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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

The Camp Song of Stalag Luft 7
Eric Tranter

(Sung to the tune of “You are my sunshine”)

The other night boys while we were flying

The night was dark and black as pitch

Up came the flak bursts and then the fighters

And our poor krate we had to ditch.

Then came the Jerries and we were captured

And taken to the local jail

We had a feed there and I assure you

The bread was scarce and black and stale.

Early next morning when we awoke boys

They took us to the Gest apo

We got no food, no cigarettes boys

For to the questions, we answered no.

After this course of human kindness

We went to Dulag Luft Hotel

The rooms were single, the food was lousy

And there was a nasty smell

Interrogation was unsuccessful

They only kept us for a week

Name, rank and number was all we gave them

After that we would not speak

Then the clouds turned into sunshine

The Red Cross parcels came our way

So, in this camp we live in comfort

Waiting for the Freedom Day

The other night dear, as I lay dreaming

I dreamt of you so far away

But when the day comes and we are free dear

I’ll come back home with you to stay.

Freedom is sunshine, the only sunshine

It makes us happy; it makes us gay

Despite the hardships, there’s consolation

That our mates will win the day.

Supplied by the daughter of Fl/Sgt, Eric H Tranter. Serving with 619 squadron,

Shot down in Lancaster I LL808 PG-D and taken PoW.

Eric Tranter

619 Squadron Lancaster


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