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Harold Curwain C/94904 - R/80148 RCAF

Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 13 August 1919

The son of Harold is seeking anyone who may have served with his father and in particular looking for any squadron photographs for the period in which he served. He has listed various crews and aircraft with which he served to assist others who are searching for particular names/aircraft. Any assistance would be gratefully received and passed on to his son of the same name.

Update 2016: Dave Champion sent in the photograph of him during his training at 22 OTU - Sent to his son.

Harold joined the Royal Canadian Air Force 1st of November 1940. Trained as an armourer in Toronto, Trenton and Rivers Manitoba. He came to England arriving on the 27th of February 1942. No. 3 Personnel Reception Centre on the 10th of March 1942, taken on strength at 420 Squadron on the 9th of April 1942 as an Armourer. Remained with this squadron until the 4th of December 1942 when he went on strength with 407 Squadron.

Once here he requested and was granted to re-muster to aircrew as an Air Gunner. Transferred to No. 14 ITW on the 27th of February 1943. Transferred to Air Gunners School on the 10th of April 1943 and then to 2 Air Gunners School on the 30th of April 1943.

Transferred to 22 Operational Training Unit on No. 45 course. He remained here until transferred to 311 Ferry Training Unit - based at Moreton-in-Marsh on the 27th of August 1943. Promoted to Fl/Sgt in April 1943 and was posted back to 420 Squadron as an Air Gunner in September 1943.

3 May 1945 – P/O. Cole (Lancaster) A/S F/A H2S P and D Drills

7 May 1945 – P/O. Cole (Lancaster) S.B.A. Return Icing

Flight crew with Fl/Lt. Buchanan C/13128

P/O. Taylor J/35066

Right: L. to R.: Chirpy, Gunner/ Lew, Wireless operator/ Bob, Engineer/ ." Harold (Hal) Curtain

Sq/Ldr. Frederick Young Craig J/15694 (DFC 16 January 1945) Retired as W/ Cdr. 1967. Born April 16th 1918 - Died September 23rd 2000

P/O. Cox J/88638,

P/O. Chirsky J/22848

P/O. Airey RAF186890

P/O. William Edward Paul Thompson J/93112 (DFC 25th September 1945)

Fl/Lt. Clausen J/22598

W/O.1 Mclean R/146726

F/O. Gilespie J/87629

Flight crew with P/O. Reid J/90441

W/O.1 Long R/137904,

P/O. Dyck J/90348,

P/O. Evoy J/88550,

Fl/Sgt. Moore R/205885

P/O. Dawe RAF188719 (To F/O. 17th April 1952. Retired as Fl/Lt. 17th April 1957))

P/O. William Edward Paul Thompson J/93112 (DFC 25th September 1945)

Fl/Lt. Clausen J/22598

W/O.1 Mclean R/146726

Flight crew with Fl/Lt. Jones J/13443

F/O. Robinson J/36601,

F/O. Fenton J/36837,

P/O. Reid J/90168

Fl/Sgt. Thompson R/212968

P/O. Lauder RAF 186237

Flight crew with P/O Cole J/92775

Fl/Sgt. Gowe R/193675,

Fl/Sgt. Woodley R/181447,

Fl/Sgt. Reer R/227660

Sgt. Atkin RAF 2205534

Fl/Sgt. McElroy R/256476,

Flight crew with P/O McKeown J/26476

F/O. McMorland J/28558,

F/O. Walker J/36400,

P/O. Larose J/90325

Then on the 23rd and 24th of September 1943 flew to Formia Tunisia via Sale and Kairouan with Sgt Foy in Wellington Bomber LN-513 as part of 420 Squadron. He remained in Tunisia until the squadron returned to England and re-equipped with the Halifax bomber.

During most of 1944 he was posted back to 62 Base (Beaver) at Linton-on-Ouse. He was posted to 1664 Communications Unit at Dishforth from Dec 19th 1943 till Jan 28th 1944. However, returned to 420 Squadron in November 1944. He became a Warrant officer One in March 1943 and then Warrant Officer Two in Sept 1944. He was promoted to Pilot Officer in Feb 1945 and finally Flight Officer in August 1945.

Missions included:

PilotAircraft Aircraft #Mission

12 Dec 1944 - P/O. Reid (Halifax) NA169 (O) Gaggle DCO.

24 Dec 1944 - Fl/Lt. Jones (Halifax) NA188 (E) Dusseldorf Airdrome

28 Dec 1944 - Fl/Lt. Jones (Halifax) NA188 (E) Diversion to Base (note Halifax NA188 was lost of operation to Magdeburg 16th January 1945 - 5 crew killed, 2 PoW)

29 Dec 1944 - F/O. McKeown (Halifax) NA178 (R) Spich

22 Jan1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NR117 (S) F/A – A/A DCO (note: Halifax NR177 lost on operation whilst with 158 Squadron to Worms on 21st February 1945 - all 7 crew PoW.)

13 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NR117 (S) Bohlen

Fl/Sgt. Anglin R/261572

Sgt. Goodall RAF 1324585

14 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NR117 (S) Mendelsham to base

14 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NR117 (S) Chemnitz

17 Feb 1945 - P/O. Reid (Halifax) NA184 (W) Wesel

18 Feb 1945 - P/O. Reid (Halifax) NA184 (W) Diversion to base

Left: Eating egg sandwiches and drinking a Pepsi before take-off. Typical Yorkshire country whilst sitting on one of Hitler's presents.

20 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA184 (W) Monheim (note: Halifax NA184 PT-W was lost on an operation to Chemnitz on the 05th March 1945 after crash landing near Dishforth, England - 4 crew killed, 3 injured.)

21 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) Worms

23 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) Essen

24 Feb 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) Kamen

10 Mar 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) F/A A/S Radar

11 Mar 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) Essen

13 Mar 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NA178 (R) Wuppertal

15 Mar 1945 - Fl/Lt. Buchanan (Halifax) NR117 (S) Castrop Rauxel

3 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) NZ423 (B) A/S A/C bombing

4 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) NZ423 (B) Harbourg

6 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) NZ423 (B) A/S H/S Bombing

8 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) NR951 (Y) Hamburg

9 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) Diversion to Base

30 Apr 1945 - P/O. Cole (Halifax) X/C A/S Bombing

1 May 1945 - P/O. Cole (Lancaster) N.F.A Bomb

Above: As described - any relatives who would like a higher resolution are invited to contact us. Photograph courtesy of Dave Champion. Sgt. Curwain is shown 3rd row, 2nd from left. (as with all our photographs - click to enlarge)

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