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Soviet Aces
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Be aware there is no standardized way of Anglicizing Russian names. Many variants usually exist and all will be valid. When Searching, try different approaches. For example, 'y' is often spelled 'ij' or 'ii'. 'yo' might be spelled 'e'. We have included Anglicized variants in many cases but you should not rely on this to find your target.

Abdrashitov, Shamil Munasypovich
Abramchuk, Nikolai Ivanovich
Abramishvili, Mirian I.
Abramov, Nikifor Semyonovich
Abramov, Petr Petrovich
Abramov, Vladimir Fedorovich
Achitkov, Mikhail Grigorievich
Achkasov, Sergei Vasilyevich
Adolf, Sergei Viktorovich
Adonkin, Vasilii Semenovich
Afanasiev, Georgii Ivanovich
Afanasiev, Nikolai Timofeyevich
Afanasiyenko, Gavriil Ivanovich
Afanasyev, Boris Mikhailovich
Afanasyev, Vladimir Ilyich
Afonin, Vasilii Maksimovich
Agantsev, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Ageyev, Petr Grigoryevich
Agureyev, Alexandr
Akimov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Akinin, Gavriil Dmitrievich
Akinshin, S.V.
Aksyutin, Ivan
Akulkin, Nikolai Fedorovich
Akulov, Boris
Alelyukhin, Alexei Vasilyevich
Alenin, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Alexandrov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Alexandrov, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Alexandryuk, Viktor Ilyich
Alexeyenko, Konstantin Stepanovich
Alexeyev, Ivan Nikolayevich
Alexeyev, Konstantin Stepanovich
Alexeyev, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Alexeyev, Valentin Petrovich
Alexeyev, Viktor Pavlovich
Alexeyev, Viktor Stepanovich
Alifanov, Nikolai Grigoriyevich
Alkidov, Vladimir Yakovlevich
Alpatov, A. G.
Amelin, Alexei Stepanovich
Amet-Khan, Sultan
Amkoladze, Adam Danilovich
Ananyev, Ivan Mikhailovich
Anapreyev, Vasilii Petrovich
Anashkin, Vladimir Prokofyevich
Anatskii, Andrei Ivanovich
Andreyev, Alexandr Petrovich
Andreyev, Leonid Grigorievich
Andreyev, Nikolai Polikhronovich
Andreyev, Pavel Nikolajevich
Andreyev, Stepan Filippovich
Andreyev, Yefim Denisovich
Andrianov, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Andrianov, Ilya Filippovich
Andrianov, Mikhail Nikolayevich
Andrianov, Sergei Andreyevich
Andriyanov, Ilya Filippovich
Andriyanov, Vasilii Ivanovich
Andronov, Nikolai Nikitovich
Androshchuk, Alexandr Stepanovich
Andryushchenko, Alexandr Mitrofanovich
Andryushchenko, Nikolai Ananievich
Anisimov, Viktor
Aniskin, Alexandr Dmitriyevich
Ankudinov, Yegor Yefremovich
Anosov, Alexandr Potapovich
Antipov, Alexei Kasyanovich
Antipov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Antonenko, Alexei Kasyanovich
Antonov, Ivan Prokopiyevich
Antonov, Pavel Nikolayevich
Antonyants, Georgii Yakovlevich
Antonyev, Vyacheslav Andreyevich
Antsyrev, Nikolai A.
Anufriyev, Mitrofan Alexeyevich
Apollonin, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Archipov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Archireyev, Oleg Vladimirovich
Arefiev, Mikhail Alexeevich
Arkhilov, unknown
Arkhipenko, Fedor Fedorovich
Arkhipov, Nikolai Arsentyevich
Arkhipov, Vasilii
Arsenin, Nikolai Fedorovich
Arsenin, unknown
Artamonov, Ivan Pavlovich
Artamonov, Nikolai Semenovich
Artamonov, Vasilii Sevastianovich
Artemchenko, Stepan Savelyevich
Artemchenkov, Grigorii Fedorovich
Artemenko, Stepan
Artemiev, A.
Artemnikov, unknown
Artemov, Alexei Vasilyevich
Artemyev, Georgii Andreyevich
Artyukhin, Boris N.
Ashchaulov, Dmitrii
Askirenko, Ivan
Askirko, Ivan Adamovich
Astakhov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Astapov, Artemii Fedotovich
Astashkevich, Petr Naumovich
Astashkin, Mikhail Yegorovich
Avdeyev, Alexandr Fedorovich
Avdeyev, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Avekov, Ivan Avdeyevich
Avidisyan, Suren Armenakovich
Azarov, Sergei Semenovich
Azarov, Yevgenii Alexandrovich
Azin, Petr Ilyich
Babailov, Pavel Konstantinovich
Babak, Ivan Ilyich
Babayev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Babenko, Gavriil Fedorovich
Babenko, Iosif Aronovich
Babenko, Mikhail Afanasievich
Babiy, unknown
Babkov, Vasilii Petrovich
Bachilo, Kirill Kirillovich
Bachin, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Badenov, Semyon Vasilievich
Baikov, Georgii Ivanovich
Baikov, Sergei Dmitrievich
Baisultanov, Alim Yusufovich
Bakal, Ivan Semyonovich
Bakhaev, Stepan Antonovich
Bakharev, Yakov
Bakhchivandzhi, Grigorii Yakovlevich
Bakhirev, Vasilii Andreyevich
Bakhmatkov, Yevgenii Markovich
Bakhulenkov, Ivan Petrovich
Baklan, Andrei Yakovlevich
Bakulin, Vladimir
Balakin, S.G.
Balakin, Vladimir Nikolaievich
Balaluyev, Alexei Andreyevich
Balandin, Vladimir Alkesandrovich
Balanin, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Balashov, Georgii Sergeyevich
Balashov, Vladimir Andreyevich
Balmykin, Petr Vasilievich
Balyashnikov, Alexei Ivanovich
Balyuk, Ivan Fedorovich
Bannikov, Ivan Grigorievich
Barabanov, Alexandr Nikolaievich
Barabanov, Mikhail Sergeyevich
Barakhtayev, Matvei V.
Baranov, Alexandr Andreyevich
Baranov, Alexandr Dmitriyevich
Baranov, Georgii Antonovich
Baranov, Mikhail Dmitriyevich
Baranov, Mikhail Semenovich
Baranov, Mikhail Yevdokimovich
Baranov, Viktor Gavrilovich
Barchenkov, Danilii Gavrilovich
Barinov, Georgii Alexeyevich
Barinov, Vladimir Vasilievich
Barsht, Abrek Arkadyevich
Barsov, Mikhail Pavlovich
Barsukov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Bashkirov, Viktor Andreyevich
Bashkirov, Vyacheslav Filippovich
Baskov, N.
Baskov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Baskov, Vladimir Sergeyevich
Bastrikov, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Basulin, Yevgenii Dmitriyevich
Batarov, Mikhail Fedorovich
Batov, Ivan Ilyich
Baturin, Alexandr Gerasimovich
Batyaev, Vasilii Sergeyevich
Batychko, Ivan Dimitriyevich
Batyrev, Petr Mikhailovich
Baulin, Nikolai P.
Bayevskii, Georgii Arturovich
Bazanov, Petr Vasilyevich
Bazanov, V.
Bazarov, Ivan Fedorovich
Bazovkin, Alexei Ivanovich
Bazunov, Alexei Kalistratovich
Bebin, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Begalov, Vladimir Yakovlevich
Begeldinov, Talgat Yakupbekovich
Bekashonok, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Belikov, Oleg Stepanovich
Belkin, Alexandr Nikitovich
Belokudrenko, Ivan Danilovich
Belous, Vasilii Andreyevich
Belousov, Leonid Georgiyevich
Belousov, Nikolai Petrovich
Belousov, Sergei Leontiyevich
Belov, Ivan Yefimovich
Belov, Petr Ivanovich
Belozerov, Ivan Pavlovich
Belyaiev, Vasilii Ivanovich
Belyakov, A.N.
Belyashin, unknown
Belyasnik, Petr Nikiforovich
Belyasnikov, A.I.
Belyayev, Irinei
Belyayev, Vladimir Grigorievich
Belyi, Anatolii Romanovich
Ben, Iosif Kirillovich
Bendeliani, Chichiko Kaisarovich
Berestnev, Pavel Maximovich
Berezkin, Vyacheslav A.
Berezovskii, Fedor Sergeyevich
Berezutskii, Ivan Mikhailovich
Berko, Alexandr Georgiyevich
Berkutov, Alexandr Maximovich
Beschastnyi, Viktor Nikolaievich
Besedin, Sergei Yevgeniyevich
Bespalov, Konstantin Alexeyevich
Bessolitsyn, Grigorii Ivanovich
Besstrakhov, Arsenii M.
Bezmeltsev, Ivan Ivanovich
Bezrodnyi, Vladimir Kirillovich
Bezuglov, Konstantin Yefimovich
Bezverkhii, Alexei Ignatyevich
Bichkov, unknown
Bikmukhametov, Ibragim
Bilyukin, Alexandr Dmitriyevich
Binov, Lev Isaakovich
Biriuk, Andrei Ivanovich
Bisiev, Gurii Stepanovich
Bitsayev, Sergei Vladimirovich
Bitukov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Bityutskii, Petr Semenovich
Blinov, Alexei Pavlovich
Blizhin, Nikolai Yakovlevich
Blokhin, Ivan Ivanovich
Bobiyev, Vasilii Petrovich
Bobkov, Valentin Vasilyevich
Bobrov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Bobrovskii, Vasiliy
Bobylkin, Fedor Petrovich
Bocharov, Dmitrii Alexeyevich
Bocharov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Bocharov, Yevgenii Ivanovich
Bochkov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Bogachev, Alexandr Petrovich
Bogatnikov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Bogatov, Grigorii Semyonovich
Bogdanov, Boris Mikhailovich
Bogomazov, Grigorii Ivanovich
Bogomolov, Vladimir Sergeyevich
Bogoslovskii, Kronid Alexandrovich
Bogun, Arsentii Yakovlevich
Boichenko, Viktor Stepanovich
Boikachev, Pavel Davydovich
Bokii, Nikolai Ardeyevich
Boldyrev, Leonid Sergeyevich
Boldyrev, Maksim Vasilievich
Bondar, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Bondarenko, Mikhail Z.
Bondarenko, Semyon Grigoryevich
Bondarenko, Vasilii Yefimovich
Bondarev, Ivan Alexeyevich
Borisenko, Fedosii Kirillovich
Borisenko, Ivan Ivanovich
Borisov, Alexei Ivanovich
Borisov, Ivan Grigoryevich
Borisov, Ivan Timofeyevich
Borisov, Leonid Ivanovich
Borisov, Mikhail Alexeyevich
Borisov, Nikolai Petrovich
Borodachev, Viktor Ivanovich
Borodayevskii, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Borodin, Ivan Petrovich
Borodin, Leonid Timofeyevich
Borodin, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Borovik, Vasilii Kaleinikovich
Borovoi, Ivan Petrovich
Borovskii, Nikolai Andreevich
Borovskoy, Nikolai Vasilievich
Borovykh, Andrei Yegorovich
Boykov, Pavel
Brazhnets, Sergei Mikhailovich
Breitman, Isaak Volkovich
Brentses, Anatolii Tosifovich
Brezgunov, Alexei Prokofievich
Brinko, Petr Antonovich
Britikov, Alexei Petrovich
Brodinskii, Viktor Ignatovich
Brodnikov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Brodskii, unknown
Bryzgalov, Pavel Alexandrovich
Bryzhko, Leonid Arsfyevich
Buchteyev, Sergei Stepanovich
Budanova, Yekatarina Vasilyevna
Budayev, Sergei Petrovich
Bugarchev, Boris Maximovich
Bugreyev, Konstantin Vladimirovich
Buikevich, Anton Konstantinovich
Bukchin, S.Z.
Bukin, Anrean Fedulovich
Bukvarev, Konstantin Petrovich
Bulayev, Alexandr Dmitriyevich
Bulgakov, Andrei Panteleyevich
Bundelev, Pavel Yevdokimovich
Burgunov, N.F.
Burlakov, Ivan Grigoryevich
Burmatov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Burnazyan, Sergei Avdeyevich
Buryak, Dmitrii Prokofyevich
Buryak, Nikolai Vaselyevich
Buryak, Sergei Ivanovich
Buryan, Nikolai Pavlovich
Buslov, Fedor Vasilyevich
But, Ivan Yakovlevich
Butko, Alexandr Sergeyevich
Butoma, Nikolai Grigorievich
Buyanov, Viktor Nikolayevich
Buzinov, Vadim Nikolayevich
Bychkov, Anatolii Fedorovich
Bychkov, Mikail Y.
Bychkov, Semyon Trofimovich
Bychkov, Viktor Alexeyevich
Bychkovskii, Grigorii
Bykasov, Nikolai Vladimirovich
Bykona, Pavel Ivanovich
Bykov, Mikhail Dmitrievich
Bykovets, Leonid Alexandrovich
Bykovskii, Yevgenii Vlasovich
Bylov, Ivan Fedorovich
Bystrov, Ivan Isayevich
Cagoiko, Nikolai Vasilievich
Carev, Mikhail Petrovich
Chabrov, Mikhail Stepanovich
Chapchakov, Lazar Sergeyevich
Chapliev, Yurii Mikhailovich
Chaplinskii, Alexei Danilovich
Chaplygin, Mikhail Nikolayevich
Chaplygin, Pavel Sergeyevich
Chasnyk, Nikolai Leontyevich
Chebachkov, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Chechelashvili, Otari Grigoryevich
Chekhunov, Mikhail Nikitovich
Chemodanov, Ivan I.
