quinn, Roderick
Quinn, Vincent
Quint, Peter
Quinton, Lloyd
Quirk, Albert
Quirk, Colin
Quirk, Elston
Rabbish, William
Rackham, John
Radcliffe, Harry
Radford, Edward
Radley, Kenneth
Radnidge, John
Rae, Donald
Raffen, George
Raffen, John
Raftery, Bernard
Raftery, Brian
Rainbow, James
Raine, Leslie
Raine, Norman
Raises, Braham
Raison, Charles
Ralph, Nancy
Rampant, Charles
Ramsay, Douglas
Ramsay, William
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, William
Ramshaw, John
Ranclaud, Walter
Randall, Francis
Randall, John
Randall, Norman
Randell, Allan
Randell, Michael
Randell, Norman
Randle, Colin
Rands, Ian
Ranford, John
Rankin, Donald
Rankin, George
Rankin, John
Rankin, Neil
Ransford, David
Raper, William
Rapp, Albert
Rash, Harold
Rashbrook, Robert
Rasmussen, Ernest
Rasmussen, Richard
Raston, Piers
Raston, Thomas
Ratcliffe, Charles
Ratcliffe, Peter
Ratcliffe, Robert
Ratcliffe, Vincent
Rate, Allan
Rathjen, Frederick
Rathke, Ronald
Ratten, John
Rattigan, Francis
Rattle, William
Ravell, Maxwell
Raven, Charles
Rawlings, Brian
Rawson, George
Rawson, Hayden
Ray, David
Ray, Edgar
Ray, Frederick
Raymer, Kenneth
Rayner, Dudley
Rayner, Leslie
Rayner, Neil
Rays, Ronald
Read, Graham
Read, Isaac
Read, John
Read, Lindley
Read, Malcolm
Read, Peter
Read, William
Reader, Gordon
Readett, Leslie
Reading, Edgar
Reardon, Alfred
Reardon, Sydney
Reay, Eric
Reddy, Douglas
Redford, Norman
Redgrave, Charles
Redman, Ernest
Redman, John
Redman, Joseph
Redman, Robert
Redway, Thomas
Reece, Bernard
Reece, William
Reed, Alan
Reed, Charles
Reed, Charles
Reed, George
Reed, John
Reed, Keith
Reed, Raymond
Reed, Robert
Reedie, Jack
Reedman, William
Reen, Patrick
Rees, Alun
Rees, Frank
Rees, Gordon
Reeve, Geoffrey
Reeve, Lowell
Regan, George
Regan, Lynden
Regan, Walter
Reid, Alan
Reid, Brian
Reid, Donald
Reid, Douglas
Reid, Edward
Reid, Frank
Reid, Frank
Reid, Gordon
Reid, Harold
Reid, James
Reid, John
Reid, Leslie
Reid, Neil
Reid, Nelson
Reid, Ronald
Reid, Thomas
Reid, Wallace
Reilly, Beresford
Reilly, Kevin
Reis, Edward
Rekdale, John
Remfry, Maurice
Rendall, Marcus
Rendle, George
Rendle, Patrick
Renfree, Eric
Renfrew, Jack
Rennison, Ian
Renno, James
Rentell, Harry
Renton, Rupert
Retallack, George
Reu, Robert
Reynell, Richard
Reynolds, Barnard
Reynolds, Charles
Reynolds, Colin
Reynolds, Keith
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Thomas
Reynolds, William
Rheuben, Colyn
Rhodes, Cecil
Rhodes, Leslie
Rhodes, Robert
Rice, Clive
Rice, John
Rice, Julian
Rich, Alwyn
Rich, Donald
Rich, Geoffrey
Rich, John
Rich, Joseph
Rich, Warwick
Richards, Austin
Richards, Bruce
Richards, Douglas
Richards, Jack
Richards, Jack
Richards, James
Richards, John
Richards, John
Richards, Keith
Richards, Kenwyn
Richards, Moyston
Richards, Philip
Richards, Robert
Richards, Robert
Richards, Ronald
Richards, Ronald
Richards, Sedric
Richards, Stephen
Richards, Theodore
Richardson, Colin
Richardson, Eric
Richardson, Eric
Richardson, Ernest
Richardson, Frank
Richardson, Frank
Richardson, Harold
Richardson, Hugh
Richardson, Jack
Richardson, James
Richardson, John
Richardson, Keith
Richardson, Norman
Richardson, Paul
Richardson, Raymond
Richardson, Raymond
Richardson, Roy
Richardson, Russell
Richins, Denis
Richins, Stuart
Richmond, Bruce
Richmond, Robert
Rickersey, Sydney
Rickett, Ronald
Ricketts, Cecil
Ricketts, Robert
Ricketts, Stanley
Ridge, Gordon
Ridgway, John
Ridgway, Keith
Ridgway, Raymond
Riding, Douglas
Riding, Edward
Riding, Harry
Ridings, Kenneth
Ridley, John
Rielly, Hector
Ries, William
Riley, Alan
Riley, Alexander
Riley, Charles
Riley, Donald
Riley, Eric
Riley, Harry
Riley, John
Riley, William
Rimington, Keith
Rimmington, Colin
Rimmington, Dugald
Ringland, Allen
Riordan, Alan
Riordan, Eric
Riordan, Kenneth
Riordan, Lex
Ripper, Donald
Risbey, Geoffrey
Ritchie, Douglas
Ritchie, Elton
Ritchie, Eric
Ritchie, Geoffrey
Ritchie, George
Ritchie, Lloyd
Ritchie, Malcolm
Ritchie, Norman
Rivett, Peter
Rix, Albert
Rix, Clifford
Roach, William
Roantree, Maurice
Robb, Laurence
Robb, Robert
Robert, John
Roberts, Alexander
Roberts, Alfred
Roberts, Alfred
Roberts, Alfred
Roberts, Allan
Roberts, Arthur
Roberts, Arthur
Roberts, Basil
Roberts, Bruce
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Edwin
Roberts, Francis
Roberts, Guy
Roberts, Harold
Roberts, Herbert
Roberts, Hugh
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, John
Roberts, Kimberley
Roberts, Louis
Roberts, Maxwell
Roberts, Maxwell
Roberts, Rambler
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Stanley
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, Trevor
Roberts, Vincent
Roberts, William
Robertson, Charles
Robertson, Colin
Robertson, David
Robertson, Frank
Robertson, Graham
Robertson, Gwendoline
Robertson, Ian
Robertson, Ian
Robertson, James
Robertson, John
Robertson, Kenneth
Robertson, Lawrence
Robertson, Neil
Robertson, Robert
Robertson, Ronald
Robertson, Ross
Robertson, Russell
Robertson, Stanley
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robilliard, Francis
Robilliard, Peter
Robin, Philip
Robins, Alfred
Robinson, Allan
Robinson, Alton
Robinson, Anthony
Robinson, Anthony
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Aubrey
Robinson, Cavan
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Clifford
Robinson, David
Robinson, Francis
Robinson, Francis
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Geoffrey
Robinson, George
Robinson, Harry
Robinson, Jack
Robinson, James
Robinson, John
Robinson, Kevin
Robinson, Leonard
Robinson, Nicholas
Robinson, Nicholas
Robinson, Norman
Robinson, Ronald
Robinson, Ronald
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William
Robson, Angus
Robson, Lionel
Robson, Phillip
Robson, Wallace
Roche, Austin
Roche, John
Roche, William
