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The Air Forces Memorial, or Runnymede Memorial, in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England is a memorial dedicated to some 20,456 men and women from air forces of the British Empire who were lost in air and other operations during World War II. Those recorded have no known grave anywhere in the world, and many were lost without trace. The name of each of these airmen and airwomen is engraved into the stone walls of the memorial, according to country and squadron. There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Ottawa Allied Forces Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Alamein Allied Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.
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#NameFirst NamesInitialsService NumberRankTitleAwardsDutyAir ServiceDateofDeathSquadronCommandAircraftMarkSerialCodeStationDepartedOperation NameCircumstancesFateAge***FamilyDetails***PanelPhotoNotes
1 Acworth Dennis HerbertD H141163 Flying Officer DFCRAFVR1944-05-28627SqnBomber CommandMosquitoIVDZ468AZ-D0.002St-ValeryKilledAge 21 Son of Herbert Douglas Acworth, and of Hilda Florence Acworth, of Plaistow, EssexPanel 204
2 Ashton Dennis GarthD G76574 Pilot OfficerPilotRAFVR1940-08-12266SqnFighter CommandSpitfireIP9333PatrolShot down off Portsmouth KilledAge 20 Son of Richard T C and Evelyn M Ashton of Keyworth, NottinghamshirePanel 7
3 Askwith DennisD1682446 SergeantRAFVR1944-06-13578SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIIMZ592LK-G2338AmiensCrashed at Mailly-Raineval {Somme}KilledAge 24 Son of Owen and Lydia Askwith; husband of Iris May Askwith, of New Rossington, YorkshirePanel 224
4 Aubert Richard DennisR D41361 Pilot OfficerPilotRAF1940-05-2474SqnFighter CommandSpitfireIPatrolLost 20 miles S of DunkirkKilledPanel 7
5 Baker Ronald DennisR D1318696 SergeantRAFVR1943-03-05466Sqn (RAAF)Bomber CommandWellingtonXHZ270HD-Q1915EssenCrashed target areaKilledAge 19 Son of Benjamin Samuel and Lilian Clara Emily Baker of Matlock, DerbyshirePanel 141
6 Banfield Dennis SamuelD S612800Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAF1939-09-17H.M.S. CourageousFleet Air ArmH.M.S. CourageousAt least 57 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. CourageousMissing presumed killed. H.M.S. Courageous torpedoed and sunk by German U-29 west of Ireland 17 September 1939At sea, West of IrelandAge 19 Son of Amos and Rose Phyllis BanfieldPanel 3
7 Barber Dennis RobertD R1354869 SergeantRAFVR1943-05-019SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIED838WS-REssenKilledAge 23 Son of Mr and Mrs H J Barber of Dorking, SurreyPanel 141
8 Barber Dennis AlbertD A1339953 SergeantRAFVR1944-04-2512 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonIIIB542DiversionKilledPanel 224
9 Barker DennisD1233899 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-3051Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD309MH-2251HamburgPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 22 Son of Joseph and Ethel Barker, of Staveley, DerbyshirePanel 141
10 Barnes Edwin Alfred DennisE A D576536 SergeantRAF1943-11-22Age 20 Son of Edwin and Lily Barnes, of Sands, High Wycombe, BuckinghamshirePanel 141
11 Barrett Robert Dennis ParkerR D P1315330 SergeantRAFVR1944-04-28Age 25 Son of Robert and Winifred May Barrett; husband of Olive Mabel Barrett, of Withycombe, DevonPanel 224
12 Boreham Joseph WendellJ W39650 Pilot OfficerRAF1939-10-19Age 24 Son of Walter Dennis Boreham and Margaret Boreham. Native of New ZealandPanel 1
