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2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF) 107 Squadron RAF Missing Presumed Killed

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107 Squadron was reformed at RAF Andover on 10 August 1936 as a light bomber squadron, equipped with Hawker Hinds. These were replaced by Blenheim Mk.Is from August 1938 which gave way in their turn to Blenheim Mk.IVs in May 1939. It was with four of this aircraft that 107 took part in the RAF's first bombing raid of the war against enemy ships in the German port of Wilhelmshaven on 4 September 1939, the day after war was declared on Germany. The raid was no success: of the four aircraft despatched only one returned – and with its bomb load still intact as it had not been able to locate the enemy. The first British prisoner of war in World War II was Sergeant George Booth, a navigator with 107 Squadron. He was captured when his Bristol Blenheim was shot down over the German coast on that 4 September 1939. In April 1940 the squadron carried out attacks on German forces engaged in the invasion of Norway and after the invasion of France and the Low Countries in May 1940 began attacking enemy columns and communications. Following the Dunkirk evacuation the squadron became engaged with attacking invasion barges and shipping concentrations in the Channel ports. In one of these attacks the new Commanding Officer, Wing Commander Basil Embry was shot down. He had taken over the squadron shortly after the disastrous first war mission in September 1939 and had taught the squadron the need for a tight formation for mutual defence which served the squadron time and again. The adventurous story of his escape from captivity eventually reached book form.

Between 3 March 1941 and May 1941, the squadron was on loan to RAF Coastal Command and stationed at RAF Leuchars. Its duties while in Coastal Command were various: shipping strikes, convoy duties, coastal patrols, submarine searches and attacks on enemy airfields and harbours. These were quite hazardous as the squadron lost two COs during these operations, Wing Commander Cameron in April and Wing Commander Birch on 4 May 1941.

On return to RAF Bomber Command the squadron took up its low-level daylight raids again until August of that year, when the aircraft of the unit and their pilots -the air detachment of the squadron- were sent to Malta. From there anti-shipping missions were carried out along the Axis' north-south convoy routes, around the Italian coast, Sicily, and along the North African coast. However, after the Italian and German air forces strengthened the air defence of Sicily in December, 1941, and began round-the-clock bombing of the Malta airfields, the air detachment was withdrawn and disbanded at Luqa on 12 January 1942. Losses among the squadron had been so heavy – 90% of all original and replacement crews were killed in action during the Malta operations – that at one time the squadron was commanded by a sergeant, I. G. Broom. It was not the last time this man was in command of a RAF unit, he ended his career as Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom.

In the meantime the rest of the squadron, forming the ground echelon, had remained at Great Massingham, Norfolk and on 5 January 1942, it received Douglas Boston trainers and new aircrews, and began converting them onto this aircraft. The squadron began flying daylight operations again in March 1942. The most famous operation the squadron flew using the Boston was Operation Oyster, the daylight raid against the Philips works in Eindhoven. The squadron continued to fly the Boston until February 1944, when they converted to the Mosquito Mk.VIs and switched to night intruder operations. In November the squadron moved onto the continent, flying from Cambrai and later from Melsbroek. The squadron continued to fly in the night intruder role to the end of war, when it took up the duty of training in the light bomber role. Remaining in Germany as part of the British Air Forces of Occupation (BAFO) after the war, it was disbanded on 4 October 1948 at Wahn by being renumbered to 11 Squadron RAF. (Though some sources claim 15 September 1948)

Personnel Posted as Missing Presumed Killed Whilst with 2TAF

Sgt. Anderson, W. RAF 580390 107B 27/12/1939 Runnymede Panel 1

P/O. Laxton, K. RAF 70389 107B 27/12/1939 Runnymede Panel 1

Lac Lewis, T.V. RAF 531954 107B 27/12/1939 Runnymede Panel 2

F/Sgt. Nichols, D.W.G. RAF 561600 107B 27/03/1940 Runnymede Panel 11

F/O. Porter, J.D.V. RAF 39619 107B 04/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 6

Sgt. Edmunds, D.W. RAF 513935 AFM 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 13

Lac Golder, A.J.P. RAF 522805 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 23

Sgt. Griffin, N.J. RAF 563663 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 14

Ac1 Harwood, F. RAF 625809 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 25

F/O. Poltock, T.V. RAF 39115 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 6

F/Lt. Warne, P.E. RAF 37898 107B 17/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 5

Sgt. Chivers, P. RAF 741732 107B 19/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 12

Ac2 Greggans, H. RAF 641163 107B 19/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 26

Sgt. Mullally, W.M. RAF 580583 107B 19/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 17

Sgt. Durie, G.C. RAF 580510 107B 24/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 13

P/O. Murphy, J.D. RNZAF 36177 107B 24/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 9

