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What do you have on WWI flying?


The birth of air conflict saw gigantic battles being fought between masses of planes. The rules of combat were being discovered at this time, the Immelman manoeuver for example. This is an era where tens of thousands of personal histories were made which now, sadly, may be lost forever.

We would love to have more stories from this period, but of course there are no people alive who experienced these events, and even most of the second generation family members are long gone.

We are beginning to assemble stories, however.

Search for Edwin Dunning or Roy Brown for example. In both these cases we've assembled material which, to the best of our knowledge, has never prevously been brought together in one place. This encourages us to hope we can uncover specialists who would be willing to contribute the fruits of their passion to our site.

If you are one such person, please send us an email/ticket via our Helpdesk and we'll get back to you. We can provide training on where information may be found, if necessary.

Pages related to 1914 - 1918 are here

We have some really good databases on WW1 flying (find them in the Databases menu):

* Aces and Aviators in WW1 (over 3000 entries from about 20 nations)

* US Air Service flyers WW1

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