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US Marine Corps Squadrons WW2

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
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Marine squadrons were designated by letters and numbers that identified the squadron's role and organization, in a pre-war numbering scheme shared with the US Navy.

The first letter V stood for 'Heavier-than-air', Z stood for 'Lighter-than-air' i.e. dirigibles. The second letter M meant Marine Corps. No 2nd letter, by omission, meant Navy; thus VF-17 was a Navy Fighting Squadron. The third (and possible fourth) letters indicated the purpose of the squadron.

F = Fighting
SB = Scout Bombing
TB = Torpedo Bombing
O = Observation
J = Transport & Photographic

Thus, Marine Fighting Squadrons were identified by VMF, and night fighting squadrons by VMF(N).

This database contains all the Marine units that participated in WWll.

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