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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

Light Me a Candle
Owen Chave 1943

Light me a candle in your window, sweet, 

And let it burn as brightly as our love;

However thick your curtains and complete 

Your blackout, I shall see it from above.

Though high the space and long the distance stretch 

Between myself and that far flickering light,

Its flame shall be my lodestar and will fetch 

Me homewards through a century of night.

I’ll set my course upon your lonely bed 

And on your heartbeats my direction steer, 

While like a star will shine above my head 

That glow of faith, that challenge to your fear.

Keep warm your arms, and when the invading ice 

Licks at our leading edge it will recall

Only their warmth and that rich benefice 

To which I am inducted after all.

Sleep long, sleep sound, and dream while I am gone 

Of happiness past and yet to be

When this moon-crazy interlude is done 

And we can live and love at liberty.

But if one morning when you awake you see

The flame has died like dreams that fall apart,

Light me a candle for my memory

And let it burn for ever in your heart.

The Bomber Pilot to his love by Ariel (Flt Lt. Owen C.Chave – one who did not return)

For further information on the loss of Flt Lt. Owen Chave

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