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The Air Forces Memorial, or Runnymede Memorial, in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England is a memorial dedicated to some 20,456 men and women from air forces of the British Empire who were lost in air and other operations during World War II. Those recorded have no known grave anywhere in the world, and many were lost without trace. The name of each of these airmen and airwomen is engraved into the stone walls of the memorial, according to country and squadron. There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Ottawa Allied Forces Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Alamein Allied Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.
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#NameFirst NamesInitialsService NumberRankTitleAwardsDutyAir ServiceDateofDeathSquadronCommandAircraftMarkSerialCodeStationDepartedOperation NameCircumstancesFateAge***FamilyDetails***PanelPhotoNotes
1 Abbas Philip RobertP R1199343 SergeantRAFVR1942-05-05103Sqn Panel 77
2 Abbott Frank BernardF B563017 SergeantRAF1940-05-14105SqnAge 28 Son of Bernard and Honora E. M. Abbott, of Newport, Monmouthshire; husband of Laura Mary Abbott. A.F.R.Ae.S.Panel 11
3 Abbott RonaldR590429 Flight SergeantRAF1940-04-30110SqnPanel 10
4 Zrnik ThomasT787374 Flight SergeantPilotRAFVR1943-09-27313Sqn (Czech)Fighter CommandSpitfireVbBM293Ramrod 25Killed Panel 140
5 Abbott HaroldH759273 Flight SergeantRAF1942-08-01201SqnAge 22 Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Abbott, of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire; husband of Olive Abbott, of Bulwell, NottinghamshirePanel 73
6 Abbott EdwardE564510 SergeantRAF1940-05-18206SqnAge 25 Son of Richard and Margaret A. Abbott of Bolton, LancashirePanel 11
7 Abbott Frank RoyF R1580706 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-11-10518SqnAge 21 Son of Frank Ernest and Elsie Abbott, of Tile Hill, CoventryPanel 215
8 Abell Edwin RaymondE R1474271 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-08-09296SqnPanel 215
9 Ablett John Stephen RobinsonJ S R1461188 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-25102SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIJB834DY-C2300WuppertalKilledPanel 140
10 Abraham Ernest GeorgeE G747928 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-2522SqnAge 36 Son of George and Emily AbrahamPanel 38
11 Abrahams Frederick JosephF J580418 SergeantRAF1940-10-29102SqnAge 22 Son of Joseph and Annie Rose AbrahamsPanel 11
12 Abram Charles HubertC H1312711 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-06-11228Sqn
Age 22 Son of James and Mabel Gertrude Abram; husband of Barbara Joyce Abram, of Bosham, SussexPanel 215
13 Abrams Sidney EdwardS E620836 Warrant OfficerRAF1945-01-07103SqnBomber CommandLancasterIII PB637PM-LElsham Wolds1607GardeningLost without traceKilledPanel 269
14 Abrams Robert WilliamR WJ/95424 Pilot OfficerRCAF1945-03-06576SqnBomber CommandLancasterIPD403UL-F2Fiskerton1655ChemnitzBelieved crashed in target areaKilledAge 20 Son of Hubert James Abrams and Ella Mabel Abrams, of Rockhaven, Saskatchewan, CanadaPanel 280
15 Allen Laurence RaymondL R123094 Flying OfficerPilotRAFVR1944-01-25181SqnFighter CommandTyphoonIbJP968YRamrodKilledAge 24 Son of Frank Duncan Allen and Ethel Alfritha Allen, of Henlow, BedfordshirePanel 204
16 Allen James Henry LeslieJ H L39957 Flying OfficerPilotRAF1940-07-12151SqnFighter CommandHurricaneIP3275Convoy PatrolDitched off OrfordnessKilledAge 25Son of James Henry Leslie and Katherine Allen; nephew and ward of Fanny M. Edwards, of Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Awarded King's Gold Medal, H.M.S. Conway, 1933Panel 5
17 Acton NormanN810144 SergeantRAF (Auxilliary Air Force)1942-05-31405Sqn (RCAF)Age 39 Son of William H. and Margaret S. Acton, of Birkenhead, CheshirePanel 77
18 Ada Alan FletcherA FAUS.403297 SergeantRAAF1942-05-0658SqnAge 28 Son of William Leslie and Erica Maude Ada, of Drummoyne, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 111