Chenskii, Vladimir
Chepelkin, Petr Afanasyevich
Chepelyuk, Sergei Georgiyevich
Chepinoga, Pavel Iosifovich
Cherevatenko, Alexei Tikhonovich
Chernenko, Nikolai Nikiforovich
Chernenko, Vasilii Ivanovich
Chernetsov, Viktor Yefimovich
Chernetsov, Yevgenii Ivanovich
Chernikov, A.D.
Chernikov, Ivan Dmitrievich
Chernobai, Andrei Petrovich
Chernobaiev, Ivan Vakulovich
Chernoglazov, Ivan Nikiforovich
Chernousov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Chernov, Sergei Yegorovich
Chertov, Sergei Ivanovich
Chesnokov, M.I.
Chesnokov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Chevtchenko, U.
Chigirin, Alexandr Makarovich
Chikov, Dmitrii Iosifovich
Chirkin, Alexei Leontyevich
Chirkov, Andrei Vasilyevich
Chislov, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Chistakov, Pavel Konstantinovich
Chistochodov, Ivan Afanasyevich
Chistov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Chistyakov, Viktor Feofanovich
Chistyakov, Yevgenii Mikhailovich
Chizh, Vasilii Ivanovich
Chizhik, Fedor Mikhailovich
Chmil, Ivan Ustinovich
Chubukov, Fedor Mikhailovich
Chuchvaga, Ivan Ivanovich
Chudbin, Leonid Sergeyevich
Chugunov, Viktor Konstantinovich
Chuguyev, Grigorii Vlasovich
Chuikin, Fedor Sergeyevich
Chulaiev, Ananii Ivanovich
Chulkov, Ivan Denisovich
Chumakov, Ivan Ignatyevich
Chunosov, unknown
Chupikov, Pavel Fedorovich
Churilin, Alexei Pavlovich
Chuvin, Nikolai Ivanovich
Chuvyev, Pavel
Chvatov, Dmitrii Alexeyevich
Dakhov, F.F.
Danilenko, Nikolai Nikitovich
Danilkin, unknown
Danilov, Andrei Stepanovich
Danilov, Dmitrii Fedorovich
Danilov, Grigorii Semenovich
Danilov, Stepan Pavlovich
Dankevich, Pavel Borisovich
Dargis, Pavel Nikodimovich
Davidkov, Viktor Iosifovich
Davidyan, Zaven Sidranovich
Davydov, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Degtyar, Ivan Ivanovich
Dekhtyarenko, Andrei Nikolayevich
Delegei, Nikolai Kupriyanovich
Dema, Leonid Vasilyevich
Demchev, Ivan Rodionovich
Demenkov, Sergei Vasilyevich
Demenok, Vasilii
Dementiev, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Dementiev, Boris
Demichev, Alexandr Vasilievich
Denchik, Nikolai Fedorovich
Denezhkin, Ivan Kuzmich
Denisenko, Vladimir Guryevich
Denisov, Konstantin Dmitriyevich
Derdik, Alexandr Semyonovich
Derevyankin, Vasilii Dmitriyevich
Dergach, Alexei Nikolayevich
Devyatayev, Mikhail Petrovich
Deyev, Boris
Diakov, Ivan Andreyevich
Didenko, Gavriil Vlasovich
Didenko, Nikolai Matveyevich
Dikii, Mikhail Prokofyevich
Dkhabidze, D.V.
Dmitriev, Arsenii Alexeyevich
Dmitriev, Yefim Ivanovich
Dmitriyev, Mikhail Zakharovich
Dmitriyev, Nikolai Pavlovich
Dmitriyev, Vladimir
Dmitriyuk, Grigorii Fedoseyevich
Dobrodetskii, Anatolii Vasilevich
Dobrov, Vasilii T.
Dobrovolskii, Vasilii Mitrofanovich
Dobrynin, Alexandr Maksimovich
Dogadailo, Alexei Dmitriyevich
Dogayev, Vladimir Ivanovich
Dokashenko, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Dokukin, Ivan Arkhipovich
Dolgalev, Sergei Semyonovich
Dolgarev, Pavel Mikhailovich
Dolgikh, Anatolii G.
Dolgopolov, Viktor Viktorovich
Dolgunov, Alexandr Petrovich
Dolgushin, Sergei Fedorovich
Dolnikov, Grigorii Ustinovich
Donkov, Konstantin Petrovich
Doroshenko, Alexandr Dmitrievich
Doroshenkov, Alexandr Andrianovich
Doroshin, Ivan Ivanovich
Doroshin, Vasilii Stepanovich
Drachenko, Ivan Grigoryevich
Dranishchev, Yevgenii Petrovich
Dranko, Petr Alexandrovich
Dranov, unknown
Drevyatnikov, Daniil Prokofyevich
Drobyazko, Vasilii Ivanovich
Drozhzhin, Vasilii Ivanovich
Drygin, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Dubenok, Gennadii Sergeyevich
Dubovik, Ivan Mikhailovich
Dubovik, Nikolai Prochorovich
Dudar, Nikolai Filippovich
Dudnichenko, Viktor Markovich
Dudnik, Nikolai Denisovich
Dugin, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Dunaiev, Nikolai Pavlovich
Dunayev, Nikolai Panteleyevich
Durakov, Nikolai Konstantinovich
Durov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Dvornik, Alexandr Filippovich
Dvornikov, Mikhail Semyonovich
Dvurechenskii, Ivan Andreievich
Dyachenko, Leonid M.
Dyachkov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Dyakov, Petr Mikhailovich
Dydygin, Mikhail Illarionovich
Dymchenko, Petr Leontyevich
Dynda, Sergei Demidovich
Dzhabidze, David Vasilyevich
Dzusov, Ibragim Magometovich
Dzutsev, Mikhail Antonovich
Dzyuba, Ivan Mikhailovich
Dzyuba, Petr Petrovich
Fadeyev, Vadim Ivanovich
Fanin, Ivan Markovich
Farofontov, Mikhail Petrovich
Fatin, Konstantin Mikhailovich
Fatkulin, Anver Asudulyevich
Federov, Alexei Yakovlevich
Fedorchuk, Igor Alexandrovich
Fedorenko, Konstantin Vasilyevich
Fedorenko, Vasilii Ivanovich
Fedorov, Alexandr Yakovlevich
Fedorov, Arkadii Vasilyevich
Fedorov, Fedor Fedorovich
Fedorov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Fedorov, Konstantin Fedorovich
Fedorov, Konstantin Feofilaktovich
Fedorov, Vasilii Danilovich
Fedorov, Vasilii Petrovich
Fedoseyev, Grigorii Ivanovich
Fedoseyev, Mikhail Andreyevich
Fedosov, Vasilii Pavlovich
Fedotov, Andrei Andreyevich
Feoktistov, Sergei Alexeyevich
Figichev, Valentin Alexeyevich
Filatov, A.P.
Filatov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Filatov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Filatov, Alexandr Petrovich
Filatov, Grigorii Ivanovich
Filatov, N.
Filatov, Semyon Alexeyevich
Filimonov, Boris
Filimov, A.M.
Filippov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Filippov, Sergei Ivanovich
Filippov, Sergei Ivanovich
Filonenko, Alexei Fedorovich
Filonov, Mikhail Maximovich
Fisenko, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Fleishman, Alexei Dementyevich
Fokin, Alexandr Kuzmich
Fomchenko, Konstantin Fedorovich
Fomichev, Petr Pavlovich
Fomin, Alexei Ivanovich
Fomochkin, Ivan Alexeevich
Frantsizov, Ivan Savatyevich
Frolov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Frolov, Valentin Ilyich
Fyodorin, Gennadii Alexeyevich
Fyodorov, Alexandr Afinogenovich
Gabrinets, unknown
Gabrinets, Vladimir Maximovich
Gafanov, Gabdulla Gafanovich
Gaidayenko, Ivan Dmitriyevcih
Gaidov, Vladimir
Gaidukov, Alexandr Vasilievich
Galchenko, Leonid Akimovich
Galkin, Mikhail Petrovich
Galkin, Valentin Alexeyevich
Galkin, Vladimir Sergeyevich
Gamsheyev, Mikhail Nikolaiyevich
Ganchikov, Viktor Yakovlevich
Ganenko, Ivan Maximovich
Ganin, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Gapunov, Anatolii Grigoryevich
Garam, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Garanin, Vladimir Ivanovich
Garbatukov, E.M.
Garkusha, Kuzma Dmitriyevich
Gashev, Nikolai Petrovich
Gavrilin, Pavel Fedorovich
Gavrilov, Mikhail Timofeyevich
Gavrilov, Pavel Ivanovich
Gazizullin, Ibragim Galimovich
Geibo, Iosif Ivanovich
Gerashchenko, Andrei Grigorievich
Gerashchenko, Ivan Mironovich
Gerashchenko, Petr
Gerasimenko, Nikolai Ivanovich
Gerasimenko, Nikolai Petrovich
Gerasimov, Filipp Filippovich
Gerasimov, Nikolai Semenovich
German, Grigorii Ivanovich
German, Ivan Moiseyevich
Ges, Grigorii Ivanovich
Getman, Semen Grigoriyevich
Ginzburg, Arkadii Samuilovich
Girich, Andrei Ivanovich
Gladkikh, Mikhail Nikiforovich
Gladyaiev, Nikolai Andreyevich
Glavatskii, Iosif Iosifovich
Glazkov, Igor S.
Glazov, Nikolai Yelizarovich
Glazunov, Maxim Alexeyevich
Glinka, Boris Borisovich
Glinka, Dmitrii Borisovich
Glinkin, Sergei Grigoryevich
Globin, Nikolai Ivanovich
Glotov, Georgii
Glotov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Glubshev, Nikolai Alexeevich
Glukhikh, Ivan Mikhailovich
Glushko, Petr Gerasimovich
Glushkov, Nikolai Lvovich
Gneyev, Vasilii Ivanovich
Gnezdilov, Ivan Fedorovich
Gnido, Petr Andreyevich
Godovikov, Alexei Nikolayevich
Golaiev, Dzhanibek Nanakovich
Golberg, Konstantin Ivanovich
Golchin, Ivan Konstantinovich
Golikov, Semyon Nikolaiyevich
Golimbiyevskii, Alexi Afanasyevich
Golman, Lev Pavlovich
Golosov, I.K.
Golovach, Yurii K.
Golovachev, Pavel Yakovlevich
Golovatyuk, Ivan Konstantinovich
Golovenko, Makar Mikhailovich
Goloveshkin, Alexi Petrovich
Golovin, Anatolii Alexandrovich
Golovin, Makarii Gavrilovich
Golovkov, Viktor Semyonovich
Golubenko, Andrei Yakovlevich
Golubev, Georgii Gordeyevich
Golubev, Vasilii Fedorovich
Golubin, Ivan Filippovich
Golubnichiy, Fedor Fedorovich
Golubov, Anatolii Yemelyanovich
Golubov, Petr Ivanovich
Golushkov, unknown
Golyachkov, Leonid Dmitriyevich
Gonchar, Ivan Alexeyevich
Goncharenko, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Goncharov, Alexei A.
Gopak, Alexandr Dormidontovich
Gopkalo, Ivan Grigoryevich
Gopnik, Khaskel Moiseyevich
Gorbachev, Ivan Illarionovich
Gorbachevskii, Alexandr Ivanovich
Gorban, Grigorii Markovich
Gorbatyuk, Yevgenii Mikhailovich
Gorbunov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Gorbunov, Nikolai Grigorievich
Gorbunov, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Gorbunov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Gorbunov, Pavel Ivanovich
Gorchakov, Anatolii Alexeyevich
Gorchiver, Semyon Borisovich
Gordadze, S.
Goreglyad, Leonid Ivanovich
Gorelov, Alexei Fedorovich
Gorelov, Sergei Dmitriyevich
Gorelyshev, Dmitrii
Gorev, Sergei Lvovich
Gorgolyuk, Alexandr Ivanovich
Gorin, Alexei Ilyich
Gorin, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Gorkov, Boris Sergeevich
Gorobets, Ivan Yakovlevich
Gorodnichev, Nikolai Pavlovich
Gorokhov, Yurii Ivanovich
Gorovets, Alexandr Konstantinovich
Gorshkov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Gorshkov, Vasilii Lavrentiyevich
Gorskii, unknown
Goryachev, Nikolai Ivanovich
Goshko, Stepan Semyonovich
Govorov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Grachev, Anatolii Alexandrovich
Grachev, Ivan Mikhailovich
Grachev, Ivan Petrovich
Gradusov, Alexandr Dmitrievich
Grafin, Iosif Ignatyevich
Grazhdanikov, Pavel Andreyevich
Grebenev, Arkadii Dmitriyevich
Grechka, Vasilii Silovich
Gredyushko, Yevgeniy
Grekov, Leonid Ignatiyevich
Grib, Mikhail Ivanovich
Gridyushko, Yevgenii
Grigorev, Vasilii I.
Grigoriev, Alexandr Grigorievich
Grigoriev, Alexei Fedorovich
Grigorovich, Vladimir Stepanovich
Grigoryev, Gerasim Afansyevich
Grigoryev, Ivan Ivanovich
Grinchenko, Anton Gavrilovich
Grinchik, Aleksei Nikolayevich
Grinev, Mikhail V.
