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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

To An Airman
Isabel Reid

Last night a star fell from the sky,

It seemed so sad it’s light had gone,

Till I looked overhead and saw

A million others shone.

Last night a plane fell from the sky,

A brave young airman met his doom,

Yet through the tears I also saw,

That others took his room.

This brave young airman feared not death,

He saw the countries torn with strife,

Poor people wronged and starved and killed,

And so he gave his life.

That you and I might live our life,

In constant faith and joy and peace.

Our heritage for years – from one

Whose light will never cease.

Sister of P/O. William Taylor who was killed on an operation to Stuttgart on 15/16th March 1944 along with his six friends. 

Lancaster II LL637 EQ-P flown by P/O. Lumgair crashed at Hilsenheim, French / German border. 

P/O. William Taylor

P/O. William Taylor and crew


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