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Runnymede Memorial
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Abbas Philip Robert
Abbott Frank Bernard
Abbott Ronald
Abbott Harry
Abbott Harold
Abbott Edward
Abbott Alexander Richard
Abbott Frank Roy
Abbott Geoffrey Frederick
Abbott Lionel Herbert
Abbott Bruce Andrew Stanley
Abell Edwin Raymond
Ablett John Stephen Robinson
Ablett Henry George
Abraham Ernest George
Abrahams Frederick Joseph
Abram Charles Hubert
Abrams Sidney Edward
Abrams Basil Courtney
Abrams Reginald Frank
Abrams Robert William
Acer John Frederick
Acheson James Glasgow Irwin
Achtymichuk Alexander
Acker James Gordon
Ackernley Peter Rowland
Ackland Leslie James
Ackred Arthur Alfred
Acland Woodward Russell
Acombe-Hill Cyril Arthur
Acton Norman
Acworth Dennis Herbert
Ada Alan Fletcher
Adair Leslie James
Adair Hubert Hastings
Adair Singleton Wilson
Adam Walter Joseph
Adam Basil John
Adam David Doig
Adams Basil Andrew
Adams Peter David
Adams Douglas Alan Moore
Adams George Redvers Newton
Adams Desire Ernest Charles
Adams Douglas Andrew
Adams Ernest Osborne
Adams Peter Alexander
Adams John Edmund
Adams Anthony Wallace
Adams Aubrey Abram
Adams Hugh Alexander
Adams Kenneth Ernest Charles
Adams Henry Harris
Adams Glenn Prosper
Adams Robert
Adams Archibald William
Adams Roydon James
Adams Richard Harry
Adams Victor Robert
Adams Phillip Paul
Adams Harry Walter Hughes
Adams Alfred Alexander
Adams Francis Victor
Adams Herbert Charles
Adams Thomas
Adamson William Ian
Adamson John William
Adamson Alexander
Adamson James Alexander
Adcock Reginald
Adcock William Jeffery
Addems Clifford Charles
Addenbrooke Derek
Addess Maxwell
Addinall Harry
Adey John Charles
Adkin Lawrence Sidney John
Adkins Irvine Horace
Adlard Kenneth Scott
Adnams Cyril George
Adrain Robert Ross Anderson
Adye Capel Francis Goodson
Affleck James
Agar George Brian Shelton
Agar Anthony
Agate James Victor
Agazarian Jack Charles Stanmore
Ager Ernest Douglas
Aggett Alfred Henry Reginald
Agur Robert Jasper
Agus Arthur Harry
Ahern John
Aicken Kenneth Roy
Ailey John Drew
Ainger Thomas Brian
Ainscow William
Ainslie Allan Stuart
Ainsworth Norman
Ainsworth Kenneth William
Aires Ernest Keith
Airey Robert William
Airs Wilfred
Airy Andrew Basil Reginald
Aitchison Robert
Aitchison Alexander Smith
Aitchison James Dougal
Aitchison Richard Justin
Aitken Charles
Aitken Alistair William
Aitken Douglas Spencer
Aitken James McGinn
Aitken Robert Stuart
Ajrekar Laxman Shripad
Akehurst Bernard Spencer John
Akers Roland Graham
Akers John Archer
Akey Ross Wellington
Akrill William Eric
Albert Edward John Mayer
Albon Eric
Albon Robert Beckett
Albrecht Vannio Max
Alcock Sidney Radford
Alcorn James William
Alcorn James Alexander
Alderslade John William Trickett
Alderson Aubrey Sydney
Alderson-Hiller Jonah
Alderton Philip William
Alderton Arthur Marsden Lewis
Alderton Kivell Harold William
Aldom Douglas Ronald
Aldous Peter Duncan
Aldridge John Edward
Aldridge Eric William
Aldridge Horace
Aldridge Kenneth Arthur
Aldridge Robert Edward
Aldridge Alfred Ramsay
Aldridge John Raymond
Aldworth Frank Carter
Aldworth Richard George
Alecock Norman Jack
Alers-Hankey Nigel Clinton
Alexander William Frederick
Alexander Ian Hamilton
Alexander Edward Ariss
Alexander Edwin Holbrow
Alexander Cyril
Alexander Edward George
Alexander Ian Sutherland
Alexander Kenneth Albert
Alexander Robert Lawson
Alexander Christopher
Alexander Jack Arnold
Alexandre Robert Andre Guy
Algar William Edwin
Alger Percy Arthur
Alger Gordon Forbes
Alington Richard Hugh
Aljoe Lorne Raymond
Allan David Henry
Allan James Calderwood
Allan George Ingram
Allan Sidney
Allan William Brian
Allan James McGregor
Allan Arthur George Robert
Allan James
Allan James Arthur Laurence
Allan William Arthur
Allan Ralph Grant
Allan John
Allan James
Allan Kenneth Charles
Allan Ian
Allan Robert Edward
Allan Leslie Alexander
Allan Robert
Allan John Cecil Owen
Allan James
Allan John Keith
Allardice Kenneth Gordon
Allardice Andrew William
Allchin James Cecil Alcuin
Allen Norman Oswald
Allen Thomas Willcox
Allen Basil Derrik
Allen James Henry Leslie
Allen Laurence Raymond
Allen Hugh Garfield
Allen John
Allen Ethan
Allen Keith
Allen William David Bruce
Allen Stanley
Allen Francis John
Allen Albert George
Allen Stanley
Allen Anthony Peter
Allen Francis Mcivor
Allen Francis Henry
Allen Reginald Godfrey
Allen Eric Sidney
Allen Basil John
Allen William Morton
Allen Claud William
Allen Derek Hurlstone
Allen Joseph Edward
Allen Keith
Allen Graham Wilson
Allen Harry
Allen Robert Edward
Allen-White Allen John Frederick
Allenby George Clifton
Allgood Edwin Arthur
Allies William Donald
Allin Gilbert John
Allin Ronald
Allison Robert Francis Neil
Allison Robert Alexander
Allison Arthur Hayes
Allison Douglas Bellamy
Allison Edward Charles
Allison Frank
Allison William
Allman George Gregory
Allmond Douglas Allan Fraser
Allnatt Edward Ernest
Allon Ross
Allott Robert
Allport Richard Butt
Allsop John William
Allsop John Shaw
Allsopp William Frederick
Allum Leslie James
Allwell Peter
Alm Edwin Richard
Almond John Neville
Almond James Stewart
Almond Charles William
Almquist Leonard William
Alpe Bertram Lawrence
Alred Geoffrey Belmont
Alston Thomas Reid
Alston William
Alves Joseph Emmanuel
Alvey Raymond Henry
Ambler William Frederick
Ambler George Geoffrey
Amery George Broughton
Ames Edward Joseph
Amirault Alphe Baptiste
Amond Kenneth Alfred
Amos Orison Edwin
Amos George
Amos Lloyd Hilbourne
Amstell Raymond Henry
Ancell Edward Alfred
Andersen Paul
Andersen Eliner Knud Alfred
Anderson Leonard Roy
Anderson George Henry
Anderson William Hamilton
Anderson William
Anderson Peter Jacques Pelham
Anderson John McIntosh
Anderson Frederick
Anderson William
Anderson Alfred
Anderson John Singer
Anderson Donald Davie
Anderson David Angus
Anderson Peter Thomas
Anderson Richard John
Anderson Newton
Anderson John Albert
Anderson Eric Reginald Harold
Anderson David
Anderson Arbuthnot George
Anderson William George
Anderson Robert William
Anderson Floyd Roger Willis
Anderson William Andrew
Anderson William Boyd
Anderson George
Anderson Henry Gordon
Anderson Nigel McColl
Anderson William Frank
Anderson Charles Beatty
Anderson Eric James
Anderson Terence Lloyd
Anderson Alfred
Anderson Richard
Anderson Alexander John
Anderson Sydney Ross
Anderson William Andrew Melrose
Anderson Charles Norman
Anderson Edward
Anderson William
Anderson Clarence Howard
Anderson David
Anderson William Wallace
Anderson William Robert George
Anderson Anton David
Anderson Evan Macdonald
Anderson Angus Ronald Matheson
Anderson Frederick Lawrence
Anderson Leslie Herbert
Anderson Robert
Anderson William
Anderton John Theodore
Andreae Christopher John Drake
Andrew Denys
Andrew Eric James
Andrew Pryce David
Andrew John Gordon
Andrew John
Andrew John Tasman
Andrews Edward Rueben
Andrews Derek
Andrews Lionel Vincent
Andrews Clifford Bruce
Andrews Ronald Albert
Andrews Ewart John
Andrews Clifford Raymond
Andrews Clifford William
Andrews William
Andrews James Wesley
Andrews Edward Joseph
Andrews James Edward
Andrews Newark Thomas
Andrews Frederick Allison
Andrews Wilfred
Andrews Albert Howard
Andrews William
Andrews Ronald Sydney
Andrews Robert Ernest
Andrews Edward Whybrow
Andrews Alan Jeffery
Andrews Sydney Rupert
Andrews Albert Louis
Andrews Charles William
Angel Leonard Arthur
Angell Jeffcote Louvain
Angell Frederick Harold
Angelo Stanley Mansel
Anger Francis Harold Emmanuel
Anglin William Sherron
Angus Frederick John
Angus Robert Alexander
Angus Jack Norman
Angwin Gordon Arthur
Annable Eric
Annan Peter Alexander
Annett Hugh Crawford
Annibal Donald Lee
Ansell Ronald Frank
Ansell Washington Henry Samuel
Ansell Albert Victor
Anset Douglas Campbell
Anson Reginald Kenneth
Anson Harold Victor
Anstey Thomas Eric
Anstey Philip James
Antcliffe William
Antell William Fishwick
Anthony Arthur Jeffrey
Anthony William Young
Anthony John McDonald
Anthony Thomas Edward
Antifaev Michael
Apperson Eric Thomas
Appleby Michael Barton
Appleby Eric Ernest
Appleby Alaric Joseph
Appleby Thomas Gaufrey Wearmouth
Appleby Arthur
Appleby Rex Arthur
Appleby William
Appleton Robert Mitchell
Appleton David John
Appleton John
Appleton Llewellyn Lister
Applin Edward Charles Sydney
Apps George Edward
Arbuckle John Alfred
Archbold George Robert
Archer Arthur Dorrien
Archer Albert John Owen
Archer Hector Vivian Francis
Archer William Gordon
Archer John Chilton
Archer Jack Colin
Archer William Edward
Archer Jack
Archer Frank
Archer Rodney Bainbridge
Archibald John
Archibald John Douglas Robson Hosie
Archibald David
Archibald James Stuart
Archibald William
Archibald Alan Greeves
Ardern Walter
Arding Richard Geoffrey
Ardley Guy Harrington
Ardron Walter Frederick
Argent Sidney William
Argent Sidney John
Arkless Leonard Nixon
Arkwright David William
Arlen Anthony
Arlow James Henry
Armer Edward William
Armet Ian George
Armitage Stanley
Armitage Brian Holt
Armitage Joseph Fox
Armitage Arthur Robson
Armitage Irving
Armitt John
Armour Clifford Harold
Armsby Richard Leonard
Armstrong George
Armstrong George Henry
Armstrong Daniel
Armstrong Charles Anthony
Armstrong Colin Alfred George
Armstrong Richard Clyde
Armstrong Albert
Armstrong Leslie
Armstrong John Gordon
Armstrong Arthur
Armstrong Wilfred Walter
Armstrong Brendon Joseph
Armstrong Hugo Throssell
Armstrong John Douglas
Armstrong John
Armstrong Gordon Arthur
Armstrong Thomas Rodham
Armstrong Arthur Ronald
Armstrong Laurence
Armsworth Ronald George
Arnell Algot Leon
Arnell John Leonard
Arner Lawrence Andrew
Arnett Stanley
Arney Harold James
Arnold William Harry
Arnold Philip Sydney
Arnold Derek William
Arnold Walter Gray
Arnold James Charles Stone
Arnold Herbert John
Arnold William James
Arnold Ernest Arthur
Arnold William Morris
Arnold George
Arnold Geoffrey Norman
Arnold Ronald Ernest
Arnott Albert James
Arnott William
Arnott Eustace Thomas
Arpin Joseph Jean Charles
Arrowsmith John Critchley
Arrowsmith John Raymond St George
Arrowsmith Vincent
Arthars Laurence Edward
Arthur Douglas Alexander
Arthur Charles John
Arthur Ronald Charles
Arthur Robert Peter
Arundel John Stanley George
Ash George Robert
Ash Maurice Samuel
Ash Reginald Geoffrey
Ash Richard Derrick
Ash Joseph
Ash Arthur John
Ashard Ernest Francis
Ashburner Norman
Ashburner Leslie John
Ashbury Edwin Lusk
Ashby Frederick Charles
Ashby Kenneth William
Ashcroft Cyril Clifford Gordon
Ashcroft Thomas
Ashcroft John Herbert
Ashdown Richard
Ashdown Frederick James MacKenzie
Asher Colin Dingwall
Ashfield Frederick William
Ashford Frederick Herbert Ashton
Ashley Cecil
Ashman Arthur Charles
Ashton David Allan
Ashton Francis Henry John
Ashton Derek Ellis
Ashton Dennis Garth
Ashton John Norman Stephen
Ashton Leonard Victor
Ashton Leo
Ashton Stanley Rans
Ashurst Thomas Eldon
Ashurst Kenneth
Ashurst John James
Ashwin Gerard Willington Forster
Ashwood Eric William
Ashworth Arthur William
Ashworth Fred
Ashworth Victor Edwin
Ashworth Eric
Ashworth Frank
Ashworth Frank Martin
Ashworth Ronald
Ashworth Roland
Ashworth Corran Perry
Askew A G
Askew George Douglas
Askey Gerald
Askquith-Ellis Ralph Blanshard
Askwith Dennis
Askwith Robert
Asquith David Beaumont
Astall Clifford
Astin Herbert Whitaker
Astle Alfred
Astle Charles Wilson
Astley Edward
Aston John Walter
Aston Derek Wilson
Aston James Carleton
Astrosky Peter Clyde
Atack Dallas
Atchison Cresswell
Atchison Ian Alexander Nigel
Ather William Laverick
Atherall William Ernest
Atherton Frederick William
Atkin Thomas Harvey
Atkins Oswald Morgan
Atkins Norman Arthur
Atkins Lloyd James
Atkins John Frederick
Atkins Milton Wilbur
Atkins Earl Hector
Atkins James Arthur
Atkins William James
Atkins Roland
Atkins Ronald Frederick
Atkinson Herbert Thomas George
Atkinson Richard Alfred Palmer Vincent
Atkinson Sam Hawley
Atkinson Kenneth
Atkinson Norman
Atkinson Clement Herbert
Atkinson George Addison
Atkinson Richard Ashley
Atkinson Stanley Kyle
Atkinson Ralph Ian
Atkinson Ronald Henry
Atkinson Byron
Atkinson Thomas Martin
Atkinson Ernest Charles
Atkinson John Charles
Atkinson Denys Lowe
Atkinson James
Atkinson Denis
Atkinson Rolf Edgar
Atkinson Theodore Blanchard
Atkinson John Edgar
Atkinson William James
Atkinson Matthew Richard
Atkinson Cyril Taylor
Attewell Arthur Ernest
Attwood Harold Ernest Edward
Attwood Cecil Alfred Victor
Atwell William John
Atwill Sidney Ronald
Aubert Richard Dennis
Aubert Charles Oscar
Aubrey David George
Auckland Joseph Arthur
Audet Richard Joseph
Audley Denis James
Audsley John Swinburne
Aust Leslie Roy
Austen Desmond Thomas
Austin William Frank
Austin Leslie Ernest
Austin Justus Clifford
Austin Robert Edward
Austin Walter Edward
Austin John Albert
Austin George Frederick
Austin John
Austin Sydney
Austin William
Austin Walter Edmund Joseph
Austin Derek
Austin John Henry
Austin Leslie James
Auty Eric
Aver Francis Alfred
Avery John
Avery John Richard
Aves Harry Robert
Aveson Walter George
Awcock Terence Lansdowne
Axby Leslie Frederick
Axe Frederick Arthur
Axup George Arthur
Ayer John Butler
Ayers Ralph James
Ayles Ronald Arthur Henry
Ayley Francis Louis
Aylott George Joseph
Aylott Albert Victor
Ayre Algernon Early William
Ayres George Alfred
Ayres Robert William
Babacek Pavel
Baber Stanley Ernest
Baber Thomas James Desmond
Babington Raymond Vivian
Bachand Joseph Gilles
Backhouse Francis Langhorne
Backshell Arthur John
Backway Henry George
Bacon James Edward
Bacon Leslie William
Bacon Arthur John
Bacon Peter Phillip
Baddeley Robert Ashton
Badgery David George
Badland Lewis Ernest
Baetz Henry Laurence
Bage Norman
Bagguley Robert Beck
Baghurst Reginald James
Bagley John Charles
Bagley Harry
Bagnall Alfred Maurice
Bagnall Trevor Horace
Bagshaw George Edward
Bagshaw Gerald
Baguley John
Bailey George Irvine
Bailey Garnet James
Bailey Harry William
Bailey Gerald Leslie Donald
Bailey Henry Ronald
Bailey Victor
Bailey Harry Russell
Bailey Robert Gordon
Bailey John Brian Godfrey
Bailey Norman
Bailey Albert George
Bailey Ronald
Bailey George Cooley
Bailey Joseph William
Bailey John
Bailey Derrick Bourchier
Bailey Harry
Bailey Donald Charles Ephraim
Bailey Edwin Alfred
Bailey Theodore Reginald
Bailey Anthony John Martin Francis
Bailey Charles Arthur William
Bailey Cyril Frank
Bailey John Howard
Bailey John Thomas
Baillargeon Joseph Louis
Baillie John Robert
Baillie William Russell
Baillon Mark Rodney
Baily John Herbert
Bain David Percy
Bain Donald Hunter
Bain Ronald
Bainbridge Jack
Bainbridge William
Bainbridge John Edmond Montague
Bainbridge Thomas James
Baines Samuel James Watkin
Baines Clifford
Baird William Alan
Baird Douglas Drennan
Baird William John
Baird Edmund Ronald
Baird Angus Bruce
Baird Arthur
Baird Hugh
Baird Arthur Denis
Baird David Monroe
Baird Thomas
Baker George Harman
Baker Nicholas
Baker Edward William
Baker Frank Ernest
Baker Eric Debnam
Baker Gilbert
Baker Geoffrey Russell
Baker Peter Dorsan
Baker Edward George
Baker Edward Donald
Baker Francis George
Baker Barrie
Baker Robert Wilson
Baker George Raymond
Baker John Clare
Baker Christopher Thomas
Baker Gilbert Campbell
Baker Ronald Dennis
Baker William James
Baker John
Baker Frederick John
Baker William Leroy
Baker Abel
Baker Victor Edward
Baker Stanley
Baker James Guthrie
Baker Frank Weldon
Baker Hugh Anthony Ballantine
Baker Ronald Charles William Gibson
Baker Allenby Leslie
Baker Edward Jabez
Baker Frederick Arthur
Baker Geoffrey John
Baker John
Baker Leonard Anthony
Baker Robert Edward
Baker Raymond William
Bakewell James Henry
Bala Edward Stanley
Balch Walter Henry
Balcombe Gordon Robertson
Baldock Frederick Edward
Baldock Harry William
Baldock Richard Marlow
Baldry Cecil Malcolm
Baldwin Bernard Oliver
Baldwin Stanley
Baldwin Bernard Henry John
Baldwin William Albert John
Baldwin Roy Thomas
Baldwin Frank Henry
Baldwin George Jesse
Bales Leslie Percy
Bales Peter Richard
Balkam Marshall Edwin
Ball Derrick John
Ball Frederick
Ball Robert William
Ball Wilfrid Langdon
Ball Ronald James
Ball Alec
Ball John Potter
Ball Thomas
Ball Thomas Manning Curzon
Ball Joseph Walter
Ball Brian Francis
Ball Donald George Elmore
Ball Peter Allen
Ball Leslie
Ball George William
Ball Alex William Charles
Ballamy Norman Lewis
Ballantine Ronald George
Ballantyne Robert
Ballantyne Richard
Ballard James Eric William
Ballard George James
Ballas-Andersen Konstantine
Balley Frederick Ernest George
Ballinger Henry Clasper
Ballinger Arthur John
Balloch James Hamilton
Balmer William Lockie
Balston James Peter Henry
Bambridge James Henry
Bambridge Ernest Harold
Bamford Philip Edward
Bamjee Dinshaw Sorab
Bance Eric
Bancescu George
Bancroft Leslie
Bancroft Kenneth Reeve
Band Peter Sherlock
Baness John Haycroft Henniker
Banfield Dennis Samuel
Bangs George Charles
Banham Ulic Julian
Banks Reginald George
Banks Ronald Frederick
Banks Desmond John
Banks John Charles Lyon
Banks Douglas Norman
Banks George
Banks-Martin Robert Alexander
Bann Jack
Bannan Joseph Bernard
Bannatyne Hugh
Bannear Ronald Kenneth
Bannerman Prince Paul
Banning James Edgar Victor
Bannister Raymond Frank
Bannister Robert Douglas Murray
Bannon James
Baptist Robert
Baras Mark Sidney
Baraw James Arthur
Barber John Wilfred
Barber Peter William
Barber Irvine Alfred Maxwell
Barber Kenneth Arthur
Barber Herbert Boyd
Barber Richard Thomas
Barber William John
Barber Dennis Robert
Barber Josiah Trevor
Barber Dennis Albert
Barber Charles Albert Mark
Barber Bruce Bertram
Barber Ross Gordon Norman
Barber Michael Timothy
Barbezat Charles Lawrence
Barbour David Murray
Barbour Frank Douglas
Barbour William Morgan
Barbour Matthew Muir
Barclay James Arthur
Bardgett Joseph Edward Crombie
Bardicev Aba
Bardill Cecil
Bareham David Horace
Barfield Eric William
Barham Sam
Barham Harry Frederick
Baribeau Leo Joseph
Barker Frank
Barker David William
Barker Frederick
Barker Herbert
Barker Ernest Arthur
Barker Robert Bramston
Barker Walter
Barker Robert Walton
Barker Frank Harvey
Barker Dennis
Barker Thomas William
Barker Alfred Cyril Seymour
Barker Kenneth Stowell Harrison
Barker Roger Phillip
Barker Herbert Hawley
Barker Harry Kenneth
Barker Robert Edward
Barkham Ronald John
Barklay Harold Edward
Barkley Andrew
Barkshire Albert Leslie
Barlow Arnold Thomas
Barlow Albert Kenneth
Barlow Ronald Malcolm
Barlow Donald Vincent
Barlow Norman James
Barnard Stanley Harry
Barnard Michael Stanley
Barnard Alfred Monro
Barnard Frederick Vernon
Barnard Anthony Edgar Buchanan
Barnard James Arthur
Barnard Michael Charles
Barnes Anthony Drew Ashby
Barnes Robin Harold
Barnes Raymond
Barnes Arthur John George
Barnes Alan Douglas
Barnes Reginald Henry
Barnes Leonard James
Barnes Arthur Walter
Barnes George Neville
Barnes Sydney
Barnes George
Barnes Herbert Rhys
Barnes Walter Henry John
Barnes William James
Barnes Donald Arthur
Barnes Douglas
Barnes Edwin Alfred Dennis
Barnett George Andrew
Barnett Henry Raymond
Barnett Stanley Sutton
Barnett Phillip Sydney
Barnett Edwin Alfred
Barnett Herbert William
Barnfather Douglas Allen
Barnfield Kenneth William
Barnhill Thomas Blackwood
Barnicke Peter
Barnicoat Ronald Ernest
Barnicott Alfred Thomas James
Barnwell Richard Antony
Barr Robert Allan
Barr David Murray
Barr John Hamilton
Barr Alexander McKay
Barr Robert
Barr Keith Alec
Barr Derek Singleton
Barr Donald Leighton Spence
Barr Edward
Barr William Buntin
Barraclough Leonard Henry
Barraclough Cyril
Barrass Richard
Barrass Alexander Scougal Gibson
Barratt Reginald Harry
Barratt Edward Douglas
Barratt Fred
Barratt Frederick Arthur
Barrett John Gerald
Barrett John William
Barrett Frank George
Barrett Frederick George
Barrett Norman