Rodda, Stephen
Roden, Jacob
Roderick, Beresford
Rodgers, Alexander
Rodgers, Leslie
Rodgers, Warren
Rodgers, William
Roe, Alan
Roe, Morris
Roe, Richard
Rogan, Donrick
Rogers, Albert
Rogers, Colin
Rogers, David
Rogers, Douglas
Rogers, Frank
Rogers, Herbert
Rogers, John
Rogers, Kenneth
Rogers, Leslie
Rogers, Norman
Rogers, Ormond
Rogers, Ronald
Rogers, Roy
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, William
Rogerson, Claude
Rogerson, Joseph
Roget, Raymond
Rohr, John
Rohrlach, Hermann
Rohrlach, Mervin
Rojahn, Ivan
Rolfe, John
Rolfe, Maxwell
Roll, Paul
Rollason, Richard
Rollings, Frederick
Rollins, James
Rolls, Patrick
Rolston, Archibald
Rooke, Alan
Rooke, William
Roome, Henry
Roper, John
Roper, Leslie
Rosalky, Marcus
Rose, Cyril
Rose, Cyril
Rose, Geoffrey
Rose, George
Rose, John
Rose, Leonard
Rose, Max
Rose, Ronald
Rose, Ronald
Rose, Walter
Rose, Warwick
Rosenberg, Lewis
Ross, Alan
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Allan
Ross, Angus
Ross, Arthur
Ross, Claude
Ross, David
Ross, Edward
Ross, Edwin
Ross, Ellis
Ross, Frederick
Ross, Hector
Ross, Hector
Ross, Herbert
Ross, Hugh
Ross, Ian
Ross, John
Ross, Keith
Ross, Maxwell
Ross, Neil
Ross, Russell
Ross, Stanley
Ross, Theo
Ross, William
Rosser, Edward
Rosser, Kevin
Rossiter, Frank
Rossiter, James
Rost, Ronald
Rothe, Christian
Rothwell, Len
Roulston, Alexander
Rourke, Gerald
Rouse, Charles
Roussy, John
Routley, Anthony
Row, Jacqueline
Rowan, Douglas
Rowan, Edward
Rowan, Percival
Rowcroft, Oscar
Rowe, Alfred
Rowe, Donald
Rowe, Herbert
Rowe, John
Rowe, John
Rowe, John
Rowe, Sydney
Rowe, Thomas
Rowe, William
Rowell, Edward
Rowell, Stanley
Rowland, George
Rowland, Henry
Rowland, James
Rowlands, George
Rowlands, Harold
Rowlands, John
Rowlands, Richard
Rowlands, Thomas
Rowley, Horace
Rowley, Kenneth
Rowley, Reginald
Rowling, Percy
Roxburgh, David
Roxburgh, Gilbert
Roxby, Albert
Roy, Eugene
Roy, John
Roy, Maxwell
Royal, John
Royal, Norman
Royes, Robert
Rubens, Norbert
Rudd, James
Rudd, Royal
Rudder, Arnold
Ruge, Arthur
Ruglen, John
Rugless, George
Rule, Leigh
Rumble, Donald
Rundle, John
Rundle, Robert
Rundle, Samuel
Rush, Francis
Rushton, Arthur
Rushworth, Francis
Ruskin-Rowe, Anthony
Russ, Sidney
Russell, David
Russell, Douglas
Russell, Francis
Russell, George
Russell, George
Russell, Ian
Russell, John
Russell, Malcolm
Russell, Maxwell
Russell, Reginald
Russell, Thomas
Russell, William
Russell, William
Russell, William
Rust, Bruce
Rust, Kenneth
Rust, Thomas
Rutherford, Allan
Rutherford, Bernard
Rutherford, Douglas
Rutherford, John
Rutherford, Kevin
Rutherford, Norman
Rutherford, Thomas
Rutledge, Frederick
Rutter, Clifford
Rutter, David
Rutter, Donald
Rutter, Donald
Rutter, Reginald
Rutter, Vernon
Ryall, Cecil
Ryalls, Cornelius
Ryalls, John
Ryan, Arthur
Ryan, David
Ryan, David
Ryan, Desmond
Ryan, Douglas
Ryan, Dudley
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Frederick
Ryan, Gerald
Ryan, James
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, Keith
Ryan, Kevin
Ryan, Leo
Ryan, Leo
Ryan, Leonard
Ryan, Neville
Ryan, Philip
Ryan, Ronald
Ryan, Terrence
Ryan, William
Ryder, Edward
Ryder, Robert
Ryder, Robin
Rye, Clive
Sadler, John
Sadler, Maurice
Sage, Charles
Saggers, Eric
Saill, Norman
Saint-Smith, James
Saisell, James
Saker, Ernest
Saligari, Stanley
Salmond, William
Salt, Albert
Salter, Alan
Salter, John
Salter, Russel
Salter, William
Sampey, William
Sampson, Frederick
Sampson, Kingsley
Sams, Kenneth
Sams, Laurence
Sams, Wallace
Samson, Keith
Samson, Louis
Samuel, John
Sandell, David
Sandell, Ronald
Sandercock, William
Sanders, Francis
Sanderson, Claude
Sanderson, Linton
Sanderson, Owen
Sandilands, Geoffrey
Sandilands, James
Sandilands, John
Sandlant, Noel
Sands, Alan
Sands, Alwyn
Sandwell, William
Sangster, John
Sankey, Ronald
Sansome, George
Sapwell, Leonard
Sass, Herman
Satchwell, Clifford
Sattler, Geoffrey
Sauerbier, Harold
Sauerwald, Raymond
Sault, Henry
Saulwick, Laurence
Saunders, Alan
Saunders, Colin
Saunders, Cyril
Saunders, Denis
Saunders, Douglas
Saunders, Frederick
Saunders, Guy
Saunders, John
Saunders, Lewis
Saunders, Raymond
Sautelle, Claud
Savage, Douglas
Savage, George
Savage, John
Savage, John
Savage, Richard
Saville, Donald
Saville, Gordon
Sawley, Gordon
Sawrey, Allan
Sawrey, John
Sawtell, Arthur
Sawyer, Bailey
Sawyer, Roy
Saxty, Francis
Say, Colin
Sayce, Gerald
Sayer, Arthur
Sayer, George
Sayer, James
Saywell, George
Scanlan, Patrick
Scanlan, Robert
Scanlan, William
Scanlon, Athol
Scarlett, Ronald
Scaroni, Estelle
Scarr, Murray
Scascighini, James
Scells, Evan
Schaedel, Keith
Schaefer, Bruce
Schafer, William
Schaffer, Geoffrey
Scharf, Ronald
Scheadel, Garnet
Scheldt, Vernon
Schlencker, Peter
Schmidt, Cleveland
Schmidt, John
Schodde, Rex
Schofield, Albert
Schofield, John
Schofield, Keith
Scholz, Stanley
Schomberg, Charles
Schott, Keith
Schrader, Eric
Schroeter, Leonard
Schubert, Derek
Schuller, Carl
Schultz, Frederick
Schultz, Harold
Schultz, Lancelot
Schultz, Maxwell
Schultz, William
Schulz, Albert
Schulz, Ross
Schwager, Arthur
Schwartz, Leslie
Schweitzer, Albert
Scott, Albert
Scott, Allan
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Colin
Scott, Colin
Scott, Cyril
Scott, Douglas
Scott, Douglas
Scott, Eric
Scott, Eric
Scott, Ernest
Scott, Frederick
Scott, Geoffrey
Scott, Gordon
Scott, Henry
Scott, Ian
Scott, James
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, Kenneth
Scott, Kenneth
Scott, Lawrence
Scott, Percival
Scott, Richard
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert
Scott, Roland
Scott, Ronald
Scott, Ronald
Scott, Stuart
Scott, Stuart
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Walter
Scott, William
Scotton, John
Scotton, William
Scougall, Frank
Scouller, Chandos
Scribner, Gordon
