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The Air Forces Memorial, or Runnymede Memorial, in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England is a memorial dedicated to some 20,456 men and women from air forces of the British Empire who were lost in air and other operations during World War II. Those recorded have no known grave anywhere in the world, and many were lost without trace. The name of each of these airmen and airwomen is engraved into the stone walls of the memorial, according to country and squadron. There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Ottawa Allied Forces Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Alamein Allied Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.

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#NameFirst NamesInitialsService NumberRankTitleAwardsDutyAir ServiceDateofDeathSquadronCommandAircraftMarkSerialCodeStationDepartedOperation NameCircumstancesFateAge***FamilyDetails***PanelPhotoNotes
1 Angelo Stanley ManselS M1291445 SergeantRAFVR1942-05-1786SqnAge 19 Son of Captain Michael Oldfield Angelo and Victoria Irene Angelo of Washford, SomersetPanel 77
2 Antifaev MichaelMR/157737 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-10-21No.20 OTUWellingtonPanel 181
3 Appleby Michael BartonM B551671 Flight SergeantRAF1941-04-18114SqnPanel 35
4 Ashworth Frank MartinF MNZ.429740 Pilot OfficerRNZAF1945-03-22227SqnBomber CommandLancasterIME3729J-UBalderton122HamburgDitched at 54N 07EKilledAge 24 Son of Mr and Mrs Frank Martin Ashworth, of Pon Sonby, Auckland, New ZealandPanel 285
5 Atkinson Thomas MartinT M1266030 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-26466SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHF544HD-2349GelsenkirchenCrashed near UrkKilledPanel 141
6 Bailey Anthony John Martin FrancisA J M F1048169 SergeantRAFVR1944-07-02Age 22 Son of John and Christina Bailey, of Sale, CheshirePanel 224
7 Banks-Martin Robert AlexanderR ANZ.414226 SergeantRNZAF1943-01-0951Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIDT483MH-F1643GardeningKilledAge 26 Son of Robert and Rosina Banks-Martin, of Martinborough, Wellington, New ZealandPanel 199
8 Barber Michael TimothyM T145078 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1946-10-22Age 23 Son of Gerald W and Dorothy M Barber of ManchesterPanel 285
9 Barnard Michael StanleyM S1389302 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-15192SqnBomber CommandWellingtonXHE230DT-2152Special DutiesDitched off BrestKilled Son of Sidney Stanley Barnard and Isabel Duncan Barnard, of Newport, EssexPanel 141
10 Barnard Alfred MonroA M133057 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-08-21248SqnAge 34 Son of Michael Barnard and of Alice Louise Barnard (nee Miller), of Finchley, Middlesex; husband of Dorothy Elizabeth Barnard (nee Sandeman)Panel 123
11 Barnard Michael CharlesM C1313002 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-14Age 23 Son of Sidney Charles and Sarah Barnard; husband of Margaret Barnard, of North Coates, LincolnshirePanel 215
12 Barringer Michael AllmanM A911627 CorporalRAFVR1940-07-27Age 24 Son of Alan Haxel Barringer and Dorothy Barringer; husband of Molly Lee Barringer, of Barnes, SurreyPanel 21
13 Bartolotti RoyR1253008 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-03-06521SqnAge 23 Son of Michael and Mabel Constance Bartolotti, of Hessenford, CornwallPanel 135
14 Batterton John MartinJ MR/129242 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-08-18419SqnBomber CommandHalifaxIIJD163VR-N2125PeenemundeDitched off Happisburgh, NorfolkKilledAge 23 Son of W H Batterton and Sarah A Batterton, of Welland, Ontario, CanadaPanel 181
