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Reprinted from the London Daily Telegraph

Reprinted with the kind permission of the Daily Telegraph obituaries column.
If you have additional information or photographs to add to this Obituary please contact us.
We also seek to commemorate all those not published by The Daily Telegraph and would be pleased to receive your contributions.
Article prepared by Barry Howard of the Spixworthonian Language School.

Obituary Library

Fl/Lt. Jimmy Corbin D.F.C. Born: August 5th 1917, Maidstone, Kent. Died: December 8th 2012. Age 95

hoyW/Cmdr. William Hoy A.F.C. D.F.C. Born: December 23rd 1918 Edinburgh, Scotland Died: November 20th 2012 Age 93

Sq/Ldr. Gerry O’Donovan D.F.C. D.S.O. Born: March 24th 1921 Ferndale, Glamorgan. Died: November 20th 2012 Age 91

Fl/Lt.William Walker. Born: August 24th 1913, Hampstead. Died: October 21st 2012 Age 99

Fl/Lt. Edward Jaworski D.F.C. V.M. 3 Bars K.S. Born: 18th May 1920 Trzebinia, Poland. Died: 26th September 2012 Age 92

Group Captain Sir Richard Kingsland CBE AO DFC Born: October 19th 1916 Moree, New South Wales. Died: August 27th 2012 Age 95

Captain Kazimierz Szrajer V.M. K.W. D.F.C. Born: 30th December 1919, Warsaw, Poland. Died: August 18th 2012 Age 92

Fl/Lt. Robert Bruce D.F.C. and Bar Born: August 17th 1915, Inverkeiler, Scotland. Died: August 13th 2012 Age 96

Group Captain Bill Randall M.i.D. A.F.C. D.F.M. A.M. O.B.E. C.B.E. M.B.E. Born May 17th 1921 Devon. Died August 12th 2012. Age 91

Sq/Ldr. Leslie Clark D.F.C. Born: August 31st 1920, East Ham, London. Died: July 29th 2012 Age 91

Air Commodore James Coward A.F.C. Born: May 18th 1915, Teddington. Died July 25th 2012 Age 97

Flt/Lt Don Charlwood, Born: September 6th 1915, Melbourne, Australia. Died: June 18th 2012 Age 96

Wing Commander Oliver Wells O.B.E. Born: March 10th 1922 Died: June 4th 2012 Age 90

Major Nick Knilans D.S.O. D.F.C. Born: December 27th 1917 Died: June 1st 2012 Age 94

Maureen Dunlop de Popp Born: October 26th 1920 Died: May 29th 2012 Age 91

Sq/Ldr. Phil Lamason D.F.C.and Bar Born September 15th 1918 Died May 19th 2012 Age 93

Sq/Ldr. Norman Crookes M.B.E. D.S.O. D.F.C.and Two Bars Born: December 23rd 1920. Died: April 17th 2012 Age 91

Fl/Lt. John Younie D.F.C. and Bar Born: February 20th 1921 at Kippen, near Stirling. Died: April 8th 2012 Age 91

Fl/Lt. Albert Smith D.F.C. Born: May 30th 1917, Richill Co. Armagh. Died: March 23rd 2012 Age 94

Air Commodore Ted Sismore D.F.C and 2 Bars D.S.O. A.F.C. Born: June 23rd 1921, Kettering. Died: March 22nd 2012 Age 90

Sq/Ldr. John Austin D.F.C.and Bar Born: July 17th 1917, Sutton Coldfield, England. Died: January 12th 2012

Colonel Henry Lafont. Ordre de la Liberaion, Croix de Guerre, Croix de la Valeur Militaire. Born: August 10th 1920. Died: December 2nd 2011

Air Marshal Sir Alfred Ball D.F.C. D.S.O. Born: January 18th 1921, Rawalpind, India. Died: January 25th 2012 Age 91

Fl/Lt. Eric Atkins D.F.C. and Bar. C.V. and Bar. Born: March 19th 1921, Mansfield. Died: November 22nd 2011 Age 90

Wing Commander Tadeusc Sawicz D.F.C. V.M Born February 13th 1914 Warsaw, Poland Died October 19th 2011

Fl/Lt. Wallace Cunningham D.F.C. Born December 4th 1916. Died October 4th 2011

Sir Arthur Norman C.B.E. D.F.C. and Bar. Born February 18th 1917. Died September 30th 2011

Fl/Lt. Charles Palliser D.F.C. Born January 11th 1919. Died September 24th 2011

Gp/Capt. Billy Drake D.S.O. D.F.C. and Bar. Born December 20th 1917. Died August 28th 2011