Scutts, Ronald
Seabrook, Leonard
Seage, James
Seagon, Henry
Seale, William
Seaman, Ronald
Searle, Clifford
Searle, Myra
Sebastian, William
Secomb, Rowland
Sedger, Gordon
Sedgley, Bryant
Sedgwick, Herbert
Sedunary, Alan
See, James
Seekamp, Donald
Seeney, Clarence
Seipolt, Max
Self, Keith
Self, Neville
Sellars, Leonard
Sellen, Leonard
Seller, Edward
Selth, John
Selway, Ian
Selway, Jack
Semmens, Ernest
Semple, Douglas
Senger, Grant
Senyard, George
Sergeant, Lindsay
Serpell, Clifford
Servos, Stephanos
Sexton, Gordon
Seymour, Lawrence
Seymour, Raymond
Seymour, William
Shackell, Ernest
Shaddick, Alan
Shaddick, Bartlett
Shaddock, Royce
Shade, Colin
Shade, Thomas
Shadforth, Harold
Shailer, Sydney
Shakespeare, Alan
Shalless, Alan
Shambler, Allan
Shanahan, Joseph
Shanahan, Michael
Shand, Alexander
Shanks, David
Shannon, Colin
Shannon, Evan
Shannon, George
Shannon, John
Shannon, Mabel
Shapcott, Allister
Shapcott, Wilfred
Shapir, Morris
Sharkey, Raymond
Sharland, Darcy
Sharp, Arthur
Sharp, Charles
Sharp, Edward
Sharp, Gordon
Sharp, Jack
Sharp, Keith
Sharp, William
Sharpe, Edith
Sharpe, Jack
Sharpe, Oswald
Sharpe, William
Sharples, Reginald
Sharpley, Jack
Shave, Osborn
Shaw, Henry
Shaw, Irwin
Shaw, John
Shaw, Raymond
Shaw, William
Shea, Allan
Shea, Kenneth
Sheah, Verdun
Sheahan, Kevin
Sheard, Lauri
Shearer, Benjamin
Shearer, Douglas
Shearer, John
Shearer, John
Shearer, Robert
Shearer, William
Shearman, Beresford
Shearman, David
Sheean, Brian
Sheean, Lorin
Sheehan, George
Sheehy, Basil
Sheekey, Ian
Sheekey, Terence
Sheen, Joseph
Sheldon, Colin
Sheldon, Leslie
Sheldon, Mark
Shelley, Francis
Shelton, Alan
Shelton, Douglas
Shelton, Richard
Shephard, Leslie
Shepherd, Cecil
Shepherd, Onslow
Shepherd, Trevor
Shepley, Charles
Shepley, John
Shepley, Kenneth
Sheppard, Henry
Sheppard, John
Sheppard, Joseph
Sheppard, Peter
Sheppard, William
Sheppard, William
Sheridan, James
Sheridan, John
Sheridan, John
Sherman, Eric
Sherry, Alfred
Sherry, Brian
Sherwin, George
Sherwin, William
Sherwood, Leslie
Sherwood, Raymond
Shield, Russell
Shield, Vernon
Shields, Ivan
Shiels, Allan
Shiels, Martin
Shierlaw, John
Shillabeer, Neil
Shillinglaw, William
Shiner, Jack
Shipard, John
Shipley, Leonard
Shipman, John
Shipway, Gordon
Shipway, Raymond
Shirtcliffe, William
Shoesmith, George
Shoesmith, Kelvin
Shoppee, Charles
Shore, Harold
Shore, Ronald
Short, Joseph
Short, Max
Short, Murray
Short, Ronald
Shortal, John
Shorter, Ernest
Shung, Hilton
Shying, Henry
Shying, Horace
Sibbald, Bruce
Sibbit, Edward
Sides, Frederick
Sides, Roger
Sidey, Keith
Sidobenko, Allan
Siebert, John
Siebert, John
Siggins, Ronald
Silcock, Jeffrey
Silk, Edmund
Silk, Frederick
Sillcock, Ronald
Silly, Benjamin
Silva, Francis
Silva, Geoffrey
Silvester, Frank
Simes, Ronald
Simmonds, Jackie
Simmons, Lloyd
Simon, David
Simons, Bertram
Simons, Gordon
Simons, Robert
Simpkins, William
Simpson, Allen
Simpson, Byron
Simpson, Claude
Simpson, Harry
Simpson, James
Simpson, James
Simpson, Keith
Simpson, Kenneth
Simpson, Kenneth
Simpson, Lloyd
Simpson, Mervyn
Simpson, Milton
Simpson, Neville
Simpson, Noel
Simpson, Norman
Simpson, Ralph
Simpson, Ross
Simpson, Stanley
Simpson, Thomas
Simpson, William
Simpson, William
Simpson, William
Sims, Edwin
Sims, Herbert
Sims, Lloyd
Sims, Stanley
Sinclair, Donald
Sinclair, Frank
Sinclair, James
Sinclair, Kenneth
Sinclair, Paul
Sinclair, Peter
Sinclair, Roy
Sinclair, Walter
Sinclair, William
Sinden, George
Sinden, Robert
Single, Alan
Singleton, Russell
Sisley, Alan
Sisley, Clive
Sisley, Noel
Sismey, Francis
Size, John
Skarratt, Michael
Skeggs, Malcolm
Skehan, Cornellius
Skelly, Bernard
Skerman, Verdun
Skerrett, Charles
Skilbeck, Robert
Skillen, Ernest
Skillen, James
Skillman, Henry
Skinner, Garfield
Skinner, George
Skinner, Gordon
Skinner, Hickson
Skinner, John
Skinner, Rex
Skipsey, Robert
Skuthorp, Ronald
Slade, Alfred
Slade, William
Slapp, Herbert
Slater, Allen
Slater, Kenneth
Slater, Sydney
Slater, Walter
Slater, William
Slattery, Brian
Slatyer, Allan
Slatyer, Kenneth
Slaughter, Allan
Slaughter, William
Slaweski, Kevin
Slennett, Christopher
Slinn, Geoffrey
Sloan, Lincoln
Sloan, Percival
Sloane, Arthur
Sloane, Brian
Sloggatt, William
Sloman, George
Sloman, Herbert
Sloman, Maxwell
Sly, Neil
Sly, Raymond
Sly, Ronald
Smail, John
Smail, Thomas
Smales, Holbert
Small, James
Small, John
Small, Ronald
Small, William
Smallcombe, Cyril
Smallhorn, Francis
Smalpage, Reginald
Smart, Edmond
Smart, Edward
Smart, Joseph
Smart, Mervin
Smart, Mervyn
Smead, Irwin
Smeath, Norman
Smethurst, Stanley
Smily, Frank
Smith, Alan
Smith, Alan
Smith, Albert
Smith, Albert
Smith, Albert
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Allan
Smith, Archibald
Smith, Archibald
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Barry
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Brian
Smith, Brian
Smith, Bruce
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles
Smith, Colin
Smith, Daryl
Smith, David
Smith, Dick
Smith, Edgar
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edward
Smith, Egbert
Smith, Eric
Smith, Eric
Smith, Eric
Smith, Francis
Smith, Francis
Smith, Francis
Smith, Francis
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Geoffrey
Smith, Geoffrey
Smith, George
Smith, Gilbert
Smith, Graham
Smith, Graham
Smith, Harold
Smith, Harold
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Howard
Smith, Hunter
Smith, Ian
Smith, Jack
Smith, Jack
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, Jeffrey
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kathleen
Smith, Keith
Smith, Keith
Smith, Keith
Smith, Kenneth
Smith, Kenneth
Smith, Kenneth
Smith, Kevin
Smith, Laurence
Smith, Laurence
Smith, Leonard
Smith, Leslie
Smith, Leslie
Smith, Mervyn
Smith, Mervyn
Smith, Milton
