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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

To Eileen from Daddy
Sgt. Walter Patrick Pass

There are times when you’re happy

There are times when you’re sad

There are times when you’re lonely

But what of your Dad

He’s happy sad and lonely too

He’s happy when he thinks of you

He is sad to know that you’re far away

Although he knows that there’ll come a day

When the world will be free and happy and gay

But when he feels lonely although in a crowd

He longs to be with you, but feels mighty proud

To know that each night you kneel by your cot

And ask God to forgive those that started the Rot

Dad knows that you pray for his safety too

God answers the prayers of children like you

These thoughts bring a silent tear to his eye

But they give him the courage to hold his head high

Your daddy is fighting to make the world free

And to make sure that the future forever will be

An age of contentment and freedom and Bliss

For millions of people like you little miss

But fighting alone will not win this mad war

Your prayers to God are much better by far

So pray hard Darling on them we depend

To help us fight on and the Right to defend

So Darling remember when you’re feeling blue

Your Daddy is always thinking of you

Try to be happy and above all be good

Mummy will help you whatever your mood

Then when the great days come which come it must do

We’ll all be happy together, Daddy, Mummy and you.

Eileen Northall (née Pass) wrote to Jack Albrecht after his page was published: "One thing I forgot to mention to you was that my Dad wrote me a poem, when I was just 4. He was no Wordsworth but it's quite a nice poem. After my first visit to Saxony the vicar of our church asked me to say a few words on Remembrance Sunday and I finished by reading the poem. People told me how moved by it they were and how privileged they felt to hear my Dad's words written to his little girl".

Sgt. Walter Patrick Pass - lost with all his fellow crew whilst with 625 Squadron on Lancaster NF996 CF-J2 on the 14/15 February 1945.

Eileen and daddy

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