Fl/Sgt. Frederick Emile Parent Born 26th January 1926. London, England. Died August 24th 2011

Air Commodore David Strong A.F.C. Born September 30th 1913. Cardiff. Died August 21st 2011

Flight Lieutenant Jan Walentowicz. Born 4th August 1920. Bialystok, Poland. Died 21st July 2011

W/O. Tom McLean D.F.M. D.F.C. Born January 22nd 1922. Paisley, Scotland. Died July 20th 2011

Fl/Lt. Neill Cox DFC and Bar. Born June 12th 1923, Weybridge Surrey. Died July 16th 2011

Fl/Lt. Geoffrey Osborn G.M. and Bar Born January 24th 1922. Died June 16th 2011

Wing Commander John Beazley D.F.C. Born July 18th 1916. Oxford. Died June 13th 2011

F/O Geoffrey Bryson Fiskin D.F.C. Born February 17th 1916, Gisborne, New Zealand. Died June 12th 2011

Sq/Ldr. George Glenn D.F.C. and Bar. Born October 19th 1920, Paignton, Devon. Died May 30th 2011

Group Captain Gerry Blacklock O.B.E. D.F.C. D.F.M. Born June 23rd 1914. Skipton, Yorkshire. Died April 28th 2011

Fl/Lt. Ralph Barker Born October 21st 1917. Feltham, Middlesex. Died May 16th 2011

Air Commodore Peter Cribb C.B.E. D.F.C. D.S.O. and Bar Born September 28th 1918. Yorkshire. Died June 20th 2011

Gp/Capt. John Musgrove D.S.O. Born: June 22nd 1918. Kensington. Died April 4th 2011

Fl/Lt. Don Nelson D.F.C. and Bar M.i.D. Born: February 23rd 1920. London. Died March 20th 2011

Captain Hamish Pelham-Burn Born March 17th 1918. Nairn, Scotland. Died February 11th 2011

M/O. Jack Plant M.i.D. Born: May 14th 1918. West Bromwich. Died January 28th 2011

Flight Lieutenant Tom Hughes Born: November 21st 1921, Rugby. Died December 31st 2010

Flight Lieutenant Ian Samuel C.M.G. C.V.O. Born: August 20th 1915. Colchester. Died December 26th 2010

Flight Lieutenant Hugh Goldie D.F.C. and Bar. Born December 5th 1919. Tywardreath. Died December 23rd 2010

Warrant Officer Bill Foxley Born: August 17th 1923, Liverpool. Died: December 05th 2010

Air Commodore John Sowrey D.F.C, A.F.C. Born: January 5th 1920, Cambridge. Died: November 30th 2010

Flight Lieutenant Aubrey Niner Born: June 10th 1922, Southsea. Died: November 26th 2010

Wing Commander Vic Hodgkinson D.F.C. M.i.D. Born: October 17th 1917 Sidney, Australia. Died: November 20th 2010 (See Notes)

Group Captain Ron Duckenfield A.F.C. M.i.D.Born: April 15th 1917, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Died: November 19th 2010

Hans-Joachim Herrmann Knight's Cross, Oak Leaves and Swords. Born: August 1st 1913, Kiel, Germany. Died: November 5th 2010

Group Captain Womersley D.S.O. and Bar. D.F.C. Born: November 19th 1914, Bingley, Yorkshire. Died: October 28th 201

Wing Commander Barton D.F.C. Bar. M.i.D. O.B.E. Born: June 17th 1916 Kamloops, British Columbia. Died: September 2nd. 2010

Flight Lieutenant Denis Cayford D.F.C. Born: March 16th 1918 Wolverhampton. Died: August 30th 2010

Wing Commander John Freeborn D.F.C. Bar Born: December 1st 1919 Middleton, Yorkshire. Died: August 28th 2010

Group Captain Michael Judd D.F.C. D.S.O. A.F.C. Born: September 19th 1917 Winchester, Hampshire. Died: August 22nd 2010

Air Commodore 'Jack’ Frost D.F.C. Croix de Guerre. Leopold II. C.B.E. Born: July 30th 1921 Stoke-on-Trent. Died: August 7th 2010

Wing Commander Norman Hayes D.F.C. Born: June 26th 1912 Walthamstow. Died: July 17th 2010

Jaques, Marquis de Saint Phalle Born: June 30th 1917 in El Jadida, Morroco Died: June 15th 2010