15 Beck Richard WilliamR WNZ.415574 Warrant OfficerRNZAF1944-11-11224Sqn
Age 22 Son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Martin Beck, of Miramar, Wellington, New ZealandPanel 263
16 Bedford Michael FrederickM F550969 Leading AircraftmanRAF1940-04-1238SqnAge 20 Son of Frederick Harry and Ida BedfordPanel 22
17 Behan Thomas FraserT F626736 SergeantRAF1941-01-03102SqnAge 23 Son of Michael and Mary Ann Behan, of Inverness, ScotlandPanel 39
18 Bell JohnJ1123836 SergeantRAFVR1942-11-10107SqnBomber CommandBostonIIIZ2164OM-Great Massingham1320le HavreCrashed target areaKilledAge 22 Son of Martin and Sarah Bell, of Belfast, Co Antrim, Northern IrelandPanel 78
19 Bell John Anthony MartinJ A M1330611 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-0944Sqn (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandLancasterIW4176KM-X1754GardeningKilledAge 19 Son of John and Delcy Bell, of Crowhurst, SurreyPanel 142
20 Benbow Hubert FrancisH F1046454 SergeantRAFVR1944-04-28138SqnBomber CommandHalifaxVLL356NF-USOECrashed off Frisian IslandsKilledAge 23 Son of Martin and Edith Mary Benbow, of Caersws, Montgomeryshire, WalesPanel 225
21 Bentley MichaelM136668 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-12-12143SqnAge 23 Adopted Son of Mrs J M Bentley of Ipswich, SuffolkPanel 123
22 Bentley Michael AmorM A42184 Pilot OfficerRAF1940-06-09263SqnFleet Air ArmH.M.S. Glorious-At least 146 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. GloriousAt least 146 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. GloriousDied on war service. Killed when H.M.S. Glorious sunk by the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, 8 June 1940. In total some 1500 officers and men were lost.At seaPanel 7
23 Bools MartinM1585666 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-22115Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIDS782KO-K1740BerlinKilledAge 24 Son of Charles Reginald and Kate Ann Penrose Bools, of BristolPanel 143
24 Borthwick George Wilson SymeG W S132740 Flight Lieutenant DFCRAFVR1944-01-29144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB353OF-L.0035.BerlinKilledAge 33 Son of John and Jean Martin Borthwick; husband of Robina Borthwick, of Edinburgh, ScotlandPanel 201
25 Brennan Gerard VincentG V1153740 SergeantRAFVR1942-04-02500SqnAge 21 Son of Michael and Elizabeth Brennan, of BirminghamPanel 78
26 Briden Michael FranklinM F39706 Flying OfficerRAF1939-12-18149Sqn
Age 22 Son of Franklin Ellard Briden and Marion Briden; husband of Joyce Eyre Briden, of Chesterfield, DerbyshirePanel 1
27 Broadhurst MichaelM152108 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-04-28198SqnAge 20 Son of Harry Cecil and Florence Caroline Broadhurst, of Chiswick, MiddlesexPanel 204
28 Bryan-Smith MartinM77103 Squadron Leader DFC and bar,MiDRAFVR1944-06-06144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIND739OF-Z256St-PierreKilledAge 33 Son of Frank Hinton Bryan-Smith and Ellen Gertrude Bryan-Smith; husband of Anne Bryan Smith, of Wolverley, WorcestershirePanel 200
29 Burnham Basile Ronald MartinB R M967898 Warrant OfficerRAFVR1942-12-083SqnAge 28 Son of Alan Martin Burnham and Felicity Louise Burnham; husband of Edith Mabel Burnham, of Holmes Chapel, CheshirePanel 72
30 Burns Robert DennisR D1520626 SergeantRAFVR1944-06-13179SqnAge 21 Son of Robert Martin Burns and Dorothy Alice Burns, of Isleworth, MiddlesexPanel 226
31 Bury Ernest MartinE M68815 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1942-03-26114SqnBomber CommandBlenheimIVZ7700RT-QWest Raynham2140IntruderKilledAge 30 Son of Ernest and Dorothea Bury; husband of Nancy Bury, of Putney, LondonPanel 65