13 Bourne Dennis ArthurD A115107 Flight LieutenantPilotRAFVR1944-03-17268SqnFighter CommandMustangIFD548SortieKilledAge 23 Son of Arthur Bourne, and S J Bourne of Balham, LondonPanel 201
14 Bradd Dennis GeorgeD G177394 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1944-06-22630SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIND531LE-K2330WesselingKilledAge 20 Son of Maurice Albert George and Clarissa Eleanor Bradd, of Stifford, EssexPanel 210
15 Bradshaw Dennis CharlesD C115108 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-07-04103SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJA672PM-E2239KolnKilledAge 23 Son of John Charles and Elizabeth Bradshaw; husband of Lorna B Bradshaw of Southsea, HampshirePanel 123
16 Brain Dennis InghamD I178527 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-09-0257Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterILM279DX-T1117BrestCrashed near CrickKilledAge 23 Son of Henry Edward and Nora Winifred Brain; husband of Barbara Jean Brain, of Cardiff, WalesPanel 204
17 Brown DennisD1125561 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-3115Sqn
Bomber CommandStirlingIIIEF427LS-A2242RemscheidCrashed near MannheimKilledAge 21 Son of Percy Leopold and Dorothy Brown, of ChesterPanel 143
18 Brown Harold DennisH D613213 CorporalRAF1940-04-1244Sqn (Rhodesia)
Son of Harold Brown, and of Florence Brown, of Rawdon, YorkshirePanel 21
19 Young Dennis AlfredD A1600095 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-18434SqnAge 20 Son of Edward Joseph Young, and of Constance Maud Young, of Gosport, HampshirePanel 171
20 Browne Vincent JohnV J1289897 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-13180SqnAge 22 Son of William Vincent Browne and Winifred Marion Browne; husband of Joan Mary Browne, of Womenswold, KentPanel 144
21 Browne Patrick Edgar Sempill F MP E S F M33222 Flight LieutenantPilotRAF1940-05-29229SqnFighter CommandHurricaneIPatrolShot down KilledAge 23 Son of Patrick Edgar and Osra Browne; husband of Ann Eileen BrownePanel 4
22 Browne Thomas Chamberlain MolineuxT C MNZ.40201 SergeantRNZAF1940-09-0237SqnAge 19 Son of George Molineux Browne and Mary May Browne, of Featherston, Wellington, New ZealandPanel 27
23 Browne Joseph ErnestJ E1378107 SergeantRAFVR1942-01-1682SqnBomber CommandBlenheimIVV6378UX-ZBodney1812IntruderPresumed lost over North SeaKilledAge 32 Son of Joseph Charles and Alice Maud Browne, of East Molesey, SurreyPanel 79
24 Browne Charles Gordon KnightC G K CaptainBOAC1942-09-26Age 33 Son of Colonel and Mrs C M Browne; nephew and ward of Josephine Browne, of Richmond, Surrey. B.A. (Oxon)Panel 288
25 Burns Robert DennisR D1520626 SergeantRAFVR1944-06-13179SqnAge 21 Son of Robert Martin Burns and Dorothy Alice Burns, of Isleworth, MiddlesexPanel 226
26 Burtenshaw Dennis FrederickD F1321486 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-03156SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB640GT-V.0009.BerlinKilledAge 20 Son of Arthur F and Florence Burtenshaw; husband of Bridget A Burtenshaw, of Morden, Surrey. Native of AustraliaPanel 216
27 Bysouth Dennis NormanD N1385599 SergeantRAFVR1943-04-109SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIED566WS-J2046DuisburgKilledAge 23 Son of William Henry and Edith Nellie Bysouth, of Cricklewood, MiddlesexPanel 144
28 Cardy Dennis AlfredD A1580617 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-12Panel 144
29 Carman Dennis MarkD M1892690 SergeantRAFVR1944-09-0257Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterILM279DX-T1117BrestCrashed near CrickKilledAge 19 Son of Mark Joseph and Isabel Daisy Carman, of Kennington, LondonPanel 226