Grinev, Vasilii Nikitovich
Grinevich, Gennadii Ivanovich
Grinko, Nikolai Ivanovich
Grishaiev, Gerasim Gerasimovich
Grishchenko, Petr Lukyanovich
Grishin, Alexei Nikolayevich
Grishin, Viktor Alexandrovich
Gromakovskii, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Gromov, Andrei Grigorievich
Gromov, Georgii Vasilyevich
Gruchak, unknown
Gruzdev, Alexandr P.
Gruzdev, Konstantin Afanasyevich
Gruzdev, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Gubanov, Alexei Alexeyevich
Gubanov, unknown
Gubanov, Vladimir Yegorovich
Gubernskii, Semyon Filippovich
Gubich, Vladimir Mikhailovich
Guchek, Petr Iosifovich
Gudayev, Alexandr Grigorievich
Gudkov, Dmitrii Vasilyevich
Gugnin, Nikolai Pavlovich
Gugridze, V.T.
Gulayev, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Gulayev, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Gulin, Sergei Stepanovich
Gultyayev, Grigorii Kapitonovich
Gumennyi, Ilya Stepanovich
Gura, Stepan Petrovich
Gurin, Nikita I.
Gurulev, Nikolai Denisovich
Gusarov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Gusarov, Viktor Alexandrovich
Gusev, Alexei Yakovlevich
Gusev, Ivan Ivanovich
Gusev, Vasilii Ivanovich
Guskov, Gavriil Gavriilovich
Gutko, Nikolai Prokofyevich
Gutsalo, Alexandr Semenovich
Ibatulin, Khasam Mingeyevich
Ibragimov, Ismagil Ibragimovich
Ignatyev, Alexei Filippovich
Ignatyev, Mikhail Trofimovich
Ignatyev, Nikolai I.
Ignatyev, Nikolai Petrovich
Ilchenko, Mikhail Yefimovich
Iltchenko, Mikhail
Ilyin, Dmitrii Georgiyevich
Ilyin, G.I.
Ilyin, Nikolai Yakovlevich
Ilyushin, Ivan Lazarevich
Indyk, Semen Leontyevich
Ippolitov, Sergei Nikolaiyevich
Isakov, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Isayenko, A.
Isayenko, N.F.
Isayev, Alexander Borisovich
Isayev, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Isayev, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Ishchenko, Vasilii Kalenikovich
Ishchuk, unknown
Ishkhanov, Rant Ishkhanovich
Iskrin, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Islamov, Genrikh Nikolayevich
Ismagambetov, Velikan Ismagambetovich
Istrashkin, Vladimir Ivanovich
Ivachev, K.F.
Ivannikov, A.K.
Ivanov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Ivanov, Alexandr Stepanovich
Ivanov, Alexei Dmitriyevich
Ivanov, Anatolii Grigorievich
Ivanov, Anatolii Leonidovich
Ivanov, Georgii Alexeyevich
Ivanov, Konstantin Andreevich
Ivanov, Mikhail Petrovich
Ivanov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Ivanov, Nikolai Gavrilovich
Ivanov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Ivanov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Ivanov, Pavel Maximovich
Ivanov, Petr Mikheyevich
Ivanov, S.S.
Ivanov, Sergei
Ivanov, Stepan Gavrilovich
Ivanov, Vadim Pavlovich
Ivanov, Vasilii Mitrofanovich
Ivanov, Viktor Pavlovich
Ivanov, Viktor Tikhonovich
Ivanov, Yakov Matveyevich
Ivanov, Yurii Petrovich
Ivashchenko, Ivan
Ivashkevich, Vladimir Antonovich
Ivashko, A.R.
Ivin, Nikolai Ilyich
Ivlev, Boris Sergeyevich
Ivlev, Stepan Trofimovich
Izbinskii, Ivan
Izokh, Ivan Nikitovich
Kaberov, Igor Alexandrovich
Kabiskoi, Alexandr Segeyevich
Kablukov, unknown
Kachanov, Nikolai Archipovich
Kafoyev, Vladimir
Kainov, Ilya Ignatyevich
Kaiuk, Fedor Semyonovich
Kakhanin, Vladimir Vasilyevich
Kalabin, Ivan Pavlovich
Kalabushkin, Ivan Nikolayevich
Kalachev, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Kalarash, Dmitrii Leontyevich
Kalashnikov, Viktor
Kalashonok, Vasilii Ivanovich
Kalchenko, Polikarp Andreyevich
Kalinichenko, Georgii Yakovlevich
Kalinin, Dmitrii Andreyevich
Kalinin, Ivan Semyonovich
Kalinin, Nikolai Vasilievich
Kalinin, Vasilii Yakovlevich
Kalinin, Vyacheslav Sergeevich
Kalinovskii, Victor Stanislavovich
Kalmykov, Alexei Vasilyevich
Kalmykov, Leonid Vasilyevich
Kalmykov, Viktor Timofeyevich
Kalsin, Petr Terentyevich
Kalugin, B.
Kalugin, Fedor Zakharovich
Kaluzhnyi, Alexei Alexeyevich
Kaluzhnyi, Pavel Pavlovich
Kalyan, Leonid Petrovich
Kalyuzhniy, Alexei
Kalyuzhnyi, Semen Alexandrovich
Kambolov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Kamenshchikov, Vladimir Grigoryevich
Kaminskii, Ivan Mikhailovich
Kamov, unknown
Kamozin, Pavel Mikhailovich
Kanayev, Alexei Fedorovich
Kandratuk, unknown
Kankoshev, Ahmed-Khan Talovich
Kanus, V.A.
Kapustik, Fedor Alexandrovich
Kapustjanskii, Ippolit Petrovich
Kapustnik, Mikhail Andreievich
Kapustnik, Mikhail Andreyevich
Karabanov, Mikhail Nikolayevich
Karachinskii, Ivan Mikhailovich
Karakatsenko, Ivan Filippovich
Karasev, Alexandr Nikitovich
Karasev, Boris Ivanovich
Karavai, Pavel Petrovich
Karayev, Alexandr Akimovich
Kardanov, Kubati Lokmanovich
Kardopoltsev, Benedikt Ilyich
Kargopoltsev, Grigorii Yakovlevich
Karlov, Valentin Andreyevich
Karmanov, Afanasii Georgiyevich
Karmin, Alexandr Leontyevich
Karnach, Stepan Andreyevich
Karnachenok, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Karnauchov, Alexei Ivanovich
Karolev, unknown
Karpenko, Mikhail Fedorovich
Karpov, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Karpov, Alexandr Terentyevich
Karpov, V.S.
Karpov, Yevgenii Alexandrovich
Karpov, Yevgenii Alexeyevich
Karpovich, Vikentii Pavlovich
Kashnikov, Maksimilian Stepanovich
Kashsnoff, unknown
Kashtanov, Vasilii Grigoryevich
Katchkovskiy, Andrei Ignatovich
Katrich, Alexei Nikolayevich
Katrov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Kaulenko, unknown
Kaykov, Pavel Alexandrovich
Kayukov, Mikhail Maksimovich
Kazachonok, Grigorii Isidorovich
Kazakov, Alexei Filippovich
Kazakov, F.
Kazakov, Vasilii Grigorievich
Kazakov, Vladimir Vasilievich
Kazmenko, Mikhail Zakharovich
Kaznacheyev, Nikolai Fedorovich
Keleinikov, Yurii Yakovlevich
Keleinikov, Yurii Yakovlevich
Kelyin, Pavel Petrovich
Khaidin, Boris Nikolaiyevich
Khalbash, Ivan Kirillovich
Khaldeyev, Vladimir Leontievich
Khalyi, Daniil Romanovich
Kharchenko, Stepan Ivanovich
Kharchistov, Viktor Vladimirovich
Kharenko, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Kharitonov, Nikolai Petrovich
Kharitonov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Kharitonov, Petr Timofeyevich
Kharitonov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Kharlamov, Semen Ilyich
Kharmalov, M.I.
Khasin, Viktor Yakovlevich
Khaustov, Ivan Ivanovich
Khelnokov, Alexei Filimonovich
Kherkasov, Dmitrii Vasilievich
Khernenkov, Ivan Filippovich
Khernyi, Ilya Fedorovich
Khertkov, Alexandr Alexeevich
Khilikov, Yevgenii Filippovich
Khimich, Fedor Vasilyevich
Khimushin, Nikolai Fedorovich
Khitrin, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Khitrov, Sergei Stepanovich
Khlobystov, Alexei Stepanovich
Khlud, Boris Alexeyevich
Khlusovich, Ivan
Khlustov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Khmelichek, Yurii Adolfovich
Khochlov, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Khodakov, Grigorii Yakovlevich
Khodalskii, Sergei Vasilievich
Khodun, Ivan Alexandrovich
Khokhlov, Ivan Andreyevich
Khokhryakov, Dmitrii Timofeyevich
Kholodnyi, Georgii Stepanovich
Kholodov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Kholzunov, Alexei Ivanovich
Khomyakov, Valentin Ivanovich
Khorenko, Konstantin Fedorovich
Khosroyev, Georgii
Khramov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Khristinin, Nikolai Markovich
Khroshin, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Khrushchov, Leonid Ivanovich
Khryaev, Vasilii Ilyich
Khubarev, Alexei Denisovich
Khudov, Petr Dmitriyevich
Khudyakov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Khugunov, Alexandr Stepanovich
Khunyaev, Mikhail Ivanovich
Khvostov, Vasilii Timofeyevich
Kibalov, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Kibirev, Mikhail Matveyevich
Kibkalov, Mikhail Moiseyevich
Kikot, Nikolai Semyonovich
Kilaberidze, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Kildyushev, Ivan
Kireyev, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Kirichenko, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Kirichuk, Nikolai Petrovich
Kirilkin, Mikhail Yefimovich
Kirilyuk, Viktor Vasilyevich
Kiriya, Shalva Nesterovich
Kiryanov, Konstantin Adrianovich
Kiselev, Boris Mikhailovich
Kiselev, Ivan Mikhailovich
Kiselev, Sergei Ivanovich
Kiselev, Valentin Sergeevich
Kiselev, Viktor Alexandrovich
Kiselkov, V.V.
Kishkanov, Mikhail Ilyich
Kislyak, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Kislyakov, Anatolii Vasilyevich
Kistaiev, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Kitayev, Nikolai Trofimovich
Kitsenko, Ivan Pavlovich
Kiyanchenko, Nikolai Stepanovich
Klepikov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Kleshchev, Ivan Ivanovich
Klimanov, Ivan Kirillovich
Klimenko, Gordey Grigoryevich
Klimenko, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Klimenko, Vitalii Ivanovich
Klimov, Nikolai Nikolaiyevich
Klimov, Pavel Dmitryevich
Klimov, Vasilii Vladimirovich
Klochko, Ivan Timofeyevich
Klopov, Viktor Georgievich
Klubov, Alexandr Fedorovich
Klyuev, Sergei Prokofievich
Knizhnik, Vasilii
Knyazev, Alexandr Kapitonovich
Knyazev, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Kobiskoi, Alexandr Sergeyevich
Koblochnyi, Timofei
Koblov, Sergei Konstantinovich
Kobryanov, Mikhail Sergeyevich
Kobyakov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Kobyletskii, Ivan Ivanovich
Kobzar, Nikolai Ivanovich
Kochergin, Leonid Viktorovich
Kochergin, Mikhail Yevstafievich
Kochetov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Kochkin, Nikolai Nikolaievich
Kodagidze, Otar Demidovich
Kokin, Petr Mikhailovich
Kokkinaki, Konstantin Konstantinovich
Kokorev, Dmitrii Vasilyevich
Kokoshkin, Valentin Ivanovich
Koldunov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Kolendo, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Koleshnikov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Kolesnichenko, Stepan Kalinovich
Kolesnik, Vasilii Artemovich
Kolesnikov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Kologrivov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Kolomin, Petr Ivanovich
Kolomiyets, Petr Leontyevich
Kolomoyets, Andrei Filippovich
Kolomoyets, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Kolskii, Valerii Nikolaiyevich
Koltsov, Alexei Alexeyevich
Koltsov, Alexei Ivanovich
Koltsov, Ivan Ivanovich
Kolyadin, Viktor Ivanovich
Komardinkin, Konstantin Petrovich
Komarov, Boris Ivanovich
Komarov, Viktor Stepanovich
Komelkov, Mikhail Sergeyevich
Komolikov, Alexei Alexeevich
Komorov, Ivan Yevdokimovich
Komosa, Anatolii Savelyevich
Kompaniyets, Andrei Petrovich
Kondakov, Viktor Alexandrovich
Kondrashev, Alexandr Petrovich
Kondrat, Yemelyan Filaretovich
Kondratenko, Timofei Danilovich
Kondratev, unknown
Kondratyev, Fedor Fedorovich
Kondratyuk, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Konev, Georgii Nikolayevich
Konobayev, Vasilii Sergeyevich
Kononenko, Andrei Zacharovich
Kononenko, Nikita Nikiforovich
Konov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Konovalov, Gleb Stepanovich
Konovalov, Nikolai Trofimovich
Konovalov, Petr Nikiforovich
Konovalov, Sergei Ivanovich
Konovchenko, Ivan Alexandrovich
Konstantinov, Anatolii Ustinovich
Konstantinov, Vladimir Mikhailovich
Kontsevoi, Adam Y.