Lac Weeks, E.L. RAF 550893 107B 24/04/1940 Runnymede Panel 24

Sgt. Mahoney, J. RAF 548565 107B 27/05/1940 Runnymede Panel 17

Sgt. Paish, W.C.H. RAF 511862 107B 27/05/1940 Runnymede Panel 18

Sgt. Warman, H. RAF 580275 107B 27/05/1940 Runnymede Panel 20

Sgt. Drew, G.T. RAF 580431 107B 10/07/1940 Runnymede Panel 13

Sgt. Wood, S.M. RAF 761655 107B 10/07/1940 Runnymede Panel 21

P/O. Wray, E.A. RAF 42174 107B 10/07/1940 Runnymede Panel 10

Sgt. O’Heney, W.P. RAF 643564 107B 23/07/1940 Runnymede Panel 18

P/O. Watson, P.G.A. RAF 74345 107B 23/07/1940 Runnymede Panel 10

S/Ldr. Fyfe, J.B. RAF 24208 DFC 107B 11/08/1940 Runnymede Panel 4

Sgt. Price, T.O. RAF 638145 107B 11/08/1940 Runnymede Panel 18

Sgt. Taylor, P.B. RAF 581362 107B 11/08/1940 Runnymede Panel 20

F/O. Cazalet ,A.B.T. RAF 72328 107B 09/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 5

Sgt. Charnock, L. RAF 512011 107B 09/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 12

Sgt. Thompson, E.F. RAF 755298 107B 09/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 20

Sgt. Kilgour, W.H. RAF 966804 107B 19/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 16

P/O. Preston, C. RAF 81070 107B 19/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 9

Sgt. Ross, T.D.W. RAF 740049 107B 19/09/1940 Runnymede Panel 19

F/O. Campbell, A.A. RAF 40669 107B 24/11/1940 Runnymede Panel 5

Sgt. Watts, C.J. RAF 759089 107B 24/11/1940 Runnymede Panel 20

W/Cdr. Cameron, W.E. RAF 32072 107B 06/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 28

Sgt. Howlett, W.J. RAF 550180 107B 06/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 45

F/Sgt. Spatchett, J.H. RAF 511016 107B 06/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 37

W/Cdr. Birch, A.M.A. RAF 34101 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 28

P/O. Hewitson, L.B. RAF 87418 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 33

F/Sgt. Hickingbotham, J. RAF 740338 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 36

Sgt. Montgomery, H.T.W. RAF 942725 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 48

Sgt. Rowley, R.E. RAF 745434 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 51

Sgt. Townsend, D.W. RAF 759109 107B 18/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 53

Sgt. King, D.S.H. RAF 751304 107B 24/04/1941 Runnymede Panel 46

F/Sgt. Craig, D.J.R. RAF 903947 107B 21/05/1941 Runnymede Panel 36

Sgt. Berry, M.V. RAF 961524 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 39

Sgt. Fordham, H.F. RAF 903256 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 43

P/O. Grenon, T.B. RAF 62000 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 32

Sgt. Kaye, G.A. RAF 919902 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 46

Sgt. Knox, F.S.B. RAF 948920 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 46

Sgt. Morley, R.G.L. RAF 964723 107B 07/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 48

Sgt. Lewis, V.A. RAF 749416 107B 11/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 47

P/O. Sammons, R.G. RAF 87422 107B 11/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 34

Sgt. Walker, P.J. RAF 903305 107B 11/06/1941 Runnymede Panel 54

F/Sgt. Gimson, E.W. RAF 541685 DFM 107B 26/06/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Brett, D.T. RAF 641766 107B 06/07/1941 Runnymede Panel 40

F/Sgt. Goodfellow, C.G. RAF 939708 107B 12/07/1941 Runnymede Panel 36

Sgt. Powell, C.E. RAF 1256952 107B 01/08/1941 Runnymede Panel 50

S/Ldr. Charney, F.R.H. RAF 101503 DFC 107B 12/09/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Porteous, S. RAF 984451 107B 12/09/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Harris, D.R. RAF 976863 107B 12/09/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Mortimer, J.E. RAF 1002556 107B 12/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 49

F/O. Owen, C.D. RAF 82990 107B 12/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 30

Sgt. Reid, D.J. RAF 978132 107B 12/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 51

S/Ldr. Warren, T.J.S. RAF 41228 107B 17/09/1941 Malta Memorial

P/O. Law, W.E. RAF 88021 107B 17/09/1941 Malta Memorial

F/O. Waterfall, J.T. RAF 88022 107B 17/09/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Brooks, B.F. RAF 925829 107B 17/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 40

Sgt. Burrell, F. RAF 638941 107B 17/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 40