32 Bushell Gregory JamesG JAUS.412385 Flying OfficerRAAF1943-08-30461SqnAge 23 Son of Martin Gregory Davis Bushell and Madolin Cochran Bushell, of Harden, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 187
33 Byrne Thomas Patrick JosephT P J755885 SergeantRAF1940-08-1518SqnAge 23 Son of Michael and Catherine Byrne, of Edinburgh, ScotlandPanel 12
34 Callender Charles FrancisC F68777 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1943-06-14220SqnAge 36 Son of Andrew Martin Callender and Winifred Campbell CallenderPanel 119
35 Campbell John MichaelJ M122910 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-03-29218SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIBK716HA-J2130BerlinKilledAge 30 Son of Bernard and Alberta Annie Campbell; husband of Vera Elma Margaret Campbell, of Golders Green, MiddlesexPanel 123
36 Campion Michael PatrickM P536451 Warrant Officer G CRAF1943-12-04220Sqn Husband of Frances Rosina Campion, of Battersea, LondonPanel 134
37 Cantwell Gerard Joseph MichaelG J M798616 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-0778Sqn Born NewfoundlandPanel 98
38 Carrigan Joseph ThomasJ TR/84695 Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF1943-10-03158Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIILW296NP-B1813KasselCrashed in sea off TexelKilledAge 25 Son of Martin and Stella Carrigan, of South Nelson, New Brunswick, CanadaPanel 179
39 Cassidy PatrickP1802082 SergeantRAFVR1943-10-08144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB174OF-S2300HannoverExploded target areaKilledAge 21 Son of Martin and Eleanor Cassidy, of Wood Green, MiddlesexPanel 144
40 Chambers William MartinW MR/61802 SergeantRCAF1941-11-0851Sqn
Bomber CommandWhitleyVZ9130MH-Dishforth2221BerlinKilledAge 24 Son of William and Grace Chambers, of Regina, Saskatchewan, CanadaPanel 61
41 Charlier Martin Joseph JulienM J J117620 Pilot OfficerOfficier de L'Ordre de Leopold II, Officier de L'Ordre de la Couronne, Chevalier de L'Ordre de Leopold I, Croix de Guerre 1940, avec PalmePilotRAFVR1942-08-27350Sqn (Belgian)Fighter CommandSpitfireVbAB912Circus 208KilledAge 42 Son of Joseph and Julie Charlier; husband of Josephine Charlier of Nivelles, Brabant, BelguimPanel 68
42 Cherniuk GeorgeGJ/10179 Flying OfficerRCAF1942-11-077SqnBomber CommandStirlingIW7620MG-LOakington1659GardeningCrashed off VlielandKilledAge 24 Son of Michael and Maria Cherniuk, of Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPanel 99
43 Clark Robert Michael GodfreyR M G618202Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAF1940-04-1438SqnAge 26 Son of Percy and Rose Mabel Clark, of Belfast, Co Antrim, Northern IrelandPanel 26
44 Clayton Michael JamesM J1293639 SergeantRAFVR1942-09-1626 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonICDV723-HWing2019EssenKilled Son of Arthur Baynard King Clayton and Constance Clayton, of Rickmansworth, HertfordshirePanel 80
45 Coady Terence Patrick O'Kelly ThomasT P O'K T914505 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-2753SqnAge 20 Son of Michael and Elizabeth Amelia CoadyPanel 41
46 Collins John Edward MartinJ E M41830 Pilot OfficerRAF1940-05-3122SqnPanel 7
47 Condron JohnJ1023509 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2615Sqn
Bomber CommandStirlingIIIBK699LS-E2335GelsenkirchenCrashed at Dantziggat, AmelandKilledAge 23 Son of Michael and Alice Amelia Condron, of Llwnypia, Glamorgan, WalesPanel 145
48 Connolly Francis MartinF M133730 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-12-24100SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB594HW_O.0014.BerlinKilledAge 23 Son of Alfred and Margaret Connolly, of Blackley, LancashirePanel 123
