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RCAF Notes Database: 1914 - Present Day

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This database provides notes on over 9300 RCAF personnel. These were previously published by us in a non-searchable form and we hope the new database structure makes it easier to find what you are looking for. These notes were assembled by Jean Schadskaje over many years from research books, biographies, mentions on websites etc. and were originally intended for private use, not publication, hence the frequent use of shorthand terms. Because these notes were works-in-progress they may include errors: if you find any, please let us know via the Helpdesk.

They make available information on many RCAF personnel, some of which is unavailable elsewhere in the searchable context provided here. Researchers may cross-reference names with the 45,000 entries in our Paradie Archive. In January 2018 our colleague Fran├žois Dutil began an exercise to review and correct entries where appropriate, particularly in relation to 438 Squadron RCAF. Further Canadian material can be found here.

Thanks to Jacqueline Freeguard for technical assistance in preparing this data for publication.

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1 Brown W/Co Mark Henry 'Hilly' Canadian DFC & Bar Born on 9 Oct 1911 in Glenboro Manitoba. Learned to Fly in Russell Man. Joins RAF in 1936 Posted Hurricane pilot w/ 1 Sqd in Feb 1937 Promoted F/O in Dec 1938 The unit moves to Octerville France in Sept 1939 On 23 Nov 1939 S/L Halahan and F/O Hilly Brown patrolling the Verdun-Metz area attack a Do-17P of 4.(F)/122 piloted by Ofw Baptist Schapp and shoot it down at Haumont-la-Chaussee near Longuyon. The German crew were all kia. On 2 March 1940 leads three Hurricanes from Vassincourt against a Do-17 from 4.(F)/11 near metz. His Hurricane L1974's wooden propeller disintegrate in flight. He glides to a forced landing. On 3 March 1940 w/ Soper they intercept He-111H of 3.(F)/121. They forced it to force-land in flames S of Forbach. Only the piloy Uffz Nagel and another crew were rescued by german infantry. On 20 April 1940 flying Hurricane P2678 for a patrol by F/L Walker F/O Hilly Brown F/O Billy Drake they clobber a gaggle of nine Bf-109s from 7./JG 53 he claims a Bf-109 fallen in german territory. On 3 May 1940 he delivers a captured Bf-109 to Boscombe down for tests. On 10 May 1940 F/L Walker flying Hurricane N2382/B leads A/Sqd 1 w/ F/O Brown F/O Richey F/O Kilmartin Sgt Soper over Metz they claims a Do-17Z piloted by Uffz Graefe from 7./KG 53 shared s/d it crash-lands at Dun-sur-Meuse. On 11 May 1940 part of 5 Hurricanes scrambled at 19:15 against a raid against Reims by 30 Do-17Zs from III/KG 76 and 15 Bf-110s from I/ZG 26. They dove on the escort E of Vervins and claimed 9 s/d. He claimed two Bf-110s s/d. On 12 May 1940 over Maastritch turn on two Bf-109s to protect Lewis who had baled out he shoots and the two germans collide crashing together. Damaged in turn by Bf-109s from 2./JG 27 he RTB. On 14 May 1940 1 Sqd provides escorts for Battles from Nos.105 and 150 Sqd to bomb the bridges on the Maas; they surprise the Stukas from I/StG 77 near Sedan he claims a Stuka s/d; (the British claimed 5 vict 6 Stukas were lost); then the Hurricanes turned w/ the escorting Bf-109s from I/JG 53; he claims a Bf-109 s/d. (4 Bf-109s were s/d and 2 damaged). On 15 May 1940 claims a Me-110. On 17 May 1940 intercepting the escort of a Stuka raid near Sedan he claims the Bf-110C from V(St)/LG 1 which had s/d Pussy Palmer as s/d at 09:00 He attacked a He-111 claiming it s/d also. (the german unit lost 3 Bf-110s against 7 claims). On 18 May 1940 he leads 8 Hurricanes to escort 6 Blenheims from 18 Sqd to attack german columns near cambrai. He is raked by AA fire at 15:20 near St.Quentin; he attacks a Hs-126 which disappear 7m SE of St. Quentin. On 19 May 1940 patrol over the Aisne river then on return intercept the He-111s from III/KG 27 NE of Rethel he claims a He-111 s/d and a He-111 probable at 11:00 near Chateau-Thierry. On 21 May 1940 he claims a He-111 s/d NE of Rethel On 23 May 1940 posted FtCdr A On 1 June 1940 he claims a Bf-109E damaged S of St.Valery On 5 June 1940 he claims a Do-17 s/d near Amiens On 14 June 1940 he claims a He-111 and a Bf-109E s/d in the Caen area but he is s/d and bales out. return to UK on 18 June 1940 by boat. On 11 Aug 1940 flying Hurricane P3047 he claims a Bf-110C from I/ZG 2 shared damaged w/ P/O Chetham 20m S of St.Catherine's Point at 10:10 On 15 Aug 1940 Flying Hurricane P3047 leading the Sqd's 9 a/c from North Weald saw Rubensdorfer's 24 a/c returning from the Martlesham raid at 14:30 thought that Harwich might be in trouble climbed to divert the bombers. Wia he had to bale out S of Harwich and drifted at sea but was rescued. Harwich was untouched. On 6 sept 1940 flying hurricane L1934 he claims a Ju-88 damaged between Kenley and Turnbridge Wells Promoted F/Lt in Sept 1940 On 24 Sept 1940 flying Hurricane V7379 he claims a Do-17 shared s/d E of Bambury W of Cambridge Promoted S/L OC 1 Sqd from Nov 1940 til May 1941 On 8 Jan 1941 he claims a Bf-109 s/d over Quercamps airfield U/c. In March 1941 converted to Hurricanes II. Pionneer the two fighter sweep system. Posted to No.58 O.T.U. in May 1941 Posted to No.57 O.T.U. at Grangemouth in July 1941 and promoted W/Co In mid Aug 1941 he is s/d over the channel and baled out. In late Oct 1941 posted to the Middle East arrived on Malta on 5 Nov 1941 He is posted W/Co Takali On 12 Nov 1941 flying w/ W/Co Rabagliati in a four Hurricanes sweep of Gela airfield he is s/d by flak and kia. Claimed 15 vict 4 shared vict 1 probable and 2 damaged, Buried Catania

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