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Sq/Ldr Ellis Trevor Ware DFC 123618

Born: 31st March 1922 Edmonton, London.

Died: 12th January 1993, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Son of Edward B. and Ella A.M. Ware nee Hoile. Edward Blare a racing driver who did extremely well in many races including the September 20th 1924 Brooklands 200 mile race when he crashed and together with his passenger A.R. Allchin were seriously injured. Also raced the 8hp Jap V-twin engined Kings Own motorcycle. Raced the Morgan in the 200 mile race at Brooklands and many others.

Ellis Trevor Ware had three sisters; Elsie H. Ware born 1915, Ella J.A. Ware born 1924 and Eunice V.C. Ware born 1926.

His father taught him to fly at the age of just nine! He was still flying privately up to a year prior to his death in 1993.

He was married four times: in 1946 to Marion A. Crowley at Southend; in 1957 to Eileen Mary Tallis at Downham; in 1967 to Pamela Beaumont and in 1973 to Janet Mary Windsor at Kingston upon Thames

On the 11th August whilst with 35 Squadron his Halifax HR861 TL-T was shot down by a night fighter over Germany. 3 of his crew were sadly killed, he was taken PoW along with his navigator, air bomber and wireless operator.

Trevor Ware was promoted to Flight Lieutenant (war subs) on the 10th April 1944 (announced in the Supplement to the London Gazette on 28th April 1944). He remained in the RAF after the war and his seniority was confirmed the18th July 1947 (announced in the Supplement to the London Gazette 14th October 1947)

Flt/Lt. Ware was promoted to Squadron Leader on the 1st July 1953 (announced in the Supplement to the London Gazette the 30th June 1953). Prior to the Anglo-French Suez landings Squadron Leader Ware piloted a Vickers Valiant Bomber from Malta in an attack on Egyptian airfields. During the mission his aircraft was intercepted by an Egyptian Meteor fighter which made two attacks. The firing from the fighter was inaccurate and by climbing to altitude Sq/Ldr. Ware easily avoided any damage.

Sq/Ldr. Ware retired from the RAF on 31 March 1962 at his own request. The announcement of his retirement appeared in the Supplement to the London Gazette 1 May 1962.


Trevor was an active member of the British Automobile Racing Club having followed his sons Formula Ford 2000 racing in a Reynard SF79. He raced a Ralt-VW RT30 which the Formula 1 driver Rene Arnoux (1) drove to sixth place in the 1985 F3 Grand Prix in 1985.

He died at Burley-in-Wharfedale, Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1993 aged 70. In accordance to his wishes his ashes were scattered over his much loved Yorkshire Moors - from an aircraft.

(1) Rene Arnoux (shown left) raced for Martini, Surtees, Renault, Ferrari, Ligier before finally retiring from F1 in 1989. Set up an indoor Karting business in Paris, Marseilles and Lyon called ‘Kart In’. Also owns and manages two factories.

His Christian name is spelled variously as 'Ellis' and 'Elliss' but to avoid confusion, except for his DFC citation which is as printed at the time, 'Ellis' has been used throughout this obituary page and also on the loss page regarding the operation to Nuremberg when he was taken PoW.

With thanks to his daughters, Danie Ware and Helen Hiizumi and to our Roy Wilcock who carried out most of the original research. Morgan crash photo courtesy of the Morgan 3-Wheeler website.

KTY/RW 29.01.2016

RW 29.05.2017 - Photo of Sq/Ldr Wade and his wife Eileen Mary Wade added together with further biographical details.

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