49 Connor ThomasT1211268 SergeantRAFVR1942-11-20Age 27 Son of Michael and Catherine Connor, of Harborne, WarwickshirePanel 80
50 Convy MichaelM1824996 SergeantRAFVR1944-10-06115Sqn
Age 22 Son of John and Margaret Convy, of Lochgelly, Fife, ScotlandPanel 227
51 Costello JohnJAUS.421312 Pilot OfficerPilotRAAF1944-07-06455SqnBeaufighterLZ194UB-UAircraft was hit by flak during a strike mission off the Dutch coast and crashed into the sea. Pilot Officer Costello was killed in the crash but Flight Sergeant R Taylor survived and was captured by the GermansAge 21 Son of Thomas Michael and Gertrude Costello, of Homebush, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 258
52 Cowen Wilfred JamesW J144617 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-11-11144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIPB450OF-DTrainingKilledAge 32 Son of William Martin Cowen and Edith Rose Cowen; husband of Frances Winifred Cowen, of Romford, EssexPanel 205
53 Coyle Michael GeorgeM G49719 Pilot Officer DFMRAF1943-01-22180SqnBomber CommandMitchellIIFL212EV-A1355GhentCrashed off Belgian CoastKilledAge 26 Son of Francis Joseph and Margaret Mary CoylePanel 131
54 Cremer Jeffrey MartinJ M127940 Flying OfficerPilotRAFVR1943-03-14610SqnFighter CommandSpitfireVbAD575YPatrolCrashed in seaKilledAge 19 Son of Arthur Stanley Cremer and Gwyneth Mabel Cremer, of Brockenhurst, Hampshire. King's Scholar of King's School, CanterburyPanel 124
55 Crowley Michael JohnM J1036177 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-0944Sqn (Rhodesia)
Bomber CommandLancasterIW4176KM-X1754GardeningKilledAge 30 Son of Jeremiah and Johanna Crowley, of Pontypool, Monmouthshire, WalesPanel 146
56 Crumbley William MichaelW M129767 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-06-16405SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB729LQ-E2338LensKilledPanel 205
57 Crummy George KennethG KJ/15612 Flying OfficerRCAF1943-06-14415SqnAge 24 Son of Joseph Michael and Mae Marie Crummy, of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada Panel 173
58 Cullen EdwardE995688 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-129SqnAge 20 Son of Michael J and Mary CullenPanel 42
59 Daley Bernard JosephB JNZ.402438 Flight SergeantRNZAF1942-06-0120 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonICX9975Advanced BaseEssenPresumed lost in sea off Dutch coastKilledAge 25 Son of Francis Michael John Daley and Catherine Ann Daley, of Christchurch, Canterbury, New ZealandPanel 117
60 Dalton Joseph MichaelJ M1800945 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2277Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIW1157KN-U2351KrefeldKilledAge 37Panel 147
61 Dalzell-Mckean Michael HughM H33538 Pilot OfficerRAF1940-09-02210SqnAge 19 Son of Air Vice Marshal Sir Lionel Douglas Dalzell-McKean, KBE CB and Phyllis Maude Dalzell-McKean of Market Drayton, ShropshirePanel 7
62 Daniell Michael CharlesM C761087 Flight SergeantRAFVR1942-02-22209SqnPanel 74
63 Dawson Michael BenedictM B42205 Pilot OfficerRAF1940-06-11149Sqn
Son of Eric Yelverton Dawson and Sybil Dawson, of Pett's Wood, KentPanel 7
64 Day MichaelM571630 Warrant OfficerRAF1945-01-11144Sqn
Panel 269
65 De Silva Desmond MichaelD MR/95750 Warrant Officer Class II DFMRCAF1943-08-24218SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIEH925IC-C2052BerlinCrashed at ZossenKilledAge 23 Son of Luiz M and Irene De Silva of Flushing, New York City, U.S.A.Panel 179
66 Devaney Edward PhilipE PJ/19399 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-01-29434SqnBomber CommandHalifaxVLK916WL-D2354BerlinKilledAge 19 Son of Charles Michael and Catherine Devaney, of Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaPanel 250