Barrett Clayton Keith
Barrett William
Barrett Jack Leslie
Barrett John Raymond
Barrett William Gustave
Barrett Alwyn Walter Beves
Barrett Douglas George
Barrett Noel Charles
Barrett Layton Challander
Barrett Denis John
Barrett Donald Samuel
Barrett Robert Dennis Parker
Barriball Malcolm Eber Palmer
Barrie Frederick William
Barrie John Donald
Barrie Alexander
Barrie Tom Brown
Barrie George Wellesley
Barrie-Smith William
Barringer Michael Allman
Barrington George Henry
Barrington-Taylor Maurice William
Barritt John
Barron Arthur
Barron Oswald James Milman
Barron Richard John Henry
Barrons Harold John
Barrott Clarence Bertram
Barrow Sydney
Barrow Harry Victor
Barrow Leonard Richard
Barrow William Henry
Barrow Bruce Ernest
Barry Kenneth Walter
Barry James
Barsby George Edward
Barstow John Arundel
Barthel Peter Vincent
Bartholomew Kenneth Frederick
Bartle Gerald Victor
Bartleet Francis Walter
Bartlett Vivian Herbert
Bartlett John Percival
Bartlett George Arthur
Bartlett Albert Victor Norman
Bartlett John Alexander Peach
Bartlett Raymond Neil
Bartlett Ian Howard
Bartlett Alexander Mackenzie
Bartlett Sidney William
Bartlett Henry Kenneth
Bartlett James Charles Dommett
Bartolotti Roy
Barton Ronald Pascoe
Barton Peter Sayer
Barton Anthony James
Barton Kenneth Judson
Barton Herbert Ronald
Barton James Edgar
Barton Wallace Stanley
Barton Joseph Henry
Barton Thomas Granston
Barton Thomas George
Barton Bruce George
Barton James Henry
Barton Arthur James Douglas
Barton James Jeffrey
Barton-Smith Hugh
Bartram Christopher Edward Thomas
Bartrip Douglas Arthur
Barty William Edward Heaton
Baseby Ronald Arthur
Baser Wylie
Basevi Bernard Athelstan
Basham John Angus
Bashford Eric Hulbert James
Bashford Henry Edward
Bass George Keech
Bassage Charles Thomas
Bassam George William
Bassett Joseph Henry
Bassett James
Bassett Goronwy Amman
Bassett Derek Alfred
Basten John
Bastick Richard Stanley
Batchellor Cecil Ridge
Batchelor Lionel Algie
Batchelor Geoffrey Edwin
Batchelor Harold Ockenden
Batchelor Frederick William
Batchen Alexander George
Bate Herbert Abraham
Bate Peter St Clair
Bate Richard Arthur
Bate Frederick Walter
Bateman Donald William
Bateman Albert Leroy
Bateman George
Bateman Arthur
Bateman John Herbert
Bates Edwin
Bates Albert Peter
Bates Eric William Hardy
Bates John Alec
Bates William Alexander
Bates John Sydney
Bates Reginald Edward
Bates Matthew
Bates Francklin Blakiston
Bates Raymond Arthur
Bateson John
Bateup John Edwin
Batey George
Bath Percy Horace
Bath Edward John Leslie
Batham Raymond John
Bathgate Alexander
Batho Reginald Frank
Bathurst Alan Lennox
Batman Ralph
Batt Robert Hector
Batten Raymond Herbert
Batten Henry Thomas
Batten Gordon George
Batten Douglas Walter
Batterbee Roy
Battersby Leonard
Battersby James
Batterton John Martin
Battison Gilbert George May
Battle Ernest Frederick
Battram Arthur
Battrick Reginald Henry John
Batty George
Baulderstone Thomas Henry
Baulf Ivan Harry William
Bauman Donald Compton
Baumruk Bohumil
Baush Charles William
Bave Frederick Edwin
Bavin Douglas Frederick
Bawden Reginald Vernon
Bax Derrick Thomas
Baxendale Robert
Baxter Montague Frank
Baxter Kenneth William John
Baxter William Bethune
Baxter George Edward Albert
Baxter Eric
Baxter John Robert
Baxter John Frederick
Baxter John Robert
Baxter Malcolm
Baxter Stanley
Baxter John Ross
Baxter Basil
Baxter James
Baybut Richard William
Bayley Leslie William
Bayliss Edward Percy George
Bayliss Ernest John
Bayliss Gilbert Louis
Bayliss Jack
Bayliss Jack Bernard
Bayliss John
Baythorp Albert John
Bazeley Douglas Stanley
Beach Earl Victor
Beach Alfred Kenneth
Beach Carl Adrian
Beacham Alan
Beacock Eric Charles
Beadle Robert Eugene
Beadle Bernard James
Beadnall George
Beadon Stanley David
Beal George
Beale Edward
Beale Robert Noel
Beale Walter Stanley
Beaman Robert Carleton
Beaman John Edward
Beament William Harold
Beames Kenneth Herbert
Beamish Francis Victor
Beamont Sydney Leslie
Bean Arthur Francis
Bean Harry
Beane Francis Alfred
Beaney Victor Douglas
Beard Alfred
Beard Alvery
Beard Leslie Thomas
Beardshaw John George
Beare Eric Sydney
Beaton Charles Norman
Beaton Alexander Farquhar
Beaton Stanley
Beaton James Alexander
Beatson Walter Gordon Clement
Beattie Albert John
Beattie Frederick Donald
Beattie Harold James
Beattie John Leslie
Beattie Edgar William
Beattie John
Beattie Joseph Davidson
Beattie John Milton
Beattie Leonard Frank
Beattie Joseph
Beattie Glen Patrick
Beatty Walter Stanley
Beatty Colin John
Beauchamp John Samuel
Beauchamp Arthur William
Beauman Arthur Richard Hugh
Beaumont Walter
Beaumont Howard Eric
Beaver Gordon Findlay
Beavers William Robert Noel
Beavis Frank James Robert
Beavis Kenneth William
Beavo William Edward
Beck John William
Beck George Henry
Beck Richard William
Beck Herbert
Becker Byron Jeremiah
Becker Walter George Edward
Beckett Thomas
Beckett Francis Norman
Beckington Bernard Oliver
Beckley Ronald Charles
Beckwith Edward Peter
Beckwith Frederick William Walter
Becvar Karel
Beddow Douglas Corbett
Bedell Cecil Ford
Bedell Reginald Hudson
Bedford Harold
Bedford Michael Frederick
Bedggood Arthur Henry
Bedwell Horace Kempton
Bedwell Arthur Edward
Bee Charles Robert
Beebe Jack Heaton
Beebe Henry Craig
Beech James
Beech Stanley Percy
Beech Alfred Christopher
Beecroft Jack
Beedie Stuart William Stott
Beeken Graham
Beekman Yolande Elsa Maria
Beelaerts Van Blokland Jack Cornelius Emil
Beer James Bennion
Beer Gordon William
Beer Reginald Henry
Beers Frederick Kenneth
Beesley Hugh Lawrence
Beeson William Joseph
Beeston Frank Lynford
Beeston Richard Denison
Beeton Edwin Harold
Begbie F W
Begg William
Begg Reginald Kenneth
Behan Thomas Fraser
Behrent Ernest Henry
Behrndt Raymond Carl
Beilby John George
Belanger Joseph Adelard Roland
Belasco Albert Edwin
Belcham Lawrence George
Belcher Leonard Ralph
Belderson John Buchanan
Belford Thomas David
Bell John Rogerson
Bell Peter Anthony Charles
Bell James
Bell Richard
Bell John
Bell James Logan
Bell Eric James
Bell Maurice
Bell Clifford Allan
Bell John
Bell John
Bell Stephen
Bell Geoffrey
Bell Kenneth Foster
Bell Charles Armstrong
Bell Gordon
Bell Hugh
Bell Charles Henry
Bell Stuart
Bell David Patrick Murray
Bell Clive Ronald Murray
Bell Kenneth
Bell Ian Redmayne
Bell Douglas MacKenzie
Bell Alexander Matthew James
Bell David
Bell Malcolm Owen Morley
Bell Alvin Donald Gould
Bell John Anthony Martin
Bell Peter Hastings
Bell Derek
Bell William Alexander
Bell Deryck Addison
Bell Ernest
Bell James Rutherford Hutton
Bell George
Bell John Beaumont
Bell Derek Reginald
Bell Jack
Bell Stanley John
Bell Gilbert
Bell William
Bell James
Bell John
Bell John
Bell David
Bell Ralph Douglas
Bell Hilton Craig
Bell John Hardie
Bell Merton John
Bell John Douglas Campbell
Bell Angus Fyfe
Bell Edmund
Bell Ethelbert Oswald Peter
Bell Joseph Dixon
Bell John George
Bell Robert Alfred
Bellaby Leslie Percival Joseph
Bellamy Charles Victor
Bellhouse William Henry
Bellinger William James
Bellingham Leslie Horace
Bellman George Charles
Belot Theodore Albert
Belshaw Arthur Ernest
Belton Spencer Lewis Smith
Belton Thomas William
Belton Kenyon Charles
Benbow Hubert Francis
Bendix John Frederick
Bendy Wilfred Alan
Benge Stanley Philip
Benham Jack Elkan David
Benison Phillip Mervyn
Benjamin Kenneth
Benjamin Maurice
Benn Reuben John
Benn John Walter
Benner David Stanley
Bennett William
Bennett John
Bennett Peter Maxwell
Bennett Edmund
Bennett John Charles
Bennett Robert
Bennett George Henry Sydney
Bennett Harry
Bennett Norman Reginald
Bennett Rowland
Bennett Kenneth William
Bennett Leslie Charles
Bennett Frank Maurice
Bennett Lionel John
Bennett Robert John
Bennett Robert Francis
Bennett Clarence Charles
Bennett Alfred Thomas
Bennett Cecil Joseph
Bennett John
Bennett Denis Vernon Foss
Bennett John Henry
Bennett Terence
Bennett James
Bennett Richard Albert John
Bennett Cyril Victor
Bennett Geoffrey Charles
Bennett Leonard William
Bennett Percy James
Bennett Ronald Sidney
Bennett Norman Oliver
Bennett William
Bennett Brian Percival
Bennett Geoffrey Albert
Bennett John
Bennette Geoffrey Ryding
Bennetton Frederick Horace
Bennetts Geoffrey Andrews
Bennington Douglas Edward
Benson George Henry
Benson Harold George
Benson William
Benson Ivor Bruce
Benson Arthur Herbert
Benson Thomas Laidlaw
Bensted Philip Sidney
Bent James Walter
Bent Thomas Edward
Bente John Francis
Bentham Thomas
Bentley Leslie George
Bentley Harry Roderick
Bentley Michael
Bentley Lloyd Sinclair
Bentley Rupert
Bentley Michael Amor
Bentley Frederick Earl
Bentley Samuel Frederick
Bentley George William
Bentley Joseph Harold
Bentley Alan Frank
Bentley Robert Henry Waldron
Bentley Charles George
Bentley Alexander Weatherall
Bentz Wilbur Boyd
Benzie John
Beresford Douglas Harold
Berger David
Berger Cyril Seymour
Bergin Joseph Stanley
Bergquist Edwin Robert
Bergson Julius
Berkeley Thomas Colquhoun Edmonds
Berkeley Mark Athton
Berkin Robert Irwin
Bermingham Daniel Charles
Bernard William
Bernaski Ladimer Jacob
Bernett Neville
Berney Richard Bruce
Bernick Lloyd Adolf
Berrett Reginald Hughes
Berriedale-Johnson Edward William
Berrigan Leonard Thomas
Berry Richard Alan
Berry Arnold
Berry Montague Victor
Berry Nathaniel
Berry Alan
Berry Frank
Berry Albert Warren
Berry John Daniel
Berry Winston Seymour
Berry Stanley George
Berry Joseph
Berry James Charles
Berry Peter Warren
Bertie Sidney Albert
Bertlin John Anthony Roden
Bertram Norman
Besant Ronald Cuthbert
Besley Gordon Wilmer
Bess Albert
Besse Claude Andrew
Best Charles Henry
Best Robert Augusta
Best Alec Patrick
Best John Robert
Bester Ronald Henry
Bestick Frank Frederick
Bestwick William Henry
Beswick Herbert Russell
Bettaney Leslie
Bettinson Donald William
Betton John Edgar
Betts Ronald
Betts Reginald Claude
Betts Bruce George
Betts Kenneth George
Betts Thomas Alfred
Beuttell Robert Gerard
Bevan Cyril John
Bevan Clifford John William
Beveridge James Ralph
Bevin Arthur
Bevis Peter Edward
Bewg Walter Henry
Beyer Edwin Harry
Beynon Elvie
Bezant Arthur John
Bibby William Victor
Bicat Victor Jack Foch
Bick Frederick George Albert
Bickers Kenneth George
Bickerton Joseph Roy
Bickham Charles John
Bickmore Kenneth
Bicknell Terence James
Bicknell Edward Stanley
Biddell William Hugh
Biddle Ernest Reginald
Biddulph Sidney
Biddulph Frederick Brian
Biden Guy William Vernon
Bidgood Eric George
Bidwell Ronald Charles
Bier Donald Sutherland
Biffin Albert Samuel
Bigg Frederick John Raymond
Bigger Reginald Austin
Biggin Geoffrey Moyle
Biggs Kenneth Stanley
Biggs Alfred Henry George
Biggs Jack
Biggs Douglas Gordon
Biggs James William
Bigham John Robert
Biglands Reginald John
Bigmore David
Bijur Robert Duff
Bilbe John
Bilderbeck Anthony
Bilke George Edward
Billing James Milne Monro
Billington Thomas Hornby
Billington Walter
Billington Robert Anthony
Bills James William
Biltcliffe William Durham
Binderman Sidney
Bing Gerrard Roy
Bingham Kenneth Richard
Bingham Clive Thomas
Bingham Clifford Marvin
Binnie James
Binnie Keith Cedric
Binns Herbert Denis
Binns Harry Fletcher
Binns Albert Frederick
Birch Arthur Montague Aubrey
Birch Norman Stanley
Birch George Herbert Arthur
Birch Frank
Birch James Ronald
Birch Jack
Birch Colin Granville
Birch John Dudley
Birchall George Colquhoun Hamilton
Birchnall Richard Fletcher
Bird Peter Reginald Stephenson
Bird Joseph Ronald
Bird Samuel Edward
Bird Herman Albert Benjamin
Bird Robert Walters
Bird Henry James
Bird Gerald Oscar Ladler
Bird Derry Gates
Bird Alec
Bird Peter Charles Stuart
Bird Sidney Alfred
Birdseye Alexander Frederick
Birkhead Denis
Birkin Frank
Birkin William
Birkinshaw Leonard William
Birks Richard Salisbury
Birks Frederick Richard
Birks John Geoffrey
Birnie Hugh Waldie
Birrell Ian Ashley
Birtles Cyril
Birtwhistle James
Birtwhistle Thomas
Bisgood Douglas Leonard
Bish Claude Frederick
Bishop Peter Derek
Bishop Leon Eric Gordon
Bishop Robert Charles
Bishop George
Bishop Ernest Howard
Bishop Donald Robert
Bishop Henry Edward
Bishop Denzil Yorke
Bishop Norman Derek
Bishop Noel Edwin
Bishop Sidney Thomas
Bishop Reginald Charles
Bishop Omer Wilbur John
Bishop Robert Albert
Bishop Charles Clifford
Bishop Douglas Vernon
Bispham Harry
Biss Stanley
Bissell Donald Clifford
Bisset George Alexander
Bisset Anthony Sinclair
Bisset Robert Clare
Bisset William McManus
Bissett John Alexander
Bisson Keith Cecil
Bissonnette Guy Andre Rene
Bitcon James Alexander
Bitmead Edward William
Bitten Frederick Charles
Blaber Arthur Clarence
Black Harris
Black John Charles Eric
Black Wendell Clifford
Black Robert Hammond
Black James
Black Gordon Ronald
Black Harry Gordon
Black Foster Wilson
Black Percy Alfred William
Black Norman Scott
Black Reginald Thomas
Black Archibald William
Black James Dallas
Black Gregory James
Black Charles Noola
Black Dudley Victor
Black Thomas Bowes
Blackburn Kenneth William George
Blackburn John
Blackburn Edmund
Blackden Walter Anthony Seton
Blackett Anthony Rex
Blackett George
Blackford William Kenneth
Blackford Harry William
Blackham Kenneth Leslie
Blackie Archie Pearson
Blackie William
Blackley Allan Neil
Blacklock Norman Peter
Blackmore George Ralph
Blackmore William Henry
Blackmore Davy George
Blackmore Hubert Waddy
Blackmore Geoffrey Livingstone
Blackmore Kenneth Thomas Frederick
Blackwell Frank James
Blackwell Stephan
Blackwood Francis John
Blackwood Henry William Arthur
Blagborne Charles Ward
Blagrove Stanley
Blaha Josef
Blain David Edward
Blair Errol Francis Gordon
Blair Jack Frederick
Blair Charles Edward
Blair John
Blair Ernest Bramwell
Blair Lawrence
Blair Robert Alexander Walton
Blair Colin Campbell
Blake Arthur Samuel
Blake Ronald Sydney
Blake Alfred George
Blake Charles Eric Ferdinand
Blake William Vincent
Blake Harold Roger
Blake-Hales George
Blakemore Trevor Morgan
Blakey Harry Vernon
Blakey Allen Douglas
Blanc Thomas Walter
Blanchard Joseph Jerome
Blanchard Arthur
Bland Stanley
Bland Ernest Arthur
Bland George Roxberry
Bland Eric
Bland Peter Windermere
Bland Joseph Arthur
Blandy Robert Henry Pettiplace
Blanks Edwin Henry
Blanksby Allan
Blatchford Leonard Glendenning
Blatchford Robert Charles Henry
Blatchford Howard Peter
Blaubaum Maxwell Bibra
Blay Leslie Edward Harcourt
Blaylock Jack
Blazeiko Panko Peter
Blazier John Kenneth
Bleach John Frederick
Blencowe Arthur Frank
Blencowe John Dawson
Blenkarn Ronald James
Blenkinsop Mathew
Blenkinsop Edward Weyman
Blenkinsop Henry
Blennerhassett Joseph William
Blight John
Blignaut Jochemus Johannes
Bliss Maurice George
Block Dalton Irvon
Block David
Blockey Robert Charles
Blom Pieter
Blomeley Eric Edwin
Blood Ronald Geoffrey
Bloom Roy Benjamin Charles
Bloom Benjamin
Bloomfield Richard Henry
Bloomfield John Alfred
Bloomfield David I'anson
Bloomfield Frank Harry
Bloor Gordon Elijah
Blore Eric Albert
Blowes Stanley Charles George
Bloyce William Roy
Bluck William
Blundell Derek Webb
Blunden Neil Ralph
Blunt John Sculthorpe
Blyth Jack Samuel
Blyth George
Blyth Jack
Blythe Benjamin
Blythe Thomas Francis
Boaden Frank Bruce
Boak Andrew Stenhouse
Boal Samuel McCaughey
Boaler Eric
Boardley Harold
Boardman Joe
Boardman William Edward
Boardman Robert Cecil
Boardman Gerald Mortimer
Boardman Edward James
Boardman Harold
Bobbett Arnold Hannam
Bock Allan James Henry
Bocock Arnold Geoffrey
Bodden Richard Raymond
Bodding Carl Olaf
Boddy Geoffrey Arthur
Boden George Rex
Bodkin William Fred
Body Geoffrey Deller
Body James Joseph
Boffey Ronald
Bogg William James Thomas
Boham Frederick Leonard
Bohemier Joseph Eloi
Bohling Cyril Norman Byron
Bohn Arthur Reginald
Boivin Leslie Claude William
Boland John
Boland Donald Edward Joseph
Boland Thomas
Bolderstone Peter Frederick
Boles William Harold
Bolfik Rudolf
Bolland Reginald Charles
Bolland George James
Bolle John Albert
Bolster Cyril Leslie
Bolt Bobbie
Bolt Nelson
Bolt William Thomas
Bolton Joseph
Bolton Frank Alan
Bolton William Henry
Bolton Kenneth
Bolton David Malcolm
Bolton Idris Edward
Bolton Thomas Everest
Bolton George Frederick
Bolton Samuel
Bolus Arthur Herbert
Bomby John
Bonar Robert James
Bond Ivor Hexter
Bond William George
Bond Clifford
Bond Robert Meredith
Bond Walter Frederick
Bond Alfred Leslie
Bond Arthur William
Bond Harold Frederick
Bond John Keith
Bond Alan Campbell
Bond James Edward
Bond Philip
Bond Robert Armstrong
Bone Arthur
Bone Alexander Victor
Bone George
Bone Tom
Bonell William Stewart
Bonin Ernest Donald
Bonnefin Joseph Marcel
Bonner George Henry
Bonner Sidney
Bonner Kenneth Harding
Bonnett Alan Chester
Bonnett Hubert
Bonser Alfred Kenneth
Bonser Clifforde Winfield
Bonser Maurice Reginald
Bonsey William Bruce George
Booker Thomas William
Bool Leslie
Bools Martin
Boon Gordon Milton
Boon Stanley John Albert
Booth John Calvert
Booth Stanley Keable
Booth Fred
Booth Frederick William
Booth James Robert
Booth Ernest
Booth Reginald
Booth Norman Robert
Booth Anthony Foster
Booth Eric
Booth Charles Royce
Booth George Arnold
Booth Eric
Booth Derek Arnold
Booth Bryan Seymour
Booth Alfred Bertram Ernest
Booth Thomas Gervais
Booth Ronald
Booth John
Booth Lewis Alfred
Booth Wyman Alexander
Booth Ronald James
Booth Allan
Booth John
Booth Sydney
Booth Thomas
Bootsma Donald Hill
Booy Frank Edward
Boram Brian Thomas
Boreham Joseph Wendell
Boret Robert John
Borkovec Miroslav
Borland James
Borland Alexander George
Borley Edwin Alfred
Borley Ian Edward Maitland
Boroski Frank
Borrowes Robert Dean
Borrows James Francis
Borsberry Ernest Richard
Borthwick William
Borthwick George Wilson Syme
Bostock James Trueman
Boston Jack Northwood
Boswell Robert McBain
Boswell John McLaren
Boswell Frederick James
Bosworth Charles Homer
Botham Gerald Evelyn
Botsford Laurence Neill
Bott Raymond John
Bott Kenneth Victor
Botting Eric Piggott
Bottomley John Edward
Bottomley Jack Wilson
Bottomley Colin
Bottrell William John
Boucher Arthur Fred
Boucock Kenneth George
Boulton Douglas Paul
Boumphrey Arnold
Bounds William Charles Kenneth
Boundy John Thomson
Boundy William Henry
Bourgeois Arthur Edmond Quentin
Bourgeois Laurie Alban
Bourke William
Bourne Dennis Arthur
Bourne Cyril
Bourne Kenneth Reid
Bourne Leonard Bertie
Bourne Alistair Hugh Richmond
Bourner Albert Edward James
Bousfield Jack Matthew
Bouvier Joseph Maurice Leopold
Bouwens Adrian
Bovett George William
Bow Lambert Philip
Bow Henry Herbert
Bowd Donald Maurice
Bowden Woodrow Wilson
Bowden John Bruce
Bowden Irvine Charles Randolph
Bowden Terence
Bowden Wilfrid Edgar
Bowden Geoffrey Bernard Denzil
Bowen Roland John
Bowen Peter Duncan
Bowen James Arthur
Bowen James Thomas
Bowen Charles Earle
Bowen Edwin Stanley
Bowen Charles Ronald
Bowen Ian William
Bowen Cyril Keith
Bowen William Edwin
Bower William Houston
Bower Frank Graham
Bowerman Raymond John Nicholas
Bowern Donald Anderson
Bowers Henry
Bowers Arthur
Bowers Charles William
Bowers William Henry
Bowes George Henry
Bowes Kenneth
Bowes Laurence
Bowes John
Bowes Samuel
Bowey William
Bowker Alan
Bowker Bryan
Bowler Lancelot Gordon
Bowler Albert Henry
Bowler James Arthur
Bowles Cyril
Bowley Robert George
Bowman Ninian
Bowman Lloyd Douglas
Bowman Edward Albert
Bowman Geoffrey Alexander
Bowman Norman Ray
Bowman James Ferguson
Bowmer Joseph Desmond
Bowring Eric
Bowring Bertie
Bows Ronald
Bowsher Norman Frederick
Bowyer Jack
Bowyer Richard Laurence Grenville
Bowyer Raymond Marshall
Box Peter William Bisset
Box Malcolm
Boxall James Roy
Boxall Charles Henry George
Boyce Charles David
Boyce Albert Gerald
Boyce Robert Richardson
Boyce Francis Allan
Boyce Peter Alexander
Boycott Frank Mellard
Boyd Gordon John Percy
Boyd James Thomas
Boyd Allan Bernard
Boyd Charles Arthur
Boyd John
Boyd James
Boyd Raymond Vernon