Konukoyev, Nazir Tituyevich
Konyaev, Arkadii Nikolayevich
Konyaev, Petr Mikhailovich
Konyakhin, Vasilii Dmitriyevich
Konyshev, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Kopichenko, Andrei Antonovich
Koptev, Lev Grigoriyevich
Koptyukh, Ilya Grigorievich
Korchachenko, Ivan Danilovich
Koren, Vasilii Artemovich
Kornienko, Nikolai Andreyevich
Korniyenko, Ivan Mikheyevich
Korniyenko, Nikolai Lukich
Korobkov, Pavel Terenyevich
Korobov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Korobov, Sergei Ivanovich
Korobov, Viktor Fedorovich
Korol, Anatolii Avksentyevich
Korolev, Ivan Georgiyevich
Korolev, Vasilii Ivanovich
Korolev, Viktor Grigorievich
Korolev, Vitalii Ivanovich
Korolev, Vladimir Nikolaiyevich
Korolkov, Sergei Ivanovich
Korolyov, unknown
Korostylev, Sergei Fedorovich
Korotkov, Fedor Ivanovich
Korovkin, Boris Ivanovich
Korshunov, Konstantin Ionovich
Korshunov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Korsunskii, Yakov Iosifovich
Koryaiev, Arkadii Sergeyevich
Korznikov, Semyon Petrovich
Kosenko, Ivan Tichonovich
Koshelev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Koshelkov, Nikolai Filippovich
Koshman, Yakov Ivanovich
Kosinov, Gennadii Vasilyevich
Kosolapov, Filipp Makarovich
Kosorukov, unknown
Koss, Alexandr Filippovich
Kossa, Mikhail Ilyich
Kostikov, Fedor Mikhailovich
Kostikov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Kostin, Ivan Ivanovich
Kostomarov, unknown
Kostrov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Kostryukov, Sergei Sergeyevich
Kostylev, Georgii Dmitriyevich
Kostyrko, Nikolai
Kotchelayevskii, Yurii Petrovich
Kotenko, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Kotlov, Nikolai Stepanovich
Kotov, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Kovachevich, Arkadii Fedorovich
Koval, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Koval, Nikolai Pavlovich
Kovalenko, Alexandr Andreyevich
Kovalev, Konstantin Fedotovich
Kovalev, Stepan Danilovich
Kovalev, Stepan Yegorovich
Kovalev, Venedikt Yefimovich
Kovalev, Vladimir Filippovich
Kovats, Petr Semenovich
Kovencov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Kovrigin, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Kovtyulev, Dmitrii Filippovich
Kovun, Leonid Ivanovich
Kovzan, Boris Ivanovich
Kozachenko, Petr Konstantinovich
Kozhanov, Petr Pavlovich
Kozhedub, Ivan Nikitovich
Kozhevnikov, Anatolii Leonidovich
Kozich, Ivan Semenovich
Kozlov, Alexei Vasilyevich
Kozlov, Ivan Artemyevich
Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich
Kozlov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Kozlovskii, Vasilii Ivanovich
Kozorezov, Alexei Ilyich
Kozulin, Boris Fedorovich
Kozyrev, Leonid Yeliseyevich
Kramarenko, Sergei Makarovich
Krasavin, Konstantin Alexeyevich
Krasavin, Leonid Fedorovich
Krasilnikov, N.
Krasnov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Krasnov, Petr
Krasnoyurchenko, Ivan Ivanovich
Krasota, Georgii Tomofeyevich
Kratinov, Semen Ustinovich
Kravchenko, Grigorii Panteleyevich
Kravchuk, Leonid Filimonovich
Kravchuk, Vladimir Valentinovich
Kravtsov, Dmitrii Stepanovich
Kravtsov, Georgii Semyonovich
Kravtsov, Ivan Savelyevich
Kravtsov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Kretov, Stepan Ivanovich
Krivobok, Ivan Fedotovich
Krivonogikh, Dmitrii Petrovich
Krivosheyev, Yefim Avtonomovich
Krivov, Dmitrii Antonovich
Krivov, Nikolai
Krivushin, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Krivyakov, Nikolai K.
Krotov, Vladimir Petrovich
Krupskii, Viktor Iosifovich
Krutikov, Valentin Afanasyevich
Krutoverzev, Vladimir
Kruzhalin, Ivan Terentievich
Krylov, Valentin Nikanorovich
Krymskii, V.I.
Kryuchkov, Vasilii Yegorovich
Kryukov, Gerasim Vladimirovich
Kryukov, Konstantin Alexeyevich
Kryukov, Pavel Pavlovich
Kubarev, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Kubishkin, Aleksei Georgievich
Kucherenko, Petr Maximovich
Kucheryavii, Andrei Denisovich
Kudimov, D.A.
Kudin, Nikolai Markovich
Kudlenko, Grigorii Danilovich
Kudlik, Vasilii Ivanovich
Kudrya, I.
Kudrya, Nikolai Danilovich
Kudryavtsev, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Kudryavtsev, Fedor Ignatyevich
Kukharenko, Andrei Nikitovich
Kukharev, Ivan Mironovich
Kukin, Ivan Andreyevich
Kuklin, Mikhail Nikolaevich
Kukuruza, Boris Artemyevich
Kulagin, Andrei Mikhailovich
Kulagin, Fedor Zakharovich
Kulagin, unknown
Kulagin, Vladimir Tarasovich
Kulakov, Georgii Polikarpovich
Kulakov, Ivan Andreyevich
Kulakov, Leonid Sergeyevich
Kulakov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Kulemin, Mikhail Ivanovich
Kuleshov, Vladimir Kuzmich
Kuleya, Svidir Kharitonovich
Kuligin, Nikolai Afanasyevich
Kulinich, Yakov Spiridonovich
Kuliyev, Adil Guseinovich
Kulyakin, Fedor Nikiforovich
Kulyov, Vladimir Semyonovich
Kumanichkin, Alexandr Sergeyevich
Kungurtsev, Yevgenii Maximovich
Kunitsa, Semen Andryevich
Kunitsyn, Viktor Alexandrovich
Kunshin, Alexei Alexandrovich
Kupava, Semyon Makarovich
Kupranov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Kurakin, Mikhail Fedorovich
Kurakin, Vladimir Vasilevich
Kurdyumov, Yevgenii Georgievich
Kurinov, Georgii Vasilyevich
Kuripka, Nikolai Vladimirovich
Kurochkin, Alexei Inokentievich
Kurochkin, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Kurzenkov, Sergei Georgiyevich
Kushchevskii, Nikolai Kuzmich
Kustov, Igor Yefrimovich
Kutakhov, Pavel Stepanovich
Kutikhin, Yakov Nazarovich
Kutsenko, Mikhail I.
Kutsenko, N.Y.
Kutyrev, Ivan Andreyevich
Kuzenov, Ivan Petrovich
Kuzhelev, Alexandr Vlasovich
Kuzin, Alexei Timofeyevich
Kuzmenkov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Kuzmichev, Ivan Fedorovich
Kuzmin, Alexei Yefimovich
Kuzmin, Georgii Pavlovich
Kuzmin, Nikolai Georgievich
Kuznetsov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Kuznetsov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Kuznetsov, Georgii Dmitriyevich
Kuznetsov, Innokentii Vasilyevich
Kuznetsov, Ivan Alexandrovich
Kuznetsov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Kuznetsov, Ivan Gavrilovich
Kuznetsov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Kuznetsov, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Kuznetsov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Kuznetsov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Kuznetsov, Sergei Alexeyevich
Kuznetsov, Viktor
Labutin, Konstantin
Lagutenko, Ivan Nikitovich
Landik, Ivan Ivanovich
Lapin, Isaak Aronovich
Lapochkin, Vladimir Dmitrievich
Laptev, Mikhail Yakovlevich
Latskov, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Latyshev, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Laukhin, Alexandr Kirillovich
Laveykin, Ivan Pavlovich
Lavitskii, Nikolai Yefimovich
Lavrenko, I.A.
Lavrenov, Alexandr Filippovich
Lavrinenko, Afanasii Kondratievich
Lavrinenkov, Vladimir Dmitriyevich
Lavronenko, Ivan Vasilyevich
Lazarev, Mikhail
Lazarev, Sergei Ivanovich
Lazarev, unknown
Lazyuka, Pavel Martynovich
Lebedev, Fedor Mikhailovich
Lebedev, Mikhail Ivanovich
Lebedev, Semen Andrianovich
Lebedkin, Boris Alexeyevich
Lednev, Boris Semyonovich
Ledovskii, D.
Legchakov, Alexandr M.
Lelikov, Petr Andrianovich
Lemeshev, Semyon Ivanovich
Len, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Lenskii, Yakov
Leonov, Ivan Antonovich
Leonov, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Leonov, Nikolai Feoktistovich
Leonov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Leonovich, Ivan Semenovich
Leshchenko, Vyacheslav Sergeyevich
Leshko, Dmitrii Konstantinovich
Levchenko, Anatolii Nikolayevich
Levchenko, Ivan Zacharovich
Levchuk, Pavel Ustinovich
Levin, Semyon Fedotovich
Levitan, Vladimir Samoilovich
Levko, Vladimir Iosifovich
Levsha, Ivan Prokofyevich
Levshenko, Semyon Polikarpovich
Lezhnev, Alexandr Petrovich
Likhachev, Viktor Kirillovich
Likhobabin, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Likholetov, Petr Yakovlevich
Likhovid, Mikhail Stepanovich
Limarenko, Leonid Sergeyevich
Limarenko, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Limonov, Vasilii Yakovlevich
Linnik, Georgii Ivanovich
Linnik, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Linovickii, Nestor Nikolaiyevich
Lipatov, Alexei Pavlovich
Lipilin, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Lisenkov, Viktor Grigoryevich
Lisicyn, Nikolai Titovich
Listarov, Vladimir Andreyevich
Litavrin, Sergei Gavrilovich
Litvak, Lidiya Vladimirovna
Litvinchuk, Boris Mikhailovich
Litvinenko, Trofim Afanasyevich
Litvinenko, Vladimir Panteleyevich
Litvinov, Fedor Alexeyevich
Lobach, Georgii Lukyanovich
Lobanov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Lobanov, Mikhail Borisovich
Lobas, Petr Kalinikovich
Lobashev, Dmitrii
Lobok, Timofei Gordeyevich
Lobov, Georgii Ageyevich
Lobozov, Vasilii Andreyevich
Lodvikov, Arkadii Mikhailovich
Logachev, Mikhail Semyonovich
Loginov, Arkadii Petrovich
Loginov, Boris Alexandrovich
Loginov, Ivan Gavrilovich
Loginov, Vasilii
Logvinenko, Ivan Vasilievich
Logvinenko, Nikolai Pavlovich
Logvinenko, Vladimir Ivanovich
Logvinov, I.I.
Logvinov, Petr Trofimovich
Loiko, Vadim Borisovich
Lomakin, Anatolii Grigoryevich
Lopatin, Boris Vasilyevich
Lopatin, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Losev, Alexandr Vasilievich
Loshak, Nikolai
Lovchikov, Pavel M.
Lozovoi, unknown
Lozovoy, Yefim Yefimovich
Lozovskii, Viktor Artemyevich
Luchtionov, Anatolii Andreievich
Luganskii, Sergei Danilovich
Lugovenko, Ivan Fedorovich
Lugovtsev, Petr Semyonovich
Lukantsev, Alexei Ivanovich
Lukashev, Nikolai Petrovich
Lukashevich, Alexandr Ivanovich
Lukin, Afanasii Petrovich
Lukin, V.A.
Lukin, Vasilii Petrovich
Lukyanenko, Alexandr Tichonovich
Lukyanov, A.
Lukyanov, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Lukyanov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Lukyanov, Sergei Ivanovich
Lushnikov, unknown
Lusto, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Lutskii, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Lvov, Semen Ivanovich
Lyapin, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Lyapunov, Boris
Lysenko, Nikolai Grigorievich
Lysenko, Nikolai Kalistratovich
Lysenko, Pavel Dmitrievich
Lyubimov, Ivan Stepanovich
Lyubimov, Mikhail Fedorovich
Lyulchak, Alexei Ustinovich
Lyusin, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Machabeli, Mikhail Zakharovich
Madzharov, S.
Magerin, Nikolai Ivanovich
Maidanik, Ivan Prokofievich
Makarenko, Nikolai F.
Makarenko, Nikolai Fedorovich
Makarenkov, Ivan Savelyevich
Makarov, Alexandr Yakovlevich
Makarov, Anatolii Alexandrovich
Makarov, Arkadii Sergeyevich
Makarov, Oleg Pavlovich
Makarov, Sergei Vasilyevich
Makarov, Valentin Nikolayevich
Makarov, Vasilii Fedorovich
Makovskii, Spartak Iosifovich
Makovskii, Yurii Borisovich
Malakhov, Alexandr Andreevich
Malofeyev, Viktor Dmitriyevich
Maltsev, Konstantin Savelyevich
Maltsev, Viktor Ivanovich
Malyavin, Anatolii Anatoliyevich
Malyshev, Makar Ivanovich
Malyshev, Vladimir Grigoryevich
Mamykin, Ivan Mironovich
Mankevich, Viktor Mikhailovich
Manoilov, Ivan Antonovich
Manokhin, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Manoshin, Konstantin Vasilyevich
Manov, Andrei Mikhailovich
Manukyan, Akop Balebekovich
Manulin, Mitrofan Fyodorovich
Manychkin, Andrei Vasilyevich
Marchenko, Ivan Timofeyevich
Marchenko, Nikolai Ivanovich
Marchenko, Nikolai Petrovich
Maresyev, Alexandr Petrovich
Margoyev, Zachariya Gogotoevich
Mariinskii, Yevgenii Pakhomovich
Marikutsa, Ivan Sidorovich
Marin, Ivan Akimovich
Marin, Nikolai G.
