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How much does it cost to run your website?


In time or money?

We spend about 13 hours every day between our technical chap and the webmaster developing the site. Then the contributors spend hours of their own time researching and typing out the remembrance pages. So, as far as time is concerned - impossible to calculate.

Money - it is expensive to have a website such as ours, to keep running. Not only do we have to pay the provider to host it, we have to stay on top and purchase the programmes to help us display the material, we also pay for the 'site secure' service to keep your information confidential, we have to pay developers to assist us to present the material that you send.

Donations do help, although currently they dont cover the costs. We seek sponsors and interested related parties to assist us in these expences.

Sponsor a page? We are looking into this. Any relative submitting information are mentioned within the page, unless they stipulate otherwise.

Sponsor a section? Contact us, always open to proposals.

Sponsor the website? We will always keep control, but open to any new suggestions.

Sell the website and information? Does not belong to us - it is yours, the public, not ours to sell after all.

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