30 Carty Harry Dennis GordonH D G1334945 SergeantRAFVR1943-03-30429Sqn (RCAF)Age 20 Son of Harry John and Ann Keziah Carty, of Chingford, EssexPanel 144
31 Caudrey Dennis EdwardD E112387 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1943-11-23630SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB135LE-L1706BerlinKilledAge 23 Son of Frank Sidney and Nellie Caudrey; husband of Joyce Lilian Caudrey, of Shepperton, MiddlesexPanel 119
32 Clabburn-Detrez Dennis ArthurD A930774 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-15115Sqn
Age 20 Son of Ethel Clabburn-Detrez, of Buckland, SurreyPanel 41
33 Clarke Gordon DennisG D1582710 Flight SergeantRAFVR1945-10-15230SqnAge 30 Son of Frederick Jeffs Clarke and Edith Ellen Clarke, of Coventry; husband of Ena Gertrude Clarke, of CoventryPanel 270
34 Clayton Dennis HenryD H1033604 SergeantRAFVR1945-02-01Age 22 Son of Mr and Mrs J W Clayton of Wirral, Cheshire; husband of D H ClaytonPanel 274
35 Clifford Dennis JohnD J1332298 SergeantRAFVR1943-03-13199SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHE519EX-X1930EssenCrashed North Sea off Dutch coastKilledAge 20 Son of John Joseph and Daisy Norah Clifford, of Gravesend, KentPanel 145
36 Close DennisD3042043 SergeantRAFVR1944-11-20279SqnPanel 227
37 Coombes Rodney DennisR D1175691Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAFVR1941-07-05S.S. ' Anselm'Lost in S.S. ' Anselm'Age 20 Son of Albert James Coombes and Nora Rosaline Coombes of Bovey Tracey, Devon Panel 58
Bovey Tracey Memorial
38 Copley DennisD1215324 SergeantRAFVR1944-02-22218SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIEJ125HA-J1810GardeningCrashed off RoltumeroogKilledAge 23 Son of Hollin and Anne Copley; husband of Carmen Copley, of New Brighton, CheshirePanel 227
39 Corden Dennis George StanleyD G S1255236 Flight SergeantRAFVR1942-04-1653SqnPanel 73
40 Cornish Dennis JamesD J1866629 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-11-09138SqnBomber CommandStirlingIVLJ993NF-M2330SOEKilledAge 21 Son of Cecil James Cornish and Genevieve Cornish, of Ponders End, MiddlesexPanel 216
41 Corrigan Dennis VictorD V1378333 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-29Age 21 Son of William and Elsie May Corrigan, of Chadwell Heath, EssexPanel 146
42 Cossey Dennis AlfredD A1381467 SergeantRAFVR1944-07-1886SqnAge 34 Husband of Elsie Ivy Cossey, of Alton, HampshirePanel 227
43 Cottman John DennisJ DAUS.418813 Flight LieutenantRAAF1945-03-21144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIII PA973OF-CConingsby2353BohlenLost without traceKilledAge 21 Son of Walter Thomas Cottman and Lily Elizabeth Cottman, of Toorak, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 282
44 Cramp DennisD113332 Flight LieutenantMiDRAFVR1943-07-1344Sqn (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandLancasterIED331KM-Z2223TorinoBelieved shot down by a night fighterKilledAge 29Son of 2nd Lieutenant George Herbert Cramp, R.C.A. and Gertrude Ellen Cramp of Watford, HertfordshirePanel 119
45 Crowsley Dennis ArthurD A1319268 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-04115Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIDS662KO-L2357KolnKilledAge 20 Son of Thomas and Hilda Crowsley, of Wood Green, MiddlesexPanel 146
46 Curzon Dennis Rupert HumphreyD R HJ/95236 Pilot OfficerRCAF1945-04-25426SqnBomber CommandHalifax VIINP820OW-WLinton on Ouse1504WangeroogeCollided in target area with plane aboveKilledAge 20 Son of William Rupert and Vera Florence Curzon, of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; husband of Mary Joan Curzon, of Guelph, OntarioPanel 280