Marin, Viktor Alexandrovich
Marisaev, N.
Marisaiev, Nikolai Anatolyevich
Markin, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Markov, Alexei Ivanovich
Markov, Alexei Mikhailovich
Markov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Markov, Vitalii Dmitriyevich
Martynov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Martynov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Martynov, Nikolai Nikolaiyevich
Martynov, Pavel Nikolayevich
Martynov, Sergei Mikhailovich
Martyshchenko, Mikhail Gavrilovich
Mashenkin, Alexei Mikhailovich
Mashkin, Anatalii Grigoryevich
Mashkovskii, Stepan Filippovich
Maslennikov, Boris Vasilievich
Masliakov, Pavel Ivanovich
Masloboinikov, A.
Maslov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Maslov, V.
Masnev, Alexei Nikanorovich
Masterkov, Alexandr Borisovich
Matakov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Matiyenko, Petr Andreyevich
Matsakov, Daniil Pavlovich
Matsiyevich, Vasilii Antonovich
Matushin, I.
Matveyev, Alexandr Andreyevich
Matveyev, M.A.
Matveyev, Vladimir Ivanovich
Matviyenko, Stepan Alexandrovich
Maximenko, Alexei Iosifovich
Maximenko, Vasilii Ivanovich
Maximov, Alexandr Yefimovich
Maximov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Maximov, Yurii Ivanovich
Maximovich, Viktor Pavlovich
Mayorov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Mazan, Mikhail Semenovich
Mazhaiev, Nikolai Pavlovich
Mazurin, Fedor Mikhailovich
Medvedev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Medvedev, Dmitrii Alexandrovich
Melashenko, Arkhip Akimovich
Melgunov, Alexandr Maximovich
Melnickii, Georgii Nikolaiyevich
Melnik, Ivan Antonovich
Melnikov, Sergei Grigoryevich
Melnikov, Yevgenii Petrovich
Menshikov, Dmitrii Alexeyevich
Menshutin, Yevgenii Petrovich
Merenkov, Viktor Alexeyevich
Merkulov, Petr Maksimovich
Merkulov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Merkushev, Vasilii Afanasyevich
Merkviladze, Garri Alexandrovich
Meshcheryakov, Ivan Ivanovich
Meshcheryakov, Viktor Afanasievich
Metik, Vasilii Afanasievich
Michailuk, Porfirii Afanasiyevich
Michailuk, Vladimir Timofeyevich
Michalev, Vasilii Pavlovich
Migal, Petr Dmitriyevich
Migunov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Mikhailichenko, Ivan Kharlampovich
Mikhailik, Yakov Danilovich
Mikhailov, Alexei Grigoryevich
Mikhailov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Mikhailov, Boris Vladimirovich
Mikhailov, Mikhail Yakovlevich
Mikhailov, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Mikhailov, Vasilii Pavlovich
Mikhailov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Mikhailov, Vladimir Petrovich
Mikhailov, Yevgenii Vitalyevich
Mikhalenkov, Yefim Andreyevich
Mikhalev, Vasilii Pavlovich
Mikhalin, Mikhail Fedorovich
Mikheyev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Mikheyev, Viktor Illarionovich
Mikheyev, Viktor Illarionovich
Mikitanskii, Gedalii Davydovich
Mikryukov, Vitalii Vasilyevich
Milaiev, Fedor Leontiyevich
Milodan, Andrei Mikhailovich
Milovanov, Alexei Mikhailovich
Milyaev, Dmitrii Mikhailovich
Minaev, Alexei Nikonorovich
Minaiev, Alexei Vasilyevich
Minin, Yakov Kireyevich
Miokov, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Mirnov, Georgii Semyonovich
Mironenko, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Mironenko, Semen Sergeevich
Mironenko, unknown
Mironenko, V.S.
Mironov, Sergei Ivanovich
Mironov, unknown
Mironov, Viktor Petrovich
Miroshnichenko, Dmitrii Grigoryevich
Miroshnichenko, Nikolai Fedorovich
Mishchenko, Alexandr Ilyich
Mishko, Stepan Vasilievich
Mishustin, Vasilii Ivanovich
Mistyuk, Vasilii Fedorovich
Mitenkov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Mitrakov, Mikhail Filippovich
Mitrofanov, Fedor Vasilyevich
Mitrofanov, Mikhail Andreyevich
Mitrokhin, Vasilii Borisovich
Mitusov, Aleksei Ivanovich
Mochalin, Alexandr Ivanovich
Moiseyev, Ivan Ivanovich
Molchanov, I.I.
Molchanov, N.
Molibozhko, Konstantin Filippovich
Molodchinin, Alexei Yegorovich
Molteninov, Nikolai Georgiyevich
Mordanov, Filipp Konstantinovich
Morduhovich, Pavel Yakovlevich
Mordvinenko, Vasilii Andreyevich
Morgunov, Ivan Ivanovich
Morgunov, Sergei Nikolayevich
Morozov, Anatolii Afanasyevich
Morozov, Anatolii Sergeyevich
Morozov, Arkadii Ivanovich
Morozov, Arsenii Ivanovich
Morozov, Fotii Yakovlevich
Morozov, Ivan Afanasievich
Morozov, Leonid Sergeevich
Morozov, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Morozov, Pavel Dmitrievich
Morozov, Vladimir Yefremovich
Moshin, Alexei Fedorovich
Moshin, Petr Mikhailovich
Moshkov, Boris Nikolayevich
Mosin, Yevgenii Spiridonovich
Moskalchuk, Vasilii Borisovich
Moskalenko, Georgii Vasilyevich
Moskovenko, Vasilii Ivanovich
Mospanov, Ilya Petrovich
Motornii, Ivan Porfiryevich
Motuz, Ivan Fomich
Motuzko, Nikolai Vasiliyevich
Motyl, Ivan Miroslavovich
Movchan, Viktor Sergeyevich
Mozheyev, Nikolai Nikiforovich
Mshvidabadze, Zakhar Samsonovich
Muchin, Fedor Maximovich
Mudretsov, Valentin Fedorovich
Mudrov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Mukhin, Anatolii Fedorovich
Mukhin, Vasilii Filippovich
Mukhin, Vladimir Sergeevich
Murashev, Alexei Andrianovich
Murashkin, Yakov Andreyevich
Muratov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Muraviev, Gurii Alexandrovich
Muraviev, Pavel Ignatyevich
Muravitskii, Luka Zakharovich
Murga, Kirill Nikitich
Musatov, Fedor Frolovich
Musatov, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Mushtaev, Pavel
Muzhayko, N.T.
Myasnikov, Alexandr Fedorovich
Mzhachich, Ivan Nikanorovich
Nagornii, Viktor Sergeyevich
Naidenko, Mikhail Makarovich
Naidenko, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Naidyonov, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Nakaznyuk, Georgiy Parfenyevich
Narchuk, Yuzya Stepanovich
Narzhimskii, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Nasonov, Mikhail Petrovich
Naumchik, Nikolai Kuzmich
Naumenko, Nikolai
Naumov, Georgii Ivanovich
Naumov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Naumov, Nikolai Filippovich
Naumov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Naumov, Petr Izotovich
Nazarenko, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Nazarenko, Alexandr Sergeevich
Nazarenko, Dmitrii Pavlovich
Nazimov, Konstantin Savelyevich
Nebrat, Nikolai Nikolaiyevich
Nechaiev, Dmitrii Mikhailovich
Nechipurenko, Ivan Filippovich
Nefedov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Negriyenko, Boris Alexeyevich
Nekrasov, Mikhail Pavlovich
Nekrasov, Viktor Alexeyevich
Nekrasov, Vladimir Petrovich
Nekrylov, Alexei
Nekrylov, Alexei Yakovlevich
Nemyatyi, Ivan Porfiryevich
Nepryakhin, Pavel Markovich
Nesterenko, Alexei Markovich
Nesterenko, Grigorii Karpovich
Nesterov, unknown
Neustruyev, Ivan Pavlovich
Nevyantsev, Afanasii Vedeneevich
Nezolya, Pavel Gerasimovich
Nichamin, David Yefimovich
Nikhamin, Dmitri
Nikhamin, Petr
Nikiforov, Petr Pavlovich
Nikitenko, Vladimir Stepanovich
Nikitin, Alexandr Ivanovich
Nikitin, Alexei Ivanovich
Nikitin, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Nikitin, Semyon Nikitovich
Nikitin, Viktor Nikitovich
Nikolayenkov, Alexandr Ignatyevich
Nikolayenkov, Dmitrii Yefremovich
Nikolayenkov, Vladimir
Nikolayev, Alexandr V.
Nikolayev, Boris Pavlovich
Nikolayev, Dmitrii Semenovich
Nikolenko, Leonid Alexandrovich
Nikonorov, Ivan Nikonorovich
Nikonorov, Petr Mikhailovich
Nikonov, Andrei Ignatievich
Nikonov, unknown
Nikulenkov, Alexei Vasilievich
Noga, Mitrofan Petrovich
Nosov, Alexandr Andreyevich
Nosov, Savelii Vasilyevich
Novgorodtsev, Vasilii Artemovich
Novichkov, Stepan Matveyevich
Novikov, Alexandr Yevdokimovich
Novikov, Alexei Ivanovich
Novikov, Ivan D.
Novikov, Ivan Petrovich
Novikov, Konstantin Afanasyevich
Novikov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Novikov, Nikolai Makarovich
Novikov, unknown
Novikov, Vasilii Savelyevich
Novikov, Yegor Pavlovich
Novoselov, Kuzma Vasilyevich
Novozhilov, Alexei Yefimovich
Novozhilov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Obiralov, Viktor Grigoryevich
Oborin, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Oboznenko, Andrei Alexandrovich
Obraztsov, Yurii
Obsharov, Konstantin Gerasimovich
Obukhov, Timofei Petrovich
Odintsov, Mikhail Petrovich
Odintsov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Oganesov, Vozgen Mikhailovich
Okhai, Grigorii Ulyanovich
Okolelov, M.
Olejnikov, Viktor
Oleynik, Grigorii Nikitovich
Olifriyenko, I.K.
Olin, Petr Stepanovich
Olkhovskii, Grigorii Savelyevich
Olkhovskii, Nikolai Ivanovich
Onishchenko, I.A.
Oniskyevich, Grigorii Demyanovich
Onopchenko, Nikolai Markovich
Onufriyenko, Grigorii Denisovich
Ordin, Yefim Danilovich
Ordinartsev, Yevgenii Ivanovich
Orekhov, Boris Alexeyevich
Orekhov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Orlov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Orlov, Georgii Prokofievich
Orlov, M.I.
Orlov, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Orlov, Pavel Ivanovich
Orlov, Viktor Gavrilovich
Orlov, Viktor Nikolayevich
Orlov, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Orlov, Vladimir Pavlovich
Orlovskii, Nikolai Nikolaievich
Osadchii, Ivan Fedorovich
Osadchiyev, Alexandr Dmitriyevich
Osetrov, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Osipov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Osipov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Osipov, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Osipov, Petr Grigoryevich
Oskalenko, Dmitrii Yefimovich
Osokin, Ivan Alexandrovich
Ostapchuk, Alexandr Andreyevich
Ostapenko, Ivan Petrovich
Ostrovsky, unknown
Otlesnyi, Alexandr Yefimovich
Ovcharenko, Alexei Trofimovich
Ovcharenko, Ivan Ivanovich
Ovcharov, Petr Sergeevich
Ovchinnikov, Alexei Dmitrievich
Ovodov, Yakov Leontyevich
Ovsyannikov, Dmitrii Artemyevich
Ovsyannikov, Georgii Ivanovich
Ovsyannikov, Leonid Leonidovich
Ovsyannikov, Porfirii Borisovich
Paciba, Ivan Sergeevich
Pakhomov, Nikolai Gerasimovich
Panarin, Gavriil Yakovlevich
Panfilov, Yevgenii Maximovich
Panin, Ivan Fedorovich
Panin, Pavel Alexeyevich
Pankratov, Sergei Stepanovich
Panov, Alexei Borisovich
Panov, Nikolai Alexeevich
Pantelkin, Anatolii Alexandrovich
Paramokhin, Alexei Terentievich
Paramonov, Viktor Ivanovich
Parovin, Pavel Nikolaiyevich
Parshin, Georgii Mikhailovich
Pasechnik, unknown
Pashchenko, Ivan Grigorievich
Pashkevich, Alexei Vasilyevich
Pasiuk, Nikolai Markovich
Pasko, Nikolai Fedorovich
Patrushev, Grigorii Stepanovich
Pautov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Pavlenko, Adam Andreevich
Pavlenko, Ivan Prokhorovich
Pavlov, Alexandr Georgiyevich
Pavlov, Alexei Nikolayevich
Pavlov, Grigorii Rodionovich
Pavlov, I.F.
Pavlov, I.P.