67 Devereux David Michael Victor PeterD M V P567519 SergeantRAF1941-08-21201SqnAge 22 Son of Ernest and Madeline Devereux; husband of Dorothy Devereux, of South Kensington, LondonPanel 42
68 Dewar John Michael FirthJ M F72462 Flying OfficerPilotRAF1941-03-30229SqnFighter CommandHurricaneIV6872PatrolFailed to returnKilledAge 24 Son of Michael Bruce Urquhart Dewar and Dorothy Gertrude Dewar, of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. B.A. (Cantab)Panel 30
69 Dorney ThomasTAUS.19034Aircraftman 1st Class2nd FitterRAAF1942-06-2110SqnCoastal CommandSunderlandlllW3999RB-YIt was while the crew were carrying out a search for the crew of a Wellington from 172 Sqn, of Coastal Command, that they were attacked by an Arado Ar-196. Forced to land on open water it was just after they became stationary that a crew of a 58 Sqn Whitley observed the Sunderland explode before disappearing under the water.Age 27 Son of Michael John and Ethel May Dorney, of Ballarat, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 113
70 Downes Henry Thomas HerbertH T H911266 SergeantRAFVR1941-04-28101SqnAge 26 Son of Martin and Catherine Downes, of Plumstead, LondonPanel 42
71 Downing RobertR173627 Pilot OfficerPilotRAFVR1944-04-06165SqnFighter CommandSpitfireIXMK778RodeoKilledAge 21 Son of Alfred Ffitch Downing and Kathleen Mary Downing, of Creech St Michael, SomersetPanel 211
72 Doyle John PeterJ PR/90540 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-07-26144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIR5487OF-VWoodall Spa2303HamburgPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 23 Son of John Martin Doyle and Ethel Ellen Doyle, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. B.A. (Montreal)Panel 103
73 Doyle BrianB580430 Warrant OfficerRAF1942-05-30Age 23 Son of Michael Doyle and of Agnes Doyle (nee Browne), of Rotherham, Yorkshire; husband of Isabella May Doyle (nee Callaghan), of RotherhamPanel 72
74 Duffy Thomas MichaelT MAUS.406438 SergeantRAAF1942-06-21407Sqn (RCAF)Age 29 Son of Patrick J and Catherine Duffy; husband of Enid Mary Duffy of Nedlands, Western Australia. Member of Qualified Accountants Association (W.A.)Panel 112
75 Dunne Patrick MichaelP M116458 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-01-2129SqnFighter CommandBeaufighterIV8281Interception PatrolKilledAge 30 Son of John and Mary Catherine Dunne; husband of Gwendoline Irene Dunne, of Chertsey, SurreyPanel 124
76 Dushman DavidD657694 SergeantRAF1944-03-22144Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB731OF-F1845FrankfurtCrashed in North SeaKilledAge 22 Son of Michael and Bertha Dushman; husband of Rose Dushman, of Chingford, EssexPanel 228
77 Dwyer Lawrence ThomasL TAUS.434587 Flight SergeantRAAF1945-01-13464SqnAge 26 Son of Michael and Mary May Dwyer, of Coorparoo, Queensland, AustraliaPanel 284
78 East Michael George KingM G KR/118286 Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF1943-05-2690SqnBomber CommandStirlingIIIEH876WP-J2350DusseldorfKilledPanel 180
79 Evans Michael MedwynM M63830 Pilot OfficerPilotRAFVR1941-09-0454SqnFighter CommandSpitfireVbW3620Circus 93Failed to returnKilledAge 27 Son of Harry Norman and Eleanor EvansPanel 32
80 Farr Michael AnthonyM A146341 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-07-11138SqnBomber CommandHalifaxVLL251NF-N2050SOEDitched in MediterraneanKilledAge 24 Son of Percy Valentine and Dorothy Hilda Farr; husband of Violet Isobel Constance Farr, of Ruishton, SomersetPanel 206
81 Finn James JosephJ J798668 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-01-15125SqnAge 25 Son of Michael and Catherine Finn, of St John's, NewfoundlandPanel 172
