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Archive Report: Allied Forces

Compiled from official National Archive and Service sources, contemporary press reports, personal logbooks, diaries and correspondence, reference books, other sources, and interviews.
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16/17/09.1942 142 Squadron Wellington IV Z1340 QT:A Flt Sgt. Jack H.E. Marriott, Essen

Mission: Essen, Germany

Date: 16th/17th September 1942 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Unit No: 142 Squadron

Type: Wellington IV

Serial: Z1340 - See note 1 below

Code: QT:A

Base: RAF Grimsby

Location: Unknown

Pilot: Flt Sgt. Jack Hubert Edward Marriott 1186031 RAFVR Age 20. KiA (1)

Observer: WO2. Donald Udell R68267 RCAF Age 20. KiA (2)

WOp/ Air Gnr: Flt Sgt. Lloyd Ellison Holland R60261 RCAF Age 26 KiA (3)

WOp/ Air Gnr: Flt Sgt. John Willard Whear R68698 RCAF Age 23 KiA (4)

Air Gnr (Rear): Sgt. Wilfred Davis 1199530 RAFVR Age? KiA

Above left WO2. Donald Udell (Courtesy of Canada Virtual War Memorial, Veterans Affairs Canada); right Flt Sgt. Lloyd E, Holland (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

Above: Sgt. Wilfred Davis with Flt Sgt. Holland. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)


Above: A Wellington IV courtesy of the Imperial War Museum

Bomber Command had chosen Essen in the Ruhr valley for this night’s raid, the main target being the Krupp armament factory located there.

Of the 369 aircraft detailed to participate in the attack, seven were Wellingtons from 142 Squadron. Although much of the bombing was scattered the Krupps works did take numerous direct hits by high explosives and also suffered damage from a crashing bomber loaded with incendiaries. In all 39 aircraft did not return, 21 of them being Wellingtons of which three were from 142 Squadron.

Captain Marriott and crew took off at 20:20 hours loaded with 810 four-pound incendiary bombs after which nothing further was heard from the aircraft.

It is believed that their Wellington reached the target and was probably shot down by a nightfighter as they made their way back to base.

It was initially recorded that Z1380 was possibly brought down by Lt. Eberhard Gardiewski of 6./NJG2 at 23:07 hrs from a height of 4000 m., 20km. West of Lingen, Germany. However, subsequent reviews carried out by Theo Boiten and recorded in the Nachtjagd Combat Archive (23 September - 31 December) 1943 Part 3 , does not confirm this claim.

Note 1: Many publications and reports refer to this aircraft as serial number Z1380. However, the author has extensively searched the Operational Record Book (ORB) for the squadron and can find no trace of Wellington serial number Z1380 in the records.

To further add to the confusion regarding the serial number for the aircraft, Aircrew Remembered has been contacted by Jim Beare who has provided the following August and September 1942 log book entries for Flt Sgt. Holland. It records a Night Flying Training (NTF) mission on the 31st August 1942 aboard Wellington Serial Z1380. The serial Z1380 QT:A was also recorded in his log book for the fateful mission on the 16th/17th September. To date the discrepancy between the serial numbers in the Sqn ORB and Flt Sgt. Holland’s log book have not been resolved.

Above: Flt Sgt Holland’s Log Book entry for August 1942 (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

Above: Flt Sgt Holland’s Log Book entry for September 1942 (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

(1) Jack Marriot had an elder sister, Betty. Both Betty and Jack were working for the Post Office as sorting clerks and telephonists/telegraphists at the outbreak of the war. Their father worked as a school teacher and also served as an air raid warden.

Flt Sgt. Jack Marriott would have joined up with another crew whilst they were training together at 22 Operational Training Unit (OTU).

Note: At 22 OTU the crew trained with a G.C. Hooper. This was Plt Off. George Camps Hooper J16717 RCAF who was KiA along with his crew of 6 when their 142 Sqn, Wellington IV, Z1316 was shot down by a night nighter on a mission to Saarbrücken on the 30th July 1942.

Above: Plt Off. Hooper’s 22 OTU Crew - Circa April 1942. Left to Right - Sgt. Davis, Flt Sgt. Holland, WO2. Udell, Flt Sgt. Whear, Plt Off. Hooper. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

Lloyd E Holland’s handwriting on the reverse of the photograph “My crew after completing a months night flying together at OTU. A good meal might help matters also some sleep.”