Boyd George Kilpatrick
Boyd Kenneth Leslie
Boyd Ronald Gordon
Boyd Albert Bartram
Boyd James Owen
Boyd Roy Vincent
Boyd Norman Collis
Boyd Harry Wilfred
Boyd Lorne Graham
Boyd Orr Noel
Boydell Ronald
Boyes James Riby
Boyle Malcolm
Boyle Brian John Waldron
Boyle Robert
Boyle Bernard Francis
Boyle Thomas
Boyle Alan John
Boyle John Joseph
Boyle Anthony Raymond
Boylson William Wrixon
Boyse Bernard Alan James
Boyton Basil
Bozier Reginald Thomas
Braaten Sterling Lorne
Brabender Elton Duncan
Bracchi Ronald
Brace Alexander Albert
Brace Richard Henry James
Brace Elwyn Harry
Bracey Maurice John
Brachi Basil John
Brackenridge Gilbert Keith
Bradbury Richard Forrest
Bradbury Robert Douglas
Bradbury Roy
Bradbury John Leslie
Bradbury Frank Ronald
Bradbury Thomas Xavier
Bradd Dennis George
Bradey George Edward Francis
Bradfield George Raymond
Bradford William Rowland
Bradford James Gibson
Bradford John McKinnon
Bradford Ridley Lewkenor
Bradford Frederick Hiley
Brading Ronald James
Bradley Ernest
Bradley George Edwin
Bradley James Wilson
Bradley John Edward
Bradley John Whitfield
Bradley Ivor Hall
Bradley Louis Bernard
Bradley William
Bradley Frederick
Bradley Eric
Bradley Anthony Alfred Arthur
Bradley Ian Duncan
Bradley Albert Gaston Thomas
Bradley Jonathan Riley
Bradley Edward Patrick
Bradley Neville
Bradley Peter Angus
Bradley Samuel Greer
Bradly Albert Thomas
Bradsell Bert James
Bradshaw Dennis Charles
Bradshaw James
Bradshaw John Richard
Bradshaw Ronald
Bradshaw Robert Leonard
Bradshaw George William
Brady George
Brady Thomas Scullion
Brady Noel Stuart
Brady Alan John
Brady John Bernard
Brady James Maxwell
Brailey Clifton Robert
Brain Leonard Arthur
Brain Dennis Ingham
Braithwaite Charles Roberts William
Braley Raymond Sydney
Brambleby James Edwin
Bramhall Ronald
Bramham Charles Orfeur
Bramley Ronald Arthur
Bramley George William
Bramley Ennis Frederick
Bramwell Ronald Hollis
Bramwell Walter
Brand Peter Healey
Brand David
Brand Walter
Brand Norman
Brand John Richard
Brandon Charles Henry
Brandon Alan Alfred
Brannigan Stewart Gordon
Bransby Stanley Bertram
Bransby Alfred Henry
Branson John Peter Leslie
Brash George Brown
Brash Robert Hugh
Brassel Terence Joseph
Bratt Douglas Stuart
Bratt Wilfred John
Bratton Harry
Braun Howard Charles
Braun William Thomas
Braund Marwood Paul
Brawley Paul Franklin
Bray Charles Lorne
Bray Peter
Bray Frederick John
Bray Leonard Charles
Bray Geoffrey Edward
Bray Ernest James
Bray Ronald Norman Geoffrey
Braybrooks Sidney Charles
Braye Igor William
Brayford Lloyd Willis
Brayne Ronald Percy
Brayne Frederick Charles
Brayshaw Charles Ellis
Brazenor Arthur Ferris
Breakwell Raymond
Breckell Ralph Hollesley
Breene Patrick Joseph
Brees Alec
Breese Henry Francis Dempster
Breese Charles Dempster
Breeze Lionel Bradley
Brehaut George Lester
Brehn Thomas John
Breir Harry Patrick
Breitcetl Jindrich
Bremner John
Bremner James Francis
Brennan Herbert John Patrick
Brennan Patrick
Brennan Ian Eric
Brennan Edmund Keith
Brennan Gerard Vincent
Brennan Kevin Barry
Brennan Arthur Benjamin
Brennan Cyril
Brennand Henry
Brenner Sidney
Brenner Frederick Charles
Brett Roy Harry
Brett David Thompson
Brett Allan Francis
Brett Richard George
Brett Bruce Thomas
Brett Leslie Thomas
Brett Ronald William
Brett Donald Lloyd
Brett Thomas Edwin
Breward Noel
Brewer Ronald Leslie
Brewer Lewis
Brewer Leslie Francis
Brewerton Elijah William Briggs
Brewin Raymond Thomas
Brewin Patrick Hope
Brewster William Edward
Brian William Leslie Fred
Brick George
Brickles Rowland
Briden Michael Franklin
Bridge James
Bridge Basil Dewdrey
Bridge Richard Gordon
Bridge Bernard Stanley
Bridge Robert
Bridger Lawrence Mattinson
Bridges Leslie Samuel
Bridges William
Bridgman Francis Harley
Bridgman Arthur Mervyn
Bridson Allan
Brierley John Robert
Briers David George Allaker
Brigden Alan Longland
Briggs George Arthur
Briggs David Abel
Briggs Leonard
Briggs-Jude Robert William
Bright Lawrence Stanley James
Bright John Alexander
Brightwell Geoffrey Charles
Brightwell John Mostyn
Briginshaw Oswald O'Neil
Brignell Cyril
Brigstocke Andrew Lawrence
Brill James Kemble
Brill David James
Brindle Geoffrey Alexander
Brindley Kenneth Lindon
Brindley Philip Bernard
Brinkley Ronald Cecil
Brinkworth Ernest Peter
Brinton Eric Alfred
Brisbane Norman James
Briscoe Benjamin
Brister John
Bristow Arthur George
Bristow Frederick David
Bristow Charles Wilfred Symons
Brittain Albutt
Brittain Francis Charles
Brittan Donald William
Britten Aubrey Ginders
Brittle George Henry
Britton Leonard James
Britton Allan Walter Naylor
Britton John Paul Newberry
Britton Joseph John
Broad Jack Stanley
Broad Robert John
Broad Leslie Henry
Broad Rodney
Broad Edgar George
Broadbent Raymond
Broadfield Clarence Leslie
Broadhurst John Charles
Broadhurst James
Broadhurst Michael
Broadhurst Henry
Broadley John William Robinson
Brock Thomas William
Brock Frederick Hubert
Brockbank Samuel
Brockett William Dunbar
Brockett Leonard Reginald
Brockhouse Norman
Brocking George Thomas
Brocklehurst Geoffrey Rainsford
Brocklehurst Thomas
Brockway Ronald Charles
Brockway Stanley George
Broddy James Morley
Broden Malcolm Henry
Broderick Kenneth James
Brodie John Duncan
Brodie Robert Evelyn
Brodie Basil Hubert
Brodie William James Totten
Brodie Hugh Rowell
Brodie Aubrey Norman
Brogan James Anthony
Brogden George
Brokenshire Nicholas John
Broll James
Bromby Arthur
Bromley John Stuart Mee
Bromley Jack
Bromley Harold Herbert Joseph
Bromwich Alfred Theodore Cuthbert
Bronson Clifford Robert
Brook Charles Cyril
Brook John Edward
Brook George Henry
Brook Donald
Brook Harold Wignell
Brook Jack
Brook Robert
Brook Norman
Brook Roy Edward
Brooke Jack
Brooke John
Brooke Ronald
Brooker Richard Edgar Peter
Brooker Francis John
Brookes Wilfred James
Brookes Thomas Robert
Brookes John Robert
Brookhouse John Neville
Brooking Sydney Gibbs
Brooking Arthur Ralph
Brooking Alexander Thomas
Brooking Leslie Trewin
Brookman Leonard Peter
Brookman Richard Waller
Brooks John Charles
Brooks Bernard Frank
Brooks Wilfred Stanley
Brooks Francis Gilbert
Brooks Ronald Frank
Brooks Arthur Leslie
Brooks Gerald Horace
Brooks Alan William
Brooks Arthur George
Brooks William Booth
Brooks Francis Conn
Brooks Alexander Campbell
Brooks Keith Bishop
Brooks Douglas Arthur
Brooksbank Denis
Brooksbank Alfred Clifton
Broom Frank Adrian
Broomfield John
Broomfield Leonard Stuart
Broomhead Charles James
Brophey Burton Orval
Brosnahan Frederick Timothy
Brossmer Robert Vincent
Brough Harold Selwyn
Broughton James William
Broun Alan Stewart
Brown Vincent De Paul
Brown Charles Desmond
Brown George Thirlwell
Brown Percy James
Brown Stanley James
Brown Frank Charles
Brown Herbert
Brown James William
Brown Louis
Brown Robert
Brown Charles Frederick
Brown David
Brown Harold
Brown Hugh Card
Brown Peter
Brown Aldewin Arthur
Brown Albert Henry
Brown Dennis
Brown Douglas George
Brown James Watson
Brown Thomas Beatty
Brown George Wilfred
Brown Nigel Stuart Hally
Brown Henry Shaw
Brown Ronald David
Brown Ralph Chaytor
Brown Ralph
Brown Thomas Deathers
Brown Charles Bernard
Brown Arthur
Brown John Donald
Brown Kenneth Reginald McLeod
Brown Edward
Brown Alexander Raymond Selsby
Brown Ian Browning
Brown Kenneth George Vale
Brown Douglas Frederick
Brown Richard Henry
Brown Percy Sharp
Brown Frederic Raymond
Brown Godfrey Allison
Brown Ronald Westland
Brown William Wallace
Brown William Ernest
Brown Orlan Roderick
Brown George Rawson
Brown Wallace Hilton
Brown Clifford
Brown William Beaumont
Brown Robert
Brown Robert Oswald
Brown John Daniel
Brown Leonard George
Brown Wesley
Brown Clayton Perry
Brown Charles Victor
Brown Douglas Frederick
Brown Harold Dennis
Brown Bernard Edward
Brown Henry David
Brown Harry Lyle
Brown Andrew Alexander
Brown George William
Brown Alfred George Greenwood
Brown Logie Watson
Brown George
Brown Hugh Stainger
Brown William
Brown Cyril
Brown William Earle
Brown David Thomas
Brown Alexander Ronald
Brown Herbert
Brown Daniel Frank
Brown Eric Ernest
Brown Walter Louis
Brown Abraham Lawson
Brown Thomas
Brown Edward Peter Seton
Brown Ronald
Brown Ronald Joshua
Brown Reginald Henry
Brown Basil Sydney
Brown Reginald George
Brown William Donald
Brown Russell Howard
Brown Eric William
Brown Denis Norman
Brown Reginald Alfred
Brown Thomas Pollitt
Brown Eric John
Brown Donald Arthur
Brown Ralph
Brown Donald Arthur
Brown Carlos Manuel
Brown Joseph Henry
Brown William Adam
Brown Douglas
Brown George Oswald
Brown Vincent Leigh
Brown Roye Wilmott
Brown Leo Frederick Joseph
Brown Allan John James
Brown Sidney Arthur
Brown Arthur Hugh Steyning
Brown Bruce Harold
Brown Vivian William
Brown Alfred Henry
Brown William Sydney
Brown Ray Edward
Brown John Raeburn
Brown Alfred
Brown Arthur Herbert
Brown Brian Arthur Keith
Brown Donald Arthur
Brown Jack
Brown John
Brown Joseph
Brown John Alderton
Brown Joseph Godfrey
Brown Kenneth
Brown Peter Charles
Brown Reginald Arthur
Brown Ronald Oscar
Brown William James
Browne Dennis Owen Matthew
Browne Vincent John
Browne Patrick Edgar Sempill F M
Browne Thomas Chamberlain Molineux
Browne Joseph Ernest
Browne Charles Gordon Knight
Browning William Samuel Ralph
Browning Richard Samuel Henry
Browning Cyril Mac
Brownless Thomas
Broxap Ralph
Bruce David Campbell
Bruce John Nigel Grey
Bruce James Harold
Bruce Donald
Bruce John Samuel
Bruce Robert George
Bruce Alfred Eric Andrew
Bruce Donald
Bruce Kenneth Rupert
Bruce Robert Henry
Bruce John
Bruce Tristram Knight Pryce
Bruckner Maxwell Bright
Bruhns Harold Henry
Brumby Charles Herbert
Brumfitt Thomas
Brumwell Richard Arthur
Brundish George William
Brundish Eric Norman
Brunette Louis Raymond
Brunning Joseph Charles
Brunning Walter Henry
Brunsdon Edward Ronald
Brunton John Fraser
Brunton John
Brutey Ronald Charles
Bruton Cecil Gilbert
Bruton Ernest Sidney
Bryan Walter Joseph
Bryan William Henry
Bryan Guy Nelson
Bryan Thomas
Bryan Clifford Bagnell
Bryan-Smith Martin
Bryans Robert John
Bryans William Stewart
Bryant Frederick George
Bryant Harry Douglas
Bryant William Harry
Bryant Patrick
Bryant Ronald Owen
Bryant James Alfred
Bryant Gordon Henry
Bryant Charles Frank
Bryden Herbert
Brydon Wilbert Alexander
Bryer Royston Sidney
Bryson William Sutherland
Bryson James
Bryson Norman Albert
Bryson Robert Strang
Buchan Alexander
Buchan Wilfred
Buchan Frederick
Buchan Herbert
Buchan-Hepburn Ronald Henry
Buchanan James
Buchanan David Graham
Buchanan Robert Munro
Buchanan George Harry
Buchanan John Gilbert Ross
Buchanan James Richebourg
Buchanan Alexander Keir
Buchin Maurice Simon Henri Charles
Buchwalter Frederick David
Bucirde Reginald John
Buck Peter Leighton
Buck Frederick Walter
Buck Robert Alfred
Buckby Peter
Buckingham Francis Thomas
Buckingham Henry Francis
Buckingham Edward Graham
Buckland Ronald George
Buckland Peter George
Buckland Frank Edwin
Buckland James Crompton
Buckland Alfred Neil
Buckle Ronald Oswald
Buckle Francis Arthur
Buckle Cuthbert Jermy Stuart
Buckley Thomas Roland
Buckley Clifford
Buckley Hubert Donald
Buckley Morton Haist
Buckley Ronald Leach
Buckley Ross Cameron
Buckley Ronald John
Buckley John Bowyer
Buckley Allan Edward
Buckman Ronald Frank William
Buckman Gerald Ivor
Buckmaster John
Bucknell Ronald
Bucknell Phillip Crocker
Bucknole John Stanley
Buckton William
Budd Hamilton Roland Dacre
Buechler Maurice Emanuel
Buglass Gilbert Clark
Buick John Albert
Buist Robert McNaughton
Bulanda Joseph Peter
Bulger Alan Patrick
Bull Nugent Joseph
Bull Kenneth Frederick
Bull Ronald Bernard
Bull Peter Ernest
Bull John Bartlett
Bull Ronald Eric
Bull Lawrence Joseph
Bull Douglas Walter Westlake
Bull Alec John George
Bull John
Bullen Harry Bircham
Bullen Richard John
Bulley Richard Lawrence
Bulloch Hugh Larmor McLearn
Bulloch Anthony Alexander Talbot
Bullock Arthur Robert
Bulman Gordon Thomas
Bulmer Bernard Victor Hiram
Bulmer Alan
Buls Bruce Lyndon
Bunbury John Shirley
Bunce Jack
Bunce Gordon
Bunce Ronald Seward
Bundey Gordon Frederick
Bundy Arthur William Samuel
Bunker Alfred Alan
Bunker Lancelot Gordon Bew
Bunn William George
Bunn Cecil James
Bunning Bruce Alan
Bunt Edward Trezise
Bunt James Edward
Bunting William James
Bunyar Herbert
Burbidge Hugh Edward
Burbridge Frank Peter
Burch Geoffrey Harry
Burch Bertram Sidney
Burcham Alfred John
Burchell Orval Henry
Burchell Geoffrey Maurice
Burcher William Edward
Burcher Reginald Maxwell
Burden Dudley Albert
Burden George Franklin
Burdett John Charles
Burdett Geoffrey George
Burfield John Ray Richard
Burges Robert
Burgess Alexander Addison
Burgess Edgar Heaton
Burgess Arthur Christopher
Burgess Leonard Gordon
Burgess Fred Andrew
Burgess Arthur Bolwell
Burgess Samuel
Burgess Arnold George
Burgess Thomas Mountford Adie
Burgess James Edward
Burgess James Henry
Burgon William Walker
Burgum William Arnold
Burke Arnold Bradley
Burke John William
Burke Ian Campbell
Burke James Orr
Burke William
Burke Thomas Herbert
Burke David Warnock
Burkitt Albert Edward
Burley Albert Royston
Burley Roland Henry
Burn Thomas Frederick
Burn Robert Horace
Burnam-Richards Sydney George
Burnell Douglas Claude Robert
Burnell William
Burnell Aubrey William Alexander
Burnett Robert Gordon
Burnett Eric William
Burnett Walter McGregor Halliday
Burnett Ernest John
Burnett Vernon Francis
Burnett David Mark Tyndall
Burnett Reginald
Burnham Basile Ronald Martin
Burnie Andrew
Burnley John Douglas
Burns Edward Robert
Burns John
Burns Robert Dennis
Burns Angus John
Burns Robert James
Burns William
Burns Andrew
Burns William
Burnside Henry Charles
Burr Ronald Henry
Burras Charles Eric
Burrell Reginald Arthur
Burrell Frank
Burrell Roy
Burrell George Jonathan
Burridge Robert
Burrill Frank
Burrough John Hardy
Burrough Thomas Noel Challoner
Burroughs Keith Douglas
Burrow Sydney Harold
Burrow Joseph Howard
Burrows Raymond Benjamin
Burrows Edward Stanley
Burrows Noel
Burrows Frederick Arthur
Burrows Charles Thomas
Burrows William Brandwood
Burrows Harry
Burrows Felix Milton
Burrows Wilfrid Gordon
Burrows Albert
Burry Lloyd George
Burson Aaron
Burt Andrew Sweeting
Burt Christopher James
Burt J
Burt Robert Erskine
Burt Reginald Ernest
Burt Eric Cyril
Burt Alan Gladstone
Burt-Gerrans Harold Francis
Burtenshaw Dennis Frederick
Burton William Westbrooke
Burton James Roberts
Burton Cyril
Burton Kenneth Reginald
Burton Bruce Goulden
Burton Ronald Louvain
Burton Frank Mason
Burton Albert Cyril
Burton Edwin Herbert
Burton Ronald
Burton Clarence Sydney
Burton James
Burton Harold William
Burton Francis John
Burton Ronald Garnet
Burton Howard Frizelle
Burton-Chadwick Noel Kenneth
Bury Ernest Martin
Bury Glyn Norman
Busbridge George Norcott
Busby William Gordon
Busby Frank Rumsey
Bush Richard Edward
Bush Robert
Bush Eddie Frederick
Bush Laurence Wortley
Bushby Joseph Bryan
Bushell Edwin James
Bushell John Merrett
Bushell Sydney Charles
Bushell Keith Stephen
Bushell Christopher
Bushell Brian Frederick
Bushell Gregory James
Bushill Arthur Sidney
Busk Jack
Bussell Henry Chaytor
Butcher Rodney Victor
Butcher Leslie Charles
Butcher Philip Bertie Joseph
Butcher Kenneth Richard
Butcher Kenneth Charles
Butcher John Owen
Butcher Charles Sydney
Butler Richard William
Butler Kenneth Frank
Butler Arthur Cecil
Butler Robert John
Butler Charles
Butler James
Butler Brian Leonard
Butler Robert
Butler Harry Clegg
Butler Norman Arthur
Butler Cyril John Edmund
Butler John Ronald
Butler Peter Saumarez
Butler Donald Frederick
Butler Laurie Licence
Butler James Wilfred
Butler Francis Charles Joseph
Butler Alfred Eric William
Butler Benjamin
Butler Frank William
Butler Kenneth
Butler Roy
Butler Samuel
Butler William Charles
Butson Graham Frederick
Butt Thomas Alfred George
Buttell Harold Bernard
Butterfield Derek William Hanson
Butterfield Guy
Butterfield Douglas Alan
Butterfield William Ronald
Butterworth Francis Norman
Butterworth Cyril
Butterworth John
Buttery Robert Thomas Lothian
Buttery Donald John William
Buttle John Edward Charles
Button Cyril
Button Gordon William Frederick
Butts Nolan
Buxton John William
Buzza James Alexander
Byam Guy
Byars John Adams
Byass Reginald Anderson
Bye Verner Charles
Bye George Allan
Bye Garth William Beresford
Byerley Frank Eric
Byers Clyde Willis
Byers George James
Byers Colin Edward
Byers Charles Ross
Byers Vernon William
Byers Peter William
Byrne Thomas Patrick Joseph
Byrne Terence Patrick
Byrne Frank Paul
Byrne John Riley
Byrne Louis
Byrne Nial Thurlow
Byrne Francis Dermot
Byrne James
Byrom Albert
Bysouth Dennis Norman
Bywaters Harry Francis
Cable John Duncan Skelton
Cachia John
Cadden Edward
Cadden John
Caddie John Worthington
Caddy Peter Giblin
Cade Douglas Frank
Cadger William John
Cahir James Gordon
Caile Albert
Caine Frederick William
Caines John Anthony Drayson
Cairns John Caldwell
Cairns Charles Gordon
Cairns Herbert Laurence Wray
Cairns Louvain Trevor
Cairns Thomas David Stoddart
Cairns Eon Arthur
Cairns John George (Ian)
Cakebread Cecil
Calcutt Fred Irving
Calcutt Richard
Calcutt Clarence Gilbert
Calder Charles MacLean
Calderhead Leslie Wilbur
Caldwell Wilson Gilmore
Caldwell James Andrew
Caldwell James Clelland
Caldwell Charles Denis
Caldwell David Kenneth
Caldwell James Humphrey
Caldwell Eldon Howard
Cale Ronald Philip
Caley Arthur Ashton
Calhoun Maxwell Boyd
Callaby Kenneth
Callaghan William Edward
Callan John Patrick
Callander Edward
Callander Alexander Donaldson
Callard William Andrew James
Callender Charles Francis
Calman Denis Henry
Calman Lawrence Gordon
Calpin John Lawrence
Calverley Ivor John
Calverley Walter John
Calvert Thomas
Calvert John Lennox
Calvert Arthur James
Calvert William
Calvert Frank Ian
Calvert Eric Douglas
Calvert Ernest Norman
Calvert Clive Percival
Calvert Robert William
Cambray John Percival Basil
Cameron Walter Stanley
Cameron Waverley Edward
Cameron Robert
Cameron David Lyon Scott
Cameron Forbes
Cameron William Gray
Cameron John Stewart
Cameron Gordon Everett
Cameron William Douglas
Cameron William Hugh Iain
Cameron John
Cameron Clare Reid
Cameron William Parmenas
Cameron Angus
Cameron George
Cameron Stanley Laidler
Cameron John McDonald
Cameron Alexander Henry
Cameron Colin Stewart
Cameron John Wesley
Cameron Charles Jackson
Cameron Richard Beauchamp
Cameron Gilleasbuig Kilmichael
Cameron James Lindsay
Camm Reginald Henry William
Cammies Donald Thomas William
Camp Alan Walter
Campbell Eric Archibald Owen
Campbell Everard
Campbell Donald Allister
Campbell Alan Andrew
Campbell Colin Ian Duncan
Campbell William Smith
Campbell William Sidney
Campbell Daniel McLean
Campbell James Duncan
Campbell John McDougal
Campbell Kenneth Munro
Campbell Hugh
Campbell John Michael
Campbell David Adams
Campbell Alexander Whyte
Campbell Joseph
Campbell Douglas Granville Joseph
Campbell Colin Summers
Campbell Robert McMillan
Campbell Colin Herbert
Campbell Alexander
Campbell Alastair William
Campbell Alan
Campbell Daniel
Campbell Robert Hepburn
Campbell John Erik
Campbell Douglas Reid
Campbell James Reith
Campbell Frederick Yorston
Campbell Robert Allison
Campbell Robert Hugh
Campbell Robert Balmain
Campbell Clarence
Campbell Colin Blair
Campbell Kenneth John
Campbell Stephen Gordon
Campbell John Leslie Gordon
Campbell-Rogers Leonard Herculese
Campey Walter
Campion Michael Patrick
Camps Albert
Campton Albert Spencer Blair
Canavan John
Canday Charles Richard
Candline Albert Edward
Cane William George
Cane Philip Henry Frederick
Canet David
Cann Peter Norman
Cann Stanley Richard
Cannar Basil Richard
Cannell Dudley Roy Cluett
Cannell Alfred John
Cannell Peter George
Canning William
Cannon Leslie
Cannon William
Cansell George Edward
Cansick William