Pavlov, Ivan Pavlovich
Pavlov, Konstantin Gregoriyevich
Pavlov, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Pavlov, Pavel Ilyich
Pavlov, Pavel Ivanovich
Pavlovskii, Ilya Mikhailovich
Pavlushkin, Nikolai Sazonovich
Payalka, Alexandr Sergeevich
Pchelkin, Alexandr Ivanovich
Pechenin, Vasilii Tichonovich
Pechony, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Peresumkin, Petr Petrovich
Pereveslov, Georgii Viktorovich
Peshii, Ivan Andreyevich
Peskarev, Petr Georgiyevich
Peskov, Ivan Nikolaiyevich
Peskov, Pavel Ilyich
Petraiev, Petr Stepanovich
Petrakov, Vasilii Fomich
Petrenko, Yevgenii Vasilyevich
Petrov, Fedor Semyonovich
Petrov, Georgii Georgiyevich
Petrov, Ivan Pavlovich
Petrov, Ivan Tichonovich
Petrov, Mikhail Georgiyevich
Petrov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Petrov, Nikolai Stepanovich
Petrov, Petr Mikhailovich
Petrov, Petr Osipovich
Petrov, Semyon Petrovich
Petrov, Sergei Fedorovich
Petrov, unknown
Petrov, Vasilii Mikhaylovich
Petrov, Viktor Petrovich
Petrov, Vladimir
Petrovichev, Ivan Ivanovich
Petrukhin, Petr Semenovich
Petuhov, Sergei Mikhailovich
Petushkov, Alexandr Vasilievich
Pichugin, Yevgenii Ivanovich
Pidtykan, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Pilipenko, Ivan Markovich
Pilshchikov, Konstantin Alexandrovich
Pilyutov, Petr Andreyevich
Pimenov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Pinchuk, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Pirozhenko, Viktor Matveyevich
Pirozhenkov, Viktor
Pirozhkov, Boris Grigoryevich
Pishchelko, Valerii Semyonovich
Pishkan, Ivan Anikeyevich
Piskunov, Ivan
Pitkevich, Viktor Stanislavovich
Pitolin, Mikhail Grigorievich
Piunov, Konstantin Vasilievich
Pivovarov, Mikhail Yevdokimovich
Platonov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Platonov, Vladimir Mikhailovich
Platov, Sergei
Plekhanov, Andrei Filippovich
Plekhanov, Ivan Yefimovich
Pletnev, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Pliakin, Vladimir Andreyevich
Plitkin, Anatolii Alexeyevich
Plotko, Fedor Semyonovich
Plotnikov, P.A.
Podburtnyi, Konstantin Vyacheslavovich
Poddubskii, Alexei Fedorovich
Podorosskii, Solomon Grigorievich
Podyelskii, Yevgenii Alexandrovich
Podymov, Nikolai A.
Poganyshev, Vladimir Ivanovich
Pogorelov, Mikhail Savelyevich
Pokhlebayev, Ivan Grigoryevich
Pokrovskii, Vladimir Pavlovich
Pokryshev, Petr Afanasyevich
Pokryshkin, Alexandr Ivanovich
Poleyev, Nikolai Andreievich
Polikarpovich, Vladimir Iosifovich
Pologov, Pavel Andreyevich
Polovnikov, unknown
Poluchin, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Polunovskii, Valerii Fedorovich
Poluyanov, Grogorii Pavlovich
Poluyanov, Pavel Nikitovich
Polyakov, Pavel Yakovlev
Polyakov, Vitalii Konstantinovich
Polyanskii, Georgii Sviridovich
Ponomarenko, Ivan Danilovich
Ponomarev, Mikhail Sergeyevich
Popkov, Vitalii Ivanovich
Popov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Popov, Andrei Ivanovich
Popov, Georgii Timofeyevich
Popov, Ivan Feoktistovich
Popov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Popravka, Alexei Stepanovich
Porada, Grigorii Semyonovich
Poshivalnikov, Stepan D.
Postnov, Alexei Alexeyevich
Posuiko, Nikolai Andreevich
Potapov, K.
Potekhin, Mikhail A.
Povarov, Vasilii Georgiyevich
Pozdnyakov, Yakov Mironovich
Pozdrakov, Ivan
Prigonnikov, Leonid Yakovlevich
Prikazchikov, Alexei Lukich
Pristupa, Viktor Dmitrievich
Prochorov, Vasilii Ivanovich
Prokhorov, Alexandr Polikarpovich
Prokopenko, Fedor Fedorovich
Prokopenko, Georgii Nikolayevich
Proshenkov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Proskurin, Alexei Ivanovich
Provorikhin, Vladimir Borisovich
Prozor, Vladimir Vasilyevich
Pshenichnikov, Vasilii Andreyevich
Pshenov, Petr Ivanovich
Pumpur, P.
Pushkarev, Nikolai Petrovich
Pushkin, Nikolai Petrovich
Puskin, Fedor Yakovlevich
Pustoshkin, Fedor Makeyevich
Putakov, Sergei Pavlovich
Putko, Nikolai Savelyevich
Putyakov, Sergei Pavlovich
Pyatachin, Ivan Matveyevich
Pyatov, V.Ye.
Pylayev, Yevgenii Alexeyevich
Pzuanov, unknown
Rabinov, Alexei Alexeevich
Rabinovich, Naum Naumovich
Radchenko, Anatolii Nikitovich
Radchenko, Nikolai Vasilievich
Radchenko, Yevgenii Alexeyevich
Radchikov, Ivan Danilovich
Radkevich, Petr Fedorovich
Radkevich, Viktor Afanasyevich
Ragulin, Viktor Yakovlevich
Raienko, Nikolai Fedorovich
Raspertov, Andrei Semyonovich
Rassadkin, Petr Alexeyevich
Rasshcheplaiev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Rastem, Vasilii Fedorovich
Ratnikov, Petr Petrovich
Razdobudyko, Georgii Arkadyevich
Razdobudyko, Timofei Timofeyevich
Razorenov, Konstantin Mikhailovich
Razumov, Ivan Ivanovich
Rechkalov, Grigorii Andreyevich
Redkin, Mikhail Zakharovich
Reidel, Isak Davydovich
Rents, Mikhail Petrovich
Repikhov, G.
Repkin, Petr Afanasievich
Repnikov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Reshetnikov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Reshetov, Alexei Mikhailovich
Reznik, Petr Vasilievich
Reznikov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Ridnyi, Stefan Grigoryevich
Rikachev, Yuri Borisovich
Rimsha, Stefan Stefanovich
Rivkin, Boris Mironovich
Rodin, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Rodin, Grigorii Afanasievich
Rodin, Mikhail Pavlovich
Rodionov, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Rodionov, Oleg M.
Rodyushkin, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Rogov, Boris Pantelyevich
Rogozhin, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Rogozin, Nikolai Nikolaievich
Romanenko, Alexandr Sergeyevich
Romanenko, I.
Romanenko, Ivan Georgiyevich
Romanenko, Ivan Ivanovich
Romanov, N.Y.
Ronzin, Boris Dmitrievich
Roshchupkin, Ivan Frolovich
Rozhnikov, Mikhail Vasilievich
Rozhok, P.I.
Rubakhin, Anatolii Yermolayevich
Rubtsov, Ivan Fedorovich
Ruchkin, Viktor Semenovich
Rudenko, Alexei Fedorovich
Rudenko, Anatolii Vladimirovich
Rudenko, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Rumyantsev, Mikhail Ilyich
Rusakov, Vladimir Vasilyevich
Ruzin, Anatolii Vasilievich
Ryabchevskii, Mikhail Fedorovich
Ryabichev, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Ryabinin, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Ryabkin, German Borisovich
Ryaboshapko, Vasilii Ya.
Ryabtsev, Mikhail Yevseyevich
Ryabtsev, Viktor Sergeyevich
Ryazankin, Viktor Pavlovich
Ryazanov, Alexei Konstantinovich
Ryazanov, Ivan Yakovlevich
Ryazantsev, Alexei Fedorovich
Rybakov, Fedor Andreevich
Rybakov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Rybalko, Vitalii Viktorovich
Rybin, Ivan Petrovich
Rybkin, Ivan Markovich
Rychazhkov, Ivan Ivanovich
Rychkov, Anatolii Sergeyevich
Rykov, Petr Fedorovich
Ryzhii, Leonid Kirillovich
Ryzhkov, unknown
Ryzhov, unknown
Ryzhov, Yevgraph Mikhailovich
Sachkov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Safonov, Boris Feoktistovich
Safronov, Konstantin Maksimovich
Safronov, Sergei Ivanovich
Sakharov, Pavel Ivanovich
Sakolov, D.
Sakulin, Ivan Ivanovich
Salamatov, Nikolai Vasilievich
Samokhvalov, Alexei Ilyich
Samokhvalov, Ivan Ananyevich
Samokhvalov, Nikolai Stepanovich
Samonov, Nikolai Timofeyevich
Samoylov, Semyon Nazarovich
Samuylik, Nikolai Sergeevich
Sannikov, Agafon Kuzmich
Sapegin, Luka Arsentievich
Sapozhnikov, Alexei Yakovlevich
Sapozhnikov, Ivan Vasilyevich
Saprykin, Konstantin Vladimirovich
Sapunov, Georgii Alexeyevich
Sapyan, Vasilii Stepanovich
Sarakin, Z.
Saratov, Dmitri Maximovich
Savchenko, Alexandr Petrovich
Savchenko, Mikhail Timofeyevich
Savchenko, Stepan Semenovich
Savchenko, Vasilii Petrovich
Savchenko, Viktor Mikhailovich
Savchenkov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Savelyev, Sergei Nikolaiyevich
Savelyev, Vasilii Antonovich
Savelyev, Yevgenii Petrovich
Savenkov, Nikolai Konstantinovich
Savin, Ivan V.
Savin, Valentin Kharitonovich
Savin, Viktor Ivanovich
Savitskii, Fedor Petrovich
Savitskii, Vladimir Isakovich
Savitskii, Yevgenii Yakovlevich
Savoskin, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Savushkin, Alexandr Petrovich
Sayko, Alexei Nikitovich
Sazonov, Alexandr Grigorievich
Sazonov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Sazykin, Valentin Pavlovich
Schnelev, unknown
Sdobnikov, Alexei Vasilievich
Sdobnov, Nikolai Andreyevich
Sechenok, Vasilii Petrovich
Sechin, Grigorii Mitrofanovich
Sedoshkin, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Sedov, Mikhail S.
Seldyacov, Yurii Sergeyevich
Seleznev, Alexei Ivanovich
Seleznev, Petr Vladimirovich
Selifonov, Ivan Ivanovich
Selivestrov, Kuzma Yegorovich
Selutin, Petr Ivanovich
Selyutin, Akadii Mikhailovich
Semashev, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Semenishin, Vladimir Gregoryevich
Semenko, Petr
Semenkov, Vitalii Romanovich
Semenov, Alexandr Fedorovich
Semenov, Fedor Georgiyevich
Semenov, N.A.
Semenov, V.G.
Semenov, Vladimir Fedorovich
Sementsov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Semenyuk, Ivan Ivanovich
Semenyuk, Zakhar Vladimirovich
Semikolenov, Vasilii Ivanovich
Semovskich, Konstantin Dmitriyevich
Semykin, Valentin Semyonovich
Semyonkov, Vitalii Romanovich
Semyonov, Nikolai A.
Semyonov, Nikolai Andreyevich
Semyonov, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Senchenko, Vladimir Petrovich
Senuta, Grigorii Sergeyevich
Serbin, I.
Serdyukov, V.
Serebrennikov, Gennadii Sergeyevich
Serebryakov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Sereda, Igor Yemelyanovich
Sereda, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Sereda, Petr Seliverstovich
Seredin, Vladimir Alexeyevich
Seregin, Vasilii Georgiyevich
Sergeyev, Alexei Antonovich
Sergeyev, Fedor Vasilievich
Sergov, Alexei Ivanovich
Sergunin, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Serochkin, Vasilii
Seroglazov, Rostislav Sergeevich
Serogodsky, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Serov, Alexandr Petrovich
Serov, Vladimir Georgiyevich
Serykh, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Serzhantov, Ivan Yakovlevich
Sevastyanov, Aleksei Tikhonovich
Sevelev, Sergei Nikolayevich
Sgibnev, Petr Georgiyevich
Sgibnev, unknown
Shackii, Alexandr Sergeyevich
Shadrin, Gennadii Alexeyevich
Shalev, Vasilii M.
Shalnev, Alexei Vladimirovich
Shamanskii, Anatolii Fedorovich
Shamenkov, Ivan Frolovich
Shamonov, Stepan Grigoryevich
Shamrai, Ivan Grigorievich
Shangin, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Shapiro, Valentin Yefimovich
Shapochka, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Shaposhnikov, Grigorii Ivanovich
Shaposhnikov, Mojsei Grigoryevich
Shardakov, Igor Alexandrovich
Sharenko, Vasilii Denisovich
Sharonov, Miklhail Fedorovich
Sharov, Anatolii Fedorovich
Sharov, Dmitrii Mikhailovich
Shashkov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Shavurin, Petr Ivanovich
Shchapov, Boris Dmitriyevich
Shcheblykin, Petr Ivanovich
Shchebrina, Nikolai Gavrilovich
Shchegolev, Vladimir Georgiyevich
Shchepochkin, Konstantin Nikiforovich
Shcherbakov, Ivan Ivanovich
Shcherbakov, Viktor Ivanovich
Shcherbakov, Yevgenii Antonovich
Shcherbina, Vladimir Grigorievich
Shchetilov, Konstantin Ivanovich
Shchetinin, Petr Romanovich
Shchipov, Yurii
Shchirov, Sergei Sergeyevich
Shchurov, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Shebeko, Vladimir Avramovich
Shelestyuk, Alexandr Platonovich
Shemendyuk, Petr Semenovich
Shepetov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Sheshenya, Ilya Nikolayevich
Shestakov, Lev Levovich
Shevchenko, Ivan Anisiforovich
Shevchenko, Ivan Fedorovich
Shevchenko, Taras Grigorievich
Shevchenko, Vladimir
Shevchuk, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Shevcov, Petr Fedorovich
Shevelev, Pavel Fedorovich
Shevtsov, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Shevyrev, Stepan Yefimovich
Shevyrin, Valentin Mikhailovich
Shikalov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Shikunov, F.I.
