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List of Pages Relating to Australia

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Animated Map Showing Allied Bombing in WW2
Staggering Cost in Human Lives in WW2

Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies. 3 September 1939

"Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you officially, that in consequence of a persistence by Germany in her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that, as a result, Australia is also at war. No harder task can fall to the lot of a democratic leader than to make such an announcement."

From the other side of the world they came to the aid of the Mother Country and in the cause of freedom. This is a debt that can never be repaid.

Newark Graves of Australians

Comrades in death, as in life. Australians among Poles and British at Newark Cemetery, England

Above: Vlissingen Cemetery Christmas Eve 2018 (courtesy Gerard W. Leppers)

For researchers interested in doing their own research into Australian military matters there is an excellent book published by Peter Dunn which provides extensive information on the various sources available to you. If as a result of your research you develop any stories you would like us to publish, please contact us via the Helpdesk

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At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

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