47 Dalton Dennis EdwardD E1396464 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-0361SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIW5000QR-B2339HamburgKilledPanel 146
48 Davies Dennis VivianD V1652786 SergeantRAFVR1944-03-16408SqnBomber CommandLancasterIILL718EQ-Q1903StuttgartKilledAge 21 Son of David John and Anne Jane Davies, of Rhondda, Glamorgan, WalesPanel 228
49 Davis Frederick PeterF P1832294 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-18419Sqn (RCAF)Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD458VR-C2140PeenemundeCrashed in the BalticKilledAge 19 Son of Dennis and Nora DavisPanel 147
50 Davison Dennis HowardD H536101 SergeantRAF1942-11-107SqnBomber CommandStirlingIBF387MG-UOakington1719HamburgCrashed North SeaKilledAge 30 Son of Robert and Hilda Elizabeth Davi Son, of Jesmond, NorthumberlandPanel 81
51 Dawson Dennis CharlesD C1580354 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-08-23540SqnAge 21 Son of Samuel Robert and Elsie May Dawson, of Stone, Staffordshire; husband of Elaine Dawson, of Walton, Stone, StaffordshirePanel 217
52 Dennis John CecilJ C1160749 SergeantRAFVR1942-04-08405SqnAge 21 Son of John Henry and Grace Elizabeth Dennis, of Hitchin, HertfordshirePanel 81
53 Dennis HarryH659116 SergeantRAF1943-02-0575Sqn RNZAF
Bomber CommandStirlingIBK617AA-D1943GardeningDitched 2 miles off Cromer, NorfolkKilledAge 31 Son of Mr and Mrs R H Dennis of Liverpool, LancashirePanel 147
54 Dennis Donald BasilD B1383647 Leading AircraftmanRAFVR1942-08-19961SqnAge 22 Son of Basil and Edith Mary Dennis, of Rye, SussexPanel 97
55 Dennis Frederick EdmundF E364599 Flight SergeantRAF1940-06-10H.M.S. GloriousFleet Air ArmH.M.S. GloriousAt least 146 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. GloriousDeath on war service presumed. Killed when H.M.S. Glorious sunk by the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, 8 June 1940. In total some 1500 officers and men were lost.At seaAge 33 Son of William Henry and Agnes Ellen Dennis, of Yarmouth, Norfolk; husband of Edith Florence Dennis, of Yarmouth, NorfolkPanel 10
56 Dennis Brian HiltonB H1154617 SergeantRAFVR1941-09-11Age 18 Son of Gerald Norman and Nina Dennis, of BristolPanel 42
57 Dennis-Smither Derek GodfreyD G922218 SergeantRAFVR1941-07-30139Sqn
Panel 42
58 Doyle BrianB580430 Warrant OfficerRAF1942-05-30Age 23 Son of Michael Doyle and of Agnes Doyle (nee Browne), of Rotherham, Yorkshire; husband of Isabella May Doyle (nee Callaghan), of RotherhamPanel 72
59 Dray Dennis BernardD B1312186 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-03-30115Sqn
Age 20 Son of Harry F and Charlotte Dray of Cove, HampshirePanel 136
60 Drury DennisD1663138 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-03466SqnAge 20 Son of Alfred E Drury and of Frances M Drury of Brimington, DerbyshirePanel 148
61 Dulley Dennis NoelD N963822 SergeantRAFVR1941-06-3059SqnAge 21 Son of Fredrick Charles and Isabel Margarett DulleyPanel 42
62 Edwards Dennis VictorD V145817 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-06-03117SqnAge 23 Son of Alfred George and Grace Amelia Edwards, of Goodmayes, EssexPanel 124
63 Eggleton Dennis Louis NokeD L N576406 SergeantRAF1943-04-08218SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIBF502HA-P2137DuisburgKilledAge 19 Son of Denis and Alice E M Eggleton of Midland, Ontario, CanadaPanel 148
64 Emmett Dennis HamptonD H1432048Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAFVR1942-01-16Age 19 Son of Harold Frederick and Elsie Mabel Emmett, of Streatham, LondonPanel 98
