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I have no use for a log book, can I send it to you for safe keeping?


Never send any original material to us, or anyone, without contacting us first.

Some people are happy to sell their material on auction sites and if this is your intention our advice would be to first ascertain if the material has wider significance beyond your own family. if it has, then consider if it might be better to have the objects placed where future generations can see them, rather than locked away in a collector's drawer. An example might be a particular Campaign Medal, where there are likely to be thousands of similar copies. It will take nothing from the historical record if yours goes to a private collector. Compare this to a medal from an historically important action (sinking the Tirpitz for example) where it would be a loss to history if it were not accessible to future generations. Items of this calibre would surely be better placed in a museum, or an official Association's keeping.

We don't want to hold onto original log books, photographs, documents etc. ourselves, though we would like to have copies for the site. if you have no desire to hold the originals yourself, then you can send them to us and we can find a proper home for them. Please do write to us before sending anything.

We can help with making copies of your documents and advising you on placing other items you may have.

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