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Poetry of Direct Personal Experience
Our Collection of Aviation and Military Poetry

Various Poems From The Camp
Lloyd W. Moore 1944

A Prisoner’s Prayer

Few years ago I wished to see,

The world as told by story,

I've seen the war and enemy,

But still have seen no glory.

And now in Germany I live,

Just waiting till the war end,

Longing for loved ones at my side,

Please God to my home send.

My Vision

’Tis often that I sit and dream,

Although so far from home,

Her heavenly vision, I plain could see,

Alone, midst natures throne.

For is it not these memories,

Of love’s eternal smile,

And what we learn when parting these,

That make this life worth while?

Life Above All

When first I saw this environment,

I thought it all impossible,

For human beings to live as swine,

Crowded in huts impassable.

When first I arrived ’twas autumn late,

And winter skies were forming,

On red brick floor, I made my bed,

Sharing my breakfast each morning.

But then at last I learned to care,

And saw that life was in this den,

Because ’twas there -

That for the first, I knew my fellow men.

Air Bomber, 623 Squadron, Stirling III EH944 IC-P Prisoner of War 4th October 1944. Written whilst in the Stalag Mühlberg-Elbe Camp 1944-45. Submitted to Aircrew Remembered by his son, David, in February 2012 - with regret, Mr. Lloyd Moore sadly died in 1986.
Lloyd W. Moore

moore portrait

Sgt Moore

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