19 Adair Leslie JamesL JR/133591 Warrant Officer Class IAir GunnerRCAF1944-01-03156SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB553GT-J.0008.BerlinKilled Son of J R Adair of Wingham, Ontario, CanadaPanel 253
20 Adair Hubert HastingsH H580088 SergeantPilotRAF1940-11-06213SqnFighter CommandHurricaneIV7602PatrolShot down over PortsmouthKilledAge 23 Son of Robert and Elizabeth Adair, of NorwichPanel 11
21 Adair Singleton WilsonS W749453 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-2082SqnAge 23 Son of William Adair, and of Elizabeth Adair, of Fortwilliam, Belfast, IrelandPanel 38
22 Adam Walter JosephW JAUS.410934 Flight SergeantAir GunnerRAAF1944-03-31101SqnAge 25 Son of John James Adam and Violet Pearl Adam, of Bundalong South, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 259
23 Allen Thomas WillcoxT WJ/15015 Flight LieutenantPilotRCAF1942-05-31121SqnFighter CommandSpitfireVbW3645RoadsteadKilledAge 27 Son of Mr and Mrs Leslie L AllenPanel 99
24 Adams Basil AndrewB A1293087 SergeantRAF1942-01-15104SqnBomber CommandWellingtonIIW5417EP-FDriffield1838EmdenKilledAge 19 Son of H. D. and Ruth Adams, of Earl's Court, LondonPanel 77
25 Adams Peter DavidP D551554 Sergeant DFMRAF1940-11-01144Sqn
Panel 11
26 Adams Desire Ernest CharlesD E C1377699 Flight SergeantRAFVR1942-06-27150SqnBomber CommandWellingtonIIIX3309JN-NSnaith2315BremenKilledAge 22 Son of Louis and Minnie Eveline Adams, of Battersea, LondonPanel 73
27 Adams Ernest OsborneE O755269 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-21201SqnAge 30 Son of George Harry Adams, and of Jessie Murrie Adams, of Sydenham, LondonPanel 38
28 Adams Peter AlexanderP A901172 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-3121SqnAge 20 Son of Peter Lamont Adams and Norah Adams, of Welwyn Garden City, HertfordshirePanel 38
29 Adams Hugh AlexanderH AJ/87993 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-07-29428SqnBomber CommandLancasterXKB759NA-K2236HamburgKilled Son of William and Agnes Adams; husband of Eunice F. Adams, of Springside, Saskatchewan, CanadaPanel 249
30 Adams Kenneth Ernest CharlesK E C1852722 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-1951Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIILW538MH-N2241SterkradeKilledPanel 223
31 Adams Henry HarrisH H174599 Pilot OfficerRAF1944-04-1957Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIND475DX-2104JuvisyCrashed at Chapelbridge, Cambridgeshire on returnKilledAge 40 Son of Alfred James Adams and Elizabeth Adams; husband of Morwenna Mary Adams, of Exmouth, DevonPanel 210
32 Allardice Andrew WilliamA W1251238 SergeantRAFVR1941-05-02Age 21 Son of Alfred and Louie Olivia Allardice, of West Molesey, SurreyPanel 38
33 Adams RobertR120247 Flight Lieutenant DFCRAFVR1944-06-22630SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIND531LE-K2330WesselingKilledAge 32 Son of John and Edith Alice Adams; husband of Louise Adams, of Burton-on-Trent.Panel 201
34 Adams Archibald WilliamA W1378155 SergeantRAFVR1941-06-2978SqnAge 31 Son of Archibald Robert and Edith Adams; husband of Jean Adams, of Hampstead, LondonPanel 38
35 Adams Richard HarryR HAUS.409012 Flight SergeantPilotRAAF1943-10-031449 FlightFighter CommandHurricaneIIbASRKilledAge 21 Son of Albert Ward Adams and Dorothy Louise Adams, of Brighton, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 192
36 Adams Victor RobertV RJ/42482 Flying OfficerRCAF1945-01-141666 HCUBomber CommandLancasterIHK756ND-WombletonSweepstakeLost without traceKilledAge 19 Son of Robert V and Phyllis Adams, of Fitch Bay, Province of Quebec, CanadaPanel 278
37 Adams Phillip PaulP PAUS.407704 SergeantRAAF1942-07-16No.13 OTUAge 20 Son of the Revd. Roland Vere Smith Adams and Nina Howell Adams, of Payneham, South AustraliaPanel 111
38 Adams Harry Walter HughesH W HR/106018 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-09-28No.7 OTUWellingtonAge 22 Son of Walter Hughes Adams and Ellen Edith Hughes Adams, of Ninette, Manitoba, CanadaPanel 102
39 Adams Herbert CharlesH C1320218 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-23Age 20 Son of Edward William and Emma Elizabeth Adams, of Upper Holloway, LondonPanel 140
