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what happened to aircrew remembrance society


We spent 4000 hours of our own time at our own cost developing a web presence for the first time for a couple of individuals who styled themselves as 'Aircrew Remembrance Society', creating a website out of nothing and writing ourselves hundreds of aircrew stories to make the site meaningful. However, in 2012 for a number of reasons we don't wish to elaborate on, we were forced to conclude it was no longer possible for us to continue to support or work with or in any way be further associated with these two people. If we had our way, that would be the end of the matter. They had had the benefit of all our work to make their previously obscure presence quite well known to a wider audience, and they could go on to develop the site in the way they wanted, provided they were willing to put the effort in themselves instead of taking a free ride on us.

And we could develop Aircrew Remembered in the way we wanted and to the high standards we set ourselves.

We offered to help them with technical advice so they could further develop their presence but this help was spurned.

This pair said there was no way Kelvin Youngs had the ability to put together a team and a website without their supposedly unique knowledge. 

So, just a few short years later, this site stands as a testament to what hard work, the openness to work constructively with others, a rigorous adherence to ethical behaviour and a dedication to helping others can achieve. For me, Einstein sums up what I feel about their attitude.

Einstein's Views On Doubters

We would prefer if if they would just go away and develop their own site (which was off the air for months as recently as early 2018 owing to their incompetence) but they just can't stop moaning about the fact we were so fed up and disgusted with them that we abandoned them to their own devices, taking with us most of the work we had done at our own expense. The latest bit of nonsense on their site tries to explain why they've got so little to offer by claiming their 'former webmaster' [they mean us] made a hash of all the pages we created and had made available to use on their site by using low resolution images. This demonstrates both their vindictive and mean nature [we gave them the heave-ho way back in January 2012! you would think that's enough time to replace the work we did by getting off their backsides and actually doing the work for themselves] AND their technical ignorance (the image resolution we used isn't an issue for viewing on computer monitors). 

Anyway, having unburdened ourselves from their rudeness, we designed our new site Aircrew Remembered to enable us to deploy new technologies that we hope will make possible the release of millions of untold personal stories currently buried in cupboards and drawers across the world. We've made several advances already to enhance our service, and there's a lot more to come.

All our earlier copyrighted work is on the new site - but generally enhanced - and our work continues, and indeed continues to expand. You are welcome to explore our new site where you should find the information you are seeking today, plus many more subjects to interest you.

We have over 2,000,000 individual records (as at January 2018) at varying levels of detail to study! Please use the Search facilities on Aircrew Remembered to locate the specific page you are looking for and remember to Bookmark our site.

If you submitted information or photos in the past and are interested to know how this material was dealt with in regard to the new site, please contact us and we will, of course, respond. Respect for you and your loved ones is foremost: that is why we do this work. Email Us

We hope you enjoy our new site, which has been built for you, the family member and researcher.


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