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Royal Air Force Coastal Command Patrol Areas

The following Patrol Areas were discovered in the National Archives at Kew by Pierre Renier and described by him on the forum.

08Jun’44 -Patrol area #2: A/U Patrols “2” – 4832N0716W-4842N0700W-4735N0530W-4725N0545W-4832N0716W (details p66 Jun narrative)
11Jun’44 -Patrol area #2: (see 08Jun’44)
14Jun’44 -Area 'How': (details not to hand but an area between Lands End and Plouescat)
25Jun’44 -'How': (see 14Jun’44)
28Jun’44 -'Yoke': A/U Operation Area Y – 5020N0309W-4943N0223W-4933N0240W-5011N0327W (details CC Hq Jun narrative)
13Jul’44 -'How': (see 14Jun’44)
19Jul’44 -'Yoke': (see 28Jun’44)
22Jul’44 -'EE': (details not located but were issued 13Jul’44 on Form Green PL/G7/13/July)
24Jul’44 -'EE': (see 22Jul’44)
30Jul’44 -'Yoke': (see 28Jun’44)
04Aug’44 -'EE': (see 22Jul’44)
12Aug’44 -'38': A/U Patrol 38 – 4545N0258W-4552N0237W-4541N0228W-4554N0151W-4540N0140W-4519N0230W-4545N0258W (details p183 Aug narrative)
14Aug’44 -'26': A/U Patrol 26 – 5016N0259W-5009N0238W-4933N0303W-4939N0324W-5016N0259W (details p202-203 Aug narrative)
18Aug’44 -'14': A/U Patrol 14 – 5001N0355W-4952N0339W-4832N0531W-4842N0549W-5001N0355W (details p86 Aug narrative)
27Aug’44 -'Rover 39': A/U & A/S Rover 39 (details not located but were issued 26Aug’44 on Form Green PL/G4/26/Aug)
01Sep’44 -'119' Patrol 119 - 4547N0218W-4532N0213W-4510N0401W-4525N0408W-4547N0218W (details p477 Aug narrative)
08Sep’44 -'26' A/U Patrol 26 - 5052N0802W-5128N0852W-5156N0726W-5136N0737W-5124N0815W-5108N0754W (details p58 Sep narrative)
20Sep’44 -'Rover 12' (details not located but were issued 18Sep’44 on Form Green PL/G4/18/Sept)

Unless specified all narrative refer to 19 Group records in AIR 25. In order to comprehend the Forms Green mentioned you will need an expert with a huge amount of time to hand as these are the encoded versions of the latitude and longitude and one of the great joys of researching CC activities!

Patrols ‘Yoke’,’14’ and ‘26’ brought the aircraft into reasonable proximity with the Channel Islands

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