40 Adamson William IanW I148447 Flying Officer DFCRAFVR1944-03-31101SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIDV264SR-L2145NurnbergCrashed near GemundKilled Panel 204
41 Adamson James AlexanderJ A1167110 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-137SqnAge 19 Son of James and Gertrude R Adam Son of New Milton, HampshirePanel 77
42 Adcock William JefferyW JAUS.426856 Flight SergeantRAAF1944-07-01625Sqn
Age 25 Son of Jeff and Alice Maud Adcock, of North Kolan, via Bundaberg, Queensland, AustraliaPanel 259
43 Allardice Kenneth GordonK G748744 SergeantRAFVR1940-12-15102SqnAge 21 Son of Arthur and Ethel Allardice, of Littleton, HampshirePanel 11
44 Addess MaxwellM1375854 SergeantRAFVR1942-04-12236SqnPanel 77
45 Addinall HarryH641927 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-02210SqnAge 21 Son of Charley and Rose Addinall, of Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, YorkshirePanel 140
46 Adey John CharlesJ C1271700 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-10-22197SqnAge 21 Son of John Carr Adey and Florence Agnes Adey, of Rayleigh, EssexPanel 134
47 Allan JamesJ1251427 SergeantRAFVR1943-02-03Age 22 Son of James Allan and of E. A. Allan, of Balmain, Sydney, AustraliaPanel 278
48 Adkins Irvine HoraceI H755932 SergeantRAFVR1941-02-17114SqnAge 20 Son of Walter Frederick and Winnifred Clarissa Adkins, of Ilford, EssexPanel 38
49 Adnams Cyril GeorgeC G922704 SergeantRAFVR1942-12-08102SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIW7925DY-Pocklington1705GardeningPresumed crashed in seaKilledAge 28 Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Adnams; husband of Beatrice Rose Elizabeth Adnams, of OxfordPanel 77
50 Adrain Robert Ross AndersonR R AJ/37722 Flying OfficerRCAF1945-04-08463Sqn RAAF
Bomber CommandLancasterINX584JO-VWaddington1812LutzkendorfAbandoned on way homeKilledAge 35 Son of Samuel and Jane Adrain, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, CanadaPanel 278
51 Agate James VictorJ VR/121039 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-04-29428SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHE728NA-B2057GardeningKilledPanel 181
52 Ager Ernest DouglasE D646478 SergeantRAF1943-05-24214 (F.M.S)SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIBF478BU-G2306DortmundKilledAge 23 Son of Alfred and Alice Ager of Reading, Berkshire; husband of Olive Margaret Ager, of Reading, BerkshirePanel 140
53 Aggett Alfred Henry ReginaldA H R1285977 SergeantRAFVR1943-02-27166SqnBomber CommandWellingtonIIIBJ961AS-MKolnKilledAge 27 Son of Arthur Edwin and Mary Elizabeth Aggett; husband of Frances Lillie Aggett, of Acton, MiddlesexPanel 140
54 Ahern JohnJ903278 SergeantPilotRAFVR1941-08-2192SqnFighter CommandSpitfireVbW3409SweepFailed to returnKilledPanel 38
55 Allan RobertR951386 SergeantRAFVR1941-09-0890SqnPanel 38
56 Ailey John DrewJ DR/68523 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-06-27405SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIW1175LQ-QPocklington2332BremenPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 21 Son of Alfred William and Grace Ailey, of Port Arthur, Ontario, CanadaPanel 102
57 Ainger Thomas BrianT BNZ.405215 SergeantRNZAF1942-04-19156SqnBomber CommandWellingtonIIIX3485GT-Alconbury2107GardeningPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 26 Son of James Ainger and of Jane Ainger (nee Glennan), of Christchurch, New ZealandPanel 117
58 Allan Robert EdwardR EJ/86012 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-01-30626SqnBomber CommandLancasterIME587UM-X21718BerlinKilledPanel 249
59 Ainsworth NormanN49737 Flying OfficerRAF1943-05-05101SqnBomber CommandLancasterIW4784SR-E2205DortmundKilledAge 20 Son of Isaac and Alice Ainsworth, of Craghead, Co. DurhamPanel 122
60 Ainsworth Kenneth WilliamK W184307 Flying OfficerRAFVR1945-03-2161SqnBomber CommandLancasterING386QR-PSkellingthorpe2345BohlenLost without traceKilledAge 22 Son of Edward and Ellen Ainsworth, of Penwortham, LancashirePanel 266