65 Evans Dennis George AlbertD G A917391 SergeantRAFVR1942-03-17608SqnPanel 82
66 Evans Dennis ThomasD T1873611 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-3021 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonIIIBJ970DiversionKilledAge 20 Son of James Bartholomew Evans and Mabel Laura Evans, of Shoeburyness, EssexPanel 229
67 Farley Dennis HenryD H1179323 SergeantRAFVR1941-09-17Age 26 Son of Charles Crisp Farley and Ada Farley, of Ashton Gate, BristolPanel 43
68 Farrall DennisD2209858 SergeantRAFVR1944-06-16635SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB728F2-B2338LensCrashed near Beaurains {Pas-de-Calais}KilledAge 19Panel 229
69 Findlay Dennis JohnD J1807884 SergeantRAFVR1944-03-22103SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIND329PM-A1904FrankfurtExploded and crashed RodelheimKilledAge 18 Son of Edward John and Katerina Findlay, of Woodford Green, EssexPanel 229
70 Finlayson Donald DennisD D191796 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1945-02-0844Sqn (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandLancasterIII ME299KM-ESpilsby1650PolitzKilledPanel 268
71 Fletcher Malcolm DennisM D1339931 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-11-16210SqnAge 22 Son of Horace Fredrick Fletcher, and of Ruth Fletcher, of Hawton, NottinghamshirePanel 217
72 Foster Dennis ReginaldD R1851274 SergeantRAFVR1944-10-2950Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIPD326VN-2220BergenKilledAge 20 Son of James Alfred and Edith Jessica Foster, of Holmer Green, BuckinghamshirePanel 229
73 Frame Dennis JohnD J535408 Leading AircraftmanRAF1940-07-21204SqnAge 24 Son of Henry W and Winifred Frame of Torquay, DevonPanel 23
74 Francis Albert Peter DennisA P D1430706 SergeantRAFVR1942-11-29204SqnAge 20 Son of Albert William Rushford Francis and Elsie Ann Francis, of Towcester, NorthamptonshirePanel 83
75 Francis Dennis Victor WilfredD V W37165 Squadron LeaderMiD and 2 barsRAF1940-12-2722SqnAge 25 Son of Ernest Edward and Clara Elizabeth Francis, of Cheam, SurreyPanel 4
76 Gay Dennis FrederickD F152823 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-08-30619Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIILM676PG-M2036KonigsbergKilledAge 20 Son of Robert Henry William and Eliza May Gay, of Bristol; husband of Marjorie Violet Gay, of Knowle, BristolPanel 206
77 Glover Dennis WilliamD W544145 Leading AircraftmanRAF1940-06-17S.S. ' Lancastria'Lost in S.S. ' Lancastria'Age 20 Son of William Thomas Glover and Alice Maud Glover of Exmouth, DevonPanel 23
78 Gray Sidney Dennis ColleyS D C1053321 SergeantRAFVR1941-11-0757Sqn
Bomber CommandWellingtonIcZ8903DX-Feltwell2005Rover PatrolKilledAge 21 Son of Sidney Colley Gray and Hephsibah Rachel Gray, of Withington, ManchesterPanel 44
79 Hagan Dennis WilsmoreD W1338861 SergeantRAFVR1943-05-04235SqnAge 21 Son of Dennis and Elizabeth Adelaide Hagan, of Beckenham, KentPanel 151
80 Hall Dennis EdwardD E1108004 SergeantRAFVR1941-11-1599Sqn
Bomber CommandWellingtonIcL7873LN-JWaterbeach1720EmdenKilledAge 20 Son of Robert Hall, and of Jeanie Silver Hall, of Montrose, Angus, ScotlandPanel 44
81 Harding Lionel DennisL D1322853 Flight SergeantPilotRAFVR1943-11-11183SqnFighter CommandTyphoonIbJP386RShipping RecceKilledAge 20 Son of Joseph Jerome and Helena Harding, of HertfordPanel 136
82 Harding-Browne RichardRAUS.407523 Flying OfficerRAAF1942-01-1582SqnBlenheimIVV6378UX-ZIntruder Patrol. Presumed lost over North SeaAge 21 Son of Clifford and Bessie Eirlin Harding-Browne, of Adelaide, South AustraliaPanel 110
