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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
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On The Far Side Of The Forest
Dave Pugh

On The Far Side Of The Forest

Stands A Graveyard I’ve Seen Before

Just Past A Village Named Essoyes

On The Champagne Route To Troyes

In This Quiet Place Fly Flags To Let Us Know

That Veterans Of Three Nations Died Here

Many Years Ago

I’ve Passed Here For The Last Ten Years

I’ve Always Meant To Stop And Call

To Visit Men Who Rarely See Visitors 

Behind The Old Stone Wall

Brave Airmen Who Once Fought 

And Gave All That They Could Give

They Laid Down Their Very Lives

So Others Now Can Live

I’m Dedicating This Simple Cross

With Its Poppy Crimson Red

In Memory Of All You Did

And Of All The Blood You Shed

From One Old Veteran To Another

In This Place Its Plain To See

Just Honouring Your Very Name Today

It Means The World To Me

So Now We Are Acquainted

I Think Its Fair To Say

From Now On And For Every Year

I Will Always Pass Your Way

To Let You Know Your Memory

Will Last Throughout The Years

On The 11th Of November 

When I Shed For You My Tears

And Thank The Lord Above

For All You Gave And More

Heroes And Airmen

Of Another Bloody War

Dave Pugh November 2014 - Dave lives with his wife and 5 children near to the cemetery of the crew of Lancaster ND994 UL-F2 which were all lost on the 15th July, 1944. He visits the grave, tends and lays a wreath at least twice every year.

Dave Pugh Pays His Respects

On The Far Side Of The Forest

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