Above: Left to right – John (Jack) Whear, George Hooper, Lloyd Holland. On leave together in London - Circa May 1942. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

Lloyd E Holland’s handwriting on the reverse of the photograph. “Jack, Hooper and your old man on leave in London. Looks like we had a couple of something. eh?”

Above: 22 OTU crew and ground crew, date unknown. Starboard engine running. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare)

Above: Plt Off. Hooper’s OTU crew, left to right - Flt Sgt. Whear, Flt Sgt. Holland, Plt Off. Hooper, possibly WO2. Udell. Date unknown. Note. The cart in background is in same location as cart in foreground in the photograph directly above. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare).

Above: Likely taken at 142 Squadron prior to the 29th July 1942 when to Plt Off. Hooper and his crew being KiA. Left to right – Possibly Flt. Sgt. Marriott, Flt Sgt. Whear, Plt Off. Hooper, Flt Sgt. Holland, WO2. Udell. (Courtesy of Margaret (née Holland) Beare).

Flt Sgt. Marriott became the pilot for this crew after being posted to 142 Squadron and participated together in the following operations against the enemy:

30 May 1942 Cologne - 1000 bomber raid;
1 June Essen - returned early, intercom fault;
9 July Gardening (mine laying);
13 July Duisberg;
25 July Duisberg;
26 July Hamburg;
31 July Dusseldorf - returned early, port engine failure;
4 August Gardening;
6 August Duisberg;
18 August Flensburg
24 August Frankfurt;
8 September Frankfurt;
10 September Dusseldorf;
13 September Bremen;
14 September Wilhelmshaven;
16 September Essen.

(2) Donald Udell was the second eldest of four brothers, a fifth brother died at birth. His father worked as a brakeman for the Michigan Central Railroad which at that time ran through the City of St.Thomas.

After attending public school he enrolled at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School where by all accounts he was a very good student achieving honours in mathematics and science while graduating with his senior matriculation certificate.

Straight from high school, Donald enlisted in the RCAF on the 12th August 1940 at London, Ontario. Upon completion of his basic training and being found medically fit for aircrew he was posted to No.4 Air Observer School, London, and then to No.1 Bombing and Gunnery School, Jarvis, Ontario.

Above: Donald as a Leading Aircraftsman (LAC) at RCAF Clinton with his Mother and Father probably taken in 1941

He was then posted to No. 2 Advanced Navigation School, Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick where he was awarded his Air Observers brevet on the 19th July 1941.

He embarked for the UK arriving at 3 Personnel Reception Centre (PRC) Bournemouth on the 28th September 1941. To 22 Operational Training Unit (OTU) on the 14th October 1941 and then to 142 Squadron the 7th May 1942.

Udell Lake in Thunder Bay, Ontario was named after WO2 Donald Udell in 1960

(3) Lloyd Ellison Holland was the eldest of three brothers and four sisters. His mother the former Alta Jane Ellison, was a member of the Ellison family that founded the Ellison Milling Company in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1902. Lloyd senior, his father, worked for the company as a Grain Buyer. After he left high school in 1934, Lloyd attended Lethbridge Technical School and studied diesel mechanics, later securing some employment working on Caterpillar equipment. By his own admission, he held numerous short-term jobs some of a dangerous nature such as bronc busting and river driving for the logging industry.

He was working as a salesman of electrical goods when he enlisted in the RCAF in June 1940. Lloyd had applied to train as an air gunner and after initial training was posted to No.2 Wireless School, Calgary from the 13th September to the 19th January 1941. Next posted to No.2 Bombing and Gunnery School, Mossbank, Saskatchewan where he was he was awarded his Air Gunner brevet and Wireless Operators badge on the 17th February 1941.

While stationed at Mossbank he was granted permission to marry his fiancee Edna May Morgan on the 22nd February at a ceremony in Calgary.

Posted overseas he arrived at 3 Personnel Reception Centre (PRC), Bournemouth on the 31st May 1941 and posted to the No.1 Signals School at Cranwell North, Lincolnshire on 22nd July 1941. He was the posted to 22 Operational Training Unit (OTU) on the 28th October where he joined his crew and then to 142 Squadron on the 7th May 1942.

(4) John Whear was the only son of Melvern Whear, a tinsmith by trade at the Provincial Paper Mill, and his wife Pearl. A daughter Aline was born one year later.

