Dutch WWII Airwar Researcher Jacobus "Co" de Swart investigated WWII air combat victory claims of German Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Oberleutnant Erich Burkert. De Swart's research found confirmation of those claims, including two USAAF B-17s, one from the 95th Bombardment Group on 17 August 1943, and one from the 96th Bombardment Group on 20 October 1943. This photo Gallery presents the results of the research, as well as the modern day gatherings of the descendants of the combatants and witnesses to these events. Among the researchers de Swart collaborated with to fill some voids were the Belgian team at The Comet Network.

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Nov. 1943: Safehouse Doherty & Killarney in Maasniel/Roermond

068 img001h_001.jpg Article Bill s story 2ThumbnailsGerman Navy(!) Hospital-Archive book, Beverloo -BelgiumArticle Bill s story 2ThumbnailsGerman Navy(!) Hospital-Archive book, Beverloo -Belgium

Gerald Gorris a teacher and the Pollaert brothers (Printing Office) all mbrs of the Resistance in Roermondhid the two escapees in their safehouse here L. in Maasniel.

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