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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

Frank Woodbrough Hayward

Captain Pilot Tristan Edward Salazar

25th June 1942

Gashed and gored, her engines dying,

Over Borkum's sorry view

Came a wounded war-bird flying

To her doom , the airman knew.

So her pilot gave the order:

"Take to chutes and get away;

You can do no more aboard her."

"Captain, what of you?" "I stay".

Then awoke too deep to utter

Fell upon them, striking numb,

For they loved him - passed a mutter:

"All or no one - Captain come!"

"Till she sinks or lies in pieces,

"Pilots post is with his plane:

"Quick, bail out, her headway ceases!'

"Goodbye, comrades, I remain."

So they jumped he that higher

Rated duty of command

Than a youthful life, held by her,

Died in her for Fame and Land.

Place we his 'mid names we cherish

On that growing roll of worth,

As our pilots fall and perish -

Choicest corps in all the earth.

Fl/Lt. Count Tristan Edward Salazar shot down and killed with all his crew on the 25/26th June 1942. 14 OTU Hampden I P5312 GL-J3

Tristan Salazar


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