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Sponsor Your Own Page
You can ask our research team to prepare a page to honour your family member or loved one, or someone you think should have their story told. We are happy to do this work for you but we ask that you Sponsor the page either by making a donation or by using our Lay A Wreath facility. This helps us defray our research costs. Be as generous as you can. Use the form to the left to send us your request and we will contact you via email to obtain whatever information you have on the individual in question.

Lay A Wreath and In Memoriam Plaque
Adding a personal symbol of respect for a loved one is very touching. It means so much to know sacrifices are remembered. Lay A Wreath is offered to meet this need.

Pay for your Wreath with the amount that feels right to you. The minimum fee is £15 (Euro 20 or US$20) but please pay more if you can. Choose the amount on the Payment Page which follows after you Submit this form, but we ask you to be generous because, without funding, we cannot undertake the research needed to help families whose loved ones may otherwise go unrecorded. For guidance, you might consider the cost of a wreath from a florist.

You can Lay a Wreath for anyone on our site, including those already remembered. It can be a family member, or a friend or you can choose anybody whose story touches you. If you leave the Name on wreath field empty we will select a recipient on your behalf. All Wreath recipients will also have an In Memoriam Plaque placed in their database record by us for no extra charge.

You may use our Message of Respect or write your own. Just tell us what you want to say in the Your Message area, along with any other instructions. We will contact you to confirm your wishes. If you leave the Your Message on Wreath field blank we will use our anonymous Message of Respect on your behalf.

If you want to honour an individual for whom no story exists, you may do so by placing an In Memoriam Plaque in the individual's record in our Allied Losses and Incident database. To order an In Memoriam Plaque, follow the same process as for Lay A Wreath. The minimum fee is £10 (Euro 10 or US$10) but please pay more if you can.

After you complete the form and click the Submit button you are taken to a payment page with which you complete the process. Payment is by a secure method. Aircrew Remembered does not know your payment information and stores nothing about you on our site.

This is the wreath we provide when you wish to be anonymous.

This is a wreath where you can choose your own personal message.

This is an In Memoriam Plaque, placed in an individual's record in our Allied Losses and Incidents database.

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At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon
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