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320C Squadron (Dutch) [Coastal Command] Missing Presumed Killed

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Formed on 1 June 1940 at Pembroke Dock, after flying from the Netherlands in eight Fokker T.VIIIW twin-engined patrol seaplanes, as part of Coastal Command. The squadron flew coastal and anti-submarine patrols in the Fokkers until they became unserviceable due to lack of spares and were re-equipped with Ansons in August 1940 and supplemented in October with Hudsons. Owing to insufficient personnel, the squadron absorbed No. 321 (Netherlands) Squadron on 18 January 1941. In the Archive 320 is referred to as 320C for the period in which is was part of Coastal Command. Thereafter it is referred to as 320B.

The Squadron's motto is: Latin: 'Animo libre dirigimur'. English: 'We are guided by the mind of liberty'. Dutch:'Wij worden geleid door een vrije geest'

The squadron moved to RAF Leuchars on 1 October 1941, re-equipped with Hudson IIIs, flying patrols and anti-shipping attacks in the North Sea. Detachments were located at RAF Silloth and RAF Carew Cheriton until 24 April 1942 when the squadron moved to RAF Bircham Newton. The squadron was reassigned to Bomber Command and loaned to No.2 Group on 15 March 1943. The squadron was re-equipped with Mitchells during spring 1943 and moved to RAF Methwold.

On 30 March 1943, the squadron moved to RAF Attlebridge, then was reassigned to Second Tactical Air Force on 1 June with the squadron attacking enemy communications targets and airfields. The squadron relocated to RAF Lasham on 30 August and to RAF Dunsfold on 18 February 1944. From these airfields the squadron participated in many 'Ramrod' and 'Noball' operations and bombing attacks on construction works, railway yards, fuel dumps and V-1 sites in the North of France, in advance of D-Day.

After D-Day the bombing of tactical targets continued and changed from France to the Dutch Coast of Zeeland, and in September 1944 the squadron was involved in bombing German troops in the surroundings of Arnhem during the Airborne battle. In September the squadron started bombing targets in Germany along the Rhine for the advancing allied troops. In October 1944 the squadron was transferred to Melsbroek (B.58), in Belgium. From there the bombing of bridges and airfields in the east of the Netherlands and Germany continued. During 1943 and 1944 the squadron took heavy losses. On 30 April 1945 the squadron moved to Achmer, Germany.

Personnel Posted as Missing Presumed Killed Whilst 320C Squadron Assigned to Coastal Command

Off Vl 3kl Hollander, Jan Cornelis den RAF/RNNAS 320C 26/07/1940 Raadhuisplein, Zwijndrecht, Zuid-Holland, NL

Sgt Maj Vl Knegt, Aart de RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 11780 320C 26/07/1940 None known

Sgt Vl MLD Akkers, Heinrich Gerardus Anthonius RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 11769 320C 26/09/1940 Reinaldapark, Haarlem, Noord-Holland, NL

Off Vl 3kl Schevenhoven, Johannes Arnoldus Ludovicus RAF/RNNAS 320C 26/09/1940 None known

Seinersmaat Scholman, Louis Johan RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 6693 320C 26/09/1940 None known

Res Sgt Vl Frowein, Jan Pieter RAF/RNNAS 320C 18/08/1941 None known

Schutter Hurk, Felix Alfonse van der RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 15599 320C 18/08/1941 None known

Off Vl 2kl Langelaar, Carel Arnold (Ad) RAF/RNNAS 320C 18/08/1941 None known

Res 2Lt Vl Peetoom, Jan RAF/RNNAS 320C 18/08/1941 None known

Korp Telegr Uljee, ON.BEMx Jacobus Gijsbertus RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 7992 320C 18/08/1941 None known

Sgt Vl Bielfeldt, Johan Pieter Jurgen RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 12682 320C 30/08/1941 None known

Seinersmaat Chateau, Eddy Herman RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/08/1941 None known

Ltz 2kl Deen, Klaas RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/08/1941 Runnymede Panel 29

Marinier 1kl Heeren , Hubertus Johannes RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. M.4925 320C 30/08/1941 None known