82 Fisher Michael OakleyM O1152463 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-1550Sqn
Panel 43
83 Fitzgerald Michael JosephM J1375074 SergeantRAFVR1941-11-30214SqnBomber CommandWellingtonIcZ8953BU-StradishallHamburgCrashed North SeaKilledAge 21 Son of Patrick J and Christine Fitzgerald, of Chiswick, MiddlesexPanel 43
84 Fitzgerald Michael JohnM J1337889 SergeantRAFVR1943-06-2277Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIW1157KN-U2351KrefeldKilledPanel 149
85 Fitzgibbon Roderick HerbertR HNZ.411874 Pilot OfficerPilotRNZAF1943-09-06486SqnFighter CommandTyphoonIbEK119HRamrodCrashed off BernevalKilledAge 22 Son of Martin and Rose Fitzgibbon, of Culverden, Canterbury, New ZealandPanel 198
86 Flaherty Michael JohnM J1318786 SergeantRAFVR1943-05-2415Sqn
Bomber CommandStirlingIIIBF482LS-R2319DortmundCrashed target areaKilledAge 30 Son of Michael and Lucy Flaherty, of Fairburn, YorkshirePanel 149
87 Fletcher Gordon Creighton MartinG C M83995 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1941-08-24500SqnAge 23 Son of Howard Martin Fletcher and Dorothy Kathleen Fletcher, of Golders Green, MiddlesexPanel 32
88 Flynn Michael FrancisM F1358982 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-13423SqnAge 30 Husband of Irene Flynn, of Lupset, YorkshirePanel 149
89 Ford George Reginald MichaelG R M79236 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1940-09-18149Sqn
Age 30 Son of Charles Bell Eustace and Mary Emily FordPanel 8
90 Forde Frank MichaelF M1527398 SergeantRAFVR1944-01-30622Sqn
Bomber CommandLancasterIED364GI-Q1720BerlinKilledAge 25 Son of Patrick and Sheila Mary Forde, of Dublin, Republic of IrelandPanel 229
91 Fostey Allan MartinA MR/147033 Pilot OfficerRCAF1945-02-09405SqnBomber CommandLancasterIII ND912LQ-XGransden Lodge1914PolitzLost without traceKilledPanel 280
92 Fox Frederick George MichaelF G M1322257 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-13158Sqn
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIIMZ367NP-I2121BraunschweigKilledAge 20 Son of George Robert and Elizabeth Fox, of Worcester Park, SurreyPanel 229
93 Frank MichaelMR/196942 Flight SergeantRCAF1945-01-16153SqnBomber CommandLancasterING335P4-VScampton1730ZeitzLost without traceKilledAge 21 Son of Joseph and Eva Frank, of Prud'homme, Saskatchewan, CanadaPanel 281
94 Franklin Michael HiltonM H33423 Flight LieutenantRAF1941-04-0986SqnAge 21 Son of James Stewart Franklin and Constance Mabel Franklin, of Dorking, SurreyPanel 29
95 Furlong Walter Thomas DominicW T DAUS.423785 Warrant OfficerRAAF1945-04-03455SqnBeaufighterAge 24 Son of Walter Michael Furlong, and of Winifred Agnes Furlong, of Haberfield, New South Wales, Australia Panel 283
96 Gaffney John ConlethJ C71487 Radio OfficerRadio OperatorBOAC1944-08-29Age 34 Son of Michael and Teresa Gaffney, of Clara Hill, Co.Leix, Republic of IrelandPanel 288
97 Gahagan Gordon Francis WilsonG F W957188 SergeantRAFVR1941-06-2623SqnAge 22 Son of Gerald Michael and Lena May Gahagan, of ColchesterPanel 43
98 Garbutt David MichaelD M66017 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1944-08-26143SqnAge 29 Son of Arthur Minks Garbutt and Louie Marion Garbutt, of Clifton, YorkPanel 202
99 Garde Joseph MichaelJ M1801142 SergeantRAFVR1944-02-15100SqnBomber CommandLancasterIIIND391HW-H1717BerlinKilledAge 22 Son of Joseph Leo Patrick and Marina Catalina Garde, of Windermere, WestmorlandPanel 229
100 George Michael FrancisM F1585279 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-06-13179SqnAge 21 Son of Ernest Henry and Ellen George, of Herne Hill, LondonPanel 217

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