61 Airey Robert WilliamR W1816445 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-02-2478SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIILW509EY-T1824SchweinfurtShot down near StuttgartKilledAge 19 Son of Sam and Helen Airey, of Mynachty, Cardiff, WalesPanel 215
62 Airs WilfredW141023 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-06-297SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIND897MG-C1236SiracourtExploded & crashed at St-Pol-sur-Ternoise {Pas-de-Calais}KilledPanel 204
63 Aitchison RobertR1824340 SergeantRAFVR1944-09-17102SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIIMZ289DY-JTrainingKilledAge 23 Son of John and Jane Aitchi Son, of Reston, Berwickshire, ScotlandPanel 223
64 Aitchison Alexander SmithA S1301560 SergeantRAFVR1943-02-18158Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIDT644NP-Y1903GardeningKilledAge 22 Son of Alexander and Alison Aitchi Son, of Aberdeen, ScotlandPanel 140
65 Aitchison James DougalJ D563022 SergeantRAF1940-04-129SqnAge 25 Son of David and Elizabeth Crombie Aitchi Son, of Eyemouth, Berwickshire, ScotlandPanel 11
66 Aitchison Richard JustinR JNZ.429286 Pilot OfficerRNZAF1945-01-0175Sqn RNZAF
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIME321AA-NMepal1548VohwinkelCrashed near MaastrichtKilledAge 28 Son of Oliver Christie Aitchison and Lilly Evans Aitchi Son; husband of Olga Aitchi Son, of Papatoetoe, Auckland, New ZealandPanel 285
67 Aitken CharlesC1551157 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-20115Sqn
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIIX3989KO-VMarham2150GardeningKilledPanel 77
68 Aitken Alistair WilliamA W1567438 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-10228Sqn
Age 19 Son of James and Margaret Newall Aitken, of Glasgow, ScotlandPanel 140
69 Aitken James McGinnJ McG1552265 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-21541Sqn Son of James Boyd Aitken and Agnes Aitken, of Dalry, Ayrshire, ScotlandPanel 215
70 Allan IanI969943 SergeantRAFVR1941-12-2758SqnBomber CommandWhitleyVZ6841GE-FLinton on Ouse1656DusseldorfKilledAge 21 Son of John L and Elizabeth H Allan, of Edinburgh, ScotlandPanel 38
71 Akers Roland GrahamR G1536320 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-24214SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIEE883BU-T2330WuppertalCrashed off Dutch CoastKilledPanel 140
72 Allan James Arthur LaurenceJ A LR/80235 SergeantRCAF1943-04-28419SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIJB923VR-Q2042GardeningKilledAge 29 Son of James Alexander Allan and Marion Emma Allan, of St. James, Manitoba, CanadaPanel 186
73 Akrill William EricW E1436220 SergeantRAFVR1943-03-13115Sqn
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIIBJ756KO-Q2007EssenCrashed in IjsselmeerKilledAge 21 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Akrill, of Collingham, NottinghamshirePanel 140
74 Allan Arthur George RobertA G R562405 SergeantRAF1940-04-04211SqnKilled in transit to the Middle East Age 26 Son of Arthur and Minnie Allan; husband of Lilian Allan, of Bentley, StaffordshirePanel 11
75 Alcorn James WilliamJ WAUS.421873 Pilot OfficerPilotRAAF1944-06-25576SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB460UL-V2151FlersKilledAge 20 Son of Robert Elderslie Alcorn and Alma Mildred Alcorn, of Robert Son, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 258
76 Alcorn James AlexanderJ AAUS.407886 SergeantRAAF1942-07-16No.27 OTUAge 26 Son of Leslie and Rebecca Elizabeth Alcorn; husband of Rona Mary Alcorn, of Henley Beach, South AustraliaPanel 112
77 Alderslade John William TrickettJ W T903455 SergeantRAFVR1940-06-28500SqnAge 29 Son of William Marden Alderslade and of Elizabeth M. Alderslade (nee Trickett); husband of Kathleen Beatrice Alderslade (nee Perrott), of Moseley, BirminghamPanel 11
78 Alderson-Hiller JonahJ 123518 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-11-2683SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJA686OL-KGroundExploded at Dispersal PointKilledAge 22 Son of Julius and Anne Alder Son-Hiller; husband of Dorothy Mabel Alder Son-Hiller, of Treforest, Glamorgan, WalesPanel 122
