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'All men by nature require to know.' Aristotle

We are so driven by our passion that, encouraged by thousands of friends, respected researchers, institutions and colleagues throughout the world, we express a unique collaboration between ourselves, world experts, professional and part-time researchers, and - vitally - ordinary readers, through our site. Our belief is that there are literally millions of stories that will just disappear over time if we don't capture them. You'll know yourself how a relative, or a stranger, can tell you a story you never imagined for a moment they could have lived and that you'll never find in any book. These are the memories we seek to capture for posterity.

In the past, history was always the story of princes and generals, celebrated in expensive portraits and extravagant houses. The ordinary person - who did most of the dying - was simply forgotten. Now, technology gives us the chance to weave everyone's story into the grander tapestry of history, particularly as we are cooperating with the world-famous British Library who are regularly archiving our complete site so that its contents will be available to future historians long after we've all been cleared for our final flight. But we need help!

The role of writer for Aircrew Remembered involves firstly a love of telling a compelling story in your own words, with sensitivity to the impact your words and pictures could have on your reader. Imagine yourself reading for the first time an account of the loss of someone you loved, and that's the frame of mind you will be in when you write your story. The rewards for getting it right are considerable. We'll be there with you all the way to offer guidance if you need it. The process is intriguing, compelling and rewarding and there's always a sense of wonder when you uncover something that has been hidden for decades but which means so much to someone, somewhere.

You'll be involved in conducting research from books you may possess, from the Internet and from official and non-official sources. You'll find doors will open for you as a member of our team. We've developed a reputation among fellow-researchers for our willingness to share our own research and to consistently acknowledge and appreciate the help others give to us, and for the integrity with which we conduct ourselves. And again, we will be there with you all the way, to point you to new potential sources, or smooth your way if needed.

You might prefer the role of researcher, and be available to us on-call, providing the benefit of your own scholarship to our team. We always welcome such with open arms: the amount of knowledge out there in the world is impressive and if we can help bring it into view then the results for families can be powerful. It doesn't matter how narrow or broad your interest, there will always be a way to use what you know.

Lancaster LL646 - Here's an example of a recent work, researched and written by a new volunteer, Sue Fenwick, in February 2014
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