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You've got something wrong and this has upset me


Obviously we are sorry to cause you distress. Please send us the correction and we will put matters right.

We present our information with the best of intentions and whilst we accept our responsibility to be accurate and informed, we operate under the following conditions.

Our team is all-volunteer and works to present our material to help others understand. We have no motivation to get things wrong, but any site with millions of datapoints (such as Aircrew Remembered) will never get everything right all the time, no matter how hard we try.

The data we use is generally found by us in official National Archives. We have no independent means of checking their information and neither do we have the resources to perform such checks. Even National Archives get things wrong. They are human too, with all the foibles and failures that come along with being human.

However, there is a (usually) big difference between data we present and that same data found in National Archives and that is our ability and willingness to publish corrections and clarifications immediately we are made aware of them. Most National Archives take much longer to respond and some never do so.

Please be aware of the following condition: where your correction cannot be independently verified by us we will publish it as a note alongside the official version so that readers are made aware of the two versions of events.

Other research by us is made from our large library of specialist books published by knowledgeable experts in their field. Again, we have no means of checking individual facts in these research books. If the book has something wrong, then we will have it wrong too. Having said that, we maintain working relationships with many specialist authors and where a reader points out an error, we will always forward that to the author for comment. Quite often they find the reader to be right and undertake to make the correction in their next publication (if there is one). In these cases we can apply the correction immediately to our work and do so.

Other sources include contemporary newspaper articles, personal letters, reminiscences from others involved, which we report as we find them, applying scepticism to something that might not seem quite right to us, such as a newspaper report which does not tie in with research conducted at a later date. Where we quote an opinion, we strive to make it clear it is an opinion and may not, in fact, be accurate.

Another source is often an individual's personal source (such as his logbook, or service record) which might differ from the official record sometimes. In these cases we never try to guess which is true, we will present both versions.


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