Smith, Murray
Smith, Neil
Smith, Norman
Smith, Norman
Smith, Norman
Smith, Norman
Smith, Owen
Smith, Owen
Smith, Peter
Smith, Peter
Smith, Phillip
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert
Smith, Rodney
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Ronald
Smith, Roy
Smith, Sidney
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Sydney
Smith, Sydney
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Vincent
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smitheram, Stephen
Smithers, Jack
Smithers, Reginald
Smithson, John
Smithson, William
Smithwick, Keith
Smyth, Douglas
Smyth, Hugh
Smyth, Ray
Smythe, Leonard
Snaddon, John
Snape, Desmon
Sneddon, Ronald
Snell, Edwin
Snell, Harold
Snook, Graham
Snook, Keith
Snow, Darrell
Soady, Albert
Solomon, John
Solomon, Morris
Solomon, Rex
Solomons, Sidney
Solomons, Simon
Somers, James
Somervell, David
Somerville, Charles
Somerville, Eric
Somerville, James
Somerville, Lewis
Somerville, William
Sommerville, Leslie
Sorensen, Derrick
Sorensen, Francis
Sorensen, Neville
Sorensen, William
Soundy, John
South, Edgar
South, William
Southwood, Leslie
Sowter, Noel
Spackman, Peter
Spafford, Frederick
Spalding, John
Spalding, Norman
Spargo, Keith
Spargo, William
Spark, Noel
Sparkes, Kenneth
Sparkman, Brian
Sparks, Albert
Sparks, Harold
Sparrow, Norman
Speak, Leslie
Spedding, Keith
Speechley, David
Speering, Gerard
Speet, Theodore
Speirs, John
Spence, Harold
Spence, John
Spencer, Arthur
Spencer, Darby
Spencer, Frank
Spencer, John
Spencer, Reginald
Spencer, Ronald
Spencer, Ronald
Spencer, Roy
Spencer, Walter
Spicer, Robert
Spier, Walter
Spongberg, William
Spooner, Douglas
Spooner, Frank
Spring, Thomas
Sproge, Richard
Sproule, Daryl
Spry, Arthur
Squelch, Ronald
Squire, John
Squires, Maxwell
St George, Harold
St Ledger, Peter
St Vincent-Welch, Standish
Stabell, Victor
Stacey, Jack
Stack, Edward
Stafford, Hume
Stagg, John
Stain, John
Stain, Roy
Staines, Walter
Staley, Eric
Stallard, Cyril
Standing, John
Standley, Malcolm
Stanfield, James
Stanford, Bertram
Stanford, Ernest
Stanger, Frank
Stanley, James
Stanley, John
Stanley, Lloyd
Stanley, Mervyn
Stanley, Morris
Stanley, Patrick
Stanton, John
Stanton, Norman
Stanton, Philip
Staples, Sydney
Stapleton, Alfred
Stapleton, John
Stark, Roussell
Starkoff, Victor
Starling, James
Starmer, Sydney
Starr, Francis
Starr, Lawrence
Startin, George
Staunton, Graham
Stead, Sidney
Stedman, Mervyn
Steed, John
Steel, Thomas
Steele, Charles
Steele, Charles
Steele, David
Steele, Geoffrey
Steele, Lloyd
Steele, Stuart
Steer, Norman
Steffan, James
Stegman, Lance
Stehr, Bruce
Steinbach, Kenneth
Steinbeck, Arthur
Stenhouse, Hugh
Stenhouse, Ronald
Stenning, Bruce
Stephen, Campbell
Stephen, Kenneth
Stephen, Reginald
Stephens, Alan
Stephens, Arthur
Stephens, Bruce
Stephens, Ernest
Stephens, Eustace
Stephens, Frederick
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, Lindsay
Stephens, Owen
Stephens, Ronald
Stephens, Ronald
Stephens, Thomas
Stephens, William
Stephensen, Cyril
Stephenson, Donald
Stephenson, Eric
Stephenson, Leonard
Stephenson, Robert
Sterling, Rowan
Stevens, Alfred
Stevens, Baden
Stevens, Geoffrey
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, John
Stevens, John
Stevens, Norman
Stevens, Raymond
Stevens, Richard
Stevens, Thomas
Stevens, William
Stevenson, Albert
Stevenson, Clement
Stevenson, Edmond
Stevenson, Frank
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Joseph
Stevenson, Noel
Steward, Horace
Stewart, Alan
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, David
Stewart, David
Stewart, Derek
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Henry
Stewart, Ivan
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, Keith
Stewart, Kenneth
Stewart, Kevin
Stewart, Leslie
Stewart, Maxwell
Stewart, Michael
Stewart, Neil
Stewart, Russell
Stewart, Wallace
Stewart, William
Stibbard, John
Stibbard, Noel
Stickland, Ronald
Stiles, Arthur
Stiles, John
Stilling, Stanley
Stinson, John
Stirling, Archibald
Stirling, James
Stirling, James
Stirrat, Ian
Stobbs, Arthur
Stobie, Graeme
Stobo, Wren
Stockbridge, Eric
Stockbridge, Howard
Stocker, Harold
Stockton, Eric
Stodart, Ian
Stoddart, Robert
Stoeckel, Oswald
Stokes, Bernard
Stokes, David
Stokes, Francis
Stokes, Geoffrey
Stokes, Gordon
Stokes, Mark
Stokes, Reginald
Stolweather, Frederick
Stone, Alan
Stone, Derrick
Stone, John
Stone, Wilfrid
Stone, William
Stones, Edward
Stopher, Robert
Stopp, John
Storer, Bernard
Storer, Gordon
Storer, Jack
Storey, Ivan
Storey, John
Stormon, John
Stormont, Alan
Storrie, Donald
Story, Donald
Stott, William
Stovell, Cecil
Stowdor, Ivan
Stower, Colin
Strachan, David
Strachan, Robert
Straker, Thomas
Strang, Alan
Strang, Walter
Strange, Robert
Strantzen, Richard
Stratford, Robert
Stratten, Cecil
Stratton, Alfred
Stratton, Arthur
Stratton, Eric
Straus, Nathaniel
Strawbridge, Eric
Street, Frank
Strike-Mcclelland, Billie
Stringer, Frank
Stringer, Lenard
Strong, Philip
Stroud, Harry
Struthers, William
Stuart, Antony
Stuart, Clement
Stuart, Frank
Stuart, Henry
Stuart, Ian
Stuart, James
Stuart, Mark
Stuart, Paul
Stuart, Raymond
Stubbings, John
Stubbs, Alexander
Stubbs, Cecil
Stubbs, John
Stubbs, John
Stubbs, Neville
Stubbs, William
Stubbs, William
Stuchbury, Herbert
Stuckey, John
Stuckey, Victor
Studman, Leslie
Stumm, Donald
Stumm, Harley
Sturday, Bruce
Sturges, Peter
Sturgess, Ellis
Sturm, John
Styles, William
Sublet, Montrose
Sudholz, William
Suffren, Charles
Sugg, Eric
Sugg, James
Sullivan, Charles
Sullivan, Francis
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Laurence
Sullivan, Maurice
Sullivan, Maurice
Sullivan, Percival
Sullivan, Peter
Sullivan, Peter
Sullivan, Roger
Sulzman, Gilbert
Summers, Arthur
Summers, Arthur
Summers, John
Summerson, Edward