Cant Thomas David
Cantell Norman Walter Sydney
Cantwell Christopher Felix
Cantwell Gerard Joseph Michael
Cantwell Richard Power
Capel Stanley George
Capes Frederick Walter
Capin Edward Butler
Cappleman Walter Henry
Capstick Francis Leo
Card Benjamin William
Card Marshall William
Card Arthur
Cardell John Sommerville
Cardy Dennis Alfred
Care Ernest Charles
Carey John Joseph
Carey Basil
Carey Peter Denzil O'Donoghue
Cargill Arthur Sydenham Tremenheere
Carleton Hugh Basil
Carley John William
Carlin Mark Francis
Carling Ronald David John Campbell
Carling Rodney Patrick
Carling Christopher
Carlisle Peter Francis
Carlon Ronald
Carlson Alfred
Carlson Stanley Carl Walter
Carlton Howard Francis John
Carlyon Paul Winstanley Manners
Carman Cyril
Carman Dennis Mark
Carmichael John Smart
Carmichael Andrew
Carmichael James Thomson
Carmichael John William
Carmichael William
Carmichael Reginald
Carnall George Mitchell
Carncross Norman
Carne Roy Dempsey
Carnegie Thomas
Carney Richard Alexander
Carney Joseph Robert
Carpenter George Ralph
Carpenter Cecil Thomas William
Carpenter Sydney
Carpenter Leonard Albert Gordon
Carpenter Douglas Arthur
Carpenter Arthur Vincent
Carpenter Peter John
Carpenter John Alexander
Carr James Baxter
Carr Clifford
Carr Raymond Arthur
Carr Lawrence
Carr John Herbert
Carr William Henry
Carr Robert Henry
Carr Kenneth Claude
Carr Clarence Milton
Carr Reginald
Carr Robert Taylor
Carr Albert
Carr Alfred George
Carr James Frederick
Carrel Noel Ernest Robertson
Carrick Alan Russell
Carrick William Donald
Carrigan Joseph Thomas
Carrington Robert Charles
Carrodus Robert James
Carroll Richard Valentine
Carroll Bernard
Carroll Richard Francis
Carroll Charles Edward
Carroll Gerard
Carrott Robert James
Carrott Derek Charles
Carruthers Ford Ross
Carruthers Harold Allen
Carruthers James Thomson
Carruthers John Mackison
Carson Illtyd Thomas Holden
Carson Harvey George
Carson George Howard
Carson Thomas Hulton
Carson Lewis Gerard
Carson Alexander
Carson Reginald
Carson Thomas Walter
Carstairs Alexander
Carter Donovan Yukin
Carter Henry William Tilson
Carter Geoffrey
Carter John Thomas
Carter George Alfred
Carter Wallace
Carter Derek Dudley James
Carter Robert Wynn Hunton
Carter Henry
Carter Gilbert William
Carter Joseph William
Carter Roy Edward
Carter Frank Ernest
Carter Ronald George
Carter William Jesse
Carter John Philip
Carter Derek Guy
Carter George William
Carter George Henry
Carter Maurice Henry
Carter Leslie
Carter John Patrick
Carter Leslie Raymond
Carter Tony Kevin
Carter Edward James
Carter Charles Bindon
Carter John Whitfield
Carter Victor George
Carthew Ewin Garth
Cartlidge Richard Matthew
Cartmell John
Cartmell Jack
Cartwright Frank
Cartwright Eric
Cartwright George
Cartwright David I'anson
Cartwright John Edward
Cartwright George Alfred
Cartwright Henry
Cartwright James
Cartwright Geoffrey
Carty Harry Dennis Gordon
Carvajal Earl Randolph
Carver John Champion
Carvil Lawrence Samuel
Carvill Richard Douglas
Cary Earl Stanley
Case Thomas Edward
Caselton Victor John
Casey Theadore Edgar James
Casey Arthur Joseph Patrick
Casey Allan James
Casey Murray Gordon
Cash George Henry Joseph
Cash Alfred Valentine
Cashion Patrick Leslie
Cashmore Philip
Casper Leonard Charles
Cass Jeremy
Cass Walter Eric
Cassady John Melburne
Cassavetti Ian McKenzie
Cassell Stephen Joseph
Cassells William Hogg
Cassells Francis John
Cassidy George John
Cassidy James
Cassidy Lorne Francis
Cassidy Patrick
Cassin James Patrick
Casstles John Hamilton
Castell Richard Albert
Castellari Reginald Lionel
Castle Herbert
Castle Hugh Wilfred
Castle Eric Alexander
Caston Cyril Leon
Catchpole Walter John
Catchpole John Frank
Cates Lawrence Reginald
Cathcart Raymond Bertie
Catlin Reginald William
Catling William Robert
Catlow Ronald
Cato Donald Antony
Cato Reginald Hubert
Caton John Edwin
Catt Henry Nathaniel
Cattle Thomas Robert Manard
Catto Patrick Tawse
Caudrey Dennis Edward
Caulton Ivan
Caunter Leonard James
Caunter-Jackson Frederick Arthur
Causon John Albert
Cauthers William Austin
Cave Cyril George
Cave William
Cave William Walter
Cave George
Caveney Thomas James
Cawfield Henry George
Cawley Francis
Cawsey John Nicholson
Cawthorne John Thomas
Cazalet Alexander Brise Travers
Ceeney George Edmund Henry
Cernohorsky Ladislav
Cervi Louis
Cervinka Miroslav
Ceybird Wilson John
Chabot John Joseph Graham
Chadaway John Alfred
Chadwick Eric
Chadwick Leslie Anwyl
Chadwick Tom
Chadwick Harry
Chadwick Alfred
Chaffey George Henry
Chaldecott Eric William John
Chalice Leonard Harry
Chalk Albert Edward
Chalk Kenneth William
Chalkley John
Challenger Clifford James
Challes John Thomas Irvine
Challinor Arthur Frederick
Challinor James Edward
Challis John Frederick
Challoner Charles Stuart
Challoner Thomas William
Chalmers John Geoffrey
Chalmers Peter William Simpson
Chalmers Ivor Ramsay
Chalmers James Chute
Chaloner George
Chalton Harold
Chamberlain John Alfred
Chamberlain Gordon Arthur
Chamberlain Thomas Henry
Chamberlain John William
Chamberlain Croyden Jelfs Edinborough
Chamberlain Lloyd Montgomery
Chamberlin John Gardner
Chambers William
Chambers Thomas William
Chambers Hunter
Chambers William Edmund
Chambers John Claridge
Chambers Clarke Munro
Chambers Ralph
Chambers David William Arlidge
Chambers William Martin
Chambers Jack Harvey
Chambers Graham Lambert
Chambers Albert
Chambers William Victor
Champ Wilfred Stanley
Champion Philip Arthur
Champion Harry Mathew
Champion Dudley Sydney
Champion-Jones Peter Smithard
Champoux Joseph Lucien Anatole
Chance Ivor Wyndham
Chancellor Roland Niall
Chandler Alfred George
Chandler John Lincoln
Chandler Albert William
Chandler Edward Fred
Chandler Reginald
Chandler John Joseph
Chandler John Derek
Chandler Keith John
Chanler Peter George Victor
Channer Richard William
Channing Cyril Oscar
Chantrell Arthur Stuart
Chaplin Kenneth Walter
Chaplin Harry
Chapman Henry Eric
Chapman Peter Lewis
Chapman Kenneth Herbert
Chapman Frank
Chapman John Wynne
Chapman Stanley
Chapman Harold Ernest Leslie
Chapman Maurice Allen
Chapman Kenneth Sidney James
Chapman William Waddell
Chapman David
Chapman Russell Ernest
Chapman Richard Kenneth
Chapman Drummond
Chapman Charles Henry
Chapman Arthur Rex
Chapman Antony Dutton
Chapman Chelmsford Edward
Chapman Russell Jesse
Chapman Alan Osborn
Chapman Gordon Lindsay
Chapman Colin Deans
Chapman Sidney William
Chapman William Geoffrey
Chapman Neil Procter
Chapman Jack Routledge
Chapman Henry Holmes
Chapman Alfred William Musgrave
Chapman Eric
Chapman Edwin Delaney
Chapman Geoffrey Bertrand
Chapman John Austin Charles
Chapman Kenneth
Chappel Albert James Aidan
Chappell William Edwin
Chappell Charles Lancelot
Chappell Albert
Chappell Leslie Frank
Chappell Harry
Chapple Peter Bernard
Chapple Douglas William Ernest
Chard William Francis
Charest Joseph Marie Antoine Laurent
Charles Hilton David
Charles Edward Christopher
Charles Eric Arthur
Charles-Jones John Kenneth
Charlesworth Tom
Charlesworth Derek
Charlesworth John Henry
Charlick Dean Gordon
Charlier Martin Joseph Julien
Charlton Raymond Cyril Frederick
Charlton Ronald
Charman Keith
Charnaud Laurence Edward
Charnley William
Charnock Leonard
Chart George Arthur
Charters John Bennett
Charters Robert John
Charters William
Chartier Joseph Leon Triffle
Chase Robert Fleming
Chase-Casgrain Marie Guy Alexandre
Chataway Cosmo Clive
Chatfield Ronald Arthur
Chatterley Cecil William
Chaundy Maurice Leonard
Chave Frederick Stanley Hubert
Cheal William Edward
Cheatley George Johnston
Cheeseman Sydney Hatfield
Cheeseman Sidney Arthur
Cheesman Gordon Roy
Cheesman Ronald Frank
Cheesman Alan Merton
Cheesman William
Cheetham Walter Callwood
Cheetham Ronald William
Cheetham William Harris
Cheetham Alfred
Cheetham John Cowper
Cheetham Thomas Harry Wentworth
Chegwidden Elias Stout
Chell John Francis
Chell David Graham
Chelman William Ossian
Cheney Jack
Chepil Mack
Cherniuk George
Cherrie Alexander William
Cherry Arthur John
Cheshire Kenneth George
Chessor Edward William
Chester Stanley Charles
Chester Jack
Chester Harold James
Chester Augustus Bryan
Chester Arthur John
Chester-Master Julian Paul
Chesters John Christopher
Chevalier Joseph Frederic
Chiasson John Charles
Chicken John
Chiddenton Arthur Dickens
Child Charles Colby
Child Roy Craven
Child Arthur George
Childs Victor George
Chilver Kenneth Graham
Chilvers John George Bruce
Chinery Raymond Trevor
Chinnery Roy Victor
Chiplin Arthur
Chisholm John Harry MacKellar
Chisholm Roderick James
Chisholm Donald Alexander
Chittenden Peter
Chittick Jack Charles
Chittock Wesley Victor
Chitty Cyril Chilton
Chitty Richard Lawrence
Chitty Walter Evan
Chivers Peter
Chivers John
Chiverton Harold George Raymond
Chlup Jaroslav
Chocholin Vladislav
Chomley John Allison George
Chopping Ralph Campbell
Chorley Robert Alexander
Chouchoux Henry Jeffrey Elisha
Chouiniere Eugene Edward
Chown William Robert
Chrimes Oswald Kenneth
Christensen Gavin Keith Henry
Christensen Severin
Christenson Floyd Raymond
Christian Arnold Louis
Christian Kenneth Cregeen
Christie Charles Wellington
Christie Alexander Baxter
Christie Richard Morley
Christie Harry Dean
Christie Robert Dougall
Christie Paul Anthony
Christie Robert
Christie James
Christie James Balfour
Christien William Roderic
Christison William Ritchie
Christon Ernest
Christon James Frederick
Christopher Henry Morton
Chubb Alfred William
Chudleigh Frank Donald
Church Gerald Arthur
Church Eric Rodger
Church David
Church Frederick William
Church Ronald Lester
Churchard James
Churcher Leslie Alexander
Churcher Gerald Leonard
Churches Edward Walter Gillies
Churchill Cecil Stephen
Churchman John Walter
Churchman Maurice
Cibulka Josef Frantisek
Clabburn-Detrez Dennis Arthur
Clack George Lionel
Clack Sidney Arthur
Cladis Lionel George
Clapham John Stanley
Clapham Philip Charles
Clapham John
Clapton Gerald Frederick Arthur
Claque John Edward
Clare Seymour
Clare Norman
Clare Basil Frederic
Clare Cedric William
Clare Henry Joseph Albert
Clark William Henry Robert
Clark John William Cockbain
Clark Andrew William
Clark Ronald Thornton
Clark Phillip Charles Headley
Clark Walter Alexander Graham
Clark Lloyd Denzil
Clark Charles Peter
Clark Patrick Hourston Moar
Clark Glenn Greaves
Clark Leonard Stanley
Clark Peter
Clark John Allen
Clark Joseph James Richard
Clark Henry Alan
Clark Robert Stanley
Clark James Haldane
Clark John David
Clark Douglas Ward
Clark Robert Michael Godfrey
Clark Robert
Clark Edwin Spencer Charles
Clark Ian Ronald Wentworth
Clark Austin Thomas
Clark Harry
Clark Maurice Arthur
Clark James Murdoch
Clark Ben
Clark Hugh MacKenzie
Clark Sydney Ewan Carswell
Clark Victor James
Clark Ari Bergthor
Clark Kenneth Edward
Clark Raymond
Clark Clarence Taylor
Clark Vernon Edward
Clark Ivan Henry
Clark Theodore Marcus
Clark Arthur John
Clark Christopher Arthur
Clark Kenneth Rosebrook
Clark William Andrew Alcwyn
Clarke Henry James
Clarke Robert Joseph
Clarke William Charles
Clarke William James
Clarke Robert Barclay
Clarke Reginald Kenneth
Clarke Harold William
Clarke Archibald Erle
Clarke Herbert Mitchell
Clarke Raymond
Clarke Charles Owen
Clarke George
Clarke Leslie Roland
Clarke William Robertson
Clarke Victor William
Clarke Harold Frank
Clarke John Stanley
Clarke Trevor Hermon
Clarke Gordon Dennis
Clarke Gordon Stuart
Clarke Raymond Walter
Clarke Richard Joseph
Clarke Gerald Francis
Clarke Henry Thomas
Clarke Harold William
Clarke Edward Allan
Clarke John
Clarke James Cunningham
Clarke Arthur William
Clarke James Joseph
Clarke Ronald Charles
Clarke John
Clarke James Clifford
Clarke Alfred Bruce
Clarke Arthur George
Clarke Harry
Clarke George Allen
Clarke Ernest Reginald
Clarke Thomas Harry
Clarke Donald Basil
Clarke Sydney
Clarke Arthur Henry
Clarke Thomas Kenneth
Clarke Robert Mayo
Clarke Alfred
Clarke Adrian George Evelyn
Clarke Eric
Clarke Horace
Clarke Thomas Brian
Clarkson Henry Paul
Clarson Hugh Allan
Clasper Robert
Clasper John Percy
Clatworthy Douglas Roy
Claxton Donald Young
Claxton Jack Lionel
Clayden Ernest
Claydon Richard George
Claydon Leslie William
Clayton Leslie Sheridon
Clayton Gerald Lawrence
Clayton Jack
Clayton Michael James
Clayton Dennis Henry
Clayton Thomas James
Clayworth Albert
Clayworth Eric Raymond
Cleary Albert Edward
Cleary Richard
Cleave Maurice George
Cleaver Richard Bath
Cleaver Norman Claude
Clegg Alan Bernard
Clegg Richard
Cleland Andrew McNeill
Cleland William Robert
Clelland Kenneth Stewart
Clelland Gordon
Clemens Gerald Royce
Clement Roger Albert
Clements Thomas Finlay
Clemett John Alfred
Clench Peter Kingsley
Cletheroe Charles
Cleveland Vincent Alton Francis
Cleveland Archie
Cleverdon Robert John Albert
Cleversley Norman Charles
Clevey William Alfred
Clewer Roland
Clezy William
Cliff Geoffrey Denys Maynard
Cliffe Jack
Cliffe Harold
Cliffe James Frederick Colin
Clifford Daniel Joseph
Clifford Dennis John
Clifford Clive Edward Wigram
Clifton Talbot Charles Cyril
Clinch Ernest James
Cline Gordon Alton
Clitheroe Thomas Craske
Clitheroe Roger Victor
Clitheroe Arthur
Clive-Davies Arthur Corfield Somerset
Clogg Alan Leslie
Close James Joseph
Close Dennis
Close Peter Thrale
Close Donald Jones
Clough Kenneth
Clough William Leonard
Clough George Frederick
Clough James Thomas Bartle
Clough Frank
Clouston Alfred Raymond
Clout Charles Frederick
Cloutier Joseph Darie Louis
Clover George Edward
Clover Jack Samuel
Clow David John
Clucas Joseph Kenneth
Cluderay Elvin Newton
Cluer Roger
Cluff John Murray
Cluff Edward Burgess
Clugston Kenneth William
Clulow George Frederick
Coady Terence Patrick O'Kelly Thomas
Coakley Francis
Coales Daniel
Coalter Richard
Coates Alfred
Coates Allan Cyrenius James
Coates Kenneth John
Coates Harold Kenneth
Coates Alan Edward
Coates Jack
Coates John Ross
Coates Walter
Coates Sidney
Coates Rex
Coatesworth Norman
Cobb Arthur Kenneth
Cobbe Alexander William Locke
Cobbett Charles Howard
Cobby Arthur Victor Edward
Cobby Geoffrey Raymond
Cobden Gerald
Cobell Walter
Cobley Clifford
Coburn Albert Joseph
Coburn Alexander Bridges
Cochran Joseph Andrew
Cochrane George Noel
Cochrane John Blair
Cockayne Harold John
Cockayne Colin George
Cockburn William
Cockburn Donald Wilfred
Cockburn Alexander Bridges
Cockburn George Hamilton
Cockburn William Hugh
Cockburn John Thomas
Cockburn James Wilson Blackie
Cockerham Lester
Cockerill Douglas
Cockin Edwin Mills
Cockin John Alexander
Cocking Leslie
Cocking Norman
Cockroft George Geoffrey
Cocks Charles Wilfred Hurman
Cockshott Robert John
Codd Roy Donald Ernest
Coddington Hubert Geoffrey John
Code Peter Bryson
Coe Lawrence William Hamilton
Coffey John Bracken
Coffey John Robert
Cogdell Charles James Bertram
Coggin Stanley Alfred
Coggins John
Coghill Kelvin
Coghlan Lawrence William
Cogman William Curwin Gavine
Cohen Benjamin
Cohen Cyril Branston
Cohen Louis
Cohen Herbert Cyril
Cohen David Isadore
Cohen Edward Charles
Coish Frederick Charles
Cojocar George
Coke-Kerr Walter Harold
Coker Frederick Charles
Colbear George Harold
Colbert Edward
Colbourn Francis Leman Jesse
Coldham-Fussell Humphrey
Coldwell William Francis
Coldwell-Horsfall George David
Cole Francis Charles
Cole James Frederick
Cole George
Cole Raymond
Cole Roger Gordon
Cole Richard Martyn
Cole James Edward
Cole Eric Walter
Cole John Percival Victor
Cole Robert Henry
Cole Arthur Thomas
Cole William John
Cole Frederick Marsden
Cole Raymond Frederick
Colebatch Norman Henry
Colebrook Christopher
Coleman Charles
Coleman Sidney Harry
Coleman Wesley Percival
Coleman Alan Joseph
Coles Robert John
Coles Harold William
Coles Denys Geoffrey Groeme
Coley Raymond Charles
Coley Aubrey Wilson
Colgate Herbert Edgar William
Colhoun William Andrew Lawrence
Collaery Edward Francis
Colledge Maule William
Collens Reginald Joseph
Collens William Wallace
Colless Gordon Sydney
Collett Stanley John
Colley John Henry
Colley Douglas George
Collier Ralph
Collier Alfred
Collier Richard Theobald
Collier William
Collin Henry Oswald
Collinge Douglas Owen
Collingridge John
Collings Leonard George
Collings Cyril
Collingwood Charles Norman
Collingwood Ernest William Joseph
Collingwood Maurice
Collins Thomas
Collins Richard Arthur
Collins Raymond Noel
Collins Ernest Lewis
Collins Noel Briggs
Collins Arthur Vincent
Collins Norman Pine
Collins Leslie
Collins Owen Eastwood
Collins James Andrew
Collins Glencoe Henry George
Collins Maxwell Ritchie
Collins John Edward Martin
Collins Victor George
Collins Arthur
Collins William Richard
Collins Leslie Norman
Collins Reginald Noah
Collins Hamish Gordon
Collins Roy Frederick
Collins William Edwin
Collins Kenneth Sidney
Collins John Kenneth
Collins John Noel
Collins William Bernard
Collins Keith Clayton
Collins Stanley Alan
Collins Cecil Howard
Collins Victor Denis William
Collins John Cyril
Collins Tom
Collins Joseph Louis
Collinson Bernard
Collis Gordon
Collis Reginald Stephen
Collis John Arundel
Collman Edward George
Collver Joseph Beemer
Colpitts John William
Colter James Cecil
Colthurst John Buller
Coltman John
Columbine Alfred Bernard
Colverson Raymond Leonard
Colville Alexander Colborne
Colvin Raymond
Colwell Thomas Bell
Colwill Wallace James
Colyer John Edward
Comba William Monor
Combaz Alfred Joseph
Comber-Higgs Edward Dmitri
Combes John Cresswell
Comely Peter Woodruff
Comer Leonard John
Comer George Allen
Comery Arthur
Compton Anthony Wilfred Alwyne
Compton Lionel Arthur
Conacher Murray Blair
Conard Fernand Albert Hegisippe
Cond Leslie Charles
Condon John James
Condron John
Coney Kenneth
Conley Ronald John
Conlin Hugh Thomas
Conlon Basil James
Conn William Bruce
Conn John Robert
Connacher Stuart McIntyre
Connah Cyril
Conneff Sidney Robert
Connel James Hamilton
Connell Samuel Patrick
Connell Peter
Connell Leslie Franklin
Connelly Edward
Connock Ernest
Connolly Francis Martin
Connolly Cyril William
Connolly Frank Andrew
Connor John Norman
Connor James Gibson
Connor Thomas William
Connor Arthur Albert
Connor Raymond Francis
Connor Thomas
Connors Frank Earl
Conolly John Louis De Vere
Conquest Henry John
Conrad Henry
Conroy Patrick Hector
Conroy Bernard Keith
Conroy Desmond James
Conry Edmund Joseph
Constable John Charles
Constable Thomas Alfred
Conter David
Convey Leo Joseph
Convy Michael
Conway Norman James
Cook Ralph Edward
Cook Wilfred Julian
Cook Edward John
Cook Harold Leslie
Cook George
Cook James Roland
Cook George Thomas
Cook George Victor
Cook Eric John
Cook Horace James
Cook Harry Owen
Cook Ronald Herbert
Cook Arthur Malcolm Frederick
Cook Harold Alexander
Cook Henry Spencer
Cook Gordon Frederick
Cook Norman Percival
Cook James
Cook Leo Frederick
Cook Charles Henry David
Cook Herbert James
Cook Harry William
Cook Kenneth Charles
Cook Charles Smith
Cook Patrick Joseph
Cook Harry
Cook John William
Cook Donald Herbert William
Cook Albert Charles
Cook Frank Henry
Cook Alan
Cook Walter Stuart
Cook Ronald Anthony
Cook Francis John
Cook Allan Alfred
Cook Alan Ramsay
Cook Geoffrey Ernest
Cook Joseph Edward
Cook Tom
Cooke Eric Thomas
Cooke Charles William
Cooke Reginald
Cooke Christopher William
Cooke Simon Russell
Cooke Raymond Joseph
Cooke Arthur
Cooke Edred Rodney Fitzpatrick
Cooke Nicholas Gresham
Cooke Stanley Harold
Cooke John Leo
Cooke Desmond
Cooke Leonard James
Cooke Thomas Henry
Cooke William Leslie
Cooke Ronald Llewellyn
Cooke Terence Raymond
Cooke Norman John
Cookman Harry
Cookson William Remington
Cookson Thomas Phillip
Cooley John
Cooling Charles David
Coombe Malcolm John
Coomber Ronald Harold
Coombes Rodney Dennis
Coombs Stanley Albert
Coombs George Edward William
Coomes Albert Lawrence
Coomes Roy John
Cooney Cecil John
Coons Dexter Brand