He graduated from Port Arthur Technical and Commercial High School in 1937 and after several short-term positions, he was working as a clerk in the Assessment Department of the City of Port Arthur when he enlisted in the RCAF in October 1940.

In 1970 the communities of Port Arthur and Fort William were amalgamated and renamed Thunder Bay

After his initial training at Brandon, Manitoba he was selected for aircrew and posted to No.1 Wireless School in Montreal on the 8th December 1940. Upon completion of his course there, he was next posted to No.4 Bombing and Gunnery School, Fingal, Ontario on the 29th April 1941 where he graduated with his Air Gunners brevet on 26th May 1941.

Posted overseas he arrived at No.1 Signals School at Cranwell North, Lincolnshire on 7th July 1941 until 28th October where he qualified as Wireless operator.

He was posted to No. 22 Operational Training Unit (OTU) Wellesbourne Mountford where he joined his crew as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and then to 142 Squadron on the 7th May 1942.

Burial Details:

Above: Reichswald War Cemetery (Courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC))

Flt Sgt. Jack Hubert Edward Marriott. Reichswald War Cemetery, Grave F 8. Grave inscription: ‘EVER IN OUR MEMORY’. Born on 12th December 1921. Son of Thomas Percy and Annie (née Elliott) Marriott, of Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, England.

WO2 Donald Udell. Reichswald War Cemetery, Grave 11 F 6. Grave inscription: ‘BENEATH THIS CROSS OUR LOVED ONE SLEEPS, A HERO; OUR HERO. HIS DUTY WELL DONE’’. Born on the 22nd August 1916 in Cardston, Alberta. Son of Glen Wilfred and Lula Beatrice (née Roy) Udell, of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Flt Sgt. Lloyd Ellison Holland. Reichswald War Cemetery, Grave F 5. Born on the 22nd August 1916 in Cardston, Alberta. Son of Lloyd Russell and Alta Jane (née Ellison) Holland. Husband of Edna May (nee Morgan) Holland of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Flt Sgt. John Willard Whear. Reichswald War Cemetery, Grave 11 F 4. Born on the 16th January 1919 at Fort William, Ontario. Son of Melvern and Pearl (née Johnson) Whear of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Sgt. Wilfred Davis. Reichswald War Cemetery, Grave 11 F 7. No further information found.

Researched by Colin Bamford for Aircrew Remembered and dedicated to this crew and their families. Photographs courtesy Canada Virtual War Memorial, Veterans Affairs Canada. (Jan 2023). Thanks to Margaret (née Holland) Beare through Jim Beare for the log book entries for Flt Sgt. Holland and his photograph (Apr 2024). Other updates by Aircrew Remembered (Apr 2024). Thanks again to Margaret (née Holland) Beare through Jim Beare for the additional photographs of the crew (Apr 2024)

Other sources listed below:

RS 08.04.2024 - Additional photographs of the crew

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Sources used by us in compiling Archive Reports include: Bill Chorley - 'Bomber Command Losses Vols. 1-9, plus ongoing revisions', Dr. Theo E.W. Boiten and Mr. Roderick J. Mackenzie - 'Nightfighter War Diaries Vols. 1 and 2', Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt - 'Bomber Command War Diaries', Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Tom Kracker - Kracker Luftwaffe Archives, Michel Beckers, Major Fred Paradie (RCAF) and MWO François Dutil (RCAF) - Paradie Archive (on this site), Jean Schadskaje, Major Jack O'Connor USAF (Retd.), Robert Gretzyngier, Wojtek Matusiak, Waldemar Wójcik and Józef Zieliński - 'Ku Czci Połeglyçh Lotnikow 1939-1945', Archiwum - Polish Air Force Archive (on this site), Anna Krzystek, Tadeusz Krzystek - 'Polskie Siły Powietrzne w Wielkiej Brytanii', Franek Grabowski, Norman L.R. Franks 'Fighter Command Losses', Stan D. Bishop, John A. Hey MBE, Gerrie Franken and Maco Cillessen - Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces, Vols 1-6, Dr. Theo E.W. Boiton - Nachtjagd Combat Archives, Vols 1-13. Aircrew Remembered Databases and our own archives. We are grateful for the support and encouragement of CWGC, UK Imperial War Museum, Australian War Memorial, Australian National Archives, New Zealand National Archives, UK National Archives and Fold3 and countless dedicated friends and researchers across the world.
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