Summerville, Kent
Summons, Henry
Sumner, Edward
Suter, Edward
Suter, Geoffrey
Sutherland, Hugh
Sutherland, Ian
Sutherland, Jack
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, John
Sutherst, Vivian
Sutton, Bede
Sutton, James
Sutton, Kevin
Sutton, William
Suttor, Victor
Swain, John
Swain, John
Swales, John
Swan, Archie
Swan, Clive
Swan, Edward
Swan, Gilbert
Swan, Jack
Swan, Robert
Swan, William
Swanbury, William
Swann, Robert
Swann, Thomas
Swanson, Arnold
Swanson, Vincent
Swarbrick, Phillip
Sweeney, Francis
Sweeney, Gordon
Sweetnam, Eric
Swift, Ronald
Swift, Sydney
Swinbourne, Geoffrey
Swinbourne, Thomas
Swiney, Charles
Swinney, Tasman
Swinson, Ronald
Swinton, Norman
Swire, Conrad
Swords, Robert
Sykes, Geoffrey
Sykes, Ronald
Syle, George
Syme, John
Symmons, William
Symonds, Leslie
Symonds, Peter
Symonds, Richard
Symons, Frederick
Symons, Harold
Synnot, James
Taaffe, Geoffrey
Taggart, Charles
Tagget, Alan
Tainsh, Charles
Tait, Bruce
Tait, Collin
Tait, David
Tait, George
Tait, John
Tait, Maxwell
Talbot, Allan
Talbot, Basil
Talbot, George
Tamblyn, Tom
Tamlyn, John
Tamlyn, Norman
Tampion, Francis
Tamsett, Jack
Tankard, Vincent
Tanner, Alan
Tanner, Clarence
Tanner, Norman
Tanner, Oliver
Tanner, Walter
Tanser, Herbert
Taplin, John
Tapper, Roy
Tapping, Raymond
Taranto, Thomas
Tarling, Ronald
Tarlington, James
Tarrant, Cecil
Tarrant, John
Tasker, Brian
Taskis, Douglas
Tassie, Douglas
Tate, Colin
Tate, Harold
Tate, Keith
Tatlock, Alfred
Taubman, Kenneth
Taverner, George
Taverner, William
Taylor, Allan
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Archie
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Colin
Taylor, David
Taylor, Desmond
Taylor, Donald
Taylor, Douglas
Taylor, Dudley
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Eric
Taylor, Ewan
Taylor, Frederick
Taylor, Geoffrey
Taylor, Geoffrey
Taylor, George
Taylor, Harold
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, James
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, Laurence
Taylor, Leo
Taylor, Leslie
Taylor, Lloyd
Taylor, Malcolm
Taylor, Mervyn
Taylor, Neville
Taylor, Norman
Taylor, Patrick
Taylor, Peter
Taylor, Reginald
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Ronald
Taylor, Ronald
Taylor, Ronald
Taylor, Roy
Taylor, Roy
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Tom
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Taylor, William
Teague, John
Tedge, John
Teede, Walter
Teerman, Alfred
Tehan, Leo
Teitzel, Leonard
Telford, Angus
Temby, Colin
Temperley, Thomas
Temple, Gordon
Templeton, Gordon
Templeton, Rex
Templeton, Robert
Tennant, Edward
Tennent, Keith
Terdich, Bruce
Terpening, Robert
Terras, Colin
Terrill, Harry
Terry, Anthony
Terry, Arthur
Terry, Bernard
Terry, Francis
Terry, Kenneth
Terry, William
Tew, Jack
Teys, Cecil
Thackray, Noel
Thame, Gordon
Thewlis, Neale
Theyer, Ernest
Theyer, William
Thiele, Herbert
Thiele, Malcolm
Thiele, Roy
Thom, Donald
Thomas, Albert
Thomas, Albert
Thomas, Allen
Thomas, Bernard
Thomas, Bruce
Thomas, Cecil
Thomas, David
Thomas, Douglas
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, Edwin
Thomas, Gordon
Thomas, Gwynne
Thomas, Harold
Thomas, Hubert
Thomas, Jack
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Leonard
Thomas, Lloyd
Thomas, Maurice
Thomas, Maxwell
Thomas, Mervyn
Thomas, Norman
Thomas, Norman
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Ronald
Thomas, Ronald
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, Vincent
Thomas, William
Thomas, William
Thomas, William
Thompson, Albert
Thompson, Archie
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Bruce
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Colin
Thompson, Desmond
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Eric
Thompson, Eric
Thompson, Ernest
Thompson, Ernest
Thompson, Evan
Thompson, Glen
Thompson, Harold
Thompson, Harold
Thompson, Harold
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Hubert
Thompson, Ian
Thompson, Ivan
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Kenneth
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Matthew
Thompson, Maurice
Thompson, Peter
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Wallace
Thompson, Walter
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thomson, Adam
Thomson, Beverley
Thomson, Claude
Thomson, Clive
Thomson, Craig
Thomson, Daniel
Thomson, David
Thomson, Donald
Thomson, Douglas
Thomson, Frank
Thomson, George
Thomson, Gordon
Thomson, Gordon
Thomson, Herbert
Thomson, Ian
Thomson, James
Thomson, James
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, Richard
Thomson, Rollo
Thomson, Russell
Thomson, Stuart
Thomson, Trevor
Thorburn, Murray
Thorley, Arthur
Thorn, Charles
Thorn, Frank
Thorncraft, Jack
Thornley, Frederick
Thornley, Neville
Thornton, Albert
Thornton, Alwyn
Thornton, Arthur
Thornton, Kenneth
Thornton, Lewis
Thornton, William
Thorold-Smith, Raymond
Thorpe, Harold
Thorpe, John
Thorpe, Mervyn
Thorpe, Raoul
Threlkeld, Thomas
Thrower, Samuel
Thuell, Edward
Thurecht, Norman
Thurling, Leslie
Thurlow, Robert
Thurston, Walter
Thurstun, Charles
Thyer, James
Thyer, Leon
Thynne, Edward
Tibballs, Ronald
Tibbits, Eric
Tibbits, Wilfred
Tickle, Frank
Tickner, Russell
Tier, Roy
Tiernan, Patrick
Tighe, Thomas
Tilbrook, Jeoffrey
Till, Alwyn
Timmins, Arthur
Timperon, Joseph
Tindal, Archibald
Tindale, Arthur
Tindall, Albert
Tindall, Ronald
Tindley, Harry
Tinkler, Archibald
Tinman, Walter
Tinsley, John
Tippett, Arthur
Tippett, Francis
Tippett, Geoffrey
Tipping, Francis
Tisdell, Errol
Titterington, Sydney
Tobin, James
Todd, John
Todd, John
Todd, John
Todhunter, Douglas
Toe, Ernest
Toft, Cecil
Toia, John
Tointon, Desmonde
Tolhurst, Howard
Tolley, Dirk
Tolliday, William
Tomkins, Kenneth
Tomlinson, Allan