Coope William Edwin
Cooper Jack
Cooper Bernard William David
Cooper Sydney
Cooper Charles Joseph
Cooper Walter Arthur
Cooper William Joseph
Cooper Kenneth
Cooper Robert Alfred
Cooper Francis Weeks
Cooper Godfrey Storian
Cooper Thomas Kenneth
Cooper John Stewart
Cooper Harold James
Cooper Norman
Cooper Kenneth John
Cooper James Laing Robert
Cooper Stanley Frederick
Cooper Charles Stanley
Cooper Arthur Kenneth
Cooper Douglas John
Cooper Harry Thomas David
Cooper Kenneth John
Cooper Bernard Horace
Cooper Thomas Noel
Cooper Jack Frankland
Cooper Robert Morse
Cooper Basil John
Cooper Norman
Cooper James Francis
Cooper Neville George William
Cooper Norman Leslie
Cooper John Donald
Cooper Leslie Frank
Cooper Tancred Eric
Cooper Ronald William Riverston
Cooper Alan Norman
Cooper James William
Cooper John Arkell Harding
Cooper Joseph Arthur Gordon
Cooper Allen Edward
Cooper Frederick Terrance
Cooper Billie Bartusek
Cooper John William Edward
Cooper Walter Robert
Coote Kenneth Percy
Coote Frederick Samuel
Copcutt Richard
Cope George Alfred Victor
Cope Ronald
Cope Horace Clarence
Cope James
Copegog Allan Joseph
Copeland Ben Bales
Copeland Herbert Redvers
Copeland James Coulter
Copeland Arthur Alfred
Copley Dennis
Coppersmith Raymond Patrick
Copping Clarence Lummis
Copplestone Alan Frank
Copsey Tom
Corbett Kenneth Raymond
Corbett John Joseph
Corbett John Alexander
Corbett William David
Corbett John Edwin
Corbould Kenneth Bruce
Corcoran Henry
Corden Dennis George Stanley
Corder Frank Wallace
Corderoy Edwin Arthur
Corderoy John James Stephen
Cordery Victor Clement
Corfield Norman
Corfield Jack William
Corin Henry George
Corke Jim
Corkill Charles William Maxwell
Corless John
Corless Joseph Horace
Corless Victor James
Cormacey Ronald Cedric
Cormack Alexander Valentine
Cormack-Beatson Charles Edward
Corman John
Cornbloom Lionel
Cornelison John Edgar
Cornelius Raymond Summers
Cornell Eric Raymond Ivan
Corner Hugh Wolfe
Cornfoot Radford Claude
Cornish Dennis James
Cornish John Charles
Corns Alexander
Corns Harry Ashley
Cornwall James Raymond
Cornwallis Peter Brownell
Cornwell George Francis
Cornwell Robert
Corran Stanley
Correll John Dunham
Corrie Kenneth Edward
Corrigan Robert James
Corrigan Thomas Edward
Corrigan Dennis Victor
Corris Douglas
Corry John Simpson Blair
Corry Edward
Corser Arthur Henry Cadell
Cory John Edwin
Cosens Frank William
Cosgrove Robert James
Cosman William Nathan
Cossart James Bowes
Cossey Dennis Alfred
Cossey Sidney
Cossins John Gordon
Costello John
Costello Patrick Arthur
Coster John Stewart
Costigan Norman Edward
Costin Neville James
Cottam Henry Atkin
Cottam John
Cottee Fred
Cotter Douglas Andrew
Cotter Patrick Claud
Cotter Daniel Joseph
Cotter Owen Richard O'Hara
Cottier John Colin
Cottingham Edward
Cottingham Cyril Morgan
Cottman John Dennis
Cotton Godfrey Allenby Douglas
Cotton Edwin Arthur
Cotton Ivor
Cotton Leonard
Cotton Maxwell Tylney
Cotton Paul Temple
Couch Arthur Frederick Conroy
Coughlin Gerald Philip
Coughlin Bernard
Couldwell Edward
Coulman Richard Maxwell
Coulson Kenneth
Coulson Snowdon
Coulson Ronald
Coulson Herbert Francis
Coulter James Stewart
Coulter Everett Malcolm
Coulter Frederick Thomas
Coulthard John
Coulton George Howey
Counsell Stanley
Countess Ray Edgerton
Couper James Robert
Court Donald Alexander
Courtenay Donald Harold
Courtman Thomas Samuel
Courtney James Boyd
Courtney James Geen
Courtney Geoffrey Vincent
Cousins Arthur James
Coutts Desmond Christian Frederick
Coutts Alexander Taylor
Coutts Benson Arnold Wilson
Coutts Andrew Edward
Couzens George Alfred Frederick
Coventry Charles Robey
Coverdale John
Coverley John Charles
Covey William Walter
Cowan Emerson Weldon
Cowan Nicholas Edgar John
Cowan Robert John Alexander
Cowan George Edward
Cowan George Hamilton
Cowan Roland Reginald
Cowan Henry
Cowans Robert
Coward Bernard
Coward Robert
Cowell Donald
Cowell Roy
Cowell Walter Robert
Cowen James
Cowen John Robert
Cowen Wilfred James
Cowgill Albert Moore
Cowie James Moore
Cowie John Boyle
Cowie Douglas
Cowie Alexander
Cowles Robert Melland John
Cowley Samuel
Cowley Nathaniel Albert T Rumball
Cowley Robert Hurst
Cowley Robert Henry
Cowling Henry
Cowling Aubrey Francis
Cowling Arthur
Cowlishaw Harold
Cowperthwaite Lonsdale
Cowsill James Roy
Cox Ronald
Cox John James
Cox Robert Louis
Cox Jeffrey
Cox David Spencer
Cox William Augustus
Cox Thomas Hugh
Cox Wilfrid Leonard
Cox Harold Russell
Cox Kenneth Stanley
Cox Manassah
Cox Reginald
Cox John Edward
Cox Philip Anthony Neville
Cox Bryan Stephen
Cox Arthur Cromwell Llewellyn
Cox Godfrey Hippesley
Cox Roy Henry
Cox Gurth Ernest
Cox Ralph James Mitchell
Cox Herbert
Cox Alexander Lewis
Cox Neville Holt
Cox Raymond Charles
Cox Ronald Frederick
Coy James
Coyle Michael George
Coyle John James
Crabb John Malcolm
Crabb George
Crabbe Ernest Stanley
Crabtree John James
Crabtree Harry
Crabtree Alan
Crabtree John Calverley
Crabtree Kenneth
Cracknell Stanley Arthur
Craddock Sydney
Craddock Thomas Eugene
Craddock Edward Frank
Craft George William
Cragg Edward Franklin
Cragg William Philip
Cragg Kenneth Leonard
Cragg Archibald Douglas
Craggs Matthew Frank
Crago William Thomas Roy
Craig Frederick Henry
Craig Hugh Cuthbert
Craig Robert Kenneth
Craig Albert Douglas Foch
Craig Douglas John Robert
Craig Alfred Burton
Craig David George
Craig Arthur Ernest
Craig Alexander Milne
Craig John
Craig John
Craig John Richard
Craig Robert Samuel Carson
Craig Malcolm James Courtland
Craig David Carnegie
Craik David Stewart
Crail William David
Craine Alexander Robert
Cramer Oscar Rene
Cramm Reginald Harrison
Crammond John
Cramp Dennis
Crampton William Francis
Crane William Edward
Crane Wilburt McLarty
Crane Kenneth Walter
Crane Robert William
Crank Arthur Allan
Cranston David Charles
Cranz William August
Crapp Francis George
Crapp Errol Clifton
Crapper-Bovey Derrick Roy Lionel
Craven Walter Edward
Craven Terence
Crawford Ronald Aubrey
Crawford Francis Sirius
Crawford Ronald Peter
Crawford John Maxwell
Crawford George
Crawford James
Crawford James
Crawford John Mitchell
Crawford John
Crawford John Geoffrey
Crawley Terence John
Crawley Roland
Crawley Edward George
Crawley Joseph Kenneth
Crawley George Walter
Crawshaw Lawrence Edward
Crean John
Crebbin William Donald
Credland Alan Raymond
Credland Ralph Hilton
Cree Robert Edward
Creed Terence Hugh
Creek Ronald Arthur
Crees Jack Bertram
Crellin Albert Edwin
Cremer Jeffrey Martin
Cresswell Cyril
Creswell Albert Edward
Creswell Ralph Nelson Adams
Crewe Kenneth Edward
Crichton Cecil Ernest
Criddle Percival Richard
Cridge Alfred Victor Gordon
Cridge Robert John
Crilly Thomas
Crimes Brian Francis Frederick
Cripps Raymond Frank
Crisp John Lawrence
Crisp Neville Frank
Critcher Edmund Russell
Critchison Stanley Bryan
Critchley Ronald
Critchlow Richard Noel Pickwell
Critchlow Alfred Derrick
Croad George Partridge
Croad Leslie Herbert
Croall George Alexander
Crocker Frank Wilson
Crockett Douglas Thomas
Crocombe Sidney
Croft Jack Millen
Croft William Alexander
Croft James Bracewell
Croft Alan Ridley
Croft Allan Blyth
Croft Lawrence Furby
Croft Barry Alan
Croft Cedric Robert
Croft Ronald Percy
Crofton Cecil Charles William
Crofton Robert Denis
Crofts Arthur
Crofts Jack Henson
Croke Francis Bernard
Croker Desmond Rimmer
Croker Arthur James
Croker Jack Price
Croll Ian Bruce
Croll John
Cromarty John Donald Range
Cromb Ian Taylor
Crombie Robert
Crombie Donald Charles Cameron
Crompton George William Sergio
Crompton Joseph
Cronan Thomas
Cronin Cornelius Patrick Finbarr
Cronk George Edward
Cronyn Peter Hume
Crook Lynford Colin
Crook John
Crook Reginald Wilfred
Crook Lawrence Bater
Crook David Moore
Crookes Vincent
Crooks William Wilson
Crooks John Hodgson
Croome John Charles
Crory Weir
Crosbie Charles Hamilton
Crosbie William Mitchell
Crosby George Leslie
Crosland Derek Ernest Thomas
Cross Leslie
Cross Arthur Laurence
Cross Walter
Cross Frederick George
Cross Albert Alan
Cross Stanley
Cross George
Cross Raymond Wilfred
Cross John Stanley
Cross John William
Cross Reginald Alfred Richard
Cross Frederick Thomas
Cross Frank
Cross William Norman
Cross Peter James
Crossan George Stewart
Crossley Lennox Ashton
Crossley Edmund Forbes
Crossley Arnold Erol
Crossman Edward Francis
Crosson Arthur James
Crosswell Percy Bruce
Crosswell William Arthur
Crouch Arthur George Bernard
Croucher John Rhodes
Croucher Henry
Croucher Gordon
Crow Robert King
Crow George Arthur
Crow John Thomas Marcham
Crowe Eric
Crowe Leo Ralph
Crowe Mostyn Maurice
Crowhurst Eric Frank
Crowley Michael John
Crowsley Dennis Arthur
Crowsley William John Vincent
Crowther Frederick Stephen
Crowther William Longster
Crowther Joshua
Crowther Gordon Alfred
Croxford Donald Stanyon
Croxton William Leslie
Croxton-Davis Robert
Crozier Robert
Crozier Noel Henry
Crozier Peter
Cruickshank John Mitchell
Cruikshank Bernard Herbert
Crumbley William Michael
Crummy George Kenneth
Crump Reginald Robert Terance
Crump John Colvin
Crump Gilbert Frederick
Crump Tom
Crumpton Albert Charles
Cruttenden Harold Sidney
Cruttenden John
Crux Cecil Charles
Cryderman Lawrence Elwood
Cryer William Henry
Ctvrtlik Jan
Cubbon William Henry
Cubitt John Charles
Cuddihy Nevil Thomas
Cudworth Warwick George
Cueto Frank
Culcheth William Ernest
Culf Bernard Frederick
Cull Edwin Louis
Cullen Charles Leslie
Cullen Herbert Sidney George
Cullen Edward
Cullen Kenneth Earle
Cullen John Kennedy
Cullerne Mervyn Wyndham
Culley Edward James
Culliford Ronald Firth
Culling-Mannix Francis Thomas
Cullingham Robert Dudley
Cullum James Frederick William
Cully Victor Charles
Culp Reginald Harley
Culshaw Donald Owen Colwell
Culver Alfred Charles
Culverwell Edward
Cumberworth Provis
Cuming William John
Cumming James White
Cumming Ernest Robert
Cumming Raymond Stanley
Cumming John
Cummings Reginald George
Cummings Robert Paul
Cummins Thomas Henry
Cumpsty Frederic William Raukawa
Cundill Thomas Cedric
Cunning James Erskine
Cunningham Sydney Daniel
Cunningham James Charles
Cunningham Roland George
Cunningham Alan Henry
Cunningham Gordon Strachan
Cunningham Godfrey Melville
Cunningham Wilfred James
Cunningham Elson Wright
Cunningham John Laurence Gilchrist
Cunningham Richard Frederick
Cunningham John
Cunningham Robert
Cunnington William George
Curchin John
Curl John Smethurst
Curle John Garfield
Curle Robert
Curless George
Curley Albert George
Curner Reginald Hawies
Curnick Denis
Curnock Samuel David James
Curnuck Brinley Ivor
Currah George
Currall Howard Brian
Curran John
Curran Andrew Peter
Currie Alexander
Currie John
Currie Kirkwood Dundee
Currie Duncan Jamieson McCormick
Currie Vivian Lester
Currie Gordon
Currie David Porter
Currie Joseph
Currums William Norman
Curry John Henry
Curry Samuel Walter
Curry Geoffrey Adamson
Cursley Leslie Jack
Curtis Colin Hubert
Curtis Kenneth George
Curtis Maurice Henry James
Curtis Herbert Edward
Curtis Kenneth Lawrence
Curtis Leslie Harold
Curtis Sidney Alexander
Curtis Frederick Charles
Curtis John Maxwell
Curtis Stanley Noel
Curtis Hugh Maurice
Curtis Noel Stuart
Curwood Geoffrey McDowall
Curzon Dennis Rupert Humphrey
Curzon Russell Keesing
Cushing Keith
Cushing Gordon Pinder
Cushman Nicholas
Cushway Arthur William
Cussen Richard James
Cussens Alan Sudbury
Cuthbert John Edward Ashfield
Cuthbert Elias
Cuthbert Robert Guy
Cuthbertson Hugh
Cutler Joseph
Cutmore John Henry Howard
Cutting Robert Mitchell
Cyster Kenneth John
D'Arcy-Irvine Brian William Jesse
D'Ursel Jacques Marie Joseph A
Dabbs Alan
Dabinette Tahu William
Dacey George
Dacey Frederick Verdun
Dack Kenneth Peter
Dack Phillip Robert Arthur
Dacre Desmond Aubrey
Dadd Roy Ernest
Dadds Lincoln Clapcott
Dadswell David Allan
Daggett Sydney
Daglish George
Dains John Kenneth
Daix Georges Joseph Chislain
Dakin Thomas Alfred
Daking Francis Ernest
Dale John Albert Harold
Dale Thomas Wilson
Dale Sydney Herbert
Dale Jack Cranwell
Dale Gordon James
Dale Frederick
Dale Joseph William
Dale Sidney
Dale Harry
Dale John
Dales William Philip
Dalessandro Frank Joseph
Daley Ernest
Daley James
Daley James David Thomas
Daley Bernard Joseph
Dalgliesh William Ian
Dall James Mitchell
Dallas John Reviere
Dallaway Douglas Demas Russell
Dallen Jesse Gray
Dalley George William Neill
Dallimore Leonard William
Dally James William
Dalton Frank Albert
Dalton Kenneth Haldane
Dalton Dennis Edward
Dalton Joseph Michael
Dalton Kenneth
Dalton Frank Roy
Dalton John Patrick
Daly Kenneth Lavery
Daly Arthur Timothy
Daly Bernard Brian St George
Daly Henry
Dalzell-Mckean Michael Hugh
Damsell Walter Anthony
Danby Alan
Dance John James
Dance Alfred Thomas
Dance Harry Edward
Dando Thomas McElligott
Dando Eric John
Dangerfield Peter Edward Hay
Daniel Robert Norman Victor
Daniel William Kenneth
Daniel Henry
Daniel Edward Gough
Daniell Michael Charles
Daniels Edward
Danielsen Peter John
Danielson Gordon Daniel
Danihelka Karel
Danks Harry Edward
Danks Ian Duncan Brodie
Dann Leonard William
Daoust Richard Cecil
Darben Leonard George
Darbishire Peter O'neill
Darby David John
Darbyshire Frank
Darbyshire Eric
Darbyshire Herbert
Darbyshire Rupert Stanley
Dare Henry William Julius
Dare Keith Edward
Daren Nathan
Dargavel Robert William
Darke Roy Samuel
Darley Henry Francis Stain
Darling Edward Vivian
Darling Gordon Johnston
Darnell Reginald Clifden
Darney Jack Neville
Darroch Sym
Darroch John Baillie
Darroch John William
Dart Henry Raymond
Darton Thomas William
Darwin Clifford Francis
Dash Ronald
Dash Rowland Josiah
Date David William
Date John Matthew
Datson John
Datson Edgar Jack
Daubner Joseph William
Daughney John Haliburton
Dauncey Phillip Bruce
Davany Edward Francis
Davenport Frank
Davenport John Johnson
Davey William Richard
Davey Edward Victor
Davey Harvey Gordon
Davey Edwin Francis
Davey Clarence William Edward
Davey Desmond
Davey Percival James
Davey John James
Davey Alfred Mervyn
David Evan George
David Alan John Meredith
David Mervyn James
Davidson William Robert Norval
Davidson William Howard
Davidson Gideon
Davidson John Lavery
Davidson John Tapscott
Davidson Henry Eugene
Davidson Percival Matthew
Davidson Kenneth McNab
Davidson Frank Edward
Davidson Joseph
Davidson John Thomson
Davidson Thomas Raymond
Davidson Wilfred Ian
Davidson Walter Cecil
Davidson Lyall James
Davidson John McNally
Davidson Allan Godfrey
Davidson David Turnbull
Davidson Neil Douglas
Davidson John Donald
Davidson Alexander McNaught
Davidson James
Davidson Matthew
Davie James Anderson
Davie George Alexander
Davies Thomas Stanley
Davies Thomas Henry
Davies Hiram Edwin
Davies Maurice John Morris
Davies Albert Henry Thomas
Davies Leonard John
Davies Allan Gordon
Davies Thomas Anthony Frederick
Davies John Francis Matthew
Davies James Glyn
Davies Philip Thomas
Davies John
Davies John Outram
Davies Frederick Shaylar
Davies David Gordon
Davies Arthur Haydn
Davies David Oswald
Davies Gwynn Towyn
Davies John
Davies Dewi Madoc
Davies Frank
Davies Thomas
Davies John Herbert Morgan
Davies Dafydd Cynfal
Davies Walter
Davies Sidney Edward
Davies Dennis Vivian
Davies Robert Henry
Davies William John Ross
Davies Charles
Davies David Edward
Davies Malcolm Haydn
Davies William Arthur
Davies Peter Morley
Davies Harry Robert
Davies Cyril
Davies Ivor Glyn
Davies Maldwyn Wallace
Davies Keith Selwyn
Davies Desmond Roy Morgan
Davies Donald Leslie
Davies George Clarence
Davies Leonard Alfred
Davies Keith Lloyd
Davies Ronald
Davies Roy Joseph
Davies Robert Meirion
Davies John Malcolm
Davies Lawrence Albert
Davies William John
Davies George Chamberlain
Davies Raymond David
Davies William John
Davies Edward Kenneth
Davies Kenneth William
Davies James William Elias
Davies John Charles Henry
Davies Basil Douglas
Davies Leslie
Davies Ernest Edgar Cyril
Davies John Hywel
Davies Kenneth Harry
Davies Edward Daniel
Davies Arthur John
Davies Alfred William
Davies Brinley
Davies Douglas Gabriel
Davies Evan Lloyd
Davies Ivor Lewis
Davies John Albert
Davies Norman Clifford
Davies Norman Hinton
Davies Roland Ernest
Davies Stanley
Davies Thomas Albert
Davis Fred Hugh
Davis Robert Charles
Davis George Jordon
Davis Thomas William
Davis Alexander
Davis James George Edward
Davis Edward Simeon Colbeck
Davis William Charles
Davis William Albert James
Davis Alfred George
Davis Frederick Peter
Davis Harry Llewellyn
Davis Clifford Arthur
Davis Lawrence Fortnam
Davis Leslie
Davis John Campbell
Davis Philip Weir
Davis Basil Owen
Davis Henry Lawrence Newsom
Davis Lawrence
Davis Alan Roland Newnham
Davis Lewis George
Davis Mark Anthony Hamilton
Davis Leonard George
Davis Arthur Joseph
Davis Kenneth
Davis Stanley
Davis Frank Edward
Davis Kenneth George
Davis Ronald Jack
Davis Louis Leslie
Davis John Terence Joseph
Davis Lawrence Arthur
Davis Alexander Frederick
Davis Albert Russell
Davis Robert Siderfin
Davis Howard Elfric
Davis Edward Peverell Meggs
Davis Peter William
Davis Raymond James
Davis William
Davison John Ronald
Davison George
Davison Alfred
Davison Joseph
Davison Dennis Howard
Davison Herbert Leonard
Davison Leonard Frederick
Davy Alan Churchill
Daw Lawrence Edward
Dawbarn Alexander Andrew Marshall
Dawdy Louis Donald
Dawe Harry Victor
Dawe Mark Seymour
Dawes Jack Evelyn
Dawes Spencer Sidney
Dawes Walter Richard
Dawes Reginald Arthur
Dawkins Norman Wilfred
Dawkins Leslie John
Dawkins Robert Alfred Walter
Dawkins Glyndwr
Dawson Eric Henry
Dawson Thomas
Dawson Michael Benedict
Dawson Leon Wilfred Joseph
Dawson John William
Dawson Graham Newstead
Dawson Roland Herbert Leslie
Dawson John Frederick Blair
Dawson Dennis Charles
Dawson Philip
Dawson Thomas Clough
Dawson Eric Sidney
Dawson Joseph
Dawson Raymond
Dawson Donald James Vens
Dawson Ronald George
Dawson Peter Hamilton
Dawson Edward Kerfoot
Day Cyril James
Day Raymond Edward Buckenham
Day Michael
Day Frederick William Robert
Day John Brian
Day James William Ison
Day William Henry Robert
Day Harold Henry
Day Albert George
Day Frederick Ernest Victor
Day Arthur Edward
Day Edwin Atholwood
Day John Alfred
Day Albert Thomas
Day William
Daynton Cyril John
De Amar Chandra
De Bartok Ernest Akos Frederick
De Bretigny Devereux Lionel Doria
De Cann Albert John
De Cosier Matthew Henry Ivor
De Courcy Robert Cecil William
De Garis William Sowden
De Gruchy Francis Anthony
De Hasse Raymond Gustave Hector
De Hemricourt De Grunne Rudolphe Ghislain
De Hepcee Michel
De Iongh Conrad Theddor
De Keyser John Lionel
De Laspee Harold Ralph Hutchinson
De Mancha Ricardo Adriani
De Meillac Guy Maurice Marie Legarrigue
De Meillac Yves
De Mestre Peter Morrice
De Nevers Frank Holmes
De Reux Andre Henri
De Sieyes Jean Galt
De Silva Desmond Michael
De Smidt Francis Foster
De Theux De Meylandt Et Montjardin Pierre Marie Raoul Ghislain
De Vries Terence
De Wallens Victor Pierre
De'Ath Leslie James
Deacock Victor Alfred
Deacon Richard Lionel
Deacon Jack James Hampton
Deadman Kenneth David
Deakin William Matthew
Deakin Arthur Keelinge
Deakin Harold James
Dean Edgar Albert
Dean William Henry
Dean Alec Charles
Dean Gordon William Davidson
Dean Tom
Dean Alan Walter
Dean Henry
Dean Douglas Alfred
Dean Kenneth Henry
Dean George Albert Earl
Dean Edward Hodgson
Dean Gordon Harry
Dean Wilfred Clarence
Dean David Erskine Ellis
Dean Henry William
Dean John Anthony
Dean Kenneth Vickery
Dean Philip Richard
Dean Ronald
Dean Thomas
Dean William
Deane Clarence Hubert
Deans James Lyall
Dear Edward Dudley
Dearden Geoffrey Knowles
Dearman William Anthony
Dearnley Richard
Deasley George Leonard Albert
Deaton James Frederick
Debarr Frederick Henry
Debnam Herbert John Harry
Debonnaire Anthony George William
Deck Paul Dalralph
Deck Charles George Frederick