Shilkin, Vyacheslav Sergeevich
Shilkov, Alexandr
Shilov, unknown
Shinkarenko, Fedor Ivanovich
Shinkaruk, Ulyan Isakovich
Shipov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Shiradze, Alexandr M.
Shirokov, Viktor Pavlovich
Shiryaev, Ivan Alexeyevich
Shishatskii, Petr
Shishenkov, Vladimir Fedorovich
Shishkan, Ilya Minovich
Shishkin, Alexandr Pavlovich
Shishkin, Ivan Danilovich
Shishkin, Nikolai Iosifovich
Shishkin, Vasilii Ivanovich
Shishkin, Yakov Vasilyevich
Shishko, Andrei Vasilyevich
Shishov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Shishov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
Shistko, Alexandr Ivanovich
Shitov, Alexandr M.
Shiyanov, Alexandr Stepanovich
Shkatov, Vasilii Petrovich
Shkvorunets, Grigorii Matveevich
Shlepov, Viktor Petrovich
Shlitchkov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Shlykov, Vladimir Petrovich
Shmagailo, Vladimir Grigoryevich
Shman, Valerii Yakovlevich
Shmatko, Ivan Leontyevich
Shmelev, Ilya Vasilyevich
Shmelev, Mikhail Sidorovich
Shmelkov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Shmygin, Boris Ilyich
Shokurov, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Shpachenko, Ivan Antonovich
Shpak, Daniil Savelyevich
Shprynov, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Shpunyakov, Sergei Pavlovich
Shpynov, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Shtokolov, Dmitrii Kirillovich
Shugayev, Boris Alexandrovich
Shulepko, Georgii Ilyich
Shulga, Vsevolod Yakovlevich
Shulzhenko, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Shumidub, Alexandr
Shumilin, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Shumilov, Ivan Petrovich
Shumilov, Vladimir Yevgeniyevich
Shumov, Vasilii Petrovich
Shupa, Grigorii Yefremovich
Shupik, Pavel
Shurubov, Dmitrii Artemovich
Shutov, unknown
Shutt, Nikolai Konstatinovich
Shuvalov, Viktor
Shuytsov, unknown
Shvarev, Alexandr Yefimovich
Shveide, Grigorii Borisovich
Sibikeyev, Mikhail Leontiyevich
Sibirin, Semen Alexeyevich
Sidelnikov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Sidorenko, Mark Lukyanovich
Sidorenko, Pavel Ivanovich
Sidorenko, Rostislav Ivanovich
Sidorenkov, Vasilii Kuzmich
Sidorov, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Sidorov, K.A.
Sidorov, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Sidorov, Vasilii Yemelyanovich
Sidorovskii, Andrei Nazarovich
Sidyakin, Vasilii Pavlovich
Sigarev, Venedikt Petrovich
Sigov, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Silantyev, Alexandr Petrovich
Silin, Pavel N.
Silkovskii, Vitalii Vasilievich
Silukov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Silyavo, Georgii Antonovich
Simonov, Dmitrii Vasilyevich
Sinchuk, Vasilii Prokofyevich
Siroshtan, Vasilii Vasilyevcih
Sirotin, Vyacheslav Fedorovich
Sitikov, Gennadii Yegorovich
Sitkovskii, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Sivtsov, Nikolai Stepanovich
Sizov, unknown
Sizov, Vasilii Filippovich
Skachkov, Mikhail Akimovich
Sklyarenko, Nikolai Dmitriyevich
Sklyarenko, Viktor Dmitriyevich
Sklyarov, Ivan Grigoryevich
Sklyarov, Konstantin Dmitrievich
Skobarikhin, Vitt Fedorovich
Skomorokhov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Skotnoi, Vasilii Yakovlevich
Skripchenko, Fedor Petrovich
Skripnichenko, Stefan Mitrofanovich
Skripnik, Ivan Semyonovich
Skripnik, Viktor Pavlovich
Skryabin, Viktor Ivanovich
Skryaga, Ivan Semenovich
Skvortsov, unknown
Slepenkov, Yakov Zakharovich
Slizen, Leonid Nikolayevich
Slobodenuk, Ruvin Izrailevich
Slupskii, Georgii Matveyevich
Smagin, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Smaznov, Viktor Viktorovich
Smelov, Petr Borisovich
Smetana, Nikolai Anisimovich
Smirnov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Smirnov, Alexei Semenovich
Smirnov, Andrei Fedorovich
Smirnov, Nikolai Nikolayevich
Smirnov, Oleg Nikolayevich
Smirnov, Pavel Alexandrovich
Smirnov, Valentin Sergeevich
Smirnov, Viktor Petrovich
Smorchkov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Smykov, Petr Leontiyevich
Snegirev, Fedor Alexeevich
Snesarev, Vladimir Semenovich
Sobin, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Sobolev, Afanasii Petrovich
Sobolev, Ivan
Sobolev, Konstantin Fedorovich
Sobolev, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Sokolov, A.F.
Sokolov, Alexandr Nikolaevich
Sokolov, Anatolii Mikhailovich
Sokolov, Leonid Mikhailovich
Sokolov, S. Ye.
Sokolov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Sokolov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Solomatin, Alexei Frolovich
Solovyov, Konstantin Vladimirovich
Somkin, Alexei Gavrilovich
Somov, Ivan Konstantinovich
Somov, Petr Arsentyevich
Sopelev, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Sopin, Alexei Ivanovich
Sorokin, Andrei
Sorokin, Konstantin Sergeyevich
Sorokin, Nikolai Vasilievich
Sorokin, Vasilii Tichonovich
Sorokin, Yevgenii
Sorokin, Zakhar Artemovich
Sosegov, Ivan Spiridonovich
Soshnikov, Ivan Ivanovich
Spiridenko, Nikolai Kuzmich
Spirin, Alexandr Nikolaevich
Spitsyn, Yurii Andreyevich
Staranov, Petr Grigoryevich
Starchikov, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Starikov, Dmitrii Alexandrovich
Starodumov, Nikolai D.
Starzhinskii, M.
Stepanenko, Ivan Nikiforovich
Stepanov, Alexei Yegorovich
Stepanov, Gavril Gavrilovich
Stepanov, Ivan Platonovich
Stepanov, Nikolai Afanasievich
Stepanovich, unknown
Stepanyan, N.G.
Sterpul, Ivan Ivanovich
Stetsenko, Andrei Yemelyanovich
Stolbov, Yevgenii Nikolaiyevich
Stolyarov, Ivan
Stolyarov, Nikolai Georgiyevich
Stolyarov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Storozhakov, Alexei Nikolayevich
Strelchenko, Vladimir Ignatyevich
Strelnikov, Vasilii Polikarpovich
Streltsov, Igor Vladimirovich
Stroykov, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Struzhkin, S. G.
Subbotin, Serafim Pavlovich
Suchanov, Alexandr Nikolaiyevich
Suchov, Sergei Ivanovich
Sudarenkov, Anatolii Vasilyevich
Sugak, Nikolai Vasilievich
Sugak, Vasilii Nikolayevich
Sukharev, Yevstafii Nikolayeich
Sukhomlinov, Iosif Mikhaylovich
Sukhov, Konstantin Vasilyevich
Sultan-Galiev, A.B.
Suni-Ogly, Nuri Firakhovich
Suprun, Alexandr Pavlovich
Suprun, Stepan Pavlovich
Suprun, Stepan Y.
Suraveshkin, Alexei Semenovich
Surkov, Alexandr Andreyevich
Surnev, Nikolai Grigoryevich
Sutirin, M.I.
Suvirov, Viktor Ivanovich
Suvorov, Alexandr Vasilyevich
Svetnoi, Ivan Mikhailovich
Svezhentsev, Fedor Klimenyevich
Svezhentsev, Petr Nikitovich
Svinarenko, Ivan Lukich
Sviridov, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Svirin, M.
Svistunov, Anatolii Ivanovich
Svitchenok, Nikolai F.
Svitenko, Nikolai Ivanovich
Sychev, Ivan Fedorovich
Sychev, Petr Fedorovich
Syromyatnikov, Sergei Vasilyevich
Syrtsov, Dmitrii Dmitriyevich
Sysoiev, Vasilii Fedorovich
Sysoiev, Vasilii Matveyevich
Sytov, Ivan Nikitovich
Tabadze, David Elizbarovich
Tabakov, Ivan Nikitovich
Talalikhin, Viktor Vasilyevich
Taldykin, Ivan
Tanaev, Yevgenii Kirillovich
Tanisov, Alexandr Fedorovich
Tarakanchikov, N.Ye.
Tarakanov, Mikhail Fedorovich
Taranenko, Ivan Adreyevich
Taranenko, Mikhail Ivanovich
Taranenko, Vasilii
Taranenko, Vladimir Pavlovich
Tarasov, Alexei Kondratyevich
Tarasov, Anatolii Leonidovich
Tarasov, Dmitrii Afanasyevich
Tarasov, Ivan
Tarasov, Pavel Timofeyevich
Tashchiev, Suren
Tatarchuk, Alexei Gerasimovich
Tatarenko, Dmitrii Mitrofanovich
Tavruev, Grigorii Timofeevich
Tchekov, unknown
Techrbarov, unknown
Telegin, Boris S.
Telegin, Gennadii Grigorievich
Teleshevskii, Mikhail Zakarovich
Telezhko, Valentin Fedorovich
Teplov, Dmitrii Khristoforovich
Terechov, Vasilii Trofimovich
Terekhin, Nikolai Vasilyevich
Ternovoi, Boris Yakovlevich
Ternyuk, Alexei Emmanuilovich
Teterin, Leonid Vladimirovich
Tezavrovskii, Vasilii Vladimirovich
Tichonov, Stepan Fedorovich
Tikhonov, Nikolai Viktorovich
Tikhonov, Stepan Fedorovich
Tikhonov, Vasilii Anisimovich
Tikhonov, Viktor Pavlovich
Tilchenko, Nikolai
Timofeyenko, Ivan Vasilyevich
Timofeyev, Grigorii Vasilyevich
Timofeyev, Sergei Ivanovich
Timonin, Nikolai Petrovich
Timoshek, Vasilii Petrovich
Timoshenko, Afanasii Ivanovich
Timoshenko, Alexandr Kondratievich
Timoshenko, Ivan Mikhailovich
Tishchenko, Alexandr Trofimovich
Tishchenko, Andrei Illarionovich
Titenkov, Konstantin Nikolayevich
Titorenko, Dmitrii Ivanovich
Titov, Nikolai Tikhonovich
Titovka, Sergei Alexeyevich
Tkachenko, Alexandr Kuzmich
Tkachenko, Viktor Ilyich
Tkachev, Dmitrii Yefimovich
Tkachev, Sergei Fedorovich
Tkachev, Vladimir Ivanovich
Tkatskii, Petr Fedoseevich
Tokarenko, Mikhail Kuzmich
Tokarev, Alexandr Ivanovich
Tokarev, Moisei Stepanovich
Tolmachev, Ivan Mikhailovich
Tomashevskii, unknown
Tomchak, L.B.
Tomilchenko, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Tomilin, Viktor Matveyevich
Topchiev, Ivan Nikolayevich
Topolskii, Vitalii Timofeyevich
Tormakhov, Dmitrii Dmitriyevich
Tormozov, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Torubalko, Vasilii Petrovich
Toshchiev, Suren Abarcumovich
Totkalov, Ilya Afanasievich
Totmin, Nikolai Yakovlevich
Tovstashii, Konstantin Andreyevich
Trayertiov, M.L.
Tregubov, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Treshchetkin, Pavel Moiseevich
Treshchev, Konstantin Mikhailovich
Tretyachenko, Y.
Trifonov, Pavel Semyonovich
Trishkin, Alexei V.
Trofimov, Nikolai Leontyevich
Trofimov, Yevgenii Fedorovich
Troshchilov, Ivan Antonovich
Troyan, Ivan Stepanovich
Trubachenko, Vasilii Petrovich
Trud, Andrei Ivanovich
Trufanov, Alexei Grigoriyevich
Trunov, M.G.
Trunov, Petr Fedorovich
Trushkin, Dmitrii Gavrilovich
Trusov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Tryasak, Mikhail Fedorovich
Tsapov, Ivan Ivanovich
Tsirkunov, Zigfrid Vasilievich
Tsisarenko, Nikolai Ivanovich
Tsokolayev, Gennadii Dmitriyevich
Tsupko, Vasilii Fedorovich
Tsvetaiev, Vladimir Anatolyevich
Tsvetkov, Grigorii Alexandrovich
Tsvetkov, Pavel Alexeyevich
Tsvetkov, Veniamin P.