Tonge, Clifford
Tonge, George
Tonkin, Alan
Tonkin, Allan
Tonkin, John
Tonkin, Leslie
Toohey, Brian
Toohey, William
Toohill, Noel
Toomey, Leo
Toose, George
Topliff, George
Topp, William
Torr, Glen
Torr, Milton
Torrens, Arthur
Tothill, Clifford
Tottenham, Anthony
Tovey, Brian
Towers, William
Towler, Lambert
Townend, Gordon
Townsend, Charles
Toy, Noel
Toyne, William
Tozer, Allan
Tozer, Colin
Tracey, Patrick
Traeger, Ernest
Traill, John
Trask, Kenneth
Travers, Archibald
Treadgold, John
Trebilcock, Colin
Tree, John
Tregear, Frank
Tregonning, Ronald
Treloar, Colin
Treloar, Ian
Treloar, John
Treloar, Victor
Tremayne, Sydney
Trenberth, Jack
Trengove, William
Tresidder, Douglas
Tresidder, John
Tresidder, Robert
Trevena, Alfred
Trewern, William
Trigg, Robert
Trigwell, Russell
Trimble, Samuel
Trimnell, Morris
Trinder, Charles
Trood, Doctor
Tropman, Francis
Trotman, Clifford
Trotter, James
Trout, Colin
Trout, Malcolm
Trowbridge, Bruce
Truman, Colin
Trumper, Sydney
Trunk, Victor
Trunley, Lewis
Truscott, Cyril
Truscott, Edward
Truscott, Eric
Truscott, Keith
Truskett, Terence
Tubman, Ronald
Tuck, Albert
Tuck, George
Tuck, Raymond
Tucker, Cyril
Tucker, David
Tucker, Donald
Tucker, Jack
Tucker, John
Tucker, Lawrence
Tucker, Robert
Tucker, Ronald
Tucker, Roy
Tucker, William
Tuckfield, Kenneth
Tuckwell, Raymond
Tudberry, William
Tudehope, Reginald
Tuff, Robert
Tufnell, William
Tugwell, Leonard
Tulloch, Charles
Tulloh, Ivan
Tully, Clarence
Tully, John
Tumilty, Ross
Tunbridge, Donald
Tunnock, Alan
Turk, Edwin
Turnbull, Henry
Turnbull, Jack
Turnbull, John
Turnbull, Joseph
Turnbull, Peter
Turnbull, William
Turner, Alfred
Turner, Anthony
Turner, Arthur
Turner, Eric
Turner, Ernest
Turner, Frank
Turner, Geoffrey
Turner, George
Turner, George
Turner, Godfrey
Turner, Harry
Turner, Harry
Turner, Henry
Turner, Jack
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, Josiah
Turner, Leonard
Turner, Leston
Turner, Malcolm
Turner, Phillip
Turner, Robert
Turner, Sidney
Turner, Valentine
Turner, Warrick
Turnock, John
Turnor, Ernest
Turnor, Percy
Turpie, Eric
Turton, Andrew
Turvey, Ronald
Tweedale, Gordon
Tweedie, Donald
Tweedie, Norman
Tweedie, Thomas
Twigg, Gordon
Twist, Colin
Twomey, Richard
Twyford, John
Twynam, Edward
Tyack, Neville
Tyas, Harold
Tyas, Reginald
Tyler, Donald
Tyler, Geoffrey
Tyler, Robert
Tylor, Jack
Tymms, Michael
Tyne, Albert
Tyrrell, Melville
Tysoe, Charles
Tyte, Owen
Uhr, Kenneth
Uhrig, Robert
Ulrick, Berry
Underhill, John
Underwood, Aaron
Underwood, Cecil
Underwood, David
Underwood, Herbert
Unger, Stanley
Unkles, Denis
Unsworth, Charles
Unsworth, James
Unwin, Alfred
Upjohn, Douglas
Upton, James
Upton, Russell
Upward, John
Uren, Harold
Utz, Eric
Vagg, Mervyn
Valder, Jack
Vale, William
Valentine, Keith
Valery, Julien
Vallance, Douglas
Vallender, Phillip
Vallentine, Vivian
Van Nooten, Donald
Van Raalte, Henry
Van Treight, Gordon
Van Zuilecom, Herbert
Van-Cooten, John
Van-Waning, Kendall
Vanstone, Ronald
Varker, Cyril
Vaughan, Mervyn
Vaughan, Warren
Vaughan, William
Vaughan, William
Vautier, Gernault
Veal, Colin
Veal, William
Veale, Neville
Veale, Richard
Veasey, Richard
Veech, Neville
Veitch, Donald
Vellenoweth, Henry
Venables, Cyril
Veness, Daniel
Venn, Geoffrey
Venn, John
Vercoe, Colin
Verey, Harold
Vernon, Walter
Verran, Clifton
Vetter, John
Vial, Leigh
Vickerman, Alan
Vickers, Edgar
Vickers, James
Vickers, John
Vickers, John
Vickers, Vivian
Vidler, Alfred
Vidler, Ian
Vieritz, Clifford
Viggers, James
Vincent, Charles
Vincent, Geoffrey
Vincent, Howard
Vincent, Robert
Viney, Cyril
Vinnicombe, Thomas
Vivers, Robert
Vivian, Keith
Vokes, Walter
Voller, Peter
Von Alwyn, Stacey
Von Der Groeben, Richard
Vowles, John
Voyzey, George
Wachter, Norman
Wackett, Wilbur
Waddell, Alan
Waddell, Geoffrey
Waddell, Harold
Waddell, Hilton
Waddell, John
Waddell, Peter
Waddell, Robert
Waddington, Lawrence
Waddington, Shirley
Waddy, E
Waddy, Richard
Wade, Horace
Wade, James
Wade, James
Wade, Peter
Wadham, Alfred
Wadham, Maurice
Wadlow, Graeme
Wagner, Harold
Wagner, Roy
Waight, Kevin
Waite, Arthur
Waite, Donald
Wakefield, Keith
Walch, Stuart
Walden, John
Waldie, Geoffrey
Waldon, Ronald
Waldron, Arthur
Waldron, Eric
Wales, Eric
Wales, Peter
Walford, Cecil
Walk, Stanley
Walker, Alexander
Walker, Alexander
Walker, Arthur
Walker, Bruce
Walker, Cecil
Walker, Charles
Walker, Colin
Walker, Donald
Walker, Ernest
Walker, Frank
Walker, Frederic
Walker, Frederick
Walker, George
Walker, Gerald
Walker, Gordon
Walker, Graham
Walker, Henry
Walker, Henry
Walker, Jack
Walker, Jack
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, Kenneth
Walker, Laurence
Walker, Lindsay
Walker, Maxwell
Walker, Raymond
Walker, Rodney
Walker, Rolfe
Walker, Ronald
Walker, Ronald
Walker, Ronald
Walker, Roy
Walker, William
Walkington, Allan
Wall, Egbert
Wall, Henry
Wall, John
Wall, Michael
Wall, Peter
Wallace, Alexander
Wallace, Bruce
Wallace, Charles
Wallace, David
Wallace, Donald
Wallace, John
Wallace, John
Wallace, Richard
Wallace, Roy
Wallace, Terence
Waller, Harold
Wallis, Eric
Wallis, Frederick
Wallis, John
Wallis, Roy
Wallis, Walter
Wallwork, Albert
Wallwork, Ralph
Walmsley, Leslie
Walmsley, Roy
Walsh, Clement
Walsh, Cyril
Walsh, Daniel
Walsh, Edward
Walsh, Harry
Walsh, Herbert
Walsh, James
Walsh, John
Walsh, John
Walsh, Kevin
Walsh, Richard
Walsh, Ronald
Walter, Keith
Walter, Percy
Walters, Charles
Walters, David
Walters, David
Walters, George
Walters, John
Walters, William
Walton, Albert
Walton, Colin
Walton, David
Walton, Frank
Walton, Harold
Walton, John
Walton, John
Walton, Trevor
Waltus, Maurice
Wann, Robert
Want, Donald
Warbrook, Clyde
Warburton, George
Ward, Cornelius
Ward, Cyril
Ward, Dorothy
Ward, Dudley
Ward, Dudley
Ward, Ernest
Ward, Francis
Ward, Frank
Ward, Guydon