Decloux Marcel Auguste
Deere Robert Cuthbert
Deering Vernon John
Deffontaine Christian Georges Auguste
Degnan Stephen Joseph
Deighton Raymond Sidney
Delahunty Myles Joseph
Delaney William Edward
Delaney Maxwell Raymond
Delatte Jules Gustave Ghislain
Dell Harry Frederick
Dell Harley James
Dell John Franklin
Delorme Paul
Delve Arthur Archibald
Denby Gordon Alfred
Denby John William
Denby Alfred William
Denholm Robert Russell
Denison Arthur Cecil
Denkman Ken Raymond Ernest
Denmark Samuel
Denning John Arthur
Denning Randolph Frederick
Dennis John Cecil
Dennis Harry
Dennis Donald Basil
Dennis Frederick Edmund
Dennis Brian Hilton
Dennis-Smither Derek Godfrey
Dennison Gordon Joshua
Dennison Alexander Beveridge
Dennison Robert Campsall
Denny Bernard Moreland
Densem Geoffrey MacLennan
Densham Arthur Roy
Denson William Peter
Dent Henry Charles
Dent Lancelot
Dent Walter Gilbert
Dent Hal Ian Comer
Denton Frank Henry
Denton Thomas Frederick
Denyer Neil Howard
Depper Clifford Lloyd
Derbyshire John
Dermody Bernard John
Derrick Melvin Ralph
Derrington Howard Edmund
Derwin Harry Duhamel
Desborough William Edward
Desilets Albert Antoine
Desourdy Vincent George
Desroches Joseph Paul Lucien Wilfred
Desrosiers Joseph Claude Marcel
Detley Frederick Charles
Deugard Robert Douglas
Devaney Edward Philip
Deveney Patrick Joseph
Devenish-Meares Russell
Devereux David Michael Victor Peter
Deville Edward Patrick
Devine Thomas
Devine William Douglas Matthew
Devine John Edward
Devine Eena Norman
Devins William Anselm
Dew James Victor
Dewar James Norman Denis
Dewar Gordon James Masterton
Dewar John Michael Firth
Dewar David Wallace
Dewar Walter William
Dewart Douglas Lyle
Dewdney Charles James
Dewey Kenneth Welland
Dewhirst Joseph Arthur
Dewhurst Joseph Langley
Dewin Ronald George James
Dexter Amos Richard Albert
Dexter Richard Eric
Diack Alexander
Diamond David
Diamond George Macdonald
Dick Robert Ballantyne
Dick John Norrie Gordon
Dick La Verne John
Dick Alexander McDonald
Dick Alexander Ronald James
Dick William Rattray Allan
Dickens William Henry
Dickenson George Kenneth
Dickenson Max Elwin
Dickers Basil Henry Seth
Dickerson Jack Robert
Dickie David Gray
Dickie William Gordon
Dickie Alex Morrison
Dickie John
Dickie Gordon Douglas
Dickins Thomas Edward
Dickinson William Henry
Dickinson Clifford
Dickinson Frank
Dickinson Raymond Stuart
Dickinson Norman
Dickinson Harold
Dickinson Roy Rowlett
Dickinson Vernon Francis
Dickinson William Alexander Caleb
Dickison Albert William
Dickman Ewart Wentworth
Dickson Harry Thomson
Dickson Hugh Gilchrist
Dickson George Middleton
Dickson Walter Edward
Dickson Frederick Oscar
Dickson Allan
Dickson John Arthur
Dickson Andrew Stanley
Dickson William Alexander
Dickson John Campbell
Dickson Robert William
Didsbury Colin McDougall
Diffley James Hugh
Digby Francis Arthur
Digby Wilfred Charles
Digby-Worsley Maxwell Paul
Diggle John Wilson
Dignan George Alfred
Dignum Robert Edward
Dill-Russell John David
Dillon John
Dillon James McKenzie
Dillon William
Dilnutt Leslie Stewart
Dilworth Arthur Joseph
Dimond Leonard Gordon Charles
Dimond Edgar Robert
Dines James Frederick
Ding Leslie Arthur
Dingle Bryan Norman
Dingle Ronald Leslie
Dingley Leonard Douglas
Dinmore Hubert Dunstan
Dinnage Frederick Henry
Diplock Ernest John
Disney Douglas Haig
Ditchburn Philip Wedgwood
Ditmas Patrick Harold Devereux
Dive-Robinson Leonard Charles
Diwell Joseph Walter
Dixon John Harley
Dixon David Albert Henry
Dixon Denton Percy
Dixon Alfred Ross
Dixon Wilfrid
Dixon Stanley
Dixon John Askew Chartres
Dixon Arnold
Dixon Robert
Dixon Herbert Edwin
Dixon Harry
Dixon Herbert Horace
Dixon Fred
Dixon Cyril William
Dixon John George
Dixon Garth Lavain
Dixon Hilliard Craig
Dixon-Spain Peter
Dixon-Wright Frank William
Dobb Kenneth Herbert
Dobbie Fred
Dobbs Fernand Walter
Dobie Paul Nelson
Dobson Frederick Arthur
Dobson James Robert
Dobson Alan Thomas
Dobson Herbert
Dobson Edwin
Dobson Thomas
Dobson Lancelot Spencer
Dobson Alexander
Docherty Norman
Docker Richard John Robert
Dockerill John Peter
Dodd Edward Laurence
Dodd John Robert
Dodd Edward Gerard
Dodd Raymond Cyril
Dodd Maurice Leslie
Dodd John Dodgson
Dodd Thomas Wilfred
Dodd Thomas Henry Francis
Dodding James David
Dodds George Noon
Dodds Stephen
Dodds Thomas Doddridge
Dodds David Laing
Dodds Clifford
Dodds William George
Dodds-Forrest John
Dodge Lloyd Eldon
Dodge James Harper
Dodgshun John Henry
Dods William Stodart Espie
Dodson Ronald Eric
Dodsworth Ronald Herbert
Dodsworth Joseph Dick
Doe James Harrington
Doel Alfred William
Doggart Thomas Watters
Dogue George
Doherty Edmund Brian
Doherty Robert Spencer
Doherty Laurence Aloysius
Doherty Robert
Doherty Francis Aloysius
Doherty Robert Aubrey Alexander
Doherty Leo Benedict
Doherty Thomas Ernest Victor
Doidge Anthony Frederick
Dolamore Frank Leonard
Dolan Robert Alfred Henry
Dollar Ralph Edmund
Dollard Edward John
Dolley William Henry Uriah
Dolman Ian Humphrey
Dolphin Douglas James
Dolter Francis Wilfred
Doman Reginald Eric
Domansky Jan
Don Ralph Stidston
Don Robert MacFarlane
Donaghy Patrick Joseph
Donaghy Alexander James
Donahue Arthur Gerald
Donald John Abbott
Donald William Horatio
Donald Robert Stewart
Donald Harley William Edwards
Donald John Neal
Donaldson Robert
Donaldson George Barr
Donaldson John William
Donaldson Gordon Edward
Donaldson John Clifford
Donaldson David Stuart
Donaldson John
Donaldson Alex Robert Dewar
Doncaster Francis Herbert
Donkin Ernest William
Donn-Patterson James
Donnelly James Edward
Donoghue Peter John
Donovan Robert Leonard
Donovan Ralph William
Doodey Frederick William
Doodson Harold Vincent
Dooley Vincent
Doolittle Edward Francis
Dootson Herbert
Doran James
Doran William Henry Charles
Doran John
Doran Terence Henry
Dore Harry
Dore Joseph Alphonse Raymond
Dorey William Donald
Dorey Edmund Henry Stephen
Dormer Richard Percy
Dormon Robert Edwin
Dormon Oliver Richard Edward
Dorn David
Dorney Thomas
Dorrien-Smith Lionel Roger
Dorrington Jack Brereton
Dorris David Lawson
Dorsett Ronald Arthur
Dorval Joseph Edward Johnston
Dorward David Taylor
Dostal Hugo
Dott Archibald Sutherland
Dougan Jack Llewelyn
Dougherty George Switzer
Doughty Harry
Doughty Leonard George
Doughty Joseph
Douglas Joseph
Douglas James Wallace
Douglas Angus Ward
Douglas Anthony Stewart
Douglas Wallace John
Douglas Philip Hulme
Douglas William John
Douglas Charles Harold
Douglas Hamish Ian
Douglas Norman Evan Paul
Douglas-Cooper John Stainforth
Douglas-Pulleyne Ian Richard Montagu
Douglass Edward Reed
Dove Arthur Reginald
Dove George
Dovey Cyril William
Dow John Charles Du Burgh
Dowding Herbert Reginald
Dowding John
Dowding Kenneth Butler
Dowding John Henry
Dowding Leslie Thomas Magson
Dowell Ronald William Bruce
Dowie Nevill William
Dowler Norman Garth
Dowling Rupert Oscar
Dowling Lionel George
Dowling Wilbur James
Downer Desmond James
Downer Irvin William
Downer William John
Downes Henry Thomas Herbert
Downes David William
Downes Cecil William Sinclair
Downes Ronald Frederick
Downey William Howarth
Downham Edward Alan
Downing William Robert
Downing Robert
Downing Cyril Thomas William
Downing Tom
Downing Arthur Ernest
Downs James Arthur
Downs Robert
Downs Albert Edward
Downs Edward Birley
Downward Arthur Cyril Reid
Dowse Bewick Johnston
Dowsett Colin
Dowsett Arnold William
Dowson Derek Oswald
Dowson John Douglas
Doyle Joseph William
Doyle Francis Kingsley
Doyle Kenneth Patrick Cochrane
Doyle James
Doyle Desmond Patrick
Doyle John
Doyle John Peter
Doyle William Edward
Doyle Brian
Drabble Maurice Louis Seth
Dracass Hugh
Drage Kenneth
Drake John Randal
Drake Basil
Drake William Bruce
Drake Francis Ernest
Drake Herbert Ernest
Drakes David Baron
Draper James
Draper Douglas Urban
Draper Gordon William
Dravers Peter Colchester
Drawbridge Henry William Nevil
Dray Dennis Bernard
Draysey Lloyd
Drayton William George
Drcka Josef
Dreger Frederick Richard
Drennan Gerald Maxwell
Drennan James Douglas
Drennan Alfred Wallace Jack
Drennan John Charles
Drew George Thomas
Drew William Parinton
Drew Wendell Pierce
Drew William John
Drew Cornelius Stanley
Drew Edward John
Drewitt Mervyn Arthur Frederick
Dreyer Raymond Wesley
Dreyer Lenard Charles Underwood
Dries Paul William
Dring Norman Douglas
Drinkwater Fred
Drinkwater Kenneth Gordon
Dripps Donald Campbell
Driscoll Robert Silvester
Driscoll Patrick Thomas
Driver Raymond Bertram Hamilton
Driver Leslie Keith
Driver Leonard George
Driver Sidney Charles
Drmelka Jaromir
Dromgoole Ian
Dromgoole Sydney Houston
Dronfield Harold
Drower Raymond Victor Pidsley
Druhan Kenneth Francis
Drummond James Anthony Patrick
Drummond William McFarlane
Drummond Sir Peter Roy Maxwell
Drury Douglas James
Drury Robert William
Drury Dennis
Drury Allen
Drury Herbert
Dryburgh Walter Thomas
Dryburgh William Reid
Dryburgh William Glencross
Dryden John Robert
Dryden John Robert
Dryden Alexander Stevenson
Dryer Leslie
Dryer Howard Raymond
Drymael Jean Jules
Drysdale William
Drysdale James Leonard
Du Plessis Stephen Arnold
Du Pont Jacques
Du Vivier Reginald Albert Lloyd
Du-Plat-Taylor Philip Corbet
Dubois John
Duce Cyril Cubitt
Duck Gerald Ernest
Duckenfield Stanley John
Ducker Francis Edward Robert
Duckworth Alan Murray
Dudley Laurence
Dudley Leonard Charles
Dudley Stanley John
Duff Peter Stanley
Duffield Edwin
Duffield Henry William
Duffield Phyllis Mary
Duffill James Gilbert
Duffus George Morton
Duffy Robert
Duffy Thomas Michael
Dufton Donald William
Dugard Leonard James
Dugdale Jack
Dugdale Joseph
Duge Paul Edgar
Duggan Frederick Charles
Duggan Daniel Patrick
Duggan Rennie Frank
Duggan Gordon William
Duguid John
Duguid Duncan Coutts
Dukick Joseph George
Dulley Dennis Noel
Dulwich William Howard
Dumont Norman Charles
Dunajski Francis Xavier Joseph
Dunbar Ian Stoddart
Dunbar John Alexander
Duncan Ian
Duncan Thomas Samuel
Duncan Joseph Henry
Duncan John Gilchrist
Duncan John
Duncan John Williamson
Duncan Robert McIntosh
Duncan John William
Duncan George
Duncombe Robert Benjamin
Dundas Bruce Thomas
Dundas John Charles
Dunfee Geoffrey Edgar
Dunford Kenneth Frederick
Dungate Alfred William
Dunham William Matthie Gillam
Dunham John George Henry Mather
Dunk Roy
Dunkerley Allan Roy Frank
Dunkerley Kenneth
Dunleavy Alfred Scott
Dunlop Thomas Edwin
Dunlop Leslie Horton
Dunlop James Black
Dunlop Cyril Ernest
Dunlop Thomas Norman
Dunlop Charles Esbith Armour
Dunlop Derek Frederick
Dunlop James
Dunn Joseph Richard
Dunn Francis Ernest
Dunn Sidney Gordon Ellis
Dunn Peter Wingate
Dunn Jack Thomas
Dunn Raymond Frank
Dunn James
Dunn Harold Alexander
Dunn Leonard Acton
Dunn Charles Douglas
Dunn Derek John
Dunn Henry
Dunn Leslie Joseph
Dunn William Joseph
Dunn Andrew Woodrow
Dunn Cyril John
Dunn George Bannatyne
Dunn Glen Richard
Dunn Douglas Ashton
Dunn Edric La Dell
Dunn Gordon McLeod
Dunn Charles
Dunn John Henry
Dunne John Desmond
Dunne Patrick Michael
Dunne James
Dunnigan William John
Dunning Walter Thomas
Dunning John Arnold
Dunning Guy Ernest
Dunnington Harry
Dunphy Clifford Alexander
Duns James Robert Cockburn
Dunstan Bruce Paul
Dunstan Reginald Herbert
Dupraz Rene Jean Charles Alfred
Dupueis Charles Gordon
Durant John Leslie
Durban Nicholas Frederick
Durber Josiah Reeves
Durbin Louis
Durbridge Robert Keep
Durdin Garnet Walter
Durham Robert
Durham Donald
Durie Thomas Wilkie
Durie George Christopher
Duringer Alfred Herbert
Durkan Norman John
Durkin Jack Garfield
Durkin James Patrick
Durling Maurice Leonard
Durnan Grant
Durnell Archibald Bertram Charles
Durnford Roy Earle
Durning Joseph Hermile
Durrant Harold Vivian
Durrant Edmund Anthony
Durston Owen Roy
Durston Ivan George
Dushman David
Dusson Neville John
Dustin Ian Henry
Duthie John
Dutton John George Stanley
Dutton Peter Hiley
Dutton Thomas Royle
Dutton Ernest Alderson
Dutton Joseph Mervyn
Dutton Thomas Alexander
Dutton Kenneth Trevor
Dutton John Arthur
Dutton Kenneth Robert Ernest
Duval Bernard Paul
Duxbury William
Dwan Leonard Stanley
Dwelly Esmond Dassett
Dwyer Roy Orson
Dwyer John Gordon
Dwyer Lawrence Thomas
Dwyer Eric
Dyball Roy Eric
Dye Leslie Richard
Dyer Eric
Dyer James Reginald
Dyer Sydney Allan
Dyer Robert James
Dyer Bruce Douglas
Dyhouse James Ladas
Dyke Leslie Arthur
Dykes William Arthur
Dymick Alfred George
Dymock John Meikle
Dymond William Lawrence
Dymott Basil Christie
Dyson Arthur George
Dyson John Henry
Dyson Dudley Harnett
Eade Lionel Walter
Eades Alan Howard
Eades Aubrey Edward
Eades George Hadley Templeton
Eadie Robert
Eagland Kenneth Cook
Eagle Leonard Reil
Eames Peter Kershaw
Eames Kenneth Horace
Eardley William Mervyn Alastair
Earl Charles Edward
Earl Harold John
Earle Arthur Edward
Earle John Clifford Morris
Earle John
Earle Harold Murray
Earley Joseph Gerald
Earls John James
Earnshaw Bryan
Earp Alfred William
Easen Richard Frederick
Easey Arthur James
Easley Gordon
Easson Wilfred
East Walter Raymond
East Michael George King
Eastabrook Reginald James
Eastham Leonard
Eastman Charles Reginald
Eastman Reginald Arthur
Easton Cecil
Easton Herbert Robinson
Easton Alexander
Easton Reginald William
Easton David
Easton Robert
Eastwood William Benjamin
Eastwood Geoffrey
Eaton William Moss
Eaton Arthur
Eaton Henry Allen
Eaton Frederick
Eaude Leo
Ebbage Francis Henry
Ebbs Cecil Alexander
Ebsworth Ronald William
Ebsworth Ronald Edward Charles
Eccles Joseph
Eccles Godfrey Brian
Ecclestone Edwin Clifford
Echlin Allan Grant
Eckersley Thomas
Eddington William
Eddison Raymond
Eddleston Walter
Eddowes Frank
Eddy Howard Eimer
Ede Herman Francis Grant
Edgar Frank
Edgar Robert John
Edgar Frank Shepley
Edge William Henry
Edge John Sydney Charles
Edge Bernard Frederick
Edge Henry Norman
Edgecombe George Edward
Edgoose Tom Alfred
Edick Robert Stanley
Edinburgh William Henry
Edington Allan Stewart
Edis Basil Ransome
Edis Herbert George
Edley Herbert
Edmands Derek Roy
Edmiston Douglas James
Edmonds Patrick John
Edmonds James Oswald
Edmonds Arthur Frederick
Edmunds David William
Edmunds Kenneth James Halsey
Edmunds Charles Evelyn Walter Roy
Ednay Cyril Frederick
Edney Geoffrey Adam
Edwards Henry Gordon
Edwards Ernest Neptune
Edwards Charles Stanley Rutherford
Edwards Emrys
Edwards Dennis Victor
Edwards Wilfred Ernest
Edwards David Harold
Edwards Norman Victor
Edwards Ellis Drury
Edwards Gwilym Thomas
Edwards David Roy
Edwards George Alfred Philip
Edwards Tudor Lewis
Edwards Thomas Sylvester
Edwards Bernard
Edwards John Francis Patrick
Edwards Ronald
Edwards Llewelyn Pryce
Edwards John Anthony
Edwards Gordon James
Edwards Peter Leslie
Edwards Robert George
Edwards Medwyn
Edwards Emery Kenneth
Edwards Montague
Edwards Albert William Frederick
Edwards James George
Edwards Reginald John
Edwards George Joseph
Edwards Kenneth Kara
Edwards Thomas Arnold
Edwards Reginald Francis
Edwards Jeffrey Hugh
Edwards Haydn Winston
Edwards Thomas
Edwards Thomas Eric
Edwards Arthur William
Edwards Gilbert Murray
Edwards John Hendrie
Edwards Leonard
Edwards Thomas William
Edwards Trevor John
Edwards Albert Victor
Edwards John Baxter
Edwards Frederick
Edwards Hubert William Joseph
Edwards Keith Thomas
Edwards Peter Colin
Edwards William John
Edwards Clifford
Edwards Allen Grayson
Edwards Alfred John Norman
Edwards Cadfan
Edwards Frank Henry
Edwards Herbert George
Edwards John Stanley
Edwards Raymond
Edwards-Cross John Charles
Edworthy Gerald Henry
Egan Alphonsus Thomas
Egan-Wyer Bernard Owen
Egerton Robert
Egginton Roy Leonard
Eggleson Frederick Charles
Eggleston Douglas
Eggleton Dennis Louis Noke
Eglen John Douglas
Eichar Grant Eugene
Einarson Harold Bjorn
Einarsson Sigurjon
Eivers Frank O'Kearney
Eke Raymond
Eklund Karl Hugo
Eland Alfred
Elcoat Norman
Elcome Douglas William
Elder Colin Forsyth
Elder William John
Elder Thomas Wilfred
Elder Alastair John Black
Elderfield Raymond John
Elderfield Henry
Elders George Stanley
Eldred William George
Eldrid Melville Kerson
Eldridge Gordon Frederick
Eldridge Philip Henry
Eley Frederick Eric
Elfner Paul James
Elgar Christopher Maylam
Elgie Stewart Wallace
Elisha Frederick Charles
Elkington Eric William
Elkington James
Elkins Victor Norman
Ellam James Lloyd
Ellam John Reuben
Ellam Stanley
Ellard Cameron William
Elleman Charles
Elley Joseph Edmund
Ellicott Denis Alfred Gilbert
Elliot Robert Hugh
Elliot Thomas Isaac
Elliott Thomas Douglas
Elliott Howard Lee
Elliott George Liddell
Elliott John Norman
Elliott Max Hilton
Elliott Harry
Elliott Kenneth George
Elliott John Herbert
Elliott Douglas James
Elliott Ian Ross
Elliott Lloyd George
Elliott John Charles
Elliott Alan Rowat
Elliott Albert Edward
Elliott Gordon William
Elliott Richard Frederick
Elliott James Wilfred
Elliott James Gordon
Elliott Maurice Alec Stanley
Elliott Thomas William
Elliott Raymond Graham
Elliott Reginald Frederick
Elliott Frank
Elliott Frederick Arthur
Elliott Fred Tait
Elliott Kenneth Albert
Ellis Harold Thomas
Ellis Horace Spencer Edward
Ellis Frank Henry
Ellis Stanley James
Ellis Jack Llewellyn
Ellis George Ivan
Ellis William James
Ellis James
Ellis David Walter
Ellis Charles Raymond
Ellis Ronald Oberlin
Ellis Harold
Ellis Leslie Jewitt
Ellis James Edwin
Ellis George Thomas
Ellis William Frederick
Ellis Arden Ivan
Ellis Reginald
Ellis Gabriel Hitch
Ellis John William
Ellis Derek Atkinson
Ellis Henry Arthur Laurence
Ellis Charles Paynter
Ellis Clarice Sybil
Ellis Robert Alexander
Ellison Fred
Ellison Richard Campbell
Ellwood George Edward
Ellwood Gerald
Elmes Eric Selwyn
Elmslie James Arthur
Elrick Alexander Edward
Elrington Richard Douglas
Elsdon Harry Donald Buchanan
Else Joseph Shield (name is spelled Elsee in database: see Search Tipes for explanation)
Elsmie George Reginald Alexander
Elson Alan
Elton Percy John
Elton Francis Raymond
Elvin Ronald Gordon
Elvin Leonard Roy
Elvish Norman
Elwell Joseph Leslie
Elwell John Edwin
Elwell Mary Harriet
Elwood Alan Francis Charles
Ely Arthur Blevyn
Ely Vivian Clive
Emanuel Victor
Embery Kenneth Alfred
Emeno Lionel Burton
Emeny Kenneth
Emerson John
Emerson Richard Vincent
Emery Alfred Keith
Emery John Jamieson
Emery John Francis
Emery John Marsh
Emmerson Bertram
Emmet Barry Desmond
Emmett Wilfred Sefton
Emmett John Henry
Emmett Dennis Hampton
Emmott Thomas William Burnett
Emmott Douglas
Emms Peter Cawthorn
Emms Geoffrey Donald
Emms Victor Donald
Emrys-Jones Louis Gordon
England Norman Nicholas
England John
Englert Walter Lawrence
English Harold Fraser
English Thomas Henry
English Eric Donald
English Sidney Edward
Ennion Maurice Adeney Ellis
Ennis Kevin Desmond
Ennis Alexander Campell
Ennor John Reginald
Enoch Dillwyn
Enright Edwin George
Entwisle Herbert
Entwisle Dangan Mervyn Robert Bertin
Entwisle William
Entwistle Jack
Erasmus William Ronald
Erby Edward Hamilton
Erickson Donald Leif
Erly William Jerome
Ernst Jack Douglas
Ernst Lloyd Sylvester
Ernst William Burton
Errington Sydney Arthur
Erskine John
Erzinger John Dartry
Esau Edwin
Escott Peter John Ford
Esler William James
Esmay Robert Segel William
Espley Alexander George
Essam Thomas
Essen Stanley Frederick
Essenhigh Edward Gordon
Essex Adrian West
Este John Douglas Alexander
Etchells James Ashton
Ethelston John George
Etheridge Joseph Arthur
Etheridge Ronald
Etherington John Robert
Etienne Hugh Terence
Ettershank Peter Raymond Victor
Ettle Walter Idris
Eustace Francis Edwin
Eva Ernest Richard
Evans John Emrys
Evans Walter Arthur
Evans Geoffrey Charles
Evans Derek Henry
Evans Conrad Cromer
Evans Eric Franklyn
Evans William Charles
Evans Richard Arthur
Evans Llewellyn Newton
Evans Thomas George
Evans William David
Evans Hubert John
Evans Leonard Frederick
Evans Eric Leslie
Evans Douglas William Henry
Evans John James
