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9 Dec 2022 08:00 GMT corrupted table in Helpdesk replaced.

15 March 2021 09:20 GMT Owing to a configuration error on our server, images were missing on some pages. We restored them manually, unfortunately a rather slow process which completed 10 April 2021. Readers could contact us via Helpdesk if they needed to see specific images urgently.

NOTES: 24 December 2020 00:30 GMT: temporary loss of databases and Archive Report access. Caused by a very large demand on our servers from unknown sources. Service temporarily suspended by hosting provider.


From time to time, links included on our pages cease to work. Sometimes this is because the site we linked to has ceased to function, and sometimes the linked site changed the address of the page we have linked to, thereby causing our link to fail. Sometimes we made an error in the link address.

There is no automatic system to warn us of such broken links. We rely on the user reporting any to us, or on our finding them ourselves in the process of updating a page, or on reports produced by our periodic generation of an XML site-map using an external service.

If you find broken links, please do let us know by Raising a Ticket on the Helpdesk. Click the Broken Links link below:

Report a broken link by clicking the link and Raising a Ticket on the Helpdesk


In the case of YouTube videos, we generally play these on our pages by pointing to the video on YouTube since this usually is faster that playing the same video from our own servers. A failed attempt to play a video is usually the result of the video having been removed from YouTube by the owner or by YouTube itself. In this case we have usually taken a copy of the video previously, and stored this on our servers as a backup for precisely this eventuality, and we can therefore usually restore the video by pointing to our own copy rather than the YouTube version.

If you find Videos that don't play please do let us know. Click the Broken Video link below and Raise a Ticket on the Helpdesk:

Report a Video not playing via ticket on Helpdesk

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