Ward, Henry
Ward, Jack
Ward, John
Ward, John
Ward, John
Ward, Kenneth
Ward, Maurice
Ward, Roland
Ward, Rowland
Ward, William
Ward, William
Ward, William
Ward-Smith, Gerald
Wardrobe, Robert
Ware, Jack
Ware, James
Warham, William
Warhurst, Kenneth
Waring, Jocelyn
Warmer, Eric
Warne, John
Warne, Robert
Warnock, Harold
Warr, Herbert
Warren, Anthony
Warren, Charles
Warren, Clifford
Warren, Frederick
Warren, James
Warren, John
Warren, Kenneth
Warren, Ralph
Warren, Robert
Warren, William
Warrington, William
Washbourne, Gordon
Wasley, Geoffrey
Watchorn, James
Waterman, Edward
Waterman, William
Waters, Colin
Waters, Geoffrey
Waters, John
Waters, Leslie
Waters, Peter
Waters, Ralph
Wathen, Keith
Watkin, Albert
Watkin, Frank
Watkins, Arthur
Watkins, Arthur
Watkins, Herbert
Watkins, Kent
Watkins, Marcel
Watkins, Thomas
Watling, Edward
Watson, Alan
Watson, Baxter
Watson, Campbell
Watson, Cecil
Watson, Charles
Watson, Cleveland
Watson, David
Watson, Desmond
Watson, Dugald
Watson, George
Watson, Irwin
Watson, John
Watson, John
Watson, Keith
Watson, Leonard
Watson, Leroy
Watson, Lionel
Watson, Louis
Watson, Malcolm
Watson, Malcolm
Watson, Maxwell
Watson, Mervyn
Watson, Morris
Watson, Nigel
Watson, Reginald
Watson, Vivian
Watson, Wallace
Watson, William
Watson, William
Watt, George
Watt, Lawrence
Watt, Maxwell
Watt, Noel
Watt, Ronald
Watt, Rowland
Watt, Thomas
Watt, William
Watters, Leslie
Watterson, Percy
Watts, Charles
Watts, David
Watts, Gordon
Watts, Hector
Watts, John
Watts, Keith
Watts, Kenneth
Watts, Raymond
Watts, Reginald
Watts, Richard
Watts, Robert
Wauchope, Archibald
Waugh, Alexander
Waugh, Geoffrey
Waugh, Maxwell
Waugh, Thomas
Way, Alan
Way, Arthur
Way, Douglas
Waycott, William
Wayn, David
Weaber, William
Wearne, Douglas
Wearne, John
Wearne, William
Weatherill, Jack
Weatherson, Charles
Weaver, Frank
Weaving, Kenneth
Webb, Albert
Webb, Alfred
Webb, Denis
Webb, Emile
Webb, Evan
Webb, Gordon
Webb, John
Webb, Joseph
Webb, Kenneth
Webb, Noel
Webb, Percival
Webb, Richard
Webb, Robson
Webb, William
Webber, Athol
Webber, Henry
Webber, Keith
Weber, Bertram
Weber, Eugene
Weber, Keith
Webley, Douglas
Webster, Alan
Webster, Francis
Webster, James
Webster, Maxwell
Webster, Ralph
Webster, Roy
Webster, William
Wecker, Alvan
Wedd, Clifton
Wedd, Rex
Wedgwood, Keith
Weeden, Jeffry
Weeden, Lionel
Weekes, Frank
Weekes, Neville
Weekes, Richard
Weekes, Walter
Weeks, George
Weeks, Henry
Weeks, Maxwell
Weeks, Reginald
Wehl, Dudley
Weightman, Alfred
Weiland, Ernest
Wein, Colin
Weir, Alexander
Weir, Hilton
Weir, William
Welch, Arnold
Welch, Arthur
Welch, John
Welfare, Edward
Welland, Russell
Weller, George
Weller, John
Wellesley, Charles
Wellington, Lloyd
Wellington, Stanley
Wells, Geoffrey
Wells, Geoffrey
Wells, Robert
Welsh, Edward
Welshman, Sydney
Wendon, William
Wennholm, Oscar
Wentworth, James
Werner, Keith
Werner, William
Wesley-Smith, Robert
West, Andrew
West, Frank
West, Ian
West, John
West, John
West, John
West, Philip
West, Reginald
West, Ronald
Westcott, Robert
Westcott, Vivian
Westerberg, Bruce
Westerman, Robert
Western, Malcolm
Westgarth, Donald
Westhoff, Norman
Westmoreland, Alfred
Weston, Alexander
Weston, Colin
Weston, Ian
Weston, John
Weston, Neville
Westphal, Ronald
Westwood, Reginald
Wettenhall, Llewellyn
Wettenhall, Marcus
Weymouth, Arthur
Whaite, Lionel
Whale, William
Wham, Dudley
Whatson, Harold
Wheatland, Reginald
Wheatley, Ronald
Wheeler, Frederick
Wheeler, Lindsay
Wheeler, William
Wheeler, William
Wheelock, Curtis
Whelan, John
Wheller, Howard
Whenan, Desmond
Whenan, Keith
Whibley, Leonard
Whimpey, Geoffrey
Whincup, Charles
Whipple, Reginald
Whishaw, Denis
Whitaker, Richard
Whitbourne, Arthur
Whitburn, John
Whitby, John
Whitby, Stanley
White, Alan
White, Alan
White, Alaric
White, Alfred
White, Arthur
White, Athol
White, Aubrey
White, Baden
White, Barry
White, Bryan
White, Cedric
White, David
White, Desmond
White, Dorothy
White, Douglas
White, Edward
White, Francis
White, Frederick
White, Frederick
White, Garet
White, Garnet
White, Gordon
White, Hawtrey
White, John
White, John
White, John
White, Keith
White, Kenneth
White, Leonard
White, Maurice
White, Merlin
White, Nathaniel
White, Peter
White, Reginald
White, Robert
White, Sidney
White, Stanley
White, Sydney
White, Sydney
White, Thomas
White, Victor
White, Vincent
White, Walter
White, Wesley
White, William
White, William
White, William
Whitehead, Alexander
Whitehead, John
Whitehead, Lionel
Whitehead, Paul
Whitehead, Raymond
Whitehill, Maxwell
Whitehurst, Douglas
Whiteley, Maitland
Whiteside, Samuel
Whitford, Allan
Whitford, James
Whiting, Norman
Whiting, Peter
Whiting, Raymond
Whitington, Arthur
Whitley, George
Whitman, Jack
Whitson, Ian
Whittaker, Robert
Whittaker, William
Whittall, James
Whittard, Percival
Whittenbury, Mervyn
Whittick, Alexander
Whitting, Kenneth
Whittingham, William
Whittington, Albert
Whitwell, Donald
Whyte, Cecil
Whyte, Jack
Wiblin, Geoffrey
Wickes, Donald
Wickham, Hector
Wicks, Brian
Wicks, Derek
Wicks, Reginald
Wicks, William
Wicky, Edward
Wiesener, Richard
Wiggins, Clement
Wiggins, George
Wight, Frederick
Wightman, Kevin
Wigley, Bruce
Wigley, Harvey
Wignall, Walter
Wilcox, Brian
Wildman, Ronald
Wildy, Frank
Wiles, Keith
Wiles, Samuel
Wilken, Charles
Wilkes, Kevin
Wilkie, James
Wilkins, Edward
Wilkins, Frank
Wilkins, John
Wilkinson, Bruce
Wilkinson, Donald
Wilkinson, Eric
Wilkinson, Eric
Wilkinson, George
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilkinson, William
Wilks, Geoffrey
Will, Alexander
Will, Phillip
Willard, William
Willcocks, Gordon
Willcocks, Ignatius
Willcox, Arthur
Willesden, James
Willett, Douglas
Willett, Edward
Willett, Keith
Williams, Alan
Williams, Alan
Williams, Albert
Williams, Albert
Williams, Albert
Williams, Alexander
