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Seeing Odd Menu Behaviour in Windows Google Chrome


If the Menu items you see in Windows Chrome browser are set on a blue background, this means your Google Browser is getting its information from its Cache and not from our server. Your Cache is holding an old version of the Menu. This is the reason your Menu items look funny. We changed things so the Menu is set on a clear background.

For reasons best known to themselves, Google chooses to hide from the user an easy way to flush the Cache and therefore force Chrome to go the server and get the new version of our Menu.

To force Chrome to delete the old Menu and use the New, do this:

At Top Right of the browser you see 3 vertical dots

Click these

You now see a Pop Up window and half way down you see More Tools

Click this

You now see another Pop Up window with the option to Clear Browsing Data

Click that

Select Cached images and files and then click Clear Data


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