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Do you participate on the various aviation forums?


We do try to keep up with what's going on around the forum world, but the reality is time is limited for our coverage to be 100% effective. We miss a lot in consequence, there are many forums available on the internet and most offer great unbiased advice.

We rely on the kindness of our readers to let us know when they see a posting we should be aware of.

Please DO copy on us on anything of interest.

Reading positive stuff is always rewarding, of course, but the truth is that nothing as complex as our site can ever satisfy all the people all the time, and from time to time someone posts a negative comment.

We'd like to read these immediately because if there IS anything wrong, we'd like to make matters right. And if the criticism is wrong, or  hurtful to one of our contributors we'd like to get our corrections in before the potential damage spreads.

Having said all of that, 99.9% of our followers know us /our ethics / our history and they make up their own minds about our work.

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