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Best browser to use


We design our site to comply with current standards and test in modern browsers that support them.

Internet Explorer, especially IE6 and all earlier versions, are very poor choices and users should either upgrade to IE8 or later, or use another browser altogether. Microsoft dropped support for IE6 many, many years ago, and that's a great reason not to go on using it. Many organizations will not even allow you to browse their site if you are on IE6.

Our site will NOT display properly in IE6 or earlier. Text will be misaligned, images will be in the wrong place, menus won't work. As a small volunteer organization we simply can't afford to spend the time reworking our designs to make them work in IE6.

Even with the browsers that should all display identically, you will find they don't. We do our best to avoid designs that look terrible in any of the main browsers, but occasionally you'll find text overrunning a bit, or minor misalignments. This results from Internet Explorer, for example, calculating font spacing differently, leading to different line lengths when compared to Safari, Firefox or Chrome, which can push text over onto the next line. As I say, we do our best! If you see an example where there is a problem, PLEASE take a screenshot and email it to us with the operating system you are using (Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX8. OSX9, OSX10, iOS8, iOS9 for example) and the browser with its version number. We will see if we can replicate the problem.

Your choices are:


Safari - Google Chrome - Firefox

(if you know of other browsers that work with our site, please let us know)


Microsoft Edge - Safari - Google Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer: get the latest version of you can.

(if you know of other browsers that work with our site, please let us know)

iPad/iPhone browser

Safari - Google Chrome

The Opera mini browser does not support some of the techniques we use and will not display properly).


On Android devices, Google Chrome should be fine (but we haven't tested it ourselves). If users have experience of other browsers that work for our site, we'd appreciate your telling us.


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