Squadron Leader Jim Heyworth D.F.C. Bar M.i.D. Thulin Medal Born: June 5th 1922 at Belper, Derbyshire. Died: June 10th 2010

Flight Lieutenant Howard Farmiloe D.S.O. Born: August 21 1921 in Birmingham. Died: June 7th 2010

Squadron Leader Tommy Broom D.F.C. Bar x 2 Born: January 22nd 1914 at Portishead, Bristol. Died: May 18th 2010

Colonel 'Bud' Mahurin D.F.C. D.S.C. Silver Star Born: December 5th 1918 at Benton Harbour, U.S.A.. Died: May 11th 2010

Marguerite Garden (Vourc'h) Born: January 25th 1926 at Plomodiern. Died: May 5th 2010

Flying Officer Raymond Grayston Born: October 13th 1918. Dunsfold, Surrey. Died: April 15th 2010

Squadron Leader "Stapme" Stapleton D.F.C. Dutch F.C. Born: May 12th 1920. Durban, South Africa. Died: April 13th 2010

Wing Commander 'Ronny' Rotheram D.F.C. Born: August 27 1917 in Dublin. Died: April 8th 2010

Flight Lieutenant Tom Fletcher - air-sea rescue pilot Born: September 7th 1914. Leigh, Lancashire. Died: March 19th 2010

French Resistance heroine Andrée Peel "Agent Rose" Born: February 3 1905. France. Died: March 5th 2010

Wing Commander Alan "Red" Owen D.F.C. and Bar. D.F.M. A.F.C. Born: July 8th 1922. Chelsea. Died: February 13th 2010

Wing Commander Lucian Ercolani D.S.O. D.F.C. Born: August 9th 1917. High Wycombe. Died: February 13th 2010

Flight Lieutenant Cy Grant Born: November 8th 1919, Demerara, Guyana. Died: February 13th 2010

Wing Commander Bob Doe Born: March 10th 1920, Reigate. Died: February 21st 2010

Lieutenant-Colonel Lee Archer Born: September 12th 1919, Yonkers U.S.A. Died: January 27th 2010

Captain Val Bailey. Born: October 27th 1919. Died: January 13th 2010

Air Commodore Charles Widdows Born: October 4th 1909, Bradford. Died: January 10th 2010

Air Vice-Marshal Mike Hedgeland M.B.E. O.B.E. C.B. Born: November 24th 1922, Maidstone. Died: December 25th 2009

Squadron leader Jack Brotherton-Ratcliffe D.S.O. Born: November 18th 1919, Ealing. Died: December 24th 2009

Squadron Leader Bill Humphrey D.F.C. and Bar Born: February 13th 1923, Karachi. Died: December 10th 2009

Flight Lieutenant Lew Cody Born: May 15th 1918, London. Died: December 2009

Flight Lieutenant "Blondie" Walker D.F.C. Born: April 4th 1917, Halifax. Died: November 9th 2008

Squadron Leader Reg Lewis Born: August 26th 1922 Poplar, London. Died: October 12th 2009

Wing Commander Jack Rose Born: January 18th 1917, Blackheath, London. Died: October 10th 2009

Generalleutnant Günther Rall Born: March 10th 1918, Gaggenau, Black Forest. Died: October 4th 2009

Group Captain Dickie Haine D.F.C. Born: October 1st 1916 St. Stephens, Gloucester. Died: September 30th 2008

Air Commodore Paddy Forsythe D.F.C. C.B.E. Born: July 10th 1920, Belfast. Died: August 29th 2009 (See Notes)

Squadron Leader John Pattison Born: January 27th 1917. Waipawa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Died: September 11th 2009

Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie D.F.C. Born: June 6th 1916, Belfast. Died: June 4th 2009

Wing Commander Douggie Oxby D.F.C. D.S.O. D.F.M. Born: June 10th 1920. Cardiff. Died: April 10th 2009

Flight Lieutenant Walter Morison D.F.C. Born: November 26th 1919, Beckenham, Kent. Died: March 26th 2009

Wing Commander George Melville-Jackson D.F.C. Born: November 23rd 1919, Weston-Super-Mare. Died: March 7th 2009

Flight Lieutenant Ernest Schofield D.F.C. Born: October 26th 1916, Penistone, Barnsley. Died: February 23rd 2009

Squadron Leader Tom McPhee D.F.C. Born: November 30th 1917, Greenock. Died: February 22nd 2009

W/O. Reginald (Jeff) Jeffcock D.F.M. Born: April 3rd 1923, Sheffield, England. Died: January 14th 1995

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