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US Aces and Aviators in WW2

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
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USA citizens served with the British RAF, and the Canadian RCAF. You can search for those who served in Allied air services, as well as those who served in the USAAF, US Navy and US Marine Corps (USMC).

Notable aviators flying in the European Theater of Operations (ETO), Middle East Theater (MET) and Pacific Theater of Opertions (PTO) are listed. Plane types include the P40 Warhawk, P38 Lightning, P47 Thunderbolt, P51 Mustang, and variants of the F4F Wildcat and F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat. Search on Fighter Groups eg 31FG or VMF-215.

MARINE CORPS DESIGNATIONS: The first letter V stood for Heavier-than-air. Z stood for Lighter-than-air, i.e. dirigibles. The second letter M meant Marine Corps. No 2nd letter, by omission, meant Navy; thus VF-17 was a Navy Fighting Squadron. The third (and possible fourth) letters indicated the purpose of the squadron: F = Fighting, SB = Scout Bombing, TB = Torpedo Bombing, O = Observation, J = Transport & Photographic. Marine Fighting Squadrons were identified by VMF and night fighting squadrons by VMF(N)

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