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What have you got on German flyers?


Luftwaffe Pages

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Kracker Archive

Our colleague Tom Kracker has developed what is probably the largest dataset in the world on Luftwaffe pilots. The Kracker Archive is referred to on a daily basis by researchers everywhere. We invested considerable effort to make this lifetime achievement available online but the reward has more than justified the effort. As of Febrary 2013 there are over 26,000 entries.

We also list the graveyards in England where Luftwaffe dead are buried, plus individual Archive Reports for Luftwaffe flyers are being added regularly. We try to glean as much information as we can find to make these Archive Reports valuable and interesting to read.

Luftwaffe Memories

We actively seek individuals interested in preparing Archive Reports on Luftwaffe flyers that we can publish. The work is rewarding and stimulating, so if there are folks who would like to share their enthusiasm with the world, please contact us via an email/ticket from our Helpdesk. We can provide training on where to find information, if required.

Deutsche Kreuz im Gold Awards

A list of over 6300 winners of the Deutsche Kreuz im Gold (German Cross in Gold)

German War Graves in England

We have been developing for the past year, and have recently added a brilliant Luftwaffe database that lists each victory by each pilot. Of course, there are many omissions still, but it is pretty useful as it stands, and we're adding to it whenever we uncover a new source. It's cool to find a pilot in the Kracker Archive and then follow the link to this database that lists all that pilot's victories in sequence. We're adding the links by hand to the Kracker Archive so if your target hasn't got its link yet, just go to the database and search on his name.


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