Evans John Wesley
Evans Henry Irving Voce
Evans Joseph
Evans Cecil Roy
Evans George William Henry
Evans William Thomas
Evans Tom Ivor
Evans Herbert William
Evans Arthur William Smith
Evans David Morgan
Evans William Luxmoore
Evans William Leslie
Evans Kenneth
Evans Ronald Sylvester
Evans Reginald Gordon
Evans Myrddin
Evans Harold Evan
Evans John Henry
Evans Kenneth
Evans Leonard Edward
Evans William Henry Glyndwr
Evans Percy
Evans William Harold Vaughan
Evans Robert William John
Evans Christopher Douglas
Evans Michael Medwyn
Evans Charles Hope
Evans Albert Rowland
Evans David
Evans Frederick Joseph John
Evans Percival James Samuel
Evans Dennis George Albert
Evans Thomas Alfred
Evans David Wynne
Evans Thomas Randall
Evans Charles Denis
Evans Lloyd Francis
Evans Jack Ellwood
Evans Ronald Charles George
Evans Christmas Deiniol
Evans Clifford George
Evans Frank Crawford
Evans William David
Evans Brinley Morgan
Evans Douglas John
Evans Dennis Thomas
Evans David Geoffrey
Evans Thomas
Evans David Henry Robert
Evans Robert William
Evans Edmund John
Evans Ernest William
Evans Gerald Douglas
Evans Illtyd Ellis
Evans John
Evans Reginald Charles
Evans Samuel Osborne
Everatt Gordon William
Evered Lionel Lewis
Everett Donald Charles
Everist Wilfred Thomas
Everitt Jack
Everitt Stanley Charles
Evers Edwin
Eversfield Sidney Eric
Evershed Sydney John Anthony
Everton Leslie Harold
Every Keith Tarrant
Eves Derek William
Eves Reginald Grenville
Evill Arthur Guy
Evrard Paul Jules Noel
Ewart Niel
Ewen Thomas Robertson
Ewing Loris Jardine Ernest
Exel Gordon Wynne
Exelby Raymond
Eyles Peter Raoul
Eyles John Henry Benjamin
Eyre Kenneth Cedric
Eyre John Crowther
Fabian Robert
Fahey Matthew James
Fahmy Eric Milne Chalmers
Faill John Alfred
Faint Reginald David
Fairall Albert James
Fairbairn Robert Douglas
Fairbairn Robert Kerr Yule
Fairbairn George Stuart
Fairbanks Henry Charles
Fairbrother Wendell Wilburn
Fairclough Leslie
Faires Douglas John
Fairey Earl Roy
Fairfield William Ross St George
Fairhurst Edward Ernest
Fairhurst Norman Louis
Fairhurst Thomas
Fairlie David Gow
Fairlie Kenneth
Fairs Geoffrey John Harry
Fairweather Robert James Godney
Fairweather James MacGregor
Faithorn Lawrence Edward
Falck George Frederick Alfred John
Falconer Colin John
Falconer James
Falconer Arthur James
Falconer George Campbell
Falkiner Philip
Falkson Jack
Fallas Harry
Fallis John
Fallon Leo Patrick
Fallon John James
Fallows William Alfred
Fancourt Albert Henry
Fansher Harry Frederick
Fanthorpe Bernard
Faram Donald
Fardoe William Henry
Farler George William
Farley Arthur Rodolphe Roland
Farley Horace Frank
Farley Charles Frederick
Farley Dennis Henry
Farlowe James Thomas
Farman Sidney George Thomas
Farman Charles Raymond
Farmer Raymond
Farmer Alan
Farmer Harry Lawrence
Farmer Thomas William
Farmer Walter Theodore
Farmery George Albert
Farmes Ernest Thomas
Farnan Marven Ernest
Farndell David Lindsay
Farnell Frank William
Farnham John Arlo
Farns Albert Victor Message
Farquhar John Tyndel
Farquhar James John
Farquharson Colin MacQueen
Farquharson William
Farr Michael Anthony
Farr Norman Sidney
Farr Harry Prior
Farragut Peter Donald
Farrall Dennis
Farrant Douglas James
Farrar James Donald
Farrell Desmond William
Farrell James Paul
Farrell Richard Joseph
Farrell John McFarlane
Farrimond Clifford Alexander
Farrington Harry Gregory
Farrington Maurice Kingsley
Farrow Richard Norman
Farthing Robert James
Farvis Cecil Harry
Fast John Richard
Fathers Richard Thomas
Faulafer Robert Alexander
Faulconbridge Kenneth Richard
Faulkner Richard Albert Galway
Faulkner Douglas Alexander
Faulkner Robert Edward
Faulkner William John
Faulkner Donald Frederick
Faulkner Frank Kenneth
Faunt Lindsay Gordon
Fauvel Norman Louis
Faux John Gregory
Fawcett Rowland Eden
Fawcett Robert
Fawcett Austin Bernard
Fawcett Nicoll Brian
Fawcett George
Fawcett Kenneth
Fawcett Arnold Goodrick
Fawkes John Albert
Fawkes John
Fawkes Stephen Guye Hawksworth
Fawns Herman Stanley
Fayers Ronald Charles
Fayle Ernest Athol
Fazackerley Frederick
Fazakerley James Stanley
Fazakerley Horace Cyril
Feakins Roberts Stanley
Fealy Herbert Henry
Fear Brian Albert
Fear Harold Edward
Fearnley Jack
Fearnley Frank
Fearns Francis
Fearnside Alfred Kitto
Featherstone Jack
Featherstone Thomas
Featherstone Gerald
Fedi Eric
Fee Gordon Isaac
Fee John Clarke
Feeley Arthur
Feely Brian William
Feenan Andrew James
Feeny Dunstan Yves
Fegan John Samuel Victor
Feirn John Rowland
Feldman Joseph
Felkl Josef
Fell David
Fell James Anthony
Fell Herbert Walter
Fell Hayden
Fell George Gardiner
Fellowes Peter Noel
Felsenstein Gerald Cecil
Felton Alan William
Fencl Frantisek
Fenlaw Hillard Sidney
Fennell Adrian
Fennell Christopher Francis
Fennell John Eric George
Fenney Gerrard Harold
Fentiman Douglas Charles
Fenton William Johnston
Fenton James Watt
Fenton Henry Coxon Ferguson
Fenton John Alan
Fenton John Ollis
Fenton Roy Cook
Fenton Ian Harrington
Fenton Thomas Wighton
Fenwick Maurice William
Fenwick James Roy
Fenwick Clifford Richard
Fenwick George Walter John
Ferebee Philip Ivan
Fergus Thomas
Fergus George Alexander
Ferguson Kenneth Francis
Ferguson Graham Murray
Ferguson Robert William
Ferguson John Adam
Ferguson Brown
Ferguson David
Ferguson Isaiah Derry
Ferguson Andrew Blair
Ferguson Jack Kenneth
Ferguson Donald Alexander
Ferguson Roy Stanley
Ferguson Douglas Arthur
Ferguson George Robert
Ferguson Philip
Ferguson James
Ferguson Duncan Comrie
Ferguson Donald
Ferguson John Hamilton
Ferguson Richard Dillicar
Fergusson John Drummond
Fergusson Allister Archibald
Fergusson Bruce Alexander MacGregor
Fern John St Bernard
Fern Walter Edward
Fernando Vincent Francis
Fernie Peter John
Fernie Campbell William James
Ferrer Robert Leslie William
Ferrett Harold James
Ferrier Roy Wilson
Ferrier Walter Robert
Ferris James Bentley
Ferris Douglas Claude
Ferro Carlo Ernesto
Ferry George Lionel
Ferry Stanley Albert
Ferve Lloyd Percival Hunnisette
Fetherston Thomas Richard Norman
Few George Frederick William
Fewtrell Ronald George
Fiddes Jack
Fiddock William Henry
Fidge Harold Stanley
Fidgin Howard Roy
Fidler Gordon Alwyn
Fido Ronald James
Field Philip Ralph
Field Leonard Alfred
Field William Ross
Field Leon John George
Field Walter Harry George
Field William Ewart Nixon
Field Peter
Field Robert Howard Byers
Fielden Derrick
Fieldhouse Cyril William
Fieldhouse Alan
Fieldhouse Edward
Fielding Ronald Vincent
Fielding Richard Allan
Fielding Geoffrey
Fielding Ronald Smith
Fielding Robert Bamber
Fielding Leslie Tomlinson
Fieldman John Donald
Fife Frederick John Cook
Fife-Miller James Ronald
Filaratoff Volek Edward
Filbey Ronald Harry
Filer Frederick Albert Walter
Filer William Gordon
Filleul Philip Richard Steuart
Fillingham William Vernon
Fillingham Thomas Ashton
Filmer Jasper Mayton Watson
Filmer Harold Albert Sydney
Filmer Owen Stewart
Fina Jiri
Finch William James Thomas
Finch Arthur John Heneage
Finch Leonard
Finch William Major
Finch Leslie Feldon
Finch Henry Thomas
Finch John Aidan Butler
Findlater Frank Desmond
Findlay John
Findlay Dennis John
Findlay Lloyd Eby
Finfer Arthur Maurice
Fink Jan Frederick
Finklestone-Sayliss Raphael
Finlay David Boyd
Finlay James Jackson
Finlay William Robert
Finlayson Donald Dennis
Finlayson Joseph Anthony Calamaro
Finlayson William John
Finlayson George
Finlayson Hugh
Finley Clarence Bruce
Finn James Joseph
Finn Robert Bannerman
Finn Vincent Bernard Joseph
Finn James Andrew
Finnerty Thomas
Finney Bernard Rothwell
Finnie Alister McKenzie
Finnie Ronald
Finnigan David Percy Maeers
Finnigan Thomas
Finucane Brendan Eamonn Fergus 'Paddy'
Firman George Albert
Firminger Lisle Douglas
Firth Geoffrey
Fish Frederick Stephen
Fisher William Royston
Fisher David Roy
Fisher Donald Iain Begbie
Fisher Lewis William
Fisher William Starkey
Fisher George Moir
Fisher Richard Charles Humphrey
Fisher Jack Glen Millan
Fisher Ronald Montague
Fisher Henry Guy Neville
Fisher Ian Malcolm Temple
Fisher Michael Oakley
Fisher Adam
Fisher Leslie Allan
Fisher Alfred Mandale
Fisher Harry
Fisher David Ralston
Fisher Glyndwyr Vincent
Fisher Harry
Fishpool Robert Vincent
Fishwick Fred
Fishwick Jack Rowland
Fishwick Kenneth William
Fiske Edward Lloyd
Fisken Alan
Fitch Jack Dunning
Fitch Ronald
Fitch Wayne
Fitchett Roland
Fitsell Richard Louis
Fittock Lorenzo James Shann
Fitz-Gibbon George Desmond
Fitzearle Walter Henry Ewen
Fitzgerald Charles Kirwan
Fitzgerald Terence O'Connell
Fitzgerald Kenneth Brian
Fitzgerald Reginald George
Fitzgerald Michael Joseph
Fitzgerald William Vincent
Fitzgerald Douglas John
Fitzgerald Raymond Charles
Fitzgerald Rowan Charles
Fitzgerald George Bernard
Fitzgerald John
Fitzgerald Michael John
Fitzgerald Patrick John
Fitzgibbon Roderick Herbert
Fitzmaurice Derek
Fitzner Leonard Charles
Fitzpatrick Thomas
Fitzpatrick William Edward
Fitzpatrick Ronald
Fitzpatrick Thomas
Fitzsimmons John
Fitzsimmons Felix
Flaherty Michael John
Flannery Seth James
Flannery Philip William Clement
Flannigan James
Flatt William Henry
Flatt Alfred Leonard
Flavell Leslie Thomas
Flavelle Robert Ernest
Flaxman George
Fleck George
Fleet Stuart Henry
Fleetwood-May John
Fleming Geoffrey Bernard
Fleming William Joseph Alexander
Fleming John
Fleming Gordon James Walter
Fleming George Howard
Fleming Joseph
Fleming Keith Maynard Gerald
Fleming Vincent Bernard
Fleming Alfred
Fleming Donald Bannerman
Fleming Raymond Charles
Fleming Alexander Crabbe
Fletcher Stanley George
Fletcher Edward Eric
Fletcher Peter Gordon
Fletcher John William Dixon
Fletcher Malcolm Dennis
Fletcher Peter Howard
Fletcher Charles John
Fletcher James Lester
Fletcher Ernest James
Fletcher Ronald
Fletcher Edwin McGilvary
Fletcher Gordon Creighton Martin
Fletcher Arthur
Fletcher Kenneth Percival Tom
Fletcher Joseph Ambrose
Fletcher Alexander
Fletcher Leonard Watson
Fletcher John
Fletcher Ronald Samuel
Fletcher Colin Alais
Fletcher Ernest Gatenby
Fletcher Donald
Fletcher Andrew William
Fletcher Matthew John
Flett William Arthur
Flette Clifford Nicholas
Fletton William Stephen
Flint Robert Bernard Lovett
Flint John
Flint Cyril
Flippance Albert Gordon
Flitton Derek Noel
Flohimont Louis Victor
Flood Frederick William
Flood Francis
Flood Percy Eric Charles
Florance David Ray
Florence Ronald
Florey Edwin John Charles
Florigny Alan Addison
Florigny Clive Eugene Erwin
Flory Maxwell Alfred
Flower Ian Arthur
Flower John Thomas
Flower William Harold
Flower William Harvey
Flowerdew John Bernard
Flowers Sydney Thomas
Floyd Ronald James
Flude Frank William
Flynn Gerald
Flynn Michael Francis
Flynn John
Flynn Francis Larry
Flynn Patrick Joseph
Foale William Gordon
Fogarty Kevin Gregory
Folbigg Samuel Albert
Foley James Donald Alexander
Folkard George Henry
Folker Percy John
Folkes Patrick
Footner Glen Malcolm
Forbes Thomas Benzie
Forbes Roy Bruce
Forbes Alastair Macdonald
Forbes Hugh
Forbes Donald
Forbes Allan Leighton
Forbes John Ronald
Forbes James George
Ford William Kenneth
Ford Frederick John
Ford George Reginald Michael
Ford Arthur George Henry
Ford Douglas Maxwell
Ford Edward Mays
Ford Donald Raymond Oliver
Ford Alan Arthur
Ford Edward John
Ford Clarence Frederick
Ford Albert Edward
Ford Francis George
Ford Frank Stewart Heathcote
Ford Kenneth Garnet
Ford Ronald John Norman
Ford-Hutchinson Roger Francis Stuart
Forde Patrick John
Forde Edmond Gerard
Forde Frank Michael
Forder John Royston
Fordham Harry Frederick
Fordham Arthur Raymond
Fordham Leslie Percy Douglas
Foreman Robert Wilkinson
Foreman George Henry
Forestell Daniel Arthur
Forgan William John
Forgan Ronald Tetlow
Forgie Robert
Forrest James
Forrest James
Forrest George Brown
Forrest Joseph Neville
Forrest James Lowrie
Forrester Denis Arthur
Forrester William
Forrester Sidney Milton
Forshaw Harold
Forshaw Roger Gatty
Forster Douglas George
Forster Douglas
Forster William
Forster Jack Edgar
Forster Robert
Forster Thomas Noble
Forster Eric Gordon
Forster Robert Moffatt
Forsyth Alexander
Forsyth Ian Newton
Forsyth Alexander
Forsyth James Greig
Forsyth Bernard Joseph
Forsyth Douglas Sinclair
Forsyth Maurice Bremner
Forsyth Robert
Forsyth Thomas Kevin
Forsyth John Charles
Forsyth William Whyte
Forsyth-Johnson John Frederick
Fort John
Fort Clifford Gurney
Fosbury Robert
Fosh Benjamin Joseph
Foskett Charles Rootham
Foster Edward Ryder
Foster George Hugh
Foster Robert Arnhold Denys
Foster Alfred Francis
Foster Eric William
Foster Frederick
Foster John Ansley
Foster Raymond Norman Percy
Foster Dennis Reginald
Foster Frederick William
Foster Norman Thomas
Foster Chris William
Foster William Francis Woodward
Foster Alec Leonard
Foster Roy
Foster Denis Carnaby
Foster Arthur Edgar
Foster Charles Sidney
Foster Claude Allan
Foster William Anthony
Foster Keith Reginald
Foster Wynn Edmund
Foster Stanley
Foster William Alan
Fostey Allan Martin
Fothergill John Miles
Fothergill James Ernest
Foubister John Andrew
Fouet Edward Thomas
Foulds John Henry
Foulger George Frederick
Fountain Irwin Dale
Fournier Alphonse Marcel
Fournier Rene Joseph Ludger
Fowell George Daniel
Fowell Leonard John
Fowler Claud Ernest
Fowler George Henry
Fowler Thomas Kirk
Fowler John Leonard
Fowler Edward Graham
Fowler Joseph Arthur
Fowler Peter
Fowler George Swan Murray
Fowler Ernest John
Fowler John Cecil
Fowler John William Southmayd
Fowlie Robert Grant
Fowlie William Alexander
Fowlie John Mackintosh
Fox Herbert
Fox Ronald Walter
Fox Frederick George Michael
Fox Morgan David
Fox Kenneth David
Fox John David
Fox Gerald Gordon
Fox Sydney Frederick Norman
Fox Albert Edward
Fox Patrick
Fox Ernest
Fox Alfred Russell
Fox William Watson
Fox Charles Douglas
Fox Leslie William
Fox Leslie
Foxcroft Phillip Spencer
Foxlee William Royson
Foxley Arthur Harold
Foy John Edwin
Foy Edgar Joseph
Frair Thomas Edward
Frame William Steel
Frame Dennis John
Frame Robert Hicks
Frame William Venn
France John Robert
France Walter
France Lyle Albert
Franchuk Stefan
Francis Eric
Francis Edward John
Francis Jack Thomas
Francis Joseph Ernest
Francis Thomas Ernest
Francis Albert Peter Dennis
Francis Dennis Victor Wilfred
Francis Thomas John
Francis Wilfred George
Francis Geoffrey Thomas Raleigh
Francis Laurence Joseph
Francis Ernest George
Francis Clarence Bedbrook
Francis Eoin Samuel
Francis Harry Walter
Francis John Edmund
Francis John Cecil
Francis Wilfred Thomas
Francoeur William Cecial
Frank Robert Lionel
Frank Michael
Frankal Bertram Max
Frankelson Nathan
Frankish Ronald
Frankland Eric Vernon
Franklin Harold Ralph
Franklin Frederick John
Franklin Robert Harcourt
Franklin Robert William
Franklin William Harry
Franklin Peter Francis
Franklin Alan Charles
Franklin Frank Benjamin
Franklin Arthur Vaughan Waller
Franklin Arthur George
Franklin Lloyd Stuart
Franklin Ronald Frederick John
Franklin William Henry
Franklin Michael Hilton
Franklin Harold Kendall
Franklin Ronald Thomas
Frankpitt John Richard
Franks Basil Ford
Franks John Henry
Franks Tom
Fraser Walter
Fraser James Alexander
Fraser James Sidney
Fraser Hugh Ian
Fraser Alexander James
Fraser John McLean
Fraser George William
Fraser Richard Douglas
Fraser Ivor Roderick
Fraser Mason John
Fraser James Watt
Fraser Stuart Malcolm Edward
Fraser William MacMillan
Fraser William John
Fraser Robert Scrymgeour
Fraser Edwin Stuart
Fraser Andrew Taylor
Fraser William Frederick
Fraser Alexander Ramsay
Fraser Robin Jack
Fraser James
Fraser Charles Edward
Fraser Henry Alexander Shaw
Fraser James Pagan
Fraser William Kemp
Frayne Thomas Richard
Frayne Frederick John
Frazer Ronald George Renwick
Frazer Lancelott James
Frearson Thomas
Free Colin William
Freear Douglas Ronald
Freeborn Archie
Freeborn William Charles
Freedman Jack
Freedman Leslie Morris
Freeland Warran Walter
Freeman Frederick Charles Gordon
Freeman Diamond
Freeman William Edwin
Freeman Richard Albert
Freeman Albert Eric Barley
Freeman Walter Alfred
Freeman William Thomas
Freeman Arthur Roland
Freeman Edward
Freeman Desmond Clayton
Freeman Patrick Paul Deane
Freeman Reginald Clifford Herbert
Freeman Albert Charles
Freeman George Henry
Freeman John William
Freeman Roy Alan
Freeman Thomas George
Freestone Ronald Albert
Freestone Thomas Harold
Freeth John Samuel
Freiberg Ralph William
French Ernest Lawrence
French Herbert John
French Jesse Robert
French Harry Thomas
French Eric Alfred
French Richard Otway
French John Ernest
Frencham Reginald Maurice Charles
Freshney Charles John
Freshwater John Matthew
Fresque Leonard Norman
Fretter George John
Fretwell Alan
Fricker Herbert Wilfred
Friedlaender Paul
Friend George Thomas
Friend William Charles Henry
Frith Arthur
Frith Stanley Robert
Frith Ernest Francis Hamilton
Frodsham John
Froggatt Douglas Edward
Froggatt Edward
Froment Philip Heslop
Frost Arthur John
Frost William Arthur
Frost Shadrach Morton
Frost William David
Frost Walter John
Frost Philip John
Frost John
Frost Robert Cooper
Frost Rae Rees
Frost William Gordon
Froude Baxter
Fry Francis Alfred
Fry David Wyndham
Fry Arthur Frank
Fry Harold Leonard
Fry Anthony Ellerton Ryan
Fry Ernest John
Fry Kenneth Gregson
Fry Frederick George
Fry Reginald Stanley
Fryer John Edmund
Fudge Bruce Samuel
Fudge Peter Norton
Fuge Brian Kenneth Levinge
Fuggle David Gordon
Fugill Derek Hall
Fuhrmann Herbert Leonard
Fuksa Albert
Fulbeck Charles Waghorn
Fulford David
Fulford Dudley Francis
Fullarton Archibald
Fuller Frank Anthony
Fuller William Alfred John
Fuller Kenneth Bernard
Fuller Alfred Eric
Fuller Cyril
Fuller William Homer
Fuller John Edward
Fuller Kenneth Terence
Fullwood Thomas Henry
Fulthorpe Richard
Fulton William John
Fulton Andrew
Fulton Ian Thomson Stirrat
Fulton James Kenneth
Fulton Peter James
Fulton John
Fulton Basil Terence Macy
Fulton James Gerald
Furby Willie
Furey Ronald John
Furlong James Raymond
Furlong Walter Thomas Dominic
Furnandiz Geoffrey
Furness Roy Giffard
Furness William Edward
Furniss Brian Bruce
Furr Albert Leslie
Furze Luke James
Furzer Clarence
Futcher Stanley Montague
Fyfe John Bernard
Fyfe Ronald John
Fyfe David Yule
Fyfe John Allen
Fyson Bertram John
Gabriel Alois
Gadsby John Wilfred
Gadsby Albert Edwin
Gadsdon Victor William
Gaffney John Conleth
Gafford Roy
Gage John Watson
Gage Donald Francis
Gage Douglas Hugh
Gaggin Eric Harry
Gagnebin Robert Paul
Gahagan Gordon Francis Wilson
Gainsford Gerald Patterson
Gaiter James Albert
Galbraith Patrick Ralph
Gale William Allan
Gale Paul Arthur
Gale John Kennah
Gale Gerald Alan
Gale George Claremont
Gale Eric Gordon
Gales Philip Frank Weller
Gallacher Peter James
Gallagher Thomas
Gallagher Joseph Patrick
Gallagher John
Gallagher Maurice Daniel
Gallagher Maurice Patrick
Gallagher Frank John
Gallantree Frederick John
Gallery Samuel Douglas
Galley Arthur Joseph
Galligan Edwin Richard
Gallimore John James
Gallimore Dudley Stuart
Gallogly Vincent John
Galloway David Albert
Galloway Thomas
Galloway Ernest Norman
Galloway George Campbell
Galloway Joseph Alfred Beattie Gabriel
Galt Ronald Brownlie
Galt David Taylor
Gamble Robert Hodgson Perry
Gamble Norman Ray
Gamble John
Gamble James Ian
Gamble Frederick George
Gamblen Douglas Robert
Gammon Peter Crowhurst
Gander Alfred
Gander Peter Edwin
Gander Arthur Frederick
Gander Frank William
Ganderton John Raymond Francis
Ganderton Francis John Albert
Ganes Joseph Wayne
Gange Edwin Wallace William
Ganly Conrad Charles William
Gannaway Herbert George James
Gannon Benjamin Peter
Gapper Phillip
Gapper Arthur Jack
Garalick Alexander
Garbutt David Michael
Garbutt Fred
Garcka John Edward
Garde Joseph Michael
Gardener Donald Edwin
Gardiner William Austin
Gardiner Alfred Donald
Gardiner Kenneth
Gardiner William Reginald
Gardiner Peter