P/O. Robinson, P.E.C. RAF 65572 107B 17/09/1941 Runnymede Panel 34

Sgt. Routh, A.D.M. RAF 1183356 107B 11/10/1941 El Alamain Memorial Colomn 243

Sgt. Parker, R.N. RAF 921837 107B 11/10/1941 El Alamain Memorial Colomn 246

Sgt. McLeod, G.F. RCAF R/65208 107B 11/10/1941 Malta Memorial

F/O. Greenhill, R.A. RAF 42377 107B 11/10/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Smith, A.M. RAF 925574 107B 11/10/1941 Malta Memorial

Sgt. Cuming, W.J. RAF 1182529 107B 08/12/1941 Runnymede Panel 42

Sgt. Pilley, J.H. RAF 910886 DFM 107B 08/12/1941 Runnymede Panel 50

Sgt. Tollett, R. RAF 924719 107B 08/12/1941 Runnymede Panel 53

F/Sgt. Hayter, A.J. RAF 920322 107B 15/12/1941 Gibraltar Memorial

Sgt. Henley, R.F.J. RAF 125137 107B 22/12/1941 El Alamain Memorial Colomn 243

Sgt. Hewson, K.T. RAF 1006354 107B 24/12/1941 Malta Memorial

P/O. Ashford, F.H.A. RAF 149853 107B 17/04/1942 Runnymede Panel 68

Sgt. Gardiner, A.D. RAF 1106543 107B 17/04/1942 Runnymede Panel 83

Sgt. Neathway, R.E. RAF 1380022 107B 25/04/1942 Weston Super Mare

Sgt. Richardson, S.G. RAF 1355073 107B 25/04/1942 Runnymede Panel 92

P/O. Bowman, L.D. RCAF J/6153 107B 10/06/1942 Runnymede Panel 99

F/Sgt. Margrett, A.A. RCAF R/83550 107B 10/06/1942 Runnymede Panel 105

Sgt. Prince, DFM A. RAF 1166132 107B 10/06/1942 Runnymede Panel 91

P/O. Skinner, T.B. RAF 104502 107B 10/06/1942 Runnymede Panel 71

Sgt. Battison, G.G.M. RAF 1006347 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 78

Sgt. Bell, J. RAF 1123836 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 78

P/O. Davidson, W.R.N. RAF 114159 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 69

Sgt. Fenton, J.W. RNZAF 404023 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 117

Sgt. Goff, A.F. RAF 1176030 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 84

Sgt. McManus, H. RAF 1123740 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 89

Sgt. Torr, H.Y. RAF 1379180 107B 10/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 95

F/O. Hammond, F.C. RAF 113870 107B 13/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 67

Sgt. McCreedy, C. RAF 1088097 107B 13/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 88

F/Sgt. Stilborn, K.E. RCAF R/102451 107B 13/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 106

Sgt. Tough, G. RAF 1053439 107B 13/11/1942 Runnymede Panel 95

P/O. Beck, J.W. RCAF J/16163 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 99

Sous Lt. Delanchy, M.L. FFAF 30812 107B 06/12/1942 None known

W/Cdr. Dutton, P.H. RAF 34040 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 64

Sgt. Maw, C.A. RAF 1215930 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 89

F/Lt. McCarthy, R.W. RAF 49251 DFM 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 66

W/O. Reid, A.J. RAF 906270 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 73

F/Lt. Shepherd, N.H. RAF 48980 DFM 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 66

F/Sgt. Spriggs, W.J.A. RAF 751129 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 76

W/O. Wilson,H.E. RCAF R/71741 107B 06/12/1942 Runnymede Panel 101

F/Sgt. Harrop, F.S. RAF 655301 107B 03/05/1943 Runnymede Panel 137

Lt. McGuire, W.M. USAAF 0/442134 107B 30/07/1943 Wall of Missing, Cambridge, UK

Lt. Jacob, L.D. USAAF 0/309922 107B 30/07/1943 Wall of Missing, Cambridge, UK

Sgt. Breyer, A.R. USAAF 14079292 107B 30/07/1943 Wall of Missing, Cambridge, UK

Roberts, C.B. USAAF 20744026 107B 30/07/1943 Wall of Missing, Cambridge, UK

P/O. Hoeg, T. RAF 169064 107B 22/10/1943 Runnymede Panel 132

W/O. Leiper, G.R. RAF 1117631 107B 11/05/1944 Runnymede Panel 214

F/Sgt. McLeod, H. RAF 1343398 107B 11/05/1944 Runnymede Panel 220

F/O. Long, D.A. RAF 151438 107B 08/06/1944 Runnymede Panel 207

F/O. Smith, B.W. RAF 55648 107B 22/04/1945 Runnymede Panel 268

F/Lt. Whiteside, L. RAF 63446 107B 22/04/1945 Runnymede Panel 266

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