Tsybulkin, Maxim Demidovich
Tsyganov, Mikhail
Tsyganov, Yevgenii Terentyevich
Tsyginov, Ivan
Tsykin, Mikhail Dmitriyevich
Tsymbal, N.V.
Tsymbal, Viktor Savelyevich
Turygin, Valerian Mikhailovich
Tushev, Ivan Timofeyevich
Tushkov, Yevgenii Valentinovich
Tuzhilin, Yemelian Fedorovich
Tuzhilkin, Viktor Pavlovich
Tvelenev, Mikhail Stepanovich
Tyapin, Ivan Zakharovich
Tyulkin, Mikhail Nikolayevich
Tyutin, Anatolii Dmitrievich
Udovickii, Yakov Fedorovich
Uglyanskii, Petr
Ulitin, Ivan Semenovich
Ursul, Sergei Grigoriyevich
Urusov, Yevgenii Alexandrovich
Urvachev, Georgii Nikolayevich
Usenko, Konstantin S.
Usevich, Alexei Ivanovich
Ushakov, Boris Vladimirovich
Ushakov, Petr Antonovich
Usikov, Grigorii Alexeevich
Uskov, Igor Dmitrievich
Uskov, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Usov, Viktor Mikhailovich
Ustrashkin, B.U.
Usychenko, Timofei A.
Utkin, Georgii Vasilyevich
Utsin, A.N.
Vakhlayev, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Vakhnenko, Ivan S.
Valeyev, Agzan Ziganshevich
Valuyev, Vasilii Vasilievich
Vanchugov, Alexei Mikhailovich
Varchuk, Nikolai Izotovich
Vasilchikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Vasilenko, Vasilii Fedorovich
Vasilets, Vasilii Terentiyevich
Vasilevskii, Vladimir Gavrilovich
Vasiliev, Andrei Timofeevich
Vasiliev, Boris Mikhailovich
Vasiliev, K.N.
Vasiliev, Mikhail Yakovlevich
Vasilievskii, Yegor Vasilyevich
Vasilyaka, Andrei Fedotovich
Vasilyev, Stepan Yakovlevich
Vasilyev, Viktor Petrovich
Vasin, Alexandr Yefimovich
Vasin, Ivan Makarovich
Vasko, Alexandr Fedorovich
Vaskov, Nikolai Pavlovich
Vatolkin, L.K.
Vdovenko, Alexandr Ivanovich
Vdovkin, Fedor Pavlovich
Vedeneyev, Valentin Ivanovich
Velikorod, Ivan Vlasovich
Verbludov, Stepan Yakovlevich
Verchozin, Porfirii Markovich
Verenikin, Vladimir Ivanovich
Vereshchagin, Dmitrii Nikolayevich
Verkhovets, Nikolai Andreyevich
Vernigora, Petr Akimovich
Vernikov, Yakov Ilyich
Vetrov, Ivan Ivanovich
Vetrov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Vichlyaev, Vladimir Mikhailovich
Vichugin, Dmitrii Yefimovich
Videnkin, Ivan Nikolayevich
Viktorov, Grogorii Petrovich
Viliamson, Alexandr Alexandrovich
Vinichenko, Maxim Petrovich
Vinogradov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Vinogradov, Alexei Semenovich
Vinogradov, Vasilii Fedorovich
Vishnevetskii, Konstantin Grigoryevich
Vishniakov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Vishniakov, Sergei Fedorovich
Vitalkin, unknown
Vitkovich, Viktor Viktorovich
Vitkovskii, Ivan Petrovich
Vladykin, Alexei Vasilievich
Vlasenko, Georgii Grigorievich
Vlasov, Ivan Demyanovich
Vlasov, Mikhail Vasilievich
Vlasov, Nikolai Alexeyevich
Vlasov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Vlasov, Pavel Vasilievich
Vlasov, Sergei Nikolaevich
Vlasov, Viktor Vasilyevich
Vlasov, Vitalii Ivanovich
Voitanik, Trofim Alexeyevich
Voitenko, Stefan Yefimovich
Volchenkov, Mikhail Grigorievich
Volchkov, Nikolai Grigorievich
Volkov, Alexei Andreievich
Volkov, Anatolii Makarovich
Volkov, Sergei Mikhailovich
Volkov, Stepan Timofeyevich
Volkov, Viktor Fedorovich
Volodin, Anatolii Ivanovich
Voloshchenko, Fedor Fedorovich
Voloshin, Alexandr Iovich
Volovikov, Vasilii Danilovich
Volynkin, Mikhail Vasilievich
Vorobyov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Voronchuk, Alexei A.
Voronin, Georgii Andreevich
Voronko, Alexandr Grigoryevich
Voronkov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Voronov, Viktor Fedorovich
Voronov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Voronuk, Vasilii Markovich
Voroshilov, Gennadii Vasilyevich
Vorotnikov, Nikolai Fedorovich
Vorozheykin, Arsenii Vasilyevich
Voskresenskii, Lev Fedosovich
Vostrukhin, Petr Mikhailovich
Vovchenko, Grigorii Dmitrievich
Vovkogon, Ivan
Vskkov, G.
Vyalov, Nikolai Ivanovich
Vyboronov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Vydrigan, Nikolai Zakarovich
Vysockii, Alexandr Vladimirovich
Yabrikov, Nikolai Vasilievich
Yagodkin, Pavel Stepanovich
Yagodkin, Pavel Stepanovich
Yakhnov, Gennadii Mikhailovich
Yakimenko, Anton Dmitriyevich
Yakimov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Yakimov, Nikolai Afanasyevich
Yakimov, Viktor Nikolaiyevich
Yakimovich, Grigorii Tikhonovich
Yakovenko, Alexandr Nikiforovich
Yakovlev, Nikolai Grigorievich
Yakovlev, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Yakubov, Ilya Fomich
Yakubovskii, Petr Grigoryevich
Yamanov, Valerian Alexandrovich
Yanchenko, Ivan Nikolayevich
Yankovskii, V.
Yaremenko, Yevgenii Mikhailovich
Yarovoi, Georgii Yerofeyevich
Yasanis, Sergei Yumarovich
Yashin, Viktor Nikolayevich
Yazychba, Timur Shabanovich
Yedkin, Viktor Dmitriyevich
Yednik, Petr Kirillovich
Yefimov, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Yefimov, Matvei Andreyevich
Yefremenko, Ilya Fedorovich
Yefremov, Andrei Andreyevich
Yefremov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Yegorov, Alexei Alexandrovich
Yegorov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Yegorov, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Yegorov, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Yegorovich, Vladimir Alexeyevich
Yeldyshev, Anatolii Alexeyevich
Yeldyshev, Anatolii Petrovich
Yelinov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Yeliseyev, Anatolii
Yeliseyev, Vladimir Stepanovich
Yelistratov, Valentin Nikolayevich
Yelizarov, Sergei Mikhailovich
Yelochin, Aggei Alexandrovich
Yelovskii, Alexei Nikolaiyevich
Yemelianov, Pavel Antonovich
Yemelyanenko, Ivan Nikiforovich
Yemelyanov, Ivan Alexeyevich
Yemelyanov, Nikolai
Yemirov, Valentin Allakhiyarovich
Yenenkov, Alexandr Vasilievich
Yeremeyev, Ivan Dmitrievich
Yeremin, Alexei Ustinovich
Yeremin, Boris Nikolayevich
Yeremin, Pavel Kuzmich
Yermakov, Dmitrii Mikhaylovich
Yermakov, Dmitrii Vasilyevich
Yermakov, Vasilii Danilovich
Yermochin, Valentin Grigorievich
Yerokhin, Vladimir
Yeroshik, Nikolai Yeliseyevich
Yeroshkin, Ivan Grigoryevich
Yershev, Nikolai Nikolaiyevich
Yershov, Alexandr
Yershov, Alexandr Mikhailovich
Yershov, L.I.
Yershov, Yurii
Yevdokimov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Yevdokimov, Vasilii Sergeyevich
Yevseyev, Yevgenii Akhipovich
Yevstigneyev, Kirill Alexeyevich
Yevstratov, K.D.
Yevteyev, Mikhail Ivanovich
Yevtichov, Sergei Iosifovich
Yevtushenko, Grigorii Stepanovich
Yuchanov, Nikolai Sergeyevich
Yudin, Alexei Sergeyevich
Yudin, Mikhail Fedorovich
Yurchenko, Alexei Fedorovich
Yurkevich, Ivan Ivanovich
Yurkov, Mikhail Ivanovich
Yushinov, I.I.
Yushkin, Alexandr Ivanovich
Zabegailo, Ivan Ignatyevich
Zabirin, Nikolai Vladimirovich
Zabolotnii, Ivan Nikolayevich
Zabolotnov, Mikhail Yakovlevich
Zacharov, Vladimir Seliverstovich
Zadirako, L.V.
Zaiac, Nikolai Filippovich
Zaichenko, Sergei Danilovich
Zaikin, Igor Ilyich
Zaikin, Nikolai Mikhailovich
Zaikov, V.
Zaitsev, Alexandr Andreyevich
Zaitsev, Alexandr Petrovich
Zaitsev, Dmitrii Alexandrovich
Zaitsev, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Zaitsev, Nikolai Vladimirovich
Zaitsev, Sergei Fomich
Zaitsev, Vasilii Alexandrovich
Zaitsev, Vasilii Alexeyevich
Zaitsev, Vasilii Vladimirovich
Zakalyuk, Alexei Semenovich
Zakhariev, Vasilii Georgievich
Zakharov, Alexandr
Zakharov, Georgii Nefodovich
Zakharov, Konstantin Fedorovich
Zakozhurnikov, Yurii Ivanovich
Zalevskii, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Zamkovskii, Nikolai Andreyevich
Zamno, Alexandr Nikolayevich
Zamorin, Ivan Alexandrovich
Zamula, Andrei Prochorovich
Zamyatkin, Yevgenii Pavlovich
Zamyshlyayev, Alexandr Zinovievich
Zanin, Dmitrii Mikhailovich
Zapaskin, V.I.
Zapaskin, Vladimir
Zapivakhin, Anatolii Ivanovich
Zaplavnev, Ivan Mitrofanovich
Zaprudnov, Alexandr Pavlovich
Zapryagayev, Ivan Ivanovich
Zaraikin, Ivan Pavlovich
Zarubin, Vladimir Stepanovich
Zasypkin, Ivan Ilyich
Zavada, Vasilii Andreievich
Zavadskii, Mikhail Petrovich
Zavarukhin, Pavel Filippovich
Zavrazhin, Nikolai Yemelyanovich
Zavyalov, Andrei Ivanovich
Zazaiev, Anatolii Vasilyevich
Zdorovtsev, S.
Zedrdnii, N.
Zelenin, Ivan Maximovich
Zelenkin, Mikhail Mikhailovich
Zelenkov, Nikolai Yegorovich
Zelenov, Nikolai Andrianovich
Zemit, Igor Vilgelmovich
Zemskov, Boris Vladimirovich
Zenkovich, Nikolai Yakovlevich
Zgrivets, Ivan Timofeyevich
Zharikov, Georgii Yuryevich
Zharikov, Ivan Mikhailovich
Zharov, Vladimir Nikiforovich
Zheleznikov, Anatolii Antonovich
Zheleznov, Nikolai Nikolaievich
Zheltukhin, Petr Nikolayevich
Zherdev, Nikolai Prokofyevich
Zherdev, Viktor Ivanovich
Zherdii, Yevgenii Nikolayevich
Zhgun, Alexandr Yegorovich
Zhidkov, Ivan Ivanovich
Zhidov, Georgii Nikanorovich
Zhigarin, Fedor Alexandrovich
Zhigulenkov, Boris Vasilyevich
Zhigunov, Ivan Akimovich
Zhilin, Viktor Georgiyevich
Zhilkin, Grigorii Ivanovich
Zhuchenko, Ivan Yakovlevich
Zhuchkin, Nikolai Filatovich
Zhuchkov, Tikhon Sviridovich
Zhukov, Anatolii Pavlovich
Zhukov, Boris Iosifovich
Zhukov, Mikhail Nikitovich
Zhukov, Mikhail Petrovich
Zhukov, Vladimir Nikolayevich
Zhukovskii, Sergei Yakovlevich
Zhulanov, Ivan Grigoryevich
Zhulidov, Vladimir Andreievich
Zhulov, Fedor Yegorovich
Zhurin, B.V.
Zhurov, Sergei Yevgeniyevich
Zhuykov, Georgii Sergeyevich
Ziborov, Vasilii Mikhailovich
Zimin, Georgii Vasilyevich
Zimin, Nikolai S.
Zinoviev, Alexandr Alexeyevich
Zinovyev, Ivan Ivanovich
Zolotov, Konstantin Alexandrovich
Zolotuchin, Vasilii Vasilyevich
Zotov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Zotov, Matvei Ivanovich
Zotov, Nikolai Alexandrovich
Zotov, Viktor Alexeyevich
Zotov, Vladimir Grigoryevich
Zub, Ivan Andreyevich
Zubcov, Dmitrii Nikitovich
Zudilov, Ivan Sergeyevich
Zuyev, Gavil Prokofyevich
Zuyev, Mikhail Alexandrovich
Zvyagin, Alexandr Yevstafyevich
Zykov, Mikhail Pavlovich
Zyuzin, Dmitrii Vasilyevich
Zyuzin, Petr Dmitriyevich
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