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How to Sponsor a page.


There are many reasons people have for sponsoring a page. For some it's a way to honour their loved one in a tangible form that is everlasting. Flowers fade and die, but a sponsored page lives forever.

For those across the other side of the world from the grave of a loved one, it's a way to bring them closer when a physical presence may not be possible.

And for some it's a way to combine honouring their loved one with an appreciation for the work our researchers have done to make their page visible. All the money sponsored goes towards the considerable expense of running this site and provides us the means to undertake more research for more families.

For yet others, not related in any way to the subject, it's a way to show appreciation for a sacrifice made.

If you wish to sponsor one or more pages (there's no limit, and, as we say, you don't have to be related) then please visit our Sponsor's Page and fill in your details.

If you wish to remain anonymous, indicate this on your details.

Donating is via a secure payment method.

Sponsoring provides funding for our research efforts on behalf of others whose lives may otherwise go unrecorded.

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