83 Harrison Gordon LlewelynG LR/100702 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-11-23161SqnBomber CommandWhitleyVZ6629MA-NTempsford2210SOEKilledAge 23 Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Harrison, of Mount Dennis, Ontario, CanadaPanel 104
84 Harrison Dennis HighamD H975057 SergeantRAFVR1941-06-21218SqnAge 29 Son of John and Elsie Harrison, of Eccles, LancashirePanel 44
85 Hayes Norman DennisN DJ/17659 Pilot OfficerRCAF1943-06-12426SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHZ261OW-2314DusseldorfKilledAge 22 Son of Cecil Norman and Clema Irene HayesPanel 175
86 Head Dennis HaroldD H1337670 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-20Age 21 Son of Albert Harold and Emily Head, of Hitchin, HertfordshirePanel 152
87 Helliar Dennis HubertD H610227Aircraftman 1st ClassRAF1940-06-09823SqnFleet Air ArmH.M.S. GloriousAt least 146 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. GloriousDeath on war service presumed. Killed when H.M.S. Glorious sunk by the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, 8 June 1940. In total some 1500 officers and men were lost.At seaAge 19 Son of James Helliar, and of Ada Susannah Helliar, of Devizes, WiltshirePanel 25
88 Henshaw DennisD936323 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-26612SqnAge 23 Son of Arthur and G Henshaw of NottinghamPanel 45
89 Hewitt Dennis ArthurD A1197665 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-24622Sqn
Bomber CommandStirlingIIIBF521GI-H2045BerlinCrashed near DoberitzKilledAge 21 Son of Arthur and Iva Hewitt, of Shirley, Warwickshire Panel 153
90 Hibberd Stanley DennisS D564714 SergeantRAF1940-05-15226SqnAge 26 Son of Herbert and Agnes Hibberd, of West Bridgford, NottinghamshirePanel 15
91 Hill Albert DennisA D908668Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAFVR1940-06-1798SqnS.S. ' Lancastria'Lost in S.S. ' Lancastria'Age 20 Son of Arthur and Emily Hill, of Alfreton, DerbyshirePanel 27
92 Hill DennisDAUS.416023 SergeantRAAF1942-09-17235SqnAge 23 Son of Arthur Henry Hill, and of Maud Eliza Hill, of Prospect, South AustraliaPanel 112
93 Hinde Dennis Findley JamesD F J933418 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-1988SqnAge 20 Son of Harry George and Margaret Eleanor Hinde, of Edgeware, MiddlesexPanel 85
94 Hinton Dennis JamesD J152702 Flying OfficerRAFVR1945-02-07521Sqn Son of Captain Arthur James Sheaft Hinton MBE and Jane Anne Hinton of Ipswich, SuffolkPanel 267
95 Hoare Herbert DennisH D576677 SergeantRAF1944-07-1644Sqn (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIPB206KM-Q2232GardeningKilledPanel 231
96 Hockaday Dennis RichardD R104531 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1942-03-1378SqnBomber CommandWhitleyVZ9214EY-Croft1808BoulogneKilledAge 20 Son of Ernest Richard and Alice Selina Hockaday, of The Lizard, CornwallPanel 70
97 Hodson Dennis Derrick RaymondD D R566166 SergeantRAF1940-09-09105SqnAge 24 Son of Albert and Gladys Hodson, of Reading, BerkshirePanel 15
98 Hope Dennis WilliamD W3051225 SergeantRAFVR1945-04-12Age 20 Son of Ada Hope, of New Oscott, WarwickshirePanel 275
99 Hopper Dennis AlbertD A1890043 SergeantRAFVR1944-02-15419Sqn (RCAF)Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD456VR-B1704BerlinCrashed in BalticKilledAge 19 Son of Henry William and Edith Alice Hopper, of Dover, KentPanel 231
100 Howard Kenneth LaverneK LR/67896 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-11-097SqnBomber CommandStirlingIR9169MG-YOakington1755HamburgKilledAge 23 Son of Hobert and Helen Howard; husband of E G Howard of Mount Dennis, Ontario, CanadaPanel 104

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