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409 Squadron RCAF: The Nighthawks

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W/O Boorman, F/O Castellan, F/O Lee, F/O Ayton, S/L Fulton, F/L Eames DFC F/L Marr AFC S/L Hatch DFC W/C Beveridge DFC S/L Hatton, F L Sanford, F/L Rivers, W O Joss, F/S Emmerson, W O Henke, F'O Villeneuve Sgt West, F/L Findlay.

F/O Rowley, W/O Cole DFC W/O King, F/S Thurgood, F/S Bryant, F/S Leslie, F O McPhail, F/O Collins, W/O MacDonald, F/O Ellis, F/O Britten DFC P/O Fairweather DFM F/L Glass, F/O Wilkinson DFM P/O Haley, F/O Wilkes, F/O Webster, F/O Finlayson, F/O Gagnon, W/O Fitchett, F/S Hardy, W/O Simpson, W/O MacDonald.

F/O Whipp, W/O MacNaughton; P/O Martin DFC F/O Fullerton, F/O Carpenter, F/L Fownes DFC F/O Talevi, F/O Barber, F/O Donaghue, F/O Kent, F/O Ward, F/O West, F/L Breckon, F/L Sproule, F/O Allison, W/O Lailey, W/O Colborne.

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