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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

In Nederweert
Joan Bayley

Was there a sunset, the night that you left us, over the sea?

Raiding the enemy deep in his homeland, daring so much for me

Third of April, forty-three,

It is just last night to me,

And that is how it will always be,

Though the rest of time moves on

O’er crashing all the forest

The giant wings lay spread

And there were those who blandly said,

That you were dead.

They did not say who found you

Or whether you were blessed,

Or whether you escaped a while

Or were gently laid to rest.

A family at Becton, they lost their only son

Their hope, their joy, their future gone

Only their love lives on.

There is a cross in Nederweert

Where honour does surround you,

I stood in silence with Dutch friends

And there I dreamed I found you.

Flight Lieutenant Thomas Herbert Ottewill Richardson RAFVR 88657

Lost on Halifax II JB845 EY-M of 78 squadron on the 4th April 1943 around midnight - all seven crew killed.

Archive Loss Report

Allied Losses Database JB845

Thomas Herbert Ottewill Richardson


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