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Animated Map Showing Allied Bombing in WW2
Staggering Cost in Human Lives in WW2

Just 8 years after the most catastophic war mankind had ever inflicted on itself, the democracies were waging yet another war, involving the USA and its allies, acting on behalf of the UN, and the Communist regime in Korea, backed by China and the USSR. This conflict was the first time jet-on-jet air combat dominated, the US with its Lockheed Shooting Stars, North American Sabres and Grumman Panthers and the Communists with their MiG-15s. Australia and New Zealand were also there with Meteors, with RAF pilots attached. Canada attached 22 of its top pilots to USAF squadrons. And South African Sabres were there in squadron strength. It was the last hurrah for prop driven planes too, with Mustangs and Corsairs predominating for the US, Australia and South Africa.

Korean War Memorial Washington DC USA (courtesy Mike DeLuna via Facebook)

Korean War Database

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