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Bernard
Williams, Bruce
Williams, Bruce
Williams, Cecil
Williams, Charles
Williams, Charles
Williams, Cyril
Williams, David
Williams, Douglas
Williams, Edward
Williams, Eric
Williams, Eric
Williams, Ernest
Williams, Evan
Williams, Francis
Williams, Francis
Williams, Frederick
Williams, Frederick
Williams, Gilbert
Williams, Gordon
Williams, Graeme
Williams, Gregory
Williams, Harley
Williams, Henry
Williams, Herbert
Williams, Herbert
Williams, Horace
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, Jeffrey
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Kevin
Williams, Leonard
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Lindsay
Williams, Malcolm
Williams, Maldwyn
Williams, Milton
Williams, Norman
Williams, Phillis
Williams, Phyllis
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Raymond
Williams, Richard
Williams, Robert
Williams, Ronald
Williams, Tasman
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Tristram
Williams, Walter
Williams, Walter
Williams, Wilfrid
Williams, William
Williams, William
Williams, William
Williams, William
Williams, Willoughby
Williamson, Douglas
Williamson, George
Williamson, George
Williamson, James
Williamson, John
Williamson, Leslie
Willing, Maurice
Willis, Alexander
Willis, Brian
Willis, Edwin
Willis, Eric
Willis, Mervyn
Willis, Robert
Willis, Roy
Willis, William
Williss, Clifford
Willman, Archibald
Willoughby, Paul
Willox, John
Wills, Arthur
Wills, Richard
Wills, Stanley
Wills, Thomas
Wilmith, Jack
Wilmot, Basil
Wilmot, Delwyn
Wilmot, Peter
Wilmshurst, Kenneth
Wilsher, George
Wilson, Adrian
Wilson, Alan
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Alfred
Wilson, Allen
Wilson, Barry
Wilson, Bruce
Wilson, Colin
Wilson, Cyril
Wilson, Donald
Wilson, Douglas
Wilson, Douglas
Wilson, Francis
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Ian
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, Keith
Wilson, Kenneth
Wilson, Leslie
Wilson, Lindsay
Wilson, Lionel
Wilson, Maurice
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, Neville
Wilson, Newton
Wilson, Noel
Wilson, Norman
Wilson, Ralph
Wilson, Rex
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robinson
Wilson, Ronald
Wilson, Sidney
Wilson, Stanley
Wilson, Stanley
Wilson, Stanley
Wilson, Terry
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Vincent
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson-Lanyon, Stanley
Wiltshire, Alfred
Wilum, Donald
Winchester, William
Windsor, Gerard
Windus, Keith
Wines, Robert
Wingfield, Kenneth
Winneke, Leslie
Winter, Arthur
Winter, Lawrence
Winter, Richard
Winterbon, Brian
Winterbon, John
Winterflood, William
Winton, Edward
Wiper, Vera
Wise, Trevor
Wishart, Harold
Wishart, James
Wishart, Rodger
Wisniewski, Bernard
Withall, Latham
Witham, Ian
Witham, Reginald
Witham, William
Withers, Kenneth
Withers, Winston
Witt, Edwin
Witte, Henry
Witts, Geoffrey
Witts, John
Wixted, Robert
Wixted, Thomas
Wolf, Boyd
Wolfson, Harold
Wolkenhaar, Kenneth
Wonders, Ronald
Wood, Albert
Wood, Alexander
Wood, Allan
Wood, Arthur
Wood, Cedric
Wood, Frederick
Wood, Geoffrey
Wood, George
Wood, George
Wood, Gordon
Wood, Gordon
Wood, Grahame
Wood, Ian
Wood, James
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, Kemble
Wood, Kenneth
Wood, Kenneth
Wood, Kenneth
Wood, Malcolm
Wood, Norman
Wood, Norman
Wood, Ralph
Wood, Reginald
Wood, Roger
Wood, Rupert
Wood, Stuart
Wood, Thomas
Wood, Vernon
Wood, William
Woodbridge, Leslie
Woodburn, Calder
Woodbury, William
Woodcroft, Stanley
Woodd, George
Woodey, Jack
Woodford, Alan
Woodford, John
Woodgate, Jack
Woodgate, Trevor
Woodhams, Jack
Woodhead, Gilbert
Woodhead, Keith
Woodhill, Alan
Woodhouse, Norman
Woodhouse, Thomas
Woodroffe, Gordon
Woodroffe, Harold
Woods, Alan
Woods, Alexander
Woods, Alfred
Woods, Clarence
Woods, Clive
Woods, David
Woods, Douglas
Woods, Gordon
Woods, Harold
Woods, Jack
Woods, James
Woods, Leslie
Woods, Maurice
Woods, Michael
Woods, Robert
Woods, Stanley
Woods, William
Woolcott, Edgar
Woolcott, Edmund
Woolf, Godfrey
Woolf, Hyman
Woolford, Colin
Woolhouse, Ross
Woollacott, Roy
Woolley, Fred
Woolley, Gordon
Woolnough, Jack
Woolstencroft, Bernard
Wootten, George
Worden, Frank
Workman, Frederick
Worley, Alexander
Worley, John
Worley, Thomas
Wormald, Jack
Wormald, Joseph
Worman, Harry
Worrall, John
Worth, Irwin
Worthington, James
Worthington, Julian
Worwood, John
Wotherspoon, Alexander
Wotzko, Laurence
Wray, Derek
Wren, Gordon
Wren, Walter
Wrench, Horace
Wright, Albert
Wright, Allan
Wright, Allan
Wright, Cecil
Wright, Charles
Wright, Colin
Wright, Francis
Wright, Frederick
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, Keith
Wright, Leonard
Wright, Leslie
Wright, Noel
Wright, Robert
Wright, Stanley
Wright, Stuart
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Wilson
Wrightson, Donald
Wurtz, Robert
Wyche, Jack
Wyles, Allan
Wyllie, Andrew
Wyllie, Maxwell
Wynack, Mary
Wynn, Ronald
Wynne, Richard
Yabsley, John
Yabsley, Raymond
Yarra, John
Yarra, Robert
Yates, Herbert
Yates, William
Yeaman, Alfred
Yeates, Ian
Yell, Robert
Yensen, George
Yeo, Howard
Yeoman, Edwin
Yeomans, Allan
Yeomans, William
York, George
York, Leslie
Yorkston, Gordon
Yorkston, Ian
Youl, Stanley
Young, Alan
Young, Alfred
Young, Alfred
Young, Arthur
Young, Charles
Young, Charles
Young, Falkner
Young, George
Young, Gordon
Young, Harry
Young, Henry
Young, Ian
Young, Ivan
Young, Ivan
Young, John
Young, Leonard
Young, Philip
Young, Richard
Young, Robert
Young, Roland
Young, Ronald
Young, Sydney
Young, William
Young, William
Younger, Robert
Yuille, George
Ziersch, Leslie
Zimbulis, Ross
Zingelmann, Leonard
Ziser, Reginald
Zosky, Ernest
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