79 Allan William BrianW B755584 SergeantRAFVR1941-12-0818SqnAge 20 Son of William and Sarah Annie Allan, of Jesmond, Newcastle-on-TynePanel 38
80 Aldom Douglas RonaldD R622419 SergeantRAF1940-08-1361SqnAge 20 Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Aldom, of Pencoed, Glamorgan, WalesPanel 11
81 Allan SidneyS1075879 SergeantRAFVR1944-01-27149Sqn
Bomber CommandStirlingIIIEE969OJ-E1647GardeningKilledAge 22 Son of Edward and Grace Allan, of LiverpoolPanel 223
82 Aldridge Eric WilliamE W1202459 SergeantRAFVR1943-04-03166SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHE631AS-VGardeningCrashed target areaKilledAge 32 Son of George William and Ethel Aldridge, of Bradford, Yorkshire; husband of Dorothy Aldridge, of Bradford, YorkshirePanel 140
83 Aldridge HoraceH950520 SergeantRAFVR1941-07-0649Sqn
Age 23 Son of Harry and Sybil Aldridge; husband of Ethel Aldridge, of Sparkhill, BirminghamPanel 38
84 Aldridge Robert EdwardR E517434 SergeantRAF1940-09-0853SqnPanel 11
85 Aldridge Alfred RamsayA RAUS.5226 SergeantRAAF1943-08-1810SqnAge 22 Son of Alfred Weller Aldridge and Alice Aldridge; husband of Ella Jean Aldridge, of St. Kilda, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 195
86 Aldridge John RaymondJ R1393147 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-10-24Age 28 Son of W.L. and Berthe Duchein Aldridge, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South AmericaPanel 215
87 Aldworth Frank CarterF CJ/13051 Flight LieutenantRCAF1945-02-15424SqnBomber CommandLancasterIPB899QB-ASkipton on Swale1758GardeningLost without traceKilledAge 26 Son of Tom and Anne Aldworth, of Kamloops, British Columbia, CanadaPanel 278
88 Aldworth Richard GeorgeR G1800918 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-11605SqnFighter CommandMosquitoVIHJ784FIntruderKilledAge 20 Son of Albert Arthur and Amy Martha Louise Aldworth, of Chingford, EssexPanel 215
89 Alecock Norman JackN J1156113 SergeantRAFVR1942-09-01461SqnAge 31 Son of John and Loyie Alecock, of Euston, SuffolkPanel 77
90 Alexander William FrederickW F508826 SergeantRAF1941-06-20119SqnAge 30 Son of Charles and Mary Alexander; husband of Edith Hilda Alexander, of Blackfield, HampshirePanel 38
91 Alexander Ian HamiltonI HNZ.39668 Pilot OfficerRNZAF1943-05-1312Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIED476PH-N2340DuisburgKilledAge 22 Son of William and Florence Jane Alexander, of Christchurch, New ZealandPanel 198
92 Allan James CalderwoodJ C1553931 SergeantRAFVR1942-09-18115Sqn
Bomber CommandWellingtonIIIX3718KO-QMarham1941GardeningKilledAge 20 Son of James and Kate Frances Allan, of Ayr, ScotlandPanel 77
93 Alexander Edward GeorgeE GR/77418 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-04-18407SqnAge 20 Son of Edward S. and Ruth Alexander, of St. Laurent, Province of Quebec, CanadaPanel 102
94 Alexander Kenneth AlbertK A657919 Flight SergeantRAF1943-10-25612SqnPanel 134
95 Allan David HenryD H904039 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-15115Sqn
Age 25 Son of Andrew Percival and Amy Maude Allan; husband of Denise Anne AllanPanel 38
96 Alexander ChristopherC651372 SergeantRAF1944-08-3083Sqn Son of William and Elizabeth Alexander, of Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPanel 223
97 Alexander Jack ArnoldJ AAUS.421874 Flight SergeantRAAF1944-04-1753SqnAge 20 Son of Jessel Alexander Alexander and Kate Edith Alexander, of Bathurst, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 259
98 Algar William EdwinW ER/217734 Flight SergeantRCAF1945-05-28No.22 OTUWellingtonAge 21 Son of W C and Ida M Algar, of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, CanadaPanel 281
99 Alger Percy ArthurP A1600090 SergeantRAFVR1944-10-08280SqnAge 22 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Alger, of Gillingham, DorsetshirePanel 223
100 Alger Gordon ForbesG FR/60428 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-05-15407SqnAge 24 Son of Carmen B. and Frances E. Alger, of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, CanadaPanel 102

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