2Ltz MLD Hendriks, Jansen Stephan RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/08/1941 Teuge, Gelderland, NL, stained glass window

Telmaat Linden, Paulus Jacobus Christiaan van der RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 14888 320C 30/08/1941 Memorial headstone in Oslo Sørkedalen Kirkegård

Kpl Vl Moll, Hendrikus Johannes RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 15813 320C 30/08/1941 ON.BEMx Ede, Gelderland, NL, Monument on the Paasberg

Matr Vltgmaker 3kl Ose (Name is Os, see Notes), Krijn van RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 90100/Z 320C 30/08/1941 None known

Off Vl 2kl Prager, Henri Carlo RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/08/1941 None known

Matr 1kl Recourt, Ary Antoon RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 12377 320C 30/08/1941 1. Memorial stone in Kristiansund, N, placed in 2006 by his grandson Robbert 2. Memorial headstone in Oslo Sørkedalen Kirkegård

Matr 3kl Smidt, Romke RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 16347 320C 30/08/1941 None known

Off Vl 3kl Weber, Jacobus RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/08/1941 Memorial headstone in Oslo Sørkedalen Kirkegård

Sgt Vl Jansen, Wilhelmus Gijsbertus Joannes RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 15658 320C 08/05/1942 None known

Korp Mariniers Klaveren, Krijn van RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. M.4906 320C 08/05/1942 None known

Vltg Telegr maat Koehl, Bertus RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 20451 320C 08/05/1942 None known

Res Sgt Vl Vos, Herman Anna Petrus RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 21077 320C 08/05/1942 None known

Res 2Lt Wnr Mulder, Johannes Martinus (Jopie) RAF/RNNAS 320C 15/05/1942 None known

Vltg Telegr maat Sens, Alphonsus Leonardus RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 20453 320C 15/05/1942 None known

Off Vl 2kl Stork, Johannes Hendricus RAF/RNNAS 320C 15/05/1942 None known

Marinier 1kl Weerd, Egbert de RAF/RNNAS 320C 15/05/1942 None known

Res Sgt Vl Broek, Arnold Lambert Marie van den RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 21079 320C 29/05/1942 None known

Maj Vl MLD Buijnink, VK Pieter RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 11771 320C 30/05/1942 None known

Marinier 1kl Emmens, Hiddo Lukas RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. M.4781 320C 30/05/1942 1. In Wagenborgen, Groningen, NL, a street was given his name 2. Monument in Wagenborgen, NL

Vltg Telegr maat Versluis, Marius RAF/RNNAS 320C 30/05/1942 None known

Korp Vl Telegr Woerkom, Robert John van RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 20467 320C 26/10/1942 None known

Off Vl 2kl Boer, Richard de RAF/RNNAS 320C 09/11/1942 None known

Vl maker 2kl Jongman, BEM Hindrik RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 90092/Z 320C 09/11/1942 None known

Off VL 2kl Loon, Johannes Henricus Josephus van RAF/RNNAS 320C 09/11/1942 His name is in the Gedenkboek, Mariakapel, Tilburg

Vl Telegr Mijsberg, Johan Frederik RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 20504 320C 09/11/1942 None known

Res Sgt Vl Heugten, Carolus Ludovicus Gerardus van RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 21058 320C 22/11/1942 None known

Res Sgt Vl Hoogteiling, Laurens Abraham RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 21072 320C 22/11/1942 None known

Vltg Telegr maat Ligt, Jacob de RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 16697 320C 22/11/1942 None known

Vltg maker 2kl MLD Ouden, Jan Adrianus den RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 90188/Z 320C 22/11/1942 Vijfluik Loenen, Gelderland, NL

Ltz 2kl Berg, VK Hendrik Jan van den RAF/RNNAS 320C 27/01/1943 None known

Korp Vltg Telegr Cloesmeijer, Jopy Henky RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 20478 320C 27/01/1943 None known

Sgt Vltg Telegr Gast, Tonnis Jakob RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 14786 320C 27/01/1943 None known

Bootsman Kost, Christiaan Lodewijk RAF/RNNAS Stb.Nr. 11276 320C 27/01/1943 None known

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