Gardiner Herbert Harold
Gardner Ernest Edward
Gardner Anthony De Faye
Gardner Henry
Gardner Albert Harry
Gardner Douglas
Gardner Albert John
Gardner Herbert Charles
Gardner John Edward
Gardner Patrick Albert James
Gardner John Edward
Gardner Norman Joseph
Gardner Alfred Edward Walter
Gardner John Campbell
Gardner William Hawksworth
Gardner Frederick Ernest Sampson
Gardner Jonathan
Gares Ernest Joseph
Garland Douglas Haig Armour
Garland Desmond William
Garlette Peter James
Garlick Brian Lundius
Garling John Roger
Garman Keith Lavon
Garner Wilfred Frank
Garner George Charles
Garner Charles William
Garner George Harry Marriner
Garner Stanley Arthur Joyce
Garnett Francis Campbell
Garnett Geoffrey Whitley
Garnham Phillip William
Garnier Ronald Charles
Garos Alexander
Garrad Anthony Hugh Hamilton
Garrard George Robert Maurice
Garrett Charles William
Garrett Francis Beesley
Garrett Noel Arthur Charles
Garrigan John Edward
Garrison Wilfred Reed
Garrity Daniel Cameron
Garrity Francis Frank
Garrod Walter Francis
Garside James
Garside Ronald Francis
Garside Raymond
Garside Cyril
Garstin Richard Elleker
Garstin Edward William Maitland
Gartell Peter Edward
Gartland John Aloysius
Gartside Charles Douglas Alan
Gartside Wallace Mallory
Garvey Peter Kevin
Garvin William Henry
Gascoigne Thomas William
Gascoyne James William
Gash Arthur David
Gaskell Trevor Roger
Gaskell Norman
Gaskin Alfred Leslie
Gaskins Leonard Charles
Gasser Arthur James
Gasson Arthur Cecil
Gate Kenneth
Gate Joseph
Gateley Bernard Basil
Gates Alan Montague
Gates Arley Sides
Gates William Ralph
Gates Geoffrey George
Gates Edward Clason
Gates Robert Ingersole
Gaucher Joseph Lucien
Gaudet Reginald Carl
Gaughan James
Gaunce Lionel Manley
Gauthier Bernard Anthony
Gauthier Joseph Omer Romain
Gavegan Jack Ralph
Gavin Brian Walter
Gavin Patrick
Gavins James Percy
Gawith Peter Masters
Gawne Jack Joseph
Gawthorp Roy Thomas
Gawthrop Kenneth Gordon Douglas
Gay Leonard Charles
Gay Dennis Frederick
Gayford Roy Allen
Gaylard Geoffrey Norman
Gaywood Samuel James
Geary Stephen Tebbett
Geary Cornelius Vincent Joseph
Gedak Joseph Isador
Geddes Alexander McPherson
Gedling Ernest
Gee James Robert
Gee Derek John Randolph
Gee Ronald
Geen Redvers James
Geer Norman Augustus
Geers Alfred Edward
Geeves John
Geikie Walter George McDonald
Geils Allan Hughes
Geissmann Bernard Malcolm
Geldart Douglas Emerson
Gelinas Joseph Edward
Gendron Joseph Jules
George Henry Arthur
George John Henry
George Courtney Claude Orwin
George Gordon
George Michael Francis
George Anthony Frederick
George Lothian Julyan
George Bryan John Ralph
George Arthur
George Daniel Ernest
George Reginald Tyrrell
George Gilbert Llewellyn
George Richard Melvin
George Lloyd
George Charles Stuart
George Rowland Owen
Gergley Steve John
Gericke Philip Kenneth Ross
German Charles Kenneth
German John Henry Leslie
Germiquet George Edward
Gerrard Norman Clive
Gerrett Richard James
Gettings Thomas
Gibb George
Gibbins Sydney John
Gibbney Raymond Mordue
Gibbon Montgomery Vincent
Gibbon Henry Gaunt
Gibbons Anthony James
Gibbons Ernest
Gibbons Derek Albert
Gibbs John Vicary Frank
Gibbs John William
Gibbs William Robert
Gibbs Robert Winton Arnold
Gibbs Philip Evelyn
Gibbs Jack
Gibbs George Henry
Gibbs Ronald Gordon Vicary
Gibbs Ronald Arthur
Gibbs Sydney William Alfred
Gibbs William Henry
Giblett Peter Thomas
Gibson William Graham
Gibson William Peter
Gibson Donald James
Gibson Kenneth Victor
Gibson Granville Butterworth
Gibson John Cowan
Gibson Maurice Albert
Gibson William
Gibson Joseph Vernon
Gibson Claude Galliard
Gibson Robert Charles
Gibson Maurice Weir
Gibson James
Gibson John Murray
Gibson Alexander
Gibson Alvin Gordon
Gibson James William Chesterton
Gibson Robert William
Gibson Thomas Michael
Gibson Trevor Leslie
Gibson George
Gibson John Richardson
Gibson Andrew Hamilton Clark
Gibson Leslie Trevethan
Gibson Ronald
Gibson Thomas Edward
Gidilevich Fred Theodore
Gielstrup Jens Henning
Gierulski Ted Charles
Gifford Patrick
Gilbert Ronald
Gilbert Vasco Ortigzo
Gilbert John Allan
Gilbert Henry Gordon
Gilbert John Charles
Gilbert Bruce Napolean
Gilbert John Leslie
Gilbert Ronald Desmond
Gilbert Leslie John
Gilbertson-Pritchard John Clare
Gilchrist Campbell Colin
Gilder Albert Kenneth
Giles Eric Herbert
Giles Evan David
Giles Alexander Joseph
Giles Malcolm John
Giles Stanley Frederick
Giles Ian
Giles Wilfred
Giles Ronald
Giles William Henry
Giles Ronald Leslie
Giles Alexander Moreton
Giles Kenneth Alfred Leslie
Gilfoy James Eugene
Gilhespy John
Gilholm Robert
Gilkes Leslie Francis
Gilkeson Charles Aubrey Jim
Gill Harold John
Gill John Davidson
Gill Norman Ingram
Gill Kenneth John
Gill Julian
Gill Edward Felix Gwynne
Gill William Henry
Gill Benjamin
Gill Kenneth
Gill Kenneth
Gill Frederick Kennett
Gill Leslie
Gill John William Joseph
Gill Phillip Roy
Gill Robert Douglas
Gill Walter
Gill Francis
Gill Frederick Charles
Gill Jack
Gill Robert Edward
Gill William Percy
Gillam Ernest
Gillan James
Gillane Michael John
Gillard John Edward James
Gillard Donald William
Gillender Hunter
Gillespie Robert
Gillespie Ian George
Gillespie Edward William
Gillespie Alexander John Shields
Gillespie Charles
Gillespie Robert Dick
Gillett John Alfred
Gillette Orwin Rene
Gillham Roy William Patrick
Gillies Kenneth Malcolmson
Gillies Andrew Arthur
Gillies John Herbert
Gillies Raymond
Gillin James William
Gillingham Leslie Frederick
Gillissie William Gerald
Gillman Keith Reginald
Gillott Harry
Gilmore Robert Gerald Maxwell
Gilmore Edward Gerard
Gilmore David
Gilmore Walter Thomas
Gilmore Francis Wilfrid
Gilmour William John
Gilmour Neville George
Gilmour Gordon Dudley
Gilmour Douglas Veale
Gilmour James
Gilray James
Gilvary John Kevin
Gingell Gregg Bernard
Ginger William Joseph
Ginn Edwin Robert
Ginn Brian Yorke
Girdlestone Alfred Charles
Girouard Joseph Edmond Gustave
Giroux Joseph Antonio Lucien
Girty Lloyd George
Girvan Robert Halton
Gisby Michael
Gislason Magnus August
Gissane Denis John
Gittings William George
Gittins Thomas Henry
Gizzi Peter Carmino
Gladdis John Harry Herbert
Gladwell Michael George
Gladwell Willis John
Gladwish Reginald Edwin
Glanville William Arthur Ivor
Glanville Gordon Arthur
Glasgow George
Glasper Hubert
Glass Derek Keith
Glass Roy
Glasscock Seth Shiloh
Glasse Basil Henry
Glassman David
Glasspool Sidney Arthur Henry
Glatt Coleman
Glaves Albert Leslie
Glazebrook Stanley
Gleave Walter
Gledhill Herbert Gresford
Gledhill Ernest
Gledhill James Leslie
Gledstone Robert
Gleeson Thomas James
Gleeson John Bryant
Gleeson Eric John
Glencross Arthur Roger
Glendinning James Edgar
Glenn Neville Taylor
Glennie Alfred Robert
Glenny Robert Edmund
Glenton-Wright Michael Lotherington
Glentworth Lewis
Gliddon Arthur William Howard
Glinz Donald Frederick
Glossop Victor Thomas
Glotham William John
Gloury John Danckert
Glover Jeffrey
Glover John
Glover Robert Bell
Glover Michael John
Glover Ronald Haigh
Glover Raymond
Glover Albert
Glover Dennis William
Glover Patrick Sydney
Gluck Mark
Glyde Richard Lindsay
Glyde Ernest David
Gnanamuthu Anandaraj Samuel
Gnanamuthu Basker Daniel
Goad Leon Reginald
Goatley Stephen George
Goatly Percy Bernard
Goble Charles Spencer
Goddard William Bernard
Goddard John Henry
Goddard Alan Arthur Frank
Goddard John Edward
Goddard Robert Samuel
Goddard Jack
Goddard Arthur Ernest John
Goddard Oswald Ernest
Goddard Joseph
Godden Frank Leslie
Godden David Brian
Godfray Marcus George
Godfrey Robert Kenneth
Godfrey William George
Godfrey Stewart James
Godfrey Harry Charles
Godfrey Samuel Henry
Godfrey Peter Leopold
Godfrey Lloyd William Lewis
Godfrey Henry Jack
Godfrey Stanley
Godly William John
Godsall Herbert Marshall
Godsmark Bernard Albert
Godwin Joseph Erwin
Godwin Kenneth James
Godwin Gerald Patrick
Goemans Cornelis Jacobus Maria
Goff Alan Frank
Goff Stuart John
Gofton Alexander Moresby
Gohl James Garfield
Going Raymond Cyril
Gold David
Gold Edmund Harry
Golder Anthony James Patrick
Golder Reginald William
Goldfinger Zanwel
Goldie Harry Edward
Goldie George Wallace
Golding Joseph Albert
Golding James
Golding Robert Arthur
Golding Charles Alfred
Golding William Ronald
Golding Richard Charles Sydney
Goldman William
Goldman Arthur Jacob
Goldney Murray Rufus
Goldrick Martin
Goldring Charles Edward
Goldring James David Spencer
Goldsmith George Howard
Goldspink Walter Eric
Goldstein Mathias Aaron
Goldstone Albert Abraham
Goldstone Vincent Murray
Goldstraw Ernest Edward
Golightly Frederick James
Golub Matthew Michael
Gomer William Henry
Gomes Lewis Charles
Gommo John
Gompertz Philip Arthur Leo
Gooch Daniel Last
Gooch Anthony Horace Neave
Gooch Arthur George
Gooch Robert William
Good Duncan Charles Frederick
Good Harold Kenneth
Goodacre John Cyril
Goodall Norman Harold
Goodall Andrew Ferguson
Goodbrand Jack
Goodchild Cyril Noel
Goodchild Frank
Goodchild Thomas William
Goode Kenneth Frank
Goode Patrick George William
Goode Lewis Victor
Goode Wilfred George
Goode Cyril Arthur
Goode Raymond James
Goode Ray Marston
Goode Amos Samuel Maskell
Goodenough Frederick William Reece
Goodenough Nigel Rodney Patrick
Gooderham Douglas Samuel
Gooderham Albert Thomas
Goodes Geoffrey Vernon
Goodfellow Colin Gordon
Goodfellow Donald Grant
Goodfellow William Desmond Laurence
Goodhead Jack
Goodheart Ernest Walter
Gooding Arthur Winfield
Goodings John Robert
Goodlet Stanley Donald Sutherland
Goodman Robert Brown
Goodman Donald
Goodman Herbert William
Goodrum William Heriot
Goodrum Lewis Edward
Goodwin Denis Charles
Goodwin Stanley Leonard
Goodwin William John
Goodwin Laurence Frederick Bransby
Goodwin Ronald Bede
Goodwin William Victor
Goodyear Paul Arnold Urquhart
Gorbert Edward
Gordon Macdonald Stuart
Gordon Thomas James
Gordon Alexander Lindsay
Gordon Albert John
Gordon Stanley
Gordon John Arthur Gerald
Gordon Gerald Victor
Gordon Walter
Gordon James Neil
Gordon William Frederick
Gordon William John Gray
Gordon Francis Lowson
Gordon George Wallace
Gordon Ian Stanley
Gordon-Crosby Peter Maxwell
Gordon-Peiniger Anthony
Gore William Ernest
Gore Hugh
Gorham James Rist
Gorieu Raymond Albert Aime
Goring Curtis Albert
Gorman Ralph Ernest
Gorman Alexander Thomas
Gormlay Hugh Oliver Wilson
Gornall Leonard John
Gornall Edward Cuthbert
Gorrie Charles Gordon
Gorrie James
Gorton John Frederick
Gosling Thomas
Gosling Denis
Goss John Edward
Gosselin Joseph Simeon David
Gossop Herbert
Gotham Arthur William
Gott Frank Vennard
Gott Merle
Gottlieb Abe Isadore
Gotts Rex Alfred
Goudie Nathaniel Robert
Goudie Edwin Joseph
Gough Patrick Francis
Gough Terence Arthur Harold
Gough Archer Thomas George
Gouk John Annandale
Gould Dermot Evelyn
Gould James Douglas
Gould Myles David
Goulden Donald
Goulden Thomas
Goulding James
Goulding Clarence Phillip
Goulding Norman James Yates
Goult Maurice Arthur
Gourde Robert Russell
Gourlay William Leslie
Gourley John Galbraith
Gover George Henry Francis
Gow Iain Fraser
Gow Denholm
Gow James Henry
Gowan Thomas Francis
Gowans Joseph George
Gowdy William John
Gower Jack Gerald
Gowers Arthur Vincent
Gowing-Scopes Alistair
Grabham Arthur James
Grace Robert William
Grace Thomas Henry
Grace Michael James
Grace Hilary Francis
Grace Molly Rosamond Evelyn
Graham Harold Richmond
Graham Neil
Graham Reginald Clayton
Graham Leslie Thompson
Graham Peter Francis Ralph
Graham James Bowling
Graham William
Graham Kenneth Alfred George
Graham John Luke
Graham Edward James
Graham Lloyd Thomas
Graham John
Graham Lawrence Albert
Graham Henry James
Graham Granville
Graham Peter Gladstone
Graham John Thompson
Graham Andrew
Graham Charles William George
Graham John
Graham Thomas Edward Henry
Graham James
Graham James
Graham James
Graham John Jardine
Graham John Malcolm
Graham James Stewart
Graham Robert Leonard
Graham Thomas
Grahame John Howard James
Grahames James
Grain Thomas Henry
Grain John William
Grainger Robert
Grainger Robert Little
Grainger William Eric
Grainger Eric
Grainger James Charles
Grand Albert George
Grange Arthur Hugh
Grange Albert
Grange Terence
Grannum Clifton Winnington
Granshaw Gerald Bamford
Grant Donald Edward
Grant Richard Columba
Grant Stanley Charles
Grant Charles William
Grant Arthur Dallas
Grant Victor Martin
Grant Charles
Grant William Angus
Grant James
Grant John William
Grant James Murray
Grant Ian Allan Charles
Grant Edwin John Forgan
Grant Leslie Collier
Grant Reginald Halsey
Grant David Charles
Grant Ronald Frank Gordon
Grant Joseph Peter
Grant John Charles
Grant Alan George
Grant Leslie Ernest
Grattan Noel
Gravel Marcel
Graves Leslie Douglas
Graves Kenneth Gordon Edward
Graves Edward William
Graves Francis Peter
Graves-Smith Neville James
Gray James
Gray Phillip Cole
Gray Leslie Charles
Gray Roderick Borden
Gray Ian Lowrie
Gray Gerald
Gray John Brown Callan
Gray James Soutar
Gray Kenneth William
Gray William Hamilton
Gray Charles
Gray William Reid
Gray William
Gray Thomas
Gray Arthur Robert
Gray Sidney Dennis Colley
Gray Dean
Gray Douglas Murray
Gray John
Gray Stanley Goddard
Gray James Cornwall
Gray William Leslie
Gray Robert Sidney
Gray Maurice Claude Norfolk
Gray George Henderson
Gray Alan Douglas Hilton
Gray David James Richard Bernard
Gray George William
Gray James
Gray John Archibald
Gray Robert
Greatrex Douglas Thomas
Greatz Walter Paul
Greaves John Stewart
Greaves John Herbert
Greb Henry Charles
Greedy Stanley James
Green Wilfred Malvern
Green George Eric
Green Rendle
Green Percy Edward
Green Ernest
Green Herbert Walter
Green Michael Bay
Green Leonard Edward Frank
Green Noel Sturt
Green Arthur Hollis
Green John Bryan
Green Douglas Keller
Green William Arthur
Green Jeffrey William
Green John Bosanko
Green Henry Alfred Leslie
Green Harry Dale
Green Robert Thomas
Green Gordon Arnold
Green Alexander William Valentine
Green John Frederick
Green Maurice David
Green Leslie
Green James William
Green George Charles
Green Edwin George
Green Gerald Wilson
Green Michael Elliott
Green William
Green John Gordon
Green Alan William
Green Leo Peter
Green Paul Frederick
Green Donald Bertram
Green Frederick Harold Morris
Green George Arthur
Green Cyril Vincent
Green Peter Harry Barrowclough
Green Ronald Stanley
Green Fred
Green Kenneth Frederick
Green Leslie Arthur
Green Charles
Green Douglas Scott
Green Richard Alfred Ernest
Green Robert John
Green Thomas Frederick
Green William Henry
Greenaway Arthur John
Greenaway Clarence Charles
Greenbeck Stanley
Greener Thomas
Greenfield John Charles
Greenfield Jack
Greenfield Arthur Herbert
Greengrass Stanley Walter
Greenidge John Alexander
Greening Gordon Valentine
Greening Joseph Wesley
Greenlees Richard Cooper
Greenman Wilfred James
Greenmon Philip John
Greenough Reginald James
Greenstreet Irvine Stewart
Greenwell John
Greenwood James Edward
Greenwood James
Greenwood Harry
Greenwood Ashton Leslie
Greenwood Wyndham
Greenwood Eric
Greenwood Eric Grenville
Greenwood Lewis
Greenwood George Benjamin Dudley
Greenwood Arthur Henry
Greenwood John
Greenwood Norman
Greenwood John Douglas
Greer William Leonard
Greeves Stuart Gordon
Gregg Robert
Gregg Henry
Gregg Stanley Alfred
Greggans Henry
Grego Eric Ivor Llewellyn
Grego Cyril Charles
Gregoire Leo Joseph Robert
Gregory Charles Henry
Gregory Leslie
Gregory Albert Frank
Gregory Kenneth Wilfred
Gregory Eric Otho
Gregory Harold William
Gregson Norman Percy
Gregson Leslie Harold
Greig Walter
Greig James
Greig Patrick Joseph McCrohan
Greig Stanley
Greig James Walter
Greig John Cresswell
Grenfell Reginald Pascoe Sydney
Grenon Theodore Buckland
Gresswell Ronald
Gresty Kenneth Gaston
Greville-Heygate Charles Edward
Grew Gordon Charles
Grey Frank
Grey Thomas Allison
Grey Linley Joseph
Grey Frederick Gwilym
Grey Henry Marshall
Grey-Noble Henry
Gribble Arthur Horace
Gribble Dorian George
Gric Josef
Gridley Ronald Harold
Grier Thomas
Grier John
Grieve Thomas Steel Greenshields
Grieve Ronald McLennan
Griffin Michael Francis
Griffin Patrick Michael
Griffin Norman John
Griffin Arthur Cecil Montagu
Griffin Ronald Lancelot
Griffin John Joseph
Griffin Reginald Stanley
Griffin Jack Douglas
Griffin William Arthur
Griffin Arthur Desmond
Griffin Kenneth Willoughby
Griffin Felix Ivor
Griffith Edward Owen
Griffith John Gordon
Griffith Colin John
Griffith John Bryant De Burgh
Griffith-Jones John Martin
Griffiths David William
Griffiths Sydney George
Griffiths Henry
Griffiths Donald Maldwyn
Griffiths Arthur James
Griffiths Edward Ivor
Griffiths Thomas Rhys Llewellyn
Griffiths David Gareth
Griffiths Richard Vivian
Griffiths David Hywel
Griffiths Peter Merewether
Griffiths Charles Anthony
Griffiths Ernest Reginald Hylton
Griffiths Myrddin
Griffiths David
Griffiths John Edwards Lewis
Griffiths George Albert
Griffiths Lewis George Henry
Griffiths Leonard
Griffiths Edward William
Griffiths Maldwyn
Griffiths Melville Percy
Griffiths Thomas Howell Brian
Griffiths Leslie Douglas
Griffiths John William
Griffiths George Henry
Griffiths David
Griffiths David George
Griffiths Leslie Mayberry
Griffiths John Jefferson
Griffiths Alan John
Griffiths Barry James
Griffiths David Emmanuel
Griffiths Douglas Edwin
Grigg George Ernest
Grigg Gerald Leonard
Grigg Robert Jackson
Grigg George Alan
Griggs Raymond William
Griggs Charles
Grimes John Henry
Grimes Walter Crawford
Grimes George Lionel
Grimsdick Edward Oliver
Grimshaw Leslie Thomas
Grimshaw Herbert Parkinson
Grimson George John William
Grimston Brian
Grimston Bruce David
Grimwood Eric Norman
Grindlay James
Grindley Alfred Richard
Grindley Philip Stanley
Grindley William Edward
Grinnell Harold Frederick
Grint Joseph Robert
Grisdale Donald
Grisdale Robert
Grisedale Thomas William
Groensteen Jacques Hilaire Pierre
Groff Wilfred Rodgers
Grogan Gordon Stuart
Groom Samuel Robert
Groom Frank
Groom Henry John
Groom George Jabez Arthur
Gros Edward Leroy
Gross Arthur William Ronald
Grossey Raymond Charles
Grosvenor Thomas Galbraith
Grosvenor Richard James
Grout Roy Gordon
Grove Denis Harry
Grove Reginald George Bishop
Grove Leslie James
Grover Henry Arthur
Groves Eric Charles
Groves Stephen Eric
Groves George Edward
Groves Alfred Edward
Groves Ernest Henry Joseph
Groves Edward Roy
Grubb James Henry
Gruer Lawrence Harold
Grundling A E D
Grundy Alan Peter James
Grundy Fred
Grundy Eric Wilson
Gruntman Herbert John
Grunwell Stanley
Guan Charles Allen
Guay Francis John
Gudge Arthur John
Gudgeon Alan Harry
Guernsey Lorne Stanley
Guest Donald Charles Lionel
Guest Ernest Melville Charles
Guest Francis William
Guggiari Lewis William
Guichard James Louis
Guilfoyle Hugh Patrick Anthony
Guilfoyle William Thomas
Guillemette Alfred Frederic
Guiton Kevin Richard
Guley Harry Raymond Robertson
Gullery Hugh Francis
Gulliver Thomas George Hubert
Gumbleton Arthur Herbert
Gumbley Arthur Howard
Gumbley Bernard Alexander
Gumbrill Royston Ewart
Gummery Stanley David
Gunn William McKenzie
Gunn William Reginald Sydney
Gunn Frank Charles Henry
Gunn Thomas Gower
Gunn David
Gunn Robert Joseph
Gunn Henry Charles
Gunning James Walter
Gunning Kenneth Stewart
Gunson Alan William Morphett
Gunton William George
Guppy Frederick Richard
Guppy Frederick John Sydney
Gurden Frederick Ernest Rex
Gurnett Frank Henry William
Gurr Gordon Frederick
Gurton John Leonard
Gustafson Roy Gosta Helmer
Gustafson John Kenneth
Guthrie Lionel Kesson
Guthrie George Scott
Guthrie Archibald John
Guthrie Thomas
Guy Frank
Guy Ronald Stevens
Guy Charles Mathieson
Guy Leonard Northwood
Guy John Arnold
Guy William Trevor
Gwyer Vernon Neville
Gwyer Herbert Harry Stephen
Gwynn Douglas Eric
Gwynne Elfod
Gyles Nathaniel Robert
Gynane John
Gzowski Norman Glyn
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